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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  August 27, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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. a difficult broadcast for a tv station in virginia. the tributes for a beloved -- reporter and cameraman. good morning, i'm pam cook. i'm alex savage. we get started with weather and traffic. it's warm out there. >> hot. it feels warm. we'll be cooking. you have a cool picture of the moon. >> we do. in case you didn't notice. it's easy to see, there's only patchy fog and a few high clouds. it's in the mild category. it won't take long under mostly clear skies, this will be the hottest day for a while, low
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70s for some, mid-60's for others. a few 50s. most locations will hover in the 60s. not much of a breeze, it poll apart yesterday. everything points to sunshine, tomorrow this system, that will give us the cooldown. patchy fog, sunny and warmer, warm along the coast as well, 70s, 80s, 90s to near 100 degrees, sal it will be better by the weekend. that's good. >> the clouds will take 9 degrees off, 10 degrees off. >> i can do anything for a day, as long as it's not weeks and weeks. let's look at what we have at the bay bridge toll plaza,
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we made it to thursday. 4:01. traffic is moving well getting into san francisco. 880 north and southbound, no roadwork to report. we're looking at the nimitz freeway, traffic is off to a good start. let's go back to the desk. tributes are pouring in for a television reporter and photographer who were shot and killed yesterday. >> it's a sad story. one of the anchors tweeted she was preparing for a very difficult broadcast, but has been strengthed by viewers love and condolences. >> we come to you with heavy hearts. two of our own were shot and killed yesterday morning, allison parker -- >> much of the show was a
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tribute to allison parker and adam ward and vickie parker who was shot during the live report. people have been dropping off flowers, balloons and messages outside the tv station. allison parker and adam ward were like family. we're hearing from the people who knew parker and ward the best, their loved ones. >> i have been all tear nateing between the -- alternating between the shock and the grief. parker's father and boyfriend, they spoke with megyn kelly last night. they called their grief unbelievable. >> i come home after the 11:00
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news and pack her a lunch and kiss her good-bye. she would text me, we would text each other when we got to work safely. >> parker's boy friend anchors the evening news, they were talking about mer able, -- marriage. her last text to him read good night sweet boy. >> the photographer who lost his life was engaged to the morning news producer and was going to follow her to her new job. he was described by those who knew him as a happy-go-lucky. >> he was a giant teddy bear, he was just the sweetest guy, willing to help you out and do anything for you. >> he started working at the
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station in 2011, he was a fine photo journalist but was thinking about a career change, his financee was in the control room and watched as he was shot and killed. we're learning more about the gunman and his ties to the bay area. he reported from march 2012 to february 2013. he went by the on air name brice williams, he was fired forfeits of anger, the station called police to escort him out of the building when he was fired and ward videotaped him being escorted out. >> he was disturbed the way things transpired. at some point in his life
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things were spiraling out of control. >> after the shooting the police chased him to a highway 190 miles away. he shot himself. he had earlier in the day faxed a man fester pointing to the charleston church shooting as motivation. >> he grew up in oakland. he studied broadcasting, and was an intern at channel 5. he worked in san diego, sacramento, florida and virginia. much of his family lived in vallejo, and people who knew him and remembered him. >> this average middle class neighborhood woke up stunned.
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>> sad all over. really sad. >> vester flanagan who shot and killed a reporter in virginia used to live here. >> for a person like that to be, used to live here, disgrace. he was a soft spoken person, a gentle giant. >> i was shocked. >> shocked to hear he had anger issues. ready to explode. >> i didn't see the anger issues, i don't know that person. >> flanagan grew up in this oakland home and graduated from skyline high school. >> this is totally not have his character. >> virgil barker remembers a different person. >> i never saw it coming.
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i can't believe it. i'll never believe it. >> flanagan got a radio-tv degree in 1993. his father was a football player at hum bolt street and green bay packer. >> he was the grandfather of the block. like a huge security blanket for us. now his family is grieving too. >> if i see him out i give him a hug. >> the flanagan family asked for privacy but a car stopped to make a statement. >> it's with heavy hearts we extend our condolences. our thoughts and prayers at this time are with the victim's
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families and wdbj television family. the family said they are heartbroken. >> flanagan worked in the bay area as well, at kpix and barbara rogers said in part: . >> we'll continue to follow the story. alley rasmus will have more at 4:30. subject clara police are looking for the -- santa clara police are looking for the driver that crashed and burst
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into fire. the woman who drove into a gas meter. one shopper saw the car speeding away before she realized what happened. >> a loud womb, i had no idea at that point what happened. i didn't realize the car hit the gas line. >> the laund radio mat was the first -- laundromat was the first to explode. it took hours to cap the gas line. fire crews remained athe scene to make sure nothing sparked back up. >> there's good news. china main stock index surged more than 5%, that's the biggest gain in six weeks.
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we're keeping an eye in europe. european investors encouraged by the rebound on wall street. the nasdaq rose 191, the s&p closed 73 points. >> it brought a sense of relief to investers, analyst are warning there could be more volitility, china's economy is on shaky out of bounds and the interest rate hike that was expected may not happen, it could happen, some say it will be delayed until december. that leaves the feds with fewer options. we're keeping an eye on the
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market. about a 1% gain in the u.s. 4:11. listen up parents, a possible change in car seat laws in california. we'll tell you about the requirements and what they could mean for families. >> we had a baby. is it out? >> yep. >> a baby, who couldn't wait. the 911 call of a roadside delivery by a police chief. we're looking at the east bay, highway 4 is off to a good start. we'll tell you more about the east bay commute. there's few 50s, but a lot of midon to low 60s.
