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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  August 26, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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at 7:00, breaking news as the condolences are pouring in after a television news reporter and photographer were shot and killed during a live report in virginia. >> reporter: a coast guard helicopter just successfully rescued a woman who had been stuck on a cliff in daly city overnight. dramatic rescue happening minutes ago. we'll have an update coming up. 7:00. good morning. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm brian flores. let's start with weather and traffic. not gonna lie. it's a very rough morning for many of us in the business. we'll do our best to get you out the door. steve has the forecast. >> hot inland. it didn't take long to get there. coast and bay, even with
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sunshine. 60s, 70s. a few high clouds on the way. they will start to increase over next couple of days. low clouds, a lot more in the way of coverage past few mornings. it's already beginning to show signs of lifting, burning off. that makes sense. clubs/giants, looks mostly sunny. 64. west wind. san francisco forecast, only 67 yesterday. did go 70 which is near average. slightly the low, 59. average is 55. oakland, looking for some low clouds but then 70 by noon and 77 on the high side. a little bit above average. it's the inland temps, still some low clouds. but they will burn off sooner. low, mid and upper. low 60s. what about the delta breeze? it's been coming down. still holding. 21, gusting to 28. that's about it. other than that, it will be a lot of sunshine and mild to warm term-- temps but that cloud cover from the hawaiian and that low will play into our
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weekend weather. mid-90s for some. 70s closer to the water. sal, still good it go at 7:01? >> we're seeing a lot of slow traffic here at the toll plaza coming into san francisco about a 15, 20-minute delay before you make it on the span. the morning commute is going to be okay if you are driving on the san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridge. let's take a look at the next item. san mateo and dumbarton bridge on the maps. 580 is a little better than it normally is. but 680 is slower getting out of pleasanton as you drive through. and in san jose and 101, 85, 87, all very slow. 87 because of earlier problems. one last thing here, i want to show you another live picture. that would be 280. you can see it's slowing down approaching highway 17. back to the desk. >> all right. thank you. we're following the breaking news 0 in virginia where a local television station confirms two members of a news crew were shot and
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killed during a live broadcast this morning. station wdbj says 24-year-old reporter alison parker and 27- year-old photographer adam ward were shot at a shopping mall about 25 miles from roanoke. multiple gunshots could be heard as parker was interviewing the head of a local chamber of commerce. the station says both victims grew up, went to college in virginia. the woman interviewed is reportedly in surgery for a gunshot wound to the back. the motive is not known. we'll continue to follow developments bring them to you. and back here at home, a woman and a man fell over a cliff in daly city after 1:00 this morning. allie rasmus live at palisades park. the rescue has been going on. but in the past few minutes, we're learned the woman has been -- we have learned the woman has been airlifted to safety. >> reporter: yes.
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people making their way away from here. this is palisades park. on the other side of this fence, there is a cliff that drops down about 200, 300 feet. about midway in the middle of that cliff is where a woman had been stuck with her two dogs since 1:00 this morning. now, about a half-hour ago, we saw that coast guard helicopter arrive here at the scene. it's circled a couple of times, kind of surveying the area, figuring hout they were gonna effect the rescue. at 6:30, they lowered down an officer in a harness. he got down to the woman. he attached the woman to his harness and then the coast guard hoisted both of them back up. the 54-year-old woman who had been success here for most of the night, these and her way to the hospital to get treatment. we don't know the extent of her injuries. how did all of this start? 1:00 a.m., approximately, 2- year-old man in the 54-year-old woman were -- and the 54 -- 27- year-old man and the 5 had-year-
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old woman were walking their dogs. they fell. the man was able to walk back and ask for help. we don't know the extent his injuries. the woman was not able to climb back up. she was stuck about 150 feet down the side of the cliff until about ten minutes ago. here's what public informs officer had to say about the rescue. >> the coast guard has rescued the victim. the status of the dogs right now is -- i believe they are still there. >> reporter: they allowed the coast guard to rescue -- >> apparently, yes. we had success with that. that's great to see a successful rescue like this. >> reporter: now, you hear the public information officer mentioning the women's two dogs. for much of the morning, the rescuers had a hard time getting to her because her two dogs were sort of in protective mode. they were described by officials out here as being
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very aggressive and every time rescuers tried to get to the woman on foot, the dogs would chase the rescuers away. at least in this instance, we know that the dogs were able to allow the coast guards to make the rescue. the woman has been hoisted back up to safety. she's on her way to the hospital. the coast guard rescuing her just about ten minutes ago. back to you. >> now that she's been rescued, has there been any talk about whether or not technically she was trespassing? might face trouble for what happened this morning or not? >> reporter: you know, we did talk a little bit about that to the public information officer. he said right now, what we're focused on is making sure that people can be rescued safery -- safely, that everything goes smoothly. we'll figure out the other stuff at a later time. >> first things first. thank you. a black eye for san francisco's tourist industry, a visitor was shot. >> that's near one of the most
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popular spots in the city when he was robbed and shot. that sent police on a chase that ended up across the bay. alex savidge is here to talk to us about what happened. we've all been there multiple times and it's disconcerting. >> reporter: the victim in this case, visiting from thailand. he was treated for a gunshot wound to the shoulder. said to be doing okay. police say he was shot after he chased down the thief who had just stolen his camera near lombard street. it happened -- after the man's camera was snatched, he ran after the robber. a second person pulled up in a getaway car, shots were fired and the tourist was left wounded. at the same time, the red cadillac sped off and it was spotted on the bay bridge. the two men inside led police on a high-speed chase into the east bay, into oakland. it ended near 60th street, close to emeryville. the two men inside ran off. within a couple of hours you
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can see both of them were taken into custody. according to sf travel which markets san francisco and the tourism industry to the world, this robbery and the shooting, as you can well imagine, is not good for the city's image. >> up believable -- unbelievable. >> we found it safe here so far. >> and you feel protected during the day and this is shocking. >> reporter: this robbery comes on the heels of what many neighbors describe as car break- ins, smash and grabs and last month, there was the much publicized killing of kate steinle that happened along the embarcadero while on pier 14. chief greg suhr around the supervisor who represents the russian hill neighborhood in san francisco where the robbery took place yesterday, they will both be having a news conference later on this afternoon. they will do that right there at the scene of the crime hoping to reassure neighbors that things are okay. obviously a lot of people
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shaken by happened in the middle of the afternoon. a lot of tourists out there. thank you, alex. >> yes. some members of the oakland school board are backing a plan for affordable housing near lake merritt. the plan centers on an acre of city-owned land. the property was supposed to be the site of a condo complex but that proposal was axed after a protest. the school board is expected to discuss the new plan at its meeting this afternoon. the city of san jose has signed off on a new pay scale. san jose is still short about 160 officers. the department says 30 to 40 officers may return as a result of this this deal. 7:09. overseas this morning, the suspect in that train attack in france was charged overnight for terrorism. the 26-year-old moroccan man
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was escorted into court blindfolded and barefoot. the french prosecutor said the suspect watched the jihadi video on his cell phone moments before the attack. he faces charges including multiple counts of attempted murder, weapons charges and conspiracy. one of the americans who helped stop the attack is back at home. 23-year-old anthony sadler was born in pittsburg and grew up near sacramento. he flew into the sacramento airport with his parents last night. the tsa said the family wanted to keep their arrivals low key. didn't speak to reporters as the fbi quickly unerred them out of the airport. passengers on other flights wanted to welcome sadler home. >> so early getting here that i have to hang out and clap him home. it was an amaze -- it's been an amazing story. >> the u.s. military honored sadler's two friends. oregon army national guardsman alex skarlatos will receive a top u.s. army medal.
