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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 31, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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it's an "rtm" scorcher with some of the best videos of the summer. the water is clearly winning against a kayaker who is not in control at all. what it's like to be caught in nature's washing machine. daughter drops in mom. the moment she gets a gift that leaves her speechless. robber invades a store. the customer didn't think twice. why this hero deserves a deep discount. and -- ♪ this is your birthday song >> a best of summer video from a
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viewer who -- >> watches us in prison. >> how we helped him deliver birthday wishes to his surprised wife. >> is this on tv? >> yeah. >> they call it extreme sports for a reason. could you get hurt. this guy sky diving. parachute is deployed. seems to be doing fine but suddenly takes a hard left-hander and just starts coming in hot. >> wow. is he all right? >> he's not all right. not at all. he has an open compound fracture to his left leg. >> that's like the bone sticking out. >> and internal bleeding. 53-year-old entrepreneur in icu, they expect him to recover and survive but it's going to be a while. that landing was extremely difficult. not quite sure what caused him to lose control. he had a ton of altitude to correct. he's been jumpbing for quite some time and has experience doing this. just an unfortunate incident.
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next video a kayaker getting into a tumbler. they'll be in their play boat and have a good time practice some moves. looks like this girl is not in control at all. she's getting tossed about like a fishing lure and the folks on the side don't seem to be concerned about this girl. >> should they be? >> i think so. she's getting tosseded about. >> upside down and starts going somewhere. if i was watching i would be like i don't think it's supposed to do that. >> eventually she'll wash down the river i think is the plan. >> you're right. point of view camera on the kayaker and check this angle out. she's safe and fine but a scary moment here. >> be ready for your jaw to drop with shock after you see these two video. this first one comes from mumbai
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inside an electronics store. the man sitting behind the counter sells cell phones and his customer is trying to decide which cell phone to take with him. while the transaction is happening look who walks in the door and watch what he does. using a sword striking the owner in the hand, the neck and the stomach. >> the customer here is the hero. the customer didn't think twice, went right after that guy. >> he ends up getting him outside of the store. this was an act of revepg. the area has been hit with extortion. group of adikts targeting shop owners to pay a quota between $20 and $30. this man skied he didn't want to dry in comply and he printed pamphlets and distributed this emto other owners. that made him a target of their
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attack. from fighting back against organized crime got this guy slashed. >> he spent time in the icu because of his injuries. some of the attackers were arrested but later released after paying a fine. >> tempted murder here is a fine. they go into eye vest pul where the register is, he use a tool of some sort to try to break the window but it's a reinforced window. when they realize they're not going to get through the window they grab a woman and immediately start threatening her life. forcing the clerk to open the drawer and start handing them some catch. they ended up leaving with just under $2,000. >> it's a whole other level.
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>> this cuple is headed to lion mountain, new york. good road trip for a reason. >> it's myself, my girlfriend, just drove three hours to deliver a new car to my girlfriend's mom. >> this woman's mom has been without a car for nearly six years and her daughter thought it's time for me to take out a loan and get my mom some wheels. so they are driving this car that her daughter bought from her boyfriend's brother, because she knows it was really taken care of. first thing out of mom's mouth, typical mom. daughter runs in for the hug. she's talking about how they have to watch the speed limit because if you go one to ten miles over the speed limit you're going to get nabbed for a ticket. time
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timely her daughter interrupts the flow. >> i guess you'll have to drive slow then. >> this is the first time she's made her mom speechless. for the first few seconds she's holding the bowl like she doesn't know what's going on. >> you're kidding me. oh, god. >> oh, the feels. that's right, mom got a two-door coupe and she'll be happy toodling around at the speed limit. >> david fuste has serious man claws. i don't mean because he's a climber, i mean because of the way he climbs. >> oh, are we going to see -- i saw his man claw.
