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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  November 5, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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a tense scene inside alameda city hall as a meeting over rent prices spirals out of control. the first bay area flu death confirmed in the south
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bay. we're live with deputy health director talking about the importance of protecting your family. preparing for the holiday season, talking this year's shopping trends and serving champagne tips for your next party. your five and oh warriors kind of has a sweet sound. a beautiful morning, as you can see, a live picture of the city by the bay. the great city of san francisco. welcome to the nine. i might need bag, a very busy show. -- mike me back -- mike mood -- mike mai bock -- mike mibach. also, holiday shopping. it is that time of year. people going online copy be going in store, people making gifts. we have a consumer expert to talk about that. we begin in the city of
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alameda. a dramatic sea last night at the city hall. allie rasmus joining us here for this story and some new information from the police chief.>> all of this happened at the council last night, set to vote on a two month moratorium on rent increases and evictions. tensions are running high because according to some people, the landlords got there early, filled up all the seats, and so the tenants right groups were outside in the hallway and were afraid they were not going to get a chance to voice their concerns. that's when the first of two confrontations with police happened. the first happened when one tenants rights group member trying to push his way into chambers. apparently, the city manager was on the other side of the door and got knocked over and broke his hip. police arrested that protester, they called for backup. more police came and they said when they saw second man trying to
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get into the chambers, they tried to stop him and that man pushed the officer according to police. that's the arrest that ended up on youtube. you can see the officers pinning the man down. is in his late 50s. blood was spilled. he cut his nose, and there is blood on the floor. apparently a lot of the people out there were pretty upset. you can hear them chanting and shouting at the officer's. >> i didn't realize that alameda had such a contentious rental market. >> we talked about oakland and san francisco, but this happened in usually the quiet city of alameda. >> alameda, 55% of the population are renters. the same pressures are happening there that are happening across the bay area. so a lot of the tenants rights groups members say tensions are running high because a lot of people there were really concerned, they are afraid they
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are going to be forced out of their homes. >> could this have been prevented, the skull falls -- scuffles kosh of the police and expecting the crowds? >> i don't know about that, but i will say when i talked about the police chief, he said based on the video he has seen, he doesn't believe his officers acted inappropriately. they had cause to arrest the guy, because you cannot push a police officer. both of the protesters were arrested for battery. the police chief will be looking at a lot of different video sources, not only the cell phone video but the alameda council chambers also has cameras. they will look at that to write up their report and to do a review of use of force. force was use -- used in those instances. i should mention the alameda city council eventually had their sanction and approved --
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session and approve that moratorium. there is a moratorium on rent increases above 8%. it was a long night.>> allie rasmus, thanks for covering that. 212-year-olds were hit in san francisco crosswalk on their way to school yes today and are recovering serious injuries. people who live near the intersections are demanding safer walk -- conditions. >> what is being done to keep that intersection safe.>> reporter: to be quite frank, i'm surprised more of these accidents and not happen we spoke with mark farrell about an hour and a half ago, and he says there are changes coming in the next few days, some happening as we speak. he mentioned there is plenty of concerned in the marina district about the intersection, and some are taking matters into their own hands. you see this gentleman right here wearing a yellow jacket and green hat. he has put his life on the line this morning. he has been hit almost 3 times
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today. he is out here raising awareness of the dangers of this intersection is helping people cross the street as well. we're talking about what happened yesterday. just after eight, the two boys were walking through the intersection on the way to marina middle school when they were hit by a driver, identified as kiersten and direct of san francisco. she was arrested after it happened. she is accused of being under the influence as police say she drove around the truck that had stopped for the boys at the intersection. they were hit and have critical injuries at a nearby hospital. again, about an hour and a half ago, we spoke with mark farrell, who tells us there will be stop signs installed here on bay buchanan in the next few days. >> i have been taking a step back, obviously, as a parent of three children, what happened yesterday is tragic. as a city, we cannot continue to let these incidents happened. as residents of san francisco, whether you're driving or bicycling or walking, we need to be careful.>> farrell also
