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mess with the guys running the prompter. >> and never listen to their comments either. >> [laughter] all right. let's get to it. we have a cold morning out there and the breeze is cranked up or rather darn windy. especially along the coast. higher elevations, there's a chill, a bite to the morning air, if you will. this is not right. didn't save it. sorry about that. that was supposed to say it's cold down here, 44. it did not rain on the raider game. the outcome was not very bright either. sorry about that. let's get to it. 40s on the thames, 33 napa airport, if the breeze kips -- kicks up, they will go up to 43. a lot of 40s. calistoga says 36. 45 bodega bay. again, tomorrow, probably take 10 off a lot of these. tomorrow morning will be very cold. pretty good snow producing system that is now finally leaving. it's moved off into the four
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corners. this will be a whopper of a system as it moves across the country. pretty good for us to the north and also up in the sierra. just 25, 30. higher elevations, almost everything out of the north- northwest. turning that way. there goes our system. cold air, the water temps have come down. cold morning, sunny and windy. high clouds to the north. zipping on down, northwind, it will be a chilly day. highs today 50s and low 60s. it's fresh. refreshing, sal. >> it is refreshing. >> the air is clean. >> it's a little windy for some who don't like to drive across bridges and causeways. on the ultimate pass, we've had a warning of wind. be careful out there. let's go out and take a look at what we have now. seeing the traffic moving along okay if you're driving on the san mateo bridge. but definitely will feel gusty winds as you drive across any of the bridges. according to c.h.p., done barton, san mateo, bay bridge, all the
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carquinez bridge, all under wind advisories for drivers. this is a look at the westbound bay bridge. traffic is going to be okay coming into san francisco. if you're driving on the peninsula, not a bad commute on the 101. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. top stories we're following for you this morning. people in paris gathered this morning for a moment of silence to honor the victims of the terror attacks there. french president francois eland --hollande, the attacks killed 120 ninth people -- 129 people. a student was killed in the paris terror attacks. 22-year-old gonzalez had dreamed of learning french and studying in paris which is what she was doing when she was shot and killed while simply sitting at a restaurant. she was an industrial design student and one of her
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professors says she was always willing to help out other students. >> she had a very buoyant, joyous personality. extremely lively. extremely energetic. no shortage of anything you couldn't ask her to do. she would be there for us. >> gonzalez's boyfriend posted a picture on instagram after the shootings. it was a very emotional tribute stating she was his best friend, his angel, and the most important person in his life. cal state long beach held a vigil in her honor yesterday afternoon. during our 10 news last night, we spoke with a woman who is currently in paris, staying just down the street from the concert hall that was attacked. she says although the events of friday night were frightening, the people in paris at to be -- appeared determined to not let it affect their lifestyle. >> friday night was really quiet. everyone was in and freaked out. saturday during the day, however, the french are very resilient. and everyone was out, people
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were out with their kids, people were jogging, people were riding bikes. >> she also sent this video. this is what she shot out of her window friday night. showing all of the ambulances passing by. oakland authorities are investigating after police shot and killed a man yesterday afternoon. ktvu fox 2 reported allie rasmus is in oakland with the connection between the killing and several sideshows that took place during the weekend. >> reporter: this officer involved shooting yesterday around 5:30 happened as oakland police were trying to break up a motorcycle sideshow. near the area of 90th and bancroft avenue. the men at the scene approached them. without any consultation or without saying anything to them, simply pointed a weapon, what looked like a gun at the officers. officers drew their weapons and shot the man. he died from his injuries at the scene. police say the gun the man had turned out to be a replica gun.