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the other friend, spencer stone, will be decorated for his bravery. the gunman slashed stone's left hand with a box cutter. stone whose arm is still in a sling told officers his martial arts training helped him stop the gunman. 7:10. coming up, do you feel stressed while driving on bay area freeways? you are not alone. coming up, why the prayer is ranked one of the most stressful prices for drivers -- places for drivers. an amazing story of survival. a 10-year-old boy found safe in utah after spending a night in the wilderness. up next, what he said he did that kept him alive. good morning. we're looking at a commute here where traffic is going to be busy on highway 24 getting up to the tunnel. it's also slow in oakland. coast and bay even with sunshine. we'll see if that trend continues.
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u.s. markets open with strong gains taking a look at all three major indexes. dow is up. nasdaq is up as well. this is how we started the day yesterday but then things took a slide very late in the session. the dow, nasdaq and s&p all stayed up until the last hour. experts say investors worry -- if investors worry about another drop, trading could be heavy. they say there could be more wild swings and stock prices today. the dow is up right now, more than 300 points. but it's early. >> it is early. 7:14. a survivor of the september 11th terror attacks in new york who became known as the dust lady has died from cancer. she got the name from a
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photographer. borders who was 28 years old at the time had just left the north tower just as the south tower collapse. in a facebook post family members posted she died at 42. she was diagnosed with stomach cancer last year which she speculated was related to the attacks. bill deblasio said, marcie borders's passing is a difficult reminder of the tragedy our city suffered nearly 14 years ago. a pennsylvania man who jumped a white house fence in march was shot and killed during an altercation at a courthouse near philadelphia. 34-year-old curtis smith was in court yesterday on domestic violence charges. witnesses say he slashed a sheriff's deputy with a knife. another deputy then shot smith who later died at the hospital. smith climbed a stone wall at the white house on march 1st. he was on a walkway before agent stopped him. taxi drivers will try to
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convince the san francisco airport that it shouldn't renew operating permits for ride share companies. the current permits expire august 31st. during a news conference, taxi drivers plan to show a video that they claim shows uber and lyft drivers violating rules at sfo. they also accuse ride share companies of failing to provide access to wheelchair users. and reap fusing to require fingerprint-based background checks. more commuters are turning to ferries to get to and from work. they are expanding service through october to meet the growing demand. ridership increased 8%. during peak times, the vallejo line was 90% filled. oakland, alameda, 89% killed. passengers have been complaining about overcrowding. a 10-year-old boy in utah survived more than a day alone in the remote woods of utah. he was hiking with his family when he wander into the woods in search of wild mushrooms. he said he went too far, got
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lost and he drank from the river to stay hydrated. he endured 30-degree temperatures overnight and shielded himself between rocks to stay as warm as possible. >> there's stuns of giant -- tons of giant rocks. so i hid them so the wind wouldn't hit me too much. >> to show you how smart he was because he was hungry, he tried catching fish by making a spear out of a stick. >> and he says he will actually go hiking and camping with the family. but this time he will stay closer. >> absolutely. he sounds like he knows what to do. >> yes. >> let's check in with sal. the traffic is gonna be slow if you are trying to get anywhere from the east pay. off with highway 24 westbound. you can see the traffic is busy
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in la fayette. if i put this area on a map, i can show you where it corresponds to right here on 24. if we go to the maps, there's all of that slow traffic on 24. nearby on 680 there is red, too, from concord to walnut creek and highway 4 is pretty steady and slow from pittsburg all the way over the hill to con-- to concord. but there are no accidents reported around there by chp. 580 is better than normal. people will be happy to hear that. we do have traffic that's going to be busy in this area. watch for slow traffic on vasco road but it's not affecting the traffic -- it's not unusual is what i'm trying to say there. in brentwood, marsh creek there is an overturned big rig. so avoid that area. the toll plaza, traffic is backed up for 20 minutes before you get on the bridge. let's go to steve in the weather center. a very good morning. we do have some fog there but
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it's already looking like it's lifting earlier today. inland temps, even though they are starting off on the cool side are warming up fast. the 90s that they settle in, don't last long because the nights are longer. days are shorter. but low clouds and fog will give way, mostly sunny if you are heading out. cubs and giants. west breeze at 15. low clouds last couple of days were a loot more in the coverage. it's favoring areas in the north bay. we'll keep highs in the 80s. but 50s and 60s giving way rapidly. 57 half moon bay. mid-50s. >> fremont, palo alto is in there as well. i know in novato and napa, san rafael, around 54, 55. decent delta breeze. that's about it. everyone is showing less than 5 miles an hour. the monsoon clouds were very close but they pushed off to the east. the system dropping out of the gulf of alaska will play into our weather but not until probably friday and saturday.
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it's tapping into moisture north of hawaii. there's a lot coming up. that's what gave them all of that heavy-duty rain. this will get caught up in a west-southwest direction, more likely, though, on thursday night and friday, we go cloudy. now, again, most of this will be 0 to the north. maybe mendocino county north as we head toward saturday. a lot of cloud cover over us. finally that whole system coming out of the gulf of alaska will swing through on sunday. that will give us a cooldown. until then, inland temps, heading out. low clouds, sunny, warmer. away from the coast. 70s and 80s. coast and bay and then upper 80s, 90s to mid-90s for some. clearlake, vacaville in there. 90s for many. including livermore at 95. 77, 78 for oakland, san leandro. 84 downtown. 90s for morgan hill, gilroy, santa cruz and 70 half moon bay. even with the fog, doesn't
7:21 am
matter. upper 70s, mid-80s on the peninsula. palo alto, 84. it looks like a warm to hot pattern. we'll cloud it up friday into saturday. rain well to the north. i mention that because it's august. if you are mading up there, you don't -- heading up there, you don't want to be surprised. >> sounds like good mountain biking weather. >> are you gonna join me? >> probably not. >> all right. thank you. [laughter] today will be day two of the preliminary hearing for the man of shooting and killing kate steinle. new information about what two witnesses saw that day that helped police capture the suspect. also -- >> sit down. go ahead. >> more controversy surrounding donald trump. up next the heated moments during a news conference that ended with a reporter being removed from the building.
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donald trump returning to a familiar strategy attacking the media. his run-in with a well-known news anchor has taken it to a whole new level. >> reporter: this has to do with an issue that got donald trump so much traction in the first place, cracking down on illegal immigration. >> sit down. go ahead. no, you don't. >> reporter: that was donald trump trying to shut down univision tv host jorge ramos, an immigration activist who pointed his finger at trump and told him that his plan wouldn't
7:25 am
work. >> go ahead. >> you cannot deport 11 million people. >> reporter: security removed jorge ramos but he was later allowed back in and was able to speak to trump. >> i don't think i will. i haven't even started. >> reporter: this was in so many ways classic trump mixing it up with the media. on monday, he fired another twitter salvo. when it comes to immigration, can he afford this kind of exchange? jeb bush who has actively courted those voters has been firing back at trump. >> the problem with the trump plan, it's not a conservative plan. it's not practical. it will cost hundred of billions of dollars. >> reporter: the immigration issue may be helping trump at this stage of the game where he's going for the gop
7:26 am
nomination. if he becomes the nominee, it could come back and hurt him in the general election. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. berkeley city leaders are deciding what to do with thousands of dollars taken in by the city's new soda tax. the voter approved 1 cent per ounce tax has been in effect since march. it's already brought in about 375,000. in may, a city commission recommended that half of those funds go to the berkeley unified school district for the cooking and gardening program. we'refuling breaking news out of a television news crew shot and killed while on the air. we have information we're learning about the suspect a short time ago. also the message the television station's jebel manager just delivered -- general manager
7:27 am
just delivered. good morning. we're hooking at a commute where traffic is going to be busy this morning as you head out to the san mateo bridge and over to the peninsula. inland temps are warming up pretty fast. we have 90s now but there are big changes to the end of the week. we'll explain.
