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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  November 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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are going to get all the weather in just a moment. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about the weather. it's no doubt about it, cold this morning. >> it is cold. not just chilly, cold. we crossed that line. from cool to chilly, it's cold. frost advisory to the north, just a lot of high clouds coming in. i think that's a marginal forecast here, but anyway, we will mention it. some on the rooftops or on your car, probably more to the east and the southland to the north, cloud cover coming in, a couple times up, still cold any way you look at it. a mix of sun and clouds, yesterday was all sun and wind. today just a little bit of breeze. 30s, 40s in livermore. napa has dipped to 35. 39 palo alto, san ramon 36. 38 now in gilroy, scotts valley 36, boulder creek 35. close for cupertino. the breeze has tailed off but
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cloud cover is increasing. partly cloudy day to the south, mostly cloudy to the north. could be rain on the north coast. mix of sun and clouds, it's a cold morning out there. not as breezy, temperatures, a lot of low to mid-60s here. a cool day. 60:10. i know the usual slow traffic. anything else popping up here? >> the usual slow traffic. a couple minor things. a lot of people are getting on the road. let's take a look at some of these commutes here. you can see the traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up for about a 15-20 minute delay. looking at interstate 880 northbound and southbound, traffic moving nicely although you can tell more people are on the road. northbound 101, there's a crash reported as you drive up to the santa clara area. northbound 101 has a couple different ones at mckee at 87. 280 and 85 are decent alternates. not a lot of traffic on those.
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let's go back to the desk at 60:10. a dramatic scene last night inside the alameda city hall. police took down a man trying to get into the council chambers. allie rasmus is in the newsroom now. talking about the story. you have some youtube video that is definitely getting some attention. >> a lot of people have seen this but it started when a la meaty city council was about to vote on a two-month moratorium on rent increases and evictions. according to witnesses at that meeting, the landlords opposed of the moratorium and arrived early and filled the auditorium. there was no more space for the members of the tenants group to go inside and voice their concerns. as you can imagine that led to a very tense atmosphere outside the council chambers. >> [yelling] >> reporter: video posted on youtube shows the overflow crowd out in the hallway chanting let us speak! a couple minutes later, you show this officer handcuffing
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one of the members of the group outside the chambers. the man's face was cut during the arrest. police say the man was part of a group that had tried to force its way inside city hall chambers. he had been banging on a table and refused to stop. shortly after, he was arrested. the city's public works director was reportedly injured at some point during this whole ordeal. many of the people from that tenants group felt police overreacted. >> what happened tonight was just the fear and passion and being shut out of the very meeting we had asked for. >> police also arrested a second person last night. after this couple, council members broke for a recess and then continued with their meeting. you can see things certainly calmed down after that break. >> reporter: the council ultimately did approve a resolution to impose a 65 day moratorium on rent increases of 8% or higher. overall overall the issues of affordable housing, rent increases, evictions, heated and
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contentious topics. alameda of course is no exception. it's a pretty popular place to live. dave and pam, back to you guys. the time is 6:04. new developments surrounding the mass stabbing at uc merced. the school is scheduled to reopen tomorrow morning, classes canceled today. the campus is safe right now. administrators say it is closed to allow police to conduct their investigation into the attack. officers say the suspect, a uc merced student, walked into a second-floor classroom yesterday morning and stabbed another student with an 8-10- inch hunting knife. the suspect then stabbed a construction worker who came into the class to break up what he thought was a student fight. >> a contract worker went in thinking it was a student fight. and ended up stumbling onto the stabbing in progress. i think he saved this one student's life through his actions. >> police say the suspect went
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outside and stabbed another student and a student advisor before campus police shot and killed him. they have not yet commented about a possible motive for the attack. the four victims are expected to fully recover. a vigil is scheduled in merced tomorrow. also new this morning, six people are out of their homes in san francisco after an overnight fire. it happened on hampshire and 23rd not far from the trail avenue. we're trying to get more information about this fire including if anyone was hurt and how the fire may have started. nurses at marin general hospital are expected to walk off the job. they are planning a 12 hour strike the drawing attention what they called workplace safety problems. their demands include more staffing and more breaks, hiring local nurses and also more equipment to lift and turn patients, something they say can injured the nurses. about 500 nurses work at marin
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general hospital. faculty members at the 23 campuses in the cal state university system voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike over salary issues. the union representing the faculty says 94% of members voted to authorize a strike if the union and csu can't receive -- can't reach a settlement in salary talks. members want a 5% pay raise with another 2.7% bump for the lower paid faculty members. csu is offering a 2% raise but also says it's committed to reaching and negotiating agreement. the union says it would not strike before january of next year. 50,000 ballots are still to be counted in san francisco. tabulations are expected to last another week, giving some hope to supporters of proposition f who are looking for a big turnaround. this is the latest vote count for the measure. it would place restrictions on short term rentals in the city.
