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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  November 10, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> we just heard the dad screaming oh my god, my daughter. >> a young woman rushed to the hospital after an suv slams into a home in san leandro. what the driver was doing before he lost control. >> and we're live in san francisco where the push for a $15 minimum wang has hit a fever pitch. more taking place throughout the bay area this morning. >> a buzzy and cold morning -- and a busy and cold morning. >> yes. >> we still have clouding lingering. humidity is too high to get that cold. our system is moving on out. it is taking a lot of moisture
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with it and leaving behind cloud cover. the breeze will pick up. the system is too east and south except for south cover to hold on. we had rain towards the santa clara valley. hi, matt. with all said and done, we got over an inch of rain. low and current temperature is 43.3. there's the rh, relative humidity. that is high. the north/northeast breeze, furnace coming on today. 30s and 40s for your temperatures. tomorrow will be colder. no doubt about. still 40s around the east bay tomorrow. relative humidity is too high. but a lot of 40s. winter storm advisory still out until 10:00. then things will calm down. still snow showers up there. things look to be winding down
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as the system heads south towards southern california and southern nevada. a cool breezy day. some fog in there. highs in the 40s and 50s. sal, what do you have for us, sir? >> we're looking quickly at the commute. i'm going to start you off with the toll bridge plaza. the metering lights are on and it will take 30 minutes to get there. san mateo bridge, not bad. an early accident approaching the span. livermore and castro valley you are going to see slow traffic on 880. coming up next, we will take a good look at the south bay commit and the north bay commute. lets go back to the desk. >> bay area fast food workers and workers around the country are walking off the job demanding higher pay this morning. brian flores is in san francisco now. one of the protests is happening as we speak.
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good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, dave. this continues to be a fluid situation. as you saw in the last live shop, the workers in several trades were inside this mcdonalds on 24th and mission but have started marching northbound on mission towards 16th. that's where they're headed to continue this push this morning. several locations throughout the bay area, the push for a $15 minimum wage. as we go to video, this is going throughout the bay area and 270 cities across the country, including los angeles, san diego and sacramento to name a few. the timing is significant too. it marks one year until the general election. a lot of the workers are hoping for a state-wide ballot initiative by then. many are fighting for their lives, hoping to get -- say okay with the wage that they have.
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we spoke with david campos a few moments ago and says that the $15 minimum wage needs to happen now. >> the point here is that people need a living wage to be able to live in a place not just like san francisco, but other parts of the state. >> reporter: now, the argument from several economists and other people is that this would hurt job growth. but people dispute that saying that is not the case. but as we take it back out here live, several of the workers were inside the mcdonalds but currently marching down towards 16th, escorted by police as well. this is just one of the events going on throughout the bay area and the country. 1:30 in oakland, 4,000 people will gather. guys, back to you. >> we have seen a lot of people and i know it's been noisy. has it been peaceful so far out
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there? >> reporter: it has been peaceful for the most part. san francisco police are actually escorting several of the -- i don't know if you see the lights out there. it's a police cruiser walking behind the people who are out here this morning. so far it has been very peaceful. they did go inside this mcdonalds. but, again, peaceful this morning and hopefully says that way throughout the day as well. >> brian flores in san francisco. we will talk to you later. now to the east bay where a home in san leandro has a gaping hole this morning. the driver of an suv lost control and rammed the side of the house. alex savage is at the home where a woman sleeping was partnershipped under the ss-- was pinned under the suv. >> reporter: yes. the lady was talking when she was taking to the hospital last night. she has serious injuries after the suv landed on top of her while sleeping. she was sleeping inside the
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garage of this home which had been converted into a where. that suv that hit her according to one witness going maybe 100 miles per hour when the driver lost control, jumped the curb and slammed into the side of the house on the corner. that car landed on top of the 25-year-old woman who was inside sleeping at the time. firefighters got here about 10:30 last night. it took them quite some time to get the woman out from underneath the suv. this all happened at the intersection of farnsworth in san leandro. the driver of the suv also hurt in the crash. we don't know how badly the man was hurt. we talked with one woman who witnessed everything last night. she didn't want us to show her face but described how the speeding suv, barreled through the intersection, clipped another car and hit the house. >> we were all coming out from under the bridge. the car passed me going at least 100 miles per hour and
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ended up on the wrong side of the road. he clipped the car in front of me and went straight through the house. >> reporter: and authorities this morning also tell me three dogs were hurt in this crash as well. all of them taken to nearby vet hospitals. it's unclear exactly how they were injured. police say it's too early to know if the driver of that suv may have been under the influence or what other factors could have caused the suv to leave the road. obviously it appears as though speed played a role here. authorities also say there is significant structural damage to this house. as you can imagine, it's not safe for anyone to be inside. we understand that the red cross has moved in and providing a total of six people with a temporary place to say, gasia, after this bizarre crash in san leandro. >> the woman that we talked to sounds like she had a close call herself. >> reporter: yeah. it sounds as though the suv went right past her and she
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watched the whole thing play out in front of her. a lot of other people potentially could have been hurt. >> thank you, alex. the chp says two young sisters from san jose are missing and in danger. an alert was sent out this morning. 7-year-old caylee morris and 10- year-old alyssa were reported missing saturday afternoon. they're believed to be with their mother, 32-year-old crystal. there on the right. relatives in rockland were given emergency guardianship of the children but the mother has not turned them over. police have not been able to find the mother and the girls did not show up at school yesterday. they're believed to be traveling in a gold four-door 2005 nissan altima with the license plate on your screen. up in the north bay there's still no sign of an elderly couple. a statewide silver alert has
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been issued for 85-year-old sam and his wife, 90-year-old maria. he was driving her to the hospital early saturday morning but have not been heard from since. their son who lives in europe worries they may be disoriented because of medical conditions. their license plate is on your screen now. the time is 7:09. a berkeley high school student that allegedly put a racist message on the library computer may be facing charges. it triggered a massive protest on thursday. thousands much students walked out of the school. school is handing over evidence to the berkeley police for a possible hate crime investigation. we're told that male student who confessed to writing the remarks will face disciplinary action from the school that could include being expended or
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-- suspended or expelled. players on the missouri university fey team will return to practice today. they demanded that the president step down, tim wolf. one student started a hunger strike. many members of the football team said they wouldn't practice or play. the university president's resignation is effective immediately. the chancellor will step down at the end of the year. and this morning there are calls for communications professor at the university of missouri to resign for trying to keep a student journalist away from a campus protest. >> you need to get out. you need to get out. >> no, i don't. >> you need to get out. >> i actually don't. >> all right. who wants to help me get this reporter out of here. i need some muscle over here. >> the woman is identified aces assistant professor melissa click. she tried to keep a student
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reporter out yesterday. part of the confrontation was posted on youtube yesterday. so far no comment from that professor. all right. the time is 7:11. a san jose hostage situation ended up with two people dead. we will bring you the latest on what investigators are still trying to learn about what happened yesterday. and we are hours away this morning from the fourth republican presidential debate. a live report from milwaukee that will hikely be tonight's big topic. a report of a new crash in the east bay. but right now we're looking at the golden gate bridge that was hit by lightning. skies are clearing out. partly cloudy skies but the northerly breeze will kick in. we will talk about the temps for this tuesday. ♪