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i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm brian flores. let's get your day started with weather and traffic. steve is over to my right. we're expecting -- why are you laughing? >> i'm not laughing l. >> it's getting hot. >> it is. >> for some. not for all. we do have low clouds. they are burning off sooner. coast and bay will be nice. inland, in the upper 80s and 90s. a little haze around the edge as well. temperatures, well, the lows are on the cool side. we're seeing a big difference between the lows and the highs. santa rosa, 85. 93 livermore. east san jose, 84. today it's 87. 91, 95. and 89. san francisco only 67 yesterday did go 70, about average this time of year. the low should be 55. they checked in at 59. the fog favoring the north bay more so.
7:31 am
delta breeze still trying to hang on. not much of a after -- after that. low cloud, sunny and warmer especially away from the coast. warm to hot inland but not bad by the coast. 70s there but 90s through the interior. sal, everything all right. yeah, things are a little bit slow out there for this -- this is what you would call the hour of the commute where the peak of it, anyway. i want to show you something, 280 northbound is slow out of downtown san jose. it stays that way as you drive up into the valley. i can show it to you on the map. not only slow traffic on 28 all the way up into cupertino, but 101 is slow all way up into mountain view and 85 is also very slow. we've had a couple of crashes to report on the stretches.
7:32 am
i would think the traffic would be slow. southbound 880 between 238 and fremont is slow. 580 through livermore is not bad. neither is vasco road in that area. watch out for a little bit of slow traffic but not a lot. let's go to the bay bridge where you can see the traffic is backed up for a 20-minute delay before you make it on the bridge. 7:31. back to the desk. thank you. we're following breaking news. a reporter and photographer at a television station in virginia were shot to death during a live report this morning. pam cook has more on the suspect and how the shootings have devastated people at the station on a number of levels. >> the shooting happened during their morning newscast during a live interview at a local shopping mall at about 6:45 virginia time. we're not showing the disturbing video but they were on live tv at the same and you can hear multiple gunshots as the crew was talking with the
7:33 am
local of chamber of commerce there. 24-year-old alison parker and 27-year-old adam ward were shot to death in the attack about 25 miles from roanoke at point blank range. the manhunt continuing. you are looking at the video for the gunman who may be partially visible on the video of that shooting. now, the station is in shock and calls this a terrible crime against two fine journalists. >> alison and adam died this morning shortly after 6:45 when the shots rang out. we do not know the motive. we do not know who the suspect -- or who the killer is. we do know that the franklin county sheriff, i just got off the phone with the sheriff, and before that with the state police, they are working very diligently to track down the
7:34 am
motive and the person responsible. >> that's the general manager at the station. the station says both alison and adam grew up and went to college in virginia. alison parker had been an intern at that station before becoming a reporter there. she was also dating the evening anchor at the station. adam ward, the forecaster was a graduate of virginia tech and was engaged done married to the morning news producer there. it's particularly hard on that whole station in mourning this morning. a competing station in virginia sent us this photo shows colleagues watching the statement, clearly in shock in their newsroom. a roanoke police spokesperson said officers had been posted at other television stations and media outlets as a precaution. there are also reports that local schools are now on lockdown as a precaution as well while deputies search for the gunman but the motive for
7:35 am
the shooting is not clearly known at this point but we are just getting reports that the shooter may be someone who either worked or has been working at that station. virginia's governor saying the arrest may be imminent. so it sounds like they might have a pretty good idea at this time but just for all of us here we've had our news crews attacked in the field along with some of our colleagues in the bay area. and it's just particularly disturbing as people are just out doing their jobs for the public. >> the governor in virginia is now saying that there is a chase underway for the suspect. according to the governor, the arrest of that on-air shooting suspect is imminent. we don't have it confirm. but it seems as it might happen any moment. >> we're following it for you. >> hopefully they catch him now. >> definitely disturbing for all of us in the business. all right. thank you. testimony is set to
7:36 am
continue this morning in the preliminary hearing for the man accused of killing a woman on san francisco's pier 14. investigators testified yesterday that tourists capture photos of the suspect before and after the shooting of kate steinle back on july 1st. one woman staying at a hotel across the street said she heard a gunshot, went to a window. she saw people running toward the victim but took a picture of the one man walking away. another woman also stoeld police she took a picture of the same man sitting on a chair on the pier before the shooting. steinle could also be seen in the picture. police arrested lopez sanchez nearby after the shooting. he later became the focal point for a national debate about immill dpration -- immigration. steinle's autopsy report says the bullet that killed her may have ricocheted off smog else. it may have struck an
7:37 am
intermediate target. but says the railings along the pier was unsuccessful. a judge will determine if lopez sanchez will be sent to a jury trial on a murder charge. the man charged with killing scott lucker was back in court. he didn't enter a plea yesterday. he's charged with murder with special circumstances. sash gent lucker was shot and killed during an early-morning traffic stop july 2nd -- july 22nd. his attorney said his client is dealing with medical issues. next court date is october 9th. 7:37. switching gears or hitting the brakes whatever wayant you want -- whatever way you want to say it, a new report shows bay area drivers are among the most stressed in the country. janine de la vega is never stressed out and joins us live
7:38 am
from san jose. >> reporter: good morning. the study also looked at just how much time are we wasting just sitting in traffic and among the top ten are numerous california cities, los angeles ranked number 2. that was followed by san francisco and san jose. researchers from texas a&m and a washington-state based traffic organization ended up doing this study. they found that the average san francisco commuter was delayed 78 hours a year. in san jose, it was 67 hours. researchers say the reason behind the crowded roads is an improving economy. more jobs means more people will on the road -- are on the roads. authors say the situation is only expected to get worse. when it came to stress, researchers say that the san francisco oakland area topped the list while the south bay came in 7th. >> i enmoo, i see it every day. there's a lot of people that are kind of ticked off.
7:39 am
i can understand where they are coming from. the freeways need to be bigger, you know, maybe double-decker freeways or something. i don't know. >> all of the time waiting in the gridlock is causing people to lose money and wasted fuel, time and productivity. drivers lose nearly $17 million a year and 14 in the silly dron convalley -- silicon valley. you. >> have to be patient. >> thank you. a new report is raising a lot of questions about the security of sensitive data stored by many of the state's agencies. california's auditor says many state agenciesent are complying with -- agencies are not complying with our standards.
7:40 am
that's leaving them vulnerable to a major security breach of sensitive data. the data could be at risk of unauthorized use, disclosure or disruption. the report also finds that many of the agencies haven't sufficiently planned for what to do if there is a data breach. ed lee says homeless people who camp out along the embarcadero will have to leave before the super bowl in february. he told the chronicle homeless people will be offered alternative places to sleep and that the message is already going out that they will not be abe loid to continue to live on the street -- allowed to continue to live on the streets. we're continuing to also monitor the stock market that has been down more than up. coming up, we'll check the international markets do see how things are shaping up -- to see how things are shaping up
7:41 am
in today's trading. up next, a bold heist at a san francisco produce store. good morning. 101, san francisco, that morning commute is looking pretty good but getting to the city from the east bay, we'll show you what that is like coming up. low clouds in place. not as much as the past couple of mornings. the inland temps continue to warm up. a lot of 90s. but there are changes by friday. more on that.
