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tv   KTVU Channel 2 News at 4  FOX  August 28, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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water to stem the outbreak of a disease. >> and tropical storm erika targets the caribbean and the united states gets ready for the next hit and marking the day martin luther king changed the dialogue about civil rights. the four on 2 starts now. [ music ] >> welce to the four on 2. i am keba arnold. >> i am mike mibach. >> a big weekend where the grand prix will take place. the indycar community is still driving the loss of justin wilson. he was hit in the head by debris. ktvu fox 2 news scott reiss is live with the latest. the champion will be crowned sunday but that story line fails in comparison to a sport
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still trying to come to terms with the loss of one of its own. flags flaying at half-staff here as drivers take to the track for their practice runs. they had a few days to come to terms with the tragic turn of events. safety concerns are at the forefront. and while the drivers are dealing with wilson's death, they remain steadfast in their understanding of the risks in their sport. >> every place we go, indycar and the tracks, they are trying to make everything safe. we still got to remember it is racing. there is the dangerous factor of it. >> indycar has done a good job with the cars and the safety. our safety crew is really good. i think motor sport is dangerous and we know the nature of the sport, i do, i
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feel 100% safe. >> last big step in safety for open wheel racing. what do you do with an exposed head. that is the question. yes, i mean, they have got to find a way. i think it will take time but got to try to understand what is realistic. >> reporter: a veteran driver was one of wilson's close friends and he will drive his number 25 car as a tribute to his friend. at 5:00 p.m. we will hear from the car that lost the debris that struck wilson in the head and killing him. that is at 5:00 p.m. >> do you think anything will change in light of the accident? will they consider close -- something to protect the driver's helmets or something? >> reporter: yeah, safety is
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always at the forefront with the drivers and those in charge here at the endy car circuit and a -- at the indycar circuit and the short answer i don't know if anything will change. they have looked at this before. it did not take justin wilson's death to considering the possibility of closing the cockpit. if you close the cockpit there is concern it might block the driver's field of vision and that is not good thing and the other thing is a closed caught pick might cause issues of a driver being trapped. they might have a harder time getting him out if it was closed off. they considered these things in the past. they will continue to consider all improvements. i don't believe anything will immediately come as a result. >> scott reiss at the sonoma
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raceway. thank you. . health alert at san quentin. the water has been shut off while tanks and bottles of water are brought in. the reason, legionnaires' disease. now to ktvu fox 2 news john sasaki live outside the prison. what is going on? >> reporter: yeah. legionnaires' disease is a water born illness. the water has been shut down. no showers and no toilets. officials confirm there was a single case of legionnaires' disease here yesterday. three people have been taken to the hospital. including one this afternoon. despite the fact more than 30 people are showing similar symptoms officials are not calling it an ut break -- out break. officials are confident they caught the disease early. although the incubation period is 10 days. how'd have had an infection -- legionnaires' disease is an infection spread through water. a severe case of pneumonia.
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we talked with the mother of an inmate who has a case of pneumonia. . >> everybody is at risk for serious illness. something needs to bedone. >> out of caution that we -- anyone who has symptoms will be evaluated for legionnaires' disease. all the other cases that are potentially -- are much less sick than the individual that was the first confirmed case. >> reporter: with no pfunctioning toilets they are having to line up -- functioning toilets they are having to line up to use port-a- potties. toilets should be back on this afternoon and there will be portable showers this weekend. a lot going on here and a few
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people still very ill and they admit here the prison officials admit there could be more. live at san quentin, john sasaki, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. other headlines today, police in san francisco are searching for a man who robbed an employee at gun point inside a store at fisherman's wharf at 1:00 a.m. this morning at a business on jefferson street. the robber went into an office and put the employee in a choke hold. he held a gone to the employee's head and told the victim to open up the safe. the man tied up the employee and took cash and a cell phone. fisherman's wharf is a tourist magnet there. earlier this week a tourist was robbed and shot. the man was from thailand and he was treated at san francisco general hospital. the university of california at berkeley police department issued a warning about a groping incident at a
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campus pool. this photo is of a man investigators say groped several girls yesterday. he is white, brown hair, facial stubble, a potbelly. police say the incident happened at 5:45 p.m. yesterday. the girls are between 9-13. strawberry canyon pool is behind the campus. the pool is available to anyone who purchases a day pass. hurricane experts are keeping an eye on tropical storm erika. it has taken a hit at the caribbean. now the path of the storm is moving and that could make a big difference for residents in the state of florida. they are now under a state of emergency. >> and i am bill martin tracking the weekend forecast. it calls for a cool down and a chance of a sprinkle. >> we have a new look on lug on to our -- log on to our
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website for the latest headlines, breaking news and video. head over to >> and roadways right now. interstate 80. east shore. sluggish as you are making your way east and slow in the westbound direction towards san francisco and the maze. the four on 2 is back in a bit.
