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tv   KTVU Channel 2 News at 5  FOX  August 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> good evening. i am frank somerville. >> i am keba arnold in for julie haener. a female police officer is recovering after investigators say she was attacked by a man with a chain this morning. police say the man was shot and killed by the officer as she was defending herself. many questions remain tonight. ktvu's june s is in the -- john sasaki is in the news room. >> reporter: they told us the officer's body camera was on and it recorded the incident. while they didn't show it to us they said it shows the officer fighting a dangerous situation. >> reporter: gunfire rang out around 8:30 a.m. >> i heard it shot and i seen him in the street laying there dead. >> reporter: police say a female officer arrived on scene reporting to a report of an assault when the suspect stepped in front of her car and
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he immediately attacked her. [ indiscernible ] >> the suspect hit it officer multiple times with a metal chain. >> the officer was hit in the head. suffering multiple lacerations as a result of the strike from the chain. the offense -- the suspect continued to advance, swinging the chain at the officer. the officer fired at the suspect striking him. >> reporter: she witnessed the whole thing. she echoed what police said. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: she says the officer was knocked to her knees and bleeding from her head and she fired killing the man. the officer was defending herself but she questioned why she fired multiple shots. in the hours after the shooting upset residents and protesters turned out to be say the suspect didn't need to die.
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>> she started shooting. what happened to your taser. >> senseless. like i said, i don't think killing him was the answer. >> police say the officer just had time to defend herself. >> we don't believe any dialogue occurred before he charged at the officer. >> the deceased suspect has yet to be identified but he was known in the area as having mental issues and he bothered residents. the officer has been upgraded from serious to stable condition. back to you. >> you said the body camera was on and did record this but they haven't showed it to us. do you know if the police will show that to the media? >> reporter: it did sound like they would do that but they won't do it yet because they haven't interviewed the officer. >> all right. thank you. it was back to work today at a television station in virginia one day after two of
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their co-workers were shot and killed on live television. investigators are still looking into why vester flanagan killed wdbj7 reporter alison parker and wdbj7 reporter alison app -- wdbj7 reporter alison parker and adam ward. >> memorial outside the tv station honoring the reporter and photographer killed on air by a former co-worker. the wdbj7 morning show honoring their two fallen colleagues with a moment of silence. >> please join us now in a moment of silence. >> reporter: investigators digging through evidence as they try to understand why it happened. >> we get great employees here. one is going to slip through the cracks every now and then. i am proud of our hiring record. and we have a very elaborate program to screen employees. >> reporter: alison parker's boyfriend says she always
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wanted to hear people tell their stories so he feels it is time he tells her and part of her story is to say the news will go on. >> we know what it is like to lose people who are close to us. and we know that the news must go on. that is what he would want. family member said the third shooting victim vicki gardner has been upgraded to good condition. in virginia, peter deucey, fox news. also today police released new information on what was found in the gun's car. a wig, shawls, umbrella and sun glasses. there were also stamped letters in the car but they have not said who they were addressed to. today president obama offered condolences to the families of the two people who were killed. >> my heart goes out to the families who have been
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affected. as you point out, sadly gun violence is in the -- in -- you know, the environment. in this country. every single day. and you know, some of this violence can't be prevented but a lot of it can if we are doing a better job of making sure that people who have problems, people who shouldn't have guns don't have them. >> in the wake of the murders in virginia work place violence is put in the spotlight again. former bosses of vester flanagan said he fought with fellow employees but no one thought his actions would end in the death of two people. an average of 500 people are killed every year from work related homicides. doctors say those most at risk are loaners without support systems. >> effects 1-4 people in the general population.
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it is not uncommon. depression is a disease that can be treated. swallow your pride at times and come forward to seek help. >> doctors say if you are having negative or dark thoughts to ask for help, ask your families, if the feelings continue see professor right away -- professional right away. woman was assaulted in a campus bath room tuesday night. the man was wearing a mask. she describes him as 5'10", a stocky build and possibly white. students, faculty and staffed are warned about what happened and the school is offering counseling and promising to increase security patrols on campus. raymond shrimp boy chow lost his appeal to have charges against him drop. a judge ruled this morning that his defense lacked evidence that the mayor ed lee over looked during the investigation
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into connections to local politicians. an indictment accuses him of rackle tearing and other charges. leland yee and keith jackson pleaded guilty for their roles. raymond shrimp boy chow's attorneys argue the investigation into other politicians didn't go far enough and just focused on chow. the judge said they didn't produce evidence that mayor ed lee committed any crimes when contacted by undercover fbi agents. police are looking for the driver who hit a woman in east san jose this morning and left her to die. investigators say they were called before 7:30 a.m. this morning. that is where a stolen car came up on to the sidewalk and crashed into had woman. she die -- the woman. she died at the scene. the driver sped away. the car was found abandon. but surveillance video did capture an image of the driver. >> pretty blurry. we have a male in his 20s.
