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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 31, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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time to soak up some fun with some "rtm" best of summer videos. sea creature spots an underwater camera. >> it thought oh a snack. >> what it's like to be eaten by an octopus. it's a vacation thrill that's also scary, but -- >> it's so worth it. >> why this is not your ordinary zip line. >> i have a little baby kitten here. >> we're saluting the miracle workers who are able -- >> to help put this kitten back together. >> what they think happened and how they made it all better. look who is on diaper duty because -- >> mom is not around.
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>> how dad is getting down and durty in one of the best videos of the summer. >> oh! dude! we've all heard of the five finger discount. if you're brad in spain you have to be careful of the eight tentacle distant. gopro puts it under the water, see the criminal in the middle of your screen. >> that is remarkable. >> boink! >> that was smooth. it was like one sentical then the other tentacle. >> the sound as well is entertaining. >> wow! that's a weird sound. >> yes. >> and ultimate thieves because if they were deeper in the water and got a hold of that thing it could have camouflaged itself around the thing and you would have never been able to find it. >> oh. so now he has to actually rescue the we do pro, has to pull it
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out. the octopus comes with it in the end, puts the octopus down and it goes along his merry way and we get this incredible footage from the gopro. >> i wonder if that looked like a shellfish, if it had enough of a sheen and the right size and thought oh, a snack. >> sea urchin without the spikes, easy pickens. >> in full hd video, too. >> this is a great way to go fishing for octopus, no? we've seen a lot of kitten rescues, this is sad because this kitten came out injured. this kitten brought to vet ranch and this is dr. kerry going to help put this kitten back together. they believe this kitten may have been injured by a fan belt so they brought him in, they called him blade are this incident, but as you could see it's got an injured arm. they had to give it some heavy medications because they think this may have happened the day before but she says because of the ungry and because of the fact that he probably doesn't
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have any feeling in one of his paws they have to amputate so here she is performing the surgery on this cat. >> oh, so cute. he doesn't need that leg. >> no, christian he doesn't. >> seems more comfortable and thankful for us are he moving his arm but he's a totally different cat today. >> that's the beautiful thing about vet ranch. they'll take animals in and help them out. this isn't the only animal they've helped. check out this dog. this is after they've taken care of it, playful, beautiful coat. >> happy. >> happy. look at the dog when they brought it in. they called her crusty crispy because they believe she had maze. >> that's mean. >> now it's just crisp. >> the dog was on death row at a shelter. viewers on the youtube channel donated money to help dogs like this. this is after a few days. >> she's already getting love. she's getting nice little baths, if she was in pain she's
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probably not in pain anymore. >> so many people are going to go come on, the humane thing is to put the animal down. just a little bit of effort and love and look at the turnaround in a couple of days. >> there she is after eight or nine weeks. this is how she looks because somebody took weeks of time to give her a bath and give her treatment. >> running shoes are very important and you're going to learn thatrom this in the juken video. the camera recording theootage rear view camera, and in this moment we see just how close this motorist gets to the cyclist. >> kind of accelerates past him as well, almost luke he wanted to scale it. >> the cyclist did appear in the video to be a little further toward the center of the road. >> that's exactly the argument the driver of that car makes. >> you're passing way too close. >> mate [ bleep ] how big is that? are you a cop? no. you're a [ bleep ] little
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bicycle. >> at the same time a bicyclist is classified as a vehicle. you're not allowed to ride it on the sidewalk. you have to treat it like a vehicle when you're on the road. >> [ bleep ] is that what it says on the highway code? >> no, it says [ bleep ]. >> is that what it says? >> they exchange some very interesting choice words. >> i'm going to report you to the police. >> good, then do that. do it now. you're a [ bleep ] idiot. >> you're on camera. >> technically according to highway code he was in the wrong as far as the driving goes, now he's assaulting this guy and damaging property. he's crossing all the lines. >> the driver gets back in his car. this guy catches up again. >> put your seat belt on. >> put your [ bleep ] mouth shut. do you do this for a hobby, [ bleep ] annoy people? >> i'm taking your camera. >> right. >> yes, he trips all over himself, poor guy. >> i don't feel sorry for him, i have to be honest the way he was
