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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 28, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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time to get your sizzle on with some of the best videos of the summer. >> hi. >> it's a youtube tutorial on using a wet to dry flat iron. >> she glides the iron down her hair and then this happens. >> oh [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> sarah tells us what went wrong and why her hair wasn't the only thing hurt. >> so, i don't know if, you know, see very well -- >> oh. >> oh. >> a new york bingo player gets in the face of a cop.
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>> come here. >> baby deer is confused. >> and separated from its mom. >> deer in the back seat. >> how a good samaritan pulled a fawn home to get her back home. >> and argument suddenly gets bad. >> the moment that this makes this one of the best videos of the summer. >> what the -- >> i was not expecting that. >> sasha has a series of really cool youtube videos. she shows people how to do different things in this particular video, she is demonstrating a wet to dry flat iron. it's a product that you can actually straight iron your hair with, while it's still soping wet. >> time-saving too. >> so it crackles a little bit because it's evaporating the water in your hair. >> drop an egg into a frying pan. >> she continues going, she
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glides the iron right down her hair, and then this happens. >> [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> yeah, she manages to put the fire out right away. >> take that back, i don't recommend this iron. >> oh my gosh. >> i know. >> oh no. >> and she gives us a little peek into what her hair looks like, and it's pretty fried. now there is some speculation about whether this was real or not because if you notice in the video, there's a cut. to tell us more about this video, and what actually happened, we have sarah via skype. welcome to the show. [ applause ] >> we can see you weren't using a hair straight toener today. >> i usually don't, but my mom loves my hair. i like it curly. >> did you really burn your hair? >> i did burn it, it's back here, probably going to be hard to see because it's dark and curly, but when i jumped up, i burned my leg because the iron fell on my leg. i don't know if you can see it
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very well, but, this is obviously exactly what an iron does. it was my reaction to, you know, the flame. what had happened in the video is i was ironing my hair, and i was kind of leaning over to the side as i was reaching for an anti-frizz serum, and i mentioned it, but i cut the video because i wassing too for too long. when i was down like this, i had just applied it and put the iron on there and i left the iron for for too long. i don't think it was the iron, it was the frizz serum that i used. because i neglected to realize that it was very flammable. so i think the combination of all of that is what made my hair catch on fire. >> so is this like a danger of beauty bloggers, get distracted by the fact that you're talking about about what you're doing that you don't realize -- >> danger for people like me because i'm not a beauty person. i just wanted to show this cool iron. i think people who do beauty stuff probably realize this more than i do.
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>> how do you feel about getting so much attention for basically a fail video? >> well, you know, the trolls are very entertaining. probably no more hair tutorials because i don't have a lot of credibility now. i wasn't beginning to put it out, it's embarrassing, then i was like this is funny. might as well, right? >> oh my gosh. throwing caution to the wind in this animal rescue because he is going to transport a wild animal. now you shouldn't do that without permission, he said he did have permission from a local cop, but notice this fawn. as you can see here from this picture -- >> hi. >> i just love this. >> i need help. >> this is a fawn rescue in martha's vineyard which some would just say is vacation, but for phil, this is a rescue. he says this fawn was clipped by a car, injured, disoriented, confused and separated from its mom. >> come here. come on. >> there he is in the car.
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>> that's like tommy boy. >> yeah. >> the deer's just looking around. >> oh my gosh. it's like a dog back there that can't sit still. >> all right. take it easy. come on. >> it walked away, it doesn't come back, and he said it went back to nestle near where he found it, but it was reunited with mom eventually. mom did show up. all is well that ends well. now this guy is executing a bee rescue. >> probably dehydrated. >> honey many in my hand. >> i thought they made honey. >> honey is just something that's, it's like regurgitated and rehydrated and regurgitated, basically it's bee spit and vomit. >> and it's delicious. >> it is. >> take it away. this is a bee's honey from appalachian honey. it's my favorite. >> there you go. nice. >> someone is rescuing a bee.
