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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 26, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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new information tonight about the two young journalists gunned down while conducting an interview on live television. what we've learned about them, and the gunman's extensive ties to the bay area.
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good evening, i'll julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. he was a television news reporter, but today, he made news for all the wrong reasons. a graduate of bay area state, fired by a television station in roanoke, virginia two years ago. today he emerged from the shadows and ambushed two former colleagues, as they were carrying out an interview on live television. we're going to begin our coverage, not by talking about the gunman, but by talking about the victims. >> reporter: three victims were shot, frank. the reporter, the photographer, both killed, and the woman that they were interviewing is in the hospital tonight. alison parker was doing her job. a routine interview on tourism. her friend and colleague photographer adam ward was behind the camera. a team who worked closely together, rising stars at wdbj and then as viewers watched on
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live tv, the gunfire began coworkers, shocked, in horror watched it all. the station general manager later delivered the news. >> we have determined through the help of the police and our employees that alison and adam died this morning. >> reporter: shock and grief and tears have slowly emerged. shared online in tweets from the station. we love you, alison and adam. and from those who loved the victim's most. alison parker was 24 years old. a former intern at the station who became a bright spot in the newsroom, hard working, with the dream of becoming a national correspondent. she and her boyfriend, chris hurst had moved in together and planned to get married. >> when we had our 6 month anniversary, she made a scrapbook for me. i put in all of the pictures that we spent together for the first six months. >> reporter: in a statement, alison's father said his grief
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was unbearable. not hearing her voice again crushes my soul. adam ward, a 27-year-old photographer loved sports. a graduate of virginia tech, described as happy-go-lucky. he found the love of his life in melissa ott. it was her last day producing the morning somehow, and she was in the control room watching as her fiance fell. the woman being veer viewed was shot in the back. she went through surgery, and is now in stable condition. the only surviver. it is a loss that has touched strangers too, who bring candles, and flowers, and message of support. wondering how so much life and love and promise can vanish so quickly. alison's boyfriend says that her last text to him said sleep well, sweet boy. her alma mater james madison university is opening up a scholarship fund in her memory.
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through all of this pain and shock in losing their colleagues, what was remarkable to me was how these journalists kept going. they kept reporting the news about the search for the gunman, for the public. really, that shows a great deal of strength in that newsroom. >> i can't get over seeing the picture of them. and thinking that the photographer's fiance was actually in the control room. >> on her last day of work. >> they had celebrated. they said alison had brought in balloons. they were celebrating this new start to their future and to see it end this way is really tragic. >> there are no words to describe how sad it is, jana, thank you. now to the gunman. the crime and the motive. wdbj is the cbs affiliate in roanoke. vester flanagan had worked there as a reporter. he was fired in february of 2013 and disgruntled to this
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day. in a manifesto after today's attack, he described hip self as a human powder keg. how the events unfolded. >> reporter: 24-year-old reporter alison parker and adam ward never saw him coming. police say it was a former reporter, vester flanagan, known on tv as brice williams, fired from the same roanoke tv station more than two years ago. after the shooting, flan began took to twitter and facebook posting his own video of the attack. around 6:45, investigators say flanagan fled the scene. at 11:00 a.m., police found his mustang at the roanoke regional airport, where they believe he got into a chevy rented earlier this month. 30 minutes later, a virginia state trooper spotted flanagan on i66. despite speeding away, they say flanagan crashed minutes later in the median.
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190miles from where he started. police radio recordings captured what happened next. >> shooting, 16-mile marker. self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> reporter: flanagan later died at a hospital. >> it's obvious there was this gentleman was disturbed in some way of the way things had transpired at some point in his life. it would appear things were spiraling out of control. >> reporter: more evidence of that in a manifesto flanagan faxed to abc news after the attack. he pointed to the charleston church shooting as motivation and said he was the victim of discrimination at work for being a black, gay man. but wdbj station manager said those were fabricated and he fired flanagan because he was difficult to work with. >> he was sort of looking out for people to say things that he could take offense to.