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says there were plans to improve the crosswalks. this morning, we spoke to that gentleman in the yellow jackson, john alex lowell. he is caring red sticks to warn drivers to stop. he has been out here all morning long. he says he was also a victim, hit by a driver 14 years ago on 14th and mission. he has had severe brain trauma and multiple broken bones. this is personal for him. as we take it back out live, the supervisor says he is working with police to increase the presence here. this morning, we have seen that, at least six people were ticketed for running through here. we also have seen several drivers blow through here faster than 25 miles an hour. very dangerous intersection, hopefully the changes will make us safer for people.>> brian, i am curious. have root -- police revealed details about what that 30-year- old woman was doing the night
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before this accident or earlier in that morning?>> reporter: we are still working together those details. there are some questions as to what she was doing. this accident happened around eight back 30. we are curious to know as well. we will continue to reach out to police as the investigation continues.>> ryan floors live in san francisco. at union square there was what you could call i fashion stampede this morning. people lined up for hours, even overnight, to get a chance to buy clothes and accessories from the h&m collaboration with the designer ball monde, harvey say it. is there anything at the store? anything left? >> reporter: good morning. we are in the midst of controlled chaos here. shoppers with armfuls of clothes behind us trying to scoop up the best deals they can inside the h&m store. this
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is just one him of the many groups that has been allowed inside for this special launch that has taken place. they are getting their hands on high-end close at bargain prices. this is higher line -- entire line was created by about mind in collaboration with h&m especially for this event. let me show you the scene. an hour ago they opened the doors here in the first group of shoppers was allowed inside the store. this is, by the way, a worldwide phenomenon. this is happening at h&m stores around the world today. it is a frenzy here. there has been quite a bit of anticipation for this clothing launch. people, many of them in san francisco, they camp out outside the h&m store since yesterday morning. the first woman was here at 9:00 this morning. that his dedication. these folks came inside the store knowing what they want today and they wanted to get their hands on some clothes that normally they wouldn't be able to afford. we talked with one shopper from
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livermore.>> it gives so many people an opportunity to buy clothes that we -- they would not be able to buy off the runway. the workmanship is impeccable. >> reporter: we will bring you back out live inside the h&m store. you can see people grabbing as many pieces of clothing as they possibly can. here is the deal. they let groups of people in, about 25 people come in at a time from that long line you saw snaking around the block. they come in 25 at a time, make their way inside the store. they have 15 minutes to make their selections and then they have to check out in the next group comes inside. again, these prices are somewhat reasonable. let's see, $34.99 for that right there. what you guys think about this? can i pull off the jumpsuit?>> you can pull off anything, man.
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you can do it all. alex, we've been talking about the fact that people are buying whatever they can scoop up and maybe there is a secondary market. on ebay, i see a pair of h&m biker genes for $260. already, some of this stuff is showing up on ebay.>> reporter: i think that's a lot more expensive than they probably are here. we have certainly heard that. a lot of people are going to buy a lot of these items and try to resell them, whether online or our ebay. ivas a lot of people about that, i asked the shoppers. a lot of people tell me say they are buying holiday gifts for friends and family. one woman said she is buying things for herself. a lot of people are not trying to resell this stuff, but certainly there is a segment out there that is trying to resell these items and turn a profit.>> alex savidge, give me your address and i'll have these biker jeans sent to you.>> reporter: thank you.>>
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the same size and everything. 31 is a pretty narrow waist. state officials have decided to delay the start due to a toxin found in crafts that could be a health hazard. fishermen in the bayberry -- area say they are disappointed in the communities that rely on income from those visitors are worried about the economic impact. the commercial crap season is set to start a week from 70 -- saturday. coming up on morning news, we are learning more about a teenager who was shot and killed by police after stabbing four people on the campus of you see murphy. his connection to the bay area. linkedin is declaring its take your parents to work day. up next, we are taking our parents to work and we will tell you why with the help of two very special guests.
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i can't wait.
