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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  August 28, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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welcome back everybody to mornings on 2. it's friday, august 28th i'm brian flores. >> good morning, i'm partly cloudy partly cloudy. let's get to our top story this morning. it's a deadly police shooting in oakland. a female officer who has been on the force for 18 years shot and killed a suspect during a confrontation. police say the officer was responding to a disturbance call when the suspect charged at her and hit her several times with a chain. >> circular motion with his arm and swung at her. >> the suspect continued to advance swinging the chin at the officer. the officer drew her firearm and fired at the suspect striking him.
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>> several people gathered at the shooting scene to protest against oakland police. they say they are keptable about the police department's account on what happened. the officer had a severe cut to her head and is in stable condition this morning. >> we'll be keeping an eye on that and we'll be keeping an eye on your weather as well. it's friday, almost to the weekend. a few degrees today. but a big drop in numbers coming tomorrow. and it could bring a possibility of a few scattered showers as well. we'll detail that coming up in a little bit. outside our doors this morning the big story may be how warm we are. 60s and low 70s for some. a live look as we take a peek across the bay. we have the sun coming up in the next couple of hours and starting off with partly cloudy skies. those partly cloudy skies will continue throughout the day. and it has to do again with the person that will be bringing us the cool down. a look at satellite view of
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partly to mostly cloudy skies at portions of the north bay. we are mostly clear. the on shore breeze is about 13 miles an hour. i think the on shore breeze is going to pick up as we get into the afternoon. the clouds are going to increase and those two combined will help bring our temperatures down. at this hour six degrees warmer in concord. by three or four degrees around the bay. santa rosa a whopping eight degrees above where we were. you will notice that as you get outside. take a look at these numbers. 70-degrees in liver mother. 70 in fairfield. 60s around the bay. 65 san francisco. low 60sin santa rosa. i will give you a sneak peek at the temperatures toward the afternoon. upper 60s for pacific coo. low 70s as far as. 82 expected in oakland. it will still be a hot day but liver mother hit 100 degrees. and the cool down will continue. i will show you the numbers expected for your weekend and tracking the possibility of that a little bit of rain for saturday morning coming up in a
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little bit. good morning sal. good morning, rosemary. we are looking at a decent commute along the bay area. let's go to the sharla mcbride bridge and start-- let's go to the san mateo bridge. it's looking good. 101, 280 and 85 are looking good. and the east bay commute is also light. now let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. san jose police continue to search for the hit and run driver that killed a woman. laura rays was killed at 7:30 yesterday morning. not far from tully road. now police say the driver actually went up on to the sidewalk, hit rays and then sped off. officers found the car abandoned just a short distance away. it turned tout be a stolen --
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turned out to be a stolen car. police have not made an arrest yet. ? santa clara police say the hit and run driver that caused an explosion at a strip mall surrendered. sarah was driving a honda accord that hit a natural gas meter wednesday sheering off the gas line. the explosion and fire destroyed five businesses on lawrence expressway. new numbers show californians have once again heeded the call to conserve water. savings topped 31% statewide in july. it's the second month that californians have exceeded governor brown's 25% mandate. santa cruz cut water use by 31% in both june and july. livermore saved 42% last month. and santa rosa reduced water use by nearly 48%. many communities are choosing to recycle water. they started a free recycle
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water giveaway last month and it has already handed out more than 6 million gallons. a new state audit reveals $4 million in waste at several state agencies. the audit found one cal tran engineer, one golfing more than four hours a day. a total of 55 days over the course of a year and a half. the supervisor approached his time sheet each time. one state senator says that set of raising taxes the state should cut 3500 redundant positions of cal tran. >> you have a supervisor sr. not doing his job. >> that engineer has now retired. the audit also found cal tran under charged for cell phone towers near freeways. it's now trying to recover that money. new this morning the vatican says its former
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ambassador to the dominican republic charged with sexually abusing children has died. he was found dead in his vatican room early this morning. apparently of natural causes but an autopsy has been ordered. the former archbishop was scheduled to go on trial next month on charges of abuse and possession of child pornography. however the hearing was postpone affidavit he suffered health problems -- was postponed after he suffered some health problemmed. austrian police say three people have been arrested in the connection of deaths of 71 migrants found in a truck on a highway in austria. the death toll includes eight women and four children. one of them a baby. there are reports that they may be from syria. the arrests come one day after the car was found abandoned on the highway. a tug boat has removed the carcass of a dead whale from the oakland estuary.