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and eventually after many incidents of his anger coming to the fore we dismissed him. >> reporter: it wasn't the first time flanagan portrayed himself as a victim, he filed a lawsuit against another tv station in florida in 2000, alleging racial discrimination. both sides settled the case a year later and it was dismissed. >> vester flanagan grew up in oakland, where his mother taught in the public school system. after high school flanagan went to san francisco state and got his start in television at kpix channel 5 in san francisco. over the years he also worked in san diego, sacramento, florida, and virginia. he has family in vallejo where neighbors now know him well. >> this average middle class neighborhood in vallejo woke up
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stunned. >> just sad all over. just really, really, really sad. >> reporter: vester flanagan, the man police say shot and killed a reporter and photographer in virginia, used to live here in this house on garnett drive. logan reyes lives here now, and still gets mail for flanagan. >> for a person like that, who used to live here, disgrace. >> he's a soft spoken person. a gentle giant. >> reporter: flanagan's neighbor for three years. >> i was shocked. >> reporter: shocked to hear flanagan seemed to have anger issues, a self-described human powder keg, ready to explode. >> i didn't see any of those anger issues, so i don't know that person. >> reporter: flanagan graduated from skyline high school. friends remember him as the smiling kid in this senior picture. >> it is totally out of his character. >> reporter: virgil barker remembers a very different person than the one he saw on
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the news today. >> i never seen it coming. you couldn't tell me that he did that. i can't believe it. i will never believe it, but it happened. >> reporter: flanagan got a radio tv degree at sf state in 1993. his father, vester sr. was a standout football player at humboldt state and a former green bay packer, described as a fixture in this neighborhood. >> the grandfather of the block, like a huge security blanket for us. >> reporter: now his family is grieving too. >> honestly, if i see him, i will just go give him a big hug. >> reporter: the flanagan family asked for privacy all day. but this evening, a car with family members and a spokesperson stopped at the house to make a statement. >> it is with heavy hearts and deep sadness we express our deepest condolences to the families of alison parker and adam ward. we are also praying for the recovery of vicki gardner. our thoughts and prayers at
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this time are with the victims' families, and with wdbj television station family. >> reporter: the family didn't want to answer questions, but said they are heartbroken. in vallejo, noel walker, ktvu, fox 2 news. it's been 20 years since flanagan worked at kpix in san francisco, and former anchor woman, barbara rogers issued this statement. like so many other new employees, he just wanted to be on tv and do a good job. now he is on tv, but in the worst possible way. my condolences to all of the families who were affected by this tragedy. >> every year journalists are killed doing their jobs. it mostly happens overseas. rarely are journalists killed in america. one of the last journalists to be killed on u.s. soil was oakland reporter chauncey bailey, he was editor in chief of the oakland post. he was shot to death in 2007 on
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his way to work at 14th and jackson in downtown oakland. two men associated with a shop called your black muslim bakery were convicted of killing bailey apparently because of a story he was writing on the bakery's finances and criminal activity. changes to car seat rules in california. the new requirement now awaiting the governor's signature. and what it will mean for families. >> tracking the forecast for your bay area thursday, increasing clouds. increasing humidity, and warm to hot temperatures. it's going to be sticky tomorrow. i'll let you know what the temperatures will be in your backyard. >> here in the south bay, a fire destroys five businesses. we'll tell you what happened, and who the police are looking for.
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powerful explosions spark a fire that burned for hours, destroying five businesses at a strip mall in santa clara. witnesses say there were some scary, and tense moments after a car rammed into a gas line, triggering those explosions. now, police are looking for the driver responsible. the fire leveled the quinciana strip mall. ktvu's amber lee is live at the scene after talking to people who were there when it happened. >> reporter: julie, this is still a very active scene. there are plenty of performers and pg and e workers here, keeping an eye on the situation and cleaning up. all of this started shortly
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before 4:00 this afternoon. the fire's point of origin is this burning gas meter next to a laundromat. police say a woman drove her white two door honda accord into the gas line. >> just a pretty big, loud boom and i had no idea at that point what had happened. i didn't realize the car had hit a gas line. >> reporter: the car caught a customer by surprise. he says he ran out to his car. >> i thank god i'm alive. >> reporter: the laundromat was the first to burn, followed by four other businesses, all destroyed. >> i think he's in shock. sad. >> reporter: mario was inside the restaurant when the fire broke out. all that's left, this cash register salvaged by a worker. >> it's devastating.