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>> david is a balls out climber literal literally. >> why did he put the camera there? >> talk about no gear whatsoever. he got his own tack well him, that's it >> nothing at all, no rope, no chalk. >> not even shoes. >> not a single thing. >> as crazy as it seems and as wild as it is, you have to respect his ability, because clearly he's doing a pretty amazing job. >> why does he climb naked? is he just an exhibitionist or did one day he realize these shorts are restricting my movement? >> he's trying to sort of take on these climbs and mountain the same way that animals have to do
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it out in the wild. animals don't have ropes. animals don't have backup or backpacks. it's just him against the mountain. ♪ >> i'm thinking he just wants to even out the tan. that's my theory. i'm sticking to it. >> it's a flawless operation to remove a steeple. but -- >> is the steeple wood or stone? >> you are bea to see why gayle is asking. and prepare to be blown away at this summer barbecue. >> oh, the dog is my favorite! >> see the funny faces that make for a windy best of summer masterpiece. whwhy y dodo y people choose aleve? it's the brand more doctors recommend for minor arthritis pain. plplusus, , jo aleve can last all day. yoyou'u'd d ne6 tylenol arthritis to do that.
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alaleveve.e. a allll d day.
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there's an old saying if you
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want to make god laugh tell him your plans. people in this video had planned to relocate to this 150-year-old church, and as the crane is moving the steeple, people are watching. right about here you start hearing a little crackling sound. >> oh! oh! >> did the crane break? >> it looks like there's a very weak spot in the crane, you see it bending. >> oh my gosh. >> right here, sending the steeple crashing down. >> did not expect that. i mean, it looked like a pretty substantial piece of heavy machinery. >> it ended up crashing on the road, the highway right in front of the church, blocking it for a few hours, while they clean this up. here's the thing, the church wasn't planning to relocate the steeple. they were planning to demolish it. they were only selecting specific parts of the church to move. >> they did it pretty well, demolished it brilliantly.
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>> totally according to plan, no one got hurt. >> sounds like one person was hit by one of the power lines, the steeple and the crane actually hit, but no major injuries. everybody seemed to be at a safe distance. in this video, though, the people were right in the middle of the action in this hot air balloon. it looks like they're too close to that other hot air balloon. >> i feel like they should reach out and kind of push it away. >> well they don't really have to reach out to touch it. >> that woman she's like -- uhh -- >> as they go up you see it looks like the hot air balloon -- [ bleep ] >> just boiling it down. >> that pretty much sums it up. in a world where you don't know what lurks at the backyard barbecue.
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i give you the latest from scott d.w. >> a helicopter. >> it could be but what's really cool in this video we see but see people in super slow motion with a high powered compressor blowing at their faces. >> the dog is my favorite. >> the dog is like i'm in the car, this is great. >> crazy. >> that looks so weird. >> just wait until you see the hotdog. that hotdog had no chance to be eaten. >> it looks really good. >> if you look at the behind the scenes video he was inspired by a picture of a guy with wind blowing in his face and he was just thinking that's just a picture. why don't we make a video? you see at the very end who was actually causing all that drama.
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>> this is so stupid and wildly entertaining. >> it's fascinating. a dude has people thinking -- >> there's a ball come right at your head. >> the all-star summer prank that's making them duck and cover. >> watch your head, watch your head. woo! plus norbert the dog. >> loves cheese. >> see how he delivers the best of summer treat when he gets a taste of the good stuff. ouour r. nonobobodydy's's h hururt,t,bl still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay ththreree-e-ququarartetersrs o s to replace it. whwhatat a arere y youou s su, drive three-quarters of a car? nonow w ifif y youou h hadad ll new car replacement, yoyou'u'd d geget t yoyourur w. i i guguesess s ththeyey d donou driving around on three wheels. smsmarart.t. nenew w cacar r rereplplacacemee of the features that come standard with a base liberty mutual policy. anand d fofor r drdrivivererst forgiveness,rates won't go up
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closed captioning provided by -- bebeining g frfreeee fm dandruff feels great. maximum strength selsun blue tatargrgetets s dadandndru, wiwipipingng o outut flflakes and itch. selslsunun b blulue.. frfreeeedodom m frfromom . you may need a little help afafalling asleep.streresy try new unisom sleepminis™ toto g getet a a g gooood d p anand d wawakeke r recec. ununisisomom s sleleepep. a ststreressssfuful l y deserves a restful night. amazing, a genius pranker. >> today we're going to play catch without a ball. >> he's making people think there's a ball coming right at your head, move out of the way! move out of the way.
