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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  November 2, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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. traffic hot spots this rainy monday morning. alex savidge got us in, but traffic is tough. bring you in working hard. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. i did go outside. >> if you went outside, you got wet. hair up day. >> yeah, i wish. i understand, believe me. it is coming down to beat the band, so to speak. especially around novato and petalulma south. north of santa rosa, the front is moving. south of that, that's where all the main weather is going to be
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for the next couple of hours. great rain in lahondra. hint of green on the lawn. karen, good morning. pouring in lafayette. my dog is refusing to go out. >> can't say i blame him. >> look at this. san rafael, sausalito, over to richmond, lafayette, concord, that is heavy over the bay. again from hayward, oakland, fremont, livermore going ballistic as far as the rainfall. almost an inch. 880 will be a mess. back over the san mateo bridge to the peninsula, i would think the done barton as well. concord. vallejo, crockett about a half inch. look at this. from san ramon over to antioch in discovery bay, close to radar, but lit up here on the
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peninsula. redwood city, stanford, menlo park, take your pick. that's the heaviest band. watch here. look at the enhancement taking place. along the santa cruz coast and mountains, get ready. cold air is coming in, that's what's going on. that's why we're going to see this right there. last few frames. to the north, i think things lighten up, to the south, marin county south, put on your seat belt. rain cooler, cloudy. 50s for higher elevations, 60s for others. sal, i don't know where to start. we're going to start with 580 just because. some of the traffic is finally getting through on the huge traffic backup on westbound 58 out. problem start almost five hours ago, steve, when a big rig flipped over in livermore. alex savidge was stuck in the backup for more than an hour
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himself and is now there live. >>reporter: good morning. what is taking so long is crews are having to off load frozen chickens that were in this overturned big rig. a little bit of progress, the two right lanes right as you come up to north greenville road, traffic is sneaking by. the two left lanes remain blocked by this big rig. what crews is is they kind of swung that big rig over and out of the way to make room for traffic to get by. boy, it's a good thing they did. traffic is an absolute nightmare. standstill here as you come over the altamont pass. it's backed up for several miles all the way over to tracy. it is bumper to bumper traffic this morning. this happened just after 2:00 this morning. unclear whether it was weather related or not. it was a big rig that got
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involved with a couple of other cars. minor injuries out here this morning. we're still checking on that with chp, but the overturned big rig still blocking the two left lanes and traffic is just a mess out there, sal. do you have any alternate routes for folks? >> not really. people have been using the side roads, people have been going highway 4 and using that. right now there aren't any real decent alternate routes. people have been using highway 4 as alternates going through brentwood, it hasn't been that great. we have slow traffic everywhere else. as steve mentioned, heavy rain coming through. done barton and san mateo bridge slow. marin county slow all the way down to central san rafael. the south bay freeways are all slow. the peninsula doesn't look that
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bad. we're speaking of the toll plaza, let's go there. and show you the traffic is backed up there. getting there is going to be another story. 980, 580 all very slow. northbound 280 solid coming out of downtown heading up to highway 17 and beyond. almost all the commute roads are are slow. you don't need an accident to make it slow on a rainy day like today. 7:05. happening now, thousands of people without power because of several rain relate outages. pg&e's website says the largest is in oakland with more than 3,000 customers in the dark. affected area is near the zoo. agency provided no estimated times for restoring power. large outages reported in san mateo and san jose also. they're working to restore power as safely and quickly as possible.
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of course we'll continue to have coverage on the storm through the morning. get the latest on air and online. students at college park high school in pleasant hill are returning to school while dealing with the loss of two classmates. two teenage girls were killed over the weekend. the driver of the car also a student was seriously hurt allie rasmus is live at the school this morning. >>reporter: school administrators are going to have grief counselors on hand for students here at college park high school where all three of the teens attended. e-mail to parents said they'll be on hand as long as needed. two teens were killed in a horrific crash over halloween weekend. happened around 3:00 early sunday morning in martinez. their friend, the teen driver, is in the hospital in krus
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condition. chp do not believe drugs and alcohol were factors in the crash. instead, investigators say it may have been a case of the teen driver being overtired when she veered off the road and hit a tree going 60 miles per hour. both passengers in the car were killed. >> primarily, we've talked to her and she said she fell asleep and the last thing she remembers was being at 60 miles per hour. >> i stopped by and paid my respects. i was at the certifyservice and it was really heart wrenching the whole time. trying to keep it in. >>reporter: last night friends and fellow students attended a memorial. investigators are looking into whether the driver had a provisional license. if so, she shouldn't have been allowed to be driving in the dark, especially with other teens in the car. 16 or 17 years old. was either
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>> allie, i know it's early, but have police told you anything about possible charges in the case or no talk of that at all yet? >>reporter: we haven't heard anything about charges in this case. the investigators said yesterday the investigation is still in early stages. they have to figure out exactly what caused the crash and look into that before they go down that road. time is 7:08. skek the tifz with the russian -- executives with the russian airline metro jet say external thing caused the plane to crash of. this happened 23 minutes after the plane took off on saturday. the first planes carrying the remains of the victims started arriving today in russia. a huge memorial of flowers is growing at the airport in st. petersburg. a lot of people who have family in russia are saying the trip from st. petersburg to egypt is
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very popular for family vacations. >> it's definitely a possibility for a turning point in the travel industry there. they tend to choose that area, the mediterranean area. and i'm sure people will have second thoughts. >> this is russia's second worst air disaster ever. the islamic state terrorist claim they brought the plane down, but a lot of experts don't believe they have the weapons to do that. they hope to find the clues in the plane's black boxes. president obama continuing his push for change in the criminal justice system. today visiting new jersey halfway house. he became the first sitting president to visit a federal prison and today at a center for drug 0 fepders in newark. he wants to highlight the
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efforts to reintegrate offenders back into the community rather than imposing long prison sentences. he wants congress to pass a bipartisan bill reducing mandatory minimum sentences for some drug offenses. the former head of san francisco's chinatown crime gang goes to trial today. raymond shrimp boy chow goes to is expected to take a week to choose a jury. several others have entered guilty plea to related charges. tenants in an oakland live work work space face being evicted after a fire this year. two people were killed on 24th street seen san pablo avenue in march. the bay area news group is
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reporting the building owner is asking tenants to take out belongings. accusing them of squatting in the building which is red tagged. a woman robbed and beaten on the san francisco state university campus. in minutes, the three women police are searching for. the candidates who want to be president want more control. the late night meeting among the republican campaigns that stem from last week's debate in colorado. looking at a really tough morning commute. this is a typical picture, 280 northbound driving through downtown san jose with the rain coming down. rain is letting up to the north, but it is pouring for some as the cold air is coming in from the peninsula south and east. take a closer look at it and have rain totals. did he say rain totals? i did.
