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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  November 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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they are about to reopen power avenue. tragically as you said, her two yield son was ejected from her car and killed instantly. from sky fox, the force of this accident is clear. debris strewn over a wide area. witnesses say the car hit a power pole and rolled over twice. the passenger side of the car completely crushed. the child was rideing in a car seat but may not have been strapped in securely. moments before this crash, the same 30-year-old woman had hit another driver. that wasn't a major accident. there were no injuries. but instead of pulling over, police say she took off. and the woman she hit became a witness to what happened next. >> when i try today walk up on her car to get her information, she just sped off and almost hit me. when i got down here, i saw the
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baby ejected. her arm was hanging by a thread. it was very sad. it is no purpose. it is unnecessary. disaster that could have been avoided by just pulling over and giving your information. >> reporter: other witnesses say they have seen that saturn speeding, chasing other drivers, being wreckless in the neighborhood. we know the 30-year-old woman does not have a valid drivers license. what shad been doing before the two accidents, one manor, one major, is now part of the investigation. the mom was con, and screaming in the drivers seat when the car came to a stop. she is in the hospital now and there is no word on an arrest. >> it is horrible. thank you. charges were filed againstage alleged drunk driver who hit two 12-year-old boys on their way to school in san
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francisco's marina district. police arrested 30-year-old kristin anderak, a former teacher with a master's degree from usf. she had a blood alcohol level greater than .08. the boys suffered broken bones. they are now making safety improvements at bay and buchanan intersections. new at 6:00, seven felony charges filed against a convicted sex offender who ran a group home for teenage boys. it is an update to a story we brought you last week and henry lee is here with what he has learned. >> reporter: the contra costa district attorney filed tent counts of child molestation against barry dugard. they believe more victims have get to be identified.
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barr ybarry dugard was arrested. they have identified seven boys between the ages of 15 and 17 who say they were sexually abused by dugar. this afternoon, police were staking him out when he left his richmond home which is listed on the megan's law website for sex offenders. he was arrested without incident at 36th and mcdonalds avenue. dugar convinced the parents of troubled teens he could be trusted. he ran an unlicensed group home at his residence despite stints in jail, failure to register as a sex offender and parole violations. there is no record of funding, licensing, or permitting that would allow him to work with at risk youth. >> he has been operating under word of mouth. >> when he is operating under word of mouth, any regulation
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is almost impossible to do. >> correct. >> reporter: some the boys are boys he knows from the community. police say dugar identified himself as the legal guardian of some of the alleged victims who went to ken difficult he was on campus for athletic games and study hall but was not require today be fingerprinted because he is not affiliated with the district in any official way. >> he was not an employee, a volunteer, he was a guardian and there is no requirement for guardians or parent to be fingerprinted to come on campus to watch their child at a practice or a game and check on grades. >> reporter: perhaps one of the reasons he escaped scrutiny is because he received positive attention for running a transitional home for inmates. with more boys identified as alleged victims, he is facing a new higher bail. $1.7million. >> it just boggles the mind he
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was able to convince people that he was trustworthy. a convicted molester. and he is running an unlicensed group home. >> reporter: the issue here is he also fashions himself as someone who turned his life around. he ran a battered women's shelter. and a home for recently released inmates. that was probably the veneer that allowed him to allegedly molest the kid. >> and the alleged victims are coming forward from the group home and the high school? >> reporter: yes. it is is a combination. >> all right, henry, thank you. just minutes ago, authorities released some startling new information about the student who was shot and killed after stabbing four people at uc merced. it turns out that 18-year-old faisal mohammad left behind a three-page manifesto on his body. it was essentially a script outlining exactly what he planned to do.
