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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  August 25, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> reporter: more than a dozen people displaced by a fire in san francisco. why many of the people forced out are especially vulnerable. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." welcome back for those of you who have been watching. we're keeping an eye on the stock market. dow jones, much different picture than yesterday. it's up 320 points. nasdaq up as well. and we are keeping an eye on the numbers and whether or not this will continue, certainly the global picture is still uncertain in china in particular and coming up in 15 minutes we'll have a live report from the trading floor with more on today's outlook and going forward. >> let's hope today is nothing like yesterday. >> good morning. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm pam cook. >> i think i'm in for gasia. >> and i'm in for dave. >> and brian is out the door. >> ladies day today, steven.
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>> probably the best two hours of my day. [laughter] >> will be right now. >> welcome back, gasia. >> thank you. first day of school in my family. a couple of days off. we have low clouds. it will be warmer today especially for inland temps. we're in the mid-80s. upper 80s. today will be more 80s and 90s. this is from sabrina. it's back to school for us in moraga. great weather for it. i remember when i went to a one- room schoolhouse back in the day. rode my horse. low cloud in place. temperatures will rebound. not much of a breeze. it's still slightly onshore unless it's the delta. then you are still getting exwusts over 25. 50s, 60s. napa airport made it to 52. san rafael fell, 56. palo alto, 5 -- 57.
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not much of a -- not much of a difference. low clouds will give way to sunshine. maybe higher clouds. tropical tomorrow. more on that coming up in 10, 15 minutes. even some from the west which i think will give us a cloudy end of the week. mild near the coast. warm to hot inland. 80s and 90s. 70s by the water. all right, sal. anything new? i think you had an accident last time? yeah, we had a couple of things going on. we're looking at a commute on the eastshore freeway where traffic will be okay. 31-minute drive from the carquinez bridge to the mawdz. the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. walnut creek has had a couple of issues. concord to walnut creek, that commute is very slow.
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highway 4 very slow. antioch and baypoint. 680 improves by the time you reach danville. more than a dozen people are forced out of their homes after a fire in san francisco's mission district. ktvu fox 2's allie rasmus is live on shotwell street. that's where you are expecting to get an update any minute now. >> reporter: sometime in the next half-hour or so, we are told the battalion chief will be out here. it sounds like they are getting briefed. but the fire started here, around 11:00 last night. 20th and shotwell is the nearest cross street. now that the sun is up, you can see a lot more damage, a lot more visible. we can show you back out here live what we're talking about. this fire started on the top floor of the building on the right side of the screen around 11:00 last night and the fire did spread and panning across, you can see the middle area between these two buildings heavily damaged and also a lot
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of damage on the wall on the building right now next to where this fire started. 15 people were displaced by this fire and a dog. and according to the red cross, the building where the fire started is an assisted living facility called the lorne house. it serves elderly special needs residents who live there. some of the neighbors we talked to this morning shared some pictures with us of this fire when it happened. at its worst, it was a two- alarm fire. a neighbor said when the fire happened, she could see some of the staff and the caregivers at that assisted living facility. a lot of elderly folks out on the street looking a bit confused by what was going on in their pajamas. one person suffered from smoke inhalation. went to the hospital. no one was seriously injured. but a lot of the people affected an displated by -- displaced by the fire are
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elderly needs patients. >> older people, special needs. they are coping as best as they can. i think some of them are a little confused. very disruptive for anybody. >> reporter: now, again, the battalion chief is supposed to be out here sometime in the next hour to give us an update. one of the firefighters said any time a fire reaches a two- alarm status, which this one did, they always call out the arson investigators as a precaution. so they are also involved in this investigation. the fire started on the top floor around 11:00 last night. we don't know how it started. we're hoping to get some of that information a little later on this morning. back to you, gasia. >> okay. when you get it, we hope to hear from you. thank you. the man accused of killing hayward police sergeant scott lunger would could enter a plea in court. he's been charged with murder and three special circumstances. you will remember lunger was shot and killed during a
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traffic stop july 22nd. police say estrada suffered a gunshot wound when lunger's partner returned fire. the man accused of killing kate steinle is due in court today. the hearing will determine whether there's enough evidence to try lopez sanchez with murder. she's already pled not guilty. steinle was shot and killed july 1st. her debate sparked a national debate on immigration because lopez sanchez is an undocumented immigrant who had been deported five times. we're following developing news. trading on wall street has been underway for about 45 minutes now. at this time yesterday, the dow was down 600 points. today we're seeing a much different picture. we're live at the new york stock exchange. what's the feeling on the floor? >> reporter: a much more relaxed feeling versions yesterday. yesterday we saw a 600-point loss, a 700-point loss. at its lowest point it was down
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1,089 points. no one has ever seen those four digits lower than a thousand. that's unbelievable. record day. today, a different picture. a bounceback. the dow is up about 300 points. very cautionary tone on wall street. you are seeing all 30 stocks with up arrows. we've seen apple up about 5%. j.p. morgan, procter & gamble gaining 2, 3%. you are seeing a slew of winners. just like everything was red yesterday, everything is green today. there's some traders who said people were calling today and they wanted a drop in prices. i want to get apple at $9 -- at $92. well, that's gone for now. if you tried to get in at the bottom on thursday, you would have loss. friday was lower. if you got in on the bottom on friday, you would have loss on
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monday. for the inside ibl -- baseball, these guys are having a hard time navigating the market. >> this is not could yoen go away any time soon -- thrl is not gonna go away any time soon. this could go on for quite some time, right? >> reporter: that's right, pam. we saw the shanghai index down four days in a row. it was down 8.5% yesterday. down 7% yesterday. the central bank stepped in and cut a couple of rates. that should ease things a little bit. they've been trying to inflow and provide money to provide liquidity there. but we have so many ent twined pieces. you have the wild card of china. it's not the gross story it once was. oil has been below $40 a barrel and the wild card of what the feds will do or won't do.
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everyone is waiting to know when the feds will raise rates. >> everybody says higher interest rates are a matter of time. >> i think you are right. the big bet was for the september 16th meeting but with all of the global worries and demand dropping and the volatility, then they started to push it out betting it might be december. so the bet is in the december rating, they ma i raise a quarter point. >> more time for people to buy houses. i think that's affecting the housing market. >> yeah. and right now, the ten-year bond is at 2.08%. yesterday it was 1.97%. the rates are still relatively low. >> okay. nicole, thank you for the update. >> reporter: thank you. members of the book club, do you remember them, they were
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kicked off the napa wine train, they are now considering a lawsuit. the group was asked to leave saturday after they were told that they were making too much noise. the incident has sparked national outrage. the company has apologized to the women but they told the bay area news group they've not ruled out of a defamation lawsuit because of a wine train facebook poege that was later deleted but accused the women of verbal abuse. according to ethe hawaii tribune cardinal was pulled over after a patrol car saw him swerve. he was released. an archdiocese spokesman said he was in vacationing with other completes. levata said he continues to
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cooperate with the authorities and regret my mistake. aaron peskin said his staff closed the office about 8:30 right now. by the time the staff returned saturday morning, someone had climbed over a locked metal gate broke the door and took ten computers. he was supervisor of district 3 from 2001 through 2009. a nevada man is pleading guilty to sending millions of spam messages on facebook. he accessed about 500,000 accounts. he sent 27 million unsolicited ads. he was paid for the number of people who clicked through the messages to the ads. he had already been banned from
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using facebook. now he faces $250,000 fine and up to three years in prison. a vacant lot in west oakland has been transformed into an urban farm. the nonprofit group called oakland and the world started the farm which sells crops to local farmers markets. >> people like us can come from negative circumstances but we can turn it around. >> it feels so good to start working again. having hopes and dreams. >> the group's founder has plans to build low-income housing there and create more business opportunities, including a clothing line and a juice bar. 7:12. authorities in maryland stop a plan to get a gun, drugs and pornography into a prison. up next the suspect's plan that involve a drone and why it never got off the ground. we're looking at a commute
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here where traffic is a little bit slow in some areas. i do want to show you that the traffic on 280 northbound is slowing downtown. and the low clouds and fog are on time as well. a little breeze there. but it looks like a warmer afternoon. we'll see if this trend continues. we'll see if there's cloud cover or maybe rain on the day.
