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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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. >> reporter: the pastor says until attitudes about violence change, nothing on the streets will. people who live in this east oakland neighborhood keep an eye out for one another. but saturday night, they couldn't stop a would-be robber from shooting and killing the mother of a 2-year-old girl as she got into her car in front of her home on the way to a concert in the city. >> crazy. what -- where are we going? >> reporter: neighbor horace
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houston walked outside and saw the tell-tale police lights and then found out his neighbor had been shot dead. >> there has to be something better than people going around and shooting and killing each other. has to be. >> reporter: the victim, 29- year-old jessica anderson drove about a half mile from the shooting to the corner of avonall and bancroft. this is where she died. a stunned neighbor recorded the crime scene on her cell phone. she said the passenger in the car was screaming for someone to call 911. they did, but it was too late. anderson was one of six people shot in oakland last night. police do not think the crimes are related. >> we have six shootings in one night. it has to stop. >> reporter: pastor joseph cotton says the solution starts here. ♪ >> reporter: there is joy in the service at the church, but there is an undercurrent of frustration. >> we have so many killings in oakland. it has to stop. it has to stop.
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>> we need to do something beforehand, before we get to the point people are dying. we just got to get -- it's time for us to change. >> reporter: this was oakland's 60th homicide this year. but a neighbor points out a number doesn't explain what was lost. >> now you have a child without a mother. a 2-year-old child. and that's just a sad thing. >> reporter: police and crime stoppers are offering a $20,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the gunman in the deadly shooting. there is also a $5000 reward being offered for information in any of those other shootings where someone was wounded. reporting live in oakland, noelle walker, ktvu fox 2news. >> such a sad situation that no arrests have been made yet. thank you very much, noelle. in south san francisco this morning, police say an officer shot and wounded a man who was carrying a rifle or shotgun. police say the man remains in the hospital this evening. it's not clear if his injuries
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are life-threatening. the incident happened near del monte and romney avenues around 9:30 this morning. the man was ordered to drop the weapon, but instead, the man moved toward the officer with the rifle in his hands. that is when the officer opened fire. police have not released the name of the wounded man or the officer. one man is dead after what authorities are calling a gang- related shooting in half moon bay. san mateo sheriff's deputies say a man in his twenties was gunned down in front of a home on oak avenue around 8:30 last night. they say the shooting happened after some sort of confrontation involving at least two suspects. detectives from the major crimes unit and the gang task force are investigating. prison officials late today said another five inmates at san quentin are being treated for legionnaires disease, bringing the total to six. 51 inmates are under observation for the illness in the prison medical unit. legionnaire bacteria grow in water and spread through water
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molecules. all cooking at san quentin has stopped. inmates are being fed boxed meals. all running water has been halted. contra costa county fire says a car fire sparked a vegetation blaze in martinez this morning. the fire broke out around 9:30 at franklin canyon road near alhambra road. here's what it looked like from our highway 4 camera pointed toward martinez. you can see the plume of gray smoke in the hills. about 7 acres of grassland burned. highway 101 on the peninsula is set to shut down once again tonight so crews could replace damaged power lines that came down during a construction accident on friday. all lanes of highway 101 in burlingame were closed friday night after a crane hit a high- voltage pg&e tower near the broadway accident. the accident sent live wires onto the highway and cars. traffic was backed up for miles. tonight at 10:00, the highway patrol will close all lanes of 101 at broadway again so crews
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can finish the repairs. the freeway is scheduled to reopen at 4:00 tomorrow morning. bart is planning its second and final closure of the transbay tube. it's coming up labor day weekend. there will be no bart service between oakland and san francisco starting at 12:30 a.m. on saturday, september 5. regular service is set to resume at 4:00 a.m. on tuesday, september 8. crews plan to continue work they started during the first closure earlier this month, fixing and upgrading the tracks leading into the tube. bart says it will offer bus service across the bay bridge while the tube is shut down. san francisco bay ferry is also adding service during the closure. president obama has officially restored the name of alaska's mount mckinley to denali, ending a decades-long battle. the historic change was announced today, ahead of the president's visit to the state tomorrow. for years, alaska legislators would file a federal bill to change the name of north america's tallest mountain, only to have it blocked by legislators from ohio.