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sad. in half an hour, everything was destroyed. >> reporter: witnesses tell me, they heard three explosions. fire officials say two people suffered minor jeers. a firefighter and a person inside the laundromat. it wasn't until around 8:50 tonight that pg and e located the line workers needed to pinch and shut off and put out the remaining flames. >> we don't want to use water and put it out, because then we'd have a gas leak, and it could be a much larger plume and a bigger explosion. >> reporter: business is lost, but hope is eternal. >> planning to rebuild. >> reporter: other businesses destroyed included a lounge, a hair salon and a liquor store. >> what about the woman in the white honda accord? >> reporter: i checked in with police. they tell me they're looking at surveillance video from this area to try to track her down. she's described as a latina,
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again, a 1990s model white honda accord. >> amber, thank you. now to san francisco where the city's police chief and a city supervisor have a message for tourists after a visiter from thailand was robbed and shot. supervisor julie christianson, and police chief greg suhr say what happened is rare. the tourist was shot after being reported in the middle of the afternoon yesterday. the suspects were arrested a few hours later in oakland. they've been identified as eric anthony espanol and brian fox, both of san francisco. supervisor christianson says these kinds of crimes are unacceptable. i don't want -- >> i don't want to give people the idea that they can come to this neighborhood or san francisco and commit these kind of crimes. in fact, somehow okay, or they're going to get off with a hand slap. >> christianson said she and the chief are working to make sure violent and repeat offenders are given punishments
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that fit the crimes. the tourist who was shot is from thailand. he is expected to make a full recovery. new evidence against juan sanchez, accused in the shooting death of a woman on san francisco's pier 14. as tara reports, the new evidence is in line with an autopsy report that revealed, the victim may have been struck by a ricochet bullet. >> reporter: francisco lopez sanchez showed little emotion, yawning, and closing his eyes on occasion. the victim struck the concrete walkway before striking kate steinly, killing her. >> i doubt an expert marksman could make that shot. a ricochet shot off a concrete surface. certainly not from a distance of 30 yards. >> reporter: public offender matt gonzalez says clearly this
10:18 pm
was an accident, a misfiring of the firearm. so is there a chance that the judge could downgrade the murder charge? >> we're hopeful he will not find this is malice aforethought. >> reporter: most of the evidence presented in court was in line with the ricochet bullet theory. prosecute the picture of the flattened bullet used in the shooting, to two of kate steinle's -- according to initial statements made by lopez sanchez to police, he was firing a sea lion. the gun had been stolen just days before. sanchez is not charged with that crime. the public defender has called another firearms expert to the stand tomorrow. he is expected to explain how misfirings are not that uncommon with this particular type of gun.
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in san francisco, ktvu, fox 2 news. wall street rebounded today from six days of steep losses and did so in a big way with a rally that kept on picking up steam. the market started the day up, then soared late in the session. the dow gained 619 points. that's its third largest gain ever. a lot of cheering there when a closing bell rang. all three major indexes were up 4% on the day, and that likely brought a sense of at least some relief for all the americans worried right now about their retirement plan. but analysts are still worrying there may be more volatility in the days ahead. one board member at the federal reserve said next month may be too soon for a rate hike. tracking the warmth today. temperatures got up there.
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98 in antioch. 96 in fairfield. these numbers are going to be similar to what we experience tomorrow. it might even be a little bit warmer. you may notice the humidity out there. the humidity really came up this afternoon. high clouds from the subtropics are moving in. that's the story tomorrow too. we're going to see more of those clouds coming off the pacific from all of those tropical storms. in an el nino year, you get lots of activity from the pacific. we're going to see a lot of moisture the next couple of days in the form of humidity and clouds, and it's going to feel like it with temperatures tomorrow back into the mid-90s inland. it's just going to get that sticky feel. 72 right now in fairfield. so it's warm. 79 in concord. 76 in livermore. humidities are 45, 50% in these inland valleys. usually, it's in the 18, 20% range. it's pretty much doubled.
