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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  November 11, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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the freeze warning in effect in parts of the bay area. candidates go after each other instead of the moderators this time. we are going to take you to -- to milwaukee for some highlights. "mornings on 2" starts now. good morning. thank you for joining us. wednesday, november 11. veterans day. i'm pam cook. >> i'm brian flores. we begin with breaking news in the east bay where a double shooting has shut down a section of interstate 80. the freeway shooting happened around 11:00 last night on 80 near pinole valley rolled. a man and woman were hit. the woman suffered non-life- threatening injuries. the c.h.p. closed down the eastbound lanes overnight to investigate and search for the shooter. the c.h.p. plans to reopen the area in the next hour. we will have a live report from the scene coming up at 4:30. the gop presidential candidates will be back on the
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kale today just hours after taking part in their fourth debate. a number of analysts are already declaring ted cruz and marco rubio as the winners. reporter caroline shively live in the walking with some of the highlights. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, brian. the fourth debate for the gop is on the books. the reaction is pouring in this morning. >> i want a strong national defense, but i don't want us to be bankrupt. >> i know that rant is a committed isolationist. i'm not. >> reporter: the main debate focused primarily on the economy. some of the biggest fireworks come during a discussion on immigration. >> come on, folks. we all know you can't pick them up and ship them back across the border. it's a silly argument. >> all i can say is your lucky in ohio that you struck oil. that's the one thing. >> reporter: analysts weighing in this morning giving high marks to several candidates.
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>> ted cruz, rubio, fiorina and rand paul. >> reporter: jeb bush, whose campaign has struggled, getting mixed reviews. >> i thought jeb bush had a much better night but he didn't have a great one-liner until the end when he indirectly called trump the agitator in chief. >> he didn't have an explosive night. i didn't see that. >> reporter: ben carson telling fox he's happy with his debate performance. >> i feel good about it. i feel good about the answers that i was able to get. i would have loved to go into more depth. >> reporter: the candidates have about a month to prepare for their next debate on december 15 in nevada. ryan, back to you. >> caroline shively, thank you. people who are struggling to keep their gardens green, now dealing with cold weather that can cause frost damage. many of us have a wide variety of plants that do not handle the cold well. there are ways to protect them.
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same brand of broadway terrace nursery says the most important thing is to take action early. >> start now if you have tender plants. if they are portable, bring them inside. if not, spray them with ananti- wilting or desiccant spray now. don't wait until right before it freezes. the spray needs to dry to give it protection. >> i did not know those sprays were out there. other tropical plants are most susceptible to freeze damage. also other plants might wilt but they should bounce back. >> you were just talking about that. >> i forgot to water my citrus. i have lemon and lime and an orange tree out there. steve, it's going to be cold for a while? 's there are not critical
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minimums for that long. there are some to the north, but it's not like 29 or anything like that. that's when you -- just get prepared for later on. in fact, looks like a lot of temperatures will stay above freezing. there's always done that stay near their up -- up towards the russian river. overall, i'm seeing a lot of upper 30s and 40s. not so much in the way of 20s but it's still early. clear skies, what about those temperatures? 34 in napa and santa rosa, fairfield 36, san ramon in there, palo alto and san jose down to 43. 30s for almost everybody here. healdsburg is in there, calistoga, sevastopol, petaluma, there must be a breeze with that observation. these are still above freezing. yet we still have frost advisories. for some it will be a cold warning for all in the 30s and 40s. everything to the north for now. a cold morning, sunny today, looks good, patchy inland fog out towards stockton and tracy. 60s on the temps.
