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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  August 31, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a fire damaged a building. crews were able to contain the fire quickly and the flames were limited to the gym and community center. right now it's still unclear what started that fire. some passengers at oakland international airport had an unexpected delay last night after two planes collided. this photo was posted on instagram. he said it happened when his flight was on the ground. the tip chipped off the wing there. no one was hurt. a stretch of highway on 101 has just reopened after a construction accident on friday sent power lines crashing on to the read. the broadway onramps and off ramps are expected to remain closed until noon. >> that is right. alex savidge is live along highway 101 in burlingame with what drivers need to know. >> reporter: good morning, to both of you. highway 101 is back open in burlingame. there is still a lot of work that is going on off the
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freeway. this is what you are looking at here is the freeway overpass and this is where crews are busy still trying to make repairs on the broken electrical tower that came down on friday night. this is the second closure of the weekend. this was all the result of an accident that sent power lines crashing down. it was a caltrains for worker that plowed through the power lines. now thankfully nobody was hurt in all of this and only a phocas were damaged but initially the road had to be shut down. >> right now we want to make sure we can do the work as
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safely as possible. >> reporter: and because power has been rerouted, there haven't been any blackouts and no, ma'am outages are expected in this area. there was a closure. so again both corrections of sea 101 to burlingame is back open top commuters. the broadway overpass here over highway 101 this will remain closed until about noon today as they continue this repair work. so bare that in mind it could be a traffic mess on the surface streets but on the freeway things should be okay moving into and out of san francisco. >> yeah that is good. >> certainly good news for all of our commuters out there. thank you so much. >> one thing to have it on the weekend but then when we are back to commute.
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4:32 is the time. will it stay pretty mild? >> cool down through wednesday and warmer into the weekend. but pretty quiet. >> it's very nice and pleasant. we could keep going for awhile. >> it finally cooled down. friday night was another tropical night there. 50s and 60s on your temps. the breeze picked up yesterday. for some it was a westerly, for others northerly. 50s and 60s. probably see a few degrees off the temps over the next couple of hours. santa rosa had a pretty good breeze yesterday. south, southwest. west, southwest. a little bit of patchy fog on the coast. but that is it. look at the moisture source stream into southern cal just not here. sunshine nice to warm after that. patch or two of fog. we are looking at temperatures in the 80s and very, very low 90s. 70s by the water.
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all right sal happy monday. >> happy monday to you too steve. we're look agent the peninsula because everyone wants to know if highway 101 is open. and the answer is yes highway 101 is open but the broadway burlington game will be crowded because we have the broadway burlingame off ramp is is closed until noon as they finish repairing what happened over the weekend with one of the power towers. as you may have heard highway 101 was closed for a good portion of the weekend. it is open in both directions but you might want to think about using 280 any way because of some of that slow traffic in the area. right now it's good but it is going to be a little bit slow later as broadway will be closed. we have a reporter on the scene. as we get to the bay bridge toll plaza the traffic is moving well. if you are in the east bay, all of those commutes are off to a good start. north and southbound on 880 here looks good.
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4:43 let's go back to the desk. a bay area woman fell to her death while hiking in big sur. the coroner says 20-year-old medina was climbing down a cliff friday afternoon when she slipped and fell into the ocean. they say she was hiking in that area without the proper clothing or equipment. the preliminary cause of death is listed as drowning. police in pleasant hill are searching for a man who robbed a gas station and injured the clerk. it happened about 5:30 last night. police say a man with a gun walked up to the clerk and demanded money. he hit the clerk in the face with a gun. police say the gun went off but the clerk was not shot. the robber and a getaway driver were last seen driving off in a mid 1990s tan or gold nissan max ma and police are asking anyone with information about the robbery to call them. police in richmond are reporting an increase in violent crimes this year. the department say there is has
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been 12 homicides reported since january. robberies are up 21% and shootings have increased by 17%. police partly claim the spike on the transfer of nonviolence criminals from state prisons to local jails and the reclassification of my drug crimes to misdemeanors. they also say there is ongoing dispute between two gangs. a car fire is being blamed for a fire until martinez that displaced three people and killed a family dog. that fire started at 9:30 yesterday morning. it spread from the car to a home and then to nearby grass it ended up burning eight acres before crews were able to bring it under control. the people are getting help from the red cross. new campaign to get california homeowners to buy earthquake insurance. only 10% of property owners
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have quake insurance. they say the amount they must pay before any coverage kicks in is too high. under the new campaign, policy rates would drop an average of 10% and a variety of different deductibles would be offered. students at the university of colorado boulder have a new way to increase safety on campus. the college is launching a new safety cell phone app. it's called lifeline response and it's available for free. one of the apps features is called thumb mode. if you release your thumb from the button you have ten seconds to enter a pass code or you will hear from dispatch. >> it's kind of scary walking around at night. i think that is something good we have. >> that is something that more people need to know about. i mean why not have something like that? that is something that everybody should have and can use at any point in time. >> now this app is going to replace the blue emergency
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phones scattered throughout campus that dial campus police. students at one college campus back east get to scratch one big expense off their list. university of maryland, university college is eliminating textbooks. yes textbooks. students can get all their reading materials and video online at no cost. the university says previously students were paying an average of about $1200 a year on textbooks. >> it's one of the biggest expenses in college. all we do is spend money on textbooks. >> remember those days? >> yes, i do. and they are expensive. >> textbooks or do you eat? umuc has 84,000 students and this change could save them $20 million per semester. the labor day weekend is expected to be a busy travel time. aaa estimates 35.5 million people will drive, fly, or take the train on friday. that is the highest number
