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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  November 27, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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i'm in for pam today it's friday november 27th. >> good morning i'm dave clark. we're starting with breaking news within the last hour a massive restaurant fire in downtown berkeley was reported you saw the pictures. >> fox 2's alex savage is there and crews are attacking it on the ground but the flames are still burning. >> reporter: this thing is still burning. good morning to you. let me show you the scene behind us berkeley firefighters are out here putting water on this restaurant where this fire has broken out. they're doing that from the ground level and from up above here. as we tilt up, we can show you a couple ladder trucks putting water on the fire from up above. and it's pretty clear here, this fire is burning out of control. flames shooting from the roof of this restaurant. this is the mandarin garden restaurant. it's at 2025 shaddick avenue in the heart of downtown berkeley.
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near the intersection of shadick and university. you have the fire personnel and trucks out here as well and a very active fire fight. i touched base with the firefighters. they're busy trying to get the fire under control. but i'm told they got here a half hour, 45 minutes ago. this building obviously was fully engulfed in flames when they arrived here. it's a two-story building. this restaurant is. and what i'm told by a firefighter that i spoke with is that the real goal here is that this building appears to be a total loss. they're trying to keep the flames from spreading to the two adjacent buildings on either side. you can see over here you have another building here next door. you have crews in there. they're hoping that they can keep the fire from spreading to these two other buildings. neighboring buildings. that's the goal here this morning. i asked about injuries, there are no injuries that these firefighters know of at this point. they showed up here and this
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restaurant was fully engulfed in flames. as far as how the fire started, obviously, that's going to be part of a long-term investigation. they don't have any indication why this chinese restaurant here in downtown berkeley caught fire early this morning. but crews right now, you can see putting quite a bit of water on this fire from the ground. and then obviously from up above with the ladder trucks. so we'll stay here. we'll monitor the situation. but obviously, shaddick avenue and this area in downtown berkeley all shut down as firefighters battle this large restaurant fire. >> alex, i know it's hard for you to hear, i means this a very busy street. those stores and businesses are very densely close to each other. and this is a major fire. this is a tough situation. >> it really is. right here in the heart of downtown berkeley. all the buildings, they're just jammed right together obviously. there's very little separation. that's the major concern for
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these firefighters. they obviously are considering the restaurant here. the manures talk where the fire broke out to be a total loss. but you have to be concerned about these huge flames spreading to neighboring buildings and then of course that would be a bigger problem. you have other buildingings that could catch fire and then it makes it even tougher to try to get this fire out. again, as far as injuries, we don't know about any injuries. in all likelihood you have to think there was nobody here at this restaurant at this hour. but you never know. if someone could have been here or not. you don't know what the situation exactly was. but no injuries to report so far. that's certainly good news. and again, just to reiterate here. shaddick avenue is shut down in this area next to university. if you're planning to make your way through this area, a lot of people up and about this morning because it's black friday. keep in mind, many streets are shut down in downtown berkeley.
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>> is there any residential mixed in to those businesses? is anyone being evacuated? >> you know, we showed up here and obviously got our shot to get on the air. that was what i was scanning around to see. the honest answer is i'm not quite sure. it's possible there could be apartment units a few doors down from where this fire is. we'll go right now and check on the evacuation situation if any people have been moved out of those units. i was looking over here to my right, this looks like this is an office building over here. with several stories to it. but i don't think there's anybody living in that building and the two buildings thankfully -- the two adjacent buildings to this fire are -- one of them here looks like another restaurant and on the other side you have another business as well. we'll check on whether any people are living close by here and whether they've been evacuated because of the fire. >> we'll see you in a few, thank you. let's bring you rosemary,
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monitoring winds in the area. i see there's a big tree out front and the buildings are right on top of each other. >> power lines and everything else. >> when we talk about fire the wind is one element we're concerned about. but as you look at alex's live shot. and we're going back out there. notice the trees. very still. there's not a lot of wind out there. i'm seeing the breeze pick up any where from 5 to 10 miles per hour or so. but definitely some good news. because as we know, wind helps to fan the flames but it can also start new spot fires. not the case this morning. even looking in and around areas, we have a reading from oakland where you can see it's calm out there. and i looked a little closer at a few other models and it looks like the winds are generally light. where we're seeing the winds over portions of the north bay, before i let you go, a check on current conditions. 47 degrees in santa rosa. 46 in napa. upper 30s in oakland. where it's very calm. where we have wind this morning. temperatures in the 40s. if you're in the 30s. redwood city at 33.