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sal? good morning. good morning to you, steve. we're off to a decent start for the most part. we have one thing i want to tell you about on these charts freeway but that is in the non- commute direction. they bridge right now, traffic looks good. driving into san francisco, no major problems on the way to the city. we're also looking at a nice- looking commute as you get into the city. a look at 880 north and southbound in front of the colosseum, they are picking up roadwork north of high street and the freeway does narrow down to one lane at one point there. so please give yourself extra time. it's not really causing a big traffic jam. we talked about this at the top of the show. eastbound 80 just west of pinole valley, police activity has closed the entire eastbound side of the freeway. there is a detour set up. traffic is light, not causing a major jam but we're going to
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have a live report from the scene of this crime, police activity at about 4:30. let's go back to the desk. today, americans will pause to honor the men and women who served the nation in the armed forces. there are several veterans day observances in the bay area today. one of the largest is at the golden gate national cemetery in san bruno scheduled for 11:00 this morning. amongst the speakers is a world war ii vet awarded the silver star and purple heart. more than 140,000 veterans and their family members are buried at the golden gate national cemetery. local boy scouts will place american flags at military gravesites. one group of scouts will place flags at sunset view cemetery in el cerrito. the leader says it's a wonderful way for scouts to serve the community while respecting veterans and honoring their sacrifices. the uss hornet will host a tribute today to veterans as well. the program officially begins
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at 1:00 this afternoon with live music at 11:00 this morning. this will be the 17th year the event is being held on board the harnett. admission is free for vets with proper i.d. or those wearing military unit jacket or cap. there's also a veterans day vigil planned at the crosses at lafayette at 5:30 tonight. speakers include congressman honoring members killed in iraq and afghanistan. >> there are 50,000 homeless veterans of the united states. 's morning santa clara county leaders will launch a program to end the veteran homelessness by the year 2017. it's estimated there are more than 700 vet in santa clara county alone without a permanent place to live. the new campaign will rely on a combination of public and private funds and other resources. happening at noon, san jose will host its annual veterans day parade. here is a look at the route. it
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begins on delmas avenue, right along santa clara street to market where there is a review stand near the tech museum. the parental evans at saint carlo street. two of the best known ridesharing companies are teaming up. lyft and uber will provide military veterans with free rides to job interviews and work. the idea is to help veterans get to keep jobs and end homelessness for vet as part of the white house joining forces program. uber says riders can donate through the company app. a missing couple was found safe hundreds of miles away in possible bliss. sam walko and his wife maria were reported missing on sunday. at about 10:15 p.m. last night, rohnert park police received a call from someone saying they couple and recognize them. they were found in good health -- they tell police they had
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wanted to get away for a mini vacation and were planning on returning home later today. former san francisco police chief heather fong is reportedly being considered for the position of u.s. border patrol chief. she serves as assistant secretary in the department of homeland security. according to fox news she is on the short list of candidates to become border patrol chief replacing the current chiefs who announced his resignation last month. already some are criticizing fong for her support of sanctuary cities during her time here in san francisco. the commissioner of customs and border protection says he has not yet begun the search for a chief, so any reports that someone could be a potential candidate at this time are quote, completely false. the contra costa county sheriff says he's losing deputies to other bay area law enforcement agencies because of low pay. sheriff david livingstone tells the board of supervisors yesterday that about a third of
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recruits hired and trained since may of 2010 have left for other agencies. barda has hired 22 of the deputies followed by the richmond police department which has hired 11. the sheriff says deputies in contra costa make 15% less than neighboring counties and the turnover has cost the county more than $1 million in recruitment and training of new deputies. more trouble for the santa clara county sheriff's office and its main jail. the mercury news reports an inmate will file a claim today contending that guards dragged him to a cell and severely beat him and broke his job. ruben garcia tells the paper the guards were angry that he had become impatient and loud while waiting several hours to be processed. the sheriff says her office takes every complaint seriously and will investigate the allegations. garcia says he also witnessed three other correctional deputies beat and kill michael tyree in august. the deputies now face murder charges. libby schaaf plans to make
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our case before the nfl to keep the raiders in oakland. she will address nfl committee in new york city. the committee is trying to decide which of three teams will be allowed to move to los angeles. the three teams are the raiders, the rams and the san diego chargers but unlike st. louisan san diego, reports of show shaft is refusing to spend city money on a new stadium for the raiders. mark davis is considering sharing the new stadium with the chargers in the city of carson which is just about 20 miles outside of los angeles. a linebacker could face criminal charges accused of taunting a police dog. the allegheny county sheriff's office says ray armstrong lifted his shirt, beat his chest and barked at the dog at heinz field in pittsburg on sunday. it happened in a stadium tunnel before the raiders played the steelers. taunting a police dog is a third-degree felony in pennsylvania.