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the home state of the mountains original namesake, 26th president william mckinley. alaska natives had long called it denali, which means high one. the president is expected to spend three days in alaska, calling for action on climate change during an environmental summit. mr. obama is scheduled to hike, take a boat ride and see an active glacier up close. on wednesday, president obama is set to make history by becoming the first sitting u.s. president to visit the alaskan arctics. food giant general mills is setting an ambitious goal to try to help reduce global warming. the minnesota-based food chain says it will attempt to cut greenhouse gas emissions 28% by 2025. the company plans to do that by investing $100 million into cleaner, more energy efficient operations and by encouraging suppliers to adopt more sustainable farming practices. general mills is one of the world's largest food companies,
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with almost $19 billion in annual sales. oliver sacks, the neurologist and prolific writer, died today at the age of 82. sacks visited ktvu back in 1991. he was a professor of neurology at the new york university school of medicine, as well as columbia university. his study of the brain informed his books, including perhaps his most famous, the man who mistook his wife for a hat, and" awakenings ," which was made into an oscar-winning 1990 movie starring robin williams. sacks knew had cancer had spread and his time was limited. in an op ed piece, he said he had been a thinking animal on this beautiful planet and that in itself has been an enormous privilege and adventure. in virginia, friends and family came together for an interfaith memorial service to honor those two television journalists killed on the air. as brian yen reports, the families of both victims are planning their funeral services
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this week. ♪ >> reporter: the symphony orchestra was the sound track for today's memorial service for the journalists murdered on live television. the service included a video montage, images seared into the public consciousness. >> seven is not only the identifying number of our hometown station, it is also your expression of completion expressed in sacred wisdom. >> reporter: among those paying public tribute to photographer adam ward and reporter allison parks was the general manager of their station, wdbj. >> a few hours into wednesday, a reporter, i think it was one of mine, asked me if i was angry. i thought about it for a moment
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and i said yes, of course. i was angry at the miscreant, angry at the mental health system, angry over the easy access to weapons. i was angry about, well, being angry. i try not to be angry at god. >> reporter: three people were shot by vester flanagan during a live report on tourism. flanagan was a former reporter at the station. he died following a police pursuit. the sole surviving victim of the shooting continues to recover from her injuries. funeral services for ward are scheduled for wednesday. alison parker will also be laid to rest this week. in new york, fox news. coming up, they are perhaps the largest group of first responders you've never heard of and they are practicing for a disaster here in the bay area. we'll introduce you to the civil air patrol. >> and officials shut down a southern california beach and this video shows you why. the shark sighting that has
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swimmers heading for shore. . >> and wrapping up a pretty nice weekend here in the bay area. lots of sunshine out there. here's our live camera looking towards san francisco. coming up, we'll be talking about drizzle over the next few mornings and also let you know if we have any major heat-ups in our five-day forecast.
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. in austria, three children rescued from a truck carrying more than two dozen migrants vanished from a hospital where they were receiving treatment for dehydration. on friday, police found the 26 people in the back of a truck. police say a romanian national who was driving was arrested. the migrants were believed to be fleeing syria, afghanistan and angela derby. the three children and their families disappeared from the hospital sometime yesterday. this comes just days after the bodies of 71 migrants were found in the back of an
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abandoned truck on an austrian highway. for the first time in several years, richmond police are reporting an increase in violent crimes. the department says there have been 12 homicides since january. that's twice as many as at this time last year. the contra costa times reports robberies are up 21% from 2014. officials say many of the crimes are gang-related. they also blame the spike in the transfer of nonviolent offenders from state prisons to local jails and the reclassification of many drug crimes from felonies to misdemeanors. environmental researchers are asking for the public's help in documenting the health of lake tahoe. the university of california davis tahoe environmental research center recently launched an app called citizen science tahoe. users enter what they see at the beach from algae to different types of wildlife or invasive species. in each observation, it records the user's date, location and time automatically. researchers say it will give
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them a better understanding of tahoe's fragile area near the shoreline. you can download the app. the bay area can be hit by fires, earthquakes or floods. in an emergency, the civil air patrol is called in to help. ktvu's allie rasmus was at the livermore airport where the chp spent the weekend preparing for disaster. >> this is a cessna 182. i'll be in the pilot seat. >> reporter: engine on, ready for take-off. the pilots in these planes call themselves one of the best kept secrets in aviation, because many people have never even heard of the agency they represent. they are called the civil air patrol. >> civil air patrol is a national organization and here in california, we have roughly 3200 members. >> reporter: there are civilian volunteer arm of the u.s. air force and they have been called to respond to almost every major disaster in recent u.s. history. >> hurricane katrina, sandy, gulf oil spill, 9/11. >> reporter: they are doing a training exercise to make sure