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7:43 am
welcome back. 7:43. police in san francisco are looking for a thief who made off with $33,000. surveillance video captured the
7:44 am
man on august 13th making his way into the back of the store and in the office. in that office was an unlocked cashbox filled with money. >> he puts them in his pocket, and his tote bag and he quickly walks out of the produce market. and it happens just like that. >> well, police say the man was in the store for about two minutes. now, he's described as 6 feet tall, 35 to 50 years old, wearing a green sweat shirt, dark colored pants. comment with information is asked to call san francisco police. 7:44. the wine train has issued a written apology for the group of women kicked off -- kicked off the train. the women were told originally they were laughing too loudly but they believe the real problem is 10 of the 11 members are african-american. they reported what happened on social media and used the lash tag laughing while black.
7:45 am
the wine train -- >> it was definitely a customer service issue 100%. >> not a race issue? >> not at all. >> we totally disagree. i mean, i don't know what to say other than i've been black all my life. i know what it feels like. >> the wine train ceo's written apology included an invitation to another trip to make better memories. the club members say they appreciate the offer but are not likely to take them up on the offer any time soon. h and m is offering a million dollars on a bright idea how to recycle their clothes. they are looking for ways to reuse cotton and other materials. fashion retailers like h and m are under fire for selling clothing at lower prices.
7:46 am
the company's revenues topped $18 billion last year. do you think you have what it takes to make kast's government run -- california's government run smoother? three state agencies are challenging californians to come up with ideas to make each department more efficient. the three ayen sips are caltrans, the department of alcoholic beverage control and the department of general services. the prize from each department is $25 grand. >> this is not a suggestion box. we're not gonna pay $25,000 for somebody who has a suggestion. it's a way to stream line a procedure. >> now, you can submit your ideas on each department's website and winners will be announced on december 31st. they love us unconditionally. now it's time to show them love. it's all about man's best
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friend. it was found in 2004. the goal here, brick attention to beloved pets and all of those dogs and other animals waiting in shelters for their forever homes. you don't have a dog you can participate by donating supplies to your local shelter. >> in honor of national dog day we would love to share a few pictures. this is from christie. this is knuckles. this one comes from lori and her english bulldog called moose. and lisa shows her dogs lola and lucy staying cool in the pool and safe with the little floaty. we're getting a lot of photos for you. we would love for you to share your pet with us. here's some of our family members with their family meles. claudine wong, mike mike --
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familiar members -- family members, claudine wong, mike mibach. >> do you have a dog? >> i don't. >> i think we've had turtles and dogs and cats. we're an animal-loving family. good morning, everybody. let's take a look at highway 4. we'll start there. i want to show you the traffic is still heavy coming up over the hill from pittsburg to concord. it's not affected by anything unusual. 680 is slow through pleasant hill and walnut creek. i also want to mention at the bay bridge toll plaza, we do have slow traffic here. it's about a 20, 25-minute delay getting into san francisco. also look at the rest of the east bay, you can see the traffic on 580 finally got slow. but it took a while. slow from livermore to dublin. gets better at 680 and it's okay as you drive into the area looking at 80 westbound.
7:49 am
if i can move the maps a little bit to the west. 80 from hercules to richmond. slow and we have slow traffic approaching the bridge. southbound 101 novato to about terra linda, we have stop and go traffic. but we don't have any accidents to blame for that. at 7:48. let's go to steve with today's forecast. thank you. we do have a decent fog bank. moving north, north bay, down the bay toward san jose. but inland temps are gonna warm up. there's already breaks in the low clouds. it looks to be burning off sooner. high pressure has been building in. i mean, kind of subtly. inland temps have been on their way up since sunday. looks pretty good. mostly sunny. i don't think nothing will be an issue. 64 west wind. we had an onshore breeze west at 15. san francisco, 59 to start. that's 4 above average. i mean, warm ocean temps are below average. that's about normal for this time of year. it's not giving an -- an
7:50 am
offshore flow. coast and bay kind of staying near normal. including oakland at 77 downtown. airport probably close to 75. san jose, this is downtown. not far away you can find warmer than this. 84 that's near average. i went 89 to 90 toward the east san jose. and then 90s for moegen hill and gilroy. plenty of low clouds. kind of filling in nicely. but they will burn off. 50s and 60s on the temps. novato was 53, 54. san rafael, 56. >> 57. half moon bay. i know the temperatures are warm in the afternoon. 21, gust to 28 at travis. that's really about -- unless it's a higher elevation or the delta, most locations report a calm condition. had a close call. pushed off. sierra nevada on the lee side. system we're focusing on is coming out of the gulf of alaska. that's nice. it's the moisture it's tapping into coming up from the
7:51 am
hawaiian islands. that's what gave all of that torrential rain. a lot of this will be in the form of high clouds. it's on its way for friday into saturday. will there be rain? yeah, northern california, i think maybe north of mendocino county will be the cutoff. we'll get a lot of cloud cover out of it. then the low will swing through on the weekend and that will drop temperatures, especially as we head toward sunday. a lot going on for august but today it's sunshine and warmer temps away from the coast. i mean, it's hot. 92, 96. 80s around. san rafael, novato, petaluma, santa rosa but st. helena, clearlake, -r9 os. same for fairfield, antioch, brentwood. 70s around the bay. 95 in livermore. these are above average. they were below a couple of days ago. same for morgan hill and gilroy. a lot of upper 80s. then mid-80s on the peninsula. 60s, 70s on the coast. they rebound well. even with the cloud and low clouds. hot inland thursday. it looks like more likely
7:52 am
friday into saturday and then much cooler on sunday. 7:51. people affected by the ashley madison hack are starting to take action of their own. we'll tell you what people in several states including here in california are doing after their names were leaked. first, take a look at this. a major oops and it's all caught on tape. the young boy damages a century- old masterpiece. we will show you how it happened. ashley madison
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
a wildfire in washington state is causing smoking skies and poor air quality. they are trying to tackle the fire burning along the border with canada. this has brought in firefighters from australia and new zealand. along with the help from australia, washington state officials are also calling in active duty military. that's the first time that's happened in nearly a decade. the map behind the coliseum project to keep the as and raiders summarized what he presented to the city and county last week but there's no clear financing plan for the 120-acre development that would combine housing and retail with a $900 million stadium for the raiders. >> i'm not the problem. and i'm not the solution.
7:56 am
the facilitation of the development would then show the'sability to generate -- the ability to generate capital that could be used for the stadium in some form or another. that's what i've been pushing to get approved. >> well, skeptics say finding the funding is a major obstacle that could be to large to overcome. oakland is still paying billions of dollars. if the raiders are eyeing a new stadium near l.a. that they would share with the chargers. there are indications that apple is planning a big event in san francisco next month. top-event preparations underway at the big graham civic auditorium. it's been booked for a private event from september 4th through the 14th. all the city will stay it's a trade show. but a well-placed source is telling ktvu apple is footing the bill. they expect the company to
7:57 am
unsale the iphone 6-s on september 9th. nearly 40 years ago, steve jobs introduced apple 2. >> something big is happening over there. a 12-year-old boy in thailand won't face punishment after tripping in a museum and punching a hole into a 350-year- old meeting. he's tripping, trying to break his fall but did so on an italian fainting val slew at almost $2 million. he was apparently listening to the guide and not watching where he was going. thing was repaired and put back up. you -- those navigating apps are good for getting around. but what about helping you avoid bad roads? an early-morning rescue operation after a man, woman and two dogs fell off the cliff in daly city. why firefighters had have a
7:58 am
hard time reaching the woman. goop. we're looking at a commute where traffic is gonna be busy as you drive on northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. we'll tell you coming up. sunny, warm to hot inland. coast and bay, though will be nice because of the fog but changes for everybody by friday. we'll explain why. it's a good looking car. ? this is the model rear end event. the model year end sales event. it's year end! it's the rear end event. year end, rear end, check it out. talk about turbocharging my engine. you're gorgeous. what kind of car do you like? new, or many miles on it? get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 passat models. or lease a pt limited edition for $189 a month after a $1000 bonus.