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55 in santa rosa right now. 62, or pardon me, tomorrow morning in santa rosa. 62 will be the overnight low out in the concord area. as we head into your bay area thursday, 70s at the coast, not bad. 80s around the bay, and mid- to upper 90s in the inleft-hand side bay valleys. probably the warmest day of the week. when i come back, that's tomorrow, when i come back, we're going to talk specifically about the rain, or the showers that are in the forecast for northern california, and maybe something for us. see you back here after the breaks. a campaign against homeless people. one man's effort to rid the streets of what he calls squaller by targeting the services they use. >> the oakland raiders now have a newly renovated state of the art training facility right here in the bay area. >> first, a dead whale severed in the alameda.
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a dead whale remains lodged tonight under a dock near alameda's marina village. it was discovered by 6 this morning. it's huge. the coast guard believes the whale expressway been dragged into san francisco bay by a ship. researchers took tissue and blood samples to try to determine what type of whale it is. it measures between 40 and 45 feet long. no word yet on when or how that whale is going to be removed from the water. in marin county, two homeless outreach centers in san rafael are coming under fire tonight. their leases are up for renewal, and one man is waging a campaign to make them move. ktvu's ken wayne in san rafael tonight with the debate. >> frank, he's a man who was san rafael's citizen of the year last year. some homeless advocates say he's a man who is showing
10:25 pm
little compassion. >> reporter: hugo landecker says he's had it. >> they want to cause trouble in the community. they don't care about themselves, they don't care about anything. >> reporter: he says he's tired of seeing people sleeps or passed out. tired of the litter and human waste. >> we have people that won't go downtown because of what they see and witness. >> reporter: he says by moving homeless services out of town, the homeless would also leave. >> if you're homeless, anything you need, we've got it. that's why they come here. >> very familiar with mr. landeckeer. >> reporter: the center says it provides everything from food and clothing to hot showers, and mental health and substance abuse counseling. >> the depth of his protection for his town has from my perspective really eliminated his sense of compassion. >> reporter: albert ellis has been homeless for eight years.
10:26 pm
he also knows about landecker. >> it's not so much what i think of him, it's what he doesn't understand. human needs. the biggest one is sleep. that's the first thing people who are homeless are deprived of. >> reporter: he now has more than 400 members. he's also proposing a massive homeless assistance program, and sending san rafael's homeless there. >> here's two and a half square miles of land. i am about solutions, and i see the problem. it's getting worse. >> reporter: leases on two of the ritter center properties expire in december. he is trying to convince the landlord not to renew those leases. the litter center says it is looking for another property that better suits its needs, but says if it can't find another property, it does expect that those leases will be renewed.
10:27 pm
>> ken wayne, thank you. the mormon church said today it intends to maintain its affiliation with the boy scouts despite the scouts' decision to allow gay troop leaders. church affiliated troops may still exclude them. church leaders can appoint leaders according to their own religious and moral values. the san jose airport gets a new non-stop flight to europe. plus san francisco cabbies sounding off about uber and other ridesharing companies ahead of a decision on who can pick up fares at sfo. >> for new parents or parents to be, there could very well be new changes to california's child car seat rule.
