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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  November 5, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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inform the community of what had happened. the principal apologized. >> i should have notified our community earlier. >> reporter: the lynching was threatened for december 9. >> i felt getting revenge honestly. i felt hurt. because it has been happening for 400 years. >> what has been recommended is that we do an assembly on the ninth in which we highlight the contributions to our national culture from the african- american community. >> reporter: officials say there is no longer a threat to the student body. the student in question could eventually face criminal charges. live in berkeley, i'm john sasaki, ktvu fox 2 news. >> so again john, they think the student acted alone or were there other people involved? >> reporter: they believe ... >> well, we apparently lost him. we are having trouble with john's audio. john, thank you. a two-year-old boy was killed today in pittsburgh after a horrible accident.
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police say the boy's mother lost control of her car and slammed into a pole. it happened on power avenue near case drive. the child was ejected from a car seat and died at the scene. witnesses say the driver was actually speeding away from another minor accident when she hit the pole. she was taken to a local hospital with injuries. we don't know the extent of the injuries just yet. she was also driving without a license. we do have a reporter on the scene working to get more information and we will have that for you coming up at 6:00. now to the campus of uc merced where investigators are looking for a motive after four people were stabbed there yesterday. police say today they have ruled out terrorism. they identified the suspect as 18-year-old faisal mohammad, a student at the school. authorities say he stabbed two fellow students as well as a student adviser and a construction worker. the suspect was then shot and killed by police. officers say he had zip ties, duct tape, and bags filled with
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vaseline in his backpack. >> don't know what his intentions were, but i don't think that they were very nice. i think he had planned on doing some extra stuff. fortunately it did not occur. >> all four victims are expected to recover from their injuries. the suspect grew up in the south bay before attending uc merced. he graduated from wilcox isn't similar. ktvu fox 2 news' azenith smith spoke with people who described him as anything but violent. >> reporter: shock waves filled the halls of wilcox santa clara as faisal mohammad was identified as the student who stabbed four students. he was shot and killed by university police. >> i was shocked that he could do things like this. i didn't believe it at first. >> reporter: ish patel became friends with him when they attended middle school in
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sunnyvale. they graduated from high school today. he described faisal mohammad as a kind person. >> he was a calm person. he was quiet. he was friendly. and, basically, anything the opposite of violent. >> reporter: he said faisal mohammad who majored in computer science and engineering had goals to be an engineer. students we spoke to said he was good in school. >> my teacher told me he took all ap classes. and, from what i have seen from him, because i passed by on the hallway sometimes, he is really quiet. just really kind of a shocking tragedy for our community to learn this today. >> reporter: a spokesperson said he had a tight-knit circle of friends. the district was not aware of any past problems or trouble with him. >> he is a good kid. quiet. not very different from many teenagers. >> i knew the family. >> how shh the family? >> very nice. quiet family. >> reporter: all of them left wondering why a teenager with a bright future would go on a
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stabbing rampage. a school district spokesperson said he had an older sister who also went to wilcox high school. the school will have grief counselors on hand for students and staff who need it. in santa clara, i'm azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. police in san jose are asking for help to find a woman suspected of robbing two banks in two days. the first robbery happened on tuesday at the chase bank on alma and expressway. the woman demanded money through a note and said she had a gun. the suspect left with an undisclosed amount of money. the woman did the same thing from a u.s. bank inside the knob hill market in snail avenue. she is described as white or latino in her 20s weighing about 140 pounds. police in santa clara released video of a burglary as it happened. police say on october 5, he
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shattered the front window of eye boutique optometry. once inside, he stole several pairs of high end sunglasses. the combined loss is valued at $10,000. the normally quiet alameda city council meeting turned violent last night. the council was taking up the issue of rent control and evictions when tensions turned physical. tonight, a city official is in the hospital and two protesters are now facing criminal charges. ktvu fox 2 news' noelle walker talked with some of the people who were there and she joins us now from the news room with more on what happened. >> reporter: julie, that city council chamber seats 126 people. there were approximately twice that many there last night. many of them concerned their voices were just not being heard. one man told us he thought both the police and a few of the protesters could have handled things much differently. the historic alameda city hall
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is a battleground for new world problems. video posted to youtube shows the tensions from the seven hour city council meeting about rent control and eviction. the one police officer assigned to that meeting called for backup. those chants turned physical. police say one officer was assaulted and an assistant city manager pushed or tripped breaking his hip. police arrested 64-year-old bob davis, injuring him in the takedown. >> certainly the gentleman was in pain. >> reporter: dwayne took out his phone and recorded this. >> stop resisting. >> reporter: a fellow propester on the ground, bleeding, he was one of two men arrested. >> it should have been handled better. i believe on all sides. you know. one of the concerns that i have is about the civility of discourse. >> the meeting was very passionate. people were emotional.
