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tv   KTVU Channel 2 News at 5  FOX  August 25, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> -- >> reporter: the suspects almost crashed into him in oakland. there was a camera tossed out of the car. just a short time ago this area was swarming with officers. people are allowed back in their home after a massive search for suspects. a pursuit from san francisco across the bay bridge ended here at 50th and idaho. two suspects crash their car. >> i go outside in my drive for an there are -- my driveway and there are police officers everywhere. >> reporter: see edge pay the chp arrested this -- chp arrested the first suspect right after the crash. in the
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second suspect was sniffed out by a k-9 unit and a swat team arrested him. >> these are individuals we want off the street. they clearly displayed a blatant disregard to public safety and these are people we do not running around our streets and harming our citizens and tourists. >> reporter: the second suspect was taken away in an ambulance. they recovered a handgun outside the suspect's car and a professional grade camera that was stolen from a tourist on lombard street. >> i think it is real said. i camera. -- a camera. a life for a camera, come on. charges include robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, evading police and possibly an attempted murder charge. the san francisco police will have to sorted out as they continue their investigation.
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thankfully the suspects are in custody and the neighborhood is breathing a sigh of relief. >> christina, thank you. upland explosion at a shooting range accidentally set off a small fire this afternoon at the walnut creek police shooting range. it was located at the boundary of the golf course. the place was accidentally sparked when walnut creek police detonated an explosion near the shooting range. one firefighter suffered a minor shoulder injury fighting the fire. investigating two crashes this morning that are connected. one involving a pedestrian and the other involving a motorcycle police officer. it happened around 7:15 this morning south of market at sixpence stevenson. that person is now fighting for their life. police also say that an angry crowd surrounded the car after
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the accident thinking the driver was trying to leave the scene. the driver stayed in the car and called 911 on his cell phone. a few minutes later, a motorcycle officer responded to the accident and was hit by a volvo on leavenworth at golden gate. the officer was taken to the hospital as a precaution. the volvo driver was making a lane change and there is no word yet on who was at fault. kicking off -- a group of women kicked off the napa valley wine train for being too loud. they say they were singled out because they were -- most of them were black. know well joins us now with -- noelle joins us with the story. >> reporter: while juan wyman appreciates the sentiment, she is hesitant to accept the apology. >> reporter: the wine train is
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making tracks to make amends. >> we had a customer service plunder. >> reporter: the ceo is talking about what happened last weekend. on saturday, 11 women, who planned a special wine train club -- book club outing were kicked off the train. some passengers complained they were laughing too loudly. the women believe that the issue was not the tone of their voices , but the color of their skin. all but one is african- american. they posted their experience on social media with the hashtag, laughing while black i don't know what to say other than, i've been plaque all my life and i know what it feels like. it seems that everybody wants us to say that they apologize, so get over it.
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i just want people to recognize that it is our lives and it is something that we have experience that will not go away. >> reporter: in a written apology to the women, the ceo of the napa wine train said the company was 11 -- was 100% wrong and handling the issue and they were insensitive in march in the women down the center of the train. the police did not need to be waiting train side. also there was an inaccurate post on the facebook page that said the behavior was physically and verbally abusive. it was not and the post was deleted. >> we could've done better. >> reporter: the ceo said they would use it as a teaching tool to keep it from happening again. >> we are cumin and we make mistakes. we are going to make it better and make it right. >> reporter: the napa wine train has invited the ladies back for a do over of their
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first experience. >> that experience will forever be etched in my mind. i am not interested in repeating that. >> reporter: the women say they appreciate the offer and hope the changes are coming,, but they are not likely to climb aboard the napa wine train again. >> the tiki 34 -- the napa wine train needed to get behind this. they need to have better training for sensitivity and customer service. the decision was made by the manager on board and there is now a policy that the ceo and chief operating officer need to be called first. the man charged with killing a haywire police officer is in -- hayward police officer is in court today. he did not enter a plea today due to special circumstances. the officer was shot on july 22 during an early-morning traffic stop. a second hayward officer returned fire.
