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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  November 10, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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welcome back to "mornings on 2." it is tuesday, november 10. i'm brian flores. >> i'm pam cook. we want to start with breaking news we first reported at the top of the hour. a car crashed right into a home in san leandro leaving beside -- leaving behind a huge hole. alex savidge joins us now from the house where a woman inside was hurt. alex, what else can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning to you. this car apparently was speeding at least 100 miles an hour according to one witness. coming down fines worth last night when the driver lost control, jumped the curb and then slammed right into this house you see here on the corner surrounded with crime scene tape still this morning. that carl landry right on top of a 25-year-old woman who was
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sleeping inside that garage. when firefighters got here, it took some time to get a woman out from under the car. we don't have an update this morning on the extent of her injuries but you can imagine they are quite serious. discretion happened just after 10:00 last night. right at the intersection of farnsworth street and purdue street in san leandro. we were able last night to speak with another driver was driving on the road about the same time this happened. she watched everything play out. saw the car slammed into the house. she asked us not to show her face. >> he went straight through the stop sign, after he clipped this girls car, i guess he realized he was on the wrong side of the street, we heard the brakes, then he went straight through the house. >> reporter: as you can see, san leandro police had this intersection blocked off for quite some time last night as they investigated this crash. police say it's too early to say if the driver may have been under the influence or what other factors may have caused the car to leave the road.
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witnesses believe that car was going close to 100 miles an hour. authorities say there is significant structural damage as you can imagine to this home. so nobody allowed to live here for the time being. we will hope to get an update on the conditions of that woman at some point later. >> thank you, alex. we will check in with you -- check in with you in a little bit. let's see what your weather is going to be like. >> pretty chilly, not bad in the sun but that's about it. pretty cool out there. >> mostly 40s and 30s right now? >> yeah. about 60 for the high for everybody. >> i have my coat out. >> you should. >> a lot of lead time on that. still a few morning showers to the south, mainly on the monterey peninsula. some overnight, san jose, santa cruz mountains, los altos, looks like that's about done, though. still holding on down at monterey, you can see a couple there around pg. looks like everything is driving southward including the system as it moves east and
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south. drier air is pulling in and so is the cool air. 36 in napa, 37 santa rosa. 48, that's cold, 47 san jose, livermore, mid-to-upper 40s. 39 windsor, 38 petaluma, sevastopol 37, calistoga in there, low 40s novelli, bodega bay 44. that is called for bodega bay. that's cold for the coast. our system is clearing, exit stage right. as it does, a few lingering showers to the south, i'm just mentioning that for you early risers. otherwise, 60s on the thames. nice day, kind of crisp, fall- like, if you will. here he is, who love this weather, to sal castaneda. >> i do. a little cool and breezy. shut -- a sweatshirt will do. it's not cold, it's just cool. >> back east, they have record highs. they are going nuts. they say it's silly. on twitter i saw this.
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and i said, get in line. we've had record high since january. >> what do they mean by record? >> from florida to the northeast. way above normal. >> i'll keep watching that. not envying them. i think you will like the commute. here it is, you can see the traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza looks good coming into san francisco. no problems on the way into the city via the bridge or the other way from san francisco to oakland. here we are in oakland both directions, traffic moving well, down past the coliseum into san leandro. also looking at the south bay commute, road sensors will show us traffic is moving well because when you see green, traffic is looking good. later if you see yellow or red, that corresponds to the speed that drivers are having on those roads there. right now, green and green is good. let's go back to the desk. here's a look at some of the top stories we're following this morning. investigation is now underway
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into a deadly standoff in san jose. police say a man held a woman at gunpoint for three hours yesterday at a home on camden avenue. officers eventually stormed the home and exchanged gunfire with the suspect. both he and the hostage were found dead. it's unclear at this time how each person died however. the search is on for an elderly couple he from rohnert park who haven't been seen since saturday morning. 85-year-old sam walton was driving his wife maria to the hospital but they never made it there. they suffer from medical conditions which can cause confusion and a loss of direction. two youngsters have been reported as endangered and missing. the sacramento office of the chp sent out an alert early this morning saying 7-year-old kaylee morris and 10-year-old alyssa lucas he were reported -- reported missing. chp says they are with their mother, 32-year-old crystal lucchese and the mother was supposed to drop the girls off
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with relative been given emergency guardianship. anyone with information is asked to call police. a man suffered a traumatic brain injury in a violent attack police say started with an argument over lottery ticket. it happened friday afternoon at bernal heights market near 30th and mission. surveillance video shows a man in a blue hat punching another man and slamming his head against a shelf. police say the two men had some sort of disagreement over who was first in line to buy lottery tickets. the victim was knocked unconscious. he was treated for a broken nose, a broken jaw and a traumatic brain injury. the suspect ran but returned to the store an hour later and was arrested. he's identified as 38-year-old abel mincey a chop us. -- mancia-chapas. 2010 people were displaced
