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tv   KTVU Channel 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 25, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. we begin with breaking news in oakland. that's where police are investigating a shooting that happened on international boulevard. we're told a map was shot near the intersection of international and 67th avenue about an hour ago. we're bringing you live pictures. you can see a number of police cars. the street is shut down there and there is a heavy police presence. as you might imagine, traffic is very slow in the area. here we have pictures of an ambulance leaving the scene. at this point, we don't have any information on the victim's
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condition right now. but we're being told a number of shots were fire. we'll have updates as soon as we get them. across the bay, san francisco police say there were two collisions. one involving a pedestrian and a police officer are related. about 7:15 south of market at 6th and stevenson and the pedestrian has serious injuries. police describe them as life- threatening. officers say an angry crowd surrounded the car as it was pull over i a motorcycle responding to that call was involved in a collision with a sedan. that happened at golden gate and leavenworth. the officer was conscious and taken to the hospital. that intersection was blocked off while police investigated.
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traffic was detoured around the scene. we're hearing new details from b.a.r.t. and caltrans about the upcoming closure of the transbay tube. that shutdown will happen labor day weekend. workers will be replacing tracks. they will be completing the job starting at the beginning of the month. cabs says just like during that closure, bay area transit agencies will be teaming to move people across the bray -- bay. >> if you must travel across the bay, consider alternate routes and allow additional time for your trips. >> b.a.r.t. service is expected to be running normal by 4:00 a.m. on tuesday septemberth. we're getting a better idea of the proposal to keep the oakland raiders from moving south. the developer showed off his sketch for a coliseum project. sal castanedo was there and sal is live to share it with us
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all. >> we heard from the man behind the plan that may keep the raidersers, a.s and possibly the raiders from -- the raiders, as and possibly the raiders from leaving oakland. today, at a breakfast organized by save oakland sports, kephart summarized what he said to the city and council lack friday. the $4.2 billion plan calls for developing 100 acres where the coliseum now sits and turning it into a new mini downtown with homes, businesses and retail shops. he said it's oakland's best bet. >> i'm not the problem and i'm not the solution. the facilitation of the development would then show the ability to generate capital that could be used for the stadium in some form or another and that's why i've been
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pushing to get approved. >> his plan doesn't pay for the stadium. but will be a source of income to help pay for one. the nfl has pledged $400 million to help but a football stadium alone would cost about a billion dollars. skeptics say the funding gap is a major obstacle and could be too large to overcome. larry reed said he's eager to approve the plan. >> it's important to me and my correct. it's important to the residents of the city of oakland. it's important to all of the as, the raiders and the warriors' fans. some fans say they have not given up. >> i feel very optimistic. i think that there is a plan that's been presented and i think that we have someone who has the insight and the financial -- the financial means of getting something done. >> kephart and the city have
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until september 24th to negotiate. after that, thezy could decide to go with another developer and proceed with kephart. another thing they could do is scrap the whole thing all together and start from is scratch. >> sal, you know as well as anybody, what a loss that would be for oakland, not just for sports lovers but for the economic benefit. so many people have -- >> about the only thing that oakland has going for it as a city is it's very, very hard to mob a football-- to move a football team. it's not something you can say and do. they can't just move the time. so they have time to get their act together so to speak until something gets done. new developments in the removal of a book club group on a napa train ride.
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the staffers will receive diversity train. the group said they were kicked off after being told to quiet down. the incident inspired the laughingwhileblack hashtag. there was a facebook post deleted accusing the women of had physical abuse and -- and that was cleat -- deleted. the man who shot and killed officer scott lucker was in court -- lunger was in court today. he did no the enter a plea -- he did not enter a plea. >> he's 21 years old. he's a young man. by all accounts, he's a nice young man, and everyone to
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knows him, his family -- it's a complete mystery as to how he is in the position he's in. >> a large contingent of police officers attended the hearing in support of lunger's family. the next court date is scheduled for october 9th. the man accused of killing kate steinle on pier 14 in san francisco was in court today for a preliminary hearing too determine whether there is enough evidence to try juan francisco lopez sanchez with murder. he's pleaded not guilty, even after reportedly admitting to killing steinle. she was shot and killed july 1st. her death sparked national debate on immigration because he's an undocumented immigrant who had been deported five times. much more to cheer about this morning on wall street. [opening bell] >> happy faces today. remember this time yesterday? the dow had already plummeted.