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. the time is 7:13. san francisco is considering changing its lottery system for affordable housing. according to the examiner, city wants to set aside 40% of new development for applicants would live in the same neighborhood. that would improve the chances of preventing long-time city residents from being relocated. now the lottery system has been under fire lately because it draws from a pool of applicants that live outside of the neighborhood, even outside of the city. city council is due to talk about this issue next westbound. the department of vet raps affair has made progress in the effort to reduce back logs in health care claims and find housing for veterans. the number sored from 180,000 in 2010 to 611,000 by 2013. after a series of reforms it
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stands at 76,000. some 50,000 military veterans were homeless in january of 2014. the v.a. says the number is down 33% from four years ago. the time is 7:14. a north bay lawmaker may introduce legislature that would require californians to vote. around the world at least 26 countries have some form of mandatory voting. some of them impose penalties on people who don't vote. australia, that's one of those countries, has a voter turnout of about 90%. the time is 7:15. the republican candidates for president will gather on stage once again for another debate tonight. donald trump still leading in the most recent polls but barely. dave is live in milwaukee, wisconsin to tell us what to
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expect for tonight. >> reporter: this is the fourth gop debate. the thinking is this crowded field will have to begin to thin. will tonight's debate be kind of the one thing that puts some of these campaigns over the edge? it is down to the final touches for the debate tonight on the fox network. this won't just be them facing the glare of the spot slights. the moderators are prepared to take heat themselves. >> i think the closer we get to the iowa caucuses, sometimes the candidates are desperate. you could have mother theresa asking questions and she would be ripped. >> reporter: this comes a week after a strong jobs report from the labor department. there are still concerns about the overall health of the economy. whether donald trump will be on the attack or ben carson can withstand scrutiny over his
7:17 am
personal biography, there is extra attention because of the last gop debate on cnbc last month that was supposed to focus on the economy but went into a cage match. >> how about talking about the substantive issues that people talk about. >> reporter: as far as the line- up for the debate -- you can see they're still going through rehearsals here -- eight pedestrian comes on the main -- eight podiums on the main stage. that means that huckabee and christie have been demoted to the undercard debate. it is disappointing for them and especially for christie who seemed to be building momentum, particularly in new hampshire. >> we spent 46 days in new hampshire more than any other candidate by far. >> reporter: yeah. new hampshire is a very important state at this stage of the game. one of the things to mention, the potential for protesters tonight. that's the theater right there. you see they set up the security zone across the
7:18 am
street. they will allow protesters here but they can only get this far. and we talked to one representative from the milwaukee police department who said that they met with some of the protest groups recently and think there might be 500 or so protesters out here. but the idea is to keep things as peaceful as possible. gasia. >> thank you. tonight's main debate starts at 6:00 p.m. you can watch it on the fox business network. you can stream the debate for free on we will have continuing coverage of the debate throughout the morning and later tonight. and ktvu's ross is in milwaukee. we will have live reports from him at 4:00, 5:00, and 10:00 today. and he will joining tomorrow morning as well. sal is joining us now. >> yeah. >> what are you seeing out there, sal? everybody behaving for you. >> we have a new crash that is on westbound 580. it's in east livermore.
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westbound 580 traffic will be slow on the pass now. it slows again after that by the way. if you're driving on vascal road, it is not affecting the commute but the accident on the freeway will slow you down. 680 is also slow out of pleasanton down to fremont. traffic is still slow on 280 and 330 and cleaning up grove. that was reported to be a pedestrian accident. not life-threatening injuries which is good. let's go to the live pictures. i won't to show you the traffic backed up on 280 up to highway 17. at the bay bridge, it has been slow. a 30-minute delay before you make it on to the span. steve. >> sal. >> i'm holding up a beta max cassette. sony says they will stop making it next year. for those that have beta max at home. >> wow. >> yeah. >> uh-oh. >> dave, you don't, do you?
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>> i do. >> i still have 8 tracks. is that a problem. >> those too. >> thank you, sal. >> still some partly cloudies around. a little bit of that tully fog working its way around. that's been mia for a couple years. it used to be a given. we haven't seen much of it lately because we haven't had rain or cold temps. we do now. chain requirements up in truckee. winter weather advisory until 10:00 this morning. rain totals i try to get everybody represented here. over two inches of rain and a huge hail storm. santa cruz was close. 1.53. if you take a rain total i would love to hear from you. daly city, three quarters of an inch. vallejo half an inch. and antioch almost half an inch of rain. these were the totals yesterday
7:21 am
for some. they were heavier towards santa cruz and the santa clara valley. a third to half an inch of rain. pleasanton picked up a half inch of rain. santa rose and anapa, half an inch of rain. good morning, jim. a cold 34 on cob mountain. the deck has a slick coat of ice on there. stay off of there, jim. it is cold for some. napa at 36. palo alto at 40. they will be in the 30s tomorrow. mid 40s for many. 39 scott's valley. 40s for some, including morgan hill and gilroy. it it wasn't for the cloud cover, they would be colder. tomorrow they will. 47 down in monterey. that winter weather advisory continues until 10:00. by the way, elcon, nevada had 12 inches of snow. the fifth highest snow total
7:22 am
ever. how about that. going back to 1893, i think. snow will still continue up there for a few more hours. things are slowly winding down and heading south. still in the mix for snow showers. and temperatures are on the cool side and they will get colder tonight and tomorrow. that's when we will deal with the frost and freeze warnings. 50s and 60s on your temps. the only reason i went 64 santa rosa is if a north breeze kicks in. and clear and cold except for very i think critical minimums the next couple of mornings here. we look good through saturday. next system is sunday and monday. >> are you going to let gasia run today. >> she better bundle up. >> yep i jogged and in the span of 40 minutes i had cloudy skies, downpour and bright sup. and i said i love the bay area. >> wait five minutes. >> i thought of you. thank you, steve. it looks like target will
7:23 am
be open on thanksgiving day again. you can also shop online. coming up in 20 minutes, we will talk about a new perk that shoppers going into the store will be receiving after the turkey dinner. i saw the tree just exploded in front of me. how about that? the bay area woman who says she is lucky to be alive after this happened. what she says saved her life.
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>> 7:25. new this morning, teams from europe and the middle east examining security at the airport. investigators are now questioning staffers at the red sea airport where the plane took off. baggage handlers are suspected of helping to load the suspected bomb on to the jet. even though the crash didn't involve the kiro airport, inspectors are reviewing leg luggage connect-in and food services that cater to the airport. back here at home, the golden gate bridge stayed open yesterday despite a direct lightning strike. you have to see this amazing photo captured yesterday showing a lightning bolt hitting the top of the south tower of the golden gate bridge. but the bridge was not damaged. the national weather service reported more than 500 lightning strikes in the bay area. one of those strikes caused quite a mess in san mateo in
7:27 am
this neighborhood. wow. it shredded a 100-year-old tree. chunks of the tree flew on to the roof of the house and right through the bedroom window. landing on the bed. >> it hit my tree. and i saw a million pieces of my tree just flew up on the sky. i saw the tree just exploded in front of me. and it give me a minute to escape. that's a miracle. >> a minute. >> wow. >> she credits her dog cocoa woke her up because the dog had to go outside. she got out of the bed before the lightning strike occurred. debris from the tree barely missed a neighbor but did damage the neighbor's home. >> the pictures are amazing. >> wow. taxi drivers plan to strike in san jose today. a decision expected by the city council that has so many upset. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where a hostage situation
7:28 am
has come to an end. a man and woman are dead and an officer injured. we have new information about what we're learning from the man who lives inside the home where the shooting happened. good morning. we're looking at a bridge commute right now on that san mateo bridge. it looks okay. a little slow. we will tell you about this midday commute coming up. clearing out but cold and breezy. temperatures will struggle to get out of the upper 50s and low 60s. we will take a look at the rest of the week coming up. my name is jeff richardson, the vice president of operations
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>> good morning. it's 7:30. live pictures from international airport in san jose. there's something missing. cabs are not waiting in line to pick people up at the airport today as they usually are. in a few minutes allie will tell us why drivers are protesting and what it has to do with a ride share proposal. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. let's that you can about weather and traffic. i wore a scarf once again because it's cold outside. >> that was a little laugh there. pretty cool out there. clearing out rapidly. the northerly breeze is kicking in. there's still some clouds around. overall it will be a nice day.