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this weekend we mark 10 years since hurricane katrina. and new orleans became a
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crisis. today george w. bush returned to the city where his administration faced tough criticism for the mishanding of rescue and recovery efforts. >> reporter: new orleans looks different now than when george w. bush was here 10 years ago. the devastation is still evident but businesses worked their way back and homes are being rebuilt. visiting the city to mark a decade since hurricane katrina hit. touring local schools and meeting with students. >> we are the resiliency of a great american cities who levies -- city whose levies gave out. >> reporter: a slow response to the third strongest hurricane to hit the u.s. hurricane katrina killing more than 1800 people. and causing more than $150 billion indanyl. the former president -- in
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damage. >> reporter: the former president -- >> 30,000 people were saved in the immediate after math of the storm. >> reporter: new orleans party atmosphere not dimmed by the occasion. george w. bush dancing along to a performance by the high school marching band and took part in an event honoring first responders first -- first responders. $14billion has been spent in the last decade upgrading the levies and putting in more storm protection equipment. the u.s. army corps of engineers says it is better able to handle a hurricane katrina storm. fox news. the man who headed up fema during hurricane katrina said
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broadcastsy hindered help. >> my mistake was not using you guys and going to the media and saying you know what, things aren't moving as fast as they should be and i don't know why. i am saying publicly whoever is slowing this done, speed it up. >> -- down, speed it up. >> he came under criticism after the storm as the central figure in the government's botched response. many hospital patients were stranded for days. other survivors blamed brown. he resigned 10 days after the storm hit. a state of emergency declared in florida as the state races for tropical storm erika. -- braces for tropical storm erika. the storm is expected to make land fall on monday and experts are still tracking the path and intensity to get a clearer picture ofilities impact. >> -- of its impact. >> moving west and the biggest
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concern now is we don't know how much land it will go over, how much water we will get. the storm track is continuing to move west. in storms and hurricanes we get more water in the state the more it goes west. >> residents are told to stock up on supplies and prepare evacuation plans. chief meteorologist now, bill martin. i saw people trying to get gas, they don't want to be caught unprepared. >> there is good news with tropical storm erika. over the dominican republic right now. a lot of mountains. it is running over the island so it is slowing it down. hurricanes die rapidly. the mountains kills these things. if it went east of the island, the dominican republic it would have been a stronger hurricane. right now it is weakened
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because it is going over the land masses. the track, you will get an idea for the travel it is doing. right now a tropical storm. right? see where it is? right -- you can -- i will point to it. by the dominican republic. this is starting to fall apart. track, because it is weakened. if it would have taken it up the eastern seaboard, now it is pulling it in, and moves up to the eastern side of the florida area. 40 miles per hour. these are all tropical storms through here. this is a hurricane that could have been -- looks like it will remain below. perhaps below tropical storm strength at times. it will rain a lot in florida. good thing it hit the dominican republic. good for florida. it weakened it. hurricane, it was a tropical storm. it could go north of maui.
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i tell you what, the pacific is on fire. typical for an el nino year. right? el ninos produce a lot of pacific tropical storms. we have had siloans, typhoons, hurricanes, tropical storms. in the atlantic they had few. their hurricane season gets stunted because of the el nino event. this is el nino moisture from the subtropics. it will cool things off. it is hot. 100 degrees in livermore. i thought it would be 98, 97. 100 right now. almost as hot today as yesterday. a little cooler. almost as hot inland. or as hot. the forecast for the fog -- well, not fog, the clouds. 7:00 a.m.