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no has 55% of the vote with 79,000 votes. yes has 44% with 63,000 votes. although the san francisco registrar voters says altering say -- all precincts have reported, there are tens of thousands of ballots not yet counted. staffers worked all night tabulating votes, but a larger than expected number of provisional and mail-in ballots arrived this week. >> there's a new law in california that allows elections departments to count ballots if they are postmarked as of election day. there's some tight races still and there's thousands of ballots to be counted. but if the result remains the same and prop f loses, supporters say they will bring up the issue next year before the new board of supervisors. they believe they will get more support because the board will have a majority of progressive members. the elections department hopes to finish counting all ballots by next wednesday. the time is 6:07. little doubt about the
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preliminary results with the race for san francisco sheriff. we're going to hear from sheriff elect vicki hennessy. she will talk to reporters and then be walking down irving street thanking the public for her landslide victory against incumbent sheriff ross mirkarimi. she says she has a different view on san francisco sanctuary city policy and the relationship with federal immigration agents. presidential candidate hillary clinton continues her bay area fund-raising swing today. she'll make an appearance at a winery in st. helena. wanted to show you a video of a fund-raising luncheon hillary clinton attended yesterday. here's the cars rolling up. after that, she was in the bay area where fundraiser -- for a fundraiser in los altos hills. california has been very good for hillary clinton's campaign. she has so far, not counting today, raised $13.5 million in california. that is six times the
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individual amounts raised by bernie sanders, marco rubio, and by jeb bush. >> on this particular fund- raising trip, hillary clinton has been shuttling between northern and southern california. she'll begin her day this morning in los angeles, at a fundraiser at moviemaker rob reiner's home. also, we are maybe going to watch some craziness unfold. there is a long line of people in union square, not waiting to see santa, but as alex savidge tells us, they are waiting in line to get their hands on some exclusive fashion bargains. >> reporter: that's right. pam, good morning. they are waiting to get their hands on high in the clothes from french designer balmain. those clothes are going to to be sold at essentially rock- bottom prices here at h&m. and h&m stores around the world, a special event that has drawn people from all over the bay area here to the store on
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powell street this morning near union square. the first folks in line got here at 9:00 yesterday morning. that's what they told me. again, they are waiting for the store to open at 8:00 this morning. you see this line the snakes all the way around the corner. they are all waiting to get their hands on sale price clothes from french designer balmain. these are not h&m clothes. this is part of a special designer collaboration launch between balmain and h&m. part of what happened here when this was heavily promoted by a number of celebrities including kendall jenner of kardashian fame. this is a promotional video put out a short time ago. h&m stores around the world participating today, long lines everywhere. one man waiting in this line this morning says he camped out since yesterday. normally balmain clothes are out of his price range but during this event, he says they are affordable. >> it's a big price difference. that's why everyone is waiting.