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livermore at 35. you're looking at calm conditions outside your door. as we go through the morning hours, temperatures will gradually begin to rebound once we get passed sunrise at 7:00. and another cool afternoon in store for you. i'll have details on the forecast coming up in a bit. let's check on traffic and see if there's any traffic trouble out there. maybe in areas where the fire is burning. good morning. we're going to go to sky fox and look at this fire from above. you can see that the restaurant, this is from sky fox looking down. the fire has definitely broken through the roof. sky fox is over shaddick avenue. shaddick avenue is split up in this area. going north is the block we're talking about. south is one block away. it's kind of an unusual situation there. but this is north shaddick avenue approaching university. this is the picture from the ground. you can see the flames are still coming up. the buses do run through there. today we're not expecting a big
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crowd. it's black friday. and we don't have just a lot of people out there. we've been listening to radio reports of firefighters doing what they call primary searches in buildings around the area. we also know that this is about two or three blocks away from the bart station but it's not effecting any bart service because it's far enough away. shaddick avenue heading north where it makes a t with university. a lot of restaurants on this block. this is one block away from the uc berkeley campus. but it's not a campus building obviously. stay with us. we'll be following this for you. let's take a look at other pictures toward the commute. restaurant fire in berkeley, we'll stay on this. okay. because this is breaking. i've been listening to the fire reports. i haven't heard any additional alarms being called in. but i do hear firefighters on the radios talking about them doing their searches in not only this building but the adjacent buildings. so we'll send it back to you at
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the desk but we'll keep a close eye on what's going on here. obviously this fire is not under control. you can see the flames are burning through the building. >> you know that area well. you went to cal. you know how densely populated the area is. and the picture we're looking at at the flames you have to assume it's a restaurant. there maybe grease inside further igniting these flames. they're having a hard time putting this out. >> dave, i went to school a long time ago. this restaurant block has been there since then. these are older buildings with older restaurants. as you might imagine there might be a lot of build ups. this block is packed with restaurants. it capitalizes on the students that come down a block away from campus to come eat. there's a coffee shop. it's a densely populated block. and right now there's really not a big traffic issue because it's so early but this block is
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closed. >> we know it's a college campus area. people could be living -- it could be a residence, all kinds of places as people try to find an affordable place to live. they could be living any where. but you would agree, right? >> absolutely right. it does look like this building is a restaurant. but you don't know. that's why we heard the firefighters going through. they forced entry to other buildings nearby. they got permission to to that. they went in and they made sure. the first thing they do is a primary search to see if anyone's inside. once that's done they can start fighting the fire. but that's the first thing they do. they figure out if anyone's inside. >> as we're talking about berkeley and this is very close to the cal campus, it is important to note that students are not in session right now. cal is out for the winter break. school isn't happening. i'm sorry for the thanksgiving break. so perhaps more students are
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home than they would be on or close to campus right now. as i think about an area close to downtown berkeley, am i misguided in worried about possible homeless residents to tuck into a door way or somewhere nearby that may not be an obvious place. it's not a door to knock on but there could be people inside or nearby. >> it's a concern. you know. let's be honest. there are homeless people in the downtown berkeley area. and we don't know where they would be. you would imagine they wouldn't be inside a building at least that's not my hope that no one's inside. but firefighters aren't taking chances. i've been listening to them talk to each other on their radios. they seem to think they've done their searches and they haven't found anyone. but they continue to be vigilant about that. it looks -- it sounds to me as if now this is just a straight fire fight and they want to limit exposure from the fire building to the other buildings so they don't catch fire.
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that's what they're doing right now. >> before we go to rosemary, a quick thing, what's the name of that restaurant? just -- i don't know if you have it in front of you i was trying to read it on the building. i couldn't get it. but we'll get it. >> i have it here. i put it in a note here. i just have to read it. it's the mandarin garden restaurant. and the address is 2025 shaddick avenue. >> how many alarms has it gone to so far? >> that i don't know. i turned on the radios after they dispatched. it doesn't sound as if they're calling more firefighters to the scene. it sounds like perhaps they dispatched it all ready with plenty of crews because we haven't had any more firefighters coming to the scene. i do know this though, since berkeley has stretched their resources for this fire, neighboring communities will handle the regular runs that you get on a morning like this. so some of the runs that berkeley would get maybe being handled by oakland and albany.