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wearing red shorts and a black jacket. saved head. >> investigators are -- shaved head. >> investigators are gathering evidence. the victim has not been identified and it is not known if she lives in the neighborhood. she appears to have been in her 40s. this is the 31 traffic fatality in san jose this year. this is day three of a preliminary hearing. he told police he found the gun and was trying to shoot at sea lions. the defense is arguing evidence shows the shooting was andant accident. -- an accident. they testified the bullet ricocheted off a peer prior to hitting the victim. he is set to return to court a week from today when the preliminary hearing is set to continue. the state today released
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the results results for water conversation andloves exceeded the mandate calling for a 25% reduction. in june wasser use -- water use was cut by 31%. >> tom vacar here with more on what this means. >> reporter: over the last two months we have saved 5% more water than the government's mandate. >> reporter: in june the water district beat the 31% reduction in water use with a 36% reduction compared to june 2013. >> fantastic customers are doing their part. >> reporter: that should improve in july because the sanitary district started a water give away to customers and commercial firms m. since opening -- firms. since owning, 6 million gallons have been given away. >> agencies that provide waste
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water collect, treatment and treatment services and now we are looking at resource recovery. turning the water back -- providing back to the community. >> reporter: in a month demand for recycled water became so great they had to put in a pipeline in the ground to come from the recycling station to the filling station because the trucks they were using couldn't keep up. >> every day it is more and more. we get an increase every day. >> reporter: august and september california's hottest, driest months will be a bigger challenge. >> we have been encouraging customers to go to use the recycled water. . >> that is when we have the greatest chance to save a lot of it. >> reporter: if every california water treatment agency were to adopt this model it would have a deep and profound effect on wasting
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fully treated drinking water and it wouldn't require a change in california's lifestyle. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. stocks on wall street rebounded in the final hour of trading. stocks surged on wall street erasing losses as china tried to stabilize the economy. today's rally was attributed to optimism over china's growth. investor's spirits were lifted following a large than expected revision to the numbers. the latest estimates so the u.s. economy grew at a 3.7% pace. the dow fished up 369 points. 16,654. the nasdaq rose 100 again points. s&p gained 47 points.
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. this baseball field was the last place dillon o'leary played ball before he collapsed. he has been in the hospital since. how you can help the family coming up. >> why indycars were driving across the golden gate bridge today. >> tracking the temperatures. hot out there. triple digits, high humidity and showers in the 5 day. we will talk about that. see you back here.
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now a the story of a little league baseball player who collapsed during a game in may. he went into coma and has been in the hospital since. he has long road ahead.
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that is why the community is rallying to help with the rares this weekend. -- fundraiser this weekend. >> noelle walker spoke to dillon o'leary's parents. >> this is where dillon o'leary crammed in may. -- collapsed in may. the fundraiser this weekend, people can help. >> been so long. 100 plus days. >> the shock is faded. >> so quiet. the neighborhood is quiet. >> toys pushed aside. bikes gathering dust. >> there is nothing. no sound. >> reporter: silence. without the laughter of the boy next door shooting hoops. now basketball is rehabilitation exercise. dillon o'leary has been at children's hospital for 120 days.