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>> reporter: what does this normally cost? >> in the thousands, usually. today, for jeans, usually 1200 bucks. since they collaborated with h&m, it's only going to be $100. >> this is a worldwide phenomenon. as i was mentioning, this is video coming in on social media. from some h&m stores around the world that have already opened their doors. you can see a huge rush of people pouring inside trying to get their hands on those specialty clothes from french designer balmain. again, what ends up happening is you get in line and first few hundred people get a wristband and then people are let in in small groups into the store, then they have 15 minutes to grab whatever they can. so there's a time limit. you have to shop like you mean it. by the way, pam, what you are looking at, these are some of the balmain items that are for sale. what do you think about that jacket? that looks good.
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a little gold trim. >> it looks like a pilot jacket. >> you could pull it off. alex, i'm curious, do they have extra security around there? for the store inside and out? >> reporter: they do. i was just speaking with some of the hard-working security team down there. they have security. >> okay. >> reporter: we have a well behaved group out here. everybody is going to make their way inside in an orderly manner but they do have security. anytime you have a couple hundred people lined up on the  streets, they are going to bring insecurity. so they do have security, but i don't think there are any concerns that things could get out of hand. >> that's good. people in san francisco are much more civilized than others around the world. thank you, alex. guess what. the flu season has hit the bay area. now it has turned deadly in the south bay. coming up, we'll tell you what officials are saying.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". new developments surrounding the russian plane crash in egypt. u.s. officials now believe it may have been brought down by a bomb and that the islamic state may have played a role. >> it's a big story this morning. doug luzader live in washington with more on the safety precautions now being put into place. doug? >> reporter: good morning, guys. there's no official declaration on this yet, but the preponderance of evidence seems to be leading officials in the united states and britain to conclude that this was a bomb and that isis may have played a part in it. as investigators continue to document the crash site, and russian families mourn the loss of 224 people, a startling acknowledgment now from the british government. >> we have concluded that there is a significant possibility that that crash was caused by an explosive device on board the aircraft. >> reporter: u.s. officials believe an isis affiliate played a part in this.
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british tourists are being advised to steer clear of the sinai resort city of sharm el- sheik where the plane departed. aviation experts believe the evidence recovered from the scene including the black box flight recorders will be definitive if traces of explosives are found. >> through the signature of those explosives, they can literally find out where it was made, by whom, and when. so we can find out exactly what happened. >> reporter: the white house trying to reassure u.s. travelers pointing out that u.s. carriers don't fly into sinai where the security risks are well known. >> those kinds of flights are not regularly scheduled between the sinai peninsula and the u.s. the situation is different. >> reporter: if isis did play a role, all eyes will turn to russian president vladimir putin who was already carrying out attacks insyria. >> if it turns out isis is responsible for downing this plane, that is the single biggest mistake they have ever made, because putin now will
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retaliate. >> reporter: this does raise all kinds of questions. if this was a bomb, how did it get onboard? chief among them, was it brought on by a passenger or someone who worked at the airport? pam and dave? >> that is the big question. talking about extra security now for sure. the time is 6:18. we're going to get you moving this morning. sal, watching highway 24 and all of our roads this morning? >> that's right. looking at a commute that is getting busier by the moment, but the good thing is we don't have a lot of major crashes and it's not raining. so we have that. let's go out and start with highway 24 and look at that commute. traffic is going to be okay as you drive from walnut creek to oakland and it continues to look good through that tunnel into oakland as i mentioned and no problems on 680. we're also looking at the commute at the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic is backed up all the way to the macarthur maze,