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it's cool. but at the same time, why? >> because you're so incredibly important to everything. kwielt frankly, in my opinion, every bee that could be rescued should be rescued. >> high bee five. you want to go. there he goes. there he goes. hey dies, what happens if a police officer says he'd like to talk to you, and you refuse? >> you get in some sort of trouble. >> bingo. >> we're in farming vim, nok, you see an officer standing over this woman right here in the white sweatshirt. according to kim, kim claims that that woman in the white had been quite a distraction throughout the week. got in a fight with one of the other bingo members, and felt like the whole bingo hall was against her. and again, here, on this night, according to kim, acting out again. this woman is asking her we're going to need you to leave. talk to the officer.
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the woman does not comply. the officer calls for back-up. the woman stands up, gets in the officer's face. >> oh shoot. >> oh wow. oh. oh. >> watch this [ bleep ]. >> and turns into a melee in the middle of the bingo hall. that woman sitting to the left was this87-year-old mother. that gets swept up in all of this. >> the officer takes her to the ground, before bingo pun, she gets taken outside. >> you have to hand it to that officer though, because the whole time he was really trying to figure out what the heck to do. you could see it in his face, like really? who goes off in a bingo hall. >> she was clearly very agitated, very upset.
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>> she got bingoed to the ground. >> you're right, i'm the pun guy. >> police in the area, we didn't hear back by our deadline. you all know the number one rule of a bridesmaid is you don't steal the bride's thunder. in this video, honestly, i think the bride forgives her. this was shot from studios and basically using a drone to get cool shots of the wedding party. >> as you can see. everybody's getting together to take a picture. but who i want you to keep an eye on is this girl right here, this adorable bridesmaid on the far left hand side because after a couple of pictures, she storts getting wobbly, much like the camera, she's like, i'm not, hey, oh, i'll just lie down here. >> oh no. it was too hot? >> she's fanlted and all the kids are watching. credit, as a bridesmaids, she rallies no, no, back up, i'm
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really. she went back to her feet before anybody noticed. >> nobody noticed apart from the children. she's down on her knees trying to get blood to her head. not feeling too good guys, she's still rallying, she's going to be the bride. >> she's probably eaten nothing all day, busy, taking pictures. she holds herself up using two groomsmen as a kind of wedge, she's getting wobbly again. left and right. finally somebody notices and watch as she's about to sit down, lights out again. everybody gathers around. somebody's got some water, they start fanning her, eventually she's okay. >> it's really cool that she tried so hard to not ruin that photo moment. [ applause ] a lioness acrosses the road, but she's not alone. >> that is a little cub. >> see how mama and baby make for the most adorable roadblock
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of the summer. and she shares some of her best summer time advice to keep -- >> stanky places a little less stanky. >> did she really? >> she did, and it's really funny. >> you are a a candidate for apron belly stanks. nonow w atat c chihili, new smoked chicken burritos arare e jujustst $ $8.8.9999 ad with fresh mex flavors. ♪ fedid you know it may be coming? from being on your feet all day? dr. schollll's's c cusustot orthotic inserts arare e ununiqiqueuelyly d desee imimmemedidiatate e alall l dad frfromom l lowowerer b bacack k. ♪ ♪ alall l ththe e gogoododnenesss. alall l ththe e dedelilicis of hershey's syrup.
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certain places on the internet i love to return to because they always have amazing animal videos, and we start in the kruger national park in south africa because look what we have here on the roadway, is this lioness having lunch? no, let's see what's in her mouth. >> it's a baby viewing. >> basically, that is a little cub. look at that. the interesting thing is, when lionesses have cubs, they stay away from the rest of the pride for about six weeks because the cubs are completely dependent on mom. they nurse them. they can have up to four, but
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usually they have two or three. this time it's just mom and one baby, and listen to her. i think this is a teachable moment. what do you think she's teaching this baby? >> love and caution. >> how to hold up traffic because all she's doing is standing here in the middle of the roadway like y'all got to wait until i get out the way. we have other animal friends i love to visit on the internet, the ones in england, but look at this, that is a badger baby, and they're putting it in an incubate we are a fox. wildlife aid says they put them together because it's not good for infant animals to be alone, and they generate warmth, that's why baby animals are piled up. these two creatures they put together, they were or fanned on their own before they found other boxers and badgers to put them together. they cuddled together. >> they're letting them grow up to be released back into the wild.