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he was in a coma for a month of that after a avm, a tangle of blood vessels in his brain burst. >> he did love me. i said i love you son. i love you dad and went unconscious. don't cry. you are good. >> reporter: his parents put on brave faces while their once talkative son recovers in a hospital bed. he hasn't been home since that day. >> we miss our dillon. he -- it is -- it is been tough. it is been -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: his favorite athletes and sports teams sent their support. and cards pour in from friends. >> i love for him to come home. and now his neighbor is organizing a fundraiser. >> this is an autograph
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baseball. >> reporter: a's, warriors, they all contributed. ready for bidding when every little bit helps. >> i want to do whatever i can to help. >> reporter: his last drawing is preserved. everyone ties a green ribbon, waiting for dillen to come home. -- dillon to come home and bring the neighborhood back to life. . >> so much life to him. i want the noise back. >> reporter: the fundraiser is sunday from 3:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. you can go to the door and get tickets there or in advance. we will put the information on 100% of the ticket proceeds go to help the family. >> just so sobering seeing the picture of him. what is the long term prognosis? he may not get on the baseball field, will he be able to function normally? go back to school? >> they are hoping that is the
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case. they are taking this day by day. he has good days and some not so good days but she making great progress. there is still a very long road ahead. >> a lot of people are pulling for him. thank you. the man known for his breaking function the name chocolate thunder died. ex-nba star darryl dawkins played 14 years in the nba. remembered for his time with the 76ers. the first player to jump from high school to the nba. he died this morning at a hospital. but they didn't report a cause of death. an autopsy is planned for tomorrow. you don't see this every day. he led indycars across the golden gate bridge. he was driving justin wilson's car. he was killed during a race last weekend. the drivers are in the bay area
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for a race this weekend. you can see sky fox 2 over head as a line of cars took to the bridge. they will take part in theifiable race of -- in the final race of the season. he remembered his friend as a fierce competitor but off the track he was a gentle giant. >> really has the biggest heart. so genuine. has all the time in the world for everyone. every fan. not enough good that i could say about the guy. >> again, the race is sunday and it is expected they will take a moment to honor justin wilson. now to our chief meteorologist bill martin. good that the cool down is coming. today was warm out there. >> yeah -- you spent time in
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atlanta -- >> yes. humidity. [ talking at the same time ] >> was this hot -- >> i am used to it. in sacramento we got -- [ talking at the same time ] >> sticky with the humidity. >> need air condition -- [ talking at the same time ] >> talking about temperatures today warmer than yesterday. cool down is coming. that the good for all of us. these are current temperatures. 97 in fairfield. 94 in santa rosa. you see warm along the coast. temperatures fog free at ocean beach in the 60s. low 70s in golden gate park. check this bad boy out. that is significant stuff. this looks to me more like october than it does august. late august. right? what that indicates to me is that things are breaking up. that is an extra tropical storm. coming from other than the tropics. from the north.
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that is the kind of system we can expect into the winter months. good sign. pushing in. a chance for a few sprinkles. it will drop temperatures a few degrees. today was 95 in santa rosa. tomorrow 90. 101 today in livermore. down six degrees. cooler tomorrow. and further cooling towards the weekend. the high-pressure system is now by tomorrow will get pushed towards the east. this low wants to drop in closer to us. it will in effect bring showers to northern california. the fire zones of northern california by friday night and saturday. you can see the temperatures trending down for friday, saturday. and they level off on saturday. this is the real deal. encouraging. i would love -- quarter inch of rain in the bay area, not going to happen. it would do wonders for the plant life, fuel moisttures.
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help firefighters. right now that will re-- moisttures. help testifies. right now that will -- moisttures. help firefighters. that will remain north. tomorrow will be cooler. as we go through the weekend, here is the chance of a shower on saturday. when i come back, we will look at it and it will show you the chances for sprinkles as we head into the period. you saw that spinner. right? that is a significant looking weather system. not going to produce a lot of rain, but that is unusual to see that there this time of year. >> hopefully that is the begin ogf a trend. -- beginning of a trend. president obama touring new orleans today. the latest on the anniversary of hurricane katrina and how the city is trying to move on 10 years later. >> later new at 6:00 p.m. a push to end the controversial sanctuary city policy.
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powerful words from president obama today in new orleans. he is there to mark 10 years after hurricane katrina. the report from new orleans, the president praised the resiliency of the people there.
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>> reporter: some citizens lost everything. the levies broke, people trapped as the floodwaters rose and help seemed so far away. the world watched as the most powerful nation on earth couldn't get food and water to people in one of america's largest cities. >> houses gone from back here. just open lots. >> i just want the president to make us whole. >> reporter: on ground that had been underwatt ardecade ago, the president said hurricane katrina left devastation not seen before in the united states. >> this was something that was supposed to never happen here. maybe someplace else. not in america. . >> reporter: president obama says the storm revealed another tragedy that had been brewing for decades. >> we came to realize what started out as a natural disaster became a man made disaster. a failure of government to look
5:27 pm
out for its own citizens. >> reporter: it has taken 10 years and cost $14 billion to help build up the levy system. new orleans is built below sea levels. now new orleans officials say they are better prepared for a 100 year storm. president obama's visit is part of his 11 day climate change tour. other stops planned for nevada and alaska. the latest from new orleans, fox news. prosecutor in china detained 11 government officials in connection with the warehouse explosion. the officials are accused of negligence over the blast that happened earlier this month. prosecutors accused the officials of failures in their over site of the -- over sight
5:28 pm
of the company. 12 employees from the company have also been detained. that was one of the worse in chinese history. the man accused of a home invasion and linked to a kidnapping, how the case could be effected by just a cell phone. >> stock market on the rise and gas -- market is on the rise and gas prices continue to drop. how the two are related and what it means for you. . >> a brother looking to honor his legacy. the goal to help kids live a healthy lifestyle.