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maybe a 15 minute delay before you make it onto the bridge. san jose, a couple of different problems on northbound 101. we also had one reported closer to fair oaks. and the traffic is going to be a little bit slow on the 101 but 85 and 280 look good. let's go to stephen the weather center. should be a nice sunrise because we have a lot of high clouds in the mix. i think that's stopping a lot of these low temps from reaching 32 or 33, beautiful shot if you are listening and not watching. i know it's cold out there, but there's a frost advisory to the north. i don't think that's going to materialize. thank you, nelson, for participating in the show. patchy frost for some, but more likely to the south and east, forecast headlines, a cold morning. a lot of high clouds, not as breezy, still there. not as windy as yesterday. nice saturday, rain moves in on sunday. ricky up in lakeport, good morning, ricky. 37 in lakeport, slight breeze
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out of the west northwest. increasing clouds, no frost. loud cover is going to play into that until 8:00. we have a frost advisory to the north bay but the cloud cover streaming in here, 30s on many, livermore in the mix, palo alto, napa airport at 35, fairfield 36, these haven't changed. 37 in petaluma, 39 sevastopol, holding in the 40s for many, mill valley 42, cold but cloud cover wasn't there, it would be colder. the cloud cover continues to roll in. 19 at truckee and south lake tahoe, sacramento at 38, a little rain on the north coast, cloud cover, just flying over the top of the ridge. that will give us a mix of sun and clouds. nice on friday, increasing clouds on saturday. sure looks like as we head towards sunday morning to the north, rain develops throughout the day sunday into monday. a cold morning morning out there but a lot of high clouds today in the forecast. a little bit of breeze but none as bad as yesterday. 60s on your temps, low-to-mid.
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higher clouds are going to bring the temps down a couple degrees compared to yesterday. higher clouds will scoot out of here for tomorrow. mostly sunny, looks okay saturday morning, increasing clouds, rain developing sunday into monday. snow in the mountains. >> i like that sky. >> that's pretty. >> or just. thank you, steve. still to come, an arrest in the case of the stabbing of a train hero. remember spencer stone? coming up in 10 minutes, the latest on the charges the man under arrest will face. first, the doors are closing after decades in business, what the plan to close this kraft foods plant will mean for more than 100 employees. [announcer] if the most challenging part of your day is the staying awake part... ( gunshot ) sleep train has your ticket to a better night's sleep. because when brands compete, you save during mattress price wars. save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". at 6:24, a batch of juice from an apple farm has tested positive for e. coli. health officials say the contaminated apple juice came from the high hill branch income me know which is a small town along highway 50. the test results come about 10 days after the fall voluntarily pulled apart from its shelves. health officials say seven people in sacramento county got sick with e. coli. after drinking the juice. one person was sent to the hospital but is expected to recover. also today, emergency
6:25 am
meeting by california officials about the start of crab season and if it will start on time. many think the season will be delayed or possibly even canceled. if crab season does not start on time, it would hurt the restaurants, fishermen, recreational fishermen and also the communities that depend on them. the problem we've been talking about, a toxin that builds up in the crabs because of the warm water. the recreational fishing season is scheduled to this -- to start saturday. some fishermen are already making other plans. a household name is pulling out of san leandro. the big kraft foods plant is closing and 130 jobs are being eliminated. it's part of a major consolidation plan after the merger of food giants kraft and heinz. that factory in san leandro is one of seven plants in the u.s. and canada being shut down. the company expects the closures and job cuts to say about $1.5 billion. that plan in san leandro has
6:26 am
made various kraft brands -- now it produces yuban coffee. the city plans to provide some resources to those who were laid off and try to help them find new jobs. 130 individual employed at -- individuals employed at that facility, helping those people find new positions is our main concern. >> the city will start working to find a new tenant for that complex. officials say they don't think they will have a problem. san leandro's industrial vacancy rate is very low. only 2%. it is now being called the ultimate betrayal. people in one illinois community are shocked and disappointed in the actions of a police officer who at first was hailed as a hero. up next, what led the 30-year law enforcement veteran to kill to -- to kill himself and make it look like a homicide. the first person has died
6:27 am
after catching the flu in california. and that person is from the south bay. we'll tell you what we know about the patient and what health officials are saying about the effectiveness of this year's vaccine.
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whatever life throws your way, you've got it in the bag. you've got t.j. maxx! keep your standards high, and your spending low. maxx life! [music] let's kick it. ice, ice, baby. ice, ice, baby. >> pam, stop dancing. >> turn around and listen. >> i'm also looking at the sky.