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you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. i. welcome back. the city of napa celebrated an economic resurgence one year after that 6.0 earthquake caused $316 million in damage. >> napa was truly put to the test. but napa came together. we worked hard and we prevailed. >> now, that was the ceremony that started at 3:20 in the afternoon. one year and 12 hours after the earthquake, speakers praised emergency workers and disaster
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relief agencies as well as the neighbors who all came together to help each other out. construction on san francisco's central subway system is drawing more complaints from storeowners who say that project is essentially running them out of business. according to the chronicle, a few businesses around union square say they may not survive locker. because of the construction cars are not allowed to park near cars and restaurants and they say business has brumetteed since the -- plummeted since the project began. it's set to be complete by 2019. b.a.r.t. and caltrans will announce details about the upcoming closure of the transbay tube for labor day weekend. workers will replace the tracks i side the tube. this is the second clownd of closures and there will be bus bridges and extra ferries. still, b.a.r.t. says people should expect
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delays. delays. maryland prison officials uncovered a plot to sneak contraband in using a drone. prison workers saw the drone flying on property across the street from the correctional institute. the vehicle had been under surveillance but when this got close prison officials decided to investigate. when they got to, they found the drone was carrying a handgun, synthetic drugs and pornography. prison officials were surprised. >> we have too many acronyms in
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this business. you can't make this stuff up, ycmtsu. >> two men were found and arrested. at this point it's not clear if either of them has any connections to specific inmates. last month, the droning maaed to drop -- drone managed to drop heroin and tobacco into a prison in ohio. :18 -- 7:18. want to check in with sal. it's ladies' day today. >> i like it. i like all of the anchors. i get all along with all of the anchors. good morning, everybody. hey, you know what? i'm gonna try to help you out with the 280 commute. we have some slow traffic getting up to highway 17. we had a couple of earlier nonmajor accidents. things that kind of get in the way for a bit and get out of the way. there's slow traffic getting into the valley. a little bit slower. there are no major problems.
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i want to show you an area that's been kind of a rough spot today. we had a litany of crashes on 680 southbound between concord and walnut creek. they are not all that serious. they pulled off to the side. but look at all of the slow traffic an 680. 680 is backed up before 242. this whole area is slow. highway 4, of course, is slow from pittsburg to baypoint. that whole area is not doing that well. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic here will be backed up as you drive through. i want to mention one more thing that i kind of noticed here on -- if we can go to the maps. we have a new crash reports with injuries. westbound 580 at grant line on the altamont pass. slow traffic livermore from dublin. that commute will be under the weather. speaking of the weather -- >> i need a friend, sal.
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>> on facebook? >> i'm drinking this little thing. it's dragon fruit and plum and they are giving me grief. [laughter] we have a warmer pattern for the next few days, low clouds and burning. have sun and i expect that to happen soon today. william tweedy in vallejo, one of our loyal weather observers, vallejo, currently 58. some fog, light wind. great weather. keep it going. i know william doesn't like warm temperatures. he may not enjoy later today an tomorrow. and patrick, great shot over san francisco. 7:00, it will be sunny and above average. low cloud. a lot to go around but they are burning off sooner. speaking of san francisco, 59 to start off, 67, 72, that's 3 degrees above average. the normal low for this time of
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year is 55. the record is 50 in 1887 and ken lawrence said how accurate was that? actually, the thermometers were very, very accurate. i believe the reading. oakland starting off a little bit warmer with more cloud cover. san jose, also starting off with some low clouds but they will burn off sooner. 73 at noon. 83 on the high side. overall, seeing a little bit of a breeze. decrease compared to yesterday. delta breeze still going. not as strong as earlier. 50s and 60s on the temps. 52 at napa airport. the coolest i saw. and the monsoon clouds making another appearance in southern california, arizona and also in southern northbound. some of these may work their way in tomorrow. it's what's going on in the big picture. yesterday, torrential train in hawaii. there will still be some shower activity but the bulk of that cloud cover has lifted north. a cold front.
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oh, my goodness. i love this. it's gonna start drying into some of that moisture. it will make a b line for us likely thursday into friday. maybe rain north. getting warm to hot inland. i'll say. 96 is hot. clearlake, 90s for some. 80s for others. 70s close esker to the water. those warm ocean temps help. 70s, 80s to mid-90s. antioch, brent wood. 83 downtown san jose. nice on the coast. 70s will have sunshine. 70s and 80s. south san francisco and the peninsula. high clouds are on way. next few days. we cloud it up friday and saturday and then a big cooldown on sunday. ladies. >> ladies. [laughter] >> thank you. a cup of kindness along with your cup of coffee. we're talking about the kind of bizarre instructions for baristas, issued in the wake of that major selloff of the
7:23 am
stocks yesterday. but first putting store bought ground beef to the test. the surprising result that could have a major impact on your health.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." 7:25. a new study shows there are high levels of potentially dangerous bacteria in most ground beef. consumer reports tested 300 packages of ground beef from stores across the country. bacteria was found in all of the beef samples, including
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strains of e. coli and salmonella. the beef can cause people to get sick, especially when it's undercooked. researchers say that ground beef from cows that are grass fed and raised without antibiotics was less less likely to have -- less likely to have the bacteria. they want to improve bus service along van ness from mission to the marina district but the project would involve removing 200 trees and some are 50 years ole. there's a public hearing at city hall last night. >> we proexpect 60,000 riders will be taking this service when it's all said and done in 2019. >> at what cost? do you -- do you make the city uglier and dirtier and take out nature? i don't agree with that. >> the project is scheduled to start early next year and those against it have 15 days to appeal. it will be the end of the line for paper transfers at san
7:27 am
francisco muni. muni says it's seeking bids for new fare boxes. and they will print a transfer that includes the exact time that the ticket expires. under the current system, the operator has to tear off a piece of paper that shows the time of day that the transfer expires. but the company no lock longer -- no longer makes the parts for this. the praise and recognition keep on coming. up next, the big event set to happen here in california for the brave men from northern california who stopped a terror attack on a fran in france. >> reporter: we're live at the san jose international airport where changes are coming that are supposed to improve safety. we'll tell you what you will notice in the coming months. good morning. we're looking at the san mateo bridge and traffic looks pretty good until you get on the bridge itself. and there is a lot of low clouds and fog out there. but signs of a little bit warmer pattern today. we'll see if that continues or if there is a change toward the
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boom. jack's new portobello mushroom buttery jack has garlic herb butter like the classic and bacon & swiss, plus portobello mushrooms and grilled onions. go get one. ♪girls just wanna have fun >> cyndi lauper. >> the girls have taken over "mornings on 2." you're in for me. i'm in for dave. we're gonna get it done this morning. so happy you are here with us. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us.