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. 7:13. driver for uber in southern california says he's not going to work for the company anymore after being attacked last weekend by a passenger. it was all recorded on dashcam. this may be hard for you to watch. the driver was worried about the passenger when the passenger would not put on his seat belt. the driver turned the dashcam around to face the back seat. when the passenger didn't seem could hear enter enough to -- coherent enough to take instructions, he pulled over and the passenger got violent. the driver was able to pull out mace and sprayed that passenger. the driver told a southern california tv station, the quality of riders has gone down. the passenger is facing charges of assault and public intoxication. the republican presidential candidates held unusual late
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night summit last night to vent frustrations about the gop debate last week. they say the debate hosted by cnbc was slanted and unfair and they want more control over the next debate that will be held in milwaukee november 10th. campaigns are demanding two hour time limit, opening and closing statements, equal time for candidates and even control over the on screen graphics used by the networks. >> just tighten it up a little bit and do it more like a professional type of debate. >> this debate structure is not leading to the best candidates coming out of the debates. i would like to have smaller groups, all of us be heard equally, ask better questions. if we do that, we'll have the best nominee to win an election we can't afford to lose. >> they're not required to accept the requirements, but the
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candidates say they won't be there if they don't. >> jeb bush is launching a new e book called reply all, selection of e-mails he exchanged with florida resident during his time as governor. beginning a campaign swing in florida dubbed the jeb can fix it tour. something that hasn't been done in 30 years. >> the 1-2 again. inside corner. the royals 2015 world champions! >> they did it. the kansas city royals won the world series, beat the mets 7-2 in 12 innings, the royals came from behind, sent the game into extra innings, scoring five runs in the 12th. the last victory was in 1985. perez was named the most
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valuable player of the world series. royals fans were happy. they celebrated through the night. the confetti came down, crowds filled the streets. so far celebrations have been peaceful. tomorrow afternoon the royals will come home. they will celebrate with a parade and a rally. >> those are always fun. >> and fans will be waiting. >> sal with me on this one. >> we were there last year, did that special show. i'm sure it's going to be all over kansas city. good morning, everyone. have to switch to a more serious topic. we've had a terrible commute on this monday morning because of the wet weather. we're going to start off with highway 24 westbound, slow traffic. 680 slow. a lot are coming through contra
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costa county, especially people who drive through the bay area. the truck accident is blocking two lanes at the greenville road exit. we'll mention that in just a moment. traffic is also going to be very slow this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza and getting to it, the east shore freeway slow to the mcarthur maze. westbound 5 at80 at greenville, two lanes are closed because of a truck accident that's been there since 2 in the morning. 880 backed up from 238 all the way down to the fremont area. southbound 101 from northern marin to central san rafael, san francisco new overturn accident at golden gate park 19th after at crossover. 7:18. let's go to steve now. sal, i could do an hour show. >> we can't get it all in.
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lets get right to it. thanks for all the information on twitter, facebook, or e-mail. i'm getting it as fast as we can. look at this. how awesome is this. it was rain overnight for a while, then turned to snow in truckee. i think they're going to get about two feet of snow in higher elevations. i need to hear from coop in kirkland. the rain looks like it's ended for parts of santa rosa. east to calastoga looks like it's lightning up. soudz south of that is -- south of that is really getting enhanced. marin usually gets a lot. bang the drum, wait for it, .46 inches of rain. across the half inch part at antioch. it has been pouring around
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antioch to livermore. east santa rosa, .86. there was an inch of rain at cobb, into leak county. mount saint helene had an inch. gilmore three quarters. walnut creek two-thirds of an inch. pacifica .52. daleily city .45. and mil valley at .36. i think sausalito about the same. look at the rain in livermore, almost an inch of rain. san jose two-thirds. redwood city half inch. .64 is at lexington reservoir. morgan hill half inch or more. willy had .75. napa third, santa rosa a quarter. concord a third. up in the oakland hills i've had reports of a lot more than that. around san francisco, reports of a third. i'm trying to update as fast as i can.
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it is pouring for some and i can't keep up. things are lightning north of novato, san rafael over the bridge into san francisco, sausalito over towards the east bay and it is really coming down of. lafayette to oakland. from hayward to fremont, this is pouring, especially from san leandro to livermore where it just won't stop. over to the peninsula, redwood city, stanford, menlo park, palo alto, san mateo, santa cruz most line too. there is more to come. that is moving onshore and headed towards the santa cruz coast. to the north the it is lightning up. 50s on your temps. mendocino county, lake county, santa cruz mountains won't get out of the 50s. this thing had everything going for it that the last system did
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not. cold air, dynamics, jetstream support. moderate rain for some, light for others. wind picks up, possibility of thunderstorms. we'll go to showery, windy and cold as we head into tonight and tomorrow. sierra, i think two feet easily. winter storm warning continues, couple feet in the higher elevations. that's the enhancement taking place. that's what's swinging in, but the north bay is really moving out on a little bit of this. if you were in that zone and that's for most of the bay area, it's really coming down. rain, cooler, colder, cloudy, breezy. 60s for highs for some, 50s for others. this is a classic cold front that we haven't seen for years. last december was pretty good, remember, but after that it
7:23 am
really wasn't much. showery and windy tuesday night and wednesday. very cold lows if not wednesday, thursday morning. but after that looks pretty quiet. >> all right. we're ready. thank you, steve. streets were trashed, cars vandalized. in 15 minutes a very rowdy celebration in berkeley that ended with three arrests. raccoon attack in san francisco. what the city is doing in hopes of preventing similar attacks in the future.
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. time is 7:26. san francisco animal control officers will patrol the rich mooned district after raccoons -- richmond district after raccoons attacked a couple and their dog. they were taking two small dogs out for a walk when they were attacked. a group of at least 12 raccoons attacked them and the dogs. the woman had to get a rabies shot. it's the second in the richmond district since the beginning of september. animal control is talking with wildlife experts about what else they can do. large toxic algae bloom off the west coast is threatening dufrng even he is crab. of the -- dungeness crab. fishermen have to wait for the crab for a newer oe neuro toxin dangerous to people and crabs.
7:27 am
the reports are second to come back sometime this week. today bart begins energizing the tracks between the existing fremont south and the new south fremont station. the work will be done in segments. initially it was expected to open by the end of this year, but that's been pushed back until next year so bart can do more testing. police taking aim at quentin tear teen 0 -- tanentino. we're live in the south bay where it's been a wet morning. lots of accidents. we'll show you what it looks like coming up in a live report. it's pretty slow out there with the rain. but without being a debbie downer about it, there are improvements out there. we'll talk about those too. we're seeing improvement to the north bay where it's lightning up a bit, but for
7:28 am
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. good morning to you. steady rain falling in the south bay. this was the scene all around the bay area this morning. the rain has been causing flooding and crashes on
7:31 am
roadways, but it is a welcome sight. good morning. i'm dave clark. lots to talk about. we have live team coverage of this morning's rain. janine, you're in the south bay. >> and we'll run over to steve paulson on how long the system is supposed to last. >> it's decreasing in the north bay, but enhancing from san francisco south and pouring for some. some areas picking up over an inch of rain. gilroy, livermore, even up cobb mountain to the north, over an inch of rain. watch how the line is moving. novato north more cloudy, overcast than anything else. but the rain rates are decreasing. for some they're picking up big time, though. trying to get as many rainfall totals as you can. gilroy over an inch of rain. from a third to over an inch of rain. this is the first really good
7:32 am
rain. from san rafael, sausalito, richmond, san rafael bridge, rodeo, crockett, oakland hills had a report of .70. it is pouring from hayward to fremont, south san francisco to san mateo, redwood city, palo alto, san ramon, concord, really hefty rain rates. livermore it won't stop. redwood city, there is enhancement taking place. watch in the last few frames, that's what's sliding through. it's really picking up on the san mateo, santa cruz peninsula toward the south bay. 50s on the temps. decreasing rain to the north, cold air moving in, giving us moderate is heavy rain. wind picking up some and the cold air moves in. possibility of thundershowers later on. the damage is done. looks like decreasing rain to the north, still pretty heavy for the next couple of hours, sal.