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new at 10:00, a change to california's child car seat law may soon be on the books. supporters have passed legislation requiring infants and toddlers to stay in rear facing seats longer for their own safety. ken pritchett is live now with what this means for parents. >> reporter: well the statistics may have helped push this legislation through according to those statistics we are facing child seats reduced fatalities and some say they turn their children forward too soon. >> reporter: big boys now who ride facing forward. >> when they was 1 years old, and 3 years old. >> backwards huh? >> yeah. >> reporter: their father says they rode in rear facing seats until they were 2. california law requires children to be in rear facing
10:31 pm
seats until they reach 12 months. new legislation that passed the senate today would change that to 2 years old. >> i'm a proponent of that. >> reporter: brian crawly is the owner of it trains parents on how to use car seats. he says often parents turn their kids around too soon. >> it can be potentially a little more difficult. sometimes it can be a convenience aspect. >> reporter: a 2007 study by the journal injury prevention found children younger than 2 are 75% less likely to die or be severely injured if buckled into a rear facing car seat. >> all the data and the statistics that i've seen is that it's safer to have that child in the rear facing position. >> reporter: this little would
10:32 pm
set a new standards by california for car seattle safety for children. it is on the governor's desk and all of this requires the governor's signature. >> did you find anybody who was against this idea? >> reporter: none that was vocal. i did take a look at the bill, and there was no opposition to it, and it did pass the senate by a bipartisan vote of 37-7. to say that a developer has big plans for the former valco shopping mall in cupertino would be an understatement. these are the visions for that 30-acre site. it's a $3 billion project. it would include an elevated park with the world's ladies world's largest green roof. plus shopping, office space, and housing. to get approval, the developer is also promising $40 million pour school. ridesharing companies, such
10:33 pm
as uber and lyft have gotten a green light to continue operating. >> reporter: at san francisco airport, we saw way more ubers and lyfts than cabs. the taxi cab workers alliance called to once again complain about uber, lyft, side car, and other transportation companies. cabbies show they're not waiting in cell phone lots, but instead are constantly cruising airport road, causing congestion. cabbies also say the drivers sometimes look for riders to flag them down. >> the airports should not be renewing their permits, because they're not following the rules they have right now. >> reporter: the cabbies want uber and other cars to be permanently marked with nonremovable logos, as cabs
10:34 pm
are. they want tmc drivers to be fully vetted with checks, as cabbies are. >> the sheer numbers of tnc's at the airport is increasing. the number of taxi pickups at the airport is decreasing. >> reporter: proof of the pudding? all of these people are waiting for ubers, and this is the international terminal. not the domestics where even more people are waiting for ubers. >> i don't have to hear about how the cab drivers can't use my credit card because his machine is broken, and maybe i have cash. >> convenient. clean car, you know what you're getting into. >> reporter: cab companies who for years controlled transportation, are aware even if they get more controls put on uber, lyft or the other tnc's, cab companies must change or fade away. british airways is getting set to take off from the south
10:35 pm
bay. the airline announced it will launch nonstop service. british airways will make one daily round trip flight using the new boeing 787 dreamliner. the airline says it will give the silicon valley business community more options when it comes to getting to the u.k. quickly and easily. the new service doesn't begin until may of next year. a grand jury indicts former 49er lineman ray mcdonald. the charges that were filed today. also the current player on the 49ers who is also being charged in the case. >> we talked about your bay area thursday. as we head toward the weekend, there's that chance for sprinkles. showers in northern california. maybe some sprinkles here. i'll let you look at the computer model and decide for yourself. >> also, fast moving flames engulf a home in the south bay. the question fire officials are still trying to answer tonight.
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10:38 pm
firefighters found flames pouring out of the roof of a home in san jose's berriesta district this afternoon. they called for two alarms to get additional help at the scene. the fire was first reported just before 4:00. eight people were displaced from the home on waterton lane. fortunately, no one was injured. at this time, san jose fire officials have not determined
10:39 pm
what caused it. in palo alto, police are hoping a new sketch will help them find a man who exposed himself in a city park. police say the man exposed himself to a woman who was walking her dog in monroe park at about 5:30 last night. the woman says the man is in his early 20s. he has an olive complexion and curly hair. police say he also may be on a bike. anyone with information is asked to call police. a grand jury has indicted former san francisco 49er ray mcdonald for a sexual assault crime. mcdonald was charged with rape for an incident that took place last fall at his home. also, amad brooks, number 55 was charged with misdemeanor sexual battery of the same woman that same night. the team said brooks will not play in the preseason game. he returned to deal with the charge. the gunman who opened fire
10:40 pm
