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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  November 4, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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mercedes-benz is recalling videos -- vehicles after its airbags spontaneously explode and they are not made by takata . >> -- i am sheeba arnold. >> and i am mike mibach. this happened at about 8:00 on the uc merced campus. >> about 5700 students attend his college which is in merced east of 99. maureen naylor is here with the latest on the investigation. maureen? >> we are awaiting an update from the chancellor and police chief. here is what is happening now. >> a few minutes of key when day , when you raise your hand i will call on you. if you could identify yourself, and your affiliation and state your
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question, we will take those questions. again, that will last only about 5 to 10 minutes depending on how many questions you have. >> [ indiscernible - speaker too far from microphone ] >> i don't have that information. >> they are still preparing for this update. here is what we know so far. four people were stabbed and at least two were students. one student was shot and killed. this all happened this morning. are saved county sheriff's office [ overlapping speakers ] the violence started before 8:00 this morning on the uc merced campus and the -- in the classroom and office buildings. woman tells us that her son was inside this classroom when someone walked in and started stabbing people. we know the violence continued outside. wiese -- we spoke with
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the uc merced student to walked up to see two people lying on the ground outside of that building. when she saw the suspect run pastor, he refused to put his hands up and was ultimately shot by uc merced police. >> he was wearing dark sunglasses and a black beanie. i think it was a black scarf as well, a black backpack, dark jeans and a dark jacket and he wore gloves as well. the first shot didn't floor him but the second one did. he tumbled to the ground. it was scary. i thought they were real -- weren't real shots but they were.>> as shocking and troubling as the violence is today, i am thankful that the incident was quickly brought under control by the campus police under the leadership of assistant police chief. the injuries to the victims have not then life-threatening. pascals
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-- chief vasquez will detail what we do know. as he will tell you and i will also tell you, there is much that we do not yet know due to an ongoing police investigation which involves our own department as well as many other agencies. among the things we do know is that four individuals were stabbed at the start of an 8:00 of an 8:00 am class in the classroom and office building this morning. two were students. one was a staff member and to the other was a contract employee. the suspect was pursued by two police officers and was ultimately shot and killed. the stabbing victims all received a prompt medical treatment. two of them were medevac back to modesto go for trauma treatments of the latest
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information we have, their injuries, thank god, appear to be not life-threatening. our first concern is for there for -- full recovery. but i am equally concerned for the many witnesses and other members of the campus community who had been deeply traumatized and are receiving counseling. we will continue to offer counseling services in the days and weeks ahead. i am very grateful for the cooperation of not only multiple law enforcement agencies but counselors and other people that come to this campus to help provide. as of now the campus remains on precautionary locked down as the incident is investigated and will continue to be closed through tomorrow, thursday.
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they expect to return to normal operations on friday. i promise to keep you informed as further information becomes available. i now turn the podium over 2 vasquez -- chief vasquez. thank you. i am the chief of police at the university of california, merced. as the chancellor has just stated this is a sad day in the short history of uc merced. our hearts go out to the victims and families. we are fortunate that it was not worse and we thank our uc merced release officers for their quick and heroic and ending this situation -- in
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ending this in which you -- situation and ending the issue. there is not much detail i can share because this is an active investigation. i will give you preliminary information. this morning our dispatch was notified of a stabbing incident inside of a classroom. as they were gathering their information , the call was put out that the suspect had fled from the classroom wielding a knife and in gender in -- and injuring or attempting to injure others on his way out. the responding officers noticed the suspect and when he turned toward the officers, an officer involved shooting occurred and the suspect succumbed to his injuries. many of our partner agencies have responded including the merced county sheriff's office, livingston police department, merced police department tom scott, the fbi and the fire rescue agencies, are said county fire