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more clouds. highs, yellows are 70s. lots of 70s tomorrow. and low 80s. the warmest spots. couple mid-80s. friday high clouds moving in. that is today. and saturday temperatures cool off as the system brings us a shot at showers. how much rain? not very much. here is what i am excited about. eureka, some models are suggesting a half inch, that is where the fires are. that is huge for the firefighters. tomorrow by noon. after that everything moves off. that was an estimate of rainfall. next time we will time out the opportunity for showers tomorrow morning. mid-80s in brentwood tomorrow. and most places will be cooler than they were today. today 100 livermore, tomorrow maybe 85, 86. chance of showers and nice
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weather forecast with mild temperatures through the period. it is friday. >> made it. >> saw that picture of you and your dog. >> like it? [ talking at the same time ] >> that was wednesday. every day in my house is dog day. i love that guy. i have one. [ talking at the same time ] >> i have two. >> i have two. >> you saw -- [ talking at the same time ] >> frisky. >> mine are little bitty ones. you have a dog? >> yeah. yeah. carl. carl the dog. >> thank you. one bay area city is getting national attention. it is not san francisco. i sit down with the owner to talk about why his city is making positive headlines.
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u.s.a. today polled about the best local food scenes in the united states. minneapolis followed by louisville, nashville, providence, raleigh and number 7 on the west coast, good old oakland, california. i wanted to get reaction myself about this. i went out to one of the newest restaurants. and i sat down with the owner who owned a restaurant in san francisco, got rid of it and now owns three spots in oakland. here now is our conversation about what thinks is driving
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the industry in oakland. >> opened three weeks ago. how is it going? >> going great. people are receiving us well. people are having a great time. the food and the drinks are amazing. a lot of great feed back. we had a bun of people come in 4, 5 -- bunch of people come in 4, 5 times already. >> reporter: what is the reason you closed shop in san francisco and opened in oakland? >> to be frank about it, i felt like everybody had their hands in your pockets and it felt like it was difficult to get anything done in the way we wanted to get it done. seemed more open in oakland and available to do the things we wanted to do here. >> reporter: give me an example. >> we wanted to make more chances on food and we didn't want to charge people a lot for it. so that comes hand and hand. san francisco, prices are higher. doing things like bringing in
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whole animals and butchering them down and bringing in high quality meats and vegetable, they come at a cost. that means prices are higher. in oakland you are still getting the same great produce, meats and vegetables and you don't have to charge as much. you are able to put things on the plate that are great quality and less expensive. >> reporter: oakland named in a list of best places to open up a new restaurant. >> i moved here 10 years ago and i felt 10 years ago when i moved here this was a great market and when we opened up it was just really a great time for us to open. oakland supported that and we feel like with the momentum, we are in the right place at the right time. >> is there a rivalry brewing,
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underground kind of fight going on? who is the best? >> there might be a fight about bringing in the service staff and the kitchen staff. we are getting a lot more people come over here to work. >> reporter: cheaper rents -- [ talking at the same time ] >> less expensive to live. people commute to san francisco but now they are staying over here. we are getting a lot of service industry folks that we weren't getting six years ago. i am proud of the community that we built together and the way it come to light. been organic. hasn't been pressured. hasn't been developed in a way that isn't organic. that is special. people that have a dream, a passion, their building
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restaurants. that is what is showing. that is why we are getting so much great feed back. >> what you hear about is so many people that want to go into san francisco to dine. what criss mentioned -- chris mentioned, people from berkeley, other side of the tunnel, let's go to oakland and eat. >> and so he left san francisco, three spots in oakland. where is san francisco on the list? >> the poll, san francisco was nominated in the top 20 but the readers did not pick san francisco in the top 10. >> did not make the list. >> the other positive for oakland is sales tax revenue. last few years they opened up more than 200 restaurants and bars in oakland since 2013.
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think about the sales revenue that is being renerated. >> cool. -- generated. cool. some high school students are catching a break. the state is waving the exit exam. but the troubles are far from over. what needs to be done going forward.
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[ music ] california seniors stuck in limbo will receive their high school diploma after legislation was signed by governor jerry brown. the california high school exit exam at issue. 5,000 seniors who had not passed the test couldn't retake it bought the state let a contract expire. we are taking 4 minutes at 4:00 p.m. to look at the future of the exit exam. joining us now to talk about the bill is lonny hancock. i got to ask, this is great news but there are student out there who were not passing the exam and maybe they weren't going to retake it but all of a sudden they have a diploma. do they deserve the diploma?