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cream sickle, colored sky, absolutely beautiful thursday morning. we're looking out towards marin. looks so good, crisp and cool, steve was showing us, i had to run outside and see for myself. it is a beautiful thursday morning. wanted to bring it to you live and welcome to thursday, it is november 5. got that too. i'm dave clark. >> gorgeous cream sickle. vanilla ice. are we getting hungry? thank you for joining us. stephen was talking about pizza. >> that commercial. >> it's time for lunch. 6:30 a.m. >> getting closer. that is true pam and dave. a lot of high clouds playing into our forecast today. if these high clouds weren't there, it would be colder. i think it's pretty marginal. there's colder temps to the south. but we'll mention until 8:00 this morning, i had to report
6:31 am
on the rooftop, would not surprise me. lowest doesn't care about the cold weather. the weather perfection, finally. some people might say it's a little cold out but i understand compared to what seemed like eight months of heat. a lot of high clouds in the forecast, 35 in san ramon, fairfield 36, napa airport 35. palo alto 35. antioch has dipped to 39 on this panel. 30s for livermore, alamo, also danville, so close for black hawk. clouds to the north, a little rain for us but a lot of high clouds, but it's a cold one. a little breezy for some. mix of sun and clouds, temperatures really low. sal, 631. >> you know i have to comment when i hear a song. that was ice, ice, baby. but the original song was under pressure. >> under pressure. >> right? >> david buoy.
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-- and david bowie. >> that's the original song. >> can i throw my musical history of that? i did see queen at the berkeley theater with freddie mercury back in the day. >> steve, well. all right. after we do this traffic report, come in the newsroom and tell me about it. let's take a look at the commute. bring your sons, your records, not your records, bring your songs on your commute. 36 minutes, when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, we start counting again. about a 30 minute delay at the bay bridge, just getting onto that span although, it is not as bad as it was yesterday. very crowded here at the bay bridge. we have another look from the toll plaza camera. you can see it is crowded. no major problems on that bridge. getting into san francisco it's going to be slow. highway 4, a slowdown pittsburg andbay point.
6:33 am
the antioch freeway is doing well, especially after they added those four lanes. 680 is backed up out of concord walnut creek where we had an issue there in the lane being moved out of the way with southbound 680 north main, wasn't a major crash but up against the center divider and people are slowing past the scene. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. a flu deaths in santa clara county is causing a health warning across the bay area. >> the first death in the state during the flu season as well. janine de la vega joins us now from mountain view with what we're learning about the person who died. janine? >> pam, health officials tell us that the person who died was not elderly. they were under the age of 65. that surprised most people we spoke to here on the streets this morning. the majority of them have told me they have gotten their flu shot or plan to get one at their doctor's office or from their local pharmacy. that's what the public health department is recommending for
6:34 am
anyone who is over six months of age. the department put out an advisory letting people know the first person who has died from the flu in california is from santa clara county. health officials can't reveal the exact age of the person for privacy reasons, but say it was an adult between 18 and 65 years old who had underlying medical conditions. the person got sick in october and was hospitalized in intensive care and ultimately died of respiratory failure. >> from what we can tell, looks like there might be a good match this year between what's in the flu vaccine and the flu that is circulating. so that's good news. >> reporter: the centers for disease control and prevention says the predominant flu type circulating is h3n2, the same as last year. flu season typically runs from october through may. last season it in mid-january until the total -- killed a total of 78 in california. no telling when the flu is going to pick up steam this year which is why the doctors
6:35 am
want the public to protect themselves and for people to get vaccinated but really before the influenza comes widespread. pam and dave? >> thank you, janine. the time is 6:35. also an update, two 12 who were boys who were hit yesterday are recovering but from serious injuries in a crosswalk. we want to show you the facebook profile picture of the woman police say was the driver who hit them. she's 30-year-old kristin andereck. she faces dui charges. witnesses say she drove around a truck that had stopped at the crosswalk at bay and buchanan and then ran into the boys. there are reports she has been a teacher at several elementary schools in san francisco, and neighbors say that area is dangerous for people walking. >> all running about 40, 50 miles an hour. we have to be very careful. and the lights there are very