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authorities say he was angry with a fellow student who kicked him out of a study group and that appear to be the motive. he stabbed two students. a student adviser and a construction worker before he was shot and killed by police. he had just graduated from wilcox high school in june. his friends remembered him as quiet and smart. >> he took all ap classes. from what i have seen from him because i pass him in the hallway sometimes, he is really quiet. >> according to the sheriff, he also planned to ambush a police officer and take his gun and he had petroleum jelly with him to spread out on the floor to make him slippery and get away. now to new development ins a racist threat that sparked this protest with thousands of students in berkeley. late today, school officials say they found the person behind the threat. berkeley high says the student acted alone, admitted to the crime and could now be expelled
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and all of this because racist and threatening messages were found on a classroom computer. ktvu fox 2 news' john sasaki with more on how those messages prompted students to march off campus. >> it took some deliberation and some follow-up interviewing as well as a pretty intensive analysis of the computer where this happened. so we had some pretty strong evidence as to who did this. >> reporter: nearly half the student body held an angry protest. students of all colors were outraged by something a student left on the school library wednesday. >> they probably decided we will try to make african- american students angry. >> reporter: here is what has everyone upset. it is a file littered with racist statements. it mentioned the kkk, used the n word repeatedly and talked about a lynching that will happen at the school next
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month. >> the person who did this has to be brought to justice. there is no way we can feel safe as a student body if that doesn't happen. >> reporter: it was discovered around 12:30 wednesday afternoon. the students rallied on their own campus, went across the street to headquarters and marched at uc berkeley. students were also angry because it took the administration 10 hours to imform the community of what happened. the principal apologized. >> i should have notified our community earlier. >> reporter: the lynching was threatened for december 9. >> i felt getting revenge honestly. i felt hurt. because it has been happening for 400 years. >> what has been remmed is that we do an assembly on the ninth in which we highlight the contributions of the african- american community. >> reporter: there is no longer a threat to the student body. the student in question could
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eventually face criminal charges. in berkeley, i'm john sasaki, ktvu fox 2 news. new at 6:00, san francisco's incoming sheriff thanked voters today. former chief deputy sheriff vicki hennessey won her bid and will now become san francisco's first female sheriff. and today, she held a thank you merchant walk. she spent a few minutes talking about issues in the city like the sanctuary policy. she says it helps build trust between the immigrant community and police, but unlike her predecessor, she will be notifying ice officials in some cases. >> i also believe that if we have undocumented immigrants that have been deported a number of times or have conviction for felonies that we need to look at that on a case by case basis to see whether or not we would notify ice about that. when they get released. >> as you'll recall, the
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sheriff was the subject of national criticism last summer after the shooting death of 22- year-old kate steinle who was killed by an undocumented immigrant. a young mother shot and killed right in front of her son. >> help us bring my daughter's murder to justice please. >> up next, the renewed calls for help two years after the tragedy. >> plus, tension running high over rent. new developments after a city council meeting turned violent in alameda. >> and, we are tracking your friday forecast. plus, a shot of rain back in the five day. it will affect part of your weekend. see you back here. you back
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>> now, to alameda where one city official is recovering from a broken hip and two protesters are facing criminal charges after a city council meeting there turned violent. noelle walker with more on what led to last night's kenotronnation. >> reporter: the historic alameda city hall is a battleground for new world problems. video posted to youtube shows the tensions from a seven-hour city council meeting about rent control and evictions. the one police officer assigned to the meeting called for backup. those chants turned physical. police say one officer was assaulted and an assistant city manager pushed or tripped breaking his hip. police arrested 64-year-old bob davis, injuring him in the takedown. >> certainly, the gentleman was in pain. >> reporter: dwayne took out his phone and recorded this.
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>> stop resisting. >> reporter: a fellow profest tester on the ground bleeding, he was one of two men arrested. >> it should have been handled better. i believe on all sides. you know. one of the concerns that i have is about the civility of discourse. >> the meeting was very passionate. people were emotional. it was very loud. but, for the most part, there was only two individuals out of all the people there that were causing problems. >> reporter: alameda police say they used appropriate force pointing tout youtube videos don't show every angle. >> we have a camera mounted. >> reporter: the officers were wearing body cameras and had been the last month. investigators will look at footage of those as well as the city council feed. and, those youtube clips to piece together how the meeting became chaotic. the underlying issue is not unique to alameda. >> not only are we a small
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city, we are an island. so please don't think we can build our way out of this. it is impossible. >> reporter: more than half of alameda's population rents. the average rent is $2,300 a month and no cause evictions have been on the rise. the frustration is real. but the mayor who is also a renter says this is not the solution. >> alameda has never seen anything like this. this was not alameda. this does not represent alameda. this does not happen here. and, i'm confident it will not be happening again. >> reporter: in alameda, noelle walker, ktvu fox 2 news. new at 6:00, a single mom was shot and killed right in front of her young son nor than two years ago. and today oakland police say they need more witnesses to come forward so they can find her killer. 21-year-old danitra henderson
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was shot and killed in april of 2013. she was shot on 54th street a half block from cadek and not far from the children's hospital. her child was in the car. initially he didn't know his mom was did. he thought she hurt her leg. >> she was a good girl. she didn't deserve to die like that, especially in front of our grandson. i haven't seen my grandson. so when she got taken away from me, he did too. >> there is currently a $20,000 reward being offered to help find the person who killed henderson. a massive transportation project in san francisco's richmond district has residents, commuters, and business owners concerned. a meeting about that is set to start in about 15 minutes. this is called the geary bus rapid transit. it is a $300 million project
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that would create bus only lanes nearby the curb and in some places right down the middle of geary. the san francisco transit authority says the work would take place in segments. opponents say the project will be bad for business. >> they are eliminating parking. they will be closing streets. there will be no way to get deliveries. >> some residents are upset that under this proposal, two pedestrian bridges would be demolished. people cross geary boulevard by walking above it. they say the bridges do not meet guidelines for people with disabilities. a little chill in the air. let's bring in bill martin. feeling like fog. >> especially in the early morning. frost in is at love places. friday morning very similar. friday afternoon very similar. it will be not quite as cold as it was this morning. i mean, it will be cold. it will just not be quite as cold. we have a little cloud cover. we are looking at the 66 in
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antioch today. that is a couple of the degrees warmer than yesterday. 68 in santa rosa. the number from today. 64 in san francisco. 68 in redwood city. nice looking fall day around the bay area. that's the same story again tomorrow. maybe a little patchy fog trying to form on the headlands out by marin right now, but coastal stuff. no big deal. maybe a little valley fog, but no big deal. this pattern continues. the only difference is you see this area here, the cloud cover, that is what we are seeing. that is why temperatures will be slightly warmer than they were last night at this time. you see the closeup shot. you see a lot of cloud cover out there. you are also going to see temperatures cool enough to get you frost. so overnight tonight, look for temperatures around the bay. places like berkeley, albany. you will be in the 40s . inland valleys in the 30s . you will be scraping windshields tomorrow morning. 38 in santa rosa. 40 in san rafael. these will be the overnight lows. like today, but slightly warmer because the cloud cover.