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and cal fire. also uc police agencies of started to roll in and will assist us in the coming days. we would like to thank everyone for their assistance and want to reassure our student, staff, faculty and families that this threat has been neutralized and the campus is going to return to safety. we are continuing our investigation with our partner agencies but we will reopen this campus on friday. now i would like to turn it back over to 1021 -- chancellor dorothy leland and i believe she will be taking questions. >> grazier hand if you want to ask a question. >> [ indiscernible - speaker too far from microphone ]
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i understand that several interviews are being completed as we speak or have been completed. we don't have that information yet because the interviews have not been completed. >> [ indiscernible - speaker too far from microphone ] >> there you have the chancellor at uc merced trying to explain more about the motive. witnesses are still being interviewed and they are trying to determine why this one individual was in the classroom. we heard the chief of the uc merced police say this was a tragic day. we are grateful it wasn't worse. >> the investigation is
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underway. those who were near this incident are being interviewed at this point. what we know is what the chancellor refer to as a precautionary locked down. it will be opened on friday, they expect this. >> one was a staff member, one victim was a contractor, two victims were students. the officers shot of fire this individual. he is not been i at least in this news conference. there is still a question about the motive. the chancellor said the campus will remain closed tomorrow and is expected to open friday. >> we are going to take a look at other headlines now. this is all around the bay area. in san francisco we have 212- year-old boys -- two 212-year- old boys who were hit by a car.
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>> the boys were struck while in the crosswalks, the impact so great that their shoes were knocked off. they were transported to san francisco general where they were in serious condition at last check. the driver has been identified as kierstin [ name indiscernible ] of san francisco she was taken away in handcuffs and charged with driving under the influence. police continue to investigate whether she was also speeding in this incident. we will have a live report at the scene coming up at 5:00. sacramento police announced the arrest of james benicia- martinez bridge -- tran, charging him with attempted murder. stone was stabbed last month outside of sacramento. he underwent emergency surgery to repair wounds in his heart, liver and lungs.
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he is still recovering. it is likely his attackers did not know who he was at the time of that incident. state health officials have issued an alert not to eat dungeness crab because of high levels of dough make acid in the crab which is a toxin that comes from algae in the ocean. if eaten it can cause vomiting and dizziness. in severe causes this -- in severe cases it can call -- cause even death. the commercial crab season is expected to open november 15. the 49ers head coach will talk for the first time after choosing to bench the quarterback. we are at 49er headquarters in santa clara. >> what to the coach have to say today? >> is this the most entertaining 2 and 6 team ever? this is a continuing soap opera. to be clear, coach tom sulla
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has a press conference every week on a wednesday to clear things up. the news broke that quarterback colin [ sound of cameras taking multiple pictures ] will be replaced. >> what a great -- colin [ name indiscernible ] will be replaced. spirit what a great birthday present. >> he hasn't played a down of real football for the 49ers. he is talking about the change in quarterback. >> this is 100% your decision. >> yes. >> did you talk with them before making this. >> >> i had my feelings and talked with the offense of coaches and then i went upstairs and let them know what my decision was. in no way is 2 and 6 on colin
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kaepernick. it's on all of us. >> we have a great quarterback, they dynamic between us -- the dynamic between us is good. is going to continue to be that way. >> let's have fun. i learned as a rookie how to prepare for look mccallum. when you get -- luke mccallum. you just have to prepare the same way week in and week out. you have to do the right things on and off the field. i just want to have fun. we want to throw the ball around and make plays. >> after the game this coming sunday against atlanta, if he is still saying he's had fun, [ laughter ] we will find out. >> first of all coach tomsula said this was his decision.