7:33 am
'68 was a good year, but it's not a number you want to see. >> 68? >> 68 minutes to drive on the east shore freeway. i'm not going anywhere. 68 minute drive time from the car keen carquinez bridge of. it's going to be raining in many areas for most of the morning or at least part of the morning. a lot of of slow traffic in marin county, backed up down to san rafael. we just saw the east shore freeway, but i want to show it to you on the map again to reenforce that. bay bridge toll plaza, you'll see traffic is busy as you drive through. concord, pleasant ton, walnut creek -- pleasant hill, walnut creek, all slow. major delays on 580 westbound
7:34 am
because of an earlier accident that took up all the freeway, westbound 580 at greenville. traffic coming from tracy is terrible. janine is live in san jose with more on the wet commute. janine. >>reporter: hi, sal. an hour ago, the rain had stopped and now it is coming down pretty good. lots of gray skies above me and wet roads. that's what drivers are having to deal with. the rain creating a lot of puddles and some flooding on 280, 287 and bird avenue here m san jose. crews have been mopping that up. the whole south bay has gotten soaked with rain coming down since the early morning hours. roads are slick and some drivers are losing control. we've been driving around trying to follow accidents that have occurred on freeways in san jose, but by the time we've gotten there, chp has cleaned them up. some solo crashes, some hit
7:35 am
center divides, other fender benders. no serious injuries. chp recommends slowing it down when the roads are wet and we've been slowing down to 40 or 50 on the roads this morning. others are also taking precautions. >> i was keeping an eye out in case there are any accidents that do happen. i was thinking about taking a detour to work right now in case something were to happen. >> earlier this morning we traveled on highway 17, notorious for accidents, especially when it rains. already there have been several at area serious spots. the summit, laurel, and near brush road. be careful and prepared for delays if you're near that area. most people say they don't mind the rain. it's been so long that we've had any that they've told us they welcomed it. we even caught a man we spoke with earlier that was wearing shorts, no umbrella, wasn't prepared for it, didn't look at the weather report.
7:36 am
but we have been seeing people carrying umbrellas. don't forget yours when you're heading out this morning. >> janine, thank you. of course we'll stay on top of the rain all day long. use our mobile app and website, police at san francisco state university telling students be alert after a woman was violently attacked on campus. she was robbed and beaten by three other women. brian flores is at sf state now to tell us what police know so far. good morning, brian. >> hi, dave. plenty of unanswered questions on this case, but we know this happened early sunday morning near mary ward hall, a residence hall here on campus of san francisco state university, located on the 800 block of font boulevard. police say it happened after 1:00 in the morning on sundayment a woman and friend were walking on the sidewalk.
7:37 am
according to police, the three women approached the two. there was some type of verbal altercation, then yelling. then one of the three, the suspects in this case, took out a mini baseball bat and started beating on one victim several times. the suspects got away with the victim's stuff, leaving her with injuries to her face and several abrasions. we got reaction from a student who lives nearby. >> it's kind of scary. because you know you go out a lot and commute. you're not always with someone. so then hearing that -- a previous one too, somebody was walking back from class or something and there was a guy who groped her. it makes you think. >>reporter: police say one of the attackers is between 18 and 20 with dark hair and lip studs.
7:38 am
second woman is here. no description for a third. pretty vague description on the cars the suspects got away in. one describe the as a white four door, the other a black four door. of course if we find out more, we'll pass that along to you. >> brian flores in san francisco. thank you. time 7:38. halloween celebration in berkeley got out of control. thousands filled the streets near the uc berkeley campus. take a look at the damage left behind. streets filled with damaged vehicles and empty liquor bottles and cans. three people were arrest. one was taken to the hospital after a fight broke out near channing way and piedmont avenue. the police rushed to that area early yesterday morning. they found about 5,000 people milling in the streets. police are telling us the crowd was a combination of party goers and football fans.
7:39 am
the police kept an eye on the crowd until they eventually left that area. 7:39. tomorrow is election day. in san francisco, one of the most controversial ballot measures is aimed at preserving the mission district. supporters gathered at the church for a town hall meeting yesterday. the measure would impose 18 month moratorium for new market rate housing projects in the mission. supporters say if it doesn't pass, evictions will continue and the mission will lose diversity. >> the mission by 2025 would lose 20% of latino population. basically people making less than $100,000 a year. >> opponents say more market rate construction boosts the san francisco economy and provides revenue that could be used to fund affordable housing programs of. voters will have to decide between two clean energy propositions. comes down to a tug of war
7:40 am
between pg&e and clean power program. the measure would change what the state defines as renewable green energy. for example, much of their solar power would be deemed green, but much of sole or power sf would not. >> it would put clean power sf, the energy choice community program launching next year, at a competitive disadvantage with pg&e. >> proposition 8 is sponsored about by public power advocates ask environmentalists. it would level the playing field as to renewable energy sources. it would force all customers to switch to and buy from clean power sf. supporters say since pg&e has been a monopoly for so long,
7:41 am
it's needed. former san francisco mayor art agnos is going to have an operation at the cleveland clinic in ohio as soon as doctors can arrange it. he was shot in the zebra murders. he went on to serve 11 years before becoming mayor of san francisco in 1988. well known actor and united states senator fred thompson has died. family released a statement saying thompson died yesterday in nashville after a recurrence of lymphoma. he was a united states senate tore or eight years and one time presidential candidate. he was a water gate attorney and a long time star of the tv show
7:42 am
law & order. he was in hunt for red october and cape fear. he was 73 years old. court battle continues between the makers of jaw bone and rival bit fit. why things are getting messy in court over what jaw bone considers to be a frivolous lawsuit. the biggest silicon valley split in history. the big change for hewlett-packard and how it will now run its business. looking at the south bay commute and northbound 280 crawling along, getting up to highway 17 and beyond that into the west valley. for much of the north bay, rain letting up. for others, peninsula east and south, it is pouring. updates on rain totals and what is in store for the rest of the day.
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
. national police union is calling for eye a boycott of quentin tarentino after he called police officers murderers. it threatens the safety of police and the public. he made the comments last week speaking at a rally in new york city protesting police before you talt, i'm a human -- brutality. i'm a human being with a conscience. i have to call the murder the murder and i have to call the murderers murderers. the group is calling on police officer to stop working off duty jobs for the director's project. the studio behind his upcoming film hasn't made any comment. today hewlett-packard is now two separate companies.