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taking a look at the stock's, we popped up a little at the start. now we see all three major indexes are on the downside ever so slightly. here's a look at some of the top stories we are following. new developments in the terrifying attack on the c -- campus of uc merced. we have learned more details about the suspect. the sheriff's office has identified him as 18-year-old faisal mohammad, graduated from wilcox high school in june. counselors will be on hand at wilcox high today to help any students or faculty, mohammed was a freshman at uc merced. he had just turned 18 last month. merced has canceled classes in
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hopes classes will resume tomorrow. investigators say mohammed walked into a second for classroom -- floor classroom and stabbed a student with a hunting knife and then a construction worker who came into the class to break up a fight. then he went outside and step two more people before police shot and killed him. a father talking to his daughter says she was at a loss for words.>> i was shocked. really shocked. just i didn't have the words. i couldn't find the words to say when she called me about it.>> reporter: -- >> students and parents returned to campus last night. a vigil is planned for the victims tomorrow. all four are expected to recover. the sheriff's office will hold a news conference in an hour. we will have more on that i as well as new. -- noon. a terrorist attack may have
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caused the crash of a russian plane in egypt. it is more likely than not that a bomb brought down the aircraft with 224 people.>> we have concluded there is a significant possibility that that crash was caused by an explosive device on board the aircraft.>> officials say they believe in isis affiliate played a part in this. investigators will examine the wreckage for traces of explosive, but that could take months. the british government also announced this morning it is grounding all flights to and from egypt except to fly out the 20,000 british tourists stranded there. switching gears, a lot of people know about bring your son or daughter to work a, a way to get people thinking about careers. >> what about moms and dads? linkedin says one in three parents have no idea what their grown children do for living.
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>> a website created bring your parents to work day, and that is today. the idea is to bring your parents to work to give them a real idea of what it is you actually do all day. linkedin says the top five most misunderstood jobs by parents our user interface designer, dater scientist -- data scientists actuary, and public relations manager. number six is radio producer. i get that. so, mom, i brought my mom to work. there she is. what do you think about what i do all day?>> well, i think now that i came to the studio i realize what a nice job you have.>> are you saying i have a cushy job? >> well use it at a desk, you drink coffee, you start your computer, and then you do it, it's so easy. [ applause ]>> very smooth.
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>> she nailed it.>> don't forget, i look at my phone, too. i walk around with a purpose. >> after all these years, is it still a thrill to see your son on tv?>> yes. my husband and i try to see it every morning. and now that he has this new position...pat -- >> that's right, it's big- time.>> did you ever think your son whatever get up that early in the morning so smoothly? >> no. he loves to sleep in. now he is used to getting up so early. even when he can, the -- he gets up early. >> there's a commercial break coming up, right? >> let me say something. i am very proud of my son. >> thank you mom.>> thank you
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for coming on and talking to us. >> thank you for having me.>> we will be right back.
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9:22, coming back to ktvu mornings. leave it or not, the shopping season is already underway.>> how does this year compared to last year? do you make your own presence, you go online? >> joining us is k euro. let's start right there -- k euro. do you think consumers are researching prices?>> this is the first year where it is mushed together. retailers understand that consumers do both always. we will find that consumers are researching online or in stores, but all of it together, and therefore your promotions will be more consistent across
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stores. i think it will be easier to shop. consumers going to stores now with their mobile's, comparing prices and options.>> his convenience number one number over price? >> it's a little bit of both. consumers are so sophisticated and retailers have finally caught up.>> black friday used to mean the start of holiday shopping. now it means hardly anything.>> reporter: it is still the best day to get electronics -- >> it is still the best day to get electronics. other than that, exactly what you said. christmas stopping -- shopping start at the beginning of october. consumers want to be able to shop whenever they feel like it. i call it the i want what i want when i want it consumer mentality that people want to be able to shop at midnight, shop three weeks before. there is sort of a controversy among consumers. is it too mac early? does that mean we are
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desensitized?>> do people who start early get a better deal?>> not necessarily. here is how i think the deals work. if you're buying anything big for back to school, jeans, sneakers, office supplies, get it now. it is been reduced. if you are looking for electronics, wait for black friday. toys are only reduced right before christmas. if you're looking for apparel, the longer you can wait, the cheaper gets. >> what about experimental gives? will that be a hot -- gifts? let be a hot trend this year?>> consumers are making things themselves, they have been inspired by pinterest and instagram.>> if i give you jammin you give me brownies, we are best friends. >> whether it is nick goods or homemade cards or whatever, consumers have been inspired by
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this do-it-yourself trend. they love the homemade aspect. it's also kind of the antidote to our online lives, which feels desensitized. this is very real feeling. the experiential gifts, those are huge, because they are tangible lysed by our use of social media. if you get some money concert tickets or a new experience at some store and they can documented online, it has a tangible and an intangible quality. let's face it, people have a lot of stuff. they want to be able to do stuff.>> the metallica concert would be a nice gift idea. >> you are metallica fan?>> wow.>> sporting-goods. >> are there people that do it without any online shopping? >> a tiny percentage. we're down to like 20% now. whether or not they choose to buy online, they are at least researching online.