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>> students that who passed all the tests, all the courses, yes, they deserve the diploma. there is a bill right now with great support which will suspend the test for four years. and the reason is we are no longer reaching what the testosterones. no point in spending $11 million a year. >> class of 2016 they will be the next to graduate. how close are we to having a resolution for them? >> for this year we have the resolution. for the next four years -- >> for the class of 2016 -- [ talking at the same time ] >> that's right. >> and for the next 4 years would not be taking the test if the bill which has great
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support is passed and signed by the governor. we will look at how to test. you know, we have new standards in california. the common core. trying to teach critical thinking. [ talking at the same time ] >> how do we get to this point? you mentioned common core, we knew it was there, the two did want match-up -- didn't match- up, who is to blame? >> the test expired because we no longer wanted to give a test that is obsolete. a narrow segment of the kids were going to take the test in july. those students do not have to take the test. they will get their diploma. they will be able to go to college, to the military. jobs. they have momentum in their lives. they have done everything that
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was expected of them. and i can the fact that the bill passed so quickly and with such strong bipartisan support shows that we may not agree with everything, with each other in the legislator but we back our kids. >> this bill will cover the next four years, do you see a future with no exit exam or a new exam? >> that is -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i think we will see a new exam. it will be based on critical thinking. not the fill in the multiple choice test which many people feel is not a -- more of a test at how good you are at test taking. i think we will end up in -- [ talking at the same time ] >> we did without a high school exit exam for all but the last
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six years. i guess we can work on it for another four. >> why not, just eliminate a test all together. put it on the teachers. you said $11 million of state money to administer it. put teachers in the position who can tell us whether or not my child is ready to graduate or not. [ talking at the same time ] >> we will have that as one of the things that a panel of experts will look at. would we -- should we put the money into teacher salaries, better teacher preparation. smaller class size, which means so much to our kids. having -- being well known by teacher or an adult. there is so much that we need to do and can do but i am
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pleased that i was table fix an immediate problem for about 5,000 students and look forward to making sure that we do the testing that we need and that our students get the best possible chance. >> for the 5,000 students will this effect how colleges look at them? >> no. no. [ talking at the same time ] >> it was interesting, they will have a diploma. what is a diploma? paper that says you have done the work. whatever. it will not effect them. even so our state universities and community colleges were saying we will help these kids. they are our kids. they did what they needed to do. they can't be penalized because
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they didn't take a test that we are not giving anymore. >> absolutely. >> bill 775, it did fly. i wish all legislation -- [ talking at the same time ] >> great conversation. thank you for coming in. appreciate it. have a wonderful weekend. >> thank you. now a new state law could end the debate, car seats. >> tracking the bay area weekend forecast. there is a chance for sprinkles out there. you can see the clouds now. the high clouds, when they could get here and how long they might last. >> friday light. in the afternoon. doesn't look like friday night in the -- [ talking at the same time ] >> four on 2 is backane bit.
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back in a bit -- back in a bit.
