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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 26, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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pam cook. >> good morning, i'm brian flores in for dave clark. we are on the scene far developing story. a man and woman were walking their dogs on the cliff there is about 1:00 this morning when they all apparently fell more than 200 feet down the cliffs. now this is new video of the rescue operation from the cliffs there. and rescuers tell us the man was able to walk down the beach to is a house and then call for help. the woman is talking with rescuers from the fire department and police department but she says she can't move. now this is complicated by the fact that the dogs are acting aggressively toward rescuers so animal control officers have also been called in. we are trying to learn more about the condition of both the men and women this morning. ktvu allie rasmus will have more in a live report coming up in our next half hour. right now it is 5:00 right on the dot. we want to check in with sal and steve. starting with steve. >> thank you, pamela. >> how is the weather? >> it looks warmer. how are you? >> good. not bad.
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you? >> i have a picture on social media about you two. >> i talked to manny who is one of the trainers. he said we'll take a picture before. not after. >> evelyn and i are still waiting. >> you might have to wait a little bit more but we will get on it. we to have a warmer pattern for inland temps. coast and bay not changing too much. there is not much fog and low clouds. inland temps now more 90s than 80s. they will continue to bump up. that will probably continue into tomorrow. san jose and oakland starting off around 60 degrees. we'll go 70. 77 downtown oakland. mostly clear though. i had a lot of low clouds the last couple of days. 84 downtown. that is four better than yesterday. east san jose probably will be closer about 88 or 89. 50s and 60s. everyone again is pretty close.
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novato 55. palo alto is 55. fremont and san ramon at 57 degrees. the breeze still holding in there 22. but after that there is hardly anything. less of a breeze, not as much of a fog bank equals a lot more sunshine but the cloud cover coming in from that system not yet but it's on its way for late thursday friday into saturday. mild near the coast. water temps are still warm but 90s through the interior or upper 80s. 60s and 70s coast and bay. all right sal still quiet at 5:02. >> it sure is, steve. so far any way. this is a good time if you have to get out of the house for you to go. let's start off with a look at the east shore freeway and the traffic here is looking good. the drive from the carquinez bridge to the mccarthur maze is taking 18 minutes. not bad. as you get to the toll plaza, there is not a lot of traffic there waiting for you. it is looking pretty good as you drive through. no major problems there. we're looking at 580. it's already getting a little slower through livermore and dublin and traffic is okay as
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you head into castro valley and hayward. no problems on the san mateo or dumbarton bridge or on the peninsula. a new transportation study suggests commuting in the bay area will steadily get worse. ktvu fox 2 janine de la vega is joining us live. tell us about this report. some bay area drivers are frustrated janine. >> reporter: yeah sal. it is not a title we want but according to the new study, the san francisco oakland area the drivers here top the list as the most stressed in the country. los angeles comes in second and the south bay comes in seventh place. researchers from texas a & m university and a washington state based traffic organization studied nearly 500 urban streets and highways nationwide. they found that the average san francisco commuter was delayed 78 hours a year. san jose with 67 hours. they say the situation will only get worse because of the population growth in these
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cities. all the time waiting in the gridlock is costing you money and wasted fuel, time, and productivity. and the study estimated that drivers lose nearly $1,700 a year in san francisco and oakland and $1400 a year in the silicon valley. researchers say an imapproved economy is to blame. more jobs means more people on the road. state and low agencies can't if -- so that they can schedule their commuting at different times. pam. >> all right, thank you janine. time is 5:04. a robbery and shooting at a famous san francisco tourist destination is giving the city's tourist industry another black eye. >> reporter: this was a tourist from thailand who was shot here and treated at san francisco
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general hospital. a gunshot wound to the shoulder. that was the injury. this man was robbed at gunpoint right near the crookedest street in the world. and he was shot after chasing after the robber. the man was walking near lombard street when the suspect approached and robbed him of his camera. the tourist ran after the thief and that is when ha second suspect showed up driving a red cadillac. shots were fired hitting that tourist in the -- the chase eventually i.ed another 60s street -- ended at 60th street. other tourists in that area in san francisco say they are shocked by what happened yesterday. >> wow. >> unbelievable. >> we found it really safe here so far. >> and to have it in the safest
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parts of town where you feel protected during the middle of the day is shocking. >> reporter: according to sf travel which markets the city's tourism industry, this robbery is not good for san francisco's image. it also comes on the heels of numerous car breaks in, smash and grabs, and of courseth kate steinle killing that happened last month at pier 14. chief sur is planning to hold a news conference this afternoon at the scene of the crime. >> it is so sad when people feel like it's unsafe. it's a popular city to travel to. thank you. alex mentioned the kate steinle case. testimony is set to continue this morning in the preliminary hearing for the man accused of killing her on san francisco's pier 14. investigators testified yesterday that tourists