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on select 2015 jetta models. or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. man accused of a home invasion and linked to another home invasion made court appearance today. he appeared a few hours ago. it is what happened outside the courtroom that could have big implications in the case. ktvu's cristina rendon joins us with details. >> reporter: today his attorney filed a motion to suppress evidence regarding the search of his cell phone. and that is a key piece of evidence that could effect how the case turns out. >> reporter: the attorney met with his client inside the courthouse. he looked thinner than this photo showing little emotion.
5:32 pm
>> looks like a person that has been in custody. custody is hard on people. >> he is suspect offend a home invasion where he attempted to tie opcouple but -- tie up a couple and left his cell phone behind. police placed an emergency 911 call to reveal who the phone belonged to. his attorney believes the cell phone was accessed without a such warrant. he filed a motion to suppress the evidence. >> -- search warrant. he filed a motion to suppress the evidence. >> then the phone is really a window into the investigation. >> reporter: that is because the phone led to bigger clues when investigators searched a stolen car and the house. the fbi believes items think him to the abduction of a woman from her boyfriend's home last
5:33 pm
march where she was tied up, drugged and held for ransom. she turned up unharmed. police officially called the kidnapping a hoax. >> if the search of the phone is suppressed, i don't know what evidence would remain. >> reporter: documents show that detectives got a search warrant to search the phone after they placed the 911 call and prosecutors could argue there was an urgent need to search the phone so we will see how it plays out in court. it is unclear how this motion would effect the fbi's case because they still have not charged him with the kidnapping case. they are still working on the investigation. >> okay. thank you. to the south bay, a hit-and- run driver surrendered to police this afternoon. this was after a car sparked an
5:34 pm
explosion and a fire that leveled a strip mall. it was around 4:00 p.m. yesterday. she was driving a car that hit a natural gas meter sheering off the gas line. she saw the car speeding away before she realized what happened. >> just a pretty big, loud boom. i had no idea at that point what happened. i didn't realize the car hit the gas line. >> a laundromat was the first to burn. four other businesses also burned. two people, a firefighter and a person inside the laundromat received minor injuries. it took several hours before pg&e capped the gas line. oil is back in rally mode. crude broke the $40 a barrel mark this week and was up 10%.
5:35 pm
the biggest one day rally unsix years. the surge gave a boost to energy stocks -- in six years. the surge gave a boost to energy stocks. >> i am desperate to get in to oil and energy stocks right now. >> the good news are summer drivers, the price has been falling. a gallon of gas is down a dime in the bay area. republicans are calling on hillary clinton to apologize after she compared gop policies towards women to terror groups. >> reporter: speaking to a crowd in cleveland hillary clinton blasted republicans. >> extreme views about women, we expect that from the terrorist groups. we expect that from people who
5:36 pm
don't want to live in the modern world. but it is a little hard to take coming from republicans who want to be the president of the united states. >> reporter: her comments have drawn criticism from the rnc. a poll shows her lead sinking with vice president joe biden edging her out. >> hillary is showing consistent slippage. >> reporter: onevival not worried about -- one rival is not worried about hillary clinton, donald trump. >> i know i am going to win. >> i am not supposed to be running. it is supposed to be politicians. >> reporter: no matter how tough he talks, supporters clung tight. >> if you are placing bet, you bet on trump sticking around.
5:37 pm
>> reporter: trump's closest competitor, ben carson who trump won't even criticize. in washington, fox news. a plan to remake a shopper center, see the plans for the mall which among other things would have the world's largest green room. mcdonalds cutting ties with a chicken farm. and the latest push to bring health and wellness oo youth in america -- to youth in america.