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it's hot outside, really, really hot, so let's get real, sometimes when it's hot, you get stinky. who better than aunt boo to give us advice on how to keep your funky places a littleless stanky. >> did she really? >> oh she really did. >> some of us have what we call apron belly stank. where you get out the shower, go stand in the mirror and look at yourself naked. if, while you're standing there, your stomach cover up your triangle, that'll be your private parts, if you can't see your private part because of your stomach, you are a candidate for apron belly stank. >> that's the first time i've heard it called a triangle. >> want to make it very clear, now if you do fall in that category, this is how you take care of the problem. >> scrub up in there real good,
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put powder up in there, and all throughout the course of the day, lift up that apron belly, stand a little bit, take some tension, dry it off, and keep putting powder up there all throughout the course of the day. because if not, you going to have apron belly stank, and everybody, everybody around you going to smell it. >> somebody put her in a sitcom, seriously. give her a show. >> that takes care of that problem. what about if you're a dude and you have the issue. what is the -- >> stand for wet, itchy, sausage and cashews. >> and you know what she's talking about and where that sweat is originating from. >> you have to check yourself throughout the course of the day. and you've, you know, put that baby powder on down there. you know, dust off the cashews, but you've got to get them just
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right, if you put too much on, don't full around and find the [ bleep ]. >> oh, oh! >> if you want to see the entire hygiene advice video, head over to right this and click on tv show, or you can see them on our mobile app. the best of summer wouldn't be complete without some hot women. >> and fast cars. >> see who's taking them on a wild ride. >> is this brought to us in vision? plus this little guy goes in for a hug and -- >> it's like the greatest thing that's ever happened to him. >> the priceless reaction to the mini summer romance.
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>> when you put the boobs and the fast cars together, you have yourself an internet hit. the guys from the racing channel figured that out. they have maria and jo-jo here to join us for a quick spin and a highly modified viper and gtr. >> [ bleep ]. >> funny enough, maria here, the blond, seems to be most terested in her o y, they're st. jo-jo really seems to like this car. >> what's that? >> there's maria, yes, they are still there. amazing, she's like yeah, they still look good. maria does pick a favorite, and yes, she did get a chance to ride in both cars.
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maria likes the viper better. it's the simple things in life that can make you incredibly happy for this little boy. >> aw. >> except the little boy's reaction is a lot more exciting. >> give a hug. >> i got a hug. >> and he goes back in, gets another hug, then he sbracelebr just as excited. >> imagine his first kiss. >> goes in for one last hug, and finally like, i've had enough. >> no. >> oh. she turned a cold shoulder. >> she's like enough.
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>> he celebrates that joy. >> happy in my life. this next video posted on our facebook page. this is her baby caleb, caleb right now in the video is asleep in a different room, but caleb is known to do something when his favorite song comes on, called "everything is awesome" featuring the lonely island, he cues up the song and goes into the bedroom where caleb is asleep. ♪ >> is he awake? >> no, he's asleep, he hears the song and immediately goes from a deep slumber to dancing still in his sleep. >> jamming you're jamming, it doesn't matter.
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patience is a virtue, you're behind somebody and they're taking forever. rich ferguson decided to have fun. and this guy is just taking
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forever. you can see rich is the next guy in line and slowly the cue starts building up, and rich is like, dude, come on. >> ten minutes, can i just get in and get a movie. >> hey, chill! go somewhere else. when it escalates, it gets weird. >> i want to get a movie. you're taking forever. >> okay. i was not expecting that. >> the guy reacts like he's the matrix, jumps straight back and freaks people out, and then -- >> whoa. what the hell? >> that's what you just run. >> guy in the green's reaction is perfect. >> take that, man. >> he says, i'm good.
9:58 am
>> yeah, he's good. >> guy with the backpack, he just moon walks out of the scene. >> this guy is with his son, priceless. >> this is probably one of my favorite rich ferguson pranks ever. >> i'm just surprised nobody turns to the other people coming out of the market, like -- >> what? >> thanks for watching everybody, we'll have more on the next right this minute.
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announcer: live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. today, we have the latest "hot topics" on deck. wendy is sounding off on all of them. plus, supermodel chanel i man tells about her debut in pharrell's new movie. wendy is taking on all your burning questions. now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ]


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