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talking and acting. >> you see why he could have used running shoes. >> the irony is the bicyclist would have been breaking the law if he was up on the sidewalk. >> this is a great fall, upside down and backward. it's not the tallest, longest or fastest zip line in the world, but boy, oh, boy, in this juken video you'll see why this zip line gets such great ratings. this is in the lake sebu seven falls area of the philippines. watch this drop away. >> wow. isn't that a stunning sight. the mini parachute behind the guy to keep him from going too fast down the zip line so he can go slow enough to enjoy the view. that's one of the seven falls. pilot enjoys the ride for a few
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seconds before one of the other of the seven waterfalls comes into view right about here. look at that. >> wow. >> this is ridiculous. >> he even goes right through a little bit of the misty cloud cover there and back into the thick jungle canopy before it comes to a stop. >> like avatar the zip line. that was pretty awesome. >> it really is and even though it's short, it's so worth it. that moment when he takes off and suddenly boom, everything just drops down from below him and you see the beautiful waterfall. this is heaven. >> and the zip line that you're in, that superman position. >> i was about to say that parachute makes it looks like superman's cape as well. needs to wear the superman outfit and it would be awesome. video of a haunted puppet sure to give you the summer spooks. >> you seem like you're doubting me nick. >> i always doubt this nonsense. go ahead, continue. >> we try to make sense of an extra sensory story. >> why would the puppet want to kill the guy?
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guys, i have undisputable proof of spirits and ghosts. you seem like you're doubting me nick. >> i always doubt this nonsense. go ahead continue. >> not nonsense. john inherited a wooden puppet from his father. for two weeks john was experiencing headaches and dizziness, and then one night he felt hands choking him in his sleep. he couldn't wake up, he tried to and when he did wake up he saw the puppet staring right at him. he realized this puppet was haunted. so his friend, jane harris, a paranormal investigator, took said puppet off his hands and
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placed it in a sealed box for the last three months and has been shooting it with a night vision camera every night. look closely, you can see the puppet inside the box, and then, oh, oh! ghosts, ladies and gentlemen, proved! >> the thing you control the puppet with, the wooden cross, strings are attached to, moved. >> did he say strings like that could possibly be pulled fromoutside the box? >> it's a sealed box, christian. >> i'm sure there's a little had inhinge. >> we're all calling fake but jane harris was quoted in "the daily mail" for us there's no point in faking evidence as you're only tricking yourself. this footage is real. they'll put up motion sensors and see what happens next. new jersey a fantastic known as the garden state. this video shows you why.
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look how beautiful and green that is. this is at terrace pond. guy got his dj phantom out, classic young americans having a great time near the end of summer. >> one thing i learned when i left new jersey is that it was like living in a human habitrail. you basically have trails carved through the trees. you can't see anything so when you get up overhead with the phantom and get an aerial shot and see how beautiful it is. >> nice. >> how would you ever know the lake was there? >> you wouldn't know because there's 50 foot trees around you at all times. >> you could actually see that, nick, while you had the feeling. you don't see the trail from up above. all you see is the lake and the trees. somebody had to walk through there and find it. i'm glad they did. >> if you showed me this first opening wide shot, i would not in 100 years have guessed new jersey. >> really? >> no. >> wow. >> would you have looked at that, oh, new jersey's gorgeous! >> not like california but. >> google maps, it's saving new
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jersey. >> they found a gem of a lake and jumping in the water i always wanted to do that. >> one guy tried to hit the target, oh, he just missed. what i love about the video at the very end you get to see it coming in for a landing and it gives you a perspective as pretty much how high this thing was. it's absolutely beautiful. that's why they call it the garden state. let's do this. are you ready? >> this very loving dad needs to take care of business because his little girl just took care of her business and mom is not around. >> is it fully loaded? >> it's fully loaded and recorded this because dad knew it was going to be a really crappy job that was going to turn into a very gaggy daddy.
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diaper is not even off and he's already bracing for the worst. >> the guy's got tattoos. he's willing to sit down for 10, 12 hours and have someone attack him with a needle but already he's feeling worried. >> yes. [ bleep ] >> there you go. >> he's turning all kinds of different colors. he's gagging and it looks like he may have some sort of contaper there that he's ready to just vomit right into. >> his gagging is actually making me gag. >> oh! >> the video is just under three minutes long, that's how long it takes him -- >> just try to keep this one clean until mum gets home, yeah? >> his face right now, this freeze frame is priceless. guys to apply a new look.