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including six children. the red cross put them up in hotels and is connecting them with city services. the owner of the tire shop says he may now build housing on that site. >> being a property owner, you've got to get as much as you can from your investment. it would be improving the area i would think. this was an old building. i'm going to miss it but that's the way it goes. >> we were unable to reach the owner of the apartment building but we have been told to take 18 months before that building is livable again. no word yet on the cause of the fire this was the eighth residential fire in the mission district this year and -- none of the fires have been determined as arson. also today santa cruz county sheriff's office is set to release new details on two recent deaths linked to fake xanax. this is a picture of what the phony pills may look like. investigators say in separate cases last month two
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watsonville men overdosed and died after taking the the drugs. the sheriff's department has not said where the men got the pills. san francisco is also investigating three similar recent overdose deaths related to phony street xanax. the trial against the accused leader of a san francisco chinatown gang is now underway. a federal prosecutor likened raymond "shrimp boy" chow to a mafia don saying he ordered the murder of his organization's dbas leader and conspired to seek the murder of a rifle. 56-year-old chow is accused of trafficking guns, drugs and stolen goods. show's attorney says his client is innocent and will testify in his own defense. half a dozen former associates are expected to testify against him. the judge says the trial could last until february. a former teacher charged with hitting two 12-year-old boys with her car is due in court today. kierstin andereck is scheduled to be arraigned on four felonies.
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police say she was driving drunk when she hit the boys as they crossed bay street on their way to marina middle school last thursday morning. the boys were taken to san francisco general hospital and are expected to recover from their serious injuries. city officials are planning to put them stop signs at that intersection. a former major-league pitcher who last played in the giants minor league has died. 29-year-old tommy hanson was taken to an atlanta area hospital sunday morning after he started having trouble breathing. doctors say he suffered catastrophic organ failure and slipped into a coma before dying yesterday. hanson played five seasons in the majors, four of them with the braves, and he just signed a deal with the giants in may and pitched with san jose and sacramento river cats. the giants tweeted, our thoughts are with former river cats pitcher tommy hanson and his family. new hope in the fight against cancer. researchers have developed a new way to treat cancer that they say is safer than
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chemotherapy. ktvu's amber lee has more on how this new treatment targets cancer cells. >> very exciting development, i think. you can come into work feeling motivated every day knowing the things you're working on can really have an impact on somebody. >> reporter: this research team led by dr. wendell lim has come up with a precise way to fight cancer cells without killing healthy cells. >> this is an example of a movie where we put these t cells in this colored cell here. >> reporter: these videos show how the new therapy fights cancer. the team developed a modified t cells which are immune system cells designed to be injected into a patient. >> you can see this recognizes this gray cancer cell. immediately you can see it starts forming these bubbles. that's a sign of this cell being killed. >> reporter: doctors can control the t cells in a patient's body with precision. allowing the doctor to determine
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when and which cancer cells to kill. >> t cells are able to recognize and kill infected and cancer cells in the body. >> reporter: the drug based remote control system appears to be effective against blood cancers such as leukemia. >> our indicator flashes blight red signaling the impending death of the cancer cell. >> reporter: but not solid tumors tumors. >> there's not going to be any one silver bullet that's going to take care of it all. we're going to have better and better tools. >> that was amber lee reporting. dr. lim and his team hoping -- hope human trials will take place in a year. the healing has begun at uc merced after last week's mask stabbing. in 20 minutes, the big question that remains about the suspect who was shot and killed by police. first, a salute to service members. how the oakland raiders paid come -- paid tribute to service
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welcome back. solano county park officials have a special honor in honor of veterans day. the parks are waving boating and parking fees in the county for former and current servicemembers including lake solano county, sandy beach county park, boat launch, and lynch canyon open space. you don't have to be a resident to take advantage of the offer
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but you must present a valid military i.d. honorable discharge record or veterans affairs card. the time is 4:44. the oakland raiders played host to dozens of war veterans and their families to say thanks. it comes as the country prepares to recognize veterans day. ktvu's heather holmes has a look at the touching event. >> reporter: who else but ac/dc to set the tone? instead of a raiders trotting out, it was a line of veterans. these former service members, some who have been home for years, got the chance to talk and shake hands with players. >> we are so happy to be able to host you all today. >> reporter: cornerback derek carr was the first to welcome the bets and thank them. >> i know the sacrifice, the courage and dedication it takes for y'all to do what you do. for that, i'm grateful. >> reporter: in the crowd was christian via of livermore.