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the attorney says the suspect is still dealing with medical issues. >> he is young man and he is 21. from all accounts, he is very nice, a nice young man. everybody who knows him and his family says it is a complete mystery as to how he is in the position that he is in right now. a large group of police officers were in port of the sergeants family -- in support of the sergeants family . a man accused of killing at san francisco woman on your 14 this summer. --. -- pier 14 this summer. juan francisco lopez-sanchez, an illegal immigrant , appeared in court this morning. this case wrapped up just minutes ago. >> reporter: today we have 3
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police officers take the stand and they provided witness testimony, as well as photographs that were entered as evidence. many of them were very haunting. the most chilling was taken by a tourist on the pier -- the pier with the victim, kathryn steinle only inches away, walking away. >> this photo was released weeks ago from kate's cell phone . it was a selfie of her, her father and a family friend it was taken moments before her death. lopez-sanchez appeared gaunt as he entered the courtroom. he did not say anything, but tapped his leg nervously during the proceeding. we are not allowed to show faces in court. we can tell you they were all taken around july 1 at 6:30 at night. one from a tourist too was across the street from the pier. she heard a bang and ran to the window and saw people running
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toward kathryn steinle . a man was walking away and dark clothing and she snapped photos. another woman along the pier heard the gunshot and turned and noticed an object been thrown off the pier. i man that she described as juan francisco lopez-sanchez , pulled up his hoodie and ran off. hours later, the police located the suspect and arrested him. officers say that he gave a false name. we saw lopez-sanchez and the interrogation room and how there was gunpowder residue as evidence. he then admitted to firing the gun. a dive team recovered the gun in the bay off of pier 14. they will determine if this case goes to trial and some say it will. some say that lopez-sanchez is not competent to stand trial. he can be declared mentally incompetent right up until the trial begins.
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court proceedings begin tomorrow at 9:45. it just so happens that the final autopsy report for kathryn steinle came out today and it lists the cause of death as homicide, gunshot, it says that a bullet struck two main blood vessels causing hemorrhaging. back to you. >> was there anything interesting in the report? >> reporter: the way that the bullet struck kathryn steinle was in the back at a slight upward angle. based on that, as well as the appearance, and i'm going to quote the medical examiner . the atypical entrance of the entrance wooed said that the bullet made contact with the another service -- with another service prior to connecting with kathryn steinle . that suggests a ricochet. the former archbishop of san francisco has been arrested on suspicion of dui.
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is it -- the 79-year-old was pulled over on dui last thursday . he was released after posting bail. he was in hawaii on vacation with other priests. he says, i regret my error in judgment and i continue to cooperate with authorities. levada is one of the highest wrecking officials within the church in america. another cardinal was arrested back in 2012 while he was on vacation in san diego. new at 5:30. what happened just before the markets closed that prompted a major selloff? a big event in san francisco is being planned. why won't anybody talk about it? we talk with the san jose mayor as the city finalizes a final deal with the police and
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fire department. clouds getting ready to move back into the bay area. i will let you know how those clouds impact your day tomorrow.
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investigators are trying to figure out the cause of a fire that ripped through a senior living facility in the mission district. 15 people have been displaced. pictures from witnesses show how the 2 alarm fire spread from the top floor to the attic and into the building next door. neighbors say they are concerned about the tenants who are seniors with special needs. they are assisted by the red cross tonight. one resident was treated for smoke inhalation and there were
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no major injuries. a settlement with the police union. it has dragged on for years and it has been costly and more ways than one. joining us live from san jose with what it means for the city. maureen. >> reporter: the city past 10-1 the settlement and the unanimously approved a race for the san jose police. the mayor hopes it will rebuild the department. there were a lot of smiles from the san jose police and fire union representatives as the council agreed to and three years of contentious hearings with the unions. it was spearheaded by chuck reed. >> i supported the reforms that mayor reed advocated. we were achieve -- able to achieve $1.7 billion in savings. >> reporter: taxpayers will play less -- pay less in pension and retiree costs.