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it was very loud. but, for the most part, there was only two individuals out of all the people there that were causing problems. >> reporter: alameda police say they used appropriate force. pointing out those youtube videos don't show every angle. >> we have the camera. >> reporter: the officers were wearing body cameras and had been for the last month. investigators will look at footage from those as well as the city council chambers video feed. >> the whole world is going the see that. >> reporter: and the youtube clips to piece together how the meeting became chaotic. the underlying issue is not unique to alameda. >> we are an island. so, please don't think that we can build our way out of this. it is impossible. >> reporter: more than half of alameda's population rents. the average rent is $2,300 a month. some landlords have risen those rents by 25% or more and no cause evictions have been on the rise. the frustration is real.
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but the mayor who is also a renter, says this is not the solution. >> alameda has never seen anything like this. this was not alameda. this does not represent alameda. this does not happen here. and ... i'm confident it will not be happening again. >> reporter: and mayor trish spencer said the city employee was still in the hospital with the broken hip. the man arrested there faces felony for allegedly inflicting great bodily injury. julie, the city council ended up passing a 60 day moratorium on no cause evictions and limiting rent increases to 8%. the mayor says it is a good start and buys the city council a little more time. >> despite what happened, they were able to get some work done there. thank you. a former first round pick for the raiders was convicted of three murders today in los angeles. anthony smith was a first round draft pick from the university
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of arizona in 1990. he was convicted of shooting two brothers in 1999 and the stabbing death of another man in 2001. the jury also found him guilty of torturing and kidnap in all three victims. the jury deadlocked on a fourth murder count. smith now faces life in prison without the possibility of parole. nurses in marin general hospital are walking the picket line tonight holding a 12 hour strike because of what they call workplace safety problems. the nurses want equipment to help them lift and turn patients which they say can injure them if they try to do it alone. the nurses also want more staffing. the hospital has called the strike unresponsible, irresponsible, and unjustified. about 500 nurses work at marin general hospital. an investigation underway tonight after two 12-year-old kids were hit by a car while walking to school in san francisco. tonight, we are learning more about the driver who was arrested for dui. turn out, she comes from a prominent bay area family.