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this integrated seamlessly of shopping is huge. it is the way people want to do it.>> saving us some money this morning. coming up, the flu season underway. up next we will talk live with the deputy health director for alameda county about why we need to take flu season seriously.>> the college application unlocked, the discovery that an 18-year-old man might not be who he thought he was.
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nice live picture their of san francisco bay. a little bit of the transamerica building as we pan to the right. pretty good day today, sunny and cool. temperatures around the mid- 60s. it looks like a good chance of rain sunday. the first flu related death has been confirmed in the bay area in santa clara county. this is the first flu related
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death of the winter season anywhere in california. the victim was an adult and he or she had underlying medical conditions. flu season typically runs from october to may. today, students at manzanita elementary are getting the flu vaccine as part of the districts shoe the flu campaign. they aim to immunize all students. dr. erica pan, deputy health officer, is at the event and joins us live. thanks for joining us. first of all, the news of this flu related death at home in santa clara county, is this earlier than you would expect?>> good morning. not necessarily. we see flu activity early in the season. it can run from october to may. typically the peak is december through february, i just depends, every year. typically we start to see some activity now.>> with 78 people
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dying from the flu, why aren't more people getting a flu vaccine? do you know what percentage of the population does get the vaccine versus who chooses not to?>> excellent question. unfortunately, even though we as public health officials are recommending everyone over six months old get a vaccine, probably only less than half of people actually do. we try and the public health community to emphasize the high- risk community, such as the elderly. we are vaccinating young children in schools because they have a very strong immune response and they tend to be the super spreaders in the community. if we can vaccinate a lot of young children, we are hoping to demonstrate that we can protect the entire community including the elderly.>> we are seeing pictures of students getting the flumist, the nasal vaccine. is that more popular than the shot? can you talk about this
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persistent idea that getting the flu shot causes flulike symptoms? we heard it from someone, a reporter was talking to us just this morning. >> i am so glad you asked that. the flu vaccine acts -- absolutely does not cause the flu. there are lots of reasons people think that, but when we have done large studies, we look at who got the vaccine and who did, the same number of people tend to get the potential side effects if you get other viruses that cause, for example a runny nose or headache or low-grade temperature, you might take it was from the flu vaccine. but again, there is no, the flu vaccine does not cause the flu. it's important to protect yourself from the flu by getting the vaccine. it's one of the best protections we have.>> let's talk about prevention measures. my son learned to sneeze into your chicken wing, not your
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hands. >> i like the chicken wing analogy. i haven't heard that before. a lot of issues to always cough or sneeze into our hands. it is a good preventive measures to not coffin do something that will touch of the things like doorknobs and handles, high touch surfaces. washing your hands very well or using hand sanitizer, covering your cough with your elbow with your chicken wing or kleenex, and staying home with -- when you are sick is a good way to prevent the flu and the spread of other infections.>> this is not the first year ous he has done shoe the flu. do you have data from previous years about if it was effective in keeping kids in school and not out sick with the flu?>> that is also great question. this is only our second year and we are partnering with the uc berkeley school of public health and also the california emerging infections program to
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look at the impact. we're still looking locally, but we did vaccinate over 8600 people at oakland schools last year and we are already over 9500 this year just within oakland. we are doing a lot of studies in will be looking at that at the end of the season. there's a lot of data in other states and programs and even other countries to show that when you do these programs, you can actually not only decrease absenteeism of kids in the school and the staff but also household members such as family members, parents, and older siblings. we really do hope to demonstrate that in the oakland community as well.>> it is free for all students who want one. dr. erica pan, thank you for joining us here on the nine. >> thank you for having me. a bore reported missing 13 years ago was found alive and well in cleveland. authorities say that's not even the most amazing part. julian hernandez was five when