7:59 am
8:00 am
footballing. we begin this 8:00 a.m. hour with that developing news coming out of virginia.
8:01 am
>> a reporter and a photojournalist were gunned down during a live broadcast. the station says the 24-year- old reporter alison parker and 27-year-old photographer adam ward were shot during a live interview at a shopping mall just about 25 miles from roanoke. there were a number of gunshots as parker was interviews the head of the local chamber of commerce. the station says both victims grew up and went to college there in virginia. the woman who was interviewed is in surgery after being shot in the back. >> and sheriff's deputies are said to be in pursuit of the gunman. virginia's governor tells a radio reporter that the gunman was a disgruntled employee. we're working to confirm the details. the governor said the shooter's arrest appears to be imminent. pam cook will join us for more on the story.
8:02 am
closer tohome, the coast guard was called in for a rescue. >> allie rasmus is live at palisades park where a couple was walking with their dogs and they fell over the cliff. >> reporter: we have the video to show you. let's show you that right now. you could see the helicopter hovering by the side of the cliff for a while and then one of the officers is lowered down and attached him to the 54-year- old woman stuck on the side of the cliff in daly city overnight and then the two of them were hoisted up together back up into the chopper. now, we don't know the extent of the woman's injuries, all of this started around 1:00 this morning when the 54-year-old woman, 27-year-old man dogs for a walk. all of them tumbled about halfway down the cliff, about 150 feet down from the top. the map was able to climb up, walk to a house nearby and call for help. the woman could not. she was stuck on the side of the cliff with the two dogs.
8:03 am
basically overnight. now, north county firefighters tried to reach her on foot but her two dogs went into protective mode. the coast guard said they are working on a plan to help coax them off the side of the cliff if possible. if we take you back out here live, we can see one of the two dogs all the way -- made it all the way down to the bottom on the beach but you can see dog kind of looking around but he -- we watched him take a few steps and then stop. one of the two dogs mightable injured. the other dog, we don't know where it is. but the coast guard says they are trying to enact a plan to either find the dog and coax
8:04 am
the dog down or maybe help the dog down the cliff in some way. but back out here live, the woman who was stuck here overnight has been rescued. she was rescued about an hour ago. we don't know the extent of her injuries. we have a call into the coast guard to get an update on that and we'll bring you some more information as soon as we find out. bull the two dogs, one of them looks to be injured down on the beach. we can see one of the dogs on the beach. the other one, we don't see it here but the coast guard said they are working on a plan to rescue the dogs as wellle back to you. >> all right. thank you. let's get you ready for your day with a check of weather and traffic. warm to hot inland. not bad coast and bay. there's still plenty of low clouds around. inland temps, i know the nights are longer. that helps cool down things. the highs are back in the 90s for some that were about 15 degrees cooler on sunday. you can see the low cloud deck banked up there down toward san
8:05 am
jose. north bay taking the brunt of the low cloud. brentwood is up to 58. other locations with the 50s, berkeley and half moon bay. for some, it's on the cool side. for others it's warming up quick. decent delta breeze but that's the only breeze. most locations are on the calm side. higher clouds didn't make it from the monsoon clouds but they will make it from the hawaiian island and that low coming up from the gulf of alaska. but not in the saul and sunday. warm to hot inland. 90s, low to mid for some. 60s, 70s by had a pretty good morning. >> i'm talking about dwight clark. wait a minute. i will do the traffic. dwight -- dash dwight clarke is coming in later.
8:06 am
p good morning. let's talk about the commute if you are driving in brentwood at the corner of byron highway and marsh creek road. it's an overturned big rig that's making it very tough to get out of the brentwood discovery bay area. we go to the peninsula at 101, it's a little bit slow on 101 between burlingame and san francisco. san francisco traffic northbound 101 pretty slow through brisbane and south city getting up to the 280 interchange and 280 is backed up dunn to the 280, 101 interchange. let's take a look at live pictures. 880 northbound. a little bit slow as you pass the oakland coliseum area. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see the traffic is backed you for the typical 15, 20-minute delay before you make it onto the span. checked in with bart and
8:07 am
caltrain. no major issues. a robbery and a shooting of a tourist in san francisco is raising safety concerns. the tourist from thailand has treated at sf general. he was robbed at gunpoint near lombard and then shot when he went after the suspects. that's when the second suspect showed under driving a red cadillac. shots were fired hitting tourists in the shoulder. police spotted the get away car. the chase ended on 60th street. the thief and driver tried to run. officers arrested one right away. the police dog tracked and bit the second one about two hours later. other tourists are shocked by what happened. >> wow. >> unbelievable. we found it really safe so far. >> you feel protected and during the middle of the day, it's shocking. >> police chief greg suhr around the supervisor representing the russian hill
8:08 am
neighborhood plan to hold a news conference this afternoon at the crime scene. testimony set to continue this morning in the preliminary hearing for the man accused of killing a woman on san francisco's pier 14. investigators testified yesterday that tourists captured photos of the suspect lopez sanchez before and after the shooting of kate steinle on july 1st. one woman staying in a hotel across the street tells police she heard a gunshot, went to her window. she saw people running toward steinle but took a picture of the one man walking away. another woman told police she took a picture of the same man sitting on a chair on the pier before the shooting. steinle could be seen in the picture as well. police arrested lopez sanchez nearby after the shooting. he later became the focal point for a national debate about immigration. when it was revealed that he's been deported five times. steinle's autopsy was finealized yesterday. the report shows the bullet that killed her may have ricocheted off something else. the medical examiner said the
8:09 am
bullet may have struck a target but it also says a search for of the walkway and railings was unsuccessful. at the end of the preliminary hearing a judge will determine if lopez sanchez will be sent to a jury trial on a murder charge. 8:08. stocks are starting off strong. the dow is up 250 points. yesterday started about the same way and then took a nose dive at the end. yesterday, all three indexes -- the dow, s&p and nasdaq stayed up until the last hour and sank into negative territory. experts say if investors worry about another drop today, trading could be heavy but if people think this is the bottom of the market, fewer people are likely to sell. either way they stay there could be more wild swings and stock prices today and in the near futurele that comes after a mostly down day on asian
8:10 am
markets. most asian markets have lost 1%. japan was the exception. the nikkei finished with a 3.2% gain. after the asian index closed, the bank took more steps to boost its economy but that wasn't enough to encourage europe investors all of the major markets were closing with small losses. u.s. factories received a big jump in orders during july. durable goods orders were up 2%. most experts had expectedded a drop off in the orders that can signal businesses have the confidence. u.s. manufacturers, could see a decline next month as the u.s. dollar restrains strong against other currencies -- remains strong against other currencies. taxi drivers will try to convince the san francisco airport that it should not renew operating permits for ride share companies. the current permits expire on
8:11 am
august 31st. taxi drivers plan to show a that they claim shows uber and lyft drivers violating rules at sfo. they also accuse the ride share companies of failing to provide access to wheelchair users and refusing to require background checks for their drivers. and more local commuters are riding ferries to and from work. the san francisco ferry is expanding service through october. ridership increased more than 8% the last fiscal year during peak times, the vallejo line was 90% filled. oakland alameda was near 89 passengers. the extra boats are in response to passengers who have been complaining about overcrowding. >> such a pretty ride. >> it is. coming up, a heated exchange between donald trump and a network news anchor. see what led trump to kick out jorge ramos from his news conference. we're celebrating dogs in honor of national dog day. what the oakland animal shelter is doing.