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armstrong said no comment yesterday. a new look to some california drivers licenses starting tomorrow. the new identification system designed specifically for veterans. first, an investigation is underway after a small business jet crashed into a building. what officials plan to do as they begin their investigation. fç
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." look at that. pretty creepy. a candid clinton -- mountain lions getting a drink of water in sonoma county. video shot by a man in bennet valley. he set up a camera to see what kind of wildlife was in his neighbor hood. state officials say there's no reason for people to worry about the big cats. most people who live in the area say they are more compressed by the unusual sighting of mountain lions unless you are concerned and walking out with a small dog. we are now hearing that nine people died when the small business jet they were on crashed into an apartment
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building in akron, ohio. it was a horrific scene yesterday with the plane bursting into flames after it crashed into the building. investigators say everyone on the plane was killed. the owner of the planes has nine people were on board including the two pilots. amazingly, no one in the apartment was injured. >> this plane dropped out of the sky. all of a sudden. sideways, plowed right into the duplex is there. >> the plane, which took off from dayton, was preparing to land at a nearby airport but it clipped a utility wire on the way down and crashed into the small brick building. investigators will be on the scene this morning to sift through the debris and try to recover the bodies of those on board the plane. family members of the uc merced stabbing suspect are making their first public comment. in a statement the family of 18- year-old faisal mohammad expressed their deepest sympathy for the victims. he also went on to describe mohammad as a kind and respect for young man who excelled in
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school. it was one week ago that mohammad, who is from santa clara, stabbed four people on the campus of uc merced. he was eventually shot to death by police. we are learning more about a stand up in san jose that ended in the death of both the gunman and his hostage. police say 45-year-old leonel acevedo killed yolande harris. he stepped outside and started firing at police who stormed the house and killed him. the standoff lasted three hours. police received a 911 calls about a man forcing a woman into the house at gunpoint. cell phone video captured the moment s.w.a.t. officers have moved in. police have not released a motive but neighbors tell us that acevedo had rented a room from the victim but was evicted in july. najera was well-liked in the community. >> a shock to us that something like that would have happened to her. she was such a nice person to us. to figure out something like that happened to her, it's horrible. >> one neighbor says he saw the
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two arguing just last week. the officer who killed acevedo suffered a minor wound. he is on routine administrative leave pending the results of the investigation. pg&e crews continue to make repairs after a big rig hit a power pole. that truck was parked in potrero hill yesterday morning when it started sliding downhill. it hit the pole, knocked out electricity to 11,000 pg&e customers. the big rig hit a house and sheared off a gas meter. pg&e says power was restored in a couple hours except to a handful of homes and cruz tell us they expect to finish at about 10:30 this morning. we are talking about that incident going on along eastbound 80. >> all lanes were closed. >> oh, my gosh. >> they still are. >> okay. >> they are trying to get it open. i know that right now traffic is very light. we're going to look at that area in just a moment and we're
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going to have a live report from the scene coming up at 4:30. we are going to start with 24 westbound. if you want to avoid 80 altogether, you can use highway 24 from contra costa county. 780 to 680 to 24 to the caldecott tunnel. does look good there. no major problems. decommitted commute looks pretty good if you are driving on the san mateo bridge and on the bay bridge. all the bridges look very good. we've been talking about the closure of east 80 near pennell valley road because of police activity. it stays that way. westbound 80 is not affected. if you are driving from the carquinez bridge, you should be able to get right through. we're going to have live report from the scene of this police activity and we'll tell you what happened overnight to call the closure of this freeway. let's go to steve in the weather center. what time is it, sal? >> 4:19. >> it's clear and cold out there. a little bit of fog may be out there in the valley. just a little bit. can't find any here yet.