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captured photos of the suspect before and after the shooting of kate steinle. one woman was staying in a hotel right across the street. she told police she heard a gunshot and went to her window. she saw people running toward the victim but took a picture of the one man who was walking away. another woman told police she took a picture of the same man sitting on a chair on the pier before the shooting and kate steinle could also be seen in that picture. police arrested lopez sanchez nearby after the shooting. he later became the focal point about a national debate against illegal immigration when it was revealed he had been deported five times. the report shows the bullet that killed her may have actually ricocheted off of something else. the medical examiner 51s the bullet may have struck a quote intermediate target but it also says the search of this walkway and metal railings was
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unaccessesful. at the for friend we're also keeping a watch on stocks around the world. european markets are falling again at this hour. china's shanghai index from they have now lost if if nearly a thought. many other asian markets had losses of about 1% but japan's nikkei closed with a gain of more than 3%. wall street open for business in a little less than an hour and a half and so far premarket trading indicates a raise in stock prices but there was also an early rally yesterday and it vanished in the last hour of trading there. economists say that could be the pattern until there are signs the market is stabilizing.
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it took many investors by surprise. >> quite a shock. little haves tillty. >> many analysts are predicting many investors will stay out of the markets. the lower trading translates to any movement having impact. now despite the late selloffs, some silicon valley stacks if facebook was up if if ad if 6%. san francisco mayor ed roe -- mayor lee told the san francisco chronicle that homeless people will be offered
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alternative places to sleep. estimated one million people are expected to visit san francisco for ten days of public parties leading up to the super bo. isn't the the current permit expires august 31st. they also accuse ride share companies of failing to provide access top wheel share users and refusing to require fingerprint background checks for the drivers. more than $30,000 stolen in less than two minutes. coming up in 20 minutes surveillance video of the bold heist at a san francisco produce store. >> sit down. sit down. go ahead.
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>> more controversy surrounding donald trump. up next the dramatic confrontation between trump and a television reporter. >> good morning. we are look at the bridge commute and right now traffic is looking good on the bay bridge getting into san francisco. >> looking like inland temps will continue their move up. in fact more 90s than 80s. but the coast and bay warmer or staying about the same?
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welcome back everybody for mornings on 2. 23-year-old anthony sadler was born here in pittsburgh and grew up near sacramento. he flew into sacramento airport with his parents last night. the family wanted to keep their arrival low key. they didn't speak to the media as the fbi quickly ushered them out of the airport. fellow passengers say it was an honor to share a flight with him. >> he's a great american hero. great kid. i read the story about 14 times and it was great to shake his hand and say thank you. and he said you're welcome. he was really cool about it. >> one couple went to the airport carrying an american flag to welcome sadler back. the suspect was charged with terrorism related accounts. the moroccan man was escorted into court. the suspect watched a jihad key
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video on his cell phone moments before the attack. he faces charges including multiple counts of attempted murder and weapons charges and conspiracy. a 14 14 year investigation has led to three arrests. james joseph junior and his common law wife led the ring that included cities in california as well as cleveland, miami, and new york. a third suspect tony reynolds was also arrested. the contra costa county district attorney says six women were forced into prosecution. republican presidential candidate donald trump has stirred up a new media feud. removing jorge ramos from a campaign event in iowa. >> sit down. sit down. go ahead. >> security escorted ramos out but he was later let back in to
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question trump. >> ramos later said he had never been thrown out of a press conference in his 30 year career. now on another front fox news is calling on trump to apologize to anchor megan kelly. trump took to twitter on monday said he liked her show better while she was away on vacation. time is now 5:16. amazon is expanding its one horridlily service. prime now launched in new york city last year. it's now available in seattle and three other cities in washington state. prime now is only for prime members. tens of thousands of items are available for delivery including tvs along with wine and beer. >> and you will get text messages letting you know when the product is close. so if you are out of the store
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and running home you will get a text message saying the items will be arriving soon. >> your wine and beer son its way. >> i think people will take advantage of that. >> i think they will. >> the service is available from 8:00 a.m. to midnight. two hour delivery is free. and one hour delivery costs $7.99. uber is teaming up with the university of arizona for its research in driverless car technology. it includes a $25,000 grant from the san francisco based company to the university's optical sciences department. uber says it will work with some of the leading experts in lens design at university to improve the images it captures for its mapping and safety features. uber is plague catch up to google which has been developing and testing its driverless cars for several years now.