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his father took him to preschool and never brought him back.'s mother reported him missing. now that he is 18, he started applying to colleges. he says the social security number his father gave him could not be verified according to a tv station. hernandez took the problem to his counselor and they discovered he was on a national center for missing and exploited kitchen -- children's list. a veteran investigator says he has never had a case where the missing person solve the case on his own. a man behind bars accused of stabbing one of the three americans who stopped a potential terrorist attack in france last summer. sacramento police arrested 20 year old -- 28-year-old james tran from elk grove. police say he stabbed stone outside a sacramento bar last month. he had to undergo emergency surgery to repair wounds to his heart, liver, and lungs. the kraft foods plant is
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shutting down today and eliminating 130 jobs as part of a major consolidation plan following the merger of food giants craft ann hynes. the factory is one of seven plants in the united states and canada being closed. the company expects the closures and job cuts to save $1.5 billion. the san leandro plant has made various craft brands over the years and now produces coffee. >> there are 130 individuals employed at that facility, and that's our most immediate concern, help those people find new position. >> the city will start to work immediately to find a new tenant for that complex. officials say they don't take they will have much of a problem finding someone new. the san leandro vacancy rate is just 2%. all eyes are now on blaine gadd for. he talked publicly for the first time since he was picked
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to start sunday's game at levi stadium against the atlanta falcons. he says his nfl career has been rocky but he is enjoyed the journey. he was drafted by the jaguars in 2011. he struggled with a five and 22 record as a starter and he had nothing but praise for colin kaepernick.>> colin has been great. i wouldn't expect them to be any other way. we have a great quarterback, the dynamic between us is wonderful. it's going to continue to be that way.>> in no way is two is 2-6 all colin kaepernick. it's all of us, okay?>> he has not yet spoken publicly since being benched, but the 49ers say he will be able to talk, or available, anyway, in the next few days. this has become such a big story we haven't talked about the raiders doing well. but when the 49ers replace a guy who took them to the super bowl, it is big news.>> it is.
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we'll see if he can start in two weeks.>> we will see what happens there. on november 11, the film festival kicks off in napa valley. >> we are talking about 125 films over five days.>> live this morning is the executive director, mark alarm or. we appreciate you coming. you guys have grown over the last five years.>> we have exploded.>> four cities now, a dozen venues. take me back to why create the film festival there in napa valley?>> it is such a great destination, of course. you have the wine areas, resorts to say out. it's amazing no one had done it earlier. my wife and i produced the movie bottle shock, telling the story of the napa wines beating the french. we actually premiered that movie at sundance.
9:38 am
they said, that should've been in the napa valley film festival. so we said let's do it. >> let's talk john travolta coming to town. very exciting for acute career achievement award. >> well deserved. he will be in town with his lovely wife, kelly preston and the world premiere of his new indy film, life on the line. is going to be pretty incredible. everyone is like, do you have to fly men on a private plane? of course not. he flies himself.>> we talk about the film, there are 1 million lineman, the most dangerous occupation -- fourth most dangerous occupation. what can you tell us? >> it's really a family drama setting us the backdrop of a big storm coming in texas. around here, we appreciate the guys who restore the power in an earthquake. interesting there will be quite a moment on the red carpet, some executives are going to come along where with some lineman from the bay area to meet with john and the rest of
9:39 am
his cast and filmmakers and talk about what it was like to shoot that story.>> for those of us who have not gone to a film festival, what can you expect when you go to something like this? this is my first time, what can i expect? >> it is a fantastic experience. first, your frustrated because there 12 screening venues with something happening all at the same time, and they all look amazing. you look at this incredible program, you study it, you circle everything you want to see, in five of the things you want to see are happening at the same time. then you pick one, you dive in, we immediately settle you down, you get a glass of wine in every screening. you're going to love everything you see. there's amazing food, filmmakers to talk to, we have over 300 credentialed writers, directors, producers and down. you see the films, you participating q&a, you catch your favorite filmmaker on the street, you show them around town, take them into a tasting