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30s and 40s, we have frost advisories out and for good reason. it looks like a lot will stay above freezing. there's always some santa cruz mountains that do get down to 32 or is it up to upper 20s. maybe lake county. but for most, looking at 30s and 40s. 39 livermore, san jose, palo alto 38, fairfield, napa, santa rosa, half moon bay down to 44. so is berkeley. 41 antioch, upper 30s for black art, danville, moraga and lafayette. if you thought it was called out, it is. water temps stay on the cold side. that's good. 56, 58, 59, 58. consistent with yesterday. we'll take it. i don't see that changing much. everything continues to come out of the north. gulf of alaska, 16 up in truckee, 35 ukiah, 39 sacramento. 13 in south lake tahoe. 36 blue canyon. the teams have set up. the frost advisories to the
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north, santa clara valley, also monterey, salinas, for us, north bay into mendocino county as well, there's our system flying out of the picture from two days ago. high pressure building in for a couple of days. we're good to go, systems continue to plow into the northwest but not here until sunday. a cold morning, sunny for all today, patchy inland valley fog. looking for 50s and 60s, tough to warm up in this kind of pattern. the days are very short, nights are much longer and you get that cold air in place, looks good through friday. warmer into friday, saturday. clouding up on sunday with rain moving back in again. >> i tried writing my bike yesterday, steve, in the later part of the afternoon. >> where your hands cold? >> wearing a longsleeved shirt. i quickly turned around and get the sweater. it was cold. >> you have to wear the gloves on the bike. your hands are hit with the cold wind. >> that is correct.
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>> thank you, sir. a bloomingdale's at is sparking a lot of controversy. up next, the reason some say it sends the wrong message about date rape and how the company is responding.
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[music] fly away on my zephyr. >> i love that song. you will have several options when it comes to hitting the
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slopes. my scope level is rising. two more area ski resorts have announced their opening on saturday. heavenly and northstar. openings will be the earliest for the resort since 2012. yesterday we reported alpine meadows will open tomorrow and squaw valley will open on saturday. kirkwood and our friend coop has announced plans to open on november 21. bloomingdale's is apologizing for a holiday catalog adds that some say encourages date rape. people have been posting pictures and blasting the bad on social media. it features a man looking at a woman. the caption says, spike your best friend's eggnog when they're not looking. plumed tails is apologizing saying the ad was in error in judgment and in poor taste. anyone planning to drive anywhere for the thanks -- thanksgiving holiday will be happy to know gas prices are expected to remain low.
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right now the average price across the country's $2.21. that's down $0.11 from this time last month. $0.72 cheaper than they were a year ago. as usual we are paying more here in california than anywhere else in the continental united states with an average of $2.83. but still, less than $3 a gallon. around most of the bay area, average price is $2.78, $2.89 in san francisco. heading to los angeles? a lot of people had to southern california for thanksgiving, it's a nickel more than san francisco. walnut creek starting to look more like the holidays. the city will hope -- open its annual ice rink. the rink will open at 11:00 and continue to operate daily through january 18. regular admission is $11 per person on the weekdays, $15 on the weekend weekend, according to the contra costa times on saturday, the rink will hold winterfest where admission will be free for the first 250 people. that's a lot of people on the ice rink. five dollars a person after that
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daylong event. probably won't have all of them on the rink at the same time. >> my daughter keeps asking me, when is it going to open? >> she still remembers. >> there's one in marin county. and we're very excited about that. >> a lot of fun. >> it's nice to have cold weather. last year it was hot. you know? >> that's weird. time is 4:27. in san jose, votes to eliminate fingerprinting for ridesharing companies admin at the airport. why they say this could actually benefit taxi drivers.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", everybody. i'm brian flores. >> i'm pam cook. we do want to update you on the breaking news we are following for you this morning. eastbound lanes of interstate 80 in pinole are completely shut down and pinot valley road because of a double shooting. big impact this morning. fox 2's alex savidge out there at the scene this morning. alex, i see you have somebody with you. what have you been able to find out? >> reporter: we're just getting an update right now from the c.h.p. on this deadly freeway shooting. one man was killed. a woman was wounded. it has shut down the eastbound lanes of 80 close to pinole valley road. we're going to get an update from sergeant john coping with the c.h.p. how long until the freeway reopens? >> about 6:30. we're finishing up the scene, getting measurements and pictures. doing our crime scene investigation. >> reporter: all eastbound lanes showdown between appian way and pinot valley?


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