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steve doesn't mind having a couple of girls. >> not at all. >> let's see if you still like it at 8:55. all right. we do -- it looks like a warmer pattern. low cloud and fog still in place. more fog, a sign that high pressure is building in. a pretty good fog bank. it will burn off sooner and temperatures will start a klineup. it's back to school in moraga. teachers are texting me. they just saw me on the news an my -- and my 86-year-old mother is texting me, too. when my 86-year-old father texts me, i almost drive off the road. low clouds are in place. a few high cloud to the south. a delta breeze in place. that's about it. 50s and 60s on the temps. you can see a lot of the monsoon clouds inching toward us maybe tomorrow. there is a lot on the way.
7:32 am
low clouds, sunshine and warmer temperatures after the fog burns off. it's getting warmer. inland with upper 80s and more 90s. 70s and 80s around the bay. all right, sal. yes, sir. we have slow traffic out there. this is the heart of the morning commute. we are looking at a lot of slow traffic in some areas. not so much in others. we'll start off by looking at the toll plaza. when that goes down, everything else follows. fortunately the toll plaza commute is looking good. you want to check in with the east bay. a lot of slow traffic already from 238 heading do up to fremont and 580 is slower than usual getting up from livermore to dublin. no problems on vasco road. 680 from concord to walnut creek has been -- well, would he had a lot of accidents -- well, we had a lot of accidents here. 24 is slow in la fayette. it's moderate as you drive to oakland. one more live picture. let's take a look at the
7:33 am
commute on 2le 8 -- 80 and san jose. 101 and 85 also slow. back to the desk. after five security etch bras in the past year snaf. mineta airport is -- in the past year and a half, mineta airport is getting help. janine de la vega has more. >> reporter: the airport will get taller fences here. most of the fences are 6 feet tall. that adheres to faa standard but it clearly wasn't enough because several people in the last year and a half were able to scale it and get on the tarmac. here's what's gonna be new. the faa is giving the airport $3.4 million in grant money. they will use that to raise the fence to 10 feet. it will be topped off with
7:34 am
barbed wire. >> this is ridiculous. i don't know how the security -- i don't know how it happen. of course, they should find out other kind of security, in my opinion. >> reporter: theny grant money will be used to raise the fence line up the north and south end. there isn't enough money to cover the entire six miles of fence but the airport's goal is to do it all within the next two years and airport officials are also looking to purchase new technology that would upgrade the surveillance by using infrared and motion
7:35 am
detecters. pam? >> interesting. thank you, janine. the city of sacramento is planning a parade to honor the three men who helped stock an truck on a -- stop an attack on a train in france. yesterday, the men received france's top honor, the legion of honor medals. hear from sadler's sister. >> i'm so amazed by his act. i don't know what to say. it's such an inspiration to me and my family. >> the mayor of sacramento says details about the parade are still being worked out. security has been stepped up across europe. many people in paris feel safe despite what happened. the gunman is a 26-year-old from morocco. authorities say he's an islamic extremist. but his lawyer says he's homeless and was just trying to
7:36 am
rob passengers on the train to feed himself. it's been a busy day on wall street. different picture this morning. >> u.s. stocks have surged so far today. the three major u.s. indexes all up about 2% on average and they have been that way since the opening bell an hour ago. [opening bell] >> a whole lot more to cheer about this morning. this time yesterday, the dow plummeted 1,000 points. this morning local techen cans are leading the charge. apple yell yesterday to $92 during yesterday's selloff, it's now above $108 today. facebook is up 4.5% in early trading and netflix also up 7% as well. now, yesterday's roller coaster ride on wall street, it had
7:37 am
investors worried but this may keep things in perspective for you. warren buffet's personal use dropped. zuckerberg suffered $7 million. bill gates saw 3.2 billion loss and larry ellison 1.6 billion less at least on paper. they are all involved in today's recovery. many analysts blame the turmoil on the slowdown in china. the shanghai index has dropped for four straight days. today it fell 7.6%. there's good news. chine gnaw's central bank announced, it's cutting its main interest rate.
7:38 am
they've taken some steps to deal with the slowdowns. >> little steps. it will be an ongoing thing. >> why he -- yes. it had a huge impact yesterday. starbucks is trying to serve up compacks compassion in the wake of that wall street incident yesterday. the ceo instructed baristas to be extra kind and sensitives to customers who may seem anxious about the market volatility. he may be in need of tlc. they lost 5%. that amounts to an $86 million for the ceo alone. the san jose police department has a new web page to help answer frequently-asked questions about how officer- involved shootings are investigating. the page include the department's policy on use of force and the procedure for
7:39 am
investigating police shootings. it was launched a week after two shootings. investigators say the two men were suspects in the killing of a man inside an office complex on lundy avenue earlier this month. this is surveillance video from that incident. a third suspect in that case is still on the run. indy car driver justin wilson has died. now there is a new call for safety reviews of the sport. he was hit by debris from another car in pennsylvania on sunday. his car veered into a wall and he was taken to the hospital in a coma. he died yesterday at the age of 37. as we know the racing industry is one big family and our focus now is on rallying around justin's family to he sure that they get the support that they need -- to ensure that they get the support they need during this time. >> wilson leaves behind a wife and two daughters. he was a loving father and
7:40 am
devoted husband as well as a highly competitive racing driver respected by his peers. there's suggestions that this type of racing should be banned. officials have introduced several safety measures including safer walls and collapsible warriors. the season finale is held this weekend in sonoma. the san jose state football player who recovered from life- threatening burns has suffered another setback. his apartment caught fire in april of last year. that forced him to miss football season all of last year while he recovered. this year he was a contender for a starting linebacker position. now he has a concussion. he's been held out of drills all week. he will return to practices when he is symptom-free and that's a day-to-day proposition. if you are looking for work, jobs are out there.
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we'll help you learn where to look for them. a job designed for those who have served in the military. you will also find out where thousands of jobs are available for anyone willing to pick up the phone. >> uber is testing a new future. the catch that comes along with that ride discount. we're looking at the east bay commute on highway 4. 680, 24, not all doing that well because of earlier issues. , sunny for many. it's gonna be warmer as well. but there are changes on the extended outlook. a lot of cloud cover will be on the way.