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>> also, a change to muni could be coming to a major road in san francisco. while the construction would speed up travel time, local merchants say it could put them out of business. >> and a major tennis star taking the law into her own hands that is serena williams. >> i'm tracking a cool down again tonight. lit be cold tomorrow morning. and then, a chance for rain in the five day. day. [announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train,
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>> okay, so check this out. tennis champion serena williams chased down a man who was trying to steal her phone in
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san francisco. this is surveillance video of serena eating dinner. this shows a man walking up to her and stole her phone off the seat next to her. in a facebook post, she says her superhero senses kicked in. she got up, chased after him onto the sidewalk and then confronted him. he told her that he had the phone because it was so confusing in the restaurant that he accidentally grabbed the wrong phone. she ended up getting her foreign back and then went back to finish her dinner. business owners in the richmond district are expected to gather in the meeting to night involving a massive transportation project. it is supposed to improve bus service along gary boulevard but some say it is not worth it. rob roth is there now and he joins us live. rob? >> reporter: julie, well, here along gary boulevard, the city is planning to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to speed up bus service. that may sound good, but some business owners and residents
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say that could cause more harm than good. this is one of the busiest bus routes in the city. ask most passengers. >> it is laborious. you see many senior citizens have having to stand up. >> reporter: they have a proposal to speed up bus travel by as much as 15 minutes a trip. it is called the bus rapid transit. a $300 million project that could create bus only lanes. >> the construction is going to put us us all out of business. >> reporter: david owns a beauty supply store and is head of the business association. >> they will eliminate parking and closing the streets. there will be no way to get deliveries. >> reporter: he suggested the city could simply dedicate a lane to buses in commute hours. the work would take place in segments. >> we are not talking about construction that would be the entire length of geary at any one time. we are talking about doing it
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in segments. a couple of blocks at a time. working with the business owners in advance. >> reporter: some are upset that under the proposal, two pedestrian bridges would be demolished. people cross the boulevard by walking above it. this woman takes elementary school students on walking field trips through japan town. >> we have kids coming through on field trips. various activities around the neighborhood and we want them to be safe. >> reporter: authorities say the bridges don't meet guidelines for those with disabilities and a support beam is in the way of construction and they say the bridges will be replaced with crosswalks. pedestrians say it is a bad trade. >> it is scary and frustrating. >> many of these concerns will no doubt be presented at tonight's public hearing. julie? >> thank you rob.
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scientists say about half of the extreme weather events last year were made worse by climate change. dozens of scientists from the national oceanic and at moss fearic administration studied 28 weather conditions. they wanted to see if global warming increased their likelihood or strength. 14 of the weather conditions were impacted. that includes hawaii's tropical cyclones and heat in argentina, europe, and asia. the studies varied in how much influence climate change had, but it was never the only cause. here in bay area, you feel the chill in the air. >> you can. >> let's go to bill in the weather center. >> more cold in the mornings like this morning right? >> it was really chilly. >> oh my gosh. >> i think probably the coldest morning was morning. it will be cold again tomorrow morning. just not quite as cold. overnight lows will get down in the upper 30s . mid 30s , most
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inland valleys. frost back in the forecast. these are the highs from today. a degree or two warmer in some places. temperatures tomorrow will be about the same. maybe a degree or two warmer. you see the clouds out there. offshore right now. as you look at the cloud cover, you can see what we are talking about. there's a lot of clouds right along the coast. a little bit of patchy fog now. it is not a big deal. the real story is going to be the very cold overnight low temperatures. it is chilly out there now. we have already got 59 in santa rosa. that is chilly this time of night. overnight lows will get down there. check out where we are now in truckee. it is 37 degrees there. why am i doing this? to point out it is cold. it is going to be freezing in the next two hours in downtown
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truckee. 38 fairfield. 39 vallejo. these temperatures slightly warmer than today. or this morning because you got a little cloud cover. that is just the subtle tweaks. a little bit of a wind shift as well. as we go into your bay area tomorrow, you see the forecast highs. yellows or 70s . that's it. mostly mid 60s . upper 60s with a few low 70s showing up. this high pressure center is owning the real estate offshore. at least through sunday or saturday. then sunday, things change around. by sunday, this weather system bumps up against the coast and we get back into some showers. sunday is wet. sunday overnight into monday morning. looks to be wet. i'm going the run the computer model on that next time you see me. but know sunday night into monday, probably the wettest period. maybe a half inch. 69 degrees up in the calistoga area. 68 in mountain view. 69 morgan hill. more rain drops showing up.