7:32 am
just not very warm. upper 50s and low 60s. and that northerly breeze in wind protected areas tonight and tomorrow will be even colder. still in snow in the sierra. tahoe reporting snow at this hour. 30 in santa rosa and napa. palo alto at 40. there will be a bunch more tomorrow morning. petaluma is in the 30s. mill valley, sonoma and the bay made it to 43. that is cold for the coast. northwest, north, northeast, north, northerly breezes in place. we will take it. the snow is stacking up there. but our system is moving south. as it does, it takes the cloud coverage with it. 50s and 60s on the temps. sal, 7:32. the usual slow traffic? anything on your monitors there? >> we are looking at a big
7:33 am
delay, steve. >> okay. >> on 80 westbound. i want to show you the east shore freeway. how long it will take you to drive between the bridge and the macarthur maze. it's taking an hour as you drive through that stretch. normally without any traffic it takes about 20 minutes. so there's your reference point. when you get to the bay bridge, you will see slow traffic at the toll plaza which is not unusual. see that all the time. it is backed up. slow traffic all over the place. when it comes to highway 4, it has been slow. 680 is very slow as you head south from concord to walnut creek. as we push down to livermore, they're clearing an accident after the crash it looks okay. but slow traffic again if you're driving farther westbound 580 slows at the castro valley y. 7:33. let's go back to the desk. >> more information from san jose about a gunman who held a woman hostage for several hours. now both of them are dead.
7:34 am
jeanine joins us live from san jose. and you talked to another man who lived in that same house, jeanine. >> reporter: yeah. actually the man that we spoke to is inside right now. he says he rents ai room here and he is claiming that the gunman also used to rent here as well at this home on camden avenue off of highway 85. but he says that the gunman was kicked out over the summer. police have not confirmed that information. all they're telling us is that the gunman and the woman that he took hostage here knew each other. >> the suspect is down. female is down. >> doug: that was the sound of gunfire that occurred around 5:00 yesterday afternoon. police say that the suspect came out of the house with at least one gun, one officer and the suspect fired shots. the suspect died shortly after. the police activity started a couple hours earlier. officers say that the suspect
7:35 am
had fired two shots into the ground and forced a woman into the home. the s.w.a.t. team spent hours on the scene. it ended once the gunman suddenly exited the home and then the shootout happened. officers found the body of the woman that he was holding hostage inside. we spoke to a neighbor who say that a family with children also lived there. >> it's terrible. you know, the situation i didn't know nothing about. but the whole situation is terrible. it's heart breaking. i feel for the grandma and the kids. >> the woman's identity and the suspect's identity have not been released yet. an officer was grazed by a bullet though when shots were fired. he was taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries. police are not saying who shot first, the gunman or the officer. but police did stay on scene overnight collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses.
7:36 am
they have not released a motive yet. this for sure rattled the neighborhood. there's a woman who lives around the back of the house and she just came by a few minutes ago before we went live and brought a bouquet of flowers. a man came by and said a pair for them. >> jeanine, thank you. >> cab drivers are sounding off about ride sharing companies. allie is in san jose where a cab strike is expected to continue for a second day. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. no official word if the strike is extended to today but we can show you what we see out here and we don't see a lot of taxis in the pickup area at terminal b. there's normally a long line
7:37 am
of taxis waiting to pick people up from the airport. you can see it's completely empty. a few vans up closer to the traffic light who have been here picking up people instead. no taxis picking up people right now. taxi drivers say they are upset because they want a fair playing field when it comes to competing with ride-sharing companies like you knower and lift picking up passengers at the airport. they went on strike yesterday at san jose airport and didn't pick up any passengers. cab drivers right now have to undergo mandatory finger print checks to operate out of the airport. uber and lift were first required to do the same thing but up in of them signed up for the program and that essentially made san jose the only airport that a customer could not use ride sharing. one of the recommendations was random monthly audits and finger print checks for 1% of
7:38 am
ride share drivers. the mayor said that today city council will consider another option. they will require all transportation companies, cab drivers and ride sharing drivers to have an independent organization do their background checks and all of the drivers, 1 pes of the drivers, taxis and ride sharing will be subject to a random monthly audit. here is what he had to say about it. >> like all compromises, it's not perfect. and what would be a far better solution is if we had a statewide requirement for all ride sharing and taxi companies that required finger prints and background checks. unfortunately we don't have that. >> reporter: what the mayor was saying, if the state required all uber and lift drivers across the state operating anywhere, not just at the airport to have background checks and finger print checks it would make things easier. they wouldn't have separate rules for taxi drivers and ride sharing companies. as he mentioned in that sound
7:39 am
byte, that doesn't exist right now. the city council meeting starts at 1:30. we expect taxi drivers to be out there. they're certainly not here. they're not picking people up at this airport. back to you guys. >> allie in san jose. thank you. 7:39. what appears as what started as an argument over lottery tickets ended up with one man in the hospital with life threatening injuries. it was caught on video on mission street at the market. the video shows a man in blue punching another man and slamming his head against a shelf. you see that on the left side of the screen. now a closer view. two men had argued who was first in line to buy lottery tickets. the victim suffered a broken nose, a broken jaw and traumatic brain injury. the suspect ran but returned to the store an hour later and was arrested. he is identified as able mancia. in louisiana family members and friends held a funeral
7:40 am
yesterday for a 6-year-old boy who was shot and killed by two marshalls who were chasing his father. the little boy was riding in his dad's car when the marshalls started chasing the car. the marshalls opened fire on the car. the little boy was hit by at least five bullets. the father was also wounded. a lawyer for the boy's father says the shooting was not justified and there is video showing the father with his hands up. family members say that little boy was an angel. >> just an awesome little boy. he would smile and his eyes would light up. he was an angel. he always had his wings here on earth. >> the two marshalls were arrested and are now facing charges of second degree murder and attempted murder. the marshalls were also moved to another jail to keep them separate from other inmates. the order that protected an
7:41 am
estimated 5 million undocumented immigrants from being deported was challenged by texas and 25 other states with republican governors. the obama administration argued that the president was within his right in deciding to defer deportation of selected groups of immigrants, including children who were brought to the u.s. illegally. however, the court said that the president doesn't have the authority to make new immigration laws. top story now. that houston, texas man's whose dying wish was to see the saar wars movie before it came out has died. the wife says he died in his sleep. ashley fleetwood said that daniel put up an amazing fight to the very end and that this was his first -- his last selfie and they took it together. daniel had a rare and aggressive form of cancer. he did receive a special screening of the new star wars
7:42 am
movie the force awakens at his home last week. that story quickly went viral and sparked the hashtag force for daniel. 7:41 now. a major move by starbucks when it comes to their employees who are veterans. how they are helping with the cost of college. he saved our lives for sure. i have no doubt. i was found asleep. boy, a pint-sized hero. what he did to save himself and his grandmother when their home caught on fire. we're looking at a morning commute better than yesterday. slow traffic in the west valley on 280. we will tell you more about that coming up. skies are clearing out. it's cold and the breeze is picking up. not going to be very warm today. not even if you're heading to the grand lake. we will have temps and also a look at the sierra snow.