7:46 am
pam cook is back in the studio oh, to tell us what this means. >> with the sound of the opening bell, hewlett-packard became two companies, hpq and hpe. chief executive meg whitman along with other executives ringing the opening bell on wall street to brat the split that -- celebrate the split that p many say is needed. it is now hp enterprise which will sell computers, data and consulting services and pp incorporated will -- hp incorporated will stick with pcs. it was started by bill hewlett and dave packard, but many say the split will make hp more competitive in the new tech sector. on the stock, both companies are
7:47 am
up this morning and both are expected to have annual revenue of $50 billion. they'll be two of america's 500 largest public companies. the company has been trimming a bit over the last couple years. both supposed to be based in palo alto. it doesn't seem like a very big change for the employees. >> i'm sure they're relieved of that. >> but it's going to be very interesting to watch. >> thank you, pam. sal, i don't know where you start on a day we have so much rain, so many crashes. it's a mess. >> i think i start with a general statement that every commute is very slow. >> yeah. >> you should know that. there is not going a commute where you go out there and say boy, my ride to work was great. that's not going to happen on a day like today. the east shore freeway is taking 17 minutes between the carquinez bridge and mcarthur maze.
7:48 am
traffic is super busy. marin county, accident near the robin williams tunnel. used to be known as the waldo tunnel. it's backed up into mill valley because of a crash just outside the tunnel. past it, it looks okay. also a lot of slow traffic on 680 and highway 4. let's go bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is backed up for 25 to 30 minutes. crash on westbound 580 near dwreenville. traffic is get -- greenville. traffic is getting through, three lanes open, super slow. a lot of people have been stuck in that backup. 880 slow all the way down into san jose and the entire south bay is very, very slow. i can't be here for too long telling you about all the slow downs. expect it to be slow on your commute. 7:48. let's go to steve. >> i can stay there for a long
7:49 am
time, sal, i'll be here for 15 minutes, sophie, our producer. let's get to it. rain let up. thank you, gary in petalulma. north bay things are winding down, still a lot of cloud cover, but it is pouring on the peninsula. menlo park, we'll dwet to these. watch -- get to these. watch out the system is sliding down. it doesn't mean we're completely done, but the front is moving. that's not north. let's start some of the information coming in. this is tom, .88 in lossal tows through 7:30. from radar the heaviest is yet to come. i'd say it's coming over you right now. anthony, coming down in buckets over menlo park. might have to take a raft to school. i can't get to these quick enough, but i will, promise next ten minutes i'll update. cobb mountain over an inch.
7:50 am
gilroy, my goodness, or an inch. walnut creek has to be more than that. john lindsey .57, daily city .45. mill valley .36. livermore has had over an inch, san jose, three quarters. morgan hill .75. mountain view three quarters of an inch. concord about a half inch of. vacaville, half inch. santa rosa .28. san francisco, .39. oakland hills i've had reports of .60 to .70. to the north it's cloudy yer. cloverdale, hills burring, santa rosa north, half inch to an inch. petalulma rain just stopped. napa may be holding on a bit.
7:51 am
there is your line. draw it from concord, san ramon, hayward back south of san mateo. trying to focus on as many areas as i can. antioch, livermore won't stop. altamont pass over an inch. concord back to hayward, over to the peninsula. san mateo, mountain view. no wonder. that's intense rain. i would think maybe about an inch of rain or so. when you get purple, that is torrential, maybe thunderstorms. i would not be surprised because the cold air is working in. we have snow up in the sierra. oh, baby. there will be maybe two feet of snow. the coldest air is yet to arrive. thank you. who is directing? dave morra, a die hard oakland raiders fans. he's happy. look at the snow. again the roads aren't too bad yet, but i expect that to
7:52 am
change. the core of the jetstream is coming in. these were all missing from the system last tuesday and wednesday. this one is all go. light to moderate, heavy rain, colder air moving in, wind picks up, especially as the system slides through. showery and windy tonight into tomorrow. some areas will not break the 50s for highs. sierra winter storm warning is out. really good snow, especially above lake level. this is the best we've seen in a long time. watch this. this is awesome. water vapor, the enhancement taking place. that's the system swinging in. cold air, swret stream, auto of that -- jetstream, all of that is moving in. to the north you're on the drier sector. rain, sometimes heavy and foggy. i had a lot of reports of that. colder, cloudy, breezy. 50s and 60s. i'm probably too high on a lot
7:53 am
of these. turning windy, colder with showers on tuesday, then the shower activity lingers up in the sierra for another day, easy. very cool pattern and breezy for us, then things come down for the end of the week. >> whole mood has changed. >> we need it finally. >> yes. officials working to shut down a rumor that started over the weekend. how the company responded to privacy concerns. the woman who broke into a nebraska zoo because she wanted to pet a tiger. she did. we'll tell you what happened to her when she reached inside and the investigation that's underway.
7:54 am
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7:56 am
. 9ers lost to the rams with a final of 27-6. quarterback colin kaepernick completed 116 yards. running back reggie bush left the game after slipping on exposed concrete and is had hurting his knee. exciting season so far for the oakland raiders as they take home another win. quarterback derek carr flew for four touchdowns for 34 to 24 victory. right now 4-3, compared to last year when they lost the first
7:57 am
ten games of the year. woman who broke into the zoo on halloween night is in a lot of trouble and pain. the tiger did what tigers do and bite her. she may lose some fingers on her left hand. once she gets out of the hospital, they'll face charges of criminal trespassing. power outage affecting hundreds of people. live reports from the east bay, south bay and the sierra with the affect of today's weather system on the roads. classmates and friends in mourning after a horrific crash claims of the life of two teens. how the school is helping the students cope with the loss. traffic heading to marin is
7:58 am
slow. we'll tell you more coming up. rain is lessening up in the north bay, but cranking out big time here, even thunder up in the santa cruz mountains. we'll have your monday rainy forecast.