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>> these are live pictures, a major fire at a restaurant near the cal campus. saleh abdeslam is covering it. rosemary is looking at the fact that the wind may or may not effect the fire fight here. >> the winds are definitely up. stronger than expected. but in this particular area, winds are light. i'm seeing winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. we've been watching this live shot for sometime. i'm keeping an eye on the wind in the trees. you can see just really not moving. very still. that's great news as we know the wind can definitely fan the flames, could start new fires if it picks up embers and implants them in different areas. but not seeing that this morning. also when we get very, very cold air like we have in place right now, we see an inversion set up in the atmosphere. typically, it gets colder as we go higher up. when you have an inversion in place, that cold air sinking
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along the floor, you know, where we reside and we actually have warmer air that is aloft. and that sort of creates a cap. that can actually prevent some of that smoke from drifting away. so we do have an inversion in place this morning. some of that smoke there lingering. but back to the winds, generally light. and that is good news. >> all right rosemary. thank you. we're staying on top of breaking news in berkeley and we'll have the rest of the day's news in minutes. announcer: if you'd give thanks for a better night's sleep...
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. today is black friday. retailers are hoping, fingers crossed for a strong start to the holiday shopping season. >> ktvu is live from a san jose target store. it was quiet when we last checked in with you. it looks like that might still be the case. >> it is. i mean take a look. i mean there's some carts in the aisles. and you know, some more shoppers are showing up. but still. not busy at all. a good time to come. you can still take advantage of some of the door buster deals. look at this. these are beats headsets. they're normally $200. they're $103 off. and this fit bit here. this one normally what is it? 130. and now you can get it for $90. there are sale signs here everywhere. >> we want to let people in at a controlled pace. >> reporter: this was the scene
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outside toys r us the chain opened yesterday evening and there was a line of people waiting to stock up on toys that were on sale. they wanted to take advantage of those deals. so did shoppers at best buy which also opened up early on thanksgiving night. tvs and tablets are the hot sellers. so much so that a lot of the items with the best discounts are all ready sold out. even though there were crowds yesterday, it's expected to be a lot busier today, later in the morning, a lot of people like shopping normal hours rather than it cutting into their thanksgiving. we caught up with one shopper at target this morning. here's what she had to say. >> the big ticket items i went to first at like 6:00 p.m. and as the night went through i trickled on and bought little presents. >> you've been up all night. >> yes. and i came from great mall. we went to santana row. we went to union square. we went everywhere. >> and now you're in san jose. worth it?
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>> worth it. >> and back out here live, you're taking a live look at the electronics section here in target. near the san jose airport. normally this would be filled with people. because it's such a popular area. you know, one of the best deals here was there was a tv that was $600. it was being sold for $250. they're sold out at this location. same thing with popular tablets that are low on price. so again, good time to come if you have nothing to do and you're planning oncoming later. because the crowds are really expected in a couple hours from now. back to you guys. all right. thank you. 6:18. we'll go back to sal. a big fire happening on berkeley in shattuck. >> this fire on shattuck avenue near university. if you know berkeley, shattuck avenue is split here, northbound shattuck is where
6:19 am
this restaurant is. a mandarin restaurant here. and you will see that the firefighters are still battling this fire. look at all the water coming out of the building. it looks like also foam. but that's just probably water foaming up. firefighters are on the scene. this is a two alarm fire called in about an hour ago. firefighters arrived and did their primary search to make sure no one was in the building. and they searched it. they also searched nearby buildings. it looks like there's a hole in the roof and firefighters have their truck company up there putting water on the fire. a couple truck companies here putting water on this fire. and again, it's a two alarm fire on shattuck avenue near university. stay with us. we'll follow it for you. but obviously, there's a lot more work to do and it looks like shattuck avenue, just knowing how this goes, shattuck avenue will be closed for hours more here near university northbound. southbound which is a block away will not be effected. quickly let's go and take a look at the bay bridge, that's
6:20 am
light. and also the traffic in the south bay is light if you're going shopping. now, let's go to rosemary. >> if you're going shopping, bring along the thick jacket. it's a cold one out there. even for those of us in the 40s. it's going to feel a lot colder than that. because chances are if you're in the 40s this morning, you have wind to deal with. santa rosa, nevado napa, fairfields, wind gusts at 20 miles per hour or so. it feels like 37 degrees in santa rosa. it feels more like 35 than 45 a as the temperature reads in fairfield. just a heads up on that one. upper 30s in areas like concord, walnut creek and livermore. this is where the winds are calm. 33 in redwood city. and san jose, 36 degrees and falling with a freeze warning in place for the santa clara mountains. in areas around danville, lafayette, all reporting mid 30s. a tad cooler in alamo.