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the coast guard says a ship may have dragged it into the bay. tests are scheduled for today. several whales have turned up dead in the area. the largest wild fire in washington state's history continues to burn out of control. wild fires about 230 miles northeast of seattle have burned more than 288,000 acres and it's destroyed more than 150 buildings including 45 homes. so far this summer wild fires in that state have burned more than 1100 square miles which is nearly the size of rhode island. yesterday's rising temperatures and increased winds make conditions tough for firefighters. >> if you have kinger dry explosive forest with prolonged drought, massive lightning storms and big wind, those are the controls forces. >> evacuation orders are still in police for hundreds of
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people and air quality is poor. meteorologists predict rain in the forecast in the coming days and those can help crews get fires under control. a judge will rule whether a man charged in the shooting death of kate steinle will go on trial for murder charges. attorneys claim it was an accident. a bow listics expert testified yesterday on behalf of lopez sanchez and he says the gun was pointed at the ground when it was fired. the day before the prosecution firearms expert agreed that the bullet ricocheted before it hit steinle but he also says it was possible the gunman was aiming at her. there is now a nonprofit baring bryan stow's name. he was big on bullying. before his injuries stow saved lives as a paramedic. the bryan stow foundation says his new mission is to save
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lives by telling his story and hoping it will lead people to live kinder lives. former nba star known as chocolate thunder has died. darrell dawkins' family says says just 58 years old and he died yesterday as a heart attack. and he was known for his back board shattering dunks over his 14 year career. a & e along with the lifetime movie network will air two documentaries with secret case of the oj case. the untold story will air september 30th and the next day oj speaks the hidden tapes will air on a & e. both is claim to give unprecedented access to the trial.
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time is 4:39. republican presidential candidate donald trump's lead has widen but both he and hillary clinton are suffering from some tough word oh,s. doug luzader has the latest from washington. >> reporter: what is the first word that comes to mind when you think of donald trump or hillary clinton? some of the answers to those questions are not very flattering. >> i don't wear a toupee. it's my hair. i swear. come here. >> reporter: one thing we have learned about donald trump is that he is sensitive about his hair. he even summoned a supporter on stage to if verify his claims. >> yes, i believe it is. >> reporter: and hair is one of the words that speakers prominently in a fascinating word cloud put out. asking voters what word comes to mind with different candidates. for trump the most popular is arrogance. for jeb bush what comes to mind is his last name.
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and hillary clinton the most common word is liar. that may be part of the ongoing classified e-mail security that has engulfed her campaign. the so-called war on women. >> extreme views about women we expect that from some of the carish groups. we expect that from people who don't want to live in the modern world. but it's a little hard to take coming from republicans who want to be the president of the united states. >> reporter: that grew outrage for many republicans but clinton's near term problem is vice president joe biden who told supporters he is considering jumping into the race and some clinton supporters are said to be considering switching sides. even before biden makes up his mind. and that same poll shows donald trump has widened his lead over fellow republicans by 16
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points. that is his biggest lead so far. in washington doug luzader fox news. >> very interesting with all the words. 4:41 is the time. it's a busy breakfast stop in san francisco but today it's closing its doors. coming up in 20 minutes we'll tell you which locations are permanently closing. >> mcdonalds cuts dies with one of its chicken suppliers. the cruel acts caught on video that led to the decision. >> the morning commute does not look bad so far. we'll tell you a little bit more about that straight ahead. >> outside our doors this morning partly cloudy skies. a mild start to the day. temperatures will be coming down a bit as we get into your afternoon with a bigger cool down for the weekend. even a few sprinkles in the forecast. i will detail the pattern for you coming up.