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but, police officers will get an 8% wage increase and a 5% retention bonus for current and returning officers.>> several officers have reached out and contacted me. they are looking to get back as soon as possible. >> reporter: the hiring of outside police has a benefit behind it. a new officer makes about $80,000 per year. under the agreement, the top officers, was seven years or more, go for making $105,000 per year annually to $113,000 per year. >> this is a decision that will be positive for the city and the department. most importantly, the residents will see better services. >> reporter: san jose is about 160 officer short of what they are funded for. it will take time to increase the staffing levels. chief, eddie garcia, says that the -- there is a morale boost
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for the department. >> now we have a package and a great start on competitive wages. it is going to be a tremendous shot in the arm toward our returning. -- recruiting. >> reporter: it was about $4 million in legal fees alone. there are still steps to go through with nine other unions needing agreement. >> are there any idea of how many officers have left because of measure b? >> reporter: i asked that question. he says that about 30 half and 40 office -- 30-40 officers will come back. the man who could potentially keep the raiders and the a's from leaving oakland spoke today. he is optimistic that the coliseum city plan could help open keep their teams. a breakfast with the save oakland sports went over what
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he proposed to the city and county. it is a plan that calls for developing the acres where the coliseum now stands and turning it into a mini downtown with homes, offices and retail shops surrounding a new stadium. >> i am not the problem and i am not the solution. the facilitation of the development within show the ability to generate capital which could be used for the stadium in fort -- in some form or another. that is what i have been pushing to get approved. the plan does not pay for the stadium, but it will be a source of income to help pay for one. skeptics say that funding is a major obstacle and could be too large to overcome. if el niño bring as -- brings us much rain as expected , it could delay the renovation at san francisco part. dolores park would also be affected.
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park officials say that it would prevent work such as pouring concrete, grading gravel and hanging sheet rock. and a dilution to dolores park, other projects could include construction at martin lake, gilman, south park, larson and the la soccer field at golden gate park. >> we have to get the rain first. let's bring in chief meteorologist, bill martin. is there a possibility for showers and rain later on? it is getting fluid toward the end of the week. weather systems will tweak to the north of us and may squeak out as -- squeak out some precipitation. a couple of models show some showers. it was another perfect day around the bay area with a little fog showing up just to the left over by twin peaks -- pardon me, the tower. you can see the fog lingering on the horizon. it will come back in tonight, just like last
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night. check out the hot spots around the country. you can see in the upper great lakes region and the mississippi valley that there is moisture. then down around texas, there is activity. for the most part, we are in a pretty dry condition out west with fog at the coast and maybe some drizzle possible late tonight and early tomorrow. as frank points out, and as we talked about last night, the pattern wants to break up a little bit. the high will weaken a little bit so in puzzles can slide through later in the week and it could provide a chance -- impulses will slide through later in the week and it could provide a chance for showers and sprinkles. napa is 3 degrees down and santa ros that is 3 degrees down. it is kind of a washed, just cooler in some places -- of a wash, just cooler in some places. it is mostly clear until
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the seventh inning and then the fog will barrel in. here is a computer model that shows where the fog will be tomorrow morning. it is about whe it was this morning. that is where the heat be. you will see temperatures similar to tuesday on wednesday. you can see the cooler and moister air along the coast. san francisco tomorrow starting off cloudy and mostly clear. 72 for the daytime high in san francisco. oakland has 76 of the daytime high. san jose will have good air- quality and 86 degrees. pretty warm and a nice-looking day. looking at the forecast, you can see what i am talking about. you can see the clouds with subtle changes. friday night, especially late, there will be a chance for a shower. what i find encouraging is that it is breaking up this dry. it is breaking things up a little bit. it implies we would get
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rain this year. >> you think it will be a good winter? >> yes, with el niño, it looks like it will peak in the winter months. all in all, it is a good opportunity for some wet this year. >> will it be widespread? >> we will notice it in the form of drizzle in oakland and san francisco, and a little bit of cool. anytime you see systems dropping down, that is good. details on a man shot inside a pennsylvania courthouse. he's the same man that jumped white house fence a few months ago. also, trying to get show biting to enter the race for the presidency. later, at 6:00, a multimillion dollar settlement for a well-known car insurance company for acts of
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discrimination. >> by raising the minimum rates that they would provide by as much as 1000% higher. >> the groups that geico allegedly targeted. you're a parent. we're both busy people. so pick up my new hand prepared $20 family fill up meal. eight pieces of original recipe chicken, two large mashed potatoes and gravy, a large coleslaw, and 4 biscuits. i'll get back to ya. (door squeaking) it's finger lickin' good.