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this is a picture of it. police chief defended his actions. at the time of the shooting, there was no way for officers to tell it was a fake and not a real gun when they responded by shooting the man. >> turned out to be a replica firearm. brandished it at the group of officers. officers didn't know it was a replica firearm. it looked very real. then they ended up shooting at the person who had walked up to them. >> the incident comes after a weekend of sideshow activity in oakland. >> reporter: hours before the shooting, police responded to another sideshow on high street involving as many as 700 cars from around the state. police later determined the man they shot and killed had nothing to do with either of the sideshows. the one you are seeing video of was a motorcycle sideshow that the officer involved shooting happened at. he simply happened to be at the
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scene when the man approached their officers. back to you, pam. >> thank you, alley. san francisco hosted its first gathering to remember people killed in traffic collisions. united nations has designated the third sunday in november as world day of remembrance for road traffic victims. family members crash survivors and others honored in the bay area, one woman spoke of losing her son after he was hit by a garbage truck in 2013. while riding his bike in the mission. >> our family will never be the same without dylan. no family should have to go through the devastation that my family lives with each and every day. for the safety of our children and yours, we must take measures to make the streets safer. >> some people and pedestrian safety advocates in san francisco calling for cameras and speed sensors that would
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electronically ticket people and also take a state law to allow the city to start using them. a sonoma county woman is behind bars this morning as she is suspected of driving her minivan into a crowd of people outside a nightclub over the weekend. investigators say it happened early saturday morning after a fight outside the lra club in santa rosa. they say the woman in five -- involved in that fight, jessica garcia, got into her minivan and ran down five people in the parking lot. authorities tracked the vehicle to find her at her home with an injured wrist. she was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. dui and other charges. she's also due in court tomorrow. the san francisco woman who was convicted of second-degree murder in a deadly dog mauling could get a new trial. a federal appeals court will hear marjorie noller's latest attempt to overturn her conviction. she was found guilty in the death of 33-year-old diane whipple who was attacked by noller's two dogs. noller was given a prison
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sentence of 15 years to life. but her legal team claims there are serious legal flaws in her original trial. her husband was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and has already been released from prison. the former nursing student accused of killing six former classmates and a secretary at the course university is scheduled to be in court today. he is charged with seven counts of murder but the attorneys say their client is mentally unfit to stand trial. despite doctors saying he is competent to face a trial. a judge is scheduled to hear arguments from both sides. if he is deemed fit, a trial date could be set but if he is determined to be unfit for trial through january of next year, the d.a. would have to drop prosecution and he could remain institutionalized for the rest of his life. high wind and surf caused problems this weekend. nine people and one dog had to be rescued from the water and two back-to-back rescues at 11:30 yesterday morning, four
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kayakers were dumped into the water by waves as they were being brought short by rescuers. a 14-foot aluminum boat capsized the five people on board. the marin county fire department park service rangers, the c.h.p. and the coast guard all responded to the rescue effort. a sacramento football team will begin the playoff game that was canceled when one of their teammates was shot and killed just hours before kickoff. 17-year-old jj klebold was driving back from a pregame meal with four of his teammates when someone fired shots into the cart striking him in the neck and a passenger in the arm. the grant high school football team met saturday morning to remember him and to discuss how to move forward. his teammates say they will play tonight's game in jj's honor. so far, police have not made any arrests and have not determined a motive. crews in san jose are working to find out what caused a gas line to break and catch
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fire. the fire burned for four hours yesterday afternoon near a commercial building near harwood road east of candid. pg&e was called in to turn off the gas fueling the flames. firefighters worked to put out the fire. a nearby building had outside damage and at one point power to about 3000 homes and businesses have to be shut off. everyone should be back online this morning. no injuries were recorded. mental health workers called off a strike planned for today after reaching a tentative contract agreement. the national union of healthcare workers says the three-year deal includes agreements on two central issues. they say clinicians will be free to advocate for their patients and meet treatment needs without the threat of discipline or discharge. they also say kaiser has agreed to a 1-4 ratio of new to returned patients to ensure timely access to care. also agreed to rescind proposed cuts to pension benefits. the contract will go to union members for a vote in the
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coming weeks. city of petaluma is reportedly considering banning growing marijuana outdoors. the press democrat reports the move is meant to protect the neighbors of marijuana growers from potential problems including robberies. the ordinance would limit legal medical -- to 100 square feet. the plants would have to be out of sight in a home where the patient lives. and the petaluma city council meets tonight on this at 5:30. san francisco muni board is scheduled to decide the fate of a pilot program for tech companies, shuttle buses, but there could be a huge. the buses have temporarily been allowed to use muni bus stops to pick up workers for companies. the muny board is scheduled to vote tomorrow on making that program permanent. opponents of the program are making an and run. they want to -- they went to court on friday to get -- to argue the environmental impact, the judge
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is scheduled to decide that that issued by the middle of next month. sonoma county is reportedly trying to find alternative housing for people in a makeshift camp in santa rosa. according to the press democrat, 25 people are living in tents on county property on west college avenue. the paper says they have been given until tomorrow to move. organizers at the camp say they are working with an adult -- unidentified church to set up camp on property owned by the church. advocates for the homeless plan to rally against measures by the city of berkeley that they say are meant to drive the hopeless away from downtown. this is video from a previous rally in june when the measures were first introduced. tomorrow, the berkeley city council will reconsider a plan to keep people from stowing belongings and public planters and using the streets as a toilet. this time the measures include the creation of a storage facility for people's belongings and mobile showers and bathrooms in the downtown and telegraph areas. advocates say they will stage a sleep-in starting at 6:00 p.m.