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all right 5:17 is the time. and sal is starting at the east bay. is there a problem there? >> we're just starting there because that is where all the slow traffic is. brian, good morning to you both. we are looking at highway 4. we will start with slow traffic. most of it is in antioch. right now we are looking at bay point. there is nothing to worry about an highway 4 or 680. we have a map to show you that almost all of contra costa county is traffic free. westbound 580 looks okay. a little bit of slowing on the altamont pass. no problems on vasco road heading down to 580 a lot of people make that commute. we're also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. at 5:18 today's weather let's go to steve. all right thank you sal. we have a little bit in the way
5:19 am
of low clouds and fog. coast and bay not getting up on this warmup. it started on monday and continues today. each day going up about 4-5 degrees. more 90s for some. we had low 80s a couple days ago. 59 san francisco to start. 67. we will go 70 for a high. yesterday's high was 67. if you are heading for the cubs and giants today looks nice. it looks pretty good westerly breeze at 3:16. the fog was a lot quicker and there was a heck of a lot going on. that will burn off sooner today. 50s on the temps or 60s. 54 novato and also napa. san ramon did say 57. 55 palo alto. west, southwest sit travis. after that there is not much of a breeze. most locations are calm. water temps 60-65.
5:20 am
san francisco buoy 63. you get inside the bay and there are 70-degree readings. 41 up in truckee. 53 down at ukiah. i'm sure there are 50s in lake county. 57 monterey. that is pretty cool for them considering the water temps at 65. low clouds not much today but the high and mid level clouds on the way from that guy right there. north of the hawaiian islands there has been a lot of cloud cover. we will see a few high clouds but then we will increase those tomorrow. thanks to rain at the extreme north. it will be friday night into saturday. once that system moves through, then we will get a pretty good cool down but that may not happen until sunday. sunday low clouds sunny and warmer. warm to hot inland. 90s for some. 90-96 that is hot. 80s for others. 60s and 70s though. even with the fog disappearing
5:21 am
coast looks nice. warm to hot on thursday. it does look much cooler an sunday. it looks like the rain went from sunday to saturday. bart is getting ready to shut down the transbay tube once again.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 5:23. police in west virginia have arrested a 14-year-old boy for holding a high school class hostage. he held 29 students and a teacher at gunpoint for two hours yesterday. students in other classes say they held hands and prayed. a police negotiator was able to talk the teen into releasing the hostages and surrender peacefully. they describe him as a very troubled young man. the city of palo alto and cal train are teaming top make improvements along the train tracks to prevent citizen suicides. crew will install three motion detector coo rams. the cameras will scan up and down the tracks along with right of way and at intersections. >> if someone was on the tracks. if someone was walking back and forth which is behavior of somebody is thinking about taking their life on the track.
5:25 am
since last october four teens have been killed on the tracks in palo alto. there is also a cluster of suicides in 2009 and 2010. bart is getting riders ready for another shut down of the transbay tube. crews are replacing a set of critical tracks. anyone traveling across the bay that weekend should plan ahead. >> if you must travel across the bridge and across the bay please consider alter that routes and definitely allow additional travel time for your trip. >> bart says once its work is complete, riders can expect a faster and smoother ride between west oakland and the embarcadero station. time is 5:25. lake county has reported its first probable human case of west nile virus and it's investigating a second.
5:26 am
officials say one person became ill back in july. the other this month. the both are expected to make a full recovery. this year west nile virus has been detected in 20 mosquito samples. three dead birds and to chickens. an apology for a group of women kicked off a napa slamly wine train. how the ceo wants to make amends. >> a rescue effort under way after a couple and two dogs fall off the cliff. >> good morning. we are looking at the san francisco commute and northbound 101 looks good approaching the 80 split. we'll tell you a little bit more about this commute coming up. >> inland temps warming up in fact. a lot of 90s now or 80s. what about the coast? still some fog.