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a man who once jumped the white house wall was shot and killed today in pennsylvania. authorities identified the man is 34-year-old curtis smith. smith ran into a courthouse with a knife and slashed a
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sheriff's deputy on the arm and hand. another deputy then shot smith, who later died. smith climbed over a fence at the white house back in march and prosecutors agreed to drop the charges if he stayed out of trouble. attacking donald -- more attacks on donald trump then- president obama. regarding trumps plan to deport -- trump's plan to newport millions of illegal -- to deport millions of illegal aliens. there are a lot of good talkers running for president. i'm not a talker and i am a doer . >> bushes more -- new comments means that he may be taken the brazen billionaire more seriously. >> they were trying to ignore trump and hoping he would go away. the problem is that he is
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gone nowhere but up in the polls. >> reporter: lindsey graham also joined. >> at donald trump's plan on immigration is stupid and illegal. if you try to take two american children who were born here and our citizens and deport them because their parent's -- the parents are illegal, you'll be creamed in court. >> reporter: trump stands on his plan. >> we had no choice. we have no borders. >> reporter: biden has gotten the blessing of obama to run for presidency. hillary clinton is being dogs because of emails on her private server. >> it will be a competitive primary, we always thought it would be. >> reporter: bernie sanders is topping clinton in new hampshire
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and biden is trailing. fox news. caltrans and bart announced the closure of transbay 2 between september 5 in september fed -- september 7. they will be replacing switched tracks on the oakland side of the tube. they will be finning -- finishing a project that began at the beginning of the month. they will be teaming up to get people across the bay. >> if you must travel across the bridge and the bay, please consider alternate routes and definitely allow additional travel time for your trip. >> reporter: bart service will be running as normal by four clock a.m. on tuesday morning, september 8. another stock market plant -- plunge. what stopped at the selling fringy -- frenzy before the
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market closed. a worker arrested for inappropriate contacts with a teenage girl. >> we know about uber car's, but what about uber buses?
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it's a good looking car. ? this is the model rear end event. the model year end sales event. it's year end! it's the rear end event. year end, rear end, check it out. talk about turbocharging my engine. you're gorgeous. what kind of car do you like? new, or many miles on it? get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 passat models. or lease a 2015 passat limited edition for $189 a month after a $1000 bonus. when the stock market opened this morning, they regained some of yesterday's losses. in the last hour, there was a big sell off on the dow.