6:36 am
short. >> scary. we worry about it every day.a kid sees one truck stop and then thinks it's okay to go. >> the names of the boys are not being made public. they were headed to marina middle school. i want to show you some surveillance video from san jose. take a close look at it. the police want your help to identify the man in the blue shirt and white hat want to identify him. you see him pointing a gun at a convenience store worker. this robbery of the liquor store on monterey road happened last saturday night. the suspect described at -- as latino, 6 feet tall has a beard and mustache. you see him wearing a light blue shirt with the words g unit on the front. you also have white baseball cap. that convenience store worker was not hurt during that robbery. a major pot bust in the east bay. investigators served three search warrants. they say they seized almost 700
6:37 am
marijuana plants at homes in san ramon and in dublin. police say they found even more evidence at a third location in oakland. connecting two suspects to the grow houses. police arrested a 41-year-old man from union city and a 25- year-old woman from san leandro , charged with conspiracy and marijuana cultivation. continuing to following the developing story out of illinois where a community is reeling after a police officer whose death led to a massive manhunt in september actually committed suicide to cover up years of embezzlement. lieutenant charles joseph gliniewicz was given a hero's funeral after his last radio call that he was chasing three suspects. now authorities say he had been stealing money for years from his department's youth program and that he killed himself because his theft was about to be exposed. >> i felt that the ultimate betrayal was done by this
6:38 am
particular officer. to his community. >> in another twist, police are investigating gliniewicz's wife and son in connection with the embezzlement. in the officer's hometown, signs once honoring the veteran have now turned to signs of discussed. the man accused in the so- called gone girl case from vallejo is due back in federal court today. matthew muller is accused of kidnapping denise huskins from her vallejo home back in march. she was released later near her father's home in orange county. at first vallejo police were calling the case in hopes. last month, muller pled not  guilty to a kidnapping charge. if convicted, he could be sentenced to life in prison. a man is behind bars this morning accused of stabbing one of the three americans who stopped a possible terrorist attack on a train in france
6:39 am
last summer. sacramento police arrested 28- year-old james train of elk grove. prosecutors say train stabbed spencer stone outside of a sacramento bar last month. stone had emergency surgery after being stabbed close to -- close to his heart and liver and lungs. prosecutors say they will charge tran with attempted murder. vandals attacked another site honoring the santa cruz mission. this is the first time that the fourth time since pope francis elevated him to sainthood in september. a statue, one at the carmel mission and another on on the monterey peninsula were vandalized. police are not sure if the incidents are collected -- connect with some people believe sarah should not have been made a saint because of heart -- harsh treatment of native americans. >> new developments just coming
6:40 am
in about the campus attack at uc merced. the newspaper has identified the suspect as 18-year-old faisal mohammed. police say he stabbed four people before he was -- before police shot and killed him. this is just coming into our newsroom. we will have more information coming up at 7:00 a.m. right now it is 6:40. chaos at the alameda city council meeting last night. we're going to hear from the police chief about last night's bloody confrontation that was at a heated hearing over rent control. taco bell paying off its world series bet with a free breakfast.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". some relief for commuters in contra costa county as part of the long awaited highway for widening project. two new westbound lanes completed. just after lone freeway in
6:44 am
