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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 25, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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as a driver shows off some serious skills. >> there's a photographer on the side of the track. >> the moment he survived one heck of a hit. >> no front legs are no problem for ninbi. >> clearly not stopping him at all. >> the search to help a great dog find his forever home. guys trash a bar during a bachelor party but -- >> guess what? >> the video that is costing somebody big money. plus it's james versus the shark in one amazing animation. and a mom's video tribute. >> to her number one son. ♪ >> reporter: the birthd
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. >> the birthday rap straight outta compton. >> been inspired and wanted to go down the route. >> was it the movie the inspiration or whatever she was puffing on at the beginning? >> i've learned a lot of things working at "right this minute" and one is i'm completely blown away by the human body's capacity to survive. this first one some guys doing autocross and everyone is having a good time. you can hear the squeal of tires. now these are all amateurs, all design not designed to be rally cars, they don't hug the corners so well and why that quickly becomes a problem. there is ea photographer on the side of the track but this car goes wide -- >> oh, no! oh, gosh. >> that was a direct hit. >> there is a huge hit on this guy. as i play it here you can see this kid here is the one taking himself from the relative safety of this protected area and taking himself into the middle of the track because obviously he wants to get himself a better shot. >> oh!
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>> he goes flying. all the other cars quickly screech to a halt and later in the video everybody starts running out to make sure this guy is okay. >> that impact sounded awful. >> now look, he did survive. he survived with injuries, but he's expected to recover. from russia we head on over to america, the most american of racing being really quick over a quarter of a mile. keep an eye on the left-hand side lane closest to the camera, things quickly go wrong and we have that impact right there, but keep watching as he drifts across, suddenly out of nowhere it gets a lot bigger. >> oh! >> suddenly we have another angle on this same video. then this basically is the most american of videos. it the door pops open and he struts away. >> did you want him to mike [ cheers and applause ]
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>> the fuzzy pet foundation wants you to adopt lick ninby, jack russeller it remember mix, gorgeous and also incredibly awesome. he's almost built like a kangaroo. >> nimbi was born without front legs. he's now ten months old and clearly not stopping him at all. watch the way he gets around. >> he's like a mini t-rex. i'm not kidding, he really is. >> you're right, nick, because i did see like he has like nails and stuff on his stump. >> he has one of the wheelchairs and he seems to be okay of it, although if you compare the way he moves without the legs and with the harness you'd say maybe without it, because he goes a lot faster and hopping all over the place. >> he's up for adoption? >> he is. if you want to help donate or adopt little nimbi, head over to and click on tv show or see it on our mobile
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app. it's the night before wedding and these guys are at a lap dance bar for the bachelor party. not a good decision on this guy's part because he ended up owing $1,500 and it wasn't to the dancers. apparently upstairs a group of about 20 guys, the girls upstairs started screaming, the manager is like hey you got to go. they're leaving the club but they don't leave quietly. you see stuff getting pushed down but notice that guest right there at the bar. according to police and the manager, that guest starts picking up glasses and throwing them at the mirror behind the bar. they say that guy also threatened the manager, and they said he actually picked up a bottle, threatened to smash it in her face after he threw corks from champagne bottles at her. here is the sad thing about this. the owner says he just had the place refurbished and then this happens. this guy was jailed for 16 weeks. this happened back in july, and he now owes $1,500 because the damage here but according to
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reports, he already owes $2,500 for some previous skirmishes. this video from saudi arabia on the ajl news site in saudi arabia. guy took his car to the maintenance shop, his camera picked up one of the maintenance workers there. watch what he has in his hands, a wallet. that wallet doesn't have anything in it. you see the owner of this car claims he had taken the car to the maintenance shop before and he alleges they took something from him. he put the camera in there and the camera picks up a maintenance worker going through his wallet, going through his things. you see him looking through the console for something. >> when you drop your truck or your car off or anything like that, the smart thing to do is take anything of value out, take temptation away but at the same time you wish you didn't have to. >> he turned this over to the agl newspaper. he wanted to prove they weren't honest. i wanted to turn it over to police to make sure they weren't stealing from other people. one of the most effective
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tools that forest firefighters have are the air tankers, the planes that can drop slurry on these wild, out-of-control fires. california has seen a number of forest fires this season. check out this air tanker, they're effective when they're working properly. this pilot now is dealing with an air tanker that has a left landing gear problem. if you look here, this is the kind of plane that has a single nose wheel, and a wheel on either wing. the left gear is not deploying. it's not down. you can see the right one hanging down clearly. the nose gear is down. >> windy as well. look at that. >> super windy. of course causing problems for this dangerous landing to begin with. this pilot has to skillfully land this plane on two wheels and try to minimize damage and try to keep this plane from cartwheeling down the runway. >> this is absolute textbook stuff. minimize that impact. this is incredible. and the fact this is emergency
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workers in an emergency situation as well. >> right. now that left wind is down, it's really kind of out of his control at that point, drags him off the runway into the dirt but you can hear people in the background saying -- >> oh. >> another cool part if you look up into the air you'll see other helicopter tankers nearby ready to dump water on this situation in case the plane caught fire. dude's teaching his lady how to fly. >> she's following instructions to a "t." >> see why there's a secret message behind the lesson. >> this is incredible. and it's a lovely lambo. from smoking hot ride to a total loss.