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and this high pressure set you up for your friday and saturday. then it is gone. not completely gone, but mostly gone as the low pressure center comes in from the north. this system will bring rain. not quite as robust as the last system which brought in about an inch-and-a-half to places like san jose. but enough to bring maybe a quarter inch to a half inch to parts of the bay area sunday night into monday. that is how it plans out. so here is what the model says for accumulations. this runs you through 2:00 sunday. by sunday, you know, by the time you are settleing in to watch football, you will see showers developing around the bay area. this will move through the bay area sunday night into monday. accumulations we are looking at a quarter inch to a half inch. right now, this is kind of the idea. kind of a light event. but, it will have an impact on the morning commute on monday right? if the roads are wet. so forecast highs tomorrow, 68 in san jose. 69 in morgan hill. like today. seems like yesterday.
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and temperatures on friday. and the morning are cold. saturday, there you go. right? you are warmer. all about the warmest day of the week and temperatures cool off with the showers sunday night into monday. the idea that each week now, we have had a five day that has been showing something. some rain in it. that is great. >> low cloud, sun, sun, sun. >> last four years we were doing a lot of this. but we have had something to show. >> it has gone from warm to cold and dark just like that. thank you bill. >> yeah. well, california sport crab fishing is now on hold thank to an algae bloom. there will be an indefinite delay to crab fbis. that is because of a poison in the crab from the algae. the size of this bloom is likely due to warmer waters and
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el niño weather conditions. the warriors are back in practice after last night's thrilling win against the clippers. they are still undefeated. how about the raiders? they are prepares for a tough road game in pittsburgh. mark is up next in sports. >> it is time to check in with keba arnold for what we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 7:00. >> reporter: some changes on the campaign trail. some changes to protect the two republican front runners in the race for the white house. also, one social media giant based in silicon valley is now more valuable than general electric, wells fargo, and pp morgan. these stories and all the top headlines coming up at 7:00 on tv 36.
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>> it is officially holidays. in san francisco. the union square christmas tree went up today in addition to the ice rink that just opened yesterday. while the tree was assembled today, they will hold an official tree lighting ceremony on the night of november 27. all right, i'm mr. scrooge. i mean come on. that's too early. >> it is after halloween. >> it is close. >> no, after thanksgiving. i have to get the turkey thing done first. >> but it seems earlier and earlier. >> it does. >> well, let's talk some football. used to be with the raiders, they will probably get beat this weekend. now, all of a sudden it is fun to talk about the raiders. >> it is. and they deserve a little attention too. because the 49ers have up staged them in a negative way with all their kaepernick benches. how refreshing is derek carr? this guy says all the right things and does all the right
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things. against the jets, 333 yards passing. four touchdown passes and more importantly, no interceptions. he was not sacked. he just hands out praise to everybody else and doesn't point at himself. >> they are giving me time to throw andly find a way to get it to someone faster than me so they have been doing a great job. >> all of it goes to them. the wide outs. the running backs, the tight ends. my john is easy. dough with the coaches tell me to do. >> meanwhile, talk about the warriors. think about it. they are 72 and 15. run that through your minds. >> jason thompson from sacramento. he has been on the bench for the most part.
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free agent. visited us here in channel 2. he talked about being with a winner. not geting to play much as he did with sacramento and the adjustment that comes along with riding the bench a little bit. >> eventually, when you get over the years, you have seen it a lot now. dave west of san antonio. and the list goes on for other guys that have taken certain types of roles to find winning. >> the new jerseys they are wearing. lebron cranked that shot. misses. watch what he does. keeps his uniform sleeves and rips them completely out. he has had it with the sleeve and it seemed to work pretty
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well. he started popping his shot. his biceps are too big. >> i'm still upset about the christmas thing. >> i like david carr. >> all right. see you later everyone. >> goodnight! ♪ ♪ it took the rockettes years to master the kick line.
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