7:59 am
♪ sleigh bells ring, are you listenin' ♪ ♪ in the lane, snow is glistenin' ♪ ♪a beautiful sight, we're happy tonight♪ ♪towin' in a winter wonderland enjoy holiday magic at both parks during disneyland resort's diamond celebration. ♪ towin' in a winter wonderland...weee hoooooo! ♪
8:00 am
. good morning. traffic backed up for miles on westbound 580 through altamont pass because of an overturned big rig. how the crash happened and why it's taking so long to clear it. snow is falling in the sierra. we'll get a live report on what the weather is like up there coming up. mornings on 2 continues right
8:01 am
now. >> this is k tv u mornings on 2. we begin this hour of mornings on 2 by taking a live look at radar this morning. that's an awful lot of green, especially for a region that hasn't seen hardly any for the past several months. >> wet roads still a problem if you're trying to get around the bay area right now. we've seen a lot of slippery roads, a lot of accidents. it is a busy monday morning. >> specifically this morning's commute across the altamont pass has been a lot rougher had a than usual. certainly never easy there. >> that's after a big rig flipped over shortly after 2:00 this morning. alex savidge has been out there all morning. i know traffic is getting through, but it's still not easy. >> reporter: it's really not. only the right two lanes are open, westbound 580, traffic has been a disaster all morning long because of the big rig that
8:02 am
overturned. we're a little far away here, but you can see that big rig still sitting on its side blocking the left two lanes of westbound 580 right as you come up to north greenville road. you can see the traffic backup just beyond that over through the altamont pass. traffic bumper to bumper through tracy. several miles worth of back up this morning because of the early morning crash that happened just after 2:00 this morning. this was a big rig that was loaded with frozen chickens. and it somehow crashed into a couple of other cars and then the big rig overturned. again it's taken quite some time. part of the issue is they're trying to reach the owner of the tractor-trailer so they can off loed the chickens and clear the truck. in the meantime it's snarling traffic for miles through the altamont pass, nightmare
8:03 am
community. again the two left lanes blocked by the big rig. chp tells me they don't have any idea when they're going to get all of the lanes reopened. the good news is traffic is sneaking by in the right two lanes. >> alex, thank you. sal castaneda has been all over that. it's not the only traffic mess. >> let's go to steve and get our forecast. i'm willing to share my umbrella. >> for another hour, maybe, yeah. it's clearing, stopping. still overcast. the heavy rain on the peninsula, santa cruz mountains. the front is sliding through. clearing is taking place right now, moving into marin county. heaviest over towards crockett and east bay. rain totals, again, i'm trying to get in as many as i can. willy, .75 to .91 and still
8:04 am
falling in morgan hill. usually i put these in descending order. i simply don't have time. cobb mountain inch. gilroy over an inch. walnut creek easily two-thirds. crockett .52. hayward hills, foi .65. things are much quieter to the north. there was about a half inch to an inch all the way to mendocino county, around santa rosa, .86. calastoga hills about three quarters. rain is stopped mostly from petalulma to novato and back over to other parts of napa county. it is moving south. but then you can find the heavy rain from concord out to antioch, san leandro, hayward. heavier rain is there to the peninsula, the east bay. there is really heavy rain there. that's where the front is focused. take a look. mountain view, san mateo, los
8:05 am
gatos, lossal tows, half an inch, santa cruz coast and snow is on the go. pictures coming up from the mountains, winter storm warning. 50s on your temps, cool day. heading towards santa cruz mountains and towards san jose south. enhancement is taking place as the low comes in. to the north, things are quieter, the heavier rain stays focused more to the south. 50s and 60s on your temps. sal? . it has been very slow, steve. it's one of those things where you knew it was going to be on a rainy day, we're going to have a bad commute. you and i nailed it. we talked about it and that's what happens. we're going to start off with slow traffic. every commute is slow. 880 super slow, trying to get to downtown oakland. we had had an earlier accident. traffic has been very, very slow. we've had slow traffic everywhere, the bay bridge, and getting there it is going to be
8:06 am
very, very slow as you come up to the bay bridge toll plaza. southbound 101 in marin county is -- let's go to the south bay first. i'll talk about marin in just a moment. all the freeways are slow. you're not going to catch a break using a secret alternate route. traffic is slow from palo alto, accident on the bridge eastbound. 101 slow getting to the airport and. >> san francisco. approaching the waldo tunnel, robin williams tunnel is super slow. 101 backed up from petalulma through novato all the way down to san rafael. everywhere is slow. i want to emphasize you're not going to get a good commute today, no matter where you are. adding to that, happening now, thousands are without power because of rain related outages. they're spread all over the bay
8:07 am
area, the largest reported in oakland, san francisco and san mateo. thousands of customers are affected. pg&e is making progress on restoring several outages, but as we've been monitoring the website for the past hour, more outages are popping up. they're working to restore power safely and quickly as possible. we'll tin to have coverage on the storm on mornings and you can continue after that on and our mobile app. students at college park high school in pleasant hill are going back to school this morning, but also dealing with the weekend deaths of two clagts
8:08 am
classmates. >> they were killed over the weekend in a crash allie rasmus is live at the school. students are getting help as they come back, aren't they? >>reporter: that's right. right now we're waiting to hear from the school principal who is supposed to come out and talk to us about this tragedy any minute now. in the meantime, students headed into class at college park high school just like they do any other monday. what was different about today is the fact they're going to have grief counselors on kom pus -- campus available to students so they can cope with the loss of the two teen girls killed in that horrific crash over halloween weekend. their friend, the teen driver, is in the hospital in serious condition. the chp says right now they don't believe drugs and alcohol were factors in the crash. instead investigators say the driver told them she had fallen asleep at the wheel when she veered off the road and hit a tree going about 60 miles an hour. one of the things investigators are going into is whether the driver was driving with a provisional license. if she did, she shouldn't have been driving during nighttime hours with other teens in the car. >> all occupants were between sex teen and 17 -- 16 and 17 years of age. i'm not sure if she was still a
8:09 am
provisional driver. that's something we'll definitely look at in the scope of the investigation. >>reporter: last night friends and students attended a memorial service at a church in pleasant hill. and here the at the high school, grief counselors on hand to help. administrators sent out on e-mail to parents letting them know grief counselors would be on happened, quote, for as long as they are needed. five minutes ago i checked in with chp and their investigators are looking into this incident still. still investigating this crash, exactly how it happened. but we are expecting to get some sort of update from them later on this morning. back to you guys. >> we'll wait for those both. thank you. time is 8:09. tenants in an oakland live/work
8:10 am
space are reportedly facing eviction after a fire in march. two were killed. the owner of the building wants the remaining tenants to remove belongings. the paper says the owner claims the tenants are squatting in that red tagtd building. the tenants are saying they want to work with the landlord in order to keep their homes. president obama continuing to push for changes to the criminal justice system. today visiting new jersey halfway house. today he'll be at a center for drug offenders in newark, new jersey. president obama wants to highlight the efforts to reintegrate offenders back into the community rather than imposing long, expensive prison sentences. he wants congress to pass a bill reducing mandatory minimum sentences for some drug offenses. trial scheduled for the man accused of being the former head
8:11 am