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welcome back everybody. time is 4:44. christmas is coming early for walmart shoppers. the retail giant will launch its annual layaway program for the holiday. it comes two weeks earlier than last year and seen as the latest sign by stores to aggressively attract holiday shoppers months and we mean months before black holiday. they are offering holiday discounts earlier than ever. the layaway program will give customers 90 days to pay for their items. mcdonalds cut ties with tyson food. the video was taken at tns farms in tennessee which is a contractor for tyson foods. usa today reports that the video shows workers clubbing chickens as well as standing on
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birds heads and pulling their bodies to break their necks. tyson says its terminating the farmers contract. it also says it doesn't believe the video accurately depicts the treatment of chickens on their other farms. now the candy maker for m & m is hoping to cash in. they are rolling out pumpkin spice latte flavored m & m's. >> those sound so good. >> you think? >> i think so. >> the newest flavor will be available at target stores nationwide. it follows the instruction of pecan pie earlier this month. i'm a basic chocolate girl. >> i work early this morning. i see latte and coffee. anything. >> i can eat a whole jar of m & m's. >> yeah i don't keep them in the house. >> is that how you do it?
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>> yeah. [ laughter ] good morning everyone. let's go out and see what we have. it's a good commute. i hope you will have a decent friday. sometimes we do have commutes that are light on fridays. we're hoping for that today coming up to the willow pass grade in concord. it does look good. a lot of people out there as steve and i talk about, where all of those people going? they have early jobs. highway 24 westbound also looks good as you come up to the tunnel. there are no major prones here and no problems on nearby 680. bay bridge toll plaza we don't have anything big going on. certainly a lot of people there but it's still light getting into san francisco. in for steve today it's rosemary orozco. all right, good morning, to you sal. and good morning, to you that are up and at um already this morning. a cool down coming our way for this bay area weekend. giving you a live look
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outdoors. san francisco skyline. what a beautiful shot of the bay bridge as well. temperatures this morning up by several degrees over yesterday morning but as we get into the afternoon, take a look at the drop. here's a comparison for you. santa rosa 96 yesterday. today you are going to 90. you will be six degrees cooler in san francisco. livermore triple digit heat is what we had yesterday. still a hot one. definitely a little bit more barable than 102. san jose you will be dropping off as well. and then as we get into the weekend, things really start to cool down. high clouds will be increasing for today. the on shore breeze is going to be back. a little bit stronger and the low clouds expected to move back toward the coastline by the second half of the day as well. the cooling trend begins today. today we are going to shave off a few degrees. but by saturday we are talking low to mid 80s for our warmest locations. more on that in the extended forecast. the system that is bringing us the cool down will also bring us a few scattered showers. maybe some drizzle as we start
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saturday morning. i will fast forward you into saturday. we wake up to partly to mostly cloudy skies. notice we have a rain line over northern california. it begins to sink our way and notice not a lot going on in our neighborhood but i think it will be a enough to bring us a little bit of drizzle tomorrow morning especially along the coast and this favor the north bay as well. 55 degrees right now in santa rosa. 62 in oakland. 66 in concord. san francisco 61. and san jose checking in at 65. for the north bay today 87 for areas right around san rafael. 77 for sausalito. 79 for alameda. low 80s san leandro. low to mid 90s for our inland city. 94 morgan hill. 91 saratoga. we have 87 wood side as well as redwood city. 80 degrees san bruno. upper 60s to partly to mostly cloudy skies for the second half of the day. the bay area weekend showing you temperatures coming way down and then a slight warmup as we get back to work on
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monday. >> rosemary, thank you. the sonoma raceway will be loud this weekend. practice begins for the go pro grand prix. cars will be zooming around the road course. so who do we send? christien kafton is joining us live from sonoma. talking about the excitement and also very bittersweet. they are remembering one of the drivers that was killed earlier. >> reporter: absolutely. i think you hit the nail on the head. it is bittersweet obviously for racing fans. this is the season finale here at sonoma raceway. a lot of excitement but they will be paying tribute to justin wilson who died earlier this week. indy car drivers will be practicing for the first time following his death. later this afternoon drivers will be hitting the track for this practice session followed by a qualifying race tomorrow. this is the first practice since wilson was hit in the head by degree on sunday. he died on monday. yesterday drivers paid tribute