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these are live pictures from the scene. coming up in two minutes the new tool headed to the scene the rescuers hope will make a big difference. we want to welcome you back to august 26th i'm brian flores in for dave clark. >> talk about some aggressive
5:30 am
dogs as well. very interesting. we'll check in with her in a moment. first let's get to steve. it will be a little warmer today. >> for inland. coast is staying nice. even with sunshine they are not warming up that nice. >> i see you're keeping an eye on at & t park. >> probably pretty dark. we do have cubs and giants continuing tonight. tomorrow it will be a day game but tonight it's another evening game and a little bit of a breeze out of the west. some low clouds. by game time it's mostly sunny. some higher clouds might move in. water temps are still pretty mild. it can with be a lot colder. it does drop pretty fast. low clouds. we had a lot more the past couple of mornings. it will burn off sooner. 50s and 60s on your temps. 58 sfo. palo alto at 55. there are some cool readings for some. not much of a breeze unless you're out to the delta and even that is not too bad.
5:31 am
the monsoon clouds are not making it off. low clouds sunny and warmer for inland temps. they are in the 90s now for many. they were in the low 80s a couple days ago. 60s and 70s coast and bay. all right sal 5:30. i listen but i haven't heard anything yet. has something new developmented or are we okay? >> we are okay. we always watch the list here. we don't have a lot going on. let's take a look at the live pictures. when i say we don't have a lot going on, we don't have a lot of crashes reported. people are on the road. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland. both directions traffic moving along very nicely as you drive through. also we're looking at the commute in the east bay where westbound 580 will be slow on the altamont pass. no trouble on vasco road. 580 looks good if you will be taking the trip from pleasanton over to castro valley and no trouble on the nimitz freeway. as you look at the south bay,
5:32 am
things seem pretty light on 101, 280, and 85. of course the bay bridge we always check that. there is a little bit of a backup in some of the cash lanes and the metering lights should go on any time soon here. 5:31 let's go back to the desk. back to our developing new where is a cliff side rescue in daly city after a man and woman fell while walking her dogs. ktvu allie rasmus is live where the rescue team is still working to get the woman off the cliff. i understand the coast guard has arrived? >> reporter: that is right the coast guard helicopter has passed by the cliff where this woman is still stranded at least a couple of times. according to the battalion chief coast guard chopper is surveying the area to see what to do next. right now we can show you the area of wait looks like on the
5:33 am
other side of this fence. this is palisades park in daly city. on the other side of the fence there is a cliff that is a 200 to 300-foot drop. it's pitch dark but you can see at the ocean and see in that video animal control officers were standing by. officers had their cables laid out and ready to hoist the woman back up. this started around 1:00 this morning when a man and woman were walking their two dogs in this area. all four fell down the cliff. according to firefighters it's about a 200 to 300-foot drop down to the beach and they fell about half of the way down. the man was able to climb back up, walk to a home and call for help. he was injured but we are told he was taken to seaton hospital and he is supposed to recover. the woman however was still stuck about 150 feet down the cliff with her two dogs. rescuers were able to talk to her. shout to her. make contact with her. she told them she couldn't move but at least she was responding. rescuers on foot almost made it to her to rescue her but her two dogs described as being
5:34 am
very aggressive. chased rescuers off. here's what the battalion chief had to say about the plan moving forward. >> sot plan right now our first choice we are going to get some help. we will utilize the coast guard as well. the coast guard is launching helicopter from air station in san francisco. they are going to come out here and aguess the situation. if they can get to her before we can, they will remove her. >> reporter: back out here live, there is no trail behind the fence. we're not sure why someone would walk their dog in this area. firefighters cut it open so they can conduct this rescue operation but normally that area is entirely closed in. it's supposed to be off limits to people obviously because of the dangers. that cliff 200 to 300-foot cliff on the other side of it. and fire officials confirm to us that in fact this same area is the same place where about a year ago one man died and two others were injured also walking along the cliff here at
5:35 am
palisades park. sol fire officials are not sure why people are -- why the man and woman were walking their dogs here this morning. the woman was stuck about 150 feet down the cliff. at last check the coast guard helicopter is in the area sort of passing by survey. figuring out what they will do next and when i last talked to the battalion chief he said i haven't heard about what they plan to do next. so far they have not heard they are planning to scrap the idea of rescuing her. so plans are still kind of in the works right now and we will keep you posted as we learn more. >> you know as i talk about this in the newsroom, it's so dark out there it happened at 1:00 in the morning. we don't know why this couple was walking. do we know that information? >> no. i asked fire officials why did the couple say why they were walking? he said i don't know. that is a good question. but they just don't have the answer to that right now pip think they are really focused on rescuing the woman who was injured and still stuck on the
5:36 am
side of the cliff. >> all right, thank you so much. police in san francisco are looking for a thief who made off with $33,000. surveillance video captured the man entering a produce market on august 13th. he made his way to the back of the store and into an office. in that office, there was an unlocked cash box filled with money. >> he put some in his pocket. he put some in his tote bag and he quickly walks out of the produce market and it happens just like that. >> police say the man was in the store for about two minutes. he is described as 6 feet tall. 35-50 years old wearing a green sweatshirt and dark colored pants at the time. anyone with information is asked to call san francisco police. the man charged with killing hayward police sergeant scott lunger was back in court. mark estrada did not enter a plea yesterday. he charged with murder and special circumstances including murdering a peace officer and committing a murder while lying in wait.