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7:45 am
>> retailers are weighing the pros and cons this morning as they decide whether or not to open for thanksgiving. >> it's a hot topic. a lot of shoppers talking about it too. pam cook is back in the studio. the latest company saying they're going to be open. >> yeah. sit and relax with your family or head out and shop until you drop. the biggest retailers are betting that millions of people want to shop. target is the latest to announce it will open its doors at 6:00 thanksgiving night, the same as last year. it will stay open all night and throughout black friday until 11:00 friday night. target will have the same deals in its stores as it does on its website all day thanksgiving. so you can do both, stay home and take advantage of the holiday deals. however, people who actually go into the store on black friday will get a coupon for a 20%
7:46 am
discount to use during early december. most of us have more shopping to do. toys r us and sears will also open on thanksgiving. wal-mart has not said if it will open. but it was open last year at 6:00 p.m. staples will not be open on thanksgiving. rei chose to stay closed through black friday as well to give customers and employees time to enjoy family. but the balance of family and finance will certainly come into play for both the retailers and the shoppers because black friday is still expected to be the number one sales day. >> yeah. >> so -- >> a lot of -- >> go ahead. i'm waiting to see if some of the stores that say they're going to stay closed will hate to see their competition -- >> that's it. analysts -- >> also getting media attention. >> and analysts are saying some of the retailers are making it a marketing thing.
7:47 am
we care about families. >> that's what rei said. go outside and be with your family. >> it sounds like the analysts are saying it will back fire. 60% of people will shop online or in the stores. >> right. >> during those days because honestly if you have things to buy and you're going to save a lot of money. >> right. >> you're going to shop. >> and it's a tradition for you and your girls. it's a fun day. >> yeah. >> it's -- it's part of our family time. we don't typically go out thanksgiving but black friday is part of our family time. we do lunch and a movie and shop. >> we help the economy. >> we know you do. >> thank you, pam. >> the time is 7:47. sal, how is it looking out there. >> better than yesterday. you just reminded me of that picture we showed you a little while ago. the golden gate bridge being struck by lightning. we had a hairy commute yesterday. today it looks good.
7:48 am
i have to think of a ditch adjective instead of hairy. we had a tough commute yesterday. i'm going to stick with tough. westbound 24 as you drive through la fayette. you see bart is back on time after earlier delays and things are generally much better but still slow traffic also on nearby 680. we're looking at the bay bridge. unless you think it all of a sudden got light, that's not the case. it's backed up for 20 to 30 minutes. we had an accident on livermore freeways westbound 580 atavist co- 880 is slow from 238 all the way down to fremont. santa clara valley all of the freeways are slow. 101, 288 and 85. but it is falling in the line of a normal backup. 7:48. let's go to steve. >> all right, sal. thank you. it's clearing out and it's cold out there. a little breeze kicking in out of the north. northerly direction. that's scouring out the clouds. there are still some around but the trend is to clear it out
7:49 am
and bring in drier air. but it's going to be spectacular visibility but not that warm. the system is churning over to the sierra and points south. it is moving out of the area but not before we had good rainfall. 2.12 and a big hail storm, biggest he has seen in years. santa cruz in the mix as well. 1.53. daly city, three quarters. brodie sanders had .60. crocket .41. take your pick. the heaviest santa cruz mountains and san jose south. not much but a third to half an inch of rain. santa rosa close to that. concord half an inch. and my good friend bob in danville picked up .61. mother nature is greening my lawns. sprinklers off for the season. no surcharge here.
7:50 am
bob is a funny guy. that's comedy. we like that. thank you. kirk wood, our good friend coop, aloha my friends. mother nature returns to the sierra. 20 inches of snow at 8500 feet. 22 inches of snow. i tell you if the extended outlook on the 10 to 15, we will have a series until thanksgiving. they look fantastic coming out of the north too. san ramon, there will be others. tomorrow will be much colder. 49 and 50. probably a little bit of a breeze holding the temperatures up. expect a lot of 30s tomorrow in wind protected areas. the breeze is showing itself out of the north/northeast, northwest. i expect that to turn. water temps have come down. 57. 58. that's the coldest that we have seen in a while. this has to bode well to get
7:51 am
rid of the algae that put a hold on the crab season. somebody will fill us in on that. the trend is to keep the northerly direction in place that northwest so we should get upwelling and i expect cold water temperatures for a while. light snow in truckee and south lake tahoe. a winter weather advisory until 10:00. it's sliding south and about done. then we will focus our attention on frost and freeze warnings tonight and tomorrow. as the system moves out, the drier air comes in. it was a show with the lightning and the thunder yesterday. that was good for us. sun, clouds, 60s on a lot of these temperatures. the south will be slower to clear out such as morgan hill and gilroy. it looks like a cold, cold morning as we head into wednesday. there will be 20s to the north
7:52 am
no doubt about it. looks good through saturday. and then the next system sunday and monday. they're coming in every sunday examine monday. and the trend next week looks wet. >> ski resorts are so happy. >> absolutely. >> thank you, steve. >> time is 7:52. volkswagen offering cash to car owners over that diesel emissions scandal. how much cash? plus what the epa is doing to prevent it from happening again. that's at 8:00. but first. >> it was like the note in the bottle. a west point graduate is reunited with something that he lost during the vietnam war and he thought it was gone forever.
7:53 am
♪ you're a bow and arrow ♪ a broken guitar ♪ while the rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars [♪]
7:54 am
great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us.
7:55 am
which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. >> 7:54. a 5-year-old boy was definitely paying attention to a resent lesson in fire safety. nathaniel is credited with saving himself and his grandmother from their home and a fire in san bernardino county saturday night. two days earlier he learned how to stop, drop and roll while visiting a fire station. when he woke up coughing and saw the fire, he crawled on the floor over to his grandmother's room to wake her up. >> the nice thing about him, he remembers everything that he learns. he is a really smart kid and he really pays attention. >> what is a hero. >> someone who saves people. >> is that you? >> yeah. >> yeah, it is. >> san bernardino county fire department gave him a plaque honoring his actions during a ceremony just yesterday.
7:56 am
>> i love that little boy. >> the time is 7:55. the remains of 7 crew members from a navy ship have been now identified. dental records identified them. they served on the uss oklahoma. the defense department is trying to identify the remains of 400 sailors and marines from the uss oklahoma that are buried in hawaii at a veterans cemetery at unknowns. the military says better technology is helping them identify remains. >> no doubt this will be a special veterans da i for one florida man. ralph has something back that he thought was gone forever, his class ring from west point. he wore his ring while serving in the vietnam war nearly 50 years ago. >> while i was on a combat operation, something made me look down at my class ring. i don't know what. and i noticed the stone was gone from the ring. >> he did find the gold colored stone on the ground and took it
7:57 am
to hawaii to be repaired. it was supposed to be shipped back to him but it got lost so he had a replacement made. recently a missouri woman whose husband died in vietnam found the relationship among her husband's things and able to trace it back to him using west point's ring recovery program. she returned. he couldn't believe it. she says she couldn't imagine doing other than trying to find the rightful owner. she hopes they will become friends. >> i bet they will. >> do the right thing. the university of missouri still making news after days of protests about alleged racism that led to the resignation of the university's president. we will tell you what one faculty member did that has her at the center of attention. nationwide fast food protests continue at this moment, including workers here in the bay area. what is behind the fight for 15. good morning. we're looking at the morning commute. right now the traffic is
7:58 am
getting a little busier on 880 passing the oakland international airport. skies are clearing out but it's cold out there. the breeze will crank up if it hasn't already. it looks good today but not very warm. the temps coming up. the gets to work by 8:00...ids, and always manages to give them a healthy lunch. the newlyweds seeking out wholesome meals and exciting flavors for their new cookware. the guy who finally decided to kick 35 years of bad snacking habits. you inspire us to do everything we do... ...for goodness' sake. ♪ ♪
7:59 am
it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
8:00 am
>> good morning. a san leandro woman is hospitalized with critical injuries after a speeding suv plowed into her house in the middle of the night and landed on top of her while she was sleeping in her bedroom. what the driver of that suv was doing before the crash. plus the student who
8:01 am
confessed to posting a racist message on the computer at berkeley high school is now facing this morning. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> this is just the beginning of what is supposed to be a day of protests across the country. >> they have been at it early. this morning these fast food workers taking part in the fight for 15 protest. they want to raise the hourly wage. coming up in two minutes we will check in with brian flores who has been talking to the protesters and we will have the latest on what is happening out there. good morning, thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. >> as cold as you think you are this morning, join us tomorrow morning, it will be even colder. >> yes. awe lot of freeze warnings tomorrow. that is for wind protected areas. but a sign of things to come as the drier air spills in. it will be a cold one tomorrow. that's for sure.