antioch, how trans says it's the third of five segments on the highway four cordale project have opened up. next week, an auxiliary lane and offramp to contra loma boulevard are due to open. contra costa residents who use interstate 82 commute into san francisco can get $50 just for signing up for ridesharing. the contra costa times reports a nonprofit called carma is teaming up with the counter -- with the county. along with a $50 payment, ride sharers will get a mileage fee, bridge toll rebate and get to drive in the hov lane. this whole idea is to fill some of the estimated 800,000 empty seats in cars that go across the bay bridge every weekday. governor brown has state employees looking into oil and gas drilling possibilities on ranch property owned by his family in colusa county. the associated press says the governor received 51 pages of information that includes
6:45 am
satellite and geological maps. state law does not allow elected officials to use public resources including state workers for personal purposes. the state division that did the work says everything about the report was legal and no more than any other member the public would get, but the oil industry professionals tell the associated press that they could not recall a similar example of anyone getting that kind of state work done for private property. the time is 6:45. let's see what's coming up in the next hour. good morning, gasia. investigators meeting with louisiana police after killing a 6-year-old boy inside. the boy's father was at the wheel, while police opened fire and what else led up to the tragic outcome. and the sacramento lg bt community center is apologizing this morning after holding a fundraiser that made some serious cultural missteps. what happened yet -- at its red
6:46 am
dragon party that has so many people so upset. the stories and more when i join you for next hour of "mornings on 2". dave? >> thank you. facebook is launching a new app that alerts you when there's breaking news called notified. facebook is partnering with news organizations like cnn and washington post. they are introducing this app next week. notify works by allowing users to sign up for notifications from individual news companies without having to install other apps. the notifications will then direct new users back to the site to publishers that are participating. kids want to hear this. the video game that lets players build their own worlds could become a teaching tool. students have created an educational version of mine craft. in their game, young scientists combine atoms to create molecules. a more advanced person shows how structures are built at the molecular level. the whole has reading about molecules is educational. young
6:47 am
students who play the game think it's fun and they spend more time looking at the information. i know a lot of kids who play mine craft. >> okay. >> not only -- now they can tell their parents its educational. >> that's why i'm on there all the time. sal, are you taking care of our friends in the macarthur maze? >> yes, we are. if you are driving there anytime soon, you are going to see flow traffic. if you care to look at your tv screen, we're going to look at it here for you. traffic is coming up around the corner. not as bad as monday for sure when it was raining but there is a robust delay at the bay bridge toll plaza of 30 minutes plus. for you make it onto that span. also looking at some of the other commutes, san mateo bridge not bad. nice-looking picture with all the colors but the traffic, more important thing in your mind, looks pretty good as you head over to highway 101. and a crash northbound 880 now blocking lanes. if you are driving from heyward
6:48 am
to oakland, you should be aware that it is there, westbound 580 is a deaton -- a decent alternate route. you can use that without any slowdowns. 6:47, let's go to steve. you have something to give us here. this is the original. i mean -- this is vanilla ice. >> let's kick it. >> [music] >> takes it from this one. >> [music] this is queen. featuring david buoy -- david bowie. but freddie mercury -- that's what happened. so there are a lot of artists who sample other songs. >> you mean people take risks from other artists? is that what you mean? >> [laughter] >> it's not the same baseline. it goes ding ding ding didda
6:49 am
ding ding. >> that's vanilla ice. >> [laughter] >> now you know more than you ever wanted to know. >> a couple reports coming out. a frost advisory to the north, getting reports of frost actually east and south. really, morgan hill, 34 degrees. frost on the rooftops in morgan hill. i know there's some as well. cold morning, 30s and 40s on the thames, frost for some, too many high clouds to the north. frost advisory until 8:00. there might be some out there. 34 up at cobb mountain. if you locations, a lot of high clouds playing into our weather today. fairfield 36, livermore in there, napa airport at 35. santa rosa stuck at 38. speaking of, gilroy at 36, scotts valley, boulder creek
6:50 am