of san francisco's chain a town gang. arrest raymond on racketeering charges in march of last year. chow says he's a former gang leader who turned his life around. prosecutors say he led a group responsible for extortion, money laundering and drug trafficking. jury selection expected to take a week. several others have entered please of guilty to related charges. 8:11. southern california doctor awaiting sentencing after being convicted of what prosecutors called using prescription pad as a murder weapon. she was convicted of second-degree murder friday in a landmark case for killing three patients who overdosed on large amounts of painkillers she prescribed. los angeles jury deliberated for ten days. the murder convictions are believed to be the first against a doctor for recklessly prescribing drugs. prosecutors say her motive was
8:12 am
greed. she made $5 million over three years. faces life in prison when sentenced in december. new this morning, executives with the russian airline metro jet say it was an external impact that caused the plane to crash in the egypt desert over the weekend, killing 224 people. happened saturday morning 23 minutes after takeoff. the first planes carrying the remains of the people killed started arriving in russia today. and a huge memorial is at the airport in st. petersburg. home to large russian community here in the bay area. thoughts are with their homeland. >> thinking what cause could be, but it's still under investigation. going to take time to get some opinion about it. of course -- >> now, the united states, germany and britain all have what are called overflight warnings in place for egypt's
8:13 am
sinai peninsula. the warnings advise airlines to avoid flying over the care because of extremist violence in that area. isis claims they brought the plane down, but experts say they don't think they have the weapons the to do that. russian officials hope to find clues in the plane's black boxes which have been found in good condition. report from the south bay on what's happening. live report from the severe. it is snowing. that is a live picture. snowing all morning up there. and we have a number of problems out there all over the bay. this is a look at highway 24, pretty slow during the rain. also we have a problem on the dunn barton bridge that you may not believe. well, what is this stuff falling from the sky? there has been a lot of it for
8:14 am
some, starting to lighten up to the north, but we're not done yet. we'll talk about that and see what's in store for tonight and tomorrow. some neighbors are energy saving superstars. how do you become a superstar? with pg&e's free online home energy checkup. don't let your neighbor enjoy all the savings. visit and get started today. ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be
8:15 am
♪ just you and i ♪
8:16 am
. look at a panoramic camera courtesy of squaw valley alpine meadows resort in lake tahoe. these were taken in the past five minutes, snow covering the
8:17 am
ground and trees. >> when is the last time we saw that? from rain in the bay area to snow in the sierra. brian, you've got snow as well. >> yeah. from the last time we chatted, the snow is really started to come down even more. take a look behind me. you can see the big snow flakes, fluffy flakes coming down. adding up to measurable snow on the ground. you can see in the distance, just the big flakes that are here. it was raining all night long, around 3:30 in the morning when the rain finally converted to snow here at donner summit. it started snowing like this in the last half hour. it won't be long for chain controls if it continues. on the east side of the sierra,
8:18 am
i'm going to touch with friends down at the base. closer to truckee, 6 -- 6,80 oe0 feet has snow. and a dusting in reno. we're starting to get it here on the west side with the storm forecast to bring an inch of rain, typically in the severe adds up to about a foot of snow. that is been called for two feet at the top of the ski resorts. maybe we'll be skiing by next weekend. i don't know. >> fingers crossed. thank you so much seeing that snow on the ground is putting money in the bank. >> that's right. let's go to sal. you've had your hands full with wet roads, crashes. it's been a heck of a commute. and there is a nail spill on one of the bridges.
8:19 am
the kind you build a house with. 3 to 4,000 nails on the dunn barton. this crash eastbound -- i'm going to put it on the maps. eastbound 84 just after -- on the way over to newark. there is a crash. it's blocking lanes. it's right there eastbound. westbound is slow, but eastbound sig alert, 3 to 4,000 nails on the road. and they're going to have to clean those up before they'll let traffic through. that's an unusual backup because most people are coming the other way at this time. let's take a look at live pictures. traffic all over the place is slow, on 880 and 580, up to very crowded mcarthur maze. oh, on the east shore freeway very slow. marin county, southbound 101 backed up from the southern tip of petalulma to central san rafael. the bay bridge toll plaza, 30
8:20 am
minute delay before you make it to the span. i can't tell you about everything going on otherwise it would be going on for so long, but it is very slow out there. plenty to talk about. the system is moving through rapidly stalled out yesterday. coop at kirkland, mother nature's natural falling snow with two inches at the base and i'm sure there is probably a little more than that now. we'll be talking to coop during our 9:00 hour. still cloudy, overcast, some areas really got the enhancement. this is from michael taylor, pouring in pleasant ton at 7:55. i took the rain totals as they came in. usually i put them in descending order, but these are all the people reporting in.
8:21 am
donald in walnut creek .81. glenn in pacifica, .61. jay is in castro valley. hayward hills .85. oakmont, highway 12 .65. livermore had an inch. san jose .70. gilroy had an inch of rain. concord half inch of. fremont a third. mountain view three quarters. redwood city more. oakland proper .23, but in the hills reports of over half inch to three quarters of an inch. napa .43. san francisco .39. not as much in marin or points north, but a third to half inch of rain. to the north you can see there is no doubt things are lightning
8:22 am
up big time. novato over to napa, things are starting to taper off. over towards the east bay, antioch you can see over towards san ramon, mount diablo, clayton. antioch, stockton had a lot of rain. tracy, altamont pass. livermore keeps going and going. menially low park -- menlo park into the santa cruz mountains and continuing to morgan hill. snow in the mountains. finally. it's been turning over as rain all night, but snow now. still raining in bridgeport, but i think it will turn to snow. concord cool 52. that's the cold air which enhanced this system and gave us intense rainfall rates. light to moderate rain decreasing through the morning, turning colder. possibility of thundershowers. one report in the santa cruz
8:23 am
mountains of a little bit of thunder. showers, windy and cool tonight and tuesday. for the severe, winter storm warning, no chain controls yet. but i'll tell you the way things are going, that may change. could be two feet in higher elevations. watch how this swings in. that's the cold air. the jetstream, the upper low. whole system is developing and a low is developing in the four corners tonight and tomorrow. that will crank up the breeze. not too bad yet, but will pick up. rain, colder, 50s, 60s. 58, 59. rain tapering over to showers, but cool, breezy day. cloudy to mostly cloudy. possible thundershowers later. quiet, still breezy cool through most of the week. finally calming down at the end of the week. windy tomorrow. >> yeah. wow. >> it's awesome. >> i like it. >> thank you, steve. said to be the biggest
8:24 am
company split in silicon valley. hewlett-packard becoming two companies this morning. what this means for their future. tricks were being passed on social media during the halloween weekend. what snapchat had to say about its privacy policy.
8:25 am
8:26 am
. we've been showing you green on the radar and from wall street. major indexes are up, less than
8:27 am
1% overall, but still nice numbers. dow up by almost 90 points early, early in the session. thanksgiving still weeks away, but amazon declared it black friday season. will post tens of thousands of special prices on everything from toys to tech from now until december 22. the deals are for everyone, but prime members get early access. it could be a big benefit. lawyers are working real hard on that legal battle between jaw bone and fit bit. >> that he make the wearable -- they make the wearable, personal fitness trackers and keeping attorneys busy with copy fright infringement and poaching employees. the latest involves a patent case. fit bit filed a lawsuit against jaw bone, they filed a countersuit accusing frivolous
8:28 am
lawsuit. snapchat responding to comments about changing privacy policy. >> issued a statement assuring users that they are not storing content in definitely. the recent privacy policy gave it ownership over user content. snapchat did elaborate while messages are deleted, the company had no control over screen shots or pictures taken. dozens of chipotle restaurants in two states are closed because of e. coli outbreak. live at sf state where students are being urged to take caution after a robbery occurred. slow traffic out there, things are improving slightly, but that bridge getting into san francisco is slow all the way across.