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pencils or use liquid liner with a brush. two looks the guys will try to pull off. this is a classic, clean line, the other is a fish tail, the same thing as the classic but it has another line that fishtails at the end. >> oh, man, this is not going good. >> this is [ bleep ] terrifying, man. >> he's got a fine tip pen there. you could paint a house with this thing. >> it's the same thing, just a different tool. ? my girlfriend does this in the car in the mirror while i'm bumping around in traffic. >> a fish tail, then blue tears. >> this is the final product. ? he's war paint that guy put on. >> i'm thinking of "braveheart." >> this guy looks like he got in a fight. >> looked like he stepped out of a pub fight. >> here is the mirror and a mirror for you. >> here we go.
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just stabbed myself in the eye. >> he's doing good. >> i'm feeling beautiful. >> looks like you got something in your eye. >> it's cleopatra-esque. >> it's the fishtail. >> you are freaking me out. >> i nailed it, brother. >> close your eye. wow, that is really good. >> should i do the other eye? >> absolutely, you have to do the other eye. >> try the fishtail on the other eye. good idea. >> this isn't easy. >> uh-oh. i botched this stuff up. >> hold on, i spoke too soon. this stuff is the devil, really hard to use, liquidy stuff. >> your eyes stand out by the way. they look beautiful. >> as if i needed any more help. living the life.
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the slow mo guys, gaffin and dan are in the business of showing us things we can't normally see with our naked eye. this time we'll see a lot more of the slow mo guys than i think we're used to seeing. >> this is weird. dan is getting himself inside a giant six foot balloon designed and built for people to get inside. gab has a hose inside, trying to fill up this balloon with as much water as possible and get dan as far inside the balloon as possible before the thing bursts. of course it's all being captured on slow mo. the size of this balloon is ridiculous. >> really cool. >> put your head under. >> no. >> finally some intelligence. >> oh! >> oh! >> oh! >> oh! >> boom!
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the whole thing bursts, a ton of water goes flooding through the backyard. he has the balloon around his neck with the hose which is funny to me but the slow mo is fascinating. >> look at that. that looks cool. split right down the middle. >> thanks to the slow mo guys we got something we would never have gotten to see and a bit more of dan. i just got to the frozen yogurt place. >> cool when you park i'm right in front. >> the best prarng, why it's guaranteed to crack you up and deos ever.ay -- alall l ththe e gogoododnenesss. alall l ththe e dedelilicis of hershey's syrup. sqsqueueezeze.e. s stitir..
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glass casing. ♪ cell phones have made it a lot easier for to us communicate and find directions when we're lost. but it doesn't always work that way. >> is this laurel canyon boulevard? okay, thanks. trying to get my buddy to meet me here. >> oh my god! are you kidding me? >> i just got to the frozen yogurt place. >> cool when you park i'm right in front. >> i've already parked i'm
9:57 am
standing right by the entrance. the mall is on the lower level? >> hold on. is this laurel canyon in ventura? >> yes, greg benson tackles that issue that many of us have found ourselves in, we quickly call our friends, i'm right here, where are you, only to see that they're really right there. benson does it perfectly, pranking different people walking down the street asking for directions and his buddy responding within feet of each other. >> hello? >> miles. >> greg, where are you? >> on ventura crossing the street i'm right at laurel canyon. where are you? >> laurel. >> is this laurel canyon here? >> i think the other people think if you cannot figure that out, something's going on. >> you don't help this one, you enjoy it's too good. >> such a beautiful prank, done so well and at their expense not somebody else's. this is why it's so good. >> i'm walking right over there. >> you see east, going east? excuse me?
9:58 am
>> you two are talking to each other. >> miles! hey, what are you doing here? >> that's crazy. >> what a surprise, you're right here. >> no doubt this is top five prank videos. >> and it didn't cost a dime, nothing, no elaborate setups, no costumes, nothing. >> oh, greg, you're awesome. >> he's right here. >> there's a lady crying next to me or something. you want to meet somewhere else i'm a little uncomfortable now. >> all right, take care. hope you had fun. we'll see you next time on "right this minute."
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