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isn't that nice? so often, over the last four years we have been showing you yellow orbs across all five days for week after week. but here, the last three weeks we have had showers to talk about. and the showers will mean more snow in the mountains as well. >> we will need that as well. >> sunday night into monday. ly roll the computer model. >> looks like it could last a little longer? >> right now, looks almost the same. maybe less rainfall, but sort of the same amount of time it will be lingering. maybe 36 hours. >> i keep thinking water for my grass. >> me too. [ laughter ] >> thanks bill. >> thank you bill. well, it is a matter of $5 billion. that is what politicians are hoping to trim before they can come together and agree on a new spending bill. >> and a family's plea for help two years after a young mother was shot and killed right in front of her little boy. >> help us bring my daughter's murder to justice please. ♪ the brands you know and love. ♪
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>> congress heads back to work after reaching a two year budget deal with president obama. as mike emanuel reports, lawmakers remain divided. >> lawmakers came together on a two year budget agreement and today the house overwhelmingly passed a revamped defense authorization bill. still, we are no close tore bipartisan atreatment in the senate where democrats blocked the bill for a third time. a stand alone defense bill would allow republicans to
5:23 pm
renegotiate on the two year budget agreement. >> it serves as a blueprint for how we go forward now. >> >> reporter: leaders from both parties squabbling over how to trim the money from the original deal. they slammed democrats for refusing to fund america's troops over an unrelated budget dispute. >> only when the deadline approaches would anyone actually see the legislation. at that point, the bill would be prenegotiated and the outcome predetermined. that is no way to conduct the people's business. >> there is not a lot of bipartisanship in congress, but we want to see more republicans and democrats work together with the administration. >> reporter: ryan brushing off any doubts he will be able to work with president obama. >> i'm a person that can get along with people. i like people who believe passionally in things even this
5:24 pm
i deponent agree with them. >> reporter: it will be 59 billion for war funding. president obama vetoed the original bill. on capitol hill, mike emanuel, fox news. for the first time, we know details about president obama's signature 12 nation trade deal. details of the transpacific partnership were released this morning. the deal is thousands of pages long. it sets standards for workers rights and intellectual property protection. it is aimed at freeing up commerce in 40% of the world's economy. president obama has hailed the trade agreement, but many from his own party are strongly opposed to it. >> it is not strong enough to prevent abuses and it will cost americans their jobs and depress their wages. >> presidential candidate hillary clinton is also against the deal as is donald trump. tens of thousands of foreign tourists are stuck in egypt after a russian plane
5:25 pm
crashed on saturday. the crash forced the cancellation of most flights out as the investigation to what brought down the plane progresses. the white house is stopping short of confirming it was a bomb. >> based on what we know and based in part on what has been publicly reported, in terms of claims of responsibility, we can't rule anything out. >> the british government will begin flying people home on friday. the list is out of the top words of 2015. we will run down the list includeing the top word. it stems from online sites like netflix. and hulu. >> officials make a decision on whether to postpone the start of crab season. >> and a woman arrested after hitting two 12-year-old boys walking to school. it turns out she used to be an elementary schoolteacher herself. as an everyday business person, and not colonel sanders,
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>> charging were filed today against the young woman accused of being drunk when she hit two boys in a crosswalk on their way to school in san francisco. tara moriarty says the woman is a former teacher herself who graduated from a top bay area university. >> reporter: it was a crash that made every parent's stomach turn. two 12-year-old boys on their way to school yesterday morning hit by an alleged drunk driver
5:29 pm
in a crosswalk. >> our students deserve to get to school safely. >> reporter: police arrested 34- year-old kristin anderik. sources say her blood alcohol level was more than a .08. her $200,000 bail was posted yesterday. the case has sparked anger who says drunk or not, this stretch is dangerous. >> we voted to put in the stop sign yesterday. because of that incident and other pedestrian collisions. >> reporter: neighbors say they have been asking for a stop sign for years and that it is a shame it took a tragedy like this to get a decision made. >> the street right now is built way too wide for what it should be. the speed limit is 25. it looks and feels more like a 40 miles an hour street. >> reporter: pedestrian advocate nicole fererra says they have made improvements to 84 intersections in the last