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it lost more than 200 points and the s&p 500 was also down. here to explain what happened and also the move the china made . reporter -- >> reporter: the u.s. put the brakes on today. the brakes got too hot and that did not prevent another down day. >> reporter: after another bloodbath on the shanghai stock market, chinese officials cut interest rates to stimulate the economy. it also gave the green light for break -- for banks to lend more money. >> we were able to see the game plan for the chinese and how they were going to deal with their problems and the transition of their economy. the lack of confidence for the authorities in the stock market. >> reporter: the change came too late for stock -- the use -- the chinese stock market to react. in the u.s. last hour of trading
5:33 pm
, u.s. investors sought a slew of sell my stock as the market closes orders. >> it told the machine and the traders that there is an enormous negativities -- negativity coming into the market at the close of business. >> reporter: there was a slew of frenzy that sent the market down another 205 points. the question for tomorrow is, how will the chinese market react to the change in interest rates overnight. how will other asian and european markets react to that? how will wall street react to all of that? >> the world will send us a message and then we will send a message to them. >> reporter: at the durable goods report shows that sales of long-term goods like major appliances to cars and construction equipment are doing well, the market will be happy. if the thursday revised gdp figures show the u.s. economy
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is stronger than believed, the market will be happy. anything about the federal reserve meeting in jackson hole, wyoming about the hike in interest rates would be huge as well. fox 2 news. going back to the asian markets and how china lower the interest rates, what do you think the reaction will be when the markets reopened later tonight -- reopened later tonight -- reopen later tonight . >> it is only a small amount, but it shows the chinese have tools and they are willing to use those tools. as the markets over -- open overseas, i expect there will be a positive reaction which will spread to europe and be a good day for us tomorrow. >> tom, thank you. a woman is dead after being suspected -- struck by a suspected drunk driver on fremont on the fremont boulevard
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. it appears that woman was jaywalking. she died at the scene. her name is not been released. police arrested 33-year-old aaron peters for drunk driving and say that he may face other charges. along with a loaded gun and a badge, marco bennett also lost a lack top, ipad, cell phone and a diamond ring out of her suv. the break-in happened last friday. east bay park police say break-ins at the parking lot are not uncommon and they are currently investigating. the fbi announced a $20,000 reward in the arrest of a man accused of fatally shooting a four-year-old girl. it was part of a gang related shooting at the valley hotel and watsonville last september.
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i three-year-old -- 30-year-old man in a four-year-old girl for killed. it is believed that he fled to mexico. the 25-year-old was arrested for allegedly exchanging lewd images with a 15-year-old girl we met online. live at the camden community center in san jose where the suspect worked. you have learned that he could potentially face prison time? >> reporter: a lot of people are shocked and surprised, especially as police are looking to see if there are more victims. by all accounts, his facebook page portrays him as an upstanding individually. one person even thanked him for all he did for the city of san jose. for social media, the 25 -- through social media, the 25- year-old became involved with a girl much younger than him. >> he was transferring pictures
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and a lewd manner which is against the law. >> reporter: officers responded to a suspicious circumstance in san jose. what those circumstances are and if it is the alleged victim's home, officials are not saying. i asked if they thought there were more victims? >> we don't know. it looks like the material was shared vs joseph -- via social media. what other was located on the computer or at the residence when they did the search, that would lead them to believe that there may potentially be other victims. >> this took everybody by surprise and we want to make sure that our programs are safe. a city spokesman -- >> reporter: a city spokesman says that he was hired as a part-time employee for the recreation program in 2011. greatness -- recently he was and attendant at the camden county recreation center.
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>> his conduct did not exhibit red flags. i thought everything was fine. he seemed to be well-respected by the community. >> reporter: we have also learned that he was a seasonable fascist seasonal employee for christmas at the park for several years. he did check out and he worked with children at this stage and the toy shop. he will be in court on thursday to enter a plea. uber is offering passengers discounted rights. that -- the program called smart routes follows a predetermined route. that means drivers will not go directly to customer doors. users would have to pick up a
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uber car along the route. they get a discount of an hour or more. uber says that it will increase efficiency and boost revenue. a popular halloween store is pulling a caitlyn jenner costume that many people say is mean-spirited. exactly what is being planned is something is a mystery in san francisco. have you seen although shipping containers at the port of oakland? today we found out.
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you're a parent. we're both busy people. so pick up my new hand prepared $20 family fill up meal. eight pieces of original recipe chicken, two large mashed potatoes and gravy, a large coleslaw, and 4 biscuits. i'll get back to ya. (door squeaking) it's finger lickin' good.