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skills and equipment are in top shape. the simulated disaster they are training for, a 7.2 earthquake on the hayward falls. once planes are in the air, cameras like this help them do their jobs. >> camera will take pictures at intervals and we fly at specific speed and altitude, giving us the ability to stitch photos together as panorama. >> reporter: this is what some of the photos look like. this is from a training exercise over the alameda naval base. >> the pictures allow fema to determine and analyze a disaster that has occurred. >> reporter: the planes have special windows so that the photographers can take a picture of the ground outside without getting a glare. the planes and the fuel are provided by the u.s. air force, but the photographers, pilots and all the people organizing the training exercise are volunteers. >> we do it because we, i think primarily we just have a love for the area we live in. we're all here to help our communities. >> reporter: after the napa
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earthquake, civil air patrol units flew over nearby levees to make sure they hadn't breached, using eyes in the skies to make sure everything is safe on the ground. in livermore, allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2news. authorities said today a young woman fell to her death off a cliff in big sur over the weekend. she was from the bay area. the monterey county coroner says 20-year-old medina francis of union city was climbing down a cliff near the state park when she apparently slipped and fell into the ocean below. the preliminary cause of death is drowning. authorities say francis was not wearing proper clothing or equipment for the conditions. two california beaches were off limits to swimmers today, after shark sightings. one of those sharks was caught on camera. some southern california boaters shot this video this weekend. take a look at the large hammer head circling them near la jolla. it was 8 feet long. several others reported seeing it as well and think it was aggressive and following them. one kayaker said it followed him in all the way to the
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beach. the beach is expected to reopen tomorrow. and in san luis obispo county, morro bay was closed after a woman saw a shark heading towards her. it then took a 14-inch bite out of her board. she says she pushed her board toward the shark as she jumped off. the surfer was not hurt. that beach will be closed for a few more days. >> every time i go to the beach, i think about sharks! i mean, i don't want to be paranoid, but you know. >> it is a reality. >> nice to look at from a distance, mark. when you're out there surfing, got to be thinking about it, too. >> yes, every now and then when you're with a crowd of people, but sometimes it's just you in the ocean. that's what your mind starts thinking. >> oh, boy. >> and the coast is way over there. always good to keep that in mind. in addition to the rip current, dangerous as well. as far as temperatures for today, in fact if you have been
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near the shoreline, warm water temperature theme continues across the bay area. temperatures on the mild side offshore, for the offshore waters. online, temperatures in the 70s and 80s. triple digits heat is gone. santa rosa maxed out at 90 degrees today. on the satellite, you see the disturbance to the north. it's a very active weather pattern. storm track in fact is dipping to the south. with that, it's going to keep temperatures in check over the next few days as cold air moves into northern california, cooler air into northern california. right now, though, we have patchy fog banked up near the immediate coastline and a few patches will push locally back into the bay as we head into the overnight hours. no surprises there. current temperatures updated for the 6:00 hour, still 80s for walnut creek and livermore. santa rosa checking in at 86
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degrees. san francisco in the upper 60s. nice tweet today from not applicable. you can see from sonoma, onshore winds with warm weather. this area, i was there on friday, temperatures in the upper 90s. today, more comfortable temperatures in the lower 80s for this afternoon with lots of sunshine throughout the weekend, at least for saturday afternoon into today. a mild monday. here's live camera toward the oakland estuary. 60s for the beaches. inland neighborhoods tomorrow will be on track to reach the mid to upper 80s. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning will be in the 50s to right around 60 degrees to start out your monday morning. here's an update on the very active tropical situation out toward hawaii. couple of these systems, in fact, have weakened quite a bit. here's the forecast track for
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jimena, 45 miles per hour. the update on ignacio, north of the islands and weakening by wednesday into thursday. breezy this evening across the bay area. patchy fog regrouping overnight. and this area of low pressure sticks around so we'll continue to cool things off tuesday and wednesday, with the possibility of drizzle as early as tuesday morning. tomorrow morning, patchy low clouds and fog out there, gradually clearing back to near the shoreline. temperatures for tomorrow, no big changes. warmest locations will be in the mid to upper 80s, around 90 degrees. oakland, 77. san jose, forecast high of 80. sunnyvale, 78. san francisco, 70 degrees. here's a look ahead on the your five-day forecast. temperatures cooling off wednesday and thursday. then we'll gradually bump up numbers a little bit by friday, approaching the holiday weekend for labor day weekend and a touch warmer. monday i think will be the warmest day of the upcoming weekend. >> which is a day off for a lot of folks. >> day off. we'll keep an eye on the forecast. >> thanks, mark.