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san jose police say a city recreational leader solicited lewd pictures from a teenaged girl. police latested 25-year-old mark joseph west last month. he's been charged with two felonies. the d.a.'s office says west exchanged inappropriate images with a 15-year-old girl he met online. it's possible there are more victims out there. they are asking nep with information to call police. wes is expected to enter a plea in court on wade -- on wednesday. along with loaded gun and a police badge, officers say margo bennett lost a laptop, ipad and cell phone and diamond rick out of her suv last friday when bennett went for a run at point is saw lel -- isabella shoreline. a new silicon valley
7:45 am
business is putting out a help wanted sign. telecare direct is expanding. the ceo is opening the new call center in san jose. he was offered a job in customer service at the able of 19 when he was -- at the age of 19 when he was homeless and on the street. >> i was homeless. they told me about this job. i was like how dare you. is that how little you think of me that i would do that because it had such a bag stigma. >> they offer a job with an open gym, a quiet place to rest and a break room. they will even be able to bring their children to work. they will hire 150 full-time workers. the jo be fare will be held september 2nd at noon. we've posted more information on our website, and the web link section. scroll down to the bottom of the front page. uber is testing out a new future that gives discounted
7:46 am
rides. the service is called smart routes. it follows a specific route. cars won't go directly to customers' doors. instead users would have to set their location to be picked up along a set route. uber says this this meant to increase i fissioncy and boost revenue. steph curry is not interested in playing anywhere else beside the bay area. he told sporting news that free agency is not appealing to him. he loves the organization and the bay area. it's home for him and his family. ♪ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 >> well, curry is one of the stars of the rule yourself campaign. he appears alongside misty copeland. my daughter is thrilled that a bal rae na is part of this
7:47 am
commercial and also a two-time major golf champion, jordan spieth. curry has his own signature shoe with the brand. sales have grown by 40% for each of the past four quarters. we have an army of sals on our team. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> the more the merrier. >> yep. >> especially when it comes to sal. >> there's only one sal. >> that's right. that's right. >> we have him. >> sal, you don't look amused. >> our creative producers. >> this is not halloween yet. >> that's great. are you kidding me? [laughter] >> you could use more of you, right, more of sal? >> sure i could, around the
7:48 am
house. i could use more of me to do more traffic. it's slow everywhere. i was trying to get all of the stuff in. let's start off with the contra costa commute. 680 is slow and it's slow on highway 4. most slow traffic pittsburg, baypoint and 680 to walnut creek. if you drive to fairfield, people will be in bad moods. 580 westbound we had an earlier accident at the altamont pass. that's goon. when you get to 580 you will see slow traffic there. in the south bay, all of the freeways, 280, 101 and 85 are slow. on the peninsula, 101 is the slowest through san mateo and also through the palo alto area. 280 doesn't look bad. that would be a decent route. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza, that's backed up 15, 20 minutes. san francisco, not bad. a little bit of slowing on southbound 101 as you drive down toward cesar chavez.
7:49 am
good morning steve? >> hello, sal. >> it's tuesday. i will be better on thursday or friday. >> tuesday seems to be the toughest. low cloud are there but they are gonna -- low clouds are there but they are gonna burn off. some areas didn't get the fog which had it yesterday. already breaks in the clouds. temperatures will be above average. coast and bay, the warm ocean temps help 5 degrees for san francisco. average is 55. above. we're used to that with the warm ocean temps. a lot of sunshine today. oakland, cloudy to mostly cloudy. that will burn off pretty fast there. going 76 for a high temp and san jose, this will be downtown san jose. 83 degrees. but east san jose, probably closer to 87, 88. there will be 90s in the santa
7:50 am
clara valley. 22. a little bit of a gust. saw 30 earlier. that's been coming down. west at napa. northwest at oakland. not much. less than about 5 miles an hour. 50s and 60s on the temps. not warming up too fast. a lot of monsoon clouds streaming into southern california. some of these may play into our weather tomorrow. but the monsoon moisture continues to creep northward. central california, maybe santa clara later today. the bigger picture, though, tells the story. heavy-duty rain yesterday in the hawaiian island. a little better. more scattered showers. a lot of that moisture has moved off. here comes a cold front out of the gulf of alaska. gotta love that. it's starting to tap into some of that moisture and i think it's gonna play into our weather starting tomorrow night and go cloudy thursday and friday. rain late thursday and friday to the north. today, after the fog, sunshine and warmer temps.
7:51 am
60s, 70s, 80s by the water. temperatures way down now rebounding. doesn't take long. still in summer. 80s for many. temperatures warm to hot inland but a lot of high clouds. we cloud it up friday, saturday. maybe rain to the north. much cooler sunday. >> rain like decent rain or -- >> mendocino county,lake county will be the southern extent of it. i don't think it will make it here. >> we'll take anything in august. >> sound like late fall by the weekend. >> it already feels that way to some. >> evenings for sure. >> yes. >> the temperature drops. will he be team hillary or team biden? coming up, the decision president obama may have to make and what it could mean for the race for the white house against the gop. hundred of people are hoping to hit the lottery, but this one doesn't involve money. how people are hoping to hit it
7:52 am
big for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the pope. job
7:53 am
because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity.
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7:54. welcome back. don't go in the water. that's what people are being told in hawaii of all places in the beaches of waikiki. heavy rains triggered a half million gallon spill. the beach water is being tested. but it could be a couple of days before it's clear enough
7:55 am
for people to go in. they are warning tourists they could get extremely sick if they come in contact with that contaminated water. if you are thinking about going solar, president obama wants to help. he announced the new financial ept sentives -- incentives last night in las vegas. the incentives include $1 billion in loan guarantees for businesses and savings for homeowners. >> we'll take steps and expand the use of a tool called pace that helps you pay for this on the future savings from your energy bills. the president has set a goal to cut caution emissions by 32% by the year 2030. some people in the bay area are hoping to win another type of lottery. they want the chance to see pope francis when he makes an
7:56 am
historic visit to the visit next month. 50 tickets will be given away to see the pope. now, winners won't actually be allowed inside but they will be watching on a big screen from the west lawn. winners of the tickets will have to pay their own way, of course, to washington wash. some northern california prison inmates are finding a way to give back to the community. it's called the canine for companions program. dogs will spend 16 months getting use used to being around people. it's a rewarding way to repay their debt to society. >> very rewarding personally i did a lot of taking in my life and this is -- this is just one big step to show that i can give back. the inmates say it will be hard to let the dogs go but
7:57 am
most hope they will do enough job they will be given other puppies to raise. they are given to people who need help with day to day life. they have the national headquarters here in santa rosa. a dawg in japan has become a big hit on the internet after bying stuck in a bush. despite being stuck, it seems to make the best of the situation and stayed pretty calm. he did get out. it's not clear exactly how he got in the bush. i'm guessing he was chasing something. we continue to follow the financial news coming from new york. the dow is up more than 200 points. there's also positive news on the home front. and information on u.s. home prices including the details for what's happening right here in the bay area. a fire at an assisted living facility in san francisco forces more than a dozen people from their homes. the concern people in the area
7:58 am
are expressing about their neighbors this morning. and you can probably find a lot of low clouds and fog but it will burn off sooner. temperatures coming up. but there are changes on the way. we'll explain when. with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that.
7:59 am
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8:00 am
a raging overnight fire leaves 15 people without a place to sleep. the new information we're just getting on what may have caused this fire in san francisco's mission district. and what a difference a day
8:01 am
makes. stocks heading up today. what this means for you. "mornings on 2" continues. 8:00. "mornings on 2." the ladies have taken over. good morning to you. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm pam cook in for dave clark today. want to check in with steve paulson. a little bit of a change in weather. >> i have a tweet coming up here i'm gonna share with you, too. >> all right. [laughter] >> we do have low clouds. it will be sunny and warmer. jared higgins said your feminine side is slowly starting so show with the power women in charge, you are sure to change to purple. actually, it's more fuchsia. with you -- but all right. we have warmer temps on the way. not crazy warm. there is a delta breeze.