5:30 pm
near yeah. but the bay street improvement project has been underway since this summer. >> it just takes time for a project like this to get done. we are reducing a lane of traffic t. adding a bike lane and a speed hump to help reduce speeds in the area. >> reporter: the boys are still here at the hospital where they have been recooperating. they will pull through, but they suffered several broken bones. improvements to bay street should be complete by early next year. in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. an oregon college is increasing campus security after a deadly shooting there last month. the gunman coupled nine people at umpqua community college before turning the gun on himself. local officials say they are hiring a deputy from the local sheriff's office to patrol the campus several hours a day. investigators say they are still considering criminal charges in the case, but it is
5:31 pm
not clear against who. they say they can't reveal any details penning the results of their investigation. it is official. tonight a state commission has postponed the start of the sport crab fishing season because of a toxin found in a warm water algae bloom and it is likely the commercial season is also going to be delayed. ktvu fox 2 news' tom vacar reports that fishermen are worried. >> reporter: this is one of several fishing boats operating out of pillar point harbor near half-moon bay. word of an indefinite delay of the crab season because of high toxic blooms hits party boats hard. >> i have had over $10,000 worth of cancellations as of this morning. we have never seen these type of ocean conditions or temperatures. we have never seen a shut-down of this magnitude that we are experiencing. it is absolutely unprecedented. >> reporter: james smith, captain of the california dawn
5:32 pm
is part of a third generation fishing family who operate three boats in berkeley. >> will it clean up? absolutely. will we get to go fishing? sure. the question is when. >> reporter: smith has been double wammied by the algae because he also runs a commercial crab boat. he laid all 10 of his employees off including himself. >> we got bombed on the reservations. i know my father's charter boat was bombed on reservations. we just had a massive am of people cancel. >> reporter: but in every crisis, there is opportunity. and all this warm water has brought exotic species here. >> we got a school of bonita. there has also been a big school of blue fin tuna which are a rarity. they are a once every 25 year animal we get up here. >> normally for albacore, we are going out a minimum of 30 to 100 miles. we are catching the blue fin as
5:33 pm
close as four and out to 15 miles. >> reporter: the fishing this year is tremendous. the rock cod fishing, the link cod fishing. it is all open. there is still halibut to be caught in the bay. >> reporter: as we saw today, you can still go party fishing, crab or not. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. a couple hundred more families in need will have turkey dinners this holiday season thanks to a generous donation by a new member of the golden state warriors. forward jason thompson handed over a $5,000 check today to the oakland police department as part of a surprise for mary ann mitchell. she has been a civilian employee of opd more than 25 years an every year for the holidays she collects money and buys food for the less fortunate. she say it is $5,000 donation will buy a lot of turkey. >> i will be able to buy 150 or 200 more. absolutely. >> fantastic.
5:34 pm
good. >> thank god. thank you so much mr. thompson. thank you! >> no problem. god bless you. >> in a few weeks, thompson will join mitchell and the oakland police officers to donate the food to the families in need. now, to san francisco. and a fashion frenzy after hundreds of people camped out for designer clothes at reasonable prices. [ cheers and applause ] there they are. those are the lucky folks. this was 8:00 this morning when the doors opened at the h and m store near union square. a lot of folks streamed in to get their hands on items from a high end french designer. the clothing line was marketed as having an affordable price point. today's worldwide launch was promoted by celebrities including kindle jenner. they say it was worth the the wait. >> absolutely. i would stay an extra couple of
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day ifs i had to. it is absolutely worth it. you are getting a high end clothing line for a little bit of nothing. >> you know, it gives so many people an opportunity to buy clothe that's theobaldn't otherwise be able to buy off the runway. >> shoppers were allowed inside the store in groups and given just 15 minutes to go through the collection and make their selections. many of the designs immediately started popping up on ebay. well, the ability to time shift television shows an watch them when you want to is behind the just revealed word of the year. according to the dictionary, binge-watch is the top expression for the marathon views of a tv series. transgender is number two. others are dadbod and mumbod. then there is man spreading for men who sit with their legs apart and take up space in a crowded bus. and there is she-bagging.