5:37 am
lunger was shot and killed during an early morning traffic stop. police say estrada suffered a gunshot wound when a second hayward officer returned fire. >> he's a young man. he's 21 years old. by all accounts he's very nice. a nice young man. and everyone who knows him, his family, it's a complete mystery as to how he is in this position he's in right now. >> a large group of police officers you see there attended the hearing in support of sergeant lunger's family. estrada's next court date is scheduled for october 9th. a napa valley wine train has issued an apology. originally the women were told they were laughing too loud. but the members of the sisters on the reading edge book club believe the real problem is ten of the 11 members are african american. they reported what happens on
5:38 am
social media using the aughingwhileblack. wine train ceo tony says his staff mishandled the issue and it was insensitive of workers to march the women down the train center aisle and have police waiting for them outside. >> this is definitely a customer service issue 100%. >> not a race issue. >> not at all. >> we totally disagree. i don't know what to say other than i have been black all my life. i know what it feels like. >> the wine train ceo written apology included an invitation for another trip to make better memories. the book club members say they appreciate the offer but they are not likely to climb aboard the napa valley wine train ever again. the man behind the coliseum city project to keep the rays and raiders. but there is no clear financing plan for the 120-acre development that could combine housing and retail with a $900
5:39 am
million stadium for the raiders. >> i'm not the problem. and i'm not the solution. the facilitation of the development would then show the ability to generate capital that could be used for the stadium in some form or another and that is what i have been really been pushing to get approved. >> skeptics say funding is a major obstacle that could be too large to overcome. oakland is still paying millions of dollars each year for upgrades used to get the raiders to return from l.a.. the raiders are eyeing a new proposed stadium as well near los angeles. the city of berkeley is considering raising the legal smoking age to 21. the proposed ordnance would raise the age from 18-21 for people purchasing e-cigarettes and other smoking related products. the berkeley city council is
5:40 am
considering the proposal at a meeting on september 15th. if approved berkeley would join healdsburg, new york, and the state of hawaii. do you think you have what it takes to make california's government run a little smoother? three state agencies announced a new contest called find a new way. it challenges californians to come up with new ideas to make each department more efficient. the three agencies are caltrain. the department of alcoholic beverage control antedepartment of general services. the prize is $25,000. >> this is not a suggestion box. we are not going to pay $25,000 for someone who has a suggestion. this is $25,000 for a way to streamline a procedure. >> you can submit your ideas on each department's website. the winners will be announced on december 31st. the results of the latest
5:41 am
a.c.t. college entrance exams is a wakeup call. the group says test scores are at same level as four years ago indicating that schools are not doing any better at getting students ready for college. only 40% of if -- 31 percent of test takers are not meeting red readiness levels. however that test taking is a business. >>s it is. >> and they are now charging people. having a high schooler. you have to take all of these tutoring classes just to prepare. >> a lot different from when we were in high school. coming up an armed robbery near one of san francisco's most popular tourist destinations. coming up at 6:00 the bold daylight attack and dramatic arrest. >> a new traffic study gives the bay area a score card on congestion. we'll tell you where we rank compared to the rest of the
5:42 am
country and why it's costing us money. >> we're looking at a morning commute that is getting busier by the moment including in the east bay. here's a live look at highway 24 finds more people on the way to oakland. >> while we've had kind of a uniformity on temps but they are getting pretty hot inland. we'll take a look at that. mostly sunny. 64 at game time.