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he was injured in an ied blast. he lost both his legs. >> guys, following right this way. >> reporter: on this day, he walked the same hallways as his favorite football players. >> it's a good feeling. those people out there that support us, having nfl teams are any other sports team doing something for veterans, it's an awesome feeling. >> reporter: valle met them face-to-face. a once-in-a-lifetime experience that the raiders say they were happy to offer. >> people look at us as heroes. people look up to us and all those things. but these are the real heroes. people that sacrifice their lives. the dedication, the energy and time it takes to do what they do. you can't compare it to football. >> we're football players. that's the bottom line. they are the heroes. that's not just words. that's really what it is. >> reporter: an appreciative valle and other veterans left
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the headquarters with a renewed love for their team and a new source of inspiration. >> not as much activity as a student but i'm giving it my all. >> that was heather holmes reporting. or ceremonies are planned during sunday's game at the coliseum. i want to mention one of our loyal ktvu viewers just messaged me and said don't forget to remind people, 240 years, the birthday of the u.s. marine corps. >> right. i got that too. i'm glad you said that. good. >> happy birthday to our marines. >> yes. 4:47 is the time. schools are closed tomorrow? >> i like all of them but i have a special -- there's a special level that i have for the marines. >> the marines? >> because one of my classmates at st. john's elementary school where i went is a marine. >> nice. >> he's one of those elite guys who looks like he could break
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you in half by looking at you. >> [laughter] >> that is for sure. they can be very gentle giants. >> those dudes have respect. respect. good morning, everybody. his name is mike loquesta, by the way. he's a marine. if you are driving on southbound 101 as you get down to the golden gate bridge, southbound traffic looks good. did any of you see that picture circulating online of the lightning hitting the golden gate which? -- i believe we might show it. i saw it on the twitter feed. pretty cool picture. but pretty scary if you have to do be driving across the span when the lightning hit yesterday. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic moving along very nicely. no problems in the south bay commute. traffic moving along well on all the major freeways. 4:48. hello, steve. >> the few, the proud. >> yes, sir. we have a few little showers left. looks like almost everything is done here.
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not a bad system. i mean, seriously, this was old school. what we call, cloud. the rainfall was rather uniform except towards santa cruz, santa cruz mountains, santa clara valley. 491 hundredths. you can see a third of an inch to a half- inch, concord, livermore, remember last system, you had over an inch of rain. is time way back there but still a quarter of an inch. san jose in there, ben lomond two thirds, morgan hill three quarters. san francisco officially .26. our observer michael, .30. oakland .35, san rafael .40, kentfield in there as well, .45, san jose .43. pleasanton, a half-inch. concord, half-inch. gilroy, inch and a third. santa cruz, the leader of the pack and 1.53. i'm not surprised. there was some really hefty
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thunderstorms that were lined up right over santa cruz yesterday. everything favoring the monterey peninsula and that's going to be the trend here. there's going to be drier air moving. temps are cool, 37 santa rosa, napa in there, a lot of 40s including san francisco, sfo at 47, san jose 47, 42 for blackout, probably in of cloud cover breeze to hold things up, dew points are pretty high, so that's allowing some of these temps to not get a little further but we will keep an eye on things. pittsburg at 50, 28 in truckee, 36 ukiah, 38 reading, cool air to the north, there goes our low, that was a classic one, a good system producing some snow in the sierra but things will be winding down in the next few hours. a mix of sun and clouds, more some later on today. it will be a cool breeze there. temperatures in the 60s. upper 50s, low 60s. san mateo, hayward, mountain view, concord, fairfield, the only reason i went 64 is sonoma
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county airport. they do get a northerly breeze. they will probably be some of that ground fog popping up. looks good through saturday. next system, sunday into monday. the next week is looking wet and all the way into thanksgiving looks pretty promising. >> so for the third weekend in a row? >> sunday to monday. >> third one. >> sunday into monday. >> monday has been the go daddy as we say. >> and i have another cheer competition on sunday. no sitting at home enjoying the rain, getting out and driving. sunday evening. >> good. if you could hold that off. >> pam, for you, anything. major announcement by seaworld. we were both surprised. the reason the company says it is ending the shampoo show in san diego. -- shamu show.