8:02 am
it's already cold now. but we're clearing out the cloud cover. the humidity is a little too high even toe there's a lot of 30s. the breeze is already kicking in. our system is moving out of the picture much as it does, it's taking its cloud cover with it. there is still good snow up in the sierra. snow in reno. any chance of snow around november 19th to the 20th in reno? yes. it looks like all the way through thanksgiving the systems are coming out of the north. no doubt about it. there is a little breeze holding a few of these up. temperatures 45 and 46 for morgan hill and gilroy. santa cruz made it to 42. bolder creek at 41. a little bit of a breeze. signs of it being a northerly direction. it will peck up as the system slides to the south. that will allow the cloud cover to clear out. a cool and breezy day.
8:03 am
patchy fog earlier. that is disappearing. 50s and very low 60s. slow traffic. anything else to report. >> there are some slowdowns and crashes. today will seem like a break compared to yesterday. let's look at some of the photos -- not photos. video. it could be a photo but it's live video of 280 northbound getting up to highway 17. sometimes i start getting my social media mixed up with television. northbound 280 looks all right. it's improving. let's talk about the rest of the south bay. a lot of slow traffic on 101 as you drive into 9 valley. northbound 101 is slow all the way to mountain view. as we look at the commutes here you can see the traffic is going to be busy as you drive through castro valley. we had earlier problems there. southbound 880 is going to be slow as you drive south. and also northbound from about san leandro and pockets up to downtown oakland. the bridge is backed up 20 to 30 minutes up to the span.
8:04 am
>> thank you, sal. new this morning a woman from san leandro was rushed to the hospital this morning after a bizarre crash. >> alex is in san leandro to break down how this happened. >> reporter: the woman that was hit by the suv has critical injuries but firefighters say she was awake and alert while she was taken to the hospital last night. the suv that landed on top of this woman was going close to 100 miles per hour when it slammed into the side of this house. the car lost control and it plowed right into the garage area which has been converted into a bedroom. that's where this 25-year-old woman was sleeping last night. and she had this suv land right on top of her. firefighters got here. it took them quite some time just to get the woman out from under the suv. she was pinned underneath it.
8:05 am
the crash was at 10:30 last night at farnsworth and purdue street in san leandro. the driver of the suv was a 20- year-old man from see san leandro. we spoke with one woman who witnessed the crash and said that the speeding suv barreled right through the intersection, clipped another car before going into the house. >> that vehicle was going very fast to penetrate to wall, to leave the cashes that it did in the intersection prior to impact. we know that the witnesses are saying somewhere in the area of 100 miles per hour. i don't know if that's even out of the realm of possibility right now. >> reporter: authorities also say there were three dogs hurt in last night's crash. all of them were taken to nearby vet hospitals. we don't know exactly the extent of their injuries. according to police, it sounds like all of the dogs were
8:06 am
inside the bedroom with the woman and hit by flying debris. police say it's too early to know if the driver was under the influence or what factors caused the suv to leave the room. that is being investigated. authorities say there was significant damage, structural damage to the home. for that reason, it's not safe for anyone to be inside for the time being. the red cross has come in and are helping out the family living here, providing a total of six people with a place to stay. and, again, at this point, san leandro police have not arrested that driver, a 20-year- old who is from here in san leandro. but they say this is certainly a possibility that this young man could face charges in connection with the crash. at the very least there could be reckless driving charges. there is the potential for dui charges as well. >> thank you, alex. >> the time is 8:06. in the meantime bay area fast food workers and fellow workers all over the country are
8:07 am
walking off the job, demanding a higher minimum wage. >> brian flores is in san francisco where hundreds of people have marched this morning to have their voices heard. >> reporter: yeah. they were here just a few minutes ago but disbursed 15 minutes ago. term earlier they were gather -- earlier they were gathered at a mcdonalds on mission. they want an increase to the minimum wage to $15. they say they need that to survive living here in san francisco. this was on mcdonalds on 24th and mission. an estimated 100 people first gathered outside and entered restaurant where they continued. supervisor david campos was among those supporting an increase. he has seen and heard the stories of the people in his district who say 24th work two or three jobs just to make ends
8:08 am
meet. >> the point is that people need a living wage to be able to live in a place not just like san francisco but other parts of the state. in san francisco, a worker needs to have almost six minimum wage jobs to be able to afford to get housing in san francisco. >> reporter: several other people, including economists, saying increasing the wage to $15 would hurt job growth. this is happening throughout the east bay and the country. similar walk-outs and gathering are happening at 43 restaurants in the east bay. many include fast food works, teachers, janitors and child care workers just to name a few. the timing is significant as well. we are exactly one year away until the november general election. many of the people that we spoke with this morning are hoping that a ballot initiative to increase the minimum wage to $15 will be on the ballot by
8:09 am
then. i want to mention that there are more events happening throughout the day. the big event happening at 4:30 where an estimated 4,000 people will gather at the please in a- - plaza in oakland. >> protests are happening at mcdonalds, wendy's, kfc. workers in san jose, oakland and sacramento are among those protesting. the time is 8:09. a berkeley high school student accused of putting racist and threatening messages on a library computer may face criminal charges. that triggered a massive protest last thursday. thousands of students walked out of school. the newspaper is reporting that the school is handing evidence over to the berkeley police for a possible hate crime investigation. football players at the university of missouri will return to practice today. now that the school president and university chancellor
8:10 am
announced their resignations. students complained about racial harassment and intimidation on campus. they demanded that president wolf step down. one student started a hunger strike. members of the football said they wouldn't practice or play. the university president's resignation is effective immediately. the chancellor will step down at the end of the year. and a mass communications professor at the university of missouri is under fire for trying to keep a student journalist away from a campus protest. >> you need to get out. you need to get out. >> no, i don't. >> you need to get out. >> i actually don't. >> all right. hey who wants to help me get this reporter out of here. i need some muscle over here. >> the woman in the youtube video was identified as assistant professor melissa click. she tried to keep reporters out of the student encampment. first amendment protection allows reporters to be in the
8:11 am
quad. the professor had no comment. and we checked that her social media accounts have been made private. >> that story won't go away, i don't think. more protests in the south bay today override-sharing services. why cab drivers say they're expanding their protest. and next a preview of the latest gop debate. find out the one topic we are likely to hear about the most.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> a slightly smaller group of gop candidates will take the statement for the -- take the stage for the debate. >> caroline has what to expect. good morning, caroline. >> reporter: good morning to you dave and gasia. two debates will have the undercard debate. and then only eight on the stage at the main event. that's the smallest group we have seen so far. they will be allowed to give 90 second answers. it should be excited focused on the economy of course because this is the fox business network. expect to talk about taxes, the labor force,. the moderators saying we are business journalists. this is what we do. we will have crunched the numbers. if they don't add up, we will press the candidates on that. >> caroline, a lot of people saying that tonight's debate is
8:15 am
do or die for jeb bush. what do you think about that. >> reporter: i agree. dead man walking is what some pun dents have been using for him. he went after marco rubio and said you're not showing up for work. rubio swatted him asaid and he looked really soft during that moment. will he try that again? it will be interesting to see. bush supporters are already gearing up for attack ads to attack rubio because rubio is ascending in the polls. rubio came out with an ad using jeb bush's words against him. just using sound bytes of jeb bush praising him throughout the years including how he would make a great president. so expect those two. i think if there's main friction it will be between bush and rubio. >> we will be watching the two men leading the way, donald trump and dr. ben carson. what are you looking for as far