8:02 am
a slight component of a westerly breeze. but 50s and 60s. maybe some of those monsoon clouds will roll into the picture tomorrow. but today it's a lot of snipe, low clouds. after that, then sunny and warmer. mild near the coast. getting warmer inland with upper 80s, 90s for some. 70s and 80s around the bay. now for some manly reports on the traffic. >> thank you, steve. i like that deep voice. we do have some problems to talk about. i'm gonna mex them in a molt. we'll start off with the eastshore freeway. i want to take a look at the east shore and see that traffic is going to be busy as you drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. you will see some slow traffic there. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see some slow traffic as well. southbound 680 has been a mess from concord to walnut creek. several earlier accidents, highway 4 is in on the slow traffic party coming in through
8:03 am
baypoint. that's where all of the slow traffic is. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see traffic will be busy as you drive through. i want to mention there is a report of a crash in san francisco at the corner of leavenworth and golden gate. it may involve a police officer. so we're trying to find out more information. but that's a good area for you to avoid as you drive through. i also want to mention that driving on 80 through the vacaville fairfield area has been very slow because of earlier problems. back to the desk. more than a dozen people were forced out of their homes after a fire in san francisco's mission district. >> allie rasmus live at the scene on shodwell. you just talked to firefighters and you have new pictures of the fire at the height to share with us. >> reporter: that's right. well, first off, we still have no word on how this fire started. we talked to the chief a short time ago. he said they are still investigating the cause. in fact, in the last ten
8:04 am
minutes, we've seen the investigators go in through the mainhouse where the fire started. if you pan off to the left, you can see the investigators are making their way through the second home where the fire spread to. the fire started at 11:00 last night in a bedroom on the top floor of this building on the right. this is actually an assisted living home for elderly people with special need. it's called the lorne house. one resident was treated for smoke inhalation but there were no major injuries and everyone living in that home got out safely. now, you can see from the video, a neighbor shared with us that the fire spread from the top floor of -- to the attic and then to the building right next to it. this is san francisco. a lot of the buildings in this residential area, very close together. 15 people were initially displayed by the fire although -- dispraised by the fire. some have -- displaced by the fire. some have rushed to their home. firefighter had the fire outby 12:30 this morning. fires in these types of houses can be a challenge to fight. >> these buildings are very
8:05 am
hold. they have what we call balloon construction. there's no fire stops in the wall. so once it gets in one floor it goes to the attic space. they share a common call, that happened here. it got into the attic space in the other building. once one building goes, a second building will go also. >> reporter: now, a lot of the neighbors in the area last night came out to see the fire and take these pictures that they shared with us. many of them expressed concerns and felt badly for the special needs residents in the home displaced by the fire. >> not gonna have a solid home for -- and that's gonna affect them. this is -- no matter where they go, it won't be the place they've been comfortable with and living with and it's just gonna be a big upheaval for them. >> reporter: back out here live, fire investigators this morning are going through the two homes trying to pinpoint the cause of this fire.
8:06 am
again, they still don't know how it started. but they do know it started in a bedroom on the top floor of this assisted living facility. but investigators are gonna be out here for a while longer. back to you guys. the man accused of killing sergeant scott lunger could enter a plea in court. marc estrada has been charged with murder. lunger was shot and killed during a traffic stop july 22nd. police say estrada suffered a gunshot wound when his partner returned fire. the man accused of killing kate steinle in san francisco is also due in court today. the hearing will determine whether there's enough evidence to try the man with murder. he's already pled not guilty. steinle was shot and killed july 1st. her death sparked a national debate on immigration because lopez sanchez is undocked -- is
8:07 am
an undocumented immigrant who had been deported five times. the dow jones picture, is up 2%. 339 points. >> the nasdaq and s&p 500 also rebounding today. big improvement from yesterday. fox business courter joins us now from the new york stock exchange this morning. we're talking about a big rebound but i'm hearing sort of mixed reaction as far as traders go whether they think the rebound will last or it's more trouble ahead. >> reporter: that's right. for now, you have the relief rally. we were down 1,089 points ending the biggest point drop ever. that capes on the heels of tough days on thursday and friday -- that came on the heels of tough days on thursday and friday. this is an oversold market where everything was red. everything can't be bad, right?
8:08 am
well, today everything is grieb the you are seeing a relief rally. they are gonna wait a few weeks to see if it settles. there are a few factors to take in. china, if china settles down a little bit. and also watching oil under 40 bucks. the big picture is that long- term there seems to be a consensus that we'll go to the upside so you don't run and take your money out of the market. but the big picture, they think it's going up, but expect a little volatility. it has not quite settled yet. a 330-point move is still a big move. apple is up 5%. that's a big day on wall street. >> here in the bay area, a lot of people work for technology companies and invest in them and they are certainly dependent on chinese economy for some of their businesses. what are the traders saying about the relationship going forward and the economic
8:09 am
situation over there? >> reporter: well, that's one factor that plays a part. apple sells iphones in china. we saw that pull back. they didn't see the growth they normally would see. but big picture, they still love tech around here. you have north america and all of the other continents other than just worrying about just china. there's still a lot of people who love tech. and we're seeing tech leading the way today. it is the best performing group today and also yesterday where everything sold off, it was among the better groups. it wasn't as bad as energy, for example. so tech is still a favorite. >> all right. thank you, nicole, for the update. >> reporter: thank you. stay with us here at ktvu for continuing coverage on what is happening on the -- on wall street. we'll check in with alex savidge at 8:30 who has been following the stock market and he will share what he has at
8:10 am
this point. and new this morning, home prices in all 20 of the largest u.s. markets continue to rise in june. the case-shiller home index showed prices were up 5% from june of last year. here in the san francisco bay area, prices were up 9.5%. strong sales are a major reason home value us continue to -- values continue to go up. but if the federal reserve decides to raise interest rates, that could boost mortgage prices and might slow down sales. the minimum wage in palo alto is going up. they volted to raise it to $11 in january. they also looked at regional setting -- cities to raise wages to $15. september 9th will mark chipotle's first ever national career day. teams will be at stores holding interviews. the company says more stores are opening but there are fewer
8:11 am
job applicants out there. happening today, a hiring expo for active duty military service members, veterans and spouses. it's called hiring our heroes. it's happening at at&t park at 11:30 a.m. this morning. in about an hour, there is an employment workshop being held. national guard roiv military are welcomed. those who register get a pair of tickets to tonight's giants' game as they face the cubs. it is happening from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. new allegations surrounding the sun of -- the son of joe biden coming up at 8:30. how biden and his son are denying any affiliate with the website. what else hackers are doing to those exposed. a funnel cloud forming. and that caused major damage. see what the possible tornado
8:12 am
did to a town in australia. we have a look at a couple of things that are going on around the bay area. some in san francisco and some in the east bay. where 24 is beginning to slow down in la fayette. we'll tell you what's going on. not as much in the way of coverage for the fog. there are a lot of changes on the extended outlook. we will show you where it's coming from.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
people who live in one australian town are assessing the damage left behind by a possible tornado. it formed during a powerful storm that swept across the state this morning. a number of homes have been flooded. some destroyed. in afghanistan, explosions claimed the lives of ten children. a series of explosions on a camp refugee. it's not clear if the explosions were an accident or caused by a militant attack. 8:15. a taker from minnesota was -- teenager was minnesota was killed at a boarding school in somalia. his family thinks he may have been targeted for being american. he was sent to boarding school last december. his family was told five people entered his room in may and beat him to death. the boy's mother said the officials acknowledged the killing but won't provide his
8:16 am