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this is a beautiful, very romantic video, where a
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boyfriend is teaching his girlfriend how to fly a plane. now he's been teaching her for a long time and in this video, you actually see that he is guiding her, telling her where to go, telling her where to make a 90-degree turn, where to pull 180s at. she's following instructions to a "t." she's becoming a really darned good pilot. now, while this whole thing is going on, he is actually recording her flight path in his ipad, and so when they're done, they usually go back and they review the flight path, then they analyze exactly where it is that they're going, based on the flight path, right? if you pay close attention. >> this is good. >> her flight path, her turns are starting to spell something out. >> this is awesome. >> yep. this whole time she's still looking at this thing, analyzing her moves. >> she is good, because she's obviously following his instructions to a "t" but this
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is incredible. >> it's so good, and then she gets to the "e" and finally realizes wait, holy snap, is this what i think it is? >> really neat. she wrote her own proposal. >> in cursive. >> it's really cool. she looks over at him and is like, "marry me?" and he starts cracking up, reaches behind the seat, grabs the ring. >> that's brilliant. >> that's so cool. >> one we've never seen, i didn't expect it, never saw it coming. that's brilliant. >> especially because the whole time she is writing her own proposele, immersed in it and she has no idea. >> does she have to spell out "yes"? when i was a kid, even as an adult i love collecting hot wheels cars, i bring you three videos of hot wheels. that's right, new delhi, india. oh that lovely saffron colored lamborghi
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lamborghini. >> how much cash are we looking burning up. hot wheels $3? >> a lot more than three bucks. it depends on where you live. here in the states, it's about $180,000 but in new delhi, india, that car values around $374,000. it was lamborghini's most popular seller. >> was. >> the engine is in the rear of the lamb bore goon geenie, where the fire started. the whole back half of the car burned. >> it's because of the traffic situation. it happens to the cars in hong kong and asia and india, because they're traveling at such slow speeds and low gear the revs are so high the engine overheats and this happens. >> doesn't matter where you live because sometimes this car in a parking lot in fire, florida firefighters putting out the fire, walk it down, fire up the hose and all that dark black smoke turning to white steam as they go to work. >> that's a carbeque, not for takeout. >> thankfully not blocking any traffic. that's your monday. >> not going to buff out.
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>> no, same thing happening in henrico, virginia. >> what's happening? >> i don't know, but if that's yours, you're bummed. oh, i just got it washed or i put new tires on. >> i just made my last payment. >> there's that. >> look at it glass half full at least we got out of the car. >> no injuries reported in any of the videos. firefighters again know exactly what to do. they've got all the training they need to fire up the attack hose on the front of the engine there, walk it down and put it out. puppies having a hard time fishing. ♪ we love a great movie pairing. two iconic characters together. well now it's gone to web series. iconic web presences join together, first we start with
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james. action movie kid. >> sunds like a thriller. >> it is a thriller. ♪ this one it's james versus shark. now for people who don't know action movie kid, his dad is a special effects guy and created a web series about his son's adventures and he's going to protect his little sister. >> i can't imagine the fun this must be to create. having the talent to put this all together. >> oh, come here, baby girl. it's just a vacuum. >> but i said this was a famous web pairing. who could we possibly pair action movie kid with? conversations with my 4-year-old. >> of course. >> conversations with my 4-year-old are actual conversations that matthew clark has with his 4-year-old daughter, cocoa, but it's re-enacted by a grown man and as
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you can see here, they're about to have some shark action. >> holy sardines. that is intense. >> is this a crossover? >> this is a crossover. watch for the cameo. >> with my arms chomped off. tir fifth season. here's also great news, action movie kid has been optioned by fox. they're going to make a feature film and they want to make it into a film series. >> ahh! he flies like this. it doesn't matter what's in his way. he's just -- pbht! next "right this minute." and still to come, people enjoying a day out on the water are about to get a surprise. >> you can't miss it. >> the spectacular show that will have you saying -- >> no! plus a guy takes the names of ikea products. >> and just twists them around.