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a bill that would require all children remain in rear facing caecitises till the age of 2 is waiting for the governor's signature. current law requires till the age of one. many doctor and experts say the risk of death and injury is reduced if they stay rear
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facing longer. joining us now to talk about car seat safety is chp officer hill. let's talk about safety. what is it about having them rear facing that makes it safer. >> most crashes will be ones that you experience where you are going forward and you hit something. all of that forces -- stopping force here, the only thing olding you back is the seatbelt -- holding you back in a seatbelt. the only thing holding the child back is the harness. with a rear facing seat the seat is -- rides down and allows the forces to lessen. you have to realize you are moving the same speed as your car is. you car stops but you keep going. rear facing seat lets the force
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be dissipated. we prefer having children facing rear facing. if we could have everyone drive rear facing that would be the best way. [ audio difficulties ] >> that is the only thing stopping you from flying you out of the car. >> can you speak on behalf of chp and whether or not they would support having the law -- [ talking at the same time ] >> the chp can't comment but the safety aspects of being rear facing for as long as possible are sound. doctors, technicians, safe kids, all the organizations that fight for car seat safety agree a child should be rer facing for as long as possible -- rear facing for as long as possible. >> how often do you give tickets to people who may be
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front facing when they should be rear facing. do you look for that? >> the chp generally prefers that children are in car seats at all. we are not going to look for the nit-picking details. if the child is in a situation where they are not properly in the seat, we will have a conversation with the driver, and inform them as to why that is not the best solution. the next thing we will advise them to come in for a free car seat inspection. they will go through the installation to make sure they know how that car seat should be installed for the maximum safety for the children. >> it is up to the parent to want to make sure their children are safe. seems like it is a gray area. what if the child is a small
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two-year-old. when you a2, what -- age of 2, what does that mean? >> some manufacturers say flip it around, because of the height and weight requirements. >> when our technicians look, they look at the seat to make sure it can support the weight of the child. we have a scale, a tape measure to make sure how much the child weighs to tell if the car seat is appropriate. children in a car seat till 8 or 4'9", an 8-year-old who is short at 8, you don't have to be in the car seat but we still advise the child stay in the car seat as long as possible. the reason is safety. >> tough for my daughter, she was tall. if she was rear facing, her legs would be crunched. >> there will be gray area
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where there are adjustments. >> people can call and get help. >> every office has free car seat appointments. we will make sure you know how to work the car seat. >> great to have. thank you. appreciate you coming in. all right. now to the chief. bill martin. what is going on? >> you know what, it is the weekend. weather is looking good. a lot going on around the bay area. this weekend at sonoma raceway the gopro grand prix. my buddy mark tamayo is up there. you can hear -- i know it is loud out there. this is a major event. the cars can go 238 miles per hour on the straight away. >> reporter: yeah. they are powerful and loud. we have been taking a look that temperature. we know it is hot. look at the unofficial temperature. 97, 98 degrees. you can see right here. we are in pit row.
4:44 pm
we will come closer here. wow! you get an idea how loud it is. i think we have a car coming right here. [ talking at the same time ] >> reporter: they are coming around. they are maxing out, approaching 170 miles per hour. >> yeah. impressive. [ talking at the same time ] -- there is a big -- greg will show -- there is a weather station right here. our live footage. i am showing you right now these are the average speeds for the session along the track. the average speed 103, 108, 109 miles per hour. you can see the activity happening right now on the track. these are actually the road
4:45 pm
temperatures. 120 degrees. 124. 126 degrees. the monitor to the left is the radar. we will track the chance of a sprinkle tomorrow. we will show you all the instruments. back off and show you the grand stands. they will be filled this weekend. right now cool cloud pattern. tomorrow, more clouds and a chance of sprinkles tomorrow morning. talk more about that coming up. during the 5:00 p.m. hour we will talk to an engineer for the race car tires. get ready for that. very exciting. >> that is great. i am not a race car guy but i know track temperature is so important. otherwise they burn through the tires if it is too hot.
4:46 pm
>> reporter: like my head phones -- >> yeah. yeah. see you on the 5:00 p.m. >> that is a big event at sonoma raceway. i say sears point -- >> that is what it is. >> it is. [ talking at the same time ] >> traffic in the area will be nasty saturday and sunday. indycar, it is amazing how quick they go. these guys are doing 238 miles per hour. >> really fast. there is the weather system. we could see a few sprinkles. that has an impact, mark will talk about that, that has an impact the race -- on the race as well. tomorrow morning there might be a few sprinkles. minus one degree cooler. 3 degrees cooler in santa rosa. warmer in san jose.
4:47 pm
today just as hot as yesterday. the fog forecast, or the cloud forecast. the weather system. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. highs tomorrow. look how much cooler it will be. mortises this way. but that -- more 80s this way. but that will be nice. tomorrow cloudy in the morning and that will drop temperatures down. minor cooling today. you will noting further cooling tomorrow. not a bad set up for the weekend. the model, 8:00 a.m. right? that is santa rosa. rain. right? noon. there it goes. that is the front. sears point area, they could see wet. wouldn't take much to cause a problem. 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night. fog comes back and there is your sunday. interesting. the best thing about this pattern or this system, the
4:48 pm
fact that it is -- it is -- you know, reminiscent of what we see in the fall. isn't feeling summer like. that might be a good indicator of where we are going. 67 pacifica tomorrow. 67 half moon bay. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. there is the chance. fire zones, they could see quarter inch of rain. maybe half inch of rain. [ talking at the same time ] >> bill -- [ laughter ] >> we were fighting over the live shot, that is bea big deal. -- that is a big deal. indycar races. decides -- [ talking at the same time ] >> big deal. international event. mark is stoked to be there. at 5:00 p.m. he will talk about the weather.