remains. >> he was smart, he was asking questions. because of that, they killed him. >> the family has been working with minnesota senators to put pressure on the somalian government. the city of sacramento is planning a parade to honor the three men who helped stop that train in france. the three men stopped an attacker armed with box cutters, a handgun and assault rifle. the men are childhood friends who grew up in sacramento together. yesterday, they received france's top honor. we heard from sadler's sister. >> i'm so amazed by his act. i don't know what to say. it's such an inspiration to me, though, and my family. >> now, the mayor says details about the parade are still in the works. meantime, security has been increased at train stations across europe, many people in paris say they feel safe
8:17 am
despite what happened. but the gunman has been identified as a 26-year-old from morocco. authorities say he's an islamic extremist but his lawyer says he's homeless and was just trying to rob passengers on the train to feed himself. sal is following breaking news in san francisco talking about a pair of new accidents. and one involves a police officer. >> that's right. golden gate and leavenworth. we had a police officer that was reportedly hit by a car at that intersection. nearby, at 6th and stevenson, which is a block off market. there is a pedestrian crash. motorcycle officer hit may have been responding to the pedestrian crash because the motorcycle unit -- the guys who respond to injury accidents and that is 6th -- that 6th and stevenson crash is a pretty serious one. it would need investigators from the special unit of the san francisco police department. we're not sure they are related but they are very close together and now there are two
8:18 am
areas for you to avoid, 6th and stevenson and also golden gate and leavenworth. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza getting into san francisco. the traffic is going to be busy as you drive through. gonna see slow traffic as you make it onto the bridge as well. san jose, 280, northbound is improving. southbound 280 a little bit slow getting over to highway 101 getting down to the san jose state exit. 580 livermore, we still have a lot of slow traffic on that commute on 580. it's going to be slow and also slow traffic on 680 getting into the fremont area. 880 is also slow heading down to the area there. please give yourself plenty of extra time as you drive through. let's go to steve in today's forecast. >> thank you. >> we have low cloud and fog. nothing unusual but the coverage is far less. there's already some breaks in that. in fact, it looks sunny. we had that yesterday. but it didn't happen until later in the afternoon. today beginning to retreat
8:19 am
sooner. water temps continue to be very warm. i think that has a lot to do with it. george mccray, he says one thing i've seen this august in the past, we had days with no sun. this year, we always get a burnoff and afternoon sun. i know what he means by that. when you get temperatures, 60, 65, the gog seems to burn -- the fog seems to -- seems to burn off sooner. a decent delta breeze, west. the onshore breeze is still there. 50s and 60s on the temps. brentwood, 56. napa, 57. , 57 palo alto. the tropical clouds here, monsoon clouds coming up are already moving into over las vegas, los angeles, palm springs, southern california and arizona. maybe a few of these tomorrow. but actually what i'm keeping an eye on is a couple of things
8:20 am
going on. higher clouds coming up from the southwest. the system is qum coming out of the gulf of alaska. i love that. but it's coming up from the hawaiian islands. heavy rain has given way to just scattered showers. but the bulk of that cloud cover is getting drawn up by that system right there. and it's making a b-line toward us. i think we go cloudy thursday into friday. eventually this will sweep in. the first system coming down from the north usually arrives later than sooner. it may be delayed. the cloud cover won't but the cooler pattern might be. there will be rain, extreme northern california but probably not until over the weekend. my best opportunity would be on saturday. look at all of the cloud cover streaming over us. by sunday, the system begins to swing through that. that will give us the first feel of a cold front coming through. i'm getting ahead of myself. but there are things brewing here. what's brewing is warm temps. 60s, 70s, 80s to 90s. pretty good jump here on some
8:21 am
of the -- on the temps. temps are above coast and bay. should be in the upper 60s and low 70s. we're seeing warmer conditions. the ocean temps have a lot to do with it. i thig we go clow -- i think we go cloudy to mostly cloudy to the north. for us in the bay area, it might be next tuesday. >> okay. >> microclimates. >> you know, we talked about this earlier. you can get microclimates in one city alone. >> just berkeley. >> right. if you are along the water in particular. >> or up against the hills. people do a lot of things to feel better, right? but what about crying your eyes out? coming up in 30 minutes, the study that may have you -- >> love a good cry. a difficult choice for
8:22 am
president obama. how he could be caught in the middle for the 2016 presidency -- up next.
8:23 am
8:24 am
maryland prison officials uncoverrard plot to sneak contraband into the prison using a drone. prison officials saw a drone flying and the vehicle had been under surveillance. but when it got close, that's when prison officials decided to investigate. they found the drone was
8:25 am
carrying a handgun, synthetic drugs as well as morning-- morning graphy. >> this acronym fits this one, you can't make this stuff up, ycmtsu. this is the first time condition dra band was suspected in a delivery -- contraband was suspected in a delivery plot. state lawmakers approved a bill making it a crime to fly a drone over private property without permission. the measure makes it illegal to fly the remote controlled aircraft less than 350 -- 350 feet above the ground. several republican lawmakers are concerned the bill could hurt could hurt the growing
8:26 am
drone industry here california. joe biden has his boss's approval to run for president. according to cnn president obama. biden is expected to announce his decision by the end of the summer. one new poll shows if he does run, he would draw most support from clinton's backers. rick perry says he's started to pay some staffers and others this month. he's still facing cash problems. he may get a boost from a supertax to support hill. they are barred from from coordinating directly with the campaign. jeb bush visited the mexico border in texas and he called donald trump's plan to build a wall along the border and to deport all undocumented immigrants unrealistic and too
8:27 am
expensive. trump fired back and said the immigrants are causing a crime wave in the united states. we continue to follow developing news on wall street. investors are reacting to the major loss we watched on the street. alex savidge joins us after a break. >> reporter: security changes will be happening at the san jose international airport because of past breaches. what esnew that you will notice -- what's new that you will notice on the outside of the airport? we're look at a commute that's still pretty slow in many areas includes the east -- the nimitz freeway heading up toward downtown oakland. mayes. it will be sunny and warmer for most. fog is burning off sooner. temperatures, upper 8 ox inland. changes on the way for later in the week. we'll show you where it's coming from.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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8:30 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2." it's 8:29. trading now about two hours exactly and the dow jones is up almost 400 points today, up 2.5%. tech stocks in particular doing better today. you can almost hear investors breathing a sigh of relief. still kind of stressful on the trading floor. >> alex savidge is back and keeping an eye on the markets. what a difference? >> not just wall street hit hard yesterday, you guys, markets around the world also dropped but today the numbers are much more encouraging. a major european market, between 250 and 4.50%. they are moving into their final hours of trading today. they were down by as much as
8:31 am
6%. asia's two biggest markets suffered more losses. the shanghai index fell 7.6%. that was the fourth straight day of losses. and japan's nikkei down 4% but there's some good news to tell you about this morning. china's central bank announced that it's cutting its main interest rate by 1.25%. they were waiting to see if beijing would take any action to boost its economy. [opening bell] >> and there you go. most u.s. investors have been all smiles this morning following the opening bell on wall street. many local tech companies are on the upswing today. apple's stock has been above $108. facebook is up nearly 6% in early trading and san francisco- based sales force has gained almost 4% just in the first two hours of trading. see things on the upswing
8:32 am
there. many analysts say they consider this time of year between august and october the most volatile time of the year for the markets, meaning the dust potentially may not have settled on wall street. >> october in particular. i used to work on a trading floor. big sell time often times. >> wait to see what happens in the next month or so. >> thank you. >> sure. 8:31. and we want to get a look at traffic and weather with steve because it's heeling up -- heating up for the weekend and then cool down. >> and then a lot of cloud cover on way here. >> how about today? >> it looks pretty warm even on the coast. >> okay. >> low clouds burning off sooner today. the fog bank is already retreating. sunshine looks to be. everybody got in on it. temperatures will recover. we had some low 50s. a lot of 50s and 60s. we'll end up with 80s and 90s.