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>> watch your head, watch your head. don't throw it far out here, guys. >> is there anybody else that could possibly be playing ball with tom, no. zwr you're one of those people. >> at least you weren't pranking me. at least i wasn't doing that. >> he's on a bridge. where is there going to be a fly ball? this guy ducks. >> from a boat. >> i got it, i got it! >> sorry, i don't know why i do that. >> catch it. >> the guy in the purple shirt you might think he was getting shot at. these guys walking on the bridge figured out they had just gotten
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pranked. >> it's another tom-made classic right there. this is norbert. three pounds, loves cheese. he smiled. >> what? ? norbert smiled. i smile when i eat cheese. why shouldn't norbert? norbert is also a registered therapy dog, a philanthropist, star of an award winning book series and look at the cover of this one. you notice anybody familiar on the cover of that book with norbert? that's little bob. >> dangerously cute. and there's dexter, got into a little bit of trouble at home. >> dexter, who did that? >> did he really do it, though? >> christian, analyze the shame here. do you think that looks like he's guilty? >> that is a guilty dog. it is displaying 100% unequivocal guilty behavior. >> absolutely right.
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i don't know how oli thought it was someone else. >> ears are down, tail not wagging which is the clear defining clue that that dog is guilty. >> you are a dog behavior expert. >> um-hum. >> oli is apparently not. i don't know if the dog did it. i think he did it. >> is that you? no, dog years. them down for dog ♪ he wrote a birthday song to share with the world but asked him to help him pull off the birthday surprise for his wife. see how we deliver one heck of a present. alall l ththe e gogoododnenesss. alall l ththe e dedelilicis of hershey's syrup. sqsqueueezeze.e. s stitir..
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coming next. >> there's always room for one more birthday something. ♪ it's your mother fabulous birthday ♪ ♪ this is your burt day song you can do anything you want to ♪ ♪ nobody can tell you it's wrong ♪ >> the whole message behind it basically being you rock. ♪ you know this day was made just for you ♪ ♪ i'm gonna present myself to you in a way that you've never seen me ♪ ♪ scantily clad in a whipped
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cream bikini ♪ >> hello cowboy. >> that guy is an organic fruit and vegetable farmer but things really start to change for him when he found out broth brother had cancer, we brought on another crop. brett is an avid watcher of "right this minute." the thing is brett watches us in prison. brett a first-time non-violent offender but found growing weed was sent to prison for five years. >> he did this to help his family. he wanted to do something special for julia his wife, a birthday earlier this month. what he's asked is if we could show her the video, wash her happy birthday. we have her skyped so should we
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call her? >> yes. >> i'm thinking why not, let's do it. one of his friends is standing by. he set this up through this letter and we'll try to deliver this birthday message. julia, let's see if this works. hi! >> hello. >> hi. >> hello. you must be julia and this must be jason who is helping us behind the scene. hi, how are you doing? >> very good actually. how are you? >> excellent. you must also be very confused. my name is oli. these are the guys we're from "right this minute" a tv show and we deal with viral videos, cool videos. we got sent one by brett. ♪ i thank god for the mountains and all that she's on it ♪ sean this is also true i'm here for you ♪ >> he's on this mission to spread joy and fun and inspiration and he would tell
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you every day is the best day of his life and he means it. it's so inspiring. >> he seems like he's a really funny and fun person. >> oh, he is. he's spectacular. >> we figured we wanted to call up and wish you happy birth day! but there is one extra other thing brett wanted to say to you, julia, excuse the english accent, this is from brett to you, i freaking love you, you're my best friend. you're amazing, stunningly beautiful and without a doubt one of the kindest people i've ever met. you inspire me to do always my best. i respect and admire your patience, generosity and bravery. you make me laugh, youeach me new ways to filled with gratitude to know you, darling. i'm wishing you the best day of your life, happy birthday, love brett. >> oh. do you want to say something to him? >> is this on tv? >> yes. >> hi! >> we are recording this. if you want to send him a
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special messable or something back we'll put it in. >> i'm very surprised and really happy and grateful and honored. >> oh! nice! ♪ this is your birthday song, you can do what are you want ♪ ♪ nobody can tell you it's wrong ♪ we're glad you joined us today. thanks for watching "right this minute." we'll see you next time.
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time to soak up some fun with some "rtm" best of summer videos. sea creature spots an underwater camera. >> it thought oh a snack. >> what it's like to be eaten by an octopus. it's a vacation thrill that's also scary, but -- >> it's so worth it. >> why this is not your ordinary zip line. >> i have a little baby kitten here. >> we're saluting the miracle workers who are able -- >> to help put this kitten back together. >> what they think happened and how they made it all better. look who is on diaper duty because-


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