9:40 am
room. >> i joked about bring your popcorn, but this being napa, we're talking wine, food, is a whole experience that happens inside and outside the movie theater.>> it doesn't stop. their great parties every night. we had huge venues. you can participate on the day pass for wednesday and thursday, special midweek pass, it's a great deal if you want to call in sneak and seek -- sick in sneak up to napa. there are the full immersion packages, and then there are some venues where you can show up and get rush tickets at the door. every possible way that you can participate and learn more about independent filmmaking and enjoy wonderful food and wine in napa valley.>> growing up, i just knew about sundance. now i feel there are film festivals everywhere. is their strong competition between the film festivals?>> it is very competitive. if you're in the bay area, we are fortunate. we have international festivals
9:41 am
on the opposite sides of the year. we focus mostly on domestic films where the bay area didn't need another big international festival. a great indy festival with a strong latino spotlight is something that was very well- placed here and in the bigger picture, sundance is considered the festival that starts the year off, kicks off the cycle in january, but there has never been a festival that is considered to close the year, a round up of all the best new films. we have taken that position. it is been really widely accepted. we have great films, carol considered a film that might be nominated, spotlight a front yet runner. we are doing new partner lexus, we will have the lexus cars drive our celebrities around. they have a program of the lexus short films. they are announcing the winner of their global talent search for four filmmakers who will get to make films with the weinstein company in the coming year and will announce that sunday at our closing ceremony
9:42 am
on the 15th. the four completed films will play together to the first time at our film festival next year.>> very cool. mark warmer with the napa valley film festival congratulations.>> thanks so much, guys. >> we have more at the top of the homepage. coming up, call her super serena. coming up, the tennis stars quick action after a thief stole her phone that led to a standing ovation. what is in your refrigerator? we are talking about things that should be in your refrigerator and things that should not be in there. we will tell you why coming up next.
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it is 9:45 on the nine. i tweeted out a picture of cell and his beautiful mom who came in for take your parents to work today. i'm getting a lot of love on twitter for you and your mom. everybody thinks she is adorable. she summed a job correctly. >> i taught her how to text, but now we're going to have to teach her how to tweak.>> if you want to tweet us, do so using the # ktvu nine, the number nine at the end. there are a lot of things in your fridge that don't need to be there. >> we are talking about things that could go bad faster in the fridge then on the counter.>> for more, let's head over to pam code -- pam cook in the lunch room.>> we have a refrigerator in our break room that we have set up for you to
9:46 am
let it -- let you know something you don't need the refrigerator because -- and some things that will go bad faster. i know we talked about bread yesterday. a lot of people have talked about keeping bread in the refrigerator. what do you think?>> bread belongs on the counter. >> mike keeps it in the fridge. it will go stealth faster if it's in the refrigerator. you can put it in the freezer but not the refrigerator. potatoes and onions, what do you think?>> potatoes and onions in the pantry not together, right? >> you know your stuff. i am not hearing anything from the guys. >> they are at the champagne bar.>> you are absolutely right. they should be placed in a paper bag of the pantry and definitely not together because it will, if you have your onions next to your potatoes,
9:47 am
it will cause, i will have the beeping sound, it will cause your potatoes to sprout faster. a couple of other things that i found surprising about this. tomatoes, i expect them in here really quickly, but i will take producers tomatoes out of the fridge because they will also taste bad and will actually ripened too fast if you put them in the refrigerator. some things that you don't need to keep in the refrigerator, they won't go bad, they will make room for other things. catch up, mustard. i found these in most people's refrigerators including my own. you can pull it out. tina butter, you don't need to keep in the fridge. you can make space for other things. coffee is in a sealed container in your pantry in an dry place. it's interesting, talk to some farmers at the farmers market. they set a lot of things, particularly berries, another fruit, nectarines, lose their favor very fast if you put them in the refrigerator. some interesting information.