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. welcome back, it's 4:15. ride share companies got the green light to operate at sfo. cabbies voiced concerns on the steps of the city hall. they showed videos they say the companies are breaking air port rules. they are suppose the wait in cell phone lots until someone wait for calls. >> the shear numbers of t nc at the airport are increasing the
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number of taxi pick ups are decreasing. they want ride shares to be marked with nonremovable logos and to go through fullback ground checks. the number of complaints about airplane noise is up. palo alto city council is looking for help in analyzing air plane traffic and decrease noise from jets. the city will spend $30,000 for a consultant and hoping to have the report in place by the end of the air. british airways will take off from the south way, it will launch nonstop service from san jose starting in may. they will make one daily round strip flight using the dream
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liner, it will give the business community more options when it gets to getting to europe. a police chief in colorado was forced to call 911 when he got a surprise, his wife went into labor as he was driving her to the hospital. the baby wouldn't wait. >> i'm on the exit. as soon as you pull over, see if you see the baby. >> the head is coming out. >> with the help of dispatcher eagle police chief was able to deliver his first child, a baby girl by himself. the chief's wife and daughter are doing well. the dispatcher will be honored with a plaque. >> the dispatcher must have been nervous too. >> it's the big boss on the
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other end. it's your boss' boss. >> and maybe the wife is a told you we should have left earlier. >> what if they hit continue instruction zones. >> al six trying to make a segue, i like that. we don't have a lot of that going on. traffic is moving well, let's look at the commutes. the golden state traffic looks good. it is moving well on presidio parkway. looking at highway 24, and this commute looks nice through the tunnel to the other stood. at the bay bridge toll plaza it is light and no major problems. this is 580 westbound from
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livermore to dublin. here's the toll plaza. the traffic is moving nicely. we're off to a good start. eight 4:18, let's go steve. temperatures are mild to warm for some. there's a few 50s but there's rapid increase on the temps. today everything is pointing to a warmup. hardly any fog on the coast. a few high clouds. mid-60's, upper 60s, low 70s for some. half moon bay is 57 degrees, 50s and 60s for many that were 10 degrees cooler yesterday. there's not much to go on. 58 bodega bay. low to mid-60's. 40s in the mountains.
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57 ukiah, today is the day, high pressure in the four corners winsous. -- wins out. there's a lot out here and the possibility of rain, but it would be in northern california. today warm to hot, a few high clouds, a big cool down toward the weekend. more likely on sunday. patchy fog, a few high clouds, sunshine and warmer temps. 90s to 100s, 70s and 80s around the bay, today is the hottest day. tomorrow cloudy to mostly cloudy. temperature plunge. next week is quiet and cool. >> look how much it drops by the weekend. 4:20 is the time. nasa looking at ways to look
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into aviation safety. a man wants homeless people out of the city. where he's proposing to move them.
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. time is 4:63,. >> 4:23. a small fire in the oakland
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hills. it is near skyline boulevard. it's about 500 feet by 500 feet in size, because it's hard to access and a lot of fuel, multiple units were called in to help. the cause is unknown at this time. a power outage was reported in the same area before the fire began. eight people were displaced after the fire in a home in waterton lane. firefighters put it out in a hour and stopped the flames from spreading. those people out of the home and the cause sunder investigation. , is under. >> a man is tired of seeing people sleeping or passed out on the streets and litter and
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human waste. the homeless would leave if the service was out of town. he's proposing the former state hospital. >> they want to cause trouble in the community, they don't care about themselves. >> the depth of his protection for his town from my perspective has eliminated his sense of compassion. >> the ritter center said 71% of the homeless lived in marin before becoming homeless. he says the e-mail campaign to address homelessness has 400 members. >> starbucks bought the brand for $100 million to boost the
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food offering and in june announced the locations would shut down. the stores on market street and columbus avenue will close tomorrow. the remaining locations will shut down next month. starbucks will continue to make pastries and same them at the coffee houses. tickets go on sale tomorrow for the grateful dead's spin off band. dead and company will perform two shows in san francisco right after christmas. you're looking at video from the fare thee well tour. you have a chance to see them again. tickets for december 27 and 28 go on sale tomorrow and they will be 50 to $99. 4:26 is the time. honoring friends, a tough
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morning in virginia. the on air tribute on air. the dinner and drinks in san francisco's most expensive restaurant. the new evidence in the case against a back leader that may prove the fbi set him up. the commute is off to a decent start. we'll tell you more about the east bay commute and the peninsula and the south bay. it is going to get warm today. temperature starting off in the mid-60's for a few. 55 at concord, san jose 65.
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good morning to you. welcome back in here. mornings on 2. it is thursday august 27th.
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>> brian will be here at 5:00. >> i am pam cook. it. >> it is almost 4:30. >> it is going to be opposite it doesn't last as long as it did in july. it hits that, but it tails off and the nights are getting longer. even on the coast looks pretty nice. i would say warm to very warm for some. even around the bay. temperatures starting off most in the 60s. few high clouds. that is going to add humid toy the mix. upper 60s. lot more 60s. not much of a breeze except for at the del. take i expect that to fall a part. leading edge of cloud coverage


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