inside a theater in aurora, colorado will spend the rest of his life behind bars with no chance of being released ever. today, a judge formally sentenced james holmes to 12 sentences without the possibility of parole. the judge called holmes an angry quitter who gave up on life, and turned his hatred into murder. after his sentencing people in the courtroom started cheering as he was led off to jail and family members of some of the victims say they are glad the case is finally over. >> we're very happy with the sentence. we think it's our best chance to see the defendant die in our lifetime. >> that they will never see the light of day again, and i believe justice has been served for our family. >> holmes will not appeal his conviction, which spares the victims the possibility of another emotionally gut wrenching trial. san francisco have arrested
10:41 pm
a man suspected of possessing child pornography. officers took jorge rivera into custody on monday. investigators say they tracked evidence to a device at a home on 28th avenue mere california street. that's where they arrested rivero. that home is located across the street from a daycare facility. there is a chance of summertime showers in the bay area forecast. our chief meteorologist bill martin tracking the possibility. >> in two minutes, our coverage of the killings of two journalists continues. the questions and concerns it's raising among tomorrow's journalists. and experience a cadillac for yourself. ♪ the 2015 cadillac srx. lease this from around $339 per month,
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or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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president obama sent condolences today to the families of the two young journalists shot to death in virginia during a white house briefing. press secretary josh earnest
10:44 pm
expressed sympathy on behalf of the administration and urged congress to enact legislation to tighten gun controls. he says the shooting is just another example of gun violence that has become too common. >> congress could take those that do not infringe on the the constitutional rights of law- abiding americans. >> president obama has called the inability to pass gun reform the greatest disappointment of of his presidency. the death of those two journalists is also sparking a conversation among professional news broadcasters and college students who want to become journalists. a chance to both learn and reflect. >> what happened this morning? what happened this morning? >> reporter: it's likely the hardest lesson bob rucker has ever had to teach his students. >> i look at the student faces
10:45 pm
today, and i could see horror, sadness, and this, you're kidding. you want me to go into this profession after this? >> reporter: a day the former cnn reporter said he never thought would happen, shot and killed by a disgruntled colleague on live television. their final movements giving those in, and who aspire to be in the profession pause. >> you talk to them as humans first and let them know, yeah we don't have a superman s on our chest, so we have to be more aware now that society has changed. >> reporter: even in the bay area, last month robbers targeted two tv news crews in san francisco at gunpoint on live tv. i was asked to share my thoughts on a profession jolted, used to the war zones and riots, but not this. >> it was just a small little feature that they were doing. that's not something that you would assume would be threatening. >> after seeing this, i maybe
10:46 pm
think, should they have some type of security or protection with them? >> reporter: as we process what happened, the teaching turned to why these students want to be journalists. >> our job is to change and make a difference. i think that's what these people were out to do. >> reporter: in the end, besides being more vigilant, the lesson came down to this. >> fear should never stop us from doing our job. >> reporter: and for these students, it hasn't. >> you can overcome fear, and that's the best you can do. >> reporter: in san jose, azenith smith, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> our coverage continues on our website,, you'll also find condolences to the two young journalists on our facebook page. and a nice looking day out there today. temperatures did warm up. and if you weren't paying attention, it was national dog day. had a bunch of pictures in at this is roxy, with john hall's daughter. roxy likes to watch cat videos.
10:47 pm
isn't that sweet? national dog day, a wonderful day. i hope you got to take a look at our website. we have a lot of pictures at of people's dogs. even here at the station. 91degrees today at santa rosa. it was 98, so touching on almost 100 degrees in antioch. now, the humidity came in today. so 98 degrees with increased humidity really felt hot. tomorrow, as you see all of this activity, that's heading our way too. that's a lot of subtropical stuff spun up in the pacific. just a lot of activity in the pacific, in el nino years. we do see a lot more activity in the pacific. that's what we're seeing, is a lot of tropical storms, a few hurricanes, typhoons, and that moisture is going to stream our way, certainly for the next week or so, but certainly tomorrow, you'll notice increased humidity, and kind of that muggy feeling. and it's going to be slightly
10:48 pm
warmer tomorrow. overnight lows, upper 50s, low 60s. the computer model keeps the fog away from the coast tomorrow. not a lot of fog. you're going to find those 100's popping up in the far edges of our inland bay valleys. in the inland bay valleys just those edges, eastern livermore, it's going to get hot. tomorrow is going to be the warmest day, most likely of the week. then it all trends the other way, as this low pressure, that big spinner i showed you drops down, and drops temperatures, and brings a chance for a few sprinkles. as we take a look here, this is the computer model now. this is thursday at 5. not bad. there's friday. that's friday at 5:00, and boom, we stop it right there. 2:00a.m., rain up in northern california saturday morning at 7:00 a.m. sprinkles for us perhaps and then it dries out. your five-day forecast is
10:49 pm
highlighted by this slight chance of sprinkles. it would be light if we got them. then the rain i showed you in the fire zones of northern california on late friday night, that would be great news. they could see a quarter inch of rain. a lot of fires up there. >> that would be fantastic for them. >> thank you bill. sports is right around the corner. up first, rescuers jump into action when a woman finds herself stranded halfway down a cliff.