9:48 am
you sound like you are already a pro-. >> i am definitely a home- cooked. if i spend five dollars on berries, they better taste really good.>> exactly. you have to weigh the difference between them going bad and throwing them out and having them taste a little bit, so use them quickly. berries, you can put them in the freezer and put them in a smoothie.>> thank you for saving us money and time. from the food in your fridge to serving at your holiday party, we are at the champagne bar talking about what goes best with a bottle of bubbly.>> how can you quickly chill a bottle of sam -- champagne and how should you serve it? joining us is elysha low spelled with no wet -- 08 -- moet. what have we here? let's start with the rosi. one of the more popular ones.>> this is imperial is one of the
9:49 am
most popular. people do enjoy a lot of rosi.>> yz booming up?>> it's a good question, because it's getting better? >> winemaking is getting better. >> people are starting to understand more about champagne. this is not a sweet champagne that will have a lot of aroma and texture. it will be paired with a lot of different foods.. you can go for asian food, chinese food, it can go with fried chicken, french fries, it can go with meet. it's really delicious with all that.>> did you notice that these are not champagne flutes? >> these are more of a wineglass. >> exactly. i do prefer to enjoy champagne in a wineglass. when you drink out of a flute, you have to go backwards, so it's like doing a shot of champagne.>> i've been doing it wrong all these years?>> the
9:50 am
flute is perfect for celebrations, for the bubbles, but really to enjoy all the aroma and enjoy the texture champagne in your matt -- mouth, i like this glass.>> i might port to march into the line -- too much into the wineglass.>> here are some items that i never would consider eating with champagne. >> you have to understand today we think we're going to have it as an apparent -- aperitif wine. it is the most versatile wine that you can have. champagne will go perfectly with fried chicken, sushi is amazing with champagne. french fries, truffle french fries, perfect.>> yes, that is my thought.>> that was my thought last week with the candy in the beer.
9:51 am
orr with the fried chicken thighs are special kind of champagne i should have?>> the imperial is the perfect one. this one will be really perfect with fried chicken. if you have fried chicken with a little bit of spices, like a little bit hot, the rosi imperial will be better. if you go gastronomic, the two vintages which are vintage 2006, rosi and white, would be perfect with gastronomic situations. >> with thanksgiving coming up, is it truly is a busy time for moe -- moet? >> it is a traditional time when people drink champagne, it's true, but summer begins to be really something important for champagne. we have champagne for example called ice imperial that is
9:52 am
perfect to drink during the summer.>> i think i may have tasted that before.>> on ice, perfect for summer. champagne, in the beer is traditional. the summer is getting bigger, and people start to really enjoy champagne all your long.>> you drink sparkling or just champagne?>> that is kind of a personal question.>> we are in the region.>> thank you, appreciate your time. we will save a glass for you.>> i am sure you will. thanks, guys, we will be right back here on the nine.
9:53 am
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9:55 am
getting some developing news out of berkeley, a mass student walkout at berkeley high school. here are some photos posted to social media. a number of agencies all reporting students are staging a protest after someone posted threatening language against african-americans on computer at the school library. we got that confirmed through the school. we have crews on the way to the singh and we will continue our coverage online and coming up on our news at noon. the golden state warriors, nice victory last night. the nba champs continued to win, they took on their
9:56 am
challengers at oracle. it was a battle between two undefeated teams. stephen curry put in 31 points including seven three-pointers. they came from behind late in the game. a nice first challenge for the warriors. about a minute left, 112-108. the warriors or 5-0. joe lakeham says he and his fiancie slept with the trophy. tonight's team wanted against the cavaliers. didn't need to know that, joe. he says he fulfilled a promise he made to himself saying if they won he would leave it -- sleep with the trophy. he said, i will leave it to your imagination, we had a lot of fun with it. the question is what's going to happen if the warriors repeat as nba champs? let's talk about serena. she may not be able to leap tall buildings, but she may be
9:57 am
adding superhero to her title. she put this picture on facebook after she caught a cell phone the. she was eating dinner at a restaurant when someone took her phone right off the chair next to her. without thinking, she jumped up, left over a chair or two, chased the thief down, and got her phone back. and she was also greeted with a standing ovation when she returned to the restaurant. very aggressive. >> good for you, serena. that is our show for the morning. thank you for joining us on the nine. have a great rest of the morning.>> more champagne? >> why not? e e grocery stores." ♪ hey! right now at grocery outlet, it's time again for our amazing wine sale. save up to 70% on all wine! ♪ things that i know... and love. ♪
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there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." how you doin'? >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> with all due respect. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. >> now, here's wendy! >> wendy: hey! yeah.


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