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police are hoping a sketch will help them find a man who exposed himselfane city park. he exposed himself to a woman -- himself in a city park. he exposed himself to a woman. this is a sketch. police say he may be on a bike. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> reporter: mcdonalds is cutting dies with one of -- ties with one of its chicken suppliers after they were accused of animal cruelty. they are based on a video that was recorded. the video appears to show a man and a woman clubbing the chickens. and they are using a pole with a spike attached to the end of it. the farm is a contractor for
5:41 pm
the tyson foods that makes mcdonalds chickb mcnuggets -- chicken mcnuggets. they will investigate the video and they are terminating their relationship with the farm. the brother of randy savage is committed to being one of the healthiest people on the planet and putting health before everything else. how he accomplishes that goal. >> health, wealth and freedom. health comes first. without health you are nothing. >> the genius played the perfect heel for world wrestling entertainment. before matches he layed into his opponents with insulting limmerrics. now he tackles smoking. . >> a smoker smoked more than a
5:42 pm
pack every day. >> reporter: he authored a children's book to help kids make healthier choices. the former wrestler tries to live the healthiest life possible. >> i believe in clean living. it is not that hard. no smoking, no drinking, no drugs, no meat, fish, or foul. i have a list. >> reporter: living a clean lifestyle sets him apart from his colleagues. the community has been rocked with accusations of steroid use and drug addiction but he says she following a different path. >> follow the crowd, what is going to happen? all the consequences will happen to you. >> reporter: he vows not to be part of the list. he lost his brother to a sudden heart attack at 58. >> i am trying to be the
5:43 pm
world's healthiest man. my goal is to live to be 100 or die trying. for more information visit -- for more information visit his website. fox news. people are getting ready on the east coast in florida as they repair for the arrival of tropical storm erika and the plans for a new shopping mall in silicon valley. why it may be like anything ever seen in the bay area before. >> showers heading back into the bay area forecast along with a cool down. i will let you know when it gets here and how much you could see.
5:44 pm
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5:46 pm
it a plan that would create a shopping center unlike any other in the bay area. plans are creating a lot of buzz. among other things it would have the world's largest sky park. but is this plan too ambitious for the city? 47 azenith smith is live -- >> reporter: azenith smith is live with the city's stance. >> the shopping center was built in the 1970s. over the years the place has deteriorated and while many people would love to see it thrive again it is still to be determined if the proposal is the right fit. >> reporter: either go big or go home, they plan on going big
5:47 pm
after unveiling a scale of the shopping mall. >> we believe cupertino -- [ indiscernible ] >> it will be the -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the three billion dollars plans are impressive. retail, entertainment and housing. the world's largest green roof. a 30-acre community park above and around the mall. an ambitious project. >> aside from apple the hills will be the single greatest economic engine for the city. >> reporter: while officials are impressed with the vision they say don't believe the hype just yet. the city hasn't received any proposal. >> the developer has been doing their homework. a big idea and a big vision. in terms of the city, it is all
5:48 pm
talk. >> reporter: already concerns are rolling in surrounding quality of life issue. impact on schools. they are proposing $40 million to the school district, even building new schools. he says the community wants a good project. the city isn't sure. this couple are shoppers. >> i hope it stays reasonable. >> reporter: it is not looking to make it high end, hoping to cater to average families. attractions will stay put. they plan to submit a proposal to the city in the next few weeks and if all goes well construction could start 2017. >> all right. azenith smith live, thank you. a major tropical storm is expected to slam into southern florida next week. today people were preparing.
5:49 pm
stocking carts with supplies ahead of dangerous weather. florida's governor urged everyone in the state to have three days worth of food and water. tropical storm erika already killed several people on dominica. it will turn towards florida over the weekend. >> got water, food, two generators. hurricane impact windows. propane stove. >> there is still time for the storm to fall apart. if it survives there will be concerns north into the carolinas and louisiana. a group of non-profits is collect donations to help families in the central valley effected by the drought and wildfires. they started a crowd funding campaign and the money raised will be divided among three
5:50 pm
organization. the money will be used to buy water storage tanks, water and arrange low interest loans for new well construction and it will provide relief for fire victims. our chief meteorologist bill martin, when i was moving to the area, i noticed in oakland, no air conditioning. when i got inland everyone had air conditioning -- [ talking at the same time ] >> you want that air. >> i asked who has got air conditioning, the bay area, you don't have air conditioning. in the old days. i asked how many people had air conditioning. half and half. in the bay area. danville to san jose. a lot of people without it. >> most days you don't need it. >> as long as you are close to the water you are fine. we don't have that many days
5:51 pm
that you need it. nice have. 102, you needed it today in antioch. one of the hot spots. 102 livermore valley. 100 fairfield. 79 san francisco. downtown san francisco 79 degrees. warm. 97 fairfield. temperatures are going to continue to stay on the warm side. look how much warmer they are right now than yesterday at this time. 3 degrees. plus 3 degrees in fairfield. 4 in concord. got hot today. highest temperatures of the week. this is good stuff. this is a lot of subtropical. the specific on fire right now with tropical activity. all this moisture, it has to go somewhere, it is coming through northern california. where thrill be rain -- there will be rain into saturday.