8:12 am
and san jose northbound 280 getting she up into the santa clara valley right now as you can see, a lot of slow traffic trying to get to cupertino and sunnyvale all over the south bay. we'll tell you more about that -- coming up. warm to hot inland. not bad by the coast but changes, big changes by friday and saturday. maybe some rain in northern california. we'll explain where it's coming from.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
♪how much is that doggie in the window ♪ >> i want the one with the tutu. this is our celebration of national dog day taking a live look at the oakland abe mal shelter where they are highlighting the need to adopt out the dogs. >> this animal shelter is known to be at capacity or sometimes even over flowing at times. alex savidge is live at the shelter. >> reporter: they are all searching for those forever homes. happy national dog day. if you are looking for a pet maybe to bring home with you, boy, they have a lot of them here. we're at oakland animal services. let's meet a few of them.
8:16 am
this is wibny. win nip dressed up in the -- this is winnie. winnie dressed up in the ballet dress and that's lieu saw and that's daisy -- luna and that's daisy. these are some of a couple hundred dogs at oakland animal services looking for homes. rebecca, good morning. you are the director. >> i am. >> reporter: and you know all too well sometimes it can be hard to find them homes. >> it can be. it's national dog day every day here. we have a couple of hundred dogs at the shelter looking for holes. we have a foster program, about 18 looking for homes and a bunch at the shelter in need of new homes. we have three terriors that are loving and adorable. i'm hoping you will take one of them yourself. >> i know. >> he rebecca has been trying to convince me i need to take one of these dogs home. i don't have a dog. i have a son.
8:17 am
we've been talking about getting a dog for him. i kind of -- hi, daisy. how are you? let's see if daisy -- would you come home with me, daisy? >> daisy savidge. a nice ring. [laughter] >> reporter: tell me about daisy. >> she's about 2 years old. a yorkie. somebody took care of her but she ended up here at the shelter. we're seeing more dogs coming into the shelter as oakland experiences and economic boom. there's also the downside that some people are losing their homes and the pets get turned intoous. these are great family pets just looking for new homes. >> reporter: i think she's trying to get away from me. >> no, she's really not. [laughter] >> reporter: want to stay? another thing, you can foster a dog to see -- as she licks my face -- to see if the dog is a good fit for your family. >> we made the analogy to a
8:18 am
library. you can check out the dog, and return it if it's not perfect for your home. if you need to bring them back, that's okay, too. >> reporter: if it's not a good fit, no hard feed feetings? >> no hard feeting -- feelings. >> reporter: what do you think? >> i think you are coming home with a dog, alex. >> you better hope your little boy is not watching. >> reporter: they drive a hard bargain. >> it's not hard. you like her. i can tell. >> reporter: pretty easy. to be honest. all right. thank you. daisy says bye. >> we would love to share a couple of pictures. the first picture is from billy. it's of her dog chilling out at dylan beach. and rocky. we have another one bo and
8:19 am
bella. both were adopted by lori. getting a lot of pictures on our ktvu facebook page. we would love to see yours. we have a few loved furry pets as well. you can see a number of our reporters and anchors with their furry pets. we would love to see more of your pictures. time now is almost 8:19 sal castanedo mentioned that dwight clark is coming in to have a live interview. are you gonna go with mr. clark or just dwight? >> i feel like i know the guy. i have never met him but i want to thank him for saving us long suffering 4-r9ers gas. i'm old enough to remember when the 49ers -- 49ers fans. i'm old up in enough to remember. >> that's right. >> let's take a look at the
8:20 am
eastshore freeway. carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. the traffic at the toll plaza is going to be slow, of course when you get into san francisco. we can show you the toll plaza traffic and then there is a little bit of a break on the left-hand side. i told you about the south bay. i want to show you the map with all of the red on it. all of this slow traffic in sunnyvale? the only thingky say, everyone is going to work and school. it will take you a while to get there. southbound 880 slow from 238 to fremont. 580 is slow from livermore into pleasanton. on byron highway or at marsh creek there is an overturned big rig and a delay at the intersection. let's go to steve in the weather center. thank you, sal. we do have some on the forecast menu, pretty warm to hot conditions. there will be some 90s. hazy skies. low clouds favoring the north
8:21 am
bay and on the coast. signs it will burn off sooner. it may be national dog day but it's also -- my show is going to the cats. lori mcpherson sends us our new kitty mocha watching me every time i'm on. mocha was a rescue from the petaluma animal shelter which got him from the lake county fire. nice job, lohsery -- lori. 95 and 89 in san jose. i guess the only good news, the nights are longer. and you hit these 90s, they
8:22 am
don't last that long. we had a few 50s this morning. the delta breeze -- there's not really much of one. low clouds favoring the coast. after that, it will burn off and be nice. a lot going on. not today but there will be. system dropping down ual of the gulf of alaska. the there's two systems out there. it will start to funnel in toward us. it will start maybe late thursday and then into friday we look cloudy. the deeper moisture will favor areas to the north. by that i mean mendocino county, lake county. there will be a low forming. it will give us a pretty significant cooldown by the weekend and some rain up in northern california. i will keep lake county and mendocino county in the mix and by sunday, some of these 90s inland will drop to the upper 70s and 80s. changes on the way. not bad for august but today it's sunshine and warmer temperatures. it will be nice by the coast. but hot inland.
8:23 am
96 clearlake, 80s to 90s in between. 70s closer to the beaches. the os for -- 90s for some. 94 morgan hill, 97 dwil roy. judds, not too shabby at 82. 70 half moon bay. san mateo, upper 70s. woodside portolo valley, 80s. here come the higher cloud. i think we'll go cloudy by friday and into saturday. sunday will be significantly cooler. >> steve, you have tans fans every -- fans everywhere. cats, dogs, people. >> so do you, too. >> i don't get them tweeting me. >> you to have been more active on social media. probably the most famous play. san francisco 49ers' history. later on, we'll go one on one with the man who made the catch, dwight clark will be here in the studio. buying a car at toyota? be prepared to haggle to get
8:24 am
the lowest price how the automaker is changing their car pricing policy -- next. a new sea chance to tryew look. something different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. ♪ the 2015 cadillac srx. lease this from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:26. even before you ever step foot in a car dealership, most of us brace ourselves because we know we will have to haggle and bargain. >> toyota is now telling the dealers to keep the haggle
8:27 am
alive. starting in january, new guide tlins from the automaker will explicit prohibit dealers from advertising vehicles below invoice price. >> some car dealers don't like the plan since dealers get a check from the manufacturer each time they sell a car, they still make moneys sold below invoice. honda has a similar ban in place. your navigation system could actually help you avoid a pothole or two. >> google filed a patent for systems and methods for monitoring road qaut tifl the patent was filed last week. it's described as us using the gps and sensors to monitor the roads. it will upload to a cloud. there's no official word on if hour when this will be developed. very sad news. the shooting deaths of a young reporter and photographer in virginia. they were gunned down during a live report at a mall. coming up next, our pam cook comes back in the studio. she has new developments on the
8:28 am
shooting as well as a possible suspect. >> reporter: stress and delays. that's how bay area drivers are described in a new study out on traffic congestion. we'll tell you where we rank compared to the rest of the country. good morning. we're looking at the east bay commute and right now, traffic is going to be a little bit slow on 680 as you pass mission. we'll tell you more about that coming up. sunshine for many inland. there's plenty of low clouds and fog. it's the inland temps that are warming up. we'll talk about how warm and big changeses for friday.