8:33 am
70s throughout the day. the fog not as much as yesterday. still an okay delta breeze. there is a westerly component. it's an yoen shore breeze. we won't get that hot. upper 60s. but 50s for a few. name airport at 52. we had some 50s up into lake county. monsoon clouds inching northward, maybe playing into our weather. i think it's what's going on with the front dropping down. tapping into a lot of moisture. coming up from the hawaiian islands. that's gonna be a bigger weathermaker for us over the next 48, 72 hours. low clouds, sunshine and warmer temps for nearly everybody. upper 80s, low to mid-90s. 70s for many near the water. sal, you've had a busy morning. yeah, we have. we're starting off in san francisco where a couple of things are going on. at the corner of golden gate and leavenworth there is a crash there involving a san francisco motorcycle police officer. at at -- at the corner of 6th
8:34 am
and stevenson, there is a crash involving a pedestrian with serious injuries. both intersections will be crowded. probably a good area to avoid. let's take a look at some live pictures. i want to show you the traffic the bay bridge toll plaza. look at 880 northbound. it's very slow heading up to downtown oakland out of san leandro. it's gonna be slow all the way up there because -- well, i don't see any big problems i just see a lot of slow traffic passing the coliseum. 580 is slow from high street heading west. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. well, changes in the air at the san jose airport. >> five security breaches in the last year and a half pushed leaders to ask for money for improvements. jag has more. >> reporter: the fences are gonna get taller. that's thanks to a $3.4 million federal grant but that's still not enough money to make all of
8:35 am
the improvements that the airport wants to make. here's what's gonna change -- the new fencing will be 10 feet high. it will be topped with an additional foot of barbed wire. the current fencing has been under scrutiny because in four out of the five security breach, someone trespassed by scaling the fence. a 15-year-old hopped the fence and stowed away in the wheel well of a plane on a flight to hawaii and back in march. a woman was seen running around the south end of the airfield after she jumped the fence. passengers wonder why more isn't done. >> it's something that needs to be addressed. it needs to be taken care of. it seems like you hear a lot about the tsa. there's too many holes or leaks in the system. >> reporter: the area near the stadium is the only area with improved fencing. but the new grant money will raise the fence in the other
8:36 am
areas. airport officials have been working with the safe skies alliance to choose which system is best for san jose. the airplane's goal is to get it done within the next two years. reporting from the san jose airport, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. it will be the end of the line for paper transfers at muni. they are asking for bids that will print a transfer that includes the exact time the ticket expires. under the current system, the operator has to tear off the ticket. but the company no longer makes the parts for the boxes. uber testing out a new future that gives discounted rides. it's similar to a bus, that means that cars won't go directly to the doors but users would have to set their pickup location along a fixed route.
8:37 am
riders will get a discount of a dollar or more. uber says it's meant to increase efficiency and boost revenue. also today, b.a.r.t. and caltrans will announce details about the upcoming closure of the transbay tube. don't forget the shut down are happen over the labor day weekend between september ath and 7th -- september 5th and 7th. this is the second clownd of closures and there will be buses and bridges. b.a.r.t. says people we should all expect some delays. members of a book group kicked off the napa wine train are considering a lawsuit. the group was made up of ten black women and one white woman. they were asked to leave after they were told they were making too much noise. the spokesman for the wine train says the company has apologized to the women but the women tell the bay area news group they've not ruled out a defamation lawsuit because of a
8:38 am
post that was later deleted that accused the women of verbal and physical abuse. i want to show you video of pennsylvania-based royal truck and equipment demonstrating new driverless trucks. it's called the safety truck. it's outfitted with cash barriers, aimed to protect construction teams working on roads or inspecting traffic lights. >> any time a worker to exposed to the traffic. these vehicles are supposed to be behind them protecting them. any time a driver can be removed from the vehicles in a very dangerous situation and if the vehicle is struck and nobody is inside to receive the damage or the injuries, that's measuring success. >> the trucks are already making their way to different states. no word on if or when california will get to test out this new technology. >> so weird to see. 8:38. video to share with you that looks like something out of a fast and furious movie. >> you will see a wrong-way driver trying to get away from a utah trooper on a busy
8:39 am
freeway and it's all caught on dash cam. the officer was trying to stop the vehicle. the trooer catches up to the car and hits it. instead, it seed away. you see here it drags a bumper behind it. moments later, another patrol officer cuts off the car and it rolls over and then stops. as we watch the video there's the roll ever and you will see the female driver jump out and she tries to car crack other vehicles on the freeway. eventually you are watching it here. she's arrested an taken to a hospital. it took eight people to restrain her. more video to share here. you need to see it. a kansas police officer confronts a man who goes on the attack using its pet. this is dashcam video that shows the encounter of a man charging at an officer. he actually swings a dog by its leash striking the officer with the animal. the suspect's been identified as 27-year-old michael rush. he was arrested during the incident. his pug mix was later placed in
8:40 am
a shelter. the dog is doing just fine. rush faces possible charges of animal abuse and battery against an officer. the san jose police department has a new web page to help answer frequently asked questions about how officer- involved shootings are investigated. the page includes the department's policy on the use of force and the procedure for investigating police shootings. it was launched a week after two separate deadly shootings. investigators say the two men killed in the shootings were suspects in the killing of a man inside an office compolitics on lundy avenue earlier this month. a third suspect in that case is still on the run. looks like the ashby madison hackers are going after the individual -- ashley madison hackers are going after the individuals whose information was leaked. they are asking for a bitcoin and sending a link for the users to pay up. ashley mad idy son hacked competitors back in 2012 to
8:41 am
find vulnerabilities in their system. this comes after the hackers released tons of e-mails sent by ashley madison's ceo. and joe biden's son hunter biden is denying that he has an account with ashley madison. yesterday, the website reported that an account was made using his e-mail address. biden said the account was set up by someone else without his knowledge. the married father of three said in a statement this was not the first time someone has used his name to try to discredit him. it's now 8:41. tragedy on the indy car raceway. coming up, how the death of justin wilson could change the circuit as the drivers come to sonoma this weekend. and one of the wettest winters ever has officials thinking about pumping the brakes on official. the major san francisco development that could seriously be slowed down. san mateo bridge looking okay if you are driving out to the high rise. westbound, it's just average. you can see traffic is going to be slow westbound.
8:42 am
more in the way of fog instead of low clouds. a little combination of both. it's burning off sooner and temperatures warming up.