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tonight at the steps of the old city hall. 4:42. the way you pay for your muni ticket is about to change. coming up in 20 minutes, the test run of a new service being launched today that will make buying a ticket as easy as using your phone.
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welcome back. there's been another setback for crab fishing season. this time in oregon. the same toxins that have delayed the budget is crab here in california have been found in crabs along oregon's coast. officials have closed down crab harvesting on the same -- state's southern coast. the crab harvest would have opened yesterday, were it not for the high levels of that domoic acid that has been found in the crabs. it is potentially dangerous to humans. state officials say they plan to keep testing until dungeness crabs are safe to eat. several more inches of snow fell in parts of the crr over the weekend adding more excitement to this year's early ski season. looks like a lot of fun. some people took advantage of the blanket of powder to slide and have snowball fights. but for drivers heading to the sierra, the roads were slick and slow going. for one woman from oakland, putting chains on her car was no easy task. >> not easy, is it? >> i know.
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>> are your hands cold? >> very. >> i'll testify to that. >> this is now the third sunday in a row we've seen snowfall in the sierra. many people and resorts are hoping for more to come. obviously. sitting there and dealing with that. >> remember the first time i put on chains. it was not fun. >> unfortunately, we have something we were just talking about, breaking news with bart. >> there's a delay on the richmond line because of a power line that came down on somewhere along the tracks. bart service has stopped on the richmond line between richmond and north berkeley due to a damaged pg&e power line. we're putting up a little map of the bart system. i can tell you that when service stops, it's never good. just because a lot of passengers are kind of waiting for this to be resolved. again between north berkeley and
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the richmond line, there's no service here. because of a down power line. we're trying to get more information, but again obviously they have to get that power line into a safe position. i'm not sure if this is affecting the power for bart. i'm just about to get more information after we get off the air here. the newsroom is working on it. let's go out and take a look at what we have now, bay bridge toll plaza not a bad commute. no major problems come again. this morning's commute on 80 westbound doesn't look bad. driving on 80 westbound out to the macarthur maze, off to a good start. windy out there, please give yourself plenty of extra time as you drive, especially across causeways. driving on the san mateo or dumbarton bridge, you will see -- you might feel that wind. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> thank you, sir. cold and windy for some, breeze holding temps up. no doubt about it. to morning -- tomorrow --
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tomorrow morning will be 10 degrees colder. san jose, clear but 44 feels colder with that wind. there is a wind chill out there for many. no doubt about it. also paul cueto in martinez, good morning, steve. martinez 43, cold, clear and breezy yesterday. gusts around 38 miles per hour, that is too. 40-50 for some. pretty good breeze, higher elevations, a few 30s, a lot of 40s. 33 in napa airport, san jose 45, 44 santa rosa, the only thing holding up these temps, the breeze. walnut creek checks in with 37. clayton at 38 degrees. alamo at 38. upper 30s for danville. a lot of 40s here again. i think tonight, tomorrow when the wind tails up, going to be very cold. there are freeze warnings to the north. up in the mendocino county and points north, probably for us tomorrow morning as well. everything driving straight down out of the north.
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high clouds zipping by. the breeze is the big story, gusts around the lotto, 20 at the oakland airport, northwest santa rosa, really breeze for most. west northwest, 55, 56, even half moon bay, that's as cold as i've seen. 21 in truckee, 34 arcata, ukiah 38, 25 south lake tahoe, tomorrow looks even colder. everything moving off, high- pressure starts to build in, signature up there, there might be a little ripple right there. no big deal, high clouds. cold with us in the morning, the breeze, windy at times. cold mornings and a little bit warmer each day, near 70 as we get towards wednesday or thursday. it does look like a dry pattern until thanksgiving. sunny and windy at times. north wind, chilly day, temperatures in the upper 50s for some, low 60s for others. temperatures, this will be the
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coldest day of the week. not the coldest lows. they will plunge tomorrow morning. there will be some upper 20s no doubt about it. each day gradually warmer, probably some fog creeping back down the road. air mass pretty dry right now. >> it was pretty cold this morning. >> it was cold. yesterday was -- hello. >> step outside, the wind just hits you. >> i like it, though. >> i do too. >> refreshing. >> it's been a long time. >> yeah. it was a stunning victory that has everyone talking this morning. up next, the powerful shot that led to a new queen in ufc fighting.