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since labor day since 2008. many say lower gas prices, air fairs, and hotel rates are a big incentive. travel experts say even if you haven't planned anything yet, there are still some good deals out there. >> if you are thinking of going last minute, you need to keep a couple things in mind. try to book on an off peak day. leave a day early on thursday or come back on tuesday. that will save you on air fare. speaking of driving gas prices are almost a full dollar cheaper than they were last year. that is also according to aaa. the national average $2.47. that is down $0.13 in the last week. $0.20 in the past month. here in the bay area, prices are down about a dime in the last week. the average price for gas in san jose and santa rosa is
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$3.17. it's $3.20 in the east bay. and bart is urging riders to find another way across the bay this labor day weekend because it plans another shut down of the transbay tube. trains will stop running between san francisco and oakland just after midnight on friday andly resume operations again but not before 4:00 a.m. on tuesday september 8th. crews will continue the track maintenance work they begin during the first closure at the beginning of august. bart say there is will be bus service across the bay bridge. san francisco bay ferry is also adding service during the closure. a bartender in san mateo got lucky not only once but twice. tang picked up a $20 bill. that is when he went to a
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market and bought two lotto pickets. it's unknown if he had quick pick or selected his own numbers but he hasn't played a the lotto in ten years and he ended up winning $1 million. past quince robbins is -- baskin robbins is marking the date with a special deal. they have made august its celebration of oreo. it's offering oreo themed treats. it's in honor of its 70th anniversary and promises to have similar deals on the 31st of october. >> i just discovered a new flavor. gold medal ribbon. i've never had it before. >> that is a good one. i know a lot of ice cream flavors. [ laughter ] time is 4:41. asian stock markets had their worst month in three years. what some say may be behind the
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drop. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute here this morning that is not bad here on highway 24 getting up to the tunnel. it looks good so far. we'll tell you more about this east bay commute coming up. >> a little breeze yesterday. some temperatures came down. it looks like a quiet week.
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hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! ♪
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. thailand has released photos of a woman and a man
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responsible for the bangkok bombing. the bombing at a shrine killed 20 people and injuried more than 120 others. a court appearance is set today for the man accused of gunning down a houston sheriffs deputy who was just filling up his patrol car. yesterday a prayer walk drew hundreds of people. authorities say they don't know a motive for the shooting of deputy darren goforth. they say there is no evidence that the suspect 30-year-old shannon miles knew the deputy. the harris county sheriff says investigators believe goforth may have been targeted because of his uniform. thousands of people showed up to honor three firefighters who were killed while fighting a wild fire in washington state. a memorial service was held yesterday. the men died earlier this month after their truck crashed down
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a 40-foot embankment and over took by flames. >> i really like wheeler. i didn't take long for me to realize how much pride he took in working hard. in calling himself a wild firefighter i will always remember the first time i met wheels. >> another firefighter who was also in the truck is in serious condition. president obama begins a historic trip to alaska this morning. the president's three-day trip is aimed at calling attention to climate change. president obama says climate change is already damaging alaska's stunning scenery and on wednesday president obama will become the first sitting president to visit the alaskan arctic. and in advance of his trip to alaska, president obama officially restored the name of north america's tallest mountain mount mckinley to
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mount denali, its original name. alaskans counted to call the mountain denali and lobbied for an official name change for years. time is 4:46. two beaches in southern california are expected to reopen today after shark sightings over the weekend. some so-cal boaters filmed this video. it was eight feet long. several witnesses say the shark appeared to be aggressive as well. one kayaker said it followed him in all the way to the beach. in st. louis the beach was closed after a shark attacked a surfer on saturday night. the woman said she saw something that she thought was a dolphin and realized it was a shark heading toward her and then took a bite out of the
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board. the surfer luckily was not hurt. >> that looks fake. that is scary. >> it looks fake. but it's really. 4:47 is the time. gosh. sal, i don't like sharks in my water. [ laughter ] >> yeah, i think you are right, pam. >> usually when we talk about san diego, there are so many dolphins you don't usually have sharks because they chase away the sharks. >> san diego. if only i was there right now. but i digress. let's go out and talk -- i think of you guys when i think of san diego. let's go out and take a look at the commute. right now it looks pretty good. there is not a lot going on as we start off and look at some of the pictures. there is times squire. i love this picture. it looks kind of good. you know. people going to work in new york city is one of my favorite spots but i digress. this is a look at the toll
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plaza but i love that picture by the way. more of that please. the traffic is moving along pretty well here on the bay bridge approach. this is interstate 880 in oakland. traffic is moving well in both directions. highway 101 is open on the peninsula in case you are just wondering but broadway, burlingame will be closed until noon. both directions estray, broadway you can -- both directions of the freeway. it looks like it will be a little crowded in burlingame. at 4:49 let's go to steve. >> cage goes in the water. you're in the cage. shark is in the water. our shark. that is where they live, sal. >> i know. >> that is where they are. >> i know. >> and there is a lot of food out there i might add. there is a ton of food. >> as long as you are not one. >> exactly. we have mostly clear skies.