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yeah. that's the reaction all of us are having. a few little kittens are safe and sound in florida after a good samaritan saved them from drowning. jeremy sigmund said he could only hear the kittens crying. turned out they were trapped in some bushes in his apartment complex in jacksonville, florida. which was submerged in 2 feet of floodwater from the heavy rain there.
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the mama cat was nowhere to be found. sigmund eventually adopted one of the kittens and gave the second one to a neighbor. a major announcement from seaworld that the company is ending its killer whale shows in san diego. in a webcast to investors, seaworld announced yesterday that the show, one ocean, will be phased out. attendance at seaworld has decreased dramatically over the last year. reaction to blackfish, the documentary criticizing the park 's treatment of killer whales. activists have demanded seaworld stop hosting any whale s in captivity. it will unveil a new orkut experience in san diego. >> it's going to be focused more on the natural setting. natural environment. and also the natural behaviors of the whale. it will have a strong conservation message. it appears the other killer whale shows at san antonio and orlando will continue. volkswagen is sending $1000 gift cards and vouchers to tens
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of thousands of people who own it's diesel vehicles. the company said there are no strings attached. vehicle owners can still take part in lawsuits. owners will get a $500 visa prepaid card and a $500 card good at vw dealerships. volkswagen has acknowledged installing software that turns on pollution control during government tests and turned them off while the car is on the road. it says 11 million cars worldwide have the software. it is one of seattle's biggest attractions but now the infamous gum wall is coming down. the wall is filled with more than 1 million pieces of used gum. there's one like this in san luis obispo as well. >> is there? >> yes. have been there. it has become iconic for residents and visitors. the gun has to be cleaned off because sugar is eroding the. the owners of the building tried to stop the gum wall from growing but people kept adding to it. >> true story is that we had a
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line of audience members around the block. out of boredom while they were waiting to see seattle theater sports, they would stick the gum on the wall with a penny in it. that was the original purpose. >> crews will use an industrial steam machine to remove all of that gum. some say once they are -- remove the gum, people will probably start it again. >> i would hate to be the one to clean that up. >> it's a very narrow little alleyway. so it's cool but you are in there doing -- eww. coming up, it is the biggest protest fast food workers yet. up next, the walkout happen today nationwide including several cities in the bay area. a dramatic scene in san leandro after a car crashed into a home and landed on top of a woman who was sleeping inside that home. up next, what police say the driver was doing.
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we are live in san jose where a hostage situation has come to an end. a man and woman are dead in an officer is injured. we'll have the latest coming up in a live report.
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welcome back. thank you for joining us. it's tuesday, november 10. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. we have breaking news from san leandro. a car last night went into a house and a woman in that house was pinned beneath the car. a wild story happened about 9:30 at purdue and farnsworth. a witness told us the driver was speeding and clipped another car before crashing into the garage of that house. it was turned into a spare room. a woman was sleeping at the time of that crash. firefighters were able to. she and the driver were taken to the hospital. we will have much more of what happened out there in a live report from janine de la vega at the bottom of the hour. 5:00. right on the dot. we want to check in with steve. it is very cold outside. >> foggy for some. >> but time to get the leaves cleaned up before the next rain comes. spend -- >> sunday night


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