8:29 am
8:30 am
following developing news this morning at 8:30. a nuz reporter and a
8:31 am
photojournalist were killed in virginia when a gunman shot them at point blank range. it happened during a live report. pam cook joins us with the latest developments. >> in the past hour, virginia's governor told a radio reporter that the shooting was carried out by a current or former employer. the man has opinion identified as vester flanagan. a police chase is underway and the gunman's arrest is imminent. for station, it's been heartbreaking. 24-year-old reporter alison parker and adam ward were shot to death in that attack just about 25 minute miles from roanoke. the woman being interviewed head of the local chamber of commerce, we understand was shot as well and is in surgery at this point. had the station is in shock as you can imagine and calls this
8:32 am
a terrible crime against two fine journalists. >> and our hearts are broken and our sympathies go to the entire staff here. but also the parents and family of adam ward and alley parker, who were just out -- alison parker who are just out doing their job. >> adam ward was a graduate of virginia tech and was engaged to be married to the morning news producer there at the station. and alison parker had been an intern at that television station was dating the evening anchor there and on twitter, he called her the most radiant person i have ever met. at this point in time a lot of information is coming out about the alleged gunman. we are hearing reports that he may have been an on-air personality and he may have ties to the bay area but again, that information is not confirmed. we're being very cautious at this point to make sure that we get all of this information confirmed. but again.
8:33 am
it sounds like the chase is underway. they expect an arrest shortly. we're foaling paul of the latest information in the newsroom. >> so much grief -- it was their first job right out of school. talk about the ties and the emotion and it's felt so deeply. >> we all feel like a family here at ktvu. we know each other so well and we share our kids' stories and all of that. it's just particularly heartbreaking. they interconnected as we are. >> business is small. >> and some of our crews have been attacked in the filed. it's particularly alarming. >> yes. >> all right. thank you. time to check weather and traffic for you. let's start with steve paulson. >> thank you. we do have some low clouds on the coast. there are a few breaks there. but inland it will be warm to hot. san francisco will warm you up to 70 degrees. some fog, but again, there's always a few microclimates.
8:34 am
but north bay down to the bay. starting the morning off with low clouds. 50s, 60s, very cal for some. some low to mid-50s. i know it's getting warm to hot. there's still an okay delta breeze. but that won't stop many from hitting the 90s. the changes will take place when the low starts to tap into that moisture coming up from the hawaiian i laund. maybe some rain. northern california by saturday. low clouds, sunny and warmer. warm to hot for some. low to mid-90s. everything okay, sal? do you have something new to report? >> i'm looking the something up-- i'm looking at something up here. byron highway at marsh look creek, it looks like that will be there for a while longer. if you go that way, you will be stuck. please give yourself plenty of time. byron at mar -- at marsh road.
8:35 am
it looks like that rig will be there for a while. at the toll plaza, there is a little bit of improvement. as you come into the city, about a 15, 20-minute delay. northbound traffic is going to be slow out of san leandro past the coliseum. it's way below the speed limit getting up into downtown. going the other way from 238 heading south. hayward to fremont, we have slow traffic and even a crash near stevenson. we have a lot of slow traffic in the east bay. back to the desk. a new nationwide study describes bay area drivers as stressed and delayed. janine de la vega reports from san jose on a report that examined the worst traffic in the country. >> reporter: it's not a title that we want but the san francisco/oakland area topped the list when it came to the
8:36 am
most stressed drivers. los angeles came in second and the south bay came in 7th. researchers from texas a&m studied nearly 500 urban streets and highways nationwide. they found that the average commuter was delayed 78 hours a year. san jose, 68 68 hours. all of the time waiting in the gridlock is causing people to lose money and wasted fuel, time and productivity. the study estimated that drivers lose nearly 1700 a year. we poke to workers about the traffic they deal with. >> i do have 25 trucks that i dispatch on a daily basis. i'm watching traffic very, vo slowly. it is what it is. i tell my drivers to be patient. drive defensively and be safe. >> reporter: researchers say an improved economy is to blame
8:37 am
for the congestion. more jobs means more people on the roads. authors of the study say state and local agencies can't solve the problem on their own. they are encouragings businesses to give employees more flexibility in when and how they work so commuting patterns can adjust. janine de la vega, fox 2 news. police in san francisco are looking for a thief who made off with $33,000. video captured him entering a produce market. he made his way to the back of the store and into an office. in that office was an unlocked cashbox filmed with money. >> he put some in his pocket and then some in his tote bag and walks out quickly. it happens just like that. >> police say the man was in the store for about two minutes. he's described as 6 feet tall, 35 to 50 years old. wearing a green sweatshirt and dark colored pant. anyone with information is asked to call san francisco police. well, police in canada are
8:38 am
teaming up with the fbi and law enforcement worldwide to crack the ashley madison hacking case. ashley is a dating website for married people created by a company in toronto. users in states in california and texas have filed lawsuits against the company. police are reporting that there are extortion attempts against people whose names are on the customer database. the company has offered a $380,000 reward for information about who is behind the attack. the city of palo alto and caltrain are teaming up to prepare vent suicides on the tracks. next week crews will start to install three motion detection cameras with with infrared technologies. the cameras will scan up and counsel the tracks along the right-of-way and at san bernardinos. they are will be programmed to send a call to 911 if a person is detected. >> if someone was on the tracks or walking back and forth, we
8:39 am
would be able to intervene. >> the city also plans to install about four miles of new fencing along the tracks. since last october, four teens have been killed on the tracks in palo alto. there's also a cluster of suicides in 2009 and 2010. the napa valley wine train has issued a written apology to the group of women kicked off the train last weekend. originally, the women were told they were laughing too loudly but the nells of the sistahs on the reading edge book club, ten of 11 are african-american. wine train's ceo says his staff mishandled the issue. it was insensitive of workers to march the women down the train center aisle and to have police waiting for them outside. >> definitely a customer service issue, 100%. >> not a race issue? >> not at all. >> we totally disagree. and, you know, i mean, i don't
8:40 am
know what to say other than i've been black all my life. i know what it feels like that. >> the wine train's ceo written apology included a free trip. they appreciate the offer but are not likely to ever board again. >> the man behind the city project to keep the as and raiders in oakland showed off the stadium proposal he submitted to city propose as. yesterday, he summarized what he presented to the city and council last week but there's no clear financing plan for the development that would combine housing and retail with the stadium for the raiders. >> i'm not the problem and i'm not the solution. the facilitation of the development would then show the ability to generate capital that could be used for the stadium in some form or another and that's what i have been pushing to get approved.
8:41 am
>> well, skeptics say finding funding is a major obstacle that could be too large to overcome. oakland is still paying millions of dollars each year for the upgrade to get the raiders to return. the raiders are now eyeing a new proposed stadium near l.a. that they would share with the chargers. donald trump is stirring up a new media feud after having univision host jorge ramos thrown out. >> sit down. sit down. go ahead. no, you don't. >> security escorted ramos out but he was later allowed back in to question trump. ramos pointed to a recent poll that shows trump's proposal to deport 11 million undocumented imm i grants from the u.s. is hurting him among latino voters. [inaudible] >> i don't think i will. >> nationwide -- >> i haven't even started.