8:43 am
8:44 am
sad news. indy car driver justin wilson died from his injuries that he suffered during a race over the
8:45 am
weekend. now, there are new safety calls for safety reviews of the sport. wilson was hit by debris from another car at pocono raceway in pennsylvania on sunday. his car veered into a wall and he was taken to the hospital in a coma. he died yesterday at the ache of 37. >> as we know, the racing industry is one big family. our focus is rallying around justin's family to ensure they get the support they need during this difficult time. >> wilson leaves behind a wife and two daughters and his family says justin was a loving father and devoted husband as well as a highly competitive racing driver who was respected by hisser pos -- by his peers. the last indy car driver to die was dan weldon. he was killed in the 2011 season finale at las vegas after his head hit a post when his car went airborne. officials are suggesting that
8:46 am
open wheel racing be banned on high speed oval tracks where cars reach speeds of 230 miles an hour. officials have already introduced several safety measures including safer walls and collapsible barriers. the indycar series will hold the season finale up here so na this weekend. the san jose state football recover who recovered from burns has suffered another setback. a fire in his apartment forced him to miss football season last year. this year he was a contender for a starting linebacker position but now he has a concussion. he's been held out of drills and officials say he will return to practice when he's symptom-free. that's a day-to-day proposition. sal has been following breaking news in san francisco. a couple of accidents. one involves a police officer, sal? >> that's right. the police officer was hit by a car on his motorcycle at the corner of golden gate and
8:47 am
leavenworth. i want to show you the area of san francisco. where this occurred. the -- this happened about an hour ago or so. he was conscious when he was put in the paramedic vehicle. he was talking to the medics which is a sign of good news. there's still an investigation there. the other crash, 6th and stevenson, there is a major crash there. possible that that could have -- where the officer was going. now, these are pictures of this area. now, i have to tell you -- these pictures are of -- this is golden gate and leavenworth because i see the harley davidson on the ground. they are doing an investigation and it's closed off. we'll have more coming up later 0. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. that's backed up for 15 minutes getting into san francisco. and in san jose, northbound
8:48 am
280, not bad. southbound is a little bit slow approaching 101. now, let's go to steve with today's forecast. >> thank you. a lot of low clouds and fock today. yesterday was more low clouds. they were up much higher. it's going to burn it off sooner. it looks like everyone will be in on it. not much change probably maybe thursday. then a lot of cloud cover is on the way. low clouds will favor the coast for the longer period of time -- longest period of time. a delta breeze and a westerly breeze for many. 50s, 60s on the temps. low 60s for many. temperatures were very close. coast bay and inland. monsoon clouds back in the picture here. at least in southern california. isolated rain showers. some may drift up our way tomorrow. you can see there's plenty to go. san joaquin valley. also the high desert. but our source of clouds is from this system here.
8:49 am
system dropping down from the gulf of alaska. but it's that moisture which gave the heavy-duty rain yesterday to hawaii. there's still some scattered showers but nothing compared to what they had yesterday. that moisture is lifting north. as it does, it's starting to get drawn up into this system. this system probably won't move inland until sunday. it will drive a lot of clouds over us starting tomorrow and then taking us into saturday. it begins on thursday. you can see some of that cloud cover can moving in. some deep moisture as we say but again any rain i think would be focused to the north as we head toward saturday, that looks to be the best opportunity. by that, maybe mendocino county, lake county north. by sunday, looks like a cooler pattern as the system finally swings in. maybe our first hint of fall would be late sunday into monday. i'm getting way ahead of myself. why not? there is a lot to talk about. 70s and 80s. 90s through the interior. temperatures jumping up today. probably about the same tomorrow but today is the day where we rebound to near
8:50 am
average. they've been above on the coast and bay. 70s there. even with the fog. it's not bad. we see a lot of high clouds the next few days. i think we cloud it up thursday/friday. >> more and more kids are going back to school and it looks like this weather is atypical. >> it started in may. july. it's been a weird sumer. >> it has been. >> thank you. >> any time. we've talked about el nino as well with the weather. it's the forecast for this -- if the forecast this winter bricks as much rain as expected to could delay completion of projects at san francisco, a. two dozen projects would be affected. the rain is needed but rec and park officials say it would prevent work such as pouring concrete and hanging sheetrock. and other projects that could be impacted include construction work at mountain lake, gilman, south park, and
8:51 am
folsom playgrounds and the beach chalet soccer fields in golden gate park. it's easier to donate to nonprofitting while you scroll through your feeds. facebook introduced the donate button for certain charities and now it's expanding. a nevada man is pleading guilty to sending millions of spam message. s. he sent 27 million unsolicited ads described as friends' posts during a three- month period. he was paid for those who clicked on thed a. he faces $250,000 fine and three years in prison. at a time when many companies are outsourcing customer calls, intel le care is expanding in silicon valley. the ceo is opening a new call
8:52 am
ent iser in san jose. he began this career at 19 when he was homeless on the streets. >> i hoss homeless and they told me about this job. how dare you, i thought? it had such a bad stigma. >> the company will offer an open workspace with the gym, break, television break room and a quiet place to rest. employees will be able to bring their children to work. the company says it will hire 150 full-time workers. a job fair will be held september 2nd at noon. we posted new information at in the web links section. scroll down the bottom of our front page. there's one sad star wars fans. what a wife made her husband do that caused a picture of chewbacca to go viral.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
welcome back too "mornings on 2." -- welcome back to "mornings on 2." a rare find has german archaeologists finding a trail of dinosaur footprints dating back to 145 million years ago. take a look. the dinosaur was pretty big. as expected. the footprints are more than 15 inches deep, belong to a dinosaur they say weighs up to 30 tons, they are following the trail hoping it can shed light on the conditions around the time that dinosaurs roamed the area. a dog in japan has become a big hit on the internet after getting stuck on a bush. despite being stuck, pretty happy face there. seems to make the best of the situation. enjoying the view as he hangs out. he eventually made it out. not clear how he got into the bush to begin with.
8:56 am
a man had to part ways with the love of his chewbacca costume. take a look at chewbacca. kind of sad. someone suggested maybe hung over. they are downsizing to a smaller house and his wife said he had to part with it. so he posted the post on facebook. he said chewbacca costume for sale. wife it making me sell it. he asked for $150. the daily mail reports some were outraged and say he should have parted with her instead. he enended up getting $650 for the costume. that fan let out tears after
8:57 am
parting with the costume. [crying] >> a recent study from the university in the netherlands suggests trying makes you feel better. the study asks 60 people to watch the movie "life is beautiful" and rate how they are feeling. half who quaffed it died. those who didn't reported no change in -- of those who watched it cried. those who didn't reported no chainge in mood -- change in mood. traffic is still blocked by the intersection. leavenworth and golden gate. good area to stay away from. don't go there. go around. let's go to steve with the weather. sometimes watching the sports tales, i cry. >> i know what you mean. >> fog, sunny, warmer, a lot of
8:58 am
high cloud. turning cloudy thursday and friday. >> that's it. thanks for watching. see you back here at noon. hope you enjoyed ladies' day as much as we did. >> we did. >> see you back here. ♪
8:59 am
9:00 am
as a driver shows off some serious skills. >> there's a photographer on the side of the track. >> the moment he survived one heck of a hit. >> no front legs are no problem for ninbi. >> clearly not stopping him at all. >> the search to help a great dog find his forever home. guys trash a bar during a bachelor party but -- >> guess what? >> the video that is costing somebody big money. plus it's james versus the shark in one amazing animation. and a mom's video tribute. >> to her number one son. ♪ >> reporter:


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