8:16 am
as them? >> reporter: ben carson, good question. he has been hammered this week by the media because of the inconsistencies and irregularities in his biography. questions have been coming out this week. although he has been using that to fund raise saying the media is attacking him unfairly. will he take that head on? he will have an opportunity to talk about subjects that he wants. will the moderators ask that question, we don't know. trump is going to take a swing at somebody. it has happened at the three previous debates. >> chris christie will not be on the main stage tonight, nor will huckabee. does this mean that it's over for these two? do you expect to see them drop out soon or not. >> reporter: that's a good question. chris christie has been up in the polls particularly in the key state of new hampshire within the last week or two. but the polls that they used,
8:17 am
he didn't make the threshold. he says i just need to shine. it doesn't matter what stage i'm on at what time. i'm still going to get the attention and talk to voters. >> all right. caroline from milwaukee, thank you for the latest on the debate. thank you. >> reporter: you bet. >> and tonight's debate is exclusively on the fox business network. main debate starts at 6:00 p.m. our time. fox business will be streaming the debate for free. you can watch even if you don't have a cable subscription. ross will be in milwaukee reporting live for us throughout the night. the time is 8:17. let's check in with sal and get you out the door. i know you're watching the macarthur maze. >> yeah. you can tell by looking at this gasia, and dave, that the maze traffic is slow coming around the corner to the bay bridge getting into san francisco. you will see a big delay of about 25 minutes before you make it on to the bridge. but it has improved in the last
8:18 am
few minutes which gives us hope. today will seem much better in comparison. this is a look at the toll plaza it elf is. so that traffic is slow. i want to look at the east bay map because we have a lot of slow traffic in oakland, in san leandro. 880 northbound and westbound 580. but the traffic in the livermore valley has really improved. they're clearing an accident that has held some people up. for the most part a nice- looking commute. one more thing here -- actually i want to mention of that bart is back on time after earlier delays. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> thank you, sal. skies clearing out. it's a cool, cool breezy pattern. especially on the coast and higher elevations. it's taking the cloud cover out of it. but sparkling visibility looks good from inside where it's warm. not like outside where with it's a cool, cool pattern. 30s and 40s. tonight and tomorrow we will get even colder lows with frost and freeze advisories already out for wednesday morning. the system is churning up
8:19 am
towards the sierras and sliding south. as it does, the drier air comes in behind it. so cal 2 plus. and gilroy had an inch and a third. daly city an inch and a quarter. just shy of half of an inch of rain in antioch. about a third to half an inch of rain from oakland up to marin county and santa rosa and the peninsula. 40s on the temps. santa rosa says 39. they made it to 34 and it will be even colder than that in wind protected areas. a lot of 40s east bay and inland. mill valley at 3. petaluma in the 30s. tonight will be even colder as that breeze starts to pick up. if it dies down tonight and tomorrow we will see some
8:20 am
20sand 30s to the north. these are the coldest water temps i have seen in a long time. 56, 58. that's the coldest for half moon bay i'm guessing for a year's time. i would think that will help things. 27 up in truckee. light slow to moderate snow. and temperatures will be on the chilly side. the weather advisory until 10:00 for the sierra. things are sliding south and we will start to see better conditions. still we have frost and freeze advisories for many. that will be tonight into tomorrow. there goes the system. give it credit. it was a show with lightning, thunder and hail and good rain. especially to the south and really good snow up in the sierra. 50s and 60s on your temps. they will take a tumble overnight into tomorrow. so it will be a three dog three cat night tonight and into tomorrow. it will be sunny and beautiful for the next few days. but the morning lows will be
8:21 am
quite cold. increasing clouds next season sunday and monday. >> wow. >> that's what we asked for. >> absolutely. >> we will take it. >> right. >> thank you, steve. >> we continue to follow up on the deadly hostage situation that we were following in the south bay yesterday. what a man who lives in the house where the incident took place told us this morning about the woman held hostage and the suspect. now other automakers will face extra testing. mornings on 2 will be back in two minutes. [door knocking]
8:22 am
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8:24 am
>> taking a look back at the opening bell from earlier this morning. trading has been underway for two hours. the markets are all down but just slightly so far this morning. also just checked and found that the gap is having a rough day on wall street. it's down 1% so far in early trading. that's after the san francisco based company announced disappointing earnings for october, including overall sales. stock is down 34% since the first of the year. new developments in the lawsuit over general motors over buddying nation switches. approximate people suing general motors blamed for 169
8:25 am
deaths and hundreds of injuries. when gm came out of bankruptcy in 2009, the new company was protected from old liabilities but the judge ruled that they can seek punitive damages if the company knew about the problem but covered it up. the epa is now conducting on road testing he have every new diesel powered vehicle. that will make it less likely that software can be use today get around the tests. most testing was done in a lab. on road testing was done only on big trucks. the new york times says it will take several weeks for every diesel powered car and truck to be tested out there on the road. volkswagen is sending vouchers to tens of thousands who owned
8:26 am
the diesel vehicles. there are no strings attached. owners get a $500 visa prepaid card and a $500 card good only at vw dealerships. volkswagen has admitted installing software that turns on pollution controls during government tests and turns them back off while out on the road. it has 11 million cars around the world with the software. this morning thousands of comcast customers are rushing to change their passwords after finding out that hackers stole account information. the hackers are threatening to it sell it on the dark web. it often involves buying and selling products on the black market. the e-mail addresses and passwords of 200,000 comcast customers were up for sale for $1,000. this report says the information didn't come from a breach within comcast network but from previous shared
8:27 am
hackings of other companies. it's a perk for military veterans who work at starbucks. >> just in time for veterans day. >> yeah. >> tomorrow. the families of veterans working at starbucks can now go to college on the coffee chain's dime. they currently pay for the at this wigs of employees. now it will pick up the tab for any spouse or child of a veteran. but they have to enroll at arizona state's online program. it could total $15,000 a year. >> interesting. the time is 8:27. hoping their doors before thanksgiving dinner is what some of america's top retailers are doing. coming up next, what you can do this black friday to avoid the lines altogether. taxi drivers may be extending their strike for a second day. what they are upset about and the proposal that could be voted on later today. we're checking out the east
8:28 am
bay commute. still a little rough out there. compared to yesterday n is a walk in the park. ask steve about that. but traffic is slow between walnut creek and oakland. it might be rough out there if you don't like cool, breezy conditions much that's what we have. it will be very cold tonight. more on that coming up.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> welcome back to mornings on 2. our time is 8:30. there is some anger in san jose over proposed rules for ride sharing companies there. cab drivers say those companies are held to a different standard than cab drivers. >> allie talked with the mayor who says there may be a new option on the tabling here. allie is live at the airport to
8:31 am
explain. >> reporter: good morning, gasia. no official word about whether the taxi drivers are on strike again today. we know they were yesterday. but we can tell you what we don't see here. we don't see any taxi cabs picking people up here at terminal b at sap jose airport. that area where you see under that awning normally according to the manager over there who manages the taxi cabs says there's usually a long line of taxis waiting to pick people up from the airport. as you can see it is empty. just a few shuttle vans. but they have already taken off, taking people who would like to get a taxi on their way. taxi drivers say they want a fair playing field when it comes to competing with ride- share companies like you knower and lift. they went on strike yesterday at the airport. they were upset because they say that right now uber and lift drivers get an unbe fair advantage. cab drivers right now have to undergo mandatory finger print checks in order to pick passengers up.