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>> you are going to discuss this with the higher powers, even jed york was probably brought in. this is a guy that just a few years ago was given a huge contract. he is the franchise contract. jim tomsula didn't do this alone. >> to get think he at least agreed? >> yes, i think someone told him. we need to take him up. i don't know why it such a big problem for the 49ers to say "the powers that be" all met, the general manager and coach and this is what we came up with. what is the problem with that? the other thing is -- mike, you were here when alex smith was benched for colin kaepernick. colin kaepernick is nowhere in sight, not answering questions. >> they solved the problem. >> that will not solve the
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problem. it won't come close to solving the problem. this is an organization that's incomplete disarray. they have major problems. this is like rearranging deck chairs on the titanic. >> they get it why -- a bye and then if he's really going to be benched, give him another run at it -- gives blaine gabbert another run for a. >> i don't think it makes sense to bring him in for only one week. they have a bye week and cap or nick has -- colin kaepernick has played his worst football against seattle. >> we've got to go pick a new leader for the department after a term filled with controversy. in whether, -- in weather, we have cold overnight lows to talk about. this will be the coldest start for your thursday, for the
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season so far. we will break that down in the five-day forecast. have you seen the story on the -- on the facebook page. both parents are killed in a crash getting ready for halloween. we will tell you about the act of kindness from the state troopers which all happened on halloween night. a quick check on your wednesday can you. look at highway 92 at the san mateo bridge. it's not looking too bad in either direction. it will get worse as we get into the evening at least in the east down direction. "the 4 on 2" will be back. how far will you go? how much will you see? electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america.
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take a look here. we have not seen this in a while, snow on the peaks in yosemite. here in sacramento they were flying the helicopter and we saw sight of the snow. this is a beautiful sight to see. >> what is amazing is how rapidly things have changed. last friday and saturday we had record heat across parts of the state. then bam, a technical word -- [ laughter ] >> we are getting ready for ski season. some people are getting their snow gear ready. >> we do have a lot of excitement for the sierras floats -- slopes. we will see another one coming up in the five-day forecast. outside we have mostly clear skies right now. you can see the circulation out toward nevada which is the old system.
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we have some high clouds offshore. take a look at some of the current numbers. the big story is we still have the big cold, cold by our standards first thing tomorrow morning. 67 -- hayward 66, san jose 64. we have blustery winds especially this morning. fairfield, the winds have backed off about 9 miles an hour . near sfo out of the west at 18, san jose seven miles an hour. we have a frost advisory closer to this area. it's close to monterey and we could have temperatures dropping to the lower 30s with patchy frost possible. we have a possibility of frost here is well. overnight lows, a pretty good that that they'll be 40s around the bay. it will be low to mid 30s however in the inland areas. you maybe scraping off some frost on your windchill drivers
4:21 pm
tomorrow morning. the wind sheltered values are starting out at about 36 degrees at 7 am. into the afternoon hours, partly cloudy skies, on track to reach the mid to upper 60s. cold numbers, santa rosa, napa, mid-30s, vallejo 39, livermore 38, around the bay in the 40s, san francisco and san jose. a bit breezy today because we had two's -- two pressure systems, one offshore and one inland. the pressure difference generates the northerly wind which will stick around for tomorrow. a chilly start and high clouds were thursday. more sunshine on friday. the weekend will see a few changes. saturday more sunshine but sunday will thicken up the clouds -- the clouds will thicken up and we have a chance of showers on sunday. here is the forecast model. high clouds on the increase for tomorrow, friday in the clear, more sunshine for saturday, possibly changes for the second half of the weekend. forecast highs for tomorrow are
4:22 pm
mainly in the 60s. after the cold start, 30s and 40s we will see readings around 68 san jose, gil worry 69, we bring back the rain clouds with a chance of some showers for sunday and monday. this is the debut of our new five-day forecast. you can see the blue boxes indicating the overnight lows. it will be afternoon highs becoming a big deal and then we will focus on the overnight lows. by tomorrow we are talking about more 30s. it gets close to freezing. i know you used to live in boston. >> it is still called. this is still called. >> we are pretty sensitive here. >> i am too. san francisco voters want to pay for housing but don't want to restrict rentals or help with building. this was put before voters, asking what can be done to easy housing crisis. we will be right back.