8:29 am
flue breaks in the --. breaks in the clouds to the north, not quite done. more on your monday forecast. we've got some new optionsut cthat might interest you.ile, like adult dental coverage. great news for you... and your sweet tooth. to find free, local, in-person help, visit
8:30 am
mi'm a lineman here in oakland. day in, day out, a large part of what we do is about providing reliable power to our customers. pg&e is dedicated to the community. i love working here because this is my home. oakland is my home.
8:31 am
this is where i'm raising my children so it's important to me to make sure my family and friends have the power and energy that we provide. this is very personal to me. it makes me work a lot harder knowing that this is my community. together, we're building a better california. . we've had rain here in the bay area this morning. still getting it as we speak. it has been a wet start to this monday, november 2nd. . a lot of people woke up to the sound of rain, welcome sight and sound. >> let's go to san jose. janine has been out there all morning watching the wet commute. in fact, she's busy right now. you can't even stop and talk to
8:32 am
us right now. we'll get back to janine in just a moment. we get to talk weather and go to steve. >> sure, why not. there is plenty to talk about. getting breaks to the north, but the system is moving east and south, so some of the heaviest rain is down towards san jose, santa cruz. but there are sun breaks to the north. system is moving through. we're not completely done. cold air coming in, possibility of showers, thundershowers exist. the main frontal system is moving through, radar a lit up. this is salt foam breaker. behind the clouds is blue skies. i believe it. rain totals coming in, fremont up to 1.2. walnut creek .81. san francisco, michael .51 fl that's not bad. not a drop fell in october.
8:33 am
hayward hills .85. redwood shores, patrick on the peninsula, i'm not surprised. radar was going nuts. .90. oakmont .65. to the north, already breaks now, maybe drizzle holding on for a few. not much left. antioch, southward towards fremont, parts of peninsula and mountains, east bay getting rain. livermore over an inch. san mateo south over the santa cruz coast, los gatos, san jose it is really coming down. morgan hill to gilroy about an inch. snow in the mountains, winter storm warning. 50s on your the temps, system is swinging through. the bulk of the heaviest is moving from the east bay to the south bay, santa cruz mountains. light to moderate rain, decreasing. some colder as the wind picks
8:34 am
up. sal, i know 58 has been a bug a boo, but anything else? snow traffic everywhere, steve. even if your drive hasn't had a major problem, a lot of slow traffic. let's start in the south bay where all of the freeways were slow. northbound 280, super slow, rainy and cloudy and overcast on 280, 101. 17 very slow. dunn barton bridge, 3 to 4,000 nails spilled eastbound direction near the high-rise. westbound traffic is slow anyway, part of it is a rubber necker slow down. traffic is going to be busy on the san mateo bridge as well. alternate route is not that good. as we move to westbound 580, still at greenville road, clearing up a truck accident taking up two lanes.
8:35 am
traffic still backed up big time. contra costa county, 680. none of these commutes are going to be good of the the bay bridge is backed up auto the way to mcarthur bays and beyond. bart is a decent option and so are other public transit systems. 8:35. let's go back to the desk. students at san francisco state university being advised to be cautious after three women attacked another woman. >> brian flores live on campus. >>reporter: good morning. plenty of unanswered questions. we have reached out to university police, but we have yet to receive more information in regards to this case. what we know is that this happened over the weekend near a designated smoking area, near mary ward hall, a residence hall here on campus on the 800 block of font boulevard. police say it happened after 1 in the morning on sunday.
8:36 am
woman and her friend were walking on the sidewalk with three other women nearby hanging out next to cars. these are the suspects. the three women approached the two. thfs a verbal altercation, yelling involved. this is all according to police. then one of the three suspects took out a mini baseball bat and started beating on the victim several times. the suspects got away with the victim's stuff, leaving her with injuries to her face and several abrasions. we got reaction from a student who lives nearby. >> i guess keep an eye out because you never know. it can be somebody who you least expect. it can be a girl. >> police say one of the attackers is 18 to 20 years old, with a lip stud. wearing a giant t-shirt and high heels. second suspect has curly shoulder length hair and wearing large bamboo earrings. there is no description of a
8:37 am
third suspect. pretty vague description as we take it back out here live on the cars the suspects got away in. one was described as a white four door car, the other a black four door car. we're working to get more information. as soon as we get more and hear back from university police, we'll pass that along to you. a southern california man was arrested after attacking an uber driver. it was captured on a dashcam. this may be hard to watch. the driver had to ask the passenger several times for directions to where he wanted to go. the driver pulled over, said the ride is over. he kicked the passenger out. said the passenger was drunk. but watch. the passenger hits the driver in the head several times. the driver pulls out mace, sprays him and then the passenger jumped out. that passenger is now facing charges of assault and public
8:38 am
intoxication. police kkk is making a difference according to tech crunch. that is a project led by a group known as anonymous, aimed at shutting down the kkk. many kkk related sites are down after a concentrated hacking effort against hate groups. operation kkk is preparing for even more action it calls hoods off starting on thursday. anonymous claims there are more than 5,000 kkk members. they hope to unmask a thousand of them in next hack attack. let's go to san jose. janine has been keeping on eye on this. >> the first rain of after a long dry spell can be especially dangerous. >> and we are getting completely soaked. i want to show you some of the rain now going into the storm drain right now. it's really coming down. we're here in north san jose
8:39 am
near oakland and browkaw. we had to move away from the sidewalk because of all the water in the right-hand lane. there has been accidents on south bay freeways all morning long and it is slow traffic. accidents keep popping up, spinouts and collisions. here is video we took in the last 30 minutes approaching the 880 connector. the whole south bay has been getting soaked since the early morning hours. roads are slick and drivers are losing control. it's kept chp very busy. so far we haven't seen any krus injuries in the san jose area. chp recommends slowing down when the roads are wet. water is ponding in some areas and that can be dangerous. we talked to some drivers about the rain and they say while it's causing delays, they welcome it.
8:40 am
>> i love the rain. it's been a while, so i'm enjoying it. i'm out in shorts. so yeah, i'm enjoying the rain. i don't really mind it. >> certainly grateful for the rain because we do need it. our fields need it, grasses, lawns, people need it. we have to be careful, though, a lot of us are not used to it. >> reporter: earlier this morning, we traveled on highway 17, notorious for accidents, especially when it rains just because of all the curves there. there has already been several this morning at various spots. if if you're in that area, make sure to be careful. back out here live, again, this is browkaw road. i don't know if you can see that underneath the bus right there, you can see all the water that's collecting. when cars go through that, it brings a huge wave. we were there on the sidewalk and getting pelted by cars and had to move back. we were all over the freeways today and it is just slow really
8:41 am
everywhere. back to you guys. janine, thank you. turning to political coverage, hillary clinton is going to be in the bay area this week. she's set to arrive wednesday and attend an event at a home in lossal tows. thursday she be the guest of honor at a winery. hosted by greg and katherine hall, own the winery and supporters of her campaign. both fundraisers are private. dominating kom pain fundraising in the bay area. bay area donors have raised almost $10 million for democratic candidates in the last month. jeb bush is the leading republican candidate here. it will be her fifth trip to the bay area in the last six months. main democratic rival bernie sanders launched first tv ad in
8:42 am
iowa and in new hampshire. he promises to take on wall street and a corrupt political system. the commercial calls bernie sanders an honest leaders, some are calling it a not so subtle dig at hillary clinton. sanders is spending about $2 million to air the ad. jeb bush is trying to give his campaign a kick start. he's beginning a campaign swing in florida dubbed the jeb can fix it tour. he launched a new e book today, called reply all. it's a selection of e-mails he exchanged with florida residents back when he was governor. the republican presidential candidates got together for a rare summit last night the vent frustrations about the last gop debate. they say the debate in colorado hosted by cnbc was biased and unfair and say they want more control over the next debate in
8:43 am
milwaukee november 10th. equal time for candidates and control over the on screen graphics is included. >> just tighten it up a little built and do it more like a professional type of debate. >> this debate structure is not leading to the best candidate coming out of the debates. i would like to have smaller groups, all of us be heard equally, ask better questions. if we'll do that, we'll get the best nominee to win on election we can't afford to lose. >> the media organizations are are not required to accept the demands, but the candidates say they could decide to boycott if they n don't like the format. we have extended coverage for you on chick on news at the home page. health officials expect to see more cases of e. coli poisoning from an outbreak at chipotle restaurants in the pacific northwest.