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apple fell to $92 yesterday has been above $108. facebook and netflix were up in early trading. let's take a live look at that big board right now. the dow is up 250 plus points. the rebound of more than 1.50%. yesterday's ride on roll rool had investors worried but this might help put things into perspective. war -- warren buffet's suffered $2 billion. bill gates' network cropped by 3.2 billion and -- dropped by 3.2 billion and larry ellison was down $1.6 billion. many analysts blame the economic slowdown in china. the shanghai has dropped for four days. today it fell 7.6%. but there's good news. china's central bank announced it's, it is cutting its main
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interest rate by 1.25%. republican presidential candidates are blamingth white house for making the white house too vulnerable to china's economy. this comes as more reports that joe biden could enter the race for the 2016 white house. >> as global stock markets continue their violent unpredictable things, blame is going to president obama, china na. >> china manipulates the currency that creates a discount for products. we do nothing about it. >> reporter: the economy is in much better condition than when president took office in 2009. this morning, the white house announced susan rice will meet with senior chinese officials this weekend. meanwhile, the gop front-runner is also blaming china for the slowdown. >> not only have they taken our jobs and our manufacturing,
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about now they are pulling us down with them. >> reporter: at a town hall in salem, new hampshire, chris christie blamed u.s. borrowing from china. >> when the chinese hold this much of our debt, if the chinese get a cough, we get the flu. >> reporter: on the democratic side, news outlets are reporting that joe biden is considering seriously a presidential campaign. this as concerns mount over hillary clinton and the investigation into classified information on her private e- mail server. >> if the vice president gets in, he will be a force. >> reporter: and a new poll of republican candidates shows donald trump earns the support of nearly a third of primary voters in south carolina. at the white house, rich redson, fox news. president obama is heading back to washington, d.c. after a short visit to las vegas where he spoke at the national clean energy summit. yesterday, he announced new
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plans for renewable energy. of the incentives include $1 billion in loan guarantees and savings for homeowners. critics say moving away from traditional energy sources will drive up costs for dmrs and businesses -- consumers and business areas. some people are hoping to win a chance to see pope francis when he visits the u.s. next month. anna eshoo is lotterring off 50 tickets. winners won't be allowed inside but they will be able to watch. still ahead, an official terror investigation underway following the train attack. here at home in california, big plans for a big parade are underway to celebrate the three men who stopped that attacker. it's slightly warmer around the bay area. but rosemary will be here to talk to us about changess that
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are coming up. also an overnight fire in san francisco forced more than a dozen people out of their homes. why some neighbors say they are concerned about the people returning to their home.
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the fbi is offering a $20,000 reward in the search for a man who is accused in the shooting death of a 4-year-old
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girl. agents say 23-year-old marco robles was the gunman in the gang-related shooting at the valley inn hotel in watsonville last october. a 3-year-old man and a 4-year- old girl were killed. investigators believe robles may have fled to mexico. today the paris prosecutor's office opened a terror investigation following last week's thwarted train attack. the prosecutor said the decision was made by the actions of a 26-year-old moroccon suspect on the train friday night as well as information received from other european authorities about his travels and apparent links to radical islam. the suspect watched an online video, they added, minutes before the attack. here in california, the city of sacramento is planning a parade to honor the three men who stopped that planned attack. sphenser stone, alex skarlatos and anthony sadler stopped the attacker armed with box cutters, a handgun and assault rifle. the men are childhood friends.
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they grew up together near sacramento. yesterday, they received the hon medal. sadler's sister said she's so proud of him. >> i'm so amazed by his act. i'm -- i don't know what to say. it's such an inspiration to me, though, and my family. [ applause ] >> the mayor of sacramento says details about the parade are in the works. 15 people have been forced out of an assisted living home that caught fire in san francisco's mission drik. the fire started in the bedroom on the top floor of a building. neighbors said they are worried about the tenants many of whom are seniors with specs specs -- with special needs. >> no matter where they are, it won't be the place they've been comfortable with and lin -- living with. >> we're told one resident was treated for smoke inhalation.
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no major injuries. investigators are working to determine what caused the fire. a plan to improve muni service is stirring up controversy. in order to make the improvements, the project calls for removal of 200 trees. there was a public hearing at city hall last night. >> we project about 60,000 riders will be taking other service when it's all said and done in 2019. so it's something that will improve transportation for so many people. >> at what cost? do you -- do you make the city ugly ger and dirty -- uglier and dirtier? i don't agree with that. >> the project is scheduled to start next year. those against it have 15 days to appeal. construction on the city's central subway system is drawing more complaints from storeowners who say the project is running them out of you business. according to the chronicle, a few businesses around union square say they may not survive much locker since cars are not allowed to park near some
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stores and restaurants due to construction. they say business has plummeted. since the project began in 2012. it's said to be complete by the year 2019. nearly 200 firefighters in san luis obispo are being treated for poison oak. today, a calfire spokesman said the poison oak is everywhere. the crews can't avoid it. 190 firefighters have been completed it. the fire started august 16th. it's now 85% contained. here in the bay area, many of us feeling warmer outside. but i suppose that's gonna change, right? >> yes. warmer for a few days, a cooldown and then a few scattered showers come the weekend. i will lay it out for you in a minute. outside the door, we have a few high cloud. patchy fog along the coastline. temperatures warm today but still pleasant for most of us, right now, our temperatures are warming into areas around walnut creek. 86 for you.