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there are plenty of benefits for children but also a help wrist -- help -- health risk. medical experts are giving parents guidance. >> serious head injuries and concussions are the hot topic of conversation. now the american academy of pediatrics has come out with guidelines were parents and coaches to follow to keep kids
4:26 pm
safe. >> that's the way to do it. >> first of all parents and players have to decide if the benefits of playing a sport like football outweigh the risks a possible injury. doctors say parents, coaches and referees all have to enforce the rules to keep kids safe. the american academy -- the american academy and radix -- of pediatrics says popper penalties for illegal hits. everyone to take an active role in keeping athletes safe. >> it is scary. teaching proper tackling, yes, but we need the officials to buy into this. some may be pushing the kids. it has to be a concerted effort across the board. >> delaying tackle football until a certain age may reduce injury at the time but could lead to more injuries later on because the kids are learning
4:27 pm
and practicing safe tackles. >> about 40% of injuries are going to happen if you are being tackled or tackling someone else. >> reporter: according to the academy of pediatrics the head and neck sustain a relatively small proportion of overall injuries but are more focused because they tend to become more severe and long-term effects. the most commonly injured body parts and football for all images are actually the knees, ankles, hands and back. doctors also recommend skilled athletic trainers be on the sidelines of all sports, not just football. there is also talk of expanding on tackling leagues so that athletes have more choices. >> form tackle, keba, i played football. you have to learn. we had been hearing about the defective takata airbags. now mercedes-benz is actually recalling their cars, and all
4:28 pm
of them because of faulty airbags that weren't made by takata. we will explain what is causing them to inflate spontaneously where the car hasn't even been in a crash. "the four on 2" will be back. ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise, jardiance works around the clock to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it works by helping your body to get rid of some of the sugar it doesn't need through urination. this can help you lower blood sugar and a1c.
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the ballots have been counted and the sheriff was
4:31 pm
voted out by san franciscans. vicki hennessey 161% of the vote , almost double what he received. he has been in the national spotlight after the shooting and his handling of the sanctuary policy. tennessee -- hennessy is the first woman to be elected sheriff in san francisco. mayor ed lee was easily reelected. he had no major opposition. he had a low-key campaign. another victory for the mayor last night was the passage of proposition april which was -- a which was a bond measure. possible solutions for a problem that was felt bay area
4:32 pm
wide. >> they approved affordable housing but not [ indiscernible ] prop d and prop k also pass. prop f was voted down as well as prop i. we are taking 4 minutes during "the four on 2" to ask what is next. >> we welcome back peter [ name indiscernible ] with the community housing organizations. and also tim with the housing coalition. i know you were part -- a fan of the mission moratorium. is this the end of the mission
4:33 pm
district? >> no, it's not the end of the mission district or the fight. it's important to realize these issues don't go away when you win or lose on november 3. obviously what is driving the activism is the fact that the mission district is changing dramatically. there was a report released last week that showed latino populations dropped 27% in the last 10 years. the households with children have the flying -- declined. the patterns are dramatically changing the character and purpose of the mission. i can expect that the activists who put this on the ballot will push harder. i think we will have a new legislative opportunity. the frustration that a lot of us felt was this could be done legislatively last spring and we were very politically divided. here we are with a new chance to do policy interventions on the legislative level. >> boaters said no. that was the site that you were on.
4:34 pm
what is the solution -- the voters said no. what is the solution? that was the side that you were on. >> we were pretty happy with how the election came out but we are in a hiatus right now. the issues that were on the ballot yesterday have not been resolved and we will be looking at them again next year either in the june or november election. i think probably what we want to do is find common ground and see if we can do some of these things legislatively rather than the incredible time and expense for a ballot initiative campaign . i am not sure how productive that is. we have a lot of work to do to get at the housing affordability crisis. >> let's talk about proposition a which one pretty big, i believe 73% to 26%.