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women who take up extra space with all their bags. police are holding a news conference on the stabbings at uc merced, the suspect was 18- year-old faisal mohammad. here is the conference. >> hi again. sorry to keep dragging you folks back, but we have come up with substantial information. we had information that was recovered during the autopsy of our person. we found a two page handwritten,ly call it a manifesto detailing his projected activities pertaining to the day's events. the reason for these projected activities, i want to make this very clear. he had gotten kicked out of a study group and was upset with one of the students and apparently, took his anger to the extreme level. he, in his note we found today
5:37 pm
on his person during the autopsy, it details from the time of starting in the morning to what he is going to do. he talks about going into the classroom and actually taking the students and handcuffing them with a zip tie. he also talks in his manifesto that he is going to have one of the students help him zip tie. and, further reading, this was not going to be a voluntary act on a student because he quotes, there is is a script. all right, and he says your seven minutes is almost up. get done. and then he is telling the person in quotes, the other student to zip tie his own hands. so, he had a pretty elaborate idea of what he wanted to do. the petroleum jelly, we all know about petroleum jelly. we know its capabilities. however, it looks like his
5:38 pm
intention for the petroleum jelly was to cut a hole in one of the bags and squirt the petroleum jelly on the floor as kind of a slip and slide. he was going to use that to make an entrance problem for anyone who came into the room if they got that far. that is how it read. he's he goes onto say he is going to ambush a police officer. try and get their gun. he further says during his manifesto, he has a couple of students he is upset with apparently because of the prior activity. he talk us about these things. so, he was planned out, the evidence that we have recovered from his backpack was pointed out in his manifesto. what he was going to do with it which was right in line with what we anticipated. i want to make sure, again, i was talking with the fbi this evening. there is still nothing to
5:39 pm
indicate anything, and i mean anything, that this is other than a teenage boy that got upset with fellow classmates. and, took it to the extreme. we have all had that kind of thing happen. so ... having said that ... we have nothing to indicate any other reason and but we do now have a motive and we also have a detailed plan of what he had attempted or thought he was going to do that day. the fortune apart is that we had some intervention with citizens. with students. with construction worker. his plan went haywire because people fought back. and that was his bad luck. the fortunate part, we have some very brave students. we have a very brave construction worker that stopped this from going on. he got so befuddle at the activities that happened, it took his script away from him
5:40 pm
and i think that is what happened. we are very fortunate that the occurrence happened. we are so fortunate that the professional police officers that work for uc merced were on the job. when the chief was working earlier, this thing from start to finish was probably less than two minutes. what a wonderful testament to the professionalism and the capabilities of the police department out there. they had this in control. neutralized before the first outside unit got on the scene. >> and you have been listening to a press conference there from the sheriff from merced county detailing what they have learned about the suspect following the stabbings yesterday on the campus of uc merced where the suspect, 18- year-old faisal mohammad, a student there, was shot and killed after stabbing four people on that campus. we learned now just from the sheriff they found a two-page handwritten manifesto that was found on the suspect.
5:41 pm
basically detailing the plans, the intentions of that young man. he is apparently ... was apparently angry after getting kicked out a study group and went there with a long list of things he planned on using. zip tied, bags, and petroleum jelly. >> he wanted to spread the jelly on the floor so people would slip and no one could come in the classroom. he also wanted to ambush a police officer and take his gun. the sheriff said this was essentially a teenage boy who got upset and then took it to extremes. but, i also want to point out, what the sheriff was talking about. it was a construction worker who heard what was going on, ran into the room and stopped everything in its tracks. the last thing he was expecting was for someone to fight back. here came this worker. though this guy had a knife, he got involved and got injured in the process, but, that construction worker, he didn't think about it. he just reacted. and in my mind, he is a real
5:42 pm
hero for what he did. >> and so much revealed from that handwritten note. the four people who were stabbed are expected to recover. this happened yesterday on the campus of uc merced. we have much more coming up here. new security on the campaign trail. see the security official to keep donald trump and ben carson safe. >> and the changes that a bay area boys and girls club is making after a generous donation. with a 100% electric nissan leaf...