5:43 am
5:44 am
getting so bad that a new report says local drivers are among the most stressed out in the country. janine de la vega is live. >> reporter: good morning brian. we've been talking to people and they're not at all
5:45 am
surprised to hear that we are the most stressed drivers in the country. but not only that we're losing money because of all the time we spend waiting in our cars. researchers from texas a & m university joined washington state based traffic organizations for the study and they town it was number one in the stress department while the south bay came in seventh. the average san francisco commuter was delayed 78 hours a year . in san jose it was 67 hours. more jobs means more people are on the roads. the situation is only expected to get worse because of the population growth from these cities. >> definitely. some of the times when i know the freeways the roads i know will be on will be gridlock. i try to avoid it. find another route or go at a different time. >> reporter: all the time waiting in the gridlock is
5:46 am
causing people to lose money in wasted fuel, time and productivity. the study estimated that drivers lose nearly $1700 a year in san francisco and oakland and $1400 a year in the silicon valley. researchers say the solution isn't just investing in more roadway and transit products. they are encouraging businesses to give employees more flexibility in their work schedule so the commuting patterns can change. so if you're lucky to have that, that is great but if not you, are stuck on the roads. brian. >> i'm kind of surprised the south bay came in seventh. >> you thought it would be higher? >> i thought it would be higher. i have griffin l.a. traffic but south bay traffic is really bad. don't you think? >> it definitely is. as soon as i approach people to ask the question and i say traffic, they start shaking their heads and rolling their eyes. >> you have to factor it into your day. thank you. as we check in with sal.
5:47 am
i don't know los angeles they don't have almost zero public transportation. i mean going to ucla if you missed your bus the next one is coming in an hour and a half. >> right. well, they have -- if someone from los angeles is watching, they probably would say they have made some strides. >> they have. >> especially along 401 and that 101 area. >> they have made some strides but there is so much traffic down there that they have a little ways to go. there is traffic here too by the way. just in case people are saying what do you mean there is traffic here. of course there is. let's take a look at the commute. in fact, as you heard janine say, the traffic is actually been getting worse around here. highway 4 antioch stop and go. highway 4 bay point a little slowing. but the tribe between concord and walnut creek still looks good. 580 the altamont pass is very slow. no problems on the san mateo or
5:48 am
dumbarton bridge. northbound 87 at 280 there is an injury accident and already slow traffic on northbound 101 as you drive north of 280. we're also looking at some other commutes here. let's talk about the commute at the bay bridge. hold on for one second. there is the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic is moving along well. i'm going out of order but i want to take a look at 280 northbound in san jose. we're back in san jose because that looks good. pardon the out of orderness but there you go. there is the peninsula. the guys in the control room are always bailing me out. steve, 5:48 let's go to you. >> they are nicer to me than they are to you. >> that is right. >> sal. >> yes, sir. >> we get up really early but at least we don't hit commuter traffic. >> we have to keep getting up earlier and earlier top beat the traffic to get to work. >> that is true. we do have inland temps hot now for some. you are seeing mid to upper
5:49 am
90s. maybe even 100 tomorrow for far enough. around the bay 60s and 70s. i'll tell you that doesn't take long. we are still in summer here. angle of the sun pretty good. the fog is also decreasing. oakland yesterday 75. we'll go 77 today. 60s and 70s and 77 on the high side. san jose downtown tends to run a little cooler. they were only 80 yesterday. you won't have to go far to find much warmer temps in that. i think 89. 60s on the temps or 50s for some. 54 novato. san rafael 58. palo alto at 55 and san ramon at 56. water temps still mild to warm. outside holding steady. 60 to 65. 41 up in truckee. 61 sacramento and monterey has cooled to 55. the monsoon clouds they were close but are dropping.