35. low 40s, cupertino and saratoga. a lot a few showers -- a few showers, mix of sun and clouds, but it is a cold morning out there. not as breezy, frost advisory, 60s on your temps, that's a beautiful sunrise. these clouds will play into our weather today. nothing compared to what we had yesterday. and tomorrow looks mostly sunny, nice saturday morning, then we cloud it up. sunday to the north, any -- everybody sunday night into monday, snow in the mountains. >> that's great. ready for this know. >> okay. thank you, steve. we're also hearing for the first time from the 49ers' new starting quarterback. coming up in 20 minutes, how plain glad -- blaine gabbert describes his relationship with colin kaepernick.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". this morning, taco bell paying off its world series bet, giving away a free breakfast. taco bell promised free crunchwrap's if there was a stolen base during the world series. well, the royals' lorenzo cain
6:54 am
stole a base during game one, right there. so taco bell is offering the free breakfast at them today. from 7:00 a.m., a couple minutes from now, until 11:00 a.m. one per customer. while supplies last. it's early but steph curry is making a case to be the mvp again. last night he helped the warriors beat the l.a. clippers 112-108. a game between two unbeaten teams, he had 31 points including seven 3-pointers. the warriors led early but need some clutch baskets from korea at the end of the game to win it. he hit a big three with a minute left. that pushed the warriors to a 112- 112-108 when. the warriors have a perfect 5-0 record. >> for his magazine says katy perry is the highest earning woman in music this year. >> [music] you make me feel like i'm living a teenage dream.
6:55 am
>> a huge worldwide tour and endorsement deals. taylor swift came in second, bringing in $80 million. >> [singing] >> justin timberlake also doing quite well, just about everywhere. the red carpet was rolled out for the hottest country music superstars last night. collateralization at the cma's, some of the big winners included luke bryan who won entertainment -- entertainer of the year again. chris stapleton took home male vocalist, new artist and male album of the year for traveler. the winner for female vocalist, no surprise, miranda lambert took home the award for the sixth year in a row. 6:55. may not be able to leap tall buildings, but serena williams may at supervisor -- superwoman to her title. she posted this photo facebook
6:56 am
page yesterday. she was eating dinner at a restaurant. a man snatched her smartphone off the chair next to her. she said she doubted, that you took my phone! without even thinking, she jumped up, weaved her way through the restaurant, leapt over a chair, and chased him outside and caught him. that's why she got the superwoman photo there. serena did get her phone back. she was greeted by a standing ovation in which she came back -- when she came back to the restaurant. >> they recommend -- don't really recommend you do that. coming up next in our 7:00 hour, new developments in that mask stabbing at uc merced. what we are learning about the suspects and his ties to the bay area. also not even black friday yet, but these live pictures from san francisco, seeing hundreds of people, they spent the line in the cold in in front of an h&m store in san
6:57 am
francisco. up next, the exclusive items they are hoping to get their hands on. some neighbors are energy saving superstars. how do you become a superstar? with pg&e's free online home energy checkup. don't let your neighbor enjoy all the savings. visit and get started today.
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>> new information about the man accused in the mass stabbing the uc merced. what we are learning about the suspect and his connection to the bay area. plus >> a dramatic scene at alameda city hall. what caused a meeting about rent increases to spiral out of control. plus, a whole bunch of fashionistas camped outside of this store in san francisco. many have been here since yesterday morning. we will tell you about the high- end clothing they are hoping to get their hands on. this is ktvu. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. did you know that steve paulson is an artist. >> yes, he is. >> you're dabbling in the skies. >> yeah.
7:00 am
but it's cold out there. no doubt about it. the higher clouds playing into the forecast today a lot more so than yesterday when it was sunny and breezy. the higher clouds really are going to give us a mostly cloudy, some filtered sunshine as we committed. spilling over the ridge of high pressure. starting off though some frost. again, most east than south and north. the advisory is out to the north until 8:00. high clouds coming in. ice, ice baby before. moraga has frost on the roofs. bring on winter. be careful what you wish for. it could be cold around here. san ramon is in there. napa airport went from 35 to 40. and santa rosa 39. there are a lot 30s on the peninsula and the santa cruz mountains as well. antioch


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