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what will you do? how far will you go? how much will you see? electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america.
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>> the republican presidential candidates don all-star trump and ben carson are getting secret service protection. there are reports that trump and carson will get two dozen agents each as early as next week. trump requested the help because he attracted such big crowds. for carson, the secret service agency says it gave him protection because he has received a number of death threats. a new poll suggests hillary clinton does not fare well when it comes to trustworthiness. 60% of democratic voters question her honestly. despite that, she leads bernie sanders by 25 points. >> what i said and what i believe is that we need a political revolution. our government belongs to all
5:46 pm
of us. not just the 1%. >> the next presidential debate hosted by fox business network and the wall street journal is set for november 10 in milwaukee. the boys and girls club in richmond is trying to make a lot of changes. and now, thanks to a very generous donation, many dreams will come true. ktvu fox 2 news' claudine wong shows us the improvements they are makeing to the most important room in the building. >> reporter: walk inside the west contra costa boys and girls club and you will find children. >> i made cup cakes! >> reporter: studying. >> they don't have computers at home so they can't do their home work. >> reporter: playing basketball. and just hanging out. but take a walk through this door. and up these stairs. and you will see something truly special. >> welcome to our most important room of this facility. >> reporter: important, not just for the line dancing, or
5:47 pm
the jazz. or even the whip and the nae nae. important, because this room is about transformation. it is new. [ applause ] >> thompson foundation is what it looked like a few months ago. this is what it look like a few months ago. >> it was a storeroom. >> it was a mess. >> reporter: the transformation came from a donation from the casino. the club was hoping for a few thousand dollars. instead, they got 50. >> shock. shock. this is the first sizable donation we have received from the casino. and, i mean, a few of our board members were actually emotional over it. >> reporter: emotional because it gives the children of the boys an girls club and the high school next door a new opportunity. >> this is the first year. i never did waltz or cha-cha or line dancing. >> so they have a dance class. >> this gives them the real
5:48 pm
experience of a dance studio they would probably only dream of. but to have it here is a whole dump experience. >> reporter: it is all part of ongoing change here. all with the goal of giving children a safe place to hang out and grow. children like 11-year-old ryan who surprised me with a sweet serenade. ♪ oh i will tell you all about it when i see you again! ♪ >> that was awesome! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: children like these teens who were laughing so hard we had to laugh too. [ laughter ] >> reporter: this room is about transformation. and just letting children dance in a room just for them. in richmond, claudine wong, ktvu fox 2 news. facebook posting record gains. see the bold predictions by investors as the social media giant continues to grow as one of the largest companies in the
5:49 pm
world. >> tracking the cold overnight lows tonight. it is going to get down there again. frost in the inland bay valleys. and then, what a great shot. an then we are talking about some rain in the five day. see you back here. [announcer] if the most challenging part of your day is the staying awake part... ( gunshot ) sleep train has your ticket to a better night's sleep. because when brands compete, you save during mattress price wars. save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts.
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but mattress price wars is ending soon at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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>> it will be a cold one again tonight. low 30s in the inland bay valleys this morning. it is going to be frosty again for your friday morning and ill warms up tomorrow morning. city hall lit up tonight.