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welcome back, everybody. the time is 4:54. a police sergeant has been charged with stealing money from the local union. according to the marin independent journal, danger in her was a former treasurer of the novato police officers association. the paper says when the new board took office in january, it noticed problems with the books. amount of money allegedly taken has not been revealed. the u.s. department of state is now opening a new office encouraging american students to study abroad. this comes as new data from the institute of international education shows american students getting education out of the country grew by only 5%
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last year with less than 2% of undergrads studying abroad. compared to a record number of international students studying here in the u.s. especially for those coming from india and china. google has hit a roadblock at least at the dmv. the tech giant wants to have some of its 73 self driving test cars in the hands of the public as early as next year. that the department of motor vehicles won't allow that until google proves those cars drive themselves as safely as people drive. google says its safety records show self driving cars are at least as safe as humans, but it won't release all the data on the dmv, and google wants to -- the test cars to have their steering wheels and foot pedals removed. it's as humans should not be expected to snap to attention on a moments notice. the dmv is still trying to decide if that's a good idea. oracle arena will go through a transformation today in honor of hardwood classics night. the team will take out its
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current logo and replace it with the throwback city logo. the team will also wear the yellow city jerseys for eight games this season. as of those jerseys. the warriors' first hardwood classics night will be tomorrow when they take on the toronto raptors. with an overtime victory against the nets on saturday, the warriors still undefeated this season. steph curry has been on fire. teams are trying to figure out how to slow him down. one strategy that's been thrown around is intentionally fouling him to get the ball back. but that doesn't seem to work. curry is shooting 94% from the free-throw line, so it's likely the warriors would still get points anyway but the idea is that fouling could disrupt the warriors offensive flow and curry's with them. it's a story a lot of people are talking about. holly holm over ronda rousey this weekend. knocking out the women's bantamweight -- i knew i would
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messed that up -- champion. in the second round, a powerful kick to the head, a lot of pictures around social media. the unbeaten through 12 ufc fights -- before meeting holly holm -- a win would have been her seventh title defense. instead, holly holm has the championship belt. you guys were talking about fighting etiquette i guess. >> the punch into the roundhouse. yeah. that had to hurt. yeah. >> i didn't watch it. not my favorite thing to watch. >> i know. coming up in our 5:00 hour, something you wouldn't expect to see here in california. the damage left behind by severe weather in stanislaus county and the investigation that will begin later today. [door knocking]
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[door bell ringing] ♪ come on-a my house, my house, i'm gonna give you candy. ♪ ♪ come on-a my house, my house, i'm gonna give you... ♪ ♪ apple and plum and apricot-a too, eh! ♪
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♪ come on-a my house, my house a come on. ♪ ♪ come on-a my house, my house... ♪ ♪ i'm gonna give you everything. ♪ complete your thanksgiving table at target. get a $10 gift card when you spend $50 on groceries. see store for coupon. ♪ come on-a my house good morning. international manhunt underway for one of the paris terror attacks suspects. as france strikes back against isis targets in syria. we're going to have the very latest on the investigation. super bowl l is just months away. there's concern that it's a potential terrorist target in light of the parents terrorist attacks. a live report coming up.
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-- of the paris terrorist attacks. thank you for waking up with us. welcome back. good money to you. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about the weather and traffic. steve paulson, monday morning, quiet. >> and windy. date and pam, no doubt about it. there are other lows that are colder but i thought i would try and represent the areas. these will be much colder by tomorrow. today, this morning, a lot of 30s. lake county 33, ben lomond 35, youngsville 36, oakhurst country club, in clayton, how about that, you know someone, there you go, 38 degrees, pleasant and 39, los altos 39, santa cruz not on the wharf, 39 and denville 39. there are others that you can find colder. napa airport was 33. now 38. the breeze must have kicked in. only because the breezes holding the temps up. morgan hill and gilroy,


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