4:35 pm
this was a big bond issue. how do we make sure the money is spent properly? where do you want to see that money go specifically? >> i will take that one on. as i mentioned when i was here last week, proposition eight in and of itself -- proposition a is a very important measure. that was no small feat, a two thirds threshold was what it one by. along with proposition k and proposition j which is about protecting small businesses, this was a very prescriptive set of allocations for the money from homeownership programs to middle-income housing. i think the tracking of that money is very tight. that haven't been any problems with money being lost in the shuffle. i think we will see a lot of action over the next 3 to 5 years. >> san francisco is not a big city. where do we put all of this housing? >> you have to stretch it thin. a lot of it will be on the eastern side where we traditionally have taught -- built most of our affordable
4:36 pm
housing. southeast, the mission, will probably have most of the affordable housing production. we really want to see affordable housing around the city. maybe this will give us a chance to use the resources elsewhere. >> tim, what say you? >> i generally agree with my friend peter cohen. i think generally we need to keep in mind, $10 million sound like an awful lot of money but it's really a drop in the bucket relative to the challenges facing us, relative to the affordability needs that we are facing. it is incredibly expensive to build subsidized housing, bring down the cost of housing for people who aren't wealthy. while proposition eight was a -- proposition a was a step in the right direction, it's not the whole answer. other solutions we are working on, we are having trouble scaling them, the enormity of the challenge it we are facing
4:37 pm
what about --. >> what about proposition f? why did that fail?>> it was a point for me and dollars on the campaign. that was a 28 to one spending ratio. it's unfortunate that the distraction was around invasion and spying. the hard part was getting them to only list legally registered units. that would be a very big challenge. we will see a lot of pressure on the city to enforce and perhaps some legislative increase next year. i disagree with him, i don't think we should assume that the market will take the place of our housing. proposition a was huge. we need more of them. >> i appreciate you taking the time. for more election results. you will find really -- links
4:38 pm
for results for various counties that held elections today. me sadie's benz is rick -- recalling cars after discovering that some of the airbags will inflate even when the car is not in an action of. malfunction is causing a safety hazard pick in weather, still blustery conditions. be careful. we are tracking cold temperatures and possibly rain showers that could affect your weekend plans. the san mateo bridge, here's how it looks now, northbound 680 direction is a little sluggish on this wednesday.
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today there is word of a new airbag safety risk ago mercedes-benz is recalling 126,000 cars because the airbags can inflate even when the car hasn't been in an accident. the ntsb says the air bag control unit can come wrote -- corrode. this is just after a $70 million fine against takata boosted -- whose defective airbags caused seven deaths. we have clarence [ name indiscernible ] in washington dc joining us now by the phone. thank you for being with us clarence.
4:42 pm
>> thank you. >> this sounds like it was a manufacturing error. what more do we know about this and how dangerous is it? >> and airbag is your last line of protection in a crash. it should never fail. it shouldn't go off inadvertently as the mercedes airbags have. it should not fail to deploy in a crash as these mercedes airbags also have done. here's the problem with mercedes, the electronic control unit corrode and doesn't have the proper connection that it is supposed to have an so in some instances it goes off when there is no crash and when there is a crash , it may not go off. that is very serious. >> clarence, how do something like this happen? this is a luxury video -- vehicle. how do these errors happen and not get caught until the cars on the road?>> that is the problem.
4:43 pm
there is no guarantee that you are getting a safe vehicle. in the event of this mercedes, it's what i call a safety limit. safety -- safety lemons which are an equal opportunity event that can happen to luxury cars, inexpensive cars. the issue is the manufacturer should have caught this much earlier than what mercedes did. they should've done a recall. for the consumer, as soon as you get the recall notice, take it in and get it fixed because this airbag can save your life but only if it is working correctly. >> clarence, we are looking at video of the takata airbags. i haven't heard anything to suggest that these are the same airbags. these are two different types of airbags. do we know the difference between the takata airbags and the mercedes-benz ones? >> we do. the takata airbags are what we call a cut is traffic failure.