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the port of oakland has released new information about exactly what type of shipments are passing through the port. the port list is based on imports and exports in 2014. essentially, everything you see carried in those containers at the port and in truck's everywhere. the largest was 120,000 container loads of furniture, bedding and labs. 48,000 of container supporting the beverage industry. everything from cans to quarks. then there were glass and glass were -- glassware. another 40,000 full containers of electrical machinery and electronics. as for exports headed overseas, 146,000 containers full of wood pulp to be made into furniture, paper and hardwood. then there
5:43 pm
were containers of fruits and nuts. also containers of meat and fish and 40,000 containers of alcohol and vinegar. if you lined up all of those containers, it would stretch 2450 miles which is the distance from the bay area to pensacola, florida. some jeep suvs can roll away unexpectedly while parked. there are 400,000 grand cherokees from the 2014-2015 model years. the ntsb says it has received at least 14 complaints including five crashes and three injuries. the spokesperson for fiat/chrysler says they are cooperating in a have not made any finding that the car has -- the cars have a safety defect. air be in be will start --
5:44 pm
air b&b says it will start collecting rentals. they say the tax will be expanded to other cities in france. they already collect rental in san francisco. a we sent john out to see what is going on and he found out, why the mystery. what will happen tomorrow and what about those rain chances for the weekend?
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there is something big in the works at the san francisco bill graham auditorium. one report suggest that vice president joe biden may announce his run for the presidency there. parking and sidewalks around the bill graham auditorium are closed for a month. >> reporter: a forklift operator moved one load after another into the legendary bill graham auditorium. it is hosted the grateful dead, the who and lady gaga. it was also home to the san francisco warriors before they moved to oakland. parking in front is banned for nearly a month. nobody here can
5:48 pm
or will explain what the event is. will anybody tell us what is happening? >> it's a private event. >> reporter: the workers would say nothing official on camera. off-camera they would say it is top secret war, they don't know what it is -- or, they don't know what it is. some say it is a trade show which is still vague. passersby have different ideas. >> maybe it is a private event. >> maybe it is the leader of north korea or something like that. >> reporter: late in the day, a source told me that computer giant, apple, is the source here. maybe they have a new announcement. an update on the wildfires burning around california. a fire broke out in late county where two other large fires have burned thousands of acres.
5:49 pm
the fire only burn 25 acres and is now 95% contained. firefighters are gaining ground on another fire tonight is now 60% contained. the peterson fire started near kelsey fill and it is burned nearly 215 acres in a mostly rural area that is difficult for firefighters to reach. fired -- homes are no longer threatened. fires in san luis obispo county . 190 firefighters are being treated for poison oak. the plant is everywhere and the crews cannot in -- avoided. -- avoid it. in some places, it is 12 feet high. it is now 80% contained. let's bring in meteorologist , bill martin. considering four years into a drought here and everything
5:50 pm
is ridiculously dry, we have high clouds moving into the area. over the next few days we will see more mid and high level clouds moving in. we will feel more humidity increased as we head into the bay area on wednesday afternoon and thursday. there is fog along the coast and you can see it. it is all the way in in san francisco and along the avenues. there is fog showing up everywhere tomorrow morning. as you move around tomorrow, be prepared for the fog that we had today. temperatures tomorrow slightly warmer than today by a degree or two. in some places, temperatures will be slightly warmer and in others it will be slightly cooler. it will be a change in temperature, especially inland. the wind is going west /southwest at napa at 20. san francisco airport is due
5:51 pm
west gusting to 29. mid-60s along the coast tomorrow. slower burn off around 10:00- 10:30 around oakland in hayward. then mid-to upper 80s in the valley. maybe some low 90s and clouds it -- clayton and morgan hill and kind of on the edges of the valley. tomorrow, this heat builds this way. one more day from the west to the east and that will impact the inland bay valley. it will stay cool at the coast. we are right in the middle of space central. clouds and fog coming in with tropical moisture increasing. then there is a chance of a shower. you can see in the five day forecast, it could show wetness in the bay area headed to saturday. it is mainly north, but it is encouraging that things are breaking loose from the jet stream. air quality is good and
5:52 pm
fire danger is down. there is the five day forecast. increasing clouds on thursday and there is that humidity i was talking about. friday and into saturday, there could be more clouds and showers. a lot will change between now and then and it may drop further south or just go away. suffice it to say that it is an interesting pattern and it is starting to feel more like fall , even though we are not at fall yet. >> we have had that for a little while. >> we have. it has put the lid on some of these fires and they could be much worse. the halloween costume company is pulling an item after allowed public outcry. spirit halloween is no longer selling the caitlyn jenner costume on its website. the call me caitlin costume included boots and a boost ta.