8:42 am
>> in the meantime, fox news is calling on trump to apologize to megyn kelly. trump took to twitter on wednesday to say he liked her show better while she was away on vacation. 8:41. it's been ten years since the category 5 hurricane wiped out parts of louisiana and mississippi. we'll take a look back at the damage left by hurricane katrina and where things stand today. but first an interview with one of joe montana's favorite receivers, he's in the studio. dwight clark. he's coming up next about his thoughts about the 49ers.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
third and 3. montana, looking, looking, throwing in the end zone. clark caught it! dwight clark. >> never gets old, the catch! one of the most famous plays in football history. he catches the ball and wins that championship game against the cowboys with seconds to spare. joining us live in the studio, dwight clark himself. >> hi, everybody. >> how do you feel when you see
8:46 am
that video? i. >> i can -- i can never see that video enough. that's old video. almost 34 years ago. i mentioned he whats gonna be here and my twitter time line lit up so you are still relevant to 49er fans. one of the things you wanted to talk about was a new way to watch football. >> comcast becoming more than a cablen. it's becoming a technology company like most things. you know, it's growing fast and with this new sports app or sports experience that they have, if you have the x-1 box, you automatically get all of these stats with data. pregame comparisons of the teams and the players. injury reports. if you are a fantasy football player, it's a must have, you have to have this thing. it lists more data and more stats than you could ever keep up with but it's great to have
8:47 am
if you love football. >> you have partnered up with comcast for this x-1 sports app. back in the heyday when you made the catch, people didn't have cell phones. it was -- these days everybody in the station has approached you. we've asked for selfies. do you still get requests for autographs or is it about the selfies? >> i get both. i'm just happy -- i haven't played since '87. i'm just excited that people still want my autograph. if you are with a group and people aring looking down -- people are looking down at
8:48 am
their stats, you don't have to do that. the states come up on the side of the tv. so everybody can see them at the same time. it's a cool app. >> what do you think about the 49ers now? i know they've had troubles off the field. but maybe you can talk about that and also how you think the people are do this year. >> it's been a rough offseason but i think the 49ers have a handle on it now. they've actually contacted some of us veterans to come in and be mentor scbls what are you telling them in terms of how to conduct yourselves on the field and off the field? >> we just started. they had a meeting with us and kind of said what does it mean to be a 49er football player? how did you do it in the past? we're putting this plan together and the coach has welcomed this. he says you guys won five spwoebles -- won five super
8:49 am
bowls. tell us what to do. we'll probably be in the cafeteria bringing that feeling of how we did it back to these guys. >> what does it feel like to be one of the two guys who basically singlehandedly changed the history of the 49ers franchise were that one play? >> the greatest part -- it's an incredible feeling. but the greatest part, you hear from so many fans their stories about where any were and how desperate be -- where they were and how desperate they were to beat the cowboys and finally get over the hump. that play --ish was just one of 11 guys guy -- i was just one of the 11 guys out there.
8:50 am
>> do you ever talk to ebberson? >> i talk to him all of the time. >> what do you think when you see candlestick reduced to rubble at this point? not even rubble. they've carted it away. >> it makes me sad but things move on. i was driving up 101 coming up to the giants' game, you look over there at the stadium and half of it was done. i went up two weeks later and the whole thing -- it was out of there. i wish they could have stayeded in stayed -- stayed in san francisco. that would have been great and i understand things have to move on. that's a gorgeous stadium. >> we wish we could have you here for the next ten hours. >> you guys can go away. we'll talk to dwight. >> thank you. >> having too much fun over there. >> thank you. >> can i ask dwight -- do you
8:51 am
watch hard knocks? >> no. it makes me miss football too much. it's real. that's the real stuff. it's a great show. >> it is. >> i'm here with my workout buddy steve paulson. what's the weather gonna be like? >> well, it's going to be one- two punch. warm to hot. 90s through the interior. low cloud deck around. it's retreating. inland temps warming up pretty quick, already 70 in brentwood. not as fast as concord. santa rosa north bay dealing with more fog right now. low clouds and a decent delta breeze but i expect that to come down because most locations are less than 5 miles an hour. on the lee side some of the sierra, you get some of the monsoon clouds. we are focuses on our attention on that system coming downg to the exwuk sand a lot of moisture coming up from the hawaiian islands. it looks like some of this heading in our direction.
8:52 am
at least northern california for us by friday into saturday and maybe some rain to the north. stay tuned. if it does happen, it would be on saturday. maybe friday night. 90s through the interior. 60s and 70s for others. the extended outlook does call for warm to spot conditions inland into thursday and then cloudy to mostly cloudy friday and saturday. where am i going? brian? >> i think so. it's been ten years since hurricane katrina defendant a path of destruction in new orleans and across the gifl coast. tomorrow the president will travel to new orleans to meet fa with with -- to meet with families still recovering from the storms. some areas hit hard were in mississippi. an elementary school in bay st. louis was completely destroyed. the water level reached 6 feet high. survivors of the storm built a children's play ground they
8:53 am
teamed with a nonprofit called where angels play. we'll have more news when we come back. so, what did you guys they think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry!
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you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models. or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus.
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a an update on breaking news. the virginia news crew shot to death outside of rhone the station is reporting that the suspect vester flanagan has killed himself. >> he may have been known as bryce williams. a person by that name posted videos of -- this morning's shooting of a reporter and photographer on facebook and twitter. they've since been taken down. >> we're looking into possible bay area connections to the shooting suspect. again, the late news we're getting into the last couple of minutes is that the shooting suspect has shot and killed himself. this all unfolded this morning when a photographer and a reporter for that tv station were out doing a live shot, something they do every dray for work. they were shot and killed in the course of that live report.
8:56 am
there was a still framed of the suspected shooter and that helped police, no doubt, in their investigation. there was a chase on the freeway. the governor said he believed the arrest was imminent and now we're learning the shooting suspect is dead. >> you saw a pictures of the two victims there. our thoughts and prayers go out to their families as well as wbdj this morning. want to check in with sal. quick check. we have a look at the toll plaza. a lot of waiting to do. we're also looking at the east bay commute with interstate 880. it's slowing down both directions from 238 north and spwucket south and you can see traffickism proving a little bit on 680 and 580. low clouds, coast and bay. that will turn off. it's hot inland. we cloud it up friday and
8:57 am
saturday. could be some rain mendocino county, lake county. >> the one one bright spot in our -- the one bright not in our day, is that dwight clark just visited us in the studio. >> talk about a nice break from the news going on. >> yeah. we played the video of the catch. if we can that again, i would love to loop it but a little bit of good news on a day like this does us wonders and maybe for you. we appreciate him coming on and talking to us. >> had you met dwight before? >> never. he watches us apparently. >> he said we're like his family. >> there you go. >> very nice to hear from from a guy i watched growing up. there it. in' is. very nice of him to come in. >> no wonder why he made the catch. his -- >> his hands are big.
8:58 am
>> that was -- they scripted that play. if watt wouldn't have been in the position, he would have thrown it out of owndz so the cowboys couldn't get it. >> thanks for joining us. see you back here tomorrow.
8:59 am
9:00 am
now meet the volunteer firefighter who faces down danger, wouldn't give it up for anything. >> there's just nothing like it. >> it's a video inside an elevator that -- is freaking us out. >> the delivery man who went all the way down. >> she's been modeling for years but says now -- >> casting director thinks she's way too big. >> the video


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