4:44 pm
-- catastrophic failure. the inflator is overpowered and shatters the housing and sends shrapnel into the occupant compartment. if you are in front of an airbag when it goes off you can be killed. in the instance of mercedes, it either deploys when you don't need it or it doesn't deploy in a crash. it is not going to kill you in an explosive event like the takata airbags. >> again, don't wait for the dealer to call you. just take a car in, >> absolutely, when it comes to an air back defect him a -- airbag defect, call the manufacturer and get it fixed as soon as you can. >> clarence ditlow out of washington dc, thank you for your time today. >> thank you. >> mark tamayo fresh off this weekend. i always wonder because it rained on your weekend.
4:45 pm
>> will you do some meteorology at home? >> on sunday night you definitely want to see if it's correct. the commute on monday morning, i heard [ overlapping speakers ] >> it has been spectacular for the last 36 hours. >> this form -- the storm cleared everything out. a bit of a breeze, gusty winds especially in the bridges -- on the bridges. here is the satellite. we have higher clouds approaching the northern portion of the state. this gives you an idea of the upper level crowd pattern -- cloud pattern. it's all rotating around this area of low pressure. you can see the flow moving in for the north which is responsible for the breezy set up that we had today. once the winds backed off, we had some pretty cool overnight lows. this is closer to the salinas valley, frost advisory in place
4:46 pm
, tomorrow morning from 3 am to 8 from 3 am to 8 am. we have 60s to report in livermore, 66 in oakland, wins were up to 30 miles an hour at the noon show around fairfield. we have wins only at nine miles an hour now at fairfield. winds out of the west at 18 miles an hour at sfo. it's a little bit stronger here, san jose is seven miles an hour. lose will be chilly tomorrow morning, 30s for several areas, get ready to bundle up. no frost advisory but we have patchy frost in the forecast for your thursday morning you can see the 30s there. wide [ indiscernible ] 40s for san francisco, san jose, and morgan hill. we have an area of low pressure to the east with high pressure offshore. as the air flows, it generates
4:47 pm
the wind. once the winds will back off tonight, it will allow things to cool off. temperature should be back in the 60s tomorrow. friday a lot of sunshine the changes for the weekend,, saturday -- weekend, saturday more sunshine and possibly some rain on sunday. there could also be some rain on monday as well. the cold start tomorrow morning, we have a lot of 50s -- 60s for afternoon highs, santa rosa 69, antioch mid- sixties, san jose 68, half moon bay 62 degrees. there is a look ahead at your five-day forecast, more sunshine into friday, overnight -- lose are in the blue box. we see 30s and 40s over the next few mornings. a lot of sunshine on saturday and then the brain -- and then the rain chances across the bay area into sunday and possibly
4:48 pm
monday as well. we will talk about rain in the bay area which could also translate to more snow in the mountains. everyone's excited about what happened first day -- first thing monday morning. that may be a reason to celebrate next week as well. let's go in the newsroom with some stories we are working on. here's a big one of san francisco. >> major envelopment involving the female driver who slammed into two young kids walking to school this morning. what police are saying about her condition at the time of the accident. we will also tell you how the 212-year-olds are doing now. based on the impact it is incredible they are still alive. what is this story about where the connection between the pentagon and the national football league? >> this is probably going to surprise a lot of people. it turns out the pentagon has spent millions of dollars to pay professional football teams to hold a tragic events during the games which includes raters and 49ers. -- both the raiders and
4:49 pm
the 49ers. there's a good reason for doing this they say but at least two u.s. senators are livid. you will hear what they are saying about that coming up at 5:00. >> we will see you soon. it's a modern-day problem with an ancient twist, a centuries- old plot line in spike lee's new movie. we will be right back.