5:50 am
starting to entrain moisture coming up from the hawaiian islands. that is the system that produced the heavy rain over toward oahu. that is starting to get drawn up. that will make a move toward us but not until starting tomorrow and into friday. it looks cloudy friday. possibility of some rain sweeping in saturday. i think mendocino county and lake county north would be the line. we'll have a lot of cloud cover over us. and then the system rolls through on sunday. maybe our first fall like feel would be sunday or monday. low clouds sunny and warmer although many people says it feels like fall. clear lake 96. vacaville 96. 76 richmond but 97 brentwood. 96 antioch. 90 concord. 77 oakland. 97 for gilroy. morgan hill 94. ten better than san jose.
5:51 am
60 ann 70s -- 60s and 70s on the coast. warm to hot. maybe some rain to the north on saturday. much cooler an sunday. >> i agree with some of our viewers it feels like fall. especially at night. >> i would agree in the morning. even though it's getting near 90. the lows are getting down to 56, 57. >> that is when we have the nice warm, you to dress differently. layers. because it's cool and hot and then cool again. >> back at it again. >> thank you. >> you should do the weather. very well. >> i've been listening to you for a number of years. >> i appreciate that. retailer h & m wants new ideas on how to recycle clothes. coming up in our next half hour, the big prize offered as the company tries to cut its environmental impact. >> it took us three days to communicate with our family. it took three days before we knew if they were alive. >> it's been ten years but the memory and emotions still
5:52 am
pretty strong. up next a look at the recovery efforts still under way today following hurricane katrina.
5:53 am
5:54 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. it's been ten years since hurricane katrina left a path in new orleans.
5:55 am
president obama will travel to new orleans and meet with families still recovering from that huge storm. katrina killed 1800 people and caused $100 billion in damage. some of the hardest was in mississippi. >> it took us three days to communicate with our family. it took three days before we knew if they were alive. >> the moms and dads of these children that were lost are really the true heros, the inspiration. and they have honored their angels who will watch over kids for generations to come. >> now to remember the young lives taken by katrina, survivors of the storm built a children's playground. they teamed up with a nonprofit organization called where angels play. a special tribute is planned at the indy car finale raceway. this logo was unvailed yesterday in honor of 37-year- old justin wilson.
5:56 am
drivers say they will wear the logo on their helmets and cars. wilson died on monday from head injuries he suffered after getting hit by debris from another car on sunday. wilson had already saved six lives through organ donations. indy car says the stickers and t-shirts with the logo will soon be available for fans to purchase. 100% of the funds will benefit the wilson children's fund. looks like the controversial katelyn jenner halloween costume has web removed from retailers website. this after a social media backlash. it mimics the first time caitlyn revealed herself. shortly after the costume's release a petition began making the rounds asking for spirit halloween stores to remove it. by yesterday afternoon the petition received 2700 signatures. we checked four costume websites including spirit and the jenner costume was nowhere to be found.
5:57 am
critics say it insults transgender people and promotes stereotypes. we continue to follow a developing story in daly city. we've been watching this early morning rescue operation after a man, woman, and two dogs fell off of a cliff. the reason firefighters have had a very hard time reaching the woman. >> today will be day two of the preliminary hearing for the man accused of shooting and killing kate steinle. what tourists say they saw that day. >> gosh. we are looking at a morning commute that is getting a lot slower arounds bay area. here at the mccarthur maze it doesn't look so bad. >> some low clouds but inland temps beginning to warm up. there are some pushing the mid to upper 90s. we'll see how long that pattern will last. and experience a cadillac for yourself.
5:58 am
take advantage of our summer offers. get this low mileage lease on select ats models, in stock the longest, for around 269 per month.
5:59 am
a rescue effort under way to help a woman stranded 150 feet town the side of a cliff in daly city. coming up we have new information to share with you about how the coast guard plans to rescue the woman. >> a robbery and shooting in broad daylight at a popular san
6:00 am
francisco attraction. the attack on a tourist and how police were able to catch the suspect on the other side of the bay. mornings on 2 continues. thank you for joining us. it's coming up on 6:00 and we are taking you live to daly city. a story we have been following since 4:00 this morning. a coast guard helicopter has arrived to rescue a woman who fell down a cliff. she was there early this morning with a man and two dogs. the man was able to go get help but the woman is stuck down that cliff. she has been down about 150 feet. allie rasmus is out there. she has been giving us that information. she has been out there since 4:30 this morning. we'll get an update from her as well. she said the dogs are aggressive. you can see a huge response animal control and friar and coast guard all out there this morning. we will check in with ali in a moment. thank you for


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