5:52 pm
we may see sprinkles around here. you are going to see showers and significant accumulations. quarter inch. big fire complexes. they had a lot of fires. this will help firefighters get a handle on it and temperatures drop. tomorrow cooler by 5-8 degrees and friday night and saturday morning this system gets closer. drops the temperatures and brings us a chance for a few sprinkles. half inch of rain. wouldn't that be great? maybe .500 in santa rosa. the atmosphere is going to increase fuel moistures for firefighters. great news. tomorrow cooler. bay area weekend coolest day saturday. maybe a chance -- i think there will be drizzle around here. don't change your plans
5:53 pm
saturday. sunday is the nicest day. >> i grew up in berkeley, i don't remember anybody growing up who had air conditioning. >> no, no, in the bay area -- [ talking at the same time ] >> only rich people had air conditioning back then. hard to live in antioch without air condition. >> no kidding. >> thank you. homeless shelters coming under fire. why one man in the area wants the shelters to get out of town. >> new at 6:00 p.m. the guy behind the street signs you will only see in san francisco. >> that is what we are showing. the bottom of the truck will impact the hill. >> how he turned his passion into profession.
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5:56 pm
in marin county two homeless outreach centers are coming underfire. their leases are up for renewal and a man is waging a campaign to make them move. ktvu's ken wayne has more. >> it is awful. >> reporter: he doesn't mince words. he had it with the homeless. >> they don't want to be housed. they want to live on the streets. they want to cause trouble. >> reporter: he says he is tired of seeing people sleeping or passed out, tired of the litter and human waste.
5:57 pm
>> people will not go downtown because of what they see. >> reporter: by moving services out of town the homeless would also leave. >> if you are homeless, we have it. that is why they come here. >> very familiar with him. he has been causing uproar for the last few years. >> reporter: the center says it provides food and clothing to hot showers showers showers and mental health counseling. >> it has -- from my perspective, eliminated his sense of compassion. >> reporter: he has been homeless for 8 years. he knows about him. >> it is not so much what i think of him, it is what he doesn't understand. human needs. sleep. >> reporter: he started an e- mail campaign to address homelessness and he has 400
5:58 pm
members. he is also proposing a homeless assistance center. and sending the homeless there. >> here is 2-1/2 square miles of land. a fantastic homeless encampment. i am about solutions. i see the problem. it is getting worse. >> that was ken wayne reporting. he says outsiders are aware of the services and that is why the homeless population is growing. they say 71% of the homeless lived in marin before finding themselves on the street. he says the remaining 29% are still a problem. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >> following breaking news right now. you see sky fox 2 with a plane down near 101. you are looking at live pictures from sky fox 2. this
5:59 pm
is near a public storages beon shoreway road. >> you can see -- on shore way road. >> you can see there. it took a tumble there as it came down. as we get more information we will bring it to you. breaking news here, a plane crash in san carlos. live pictures from sky fox 2. it almost looks like it hit something and then fell into the ground there. it is hard to tell the damage. we are working to get more information. good evening. i am keba arnold in for julie haener. >> i am frank somerville. developing news from oakland. an officer attacked and a suspect killed. it began at 8 at a time a.m. this morning. -- 8:30 a.m. this morning. police say the officer was defending herself when she shot and killed the suspect. ktvu's john sasaki is in the
6:00 pm
news room now. this was recorded on the officer's body camera. >> the body camera recorded the incident. they didn't show it to us yet. the video shows the officerane dangerous situation. one source told me it was crazy. >> reporter: gunfire rang out around 8:30 a.m. >> very scary. sad situation. >> reporter: police say a female officer arrived on scene responding to a report of an assault. she got out and investigators say he immediately attacked her. you could hear the urgency in her voice. [ indiscernible ] >> the police chief says the suspect hit it officer with a metal chain. >> the officer was hit in the head. suffering multiple lacerations as a result of the strike from the chain. the suspect continued to advance swingi


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