5:52 pm
a beautiful night outside. you need jackets definitely tonight and you will tomorrow morning as well. no fog really. maybe a little patchy valley and coastal fog. but the real play her be the frost. look at the frost. that is one of the reasons it will be is slightly warmer tomorrow morning than this morning. it is the cloud cover. so as you look at friday's forecast, here is san francisco right? beautiful city. 65 degrees for daytime high. start out at 50 degrees. look at san jose a little further to the south. san jose tomorrow, upper 60s as well. in back are the more mild temperatures. this high pressure center is in charge. it sticks around throughout the day tomorrow. throughout the day saturday. and then sunday, it weakens. we get a deal like this right here. this weak low pressure moves in and we get a chance for some showers as we head into your bay area sunday. so let's take a look at the rainfall. i'm going to run it to sunday afternoon. but you can see you got a half
5:53 pm
inch around ukiah. by noontime, almost two tenths of an inch in san francisco. this area will continue to sweep through sunday night and monday. we may see a half inch. three quarter of an inch in some locations. maybe an inch as well. this is good news. so rain in the forecast. mainly for your sunday night into monday. so monday morning's commute could be wet. >> i don't care about monday. 67 in fremont tomorrow. 69 in livermore. nice looking day. cold start. five day forecast. here is the rain shower, sunday night into monday morning. and then it kind of clears out or becomes less wet obviously. it warms up a little bit as we head into saturday. cools off on sunday with the clouds and the chance of a shower. monday, cooler with the showers. and business as usual next week. good sign, things are breaking loose. we are seeing a lot of activity and long range model with rain out beyond this as well.
5:54 pm
not a major event. but they are often major events in the fall. >> it is at least something. maybe it will keep going. >> the models are showing cans of rain out further. so last year, last four years, that wasn't happening. so it is good. >> thanks bill. facebook is once again breaking records. the company is blowing past wall street estimates for the quarter and the stock the trading at an all-time high. >> also in minutes, new at 6:00, arrested again. new charges against a registered sex offender who has been running a group home for boys. >> there have been seven victims that have come forward over the last week. we expect more soon. >> how authorities tell us he was able to operate his group home under their radar.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
♪ ♪ it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on
5:57 pm
technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. >> one social media giant is now more valuable than general electric and jp morgan. some say the sky is the limit. >> reporter: facebook crushed earnings expectation ins the third quarter. they had earnings of 52 cents a share. revenue rose 41% to $4.5 billion. shares of facebook surged in midday trading hitting a brand new lifetime high. and facebook also became the
5:58 pm
sixth largest company in the s&p 500. >> not only is it a great quarter looking back three months, but going out to 2016, they gave us so many different levers that they can pull from ad revenue on instagram to the virtual reality. there is so much it is doing. >> reporter: facebook now has just over 1.5 billion monthly active users. what is more staggers, more than 1 billion people use the social platform every single day. facebook and instagram now account for one in five minutes spent on mobile devices in the united states. >> i think it is great value here but i don't want to jump in. facebook will be $200 stock in 2016. >> i will go further. i think lit be the first trillion dollars company in history. >> reporter: facebook's family of app growing quickly as well. what's app now has 900 million users. 700million people are log onto
5:59 pm
facebook messenger. the economy takes center stage when fox business network hosts the next republican presidential candidate debate november 10. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 starts now. >> a horrible crash in the east bay. a driver slams right into a pole. and kills her two-year-old son. she was trying to get away from another minor accident that happened just moments before. tonight, investigators are still on the scene looking for evidence. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. that developing news started just before noon on power avenue near case drive north of highway 4. debora villalon joins us right near the scene. what else have you learned? >> reporter: the mother's arm was nearly severed. the wreckage of her gray sat earn has just now been towed
6:00 pm
away. they are about to reopen power avenue. tragically as you said, her two yield son was ejected from her car and killed instantly. from sky fox, the force of this accident is clear. debris strewn over a wide area. witnesses say the car hit a power pole and rolled over twice. the passenger side of the car completely crushed. the child was rideing in a car seat but may not have been strapped in securely. moments before this crash, the same 30-year-old woman had hit another driver. that wasn't a major accident. there were no injuries. but instead of pulling over, police say she took off. and the woman she hit became a witness to what happened next. >> when i try today walk up on her car to get her information, she just sped off and almost hit me. when i got down here,


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