8:44 am
seattle and portland has sickened 20 people. temporarily closing 43 restaurants in those restaurants. officials expect the numbers to go up as more people find out about the outbreak and get checked out. >> we certainly expect that people can still become ill even if the risk is no longer present because the incubation period can be up to ten days. >> health officials suspected fresh food products may be the source of the infection. chipotle has not made plans to close any restaurants outside of washington and oregon. there is no evidence of a link to any other restaurants. 8:44. big day for bart in the south bay. what's happening in the fremont bart lines. and details on the historic move with hewlett-packard. why they split into two companies and why it's a big deal. good morning. we're looking at a commute that is really terrible p almost everywhere. although we see some improvement, but it is still
8:45 am
backed up here big time at the bay bridge toll plaza. the rain is letting up for some, but not others. updated rain totals are coming up.
8:46 am
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. they call it the biggest split in silicon valley. pam cook is back to talk about the new path and new business plan for hewlett-packard. >> with the sound of the opening bell this morning, hewlett-packard became two companies. >> chief executive meg whitman and other executives rang the bell on wall street to celebrate the split she says is needed to save the company. since she took the top job, 80,000 jobs have been cut worldwide. starting today, it is now two companies, hp enterprises will sell computer store ablg and consulting services and hp incorporated, which will stick with pcs and printers. analysts say both companies have a lot of competition. the enterprise side will be faced with customers that have
8:49 am
been switching from servers to cloud services provided by companies like amazon, microsoft and sales the pc side has already fallen behind apple and dell, but has a strong hold in printing. investors tend to agree. hp inc. has been up all morning, about 12%. enterprises started up $2 a share, but right now down slightly in trading. it looks like already the two companies are going in different directions. we'll be watching this. >> pam, thank you. time is 8:49. sal is watching your commute. your hands are full. >> they are. and i'm just going to show you drive times here, dave. we're going to start on the east shore freeway. 80 westbound has improved. it was more than an hour. now it's just under that time, less than that time. westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the mcarthur maze. the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is super busy this
8:50 am
morning as you drive into san francisco. i want to mention the dunn barton bridge, thousands of nails have been spilled eastbound. westbound traffic is very slow. we look 580 at greenville. two lanes are blocked. if i didn't mention your commute, it doesn't mean it's great. lauren writes, been driving for two hours already, still not anywhere near my destination. i'm sorry, but what the heck is going on. >> sal, why don't you show my time. ishs i'm dancing and moving to get in as many as i can. i'm not forgetting you. i'm trying. things coming to the north, but the peninsula is flat out
8:51 am
pouring. heaviest rain, san francisco .57. thank you michael and george. that rain is by the radar site, so it might be a little enhanced. but it is raining hard. over an inch morgan hill and gilroy. observations coming in from the peninsula from redwood shores and redwood city to los altos, 1.37 in los altos. still raining hard. thank you, tom. i appreciate all the information. believe me, i see it. i just don't always have time to put it in there because it's a lot. fremont hills almost an inch and a quarter. walnut creek .71. san francisco .57. redwood shores .90. oakmont .65. george in el cerrito, voechz for
8:52 am
the 8:15 totals. same for me on the date in april, .39. that's the most rain i've had since. livermore, 1 .08. morgan hill over an inch now. san jose .81. mountain views, .90. san francisco .57. ninspeninsula and south bay took the brunt. richard sent this in, one wet bird in benecia. that is one wet bird. thank you, richard. breaks in the clouds with sun to the north and that's going to be a sign of things to come. colder air beginning to move in. sun breaks and the rain is definitely letting up to the north. but still pretty heavy east and south. you can see where the line is. east bay calming down a little bit. when you see the yellow and
8:53 am
orange, that means it is pouring. san jose to morgan hill, could you pleaser teen 0, take your -- couper teen 0. snow is on the go in the severe. a lot of these temps simply haven't budged. the temperatures will be stable to the south. watch how the enhancement comes in. enhancing that nose of the jetstream beginning to move in. tremendous lift dynamics, really helping on rain rates. thunderstorms are are possible. one report in the santa cruz mountains. 60s on your temps, some may not get this warm. breeze picks up, cool week here, dave. >> yeah. >> cold lows, if not wednesday,
8:54 am
thursday morning. 30s. >> 30s, wow. hit with a 40 $42 million lawsuit over one of her most popular songs, taylor swift. you know that, it's the song called shake it off. daily mail reports a singer named jesse graham claims she stole his lyrics. >> now, you tell me. the paper reports graham claims he has the copy right on the phrase haters gon hate and players gon play. if he never wrote his song, he says there would never have been a song called shake it off. swift's management denied graham for the official cite writing credit on the song and to have a
8:55 am
selfie with the singer. they lost in the giants this morning, but this morning the kansas city royals are the new world series champs. how excited fans celebrated something that hasn't happened in 30 years. what are you looking at? oh, cool. hungry. fish, anyone? hello, seventh waterfall of the day. hello, duck boat. hello, sheep? oh right! itchy icelandic sweaters and no foreign transaction fees. sweet. one last look. ahh. triple points. and we're off. what's next? wherever the journey takes you, carry american express gold. it's more than a card. it's the gear that gets it done.
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. welcome back. big milestone for major bart program to extend into fremont. today they're energizing the tracks between the two stations. they'll do it in segments. at first new station was expected to open by the end of this year, but that's pushed back until sometime next year to allow more tests. something that hasn't happened in 30 years. >> the 1-2 again. inside corner. the royals 2015 world champions. >> in case you missed it, the kansas city royals won the world
8:58 am
series last night, beating the mets 7-2. came from behind, sent the game into extra innings. kansas city's last world series title was in 1985. and the kansas city fans celebrated through the night. tomorrow afternoon, the royals will come home. they'll celebrate with a parade and a rally. coming up in two minutes, mornings on 2. today we'll be speaking live with actor john stamos about his new show grandfather.
8:59 am
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