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81 in livermore. around the bay, 640 san francisco. upper 60s in hayward. the north bay, 71 in napa. 65 santa rosa. 64 half moon bay. san jose, 71. you can take a look from up above and see that the clouds have pretty much pulled back. this is the three-hours time lapse where we do remain with low clouds along the coast. areas like ocean beach, pacifica and partly cloudy skies in store for today. want to show you what's going on here as we move through the rest of the week, we have a few days of warmer weather coming our way. it has to to with the ridge over -- it has to do with the ridge over the four corners. it's bringing us cloud cover, a little bit of monsoonal moisture. we may feel more humid. more on that in a moment. this is the next system that will drop into our area by the weekend. that may actually bring us a few scattered showers. notice how it's sort of tapping into this moisture here coming from the hawaiian islands. so in a nutshell, for today, we
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have temperatures in the upper 80s to low 90s for the inland communities. just as warm as yesterday. slightly warmer for some, as we get into wednesday, the possibility of that humid weather coming our way with the monsoonal moisture, the system dropping in may brick us cooler weather. may bring us a few scattered showers on saturday morning. 85 in novato. 73 in sausalito. as we head to the east bay, we have temperatures in the 70s. right along the east bayshore line, 74 alameda. 76 expected in oakland. 80s and 90s for the inland communities. 88 for danville. and a bit toasty in antioch for the afternoon. 95 expected for you. upper 80s to 90s. morgan hill through gilroy. along the mill for the afternoon, beautiful weather, 77 for san mateo. 82 palo alto. low 70s expected san francisco for the afternoon. upper 60s to low 70s along the coast for areas that will see
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sunshine and half moon bay mostly sunny skies. the extended forecast here. temperatures continuing to climb as we get through wednesday holding steady on thursday. beginning to cool off a little bit for friday and then again that possibility of maybe a little bit of rain. primarily for the north bay is where we're seeing the chance. we may make up with drizzle around the coastline and around the bay. we'll see. >> more and more kids go back to school, it's starting to feel like fall. >> it sort of swings back and forth. summer fall, summer, fall. >> thank you. see you on the 4 today. if the el nino forecast for this winter bricks as much rain as we're hoping, it could delay completion for some renovation projects at san francisco parks. some two dozen projects would be affected. although the rain is needed, it would prevent pouring concrete, laying gravel. other projects that could be impacted include work at mountain lake, gilman, south
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park, larson and the beach chalet soccer field in golden gate park. after the break we'll detail the grateful dead's upcoming performance. because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for.
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taking a live look at the new new york stock exchange, the dow is up almost by a full percent. up 140 points after trading in the positive side all day long.
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s&p 500 and nasdaq, also making good gains today. you may have noticed part of your breakfast is now more expensive. that's because the kos of eggs is up -- cost of eggs is up 150% since this time last year. last august, a dozen eggs were 1.49. now the praise is 3.61. the price comes from an avian flu outbreak where 48 million domestic chickens and turkeys were killed. in addition to that, california produced 18% fewer eggs between may of 2014 and may of this year. a new study shows there are high level esof potentially bacteria levels in most ground beef. 300 packages were tested from stores across the country. bacteria was found in all beef samples including strains of e. coli and salmonella. the meat can cause people to get sick especially when it's undercooked. researchers say ground beef from cows grass fed and raised
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without antibiotics wes less harmful. there are complaints that some jeep suvs can roll away when they are parked. the probe covers the 2014, 2015 model years. the ntsb says it's received at least 14 complaints, including five crashes and three injuries. chrysler spokesman says the company is cooperating with the eaks and the agency has not made any finding that there's a safety defect. grateful dead fans, a new spinoff of the group called dead and company is coming to their bay area at the end of the year. tickets for two years at the bill graham auditorium go on sale this friday. they will also play at the forum down in los angeles. the per
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now, new technology can turn your smartphone into a bodyguard. today on the 4, it's tech tuesday. we're breaking down the top ways you can use your smartphone to call the police, call a friend and even secretly record audio and video if you are in trouble. that's today on the 4 with mike mibach and keba arnold. thank you for joining us at noon. we'll see you back here at 4:00 and always at
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