4:49 pm
>> stocked about his head phones. >> thank you. frank live right now with a look at what we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. trouble in prison. >> yeah. a step at san quentin to prevent an ut break of a deadly -- outbreak of a deadly disease. three people have been taken to the hospital. we are looking into what is going on and you will hear from a might of an in-- mother of an inmate at san quentin. >> random act of kindness. we spoke to a 75-year-old man, he has been repairing his roof by himself. gets out on his ladder. 75-years-old. a neighbor saw what was going on and decided to help. i can tell you, it is probably the best story of the day. and i can top mark tamayo when
4:50 pm
i was at sears indycar has a two seater, mario andretti drove me around at speed two laps. that is one of the coolest things i have ever done. >> you were supposed to go four laps but after two he said you are out of here. >> i wanted to say could we go a few more laps. >> all right. see you at 5:00 p.m. we will be back. the four on 2 in just a bit. so, what did you guys they think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you.
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we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models. or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus.
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all the. a good -- all right. a good one. social media. let's head to the hamptons. interesting photo right here. four individuals with their hands behind their head. a patrol car. an officer behind them.
4:53 pm
the man second from the right is jerry seinfeld. a lemonade stand. they were shut down by police there. >> under arrest -- [ talking at the same time ] >> they were not under arrest. it is a joke. this got a post. >> dreams crushed. thanking all customers and their big tippers. it was a joke. thinking, why can't we just sell our lemonade. she was the biggest name in music but then she got married, had a baby and now adele is making a come back. [ singing ] [ music ] >> you remember that.
4:54 pm
right? that song won 7-gram freeze the album -- families, the -- grammies, the album. a new album is on the way possibly as soon as this fall. mentioned some of the names working on the project. ryan from one republic. adele teased back in may of 2014 she was working on new music. the singer and her team remained quiet since. you know what happens when you go away, you leave your fans waiting, everyone will be -- everyone will be waiting. still to come on the four, remembering martin luther king, jr. and the speech that changed discussion about civil rights in america.
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52 years ago dr. martin luther king, jr. gave a speech in washington that changed the redric of the civil rights movement in america. >> i have a dream. [ cheers and applause ] >> my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but of the content of their character. i have a dream today.
4:58 pm
>> he delivered his i have a dream speech august 28, 1963. 250,000 people attended the march on washington that day and heard the speech. he begin with the reference to the emancipation proclamation. towards the end he departed from his prepared speech after a singer called out tell them about the dream, martin. >> one day in alabama little back boys ask little -- i have a dream today. [ cheers and applause ] >> the march was originally organized to show support for a civil rights billed. because of that they agreed to keep their speeches calm to
4:59 pm
avoid provoking civil disobedience. one year later he was awarded the noble peace prize -- [ audio difficulties ] >> 5 years later he was assassinated in memphis, tennessee. now to frank and keba arnold. big news today. >> we are following new developments out of san quentin prison. a prisoner effected with legionnaires' disease and more may be exposed. now officials are taking measures to make sure this potentially deadly disease doesn't spread. ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. starts now. good evening everyone. i am frank somerville. >> i am keba arnold. the prison shut off the water to prevent the spread of legionnaires' disease. they want to make sure it doesn't spread. ktvu's john sasaki is at san quentin tonight. >> reporter: officials confirm
5:00 pm
this afternoon they have more than 30 people who have become sick with legionnaires' disease, one case is confirmed. >> reporter: san quentin prison sits on the waters of san francisco bay. now water is to blame for spreading legionnaires' disease. >> no one is deemed to have severe symptoms. but there are individuals that are in different stages. >> reporter: her son is an inmate with pneumonia. >> he is very wil pneumonia. >> reporter: one inmate came down with a case on thursday. three people have been taken to the hospital with serious symptoms. >> out of caution that we -- anyone who has symptoms will be evaluated for possible legionnaires' disease. all of the other cases that are potentially legionnaires' disease are less sick than the individual that was the first confirmed case. >> legionnaires' disease is an


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