5:53 pm
it sold for about $500. advocates for transgender equality spoke out saying that it mocked trans women. new details on the french trainer track that was stopped by three men from northern california. what the alleged gunman did right before he was tackled. more fallout from the ashley madison hack. a class action lawsuit filed by a california man for exposing the information of millions of cheating spouses. geico accused of discrimination. the groups targeted by that well-known company.
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powerful typhoon is sleeping and it is -- a path of destruction across japan and the philippines. when gus to 112 miles -- gusts to 112 mph. flights were granted. the typhoon was more destructive in the philippines where rescue workers are searching for 15 people and 21 others are confirmed dead. many of them were caught in a landslide. more information about the gunmen that was taken down on a high-speed train in france.
5:57 pm
there is a video that the suspect allegedly viewed just moments before he walked through the train. >> reporter: more details on the foiled attack on the french train. ayoub el-khazzani watched and the sonic video -- and islamic video right before beginning the attack on the train. >> reporter: during questioning, the answers became more invasive as the questions were tough and detailed. he declared memory lapses. i think it was yesterday when he fell back on his right to remain silent. >> reporter: an assault rifle with 270 rounds of ammunition, a handgun and other weapons. ayoub el-khazzani says he was trying to prop passengers , but trust -- the first -- the french president says that the situation could have turned to a massacre.
5:58 pm
>> we should prepare ourselves for other assault and protect ourselves. >> reporter: the four passengers who saved many lives received france's highest honor. they walked the red carpet for the french premier of straight out of compton. he said that he appreciated the award. >> i feel like it is a dream. it's unreal. >> reporter: french-american -- a french-american will also receive the legion of honor award once he recovers from what appear to be quite serious injuries from a gunshot. in london, amy kellogg, fox news. violence near one of san francisco's most visited landmarks. a tourist robbed and then shot on lamp -- near lombard street and then a chase across the bay . the manhunt came to an end and east bay.
5:59 pm
that evening, i am julie haner. >> i am frank sommerville. the shooting happened around noon all the way across the bridge to the emeryville border where the suspects were arrested . the victim was a tourist who traced -- chased after the men who robbed him and that is when he was shot. >> reporter: paul -- paul chambers is live near the scene . the elementary school that is nearby was put on lockdown. we are two blocks from lombard street, a popular tourist spot. that is where the tourist had an encounter with an armed man. an area frequented by tourists using electronic devices. just after noon today, a visitor to the city encountered a gunmen. >> he was walking toward go -- toward lombard street and he was approached by one of the suspects who tried to rob the item that he had in his hands.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: after the armed man stole the victim's device, the victim chased him to get it back. that's when the victim was shot in the upper torso. the suspect to jumped into a car and took off at high rate of speed. he led officers across the bay bridge to the emeryville border where they left the car. one was apprehended when they were pursued. >> reporter: the victim was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition at this time. i talked to a lot of people that live in this area and may say that this happens quite frequently. not the actual shooting, but robberies of tourists to come here to take pictures. sometimes they are staked out and they become victims when they get out of the car.


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