4:50 pm
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has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at on social media today a lot of people are talking about spike lee's new film called "chi-raq" . the trailer is out. "chi-raq" is about gun in game -- gang violence. this is a street name, "chi-raq" ,
4:52 pm
leaking chicago to a war zone in iraq. >> this is an abdication -- adaptation of a play. she denies -- tells women to deny sex to their partners until they put down their guns. there are many big names including angela bassett.>> spike lee is already getting attention before the trailer cannot. many people were worried that the wood painted bad picture of the town. >> now we are taking a look at what people are saying on social media. some are praising the idea and calling him a genius. i encourage everyone to take a look at spike lee's movie, "chiraq" to see what chicago go through every day. >> some say that using the name, "chiraq", perpetuates the idea of gang violence and some are calling to boycott the movie entirely. one man wrote the nickname "chiraq" is being causing
4:53 pm
spike lee to want to have a movie. >> i am not a fan of the word "chiraq" . his photo is showing tyshawn lee who was shot and killed in the question neighborhood of chicago. >> we are still trying to figure out the motive. he was in an alley when this happened but he was shot multiple times. some reports say this was a by eight straight bullet -- by a straight bullet. some say that he was actually the target. there have been 120 homicide in chicago and last year there were 435. >> hillary clinton was in chicago today to meet with parents whose african-american children have been shot and killed by gun violence. >> "chiraq" is expected to hit
4:54 pm
the movie theater soon but a ready a month ahead people are talking about it a lot. remember the manhunt in new york. the prison guard accused of inadvertently helping them was in court today. what happened when "the four on 2" returns. [announcer] if the most challenging part of your day is the staying awake part... ( gunshot ) sleep train has your ticket to a better night's sleep. because when brands compete, you save during mattress price wars. save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic.
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the federal reserve says the economy is doing oral --
4:57 pm
well but in the rake hike is on its way as well. december might be a possibility for a rate hike. while testifying before the house financial services committee's he said the fed will make a decision based on whether the economy's growth stays on track. she says they will then consider gradually raising the interest rate -- interest rate from the record low of zero. a prison guard inadvertently helping criminals escape from jail, invented -- admitted to providing the convicts with tools but insists they never knew -- he never knew they planned to breakout. >> they were on the run for nearly 3 weeks after they escaped. >> matt was killed by a border patrol agent and smith was
4:58 pm
wounded and captured two days later. palmer was released on a $25,000 bail after his arrest on tampering with evidence and official misconduct. he waived his right to have case heard by a grand jury and entered is not guilty plea this afternoon. palmer was suspended from his job without pay. prison guard [ indiscernible ] mitchell pled guilty in september to providing the prisoners with hacksaw blades etc. prisoners with hacksaw blades etc. under this plea agreement she faces seven years in prison. a new development in the marina to -- marina district. two kids on their way to school are incredibly lucky to be alive after a car slammed into them. >> we are now learning that the driver was arrested for dui. i am julie haener and i am -- i am julie haener. >> i am frank somerville. this happened on the intersection of pain the canon. based on the impact.
4:59 pm
this is the horrific impact -- aftermath of this accident. >> they were on their wages go. >> reporter: a little after 8:00 this morning two children were struck by a white suv. the driver san francisco resident, kiersten and direct -- anderet has been arrested on charges of dui. >> we are interviewing the driver. she passed the truck on the left and then slammed into the boys. neighbors say the street is inherently dangerous even when drivers are sober. >> they go 40 or 50 miles an hour. >> reporter: the speed limit is 25 miles an hour. >> i was up at six in the morning and it was a speedway.
5:00 pm
everything was a speedway. it didn't surprise me. at 9:00 in the morning these poor children were hit. i feel really bad. it has been terrible. >> reporter: she was in a retirement center nearby and says crossing the street is downright scary. >> they all go about 40 or 50 miles an hour. we have to be very careful. the lights are very short. >> reporter: neighbors a police have stepped up patrols in this area but what they really need is a stop sign at buchanan especially since across the street there is a school and a park. >> it is scary. we worry about it every day. they saw one truckstop and figured it was okay to go.>> reporter: in san francisco tara moriarty kfox news. new development from the university of merced where a student stepped four people this morning. they say


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