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a 54-year-old woman was rescued from a cliff on the coast of daly city this morning after she had been stranded there for about 6 hours. a coast guard helicopter had to wait until daylight to pull her to safety. the woman and a 27-year-old man had been walking along the cliff about 1:00 a.m., with two dogs when they somehow fell. the man was able to climb up and call for help, the dogs were later rounded up by animal control officers. mark's here now. a much better night for the giants. >> they had to be feeling low about themselves for a while. these are not your loveable losers. the chicago cubs of years past. seriously talented. they want it all. finally tonight, a little boost in self esteem you might say. found a way to beat these guys.
10:53 pm
the big guy at the park. can only imagine what barry had to say about this. 1st inning, you're thinking here we go again. jake peavy deserves better. a pop up and somehow that ball does not get caught. it led to two runs for the cubs in the 1st inning. i got it, you take it. little league stuff, but they played much better after that, as they come right back. two of their own in the bottom of the 1st. nori aoki, over and out. almost goes water world right there. giants added another in the inning. 2-2 into the 6th inning, after a brandon belt triple, buster posey finally trying to break out of his slump. he finds the gap in deep right center field. got himself his 76th rbi. the giants take the lead, and adding to it, the youngster, kelby tomlinson, a double here. jake peavy, 6 1/3 for the
10:54 pm
victory. santiago casilla's 35th save. the dodgers beating up on the reds though. they still lead by 2.5. never going to admit it, but you wouldn't blame the a's, if they sneak a peek at the calendar, like how much of this left? hammered by an equally hapless seattle. although first pitch of the game by king felix hernandez. billy burns. i don't think he thought he hit that ball out of the parking lot. as he lost his hat, he was hustling around it. seattle, 4 run 1st of their own. logan morrison with an rbi. and they come out of that inning leading 4-1, and it was going to get a whole lot worse. this guy always seems to pound oakland pitching. nelson cruz unloads. over and out. his 39th. 8-2 your final. meantime, the wine country phase of training camp has concluded for the raiders,
10:55 pm
which not only means they're inching closer to real games but they get to check out the renovation job in alameda. the team spent $8 million to upgrade it. certainly state of the art. as the team rolled through their first practice today, you could say the place actually exceeded expectations. >> everyone's talking about how nice it was. when i walked in, i just was in awe. it was even more than i expected. and you know, i can't find more things good to say about it, but we're very thankful for it. >> players coming in are fired up to be here. it's really a world class facility. we're excited to get started in it. >> match it on the field during the games, and things will really be looking good. at this stage of training camp, teams desperately looking for ways to get around the drudgery. the 49ers with a couple of days of spirited scrimmages for the
10:56 pm
broncos before they play another of those, can we just get the preseason over with saturday against the broncos? nobody really knows what to expect from the niners this year. the defensive line has been a strength so far, which always makes things better. eric reed picked off a pass, as the two teams went at it this afternoon. he credits the work in the trenches for that success. >> easy to play db. the quarterback has to make a decision right now, or else he gets hit. we give those guys a lot of credit, because it starts with them. all right, needless to say with the news tonight, it's going to be a very challenging season for the 49ers. really, no one knows what to expect out of these guys. but hope for the best. >> can't wait to get the season started. >> thanks mark. thank you for joining us tonight. modern family is coming up next. >> we'll see you again tomorrow. for mornings on 2 beginning at 4:00 a.m.
10:57 pm
you can also find us online at, twitter and all the ktvu apps. have a great night. >> good night.
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