8:32 am
initially the city council had required you knower and lift to do the same thing. but they snubbed the airport. none of them signed up for the airport. that made it the only airport in the area that people could not use a ride sharing business to get home. that of course prompted the protests. the council will consider a new option today at 1:30, doing away with mandatory checks for drivers and having instead monthly audits and finger print checks for 1 pes of the drivers whether with a taxi or ride sharing company. >> like all compromises, it's not perfect. and what would be a far better solution is if we had a statewide requirement for all ride sharing and taxi companies that required finger print based background checks. unfortunately we don't have that. >> reporter: the state requires background checks for you
8:33 am
knower and lift drivers but not finger print based background checks. that's what he was referring to. no airport in california requires those finger print based background checks. that's why it hasn't come up as an issue here. >> allie, thank you. >> the time is 8:33. let's get you out the door. we have to check weather and traffic. steve paulson, interesting stuff. >> yeah. cold. cold. >> yes. >> no doubt about it, gasia and dave. wind protected areas, there are going to be brisk conditions. still a few clouds around. looking at the san rafael bridge. why not. thank you. control room. why not. we do have our system moving out. snow up in the sierra. winter weather advisory until 10:00. mark you heard me last hour say tonight will be a three dog,
8:34 am
three cat tonight. good thing that i have three dogs. they will come in handy. so will the extra blanket. and mike down in gilroy, good morning, sp. good morning mm. looking for a colder morning tomorrow as the skies remain clear. that is correct. speaking of 48. he had 45. tomorrow i expect 35 or 32. santa cruz made it to 42 this morning. a lot of 40s around. 50s. we had a few 30s. a lot more tomorrow. will be a school day. the system giving a little bit of umph up there in the sierra nevada where we have had great snow. in the blue, the frost and freeze warnings will be the focus of attention tonight and tomorrow as the system slides south out of the area. but the dry air comes in and the breeze picks up. so patchy fog, low clouds around. 50sand 60s for temperatures today. very cold tonight. sal, an issue with bart? what do you have for us there?
8:35 am
is that right. >> earlier this morning, steve, we had a train that actually had some smoke. it turned out to be a track problem where one of the insulators actually started smoking and they had to slow the system down and there were delays for a time. we have pictures that were taken from people who were on these trains. they're is one of them that we scoured from social media. it turned out to be one of the track insulators on the electric third rail that ends up doing that. so the problem has been fixed. it was near civic center station in san. from. the system has a 10 to 15- minute delay recovering from the problem. this is a truck accident reported westbound 580 as you come up on the top of the dublin grade. one lane is taken away with the truck accident. may have lost its load. medics are on the way. we have slow traffic there on
8:36 am
westbound 580 between dublin and castro valley. towards the maze, things are getting better. at the bay bridge toll plaza, a 20-minute delay before you make it on to the span. in san jose, that has improved a little bit. 280 slow approaching the san jose bay exits. >> thank you, sal. san francisco man suffered a traumatic brain injury in a violent attack that started about lottery tickets. this happened friday afternoon on mission street at the market. surveillance video shows a man in a blue hat punching another man and slamming that man's head against the shelf. police say the two men argued over who was first in line to buy lottery tickets. the victim was knocked unconscious, suffered a broken nose and jaw and has a traumatic brain injury. the suspect ran away but then kim back to the store an hour later when he was arrested.
8:37 am
the time is 8:36. a san francisco trial of the accused leader of a china town gang is underway now. a federal prosecutor said he ordered the murder of the gauge's former leader and conspired to kill a rival. he is accused of trafficking guns and stolen goods. his lawyer says that he is innocent and will testify in his own defense. the judge says the trial could continue until february. a former teacher charged with hitting two 12-year-old boys with her car in san francisco is due in court this afternoon. police say 30-year-old kirsten anderack was driving drunk when she hit the boys as they crossed bay street. they were walking to marina middle school. the boys were taken to san francisco general hospital. they're expected to recover from very serious injuries. city officials are planning to
8:38 am
put stop signs at that intersection. new this morning, word coming in from the white house that president obama will appeal to the supreme court a ruling rejecting his executive order to protect millions from deportation. just yesterday a federal appeals court ruled against president obama's executive order that protected an estimated 5 million undocumented immigrants from being deported. the u.s. court of appeals in new orleans upheld the challenge to the president's deferred deportation program that was challenged by texas and 25 other states with republican governors. the obama administration argued that the president was within his right to deter deportation to immigrants including children brought to the u.s. illegally. but the court says that the president doesn't have the authority to make the new immigration laws. half of california immigrants have income low enough to qualify for medi-cal.
8:39 am
some lawmakers are pushing to open up med ecal to people here illegally since they're not allowed to sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act. 1.4million undocumented immigrants would qualify for medi-cal. the time is 8:39. sea world will end killer whale shows in san diego. sea world says by the year 2017 it will unveil a new core coo experience in san diego. one that focuses on natural behavior of the animals and also conservation. attendance at sea world has dropped dramatically over the past year, reacting to the documentary black fish that criticized the what i that sea world treated killer whales. however it appears that the performances at sea world in san antonio and orlando will continue. a big question, will they be open or closed on thanksgiving day. and we're talking about retailers. >> right. and that is a question that shoppers, analysts and even the stores want to know. they're all discussing.
8:40 am
pam cook is back in the studio keeping an eye on the holiday shopping season. >> yes. thanksgiving weekend in terms of kicking off the holiday shopping season starting to take shape. the announcements are coming in which stores will open on thursday and which ones will wait until black friday. target will open their doors at 6:00 on thanksgiving and stay open all night throughout black friday until 11:00. it will have the same deals in the stores and on the website. you can do both, stay home and take advantage of the holiday deals. however people who actually go into the store black friday will also get a coupon for a 20% discount to use during early december. some of the big other names, toys r us, macy's, best buy and sears will also open on thanksgiving evening. wal-mart has not said yet if it will open on thanksgiving day but it was open last year at 6:00 p.m. some of the big names not
8:41 am
opening on thanksgiving, staples, one of the big stores, also i just checked and game stop, lowe's, t.j. maxx and h&m will be closed on thanksgiving. they will be open on black friday. it's a balance of family and retail. if you're not open you're going to miss out on the biggest shopping day of the year. for consumers, you might miss out on the biggest deals of the year. wal-mart report that 22 million people went into wal-mart last year on thanksgiving. >> wow. >> wow. >> just wal-mart into their stores. >> i put this up on our facebook page in the past. i heard from workers who say i like making time and a half. we don't do the holidays big at our house. >> if you're working retail, they're not making a lot of money. they're fighting for higher minimum wages. >> that's a story in itself. how the workers feel about it. >> and a lot of times it's
8:42 am
voluntary. >> and wouldn't that be nice if they said who want to work on thanksgiving? >> they do a lot of that. >> i'm not going to make you do that. it's rarely a voluntary basis. >> interesting. >> thank you, pam. >> yep. >> 8:41. turning to sports. the warriors are the first nba team in three years to start the season 8-0. they beat the detroit pistons last night 109- 95. andrew back on the court after being cleared to play following a concussion in the home opener. warriors got major contributions from the bench. steph curry added 22. warriors have a two-game road trip against memphis and minnesota. the 49ers say that blaine gabbert will start in the next game against seattle. they have a bye this week. they will play seattle in seattle on november 22nd. gabbert had his first start since 2013 and completed 15 of
8:43 am
25 passes, two touchdowns and helped lead the 49ers to a 17- 16 win over the falcons. the oakland raiders are saluting u.s. service members. they treated dozens of veterans and families to a tour of the team headquarters in alameda. the players say it was to say thanks for their sacrifice and service. the former service members also got the chance to talk with and shake hands with the players. >> people look at us as heroes and people look up to us and all those things. these are the real heroes. the people who sacrifice their lives. >> it's a good feeling. having the nfl teams or any sports team doing things for veterans is an awesome feeling. >> the raiders will be holding more ceremonies during sunday's game at the coliseum. you and i like food. >> yes. >> we know that. >> too much maybe. >> yeah. if you like grilled meat,
8:44 am
beware. there's a new study suggesting something about the way that you cook that meat and the connection to cancer. we're learning new information about the hostage situation that occurred in san jose that left a man and a woman dead. we will have the latest on the investigation and what witnesses are saying. we have a look at the south bay which has been improving like the rest of the bay area commute. still a little slow. this is northbound 20 on the right. it is still a little slow driving up to highway 17. at this time yesterday mother nature was putting on a heck of a show. it's all gone now but the cold air isn't. it is filtering in. we will have an update on your tuesday forecast.