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patchy fog on the coast. san mateo coast. that is it. and it seems to be going parallel to the coast. 50 gz and 60s -- 50s and 60s on your temps. teaspoon should cool off a little bit. not much of a breeze, west, southwest. fairfield. water temps came down. look at monterey 61. bodega bay 58. that is it. that is it. there is pretty good moisture source streaming toward southern california. we are waiting for a system in the pacific northwest to dig down. ignacio category three. it looks like it's going to the north and east of the islands. and then it will weaken as it moves north. right now it's favoring southern california and not us. it will move in here on wednesday. and as it does we will see a little increase in the breeze and cooler temps.
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probably wednesday will be the coolest day of the week. sunshine nice to mild to warm today. a little breezy at times. 80s or very low near the coast. fog will be on the increase along with the breeze and cooler temps wednesday. after that it looks sunny and nice. a little warmer by the weekend. >> the sharks like the warmer water temperature? >> they are following the sardine and the anchovies. >> that could be a problem then. >> so the sharks follow and say hey. >> she's concerned. >> i a concerned. >> it always reminds me of jaws.
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i have decided in 2020 to run for president. >> surprise. up next two came out on top and the new controversy surrounding miley cyrus.
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welcome back to mornings on
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2. it's 4:54. one of the young men who helped stop a terrorist attack in france received a heros welcome at the church where his father is a minister. anthony sadler received a standing ovation yesterday. more than a week ago he helped stop a gunman on board a train until paris. his community says he is a perfect example of his father's teachings. >> i grew up in this neighborhood, i worship at this church. i have known the family many years and what anthony sadler did is no short of a miracle. >> sadler is scheduled to start his senior year at sacramento state university this week. he was the so-called horror maestro. wes craven has died. craven's family said he died yesterday at his home in los angeles after battling brain cancer. he was known for his work on
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movies like last house on the left, nightmare on elm street and scream. she was just here in the bay area, pam cook knows this. now taylor swift has won mtv's video of the year for her hit bad blood. pam cook's jam right there. this week's mtv video music 5:ward was full of awards and drama. miley cyrus exposed one of her breasts. there you see kanye. he got high before going on stage. and gave a speech apologizing for swift for taking her microphone in 2009. a team from japan won the little league world series and they had to mount a big
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comeback from pennsylvania to win it. they were on a roll. but japan came storming back to tie the game at ten. and then took the lead on a three run jack in the third. no team in the little league world series had ever overcome an eight run deficit. japan went on to win 18-11. it was quite a game yesterday. two teams broke the little league record for combined runs in championship game. >> it's amazing athletes at that age. >> those kids are amazing. we are coming up in our 5:00 hour. scary moments for passengers at oakland airport. what happened when two planes collided. >> and it was a violent weekend in oakland with six people shot. the reward now being offered in at least one of those cases. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is busy in the south bay but here on 280 this could be your alternate route.
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101 is not doing well. we'll tell you what happened. >> mostly clear out there. just a patch of fog on the san mateo coast. looks nice though but a little change in the pattern by midweek.
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highway 101 in burlingame
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back open in both directions this morning after an over night closure for some very important construction repair work. we'll tell you what pg&e crews were doing out here and what drivers immediate to know this morning. >> we're live in the santa cruz mountains where part of a school caught on fire and now school will be closed for the day. we'll have a live update on what is happening here on campus. good morning. thank you for joining us. monday morning, august 31st i'm pam cook. welcome back. >> good to be back. good to see you. >> you had a nice time off? >> i had a wonderful time. good morning, i'm dave clark. steve paulson knows everything. >> pretty quiet. welcome back, dave. >> thank you. >> feel ready to go? >> i'm ready to go. >> okay. we do have mostly clear skies. san mateo coast might be flirting with a little bit of fog. other than that there is not much of a breeze. te50


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