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to wilson. marco ann credit tee led a motorcade across the bridge. >> he really is. he has the biggest heart. there is not enough good i can say about the guy. >> reporter: absolutely a sentiment that a lot of racing fans and certainly a lot of drivers are expressing at this time. drivers will also be paying tribute to wilson during sunday's race by wearing a special sticker on their helmets and cars. wilson's death has wised questions about how to make the sport safer including the idea of enclosing the cockpit of that indy car to protect the drivers from flying debris but driver juan pablo says it's hard to say if that would make anything better. if you enclose the cockpit it
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could make it more difficult to get drivers out. the race is as safe as they can really make it practically at this time. they say precautions like this has gotten better over the years but you simply can't account for all accidents. you can expect a lot of racing fans to show up here to see this finale on sunday. and again the tribute to justin wilson. >> that is interesting about the part about getting drivers out because that is probably more often the case where there has been a crash and they try to get the driver out for emergency services. >> right. >> you simply can't a account for what will happen on the track. anything can really happen. that is part of the excitement of the sport is that there is this feeling anything can happen at any time. nobody wants to see a crash but there is no way to know if the safety precautions are going to make it safer in one area and make it more difficult to reprove a driver from a dangerous situation in another area. so i think that is what juan pablo was referring to.
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>> thank you christien. warriors star andre iguodala making new friends. his one on one meeting with a human like robot during his trip to tokyo. so, what did you guys they think of the test drive?
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♪ that is right. this is double dutch fuss by franky smith. our theme is one hit wonders. this is requested by mark douse. special song you want to hear send it to us. we are playing your request every friday morning. >> and one hit wonders were really good songs. that is great. thank you, sal. fans support for the nba champion folden state warrior -- golden state warriors continue to grow. finals mvp andre iguodala took the championship trophy on a tour in japan and look who he met. pepper. the first artificial intelligence robot that can read people's facial impression. he can also speak 19 languages but can't dunk a basketball as far as we know he can't stop lebron james.
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the fastest man in the world was almost defeated by a segue. a photographer ran into him after losing his balance and hitting a metal railing. bolt summer summersaulted backward and came back up running. >> it pays to be a good athlete because you can tuck and roll. coming up at 5:00 a major increase in crime in san francisco. what thieves are now targeting and the change in the law that may have criminals changing their tactics. >> and students on edge. the warning for people who take night classes at santa roe sal junior college.
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good morning. an oakland police officer was rushed to the hospital after she was beaten with a metal chain. we'll have more on the latest officer involved shooting in oakland and how it is sparking protests. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us friday morning august 28th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm brian flores in for dave clark.
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let's get your day started with weather and traffic. rosemary is in for steve. we are expecting quite a bit of a cool down. >> but right now it's warm. it feels warm up there. by nine degrees in santa rosa. warmer than we were 24 hours ago. so you will definitely notice that as you get outside. by the second half of the day, temperatures will begin to cool off. i will show you more on that in a moment. let's take a look at what is going on outside our door this morning. another hour and a half or so until the official sunrise. starting out with partly cloudy sky. we'll have an increase in clouds and it has to do with the association with the system that will be bringing us the cooler weather for the afternoon today and into your weekend and maybe bring along a little bit of damp weather. let's take a look at the 24 hour temperature change. you are warmer in concord. a tad cool never livermore and as we look around the bay


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