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you may need a little help afafalling asleep.streresy try new unisom sleepminis™ toto g getet a a g gooood d p anand d wawakeke r recec. ununisisomom s sleleepep. a ststreressssfuful l y deserves a restful night. a lot of activity going on in desolation sound. michelle moore started shooting video because she saw a huge pod of killer whales floating around, on the hunt, looking for some lunch. it's always cool to see the whales. it's even cooler to see what's inside the dinghy hanging off the back of their boat. look closely and there's lunch, hiding from the orcas. it's a seal that took refuge on their dinghy. the orcas were hunting around. the seal said i got to get out of the water, jumped up on their boat and hid from the orcas. you can see them circling in the distance. >> give him credit like the m macguyver. >> eventually they gave up on
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the seal and the seal noticed the coast was clear, slipped right back into the water and took off. in the bay of bundy near the coast of canada in maine, suddenly through the fog and mist -- whoa! huge humpback whale breaching the surface right in front. he came across just as that whale perfectly into the camera. >> does the whale get a cut of the tourist money? that was clearly planned. >> you can imagine the size of that whale and how high it got out of the water, what a perfect shot. >> woo! bulldog going cra-cra. ♪
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i love me some puns but this guy flat packs them in. >> madonna, i have' got you on my radar. donna, do you think these pot plants are risk or not? hey donna, this clock looks pretty sneak. >> welcome to two minutes of basically pun porn for me as this guy follows his missus around ikea and takes random product names and twists them around. >> some people asked me, do you trust her? my hair is fluffy, can you remind me to buy gel later? >> stop. >> donna you were saying something about pests before. i found a critter. >> this could get annoying real quick. >> you know what else is annoying, spending eight hours inside ikea on a saturday. boom! no wonder this guy is trying to have some fun. >> thank you, this is our
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nightmare to go with your girlfriend or wife to ikea to buy stuff for your house. it's just terrible, the worst. >> don't go with your wife. you go together because you're both interested in making your home a nice place. it is not her doing and you just come along for the torturous process. >> what did the guy say at the miniature horse race? good luck, tiny pony. you just think you're smarter than me. >> the whole video in itself is hilarious, a peek into what my wife has to put up with. click on tv show on or use our mobile app. moms dedicating this performance -- >> to her number one son. ♪ came into this world four weeks late ♪ ♪ just part of a part of your sweet baby date ♪ >> the rap that proves she knows what's up. >> you know this mom is cool.
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♪ w welell l ohoh o oh h ♪ t telell l meme m morore,, tetellll me more... ♪ twtwizizzlzlererizize e yoyourur susummmmer fun with twizzlers. ththe e twtwisist t yoyou u '.
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puppy baseball. ♪ yo, yo, mama is climbing up the charts. here is her latest hit to her
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number one son. ♪ you came into this world four weeks late ♪ ♪ just a part of your sweet baby date ♪ >> this is miles demra rote's mother and she wrote a rap for him for his birthday. he had to post it. ♪ off to college, graduation was easy for you ♪ ♪ and the police academy was too ♪ ♪ you go on and on, reinventing yourself ♪ ♪ you're just a crazy old lean and healthy self ♪ >> straight outta compton, number one at the cinema for a reason. she's been inspired and want to go down the route. >> was it movie inspiration or whatever she was puffing on at the beginning? >> she is awesome. this mom is cool because she knows what's up and still willing to do this to make her son laugh and that is true love. >> she's mwa. ♪ i hope you take time to enjoy
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your birth rite ♪ ♪ do something fun today, go fly a kite ♪ ♪ i love you more than you'll ever know ♪ ♪ and so proud of my man, miles on the grow ♪ >> better than the cheap cards you buy at the grocery store. >> a thousand times bet per. >> there's a rap for you babe. that's a rap! >> thanks for spending time with us today. we'll see you next time on "right this minute."
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a woman tries to stop a man from fighting, but he won't listen. so she says -- night night. the old sleeper hold solves the problem. a furry hitchhiker gets loose in a car. >> he doesn't really want to come out. >> see what's in the side pocket. this busy intersection makes it hard to believe that -- >> nobody got hurt. >> you'll understand when you get a load of this video. plus a daughter's surprise for dad. and a son has something for mom. >> she's about to see it. >> what it is that she's not loving. >> you just saw the eyes narrow. oh, man, run!


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