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it's about to get easier for people in sonoma county to water gardens. tomorrow, a recycled water filling station will reopen in the sonoma county sanitation district service area. according to the gazette, the station will be open monday through thursday from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 in the afternoon. the filling station is located on 8th street east, near the sonoma sky park airport in shellville. well, the giants look to avoid a series loss to the cardinals at at&t park. >> the indy car series crowned a new champion in sonoma. sports with joe fonzi, who is walking into the studio right now. we'll be right back.
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. a police officer in seaside helped turn a sad story into a happy one for two girls in monterey county. sargent nick borges bought the girls a new puppy today, after their chihuahua was run over by a car earlier in the week. he found an ad for the puppy on craigslist and bought it for the family. borges says sharing the family is something positive from police. >> i'm sure the girls loved to get the new dog. >> that's tough. something giants fans didn't love today, how the team
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played. >> they will have to scratch it out a bit. they will have to wait until the evening ends until they find out how far behind the dodgers are before the series tomorrow night. chris heston back in the rotation today. things didn't start out well. matt carpenter, the game's very first batter sent it over the wall. just like that, 1-0 st. louis. the giants answered right back against cardinals starter garcia. two runners on in the bottom of the first. the ball lands fair off the wall. brandon belt and buster posey both score. giants back within a run at 3- 2. but that was as close as they got. heston was hurt all day by the long ball. 4-2 cardinals in the fourth. make it 5-2. homer number 17 for the former athletic. cardinals go on to win 7-5, as
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the giants wrap up a 3-3 home stand. a little overtime for the a's today in arizona. the bases are full for marcus simeon in the 11th inning of a 4-4 game, simeon shoots one through the right side against brad ziegler. two runs score. a's get three in the inning for a 7-4 win. it's the first major league win for switch pitcher pat zendetti. six drivers had the chance to win the indy championship when the final event began today in sonoma. moment of silence and tribute in the sky to the driver who lost his life last week, justin wilson. one of the racers in the hunt was graham rahal. no longer after he spun out. juan pablo montoya had the series lead after winning the first race of the season. he's fighting to catch scott dixon and narrow the gap. montoya can't do it, as dixon
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wins, edging out montoya for the title after montoya comes in 6th. it's the fourth indy car championship for dixon. that's it for now. see you again tonight at 10:00 and sports wrap at 11:00. >> thank you very much. coming up tonight on the 10:00 news, cal tran set to close a major stretch of highway 101 in a few hours. >> we'll have coverage on the shutdown and what it means for tomorrow's commute. again, hays coming up tonight at 10:00. thanks for watching tonight. >> we're always here online at, facebook, twitter and all our ktvu apps. have a nice night. we'll see you at 10:00.
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about the new star trek film. ils there's going to be a scene depicting spock's birth. i'd be more interested in a scene depicting spock's conception. oh, please. for vulcans, mating-- or if you will, pon fahr-- it's an extremely private matter. still, i'd like to know the details. his mother was human. his father was vulcan. they couldn't just conceive. maybe they had to go to a clinic. can you imagine spock's dad in a little room with a copy of pointy ears and shapely rears? how come on star trek, everybody's private parts are the same? no alien lady ever told captain kirk, "hey, get your thing out of my nose." (knock at door) hi. can you help me? i was writing an e-mail and the "a" key got stuck. now it's just going "aaa..."


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