8:45 am
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to find free, local, in-person help, visit >> welcome back to mornings on 2. we're learning more about a gunman that held a woman hostage in a san jose home. both with dead and a police officer is hurt. jeanine has more after talking to a man who also lived in that house. >> reporter: the man that we spoke to rents a room here and says that a husband, wife and two children also live at this home on camden. the gunman was kicked out in july. the police say that the gunman knew the woman that he took
8:48 am
hostage. >> suspect down. female is down. >> reporter: you are listening to the sound of gunshots and police activity that occurred around 5:00 yesterday afternoon. police say the suspect came out of the house with at least one gun. one officer and the suspect fired. the suspect died shortly after. this all unfolded a couple hours earlier. the suspect had initially fired two shots into the ground and forced a woman into the home. the s.w.a.t. team spent hours on the scene. it ended when the gunman exited the home and the shootout happened. a man who works in the neighborhood says he ran into her husband as it was all unfolding. >> it's terrible. it's -- you know, the situation which caused all of this, i didn't know anything about. but the whole situation is just terrible. it's heart breaking. i feel for the grandma and the kids.
8:49 am
>> reporter: an officer was grazed by a bullet when shots were fired. he was taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries. police are not saying who shot first, the gunman or the officer. police stayed on scene overnight collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses. they have not released a motive or the identities of the woman and the suspect. this has rattled people who live here. one neighbor dropped off flowers and said a prayer here this morning. reporting from san jose, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the time is 8:49. there's a new report out about the growing threat of greenhouse gases. the world meteorological organization says that greenhouse gas levels hit a new record last year. it includes carbon dioxide, mate rain and nitrous oxide. since 1990 these gases warm the climate of the earth by 36%. this report comes just weeks before an international summit meeting in france about climate change. let's get you moving this morning.
8:50 am
check the commute. once again, hey, sal, how is it looking? >> it's improving. >> okay. >> that is good. things are improving. if you have the luxury to sticks around, join us for the 9 and leave at 10:00. that would be better. the weather has not been a factor for this morning's commute. it has made a big difference. now that we saw san francisco, let's take a look at the bay bridge trying to get into san francisco. still a little slow there. trying to get in. but the backup has been reduced. it's a 20-minute delay before you get into city. if you are driving in castro valley -- into castro valley, there is a truck accident blocking lanes westbound 580 at the top of the grade. the traffic is going to be slow now coming over the hill there from past schaefer ranch and getting into castro valley. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> we are clearing out on our system. still a few clouds around. but they will take off quick as the system pushes out of the
8:51 am
area and pushes south towards the central sierra and southern nevada. a mostly sunny day on tap with a cool breeze taking shape. there goes the system. the lightning and thunder and hail and rain was pretty good and the snow continues for most up in the sierra. the rain totals were really good around santa cruz. over two inches of rain. gilroy had an inch and a third. daly city three quarters. brodie sanders says two thirds of an inch. all about half an inch in antioch. concord was in there. pleasanton. napa .43. oakland a third of an inch. san rafael about .45 to half an inch. looks like areas such as reno and the east side of tahoe saw more snow than truckee. only a couple inches of fluffy
8:52 am
white stuff. reno got hit pretty well. some areas around kirk wood had 22 inches of snow. it's still good and keeps on piling up. 50 for a few. 30sand 20s for some to the north in wind protected areas tomorrow. we are getting a northerly breeze here. it seems to be up in the higher elevations. water temps continue to drop. they're all in the 50s. that is not something that we have seen in a long time. tonight, tomorrow it will be a cold chill. still a winter weather advisory out for another hour or so. it looks like the snow showers are decreasing rapidly in the sierra nevada. our focus and attention will go to the frost and freeze advisories that kick in tonight and tomorrow. drier air coming in behind that. that's cold air which has to filter in. it will be a cool breezy day. more sun than clouds. the clouds will be gone by this afternoon. patchy inland fog disappeared fast. 50sand 60s on the temperatures. temperatures will not hit 60
8:53 am
for very long. tonight under clear skies it's going to be cold. especially if that wind dies down. looks sunny and nice through friday. then the next system sunday, monday. >> that kind of cold that cuts right through you. >> it will tonight. the coldest night that we have seen in a while. >> thank you, steve. the time is 8:53. one of those stories. the houston texas man whose dying wish was to see the new star wars movie before it came out in theater has diedment the wife of daniel fleetwood says he passed away in his sleep. daniel fought to the very end and want today show us the last selfie they took together right there. daniel had a rare and aggressive form of cancer. by the way he did get a special screening of star wars the force awakens last week at his home. this story quickly went viral and sparked a hashtag force for
8:54 am
daniel. just a great, great story. the time is 8:53. energy drinks may give you a boost but you may want to think twice about drinking them again. coming up the health issue that energy drinks may be linked to.
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> in our health check headlines this morning, having belly fat can be more dangerous to the heart than being obese. this is all based on the study published in the internal medicine. here is what that means. people with a healthy body mass index with a lot of belly fat are twice as likely to die compared to those who are obese. researchers say belly fat is especially unhealthy because that can get into your liver and that can contribute to heart disease and diabetes. >> there's new evidence that shows a link between energy drinks, blood pressure and production of a certain stress
8:57 am
hormone. a report out of time magazine says in a study involving 25 healthy men and women drinking a 16-ounce rock star energy drink raised their blood pressure by more than 6%. that's compared to drinking a placebo beverage. researchers found twice the amount of a stress hormone after consuming that energy drink. energy drinks are safe and they're backed by scientific research. there's more bad news out for people who love meat. this time it's barbecued meat that could give you a higher risk of getting cancer. according to a new study, cancer. it looks at 600 kidney cancer patients and about the same amount of healthy men and women. patients with the cancer hate more red and white meat compared to the people without cancer. the researchers say cooking meat over flames or at high
8:58 am
temperatures that creates carcinogens and that can cause cancer. coming up on ktvu the 9 today we're talking about sexting and whether teenagers should have to register as sex offenders if they send sexy pictures to each other. it's $9 a spoonful. >> yeah. >> one spoonful. >> $9. >> sal gets to try it. stay with us ktvu the 9 starts now.
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