6:21 am
afternoon highs, a lot like yesterday under mostly clear skies, 57 for areas around nevado 59 in santa rosa. 56 nor kent field. low 50s in livermore. 54 walnut creek for outdoor shopping. 57 in san leandro. san jose, 54 for the afternoon. 54 in cupertino along the penninsula. 55 wood side. 54 san mateo. 55 for san francisco. what this means, expect it to feel like yesterday. breezy at times. cool at times if you needed the jacket yesterday, you need it today. the extend forecast, advisories and warnings pretty widespread to start the day. national weather service decided to cancel those because of the wind. once the wind dies down the cold air sinks in. tomorrow morning could be colder than this morning. all in all, temperatures not going to change a lot as we get to the bay area weekend. cold start to the day. cool afternoons, dry conditions another chance for rain on
6:22 am
monday. all right rosemary. thank you. time is 6:21, we're still following breaking news from berkeley. we've been showing pictures. this restaurant. these are live pictures. the mandarin garden restaurant on shattuck fully engulfed in flames now. we have the latest on what's happening out there in this fire fight. novato me the have a dough
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staying on top of breaking news this morning. we've been showing you live pictures. we continue to do that. of a fire. a restaurant in berkeley. specifically the mandarin garden restaurant at 2025 shattuck is on fire. it's been burning now for more than an hour. and you see here from this live picture, there are still flames coming up from the roof of that restaurant. at this point, we don't know if anyone has been injured. we know that berkeley fire crews are on the scene. we're seeing a lot of water gushing into the street as a result of this fire fight. keep this in mind, shattuck is closed in the 2,000 block. you can tell from the wider picture, there's a lot of water and foam in the street. it's an active fire. we're staying on top of it and we'll have it for you throughout the morning. it's looking like many football fans would rather go shopping this weekend than cheer for the 49ers. the 49ers hosting the division leading arizona cardinals on
6:26 am
sunday. stub hub shows there's a lot of tick ace violable for less than face value. we checked this morning. you can buy upper deck seats for $30 each. normally they're $85. you can get 50-yard line seats for $250. the 49ers are struggling on the field with a 3 and 7 record so far. it's getting harder for the 49er faithful to stay faithful. well the golden state warriors mean time hope to keep their winning streak alive. they'll be playing the phoenix suns tonight. earlier this week, the warriors set an nba record with 16 straight wins to start the new nba season. the next record facing the warriors, a record of 33 straight wins. the lakers have the best winning streak at 33 games in the 71-72 season. tonight's game starts at 6:30.
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it's 6:26 the san francisco police department, the sheriff's department, the fire department, they all took part in a thanksgiving tradition that started more than 30 years ago. they prepared and delivered hundreds of meals for senior citizens all around the city for thanksgiving. self help for the elderly organizing it all. this is where hundreds of police officers, sheriff deputies, and firefighters, paramedics, carved up and sliced food at the lady shaw senior center in china town. they were able to prepare 3,000 meals. 1/3 of them for home bound senior citizens. >> i'm so blessed to be in the best city of the world. you go to folks that can't get out. being able to provide dinner and we all smell like turkey for about three days. >> many other officers say they're happy to serve their community in a different way. we continue to follow a story out of the east bay, of course that restaurant fire in berkeley also a deadly crash
6:28 am
and car fire on levorna road. we'll have the latest on that investigation. good morning, we are looking at a commute now where traffic is going to be busy if you're driving around the bay area. let's talk about the fire in berkeley. because that fire does have shattuck avenue at university closed. and they're still fighting it. these are live pictures from sky fox. and obviously still an issue here in berkeley. 30 minutes until the official sunrise. sky starting to lighten outside our doors this morning. isn't that a glorious start. we do have a very chilly start to the day. i'll update your current conditions and we'll look at the afternoon highs and what to expect for your holiday weekend, coming up.
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ly investigator in a
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>> welcome back. it's 6:30 on mornings on 2. continuing to brick live pictures of a restaurant fire in berkeley. it's the mandarin garden
6:31 am
restaurant on shattuck that's on fire and has been for more than an hour as the fire fight continues we continue to ask questions about the cause of the fire, if anyone has been hurt and if there is any other city helping berkeley i'm guessing oakland might be as certainly berkeley fire is very, very busy. this is an overhead shot of what's happening on shattuck. the road is blocked off due to fire vehicles. there's water and fire retardant. still very intense. you still see orange flame. take a look at the left third of the screen near the top. you see orange flames burning. crew haves been putting water on the fire for more than an hour. thank you for joining us this morning. i am here early. i'm in today for pam cook. >> and good morning i'm dave clark. we'll keep following what's happening in berkeley and elsewhere. but first let's check with rosemary in case you didn't know, if you haven't been outside, it's cold this morning. it's cold. >> oh yeah. put a chill in your bones for sure. and even if it isn't that cold
6:32 am
outside your door, chances are you have a little bit of wind. i'd rather have the cold than the cool wind. giving you a view here from san francisco. looking across the bay. where we again have just a little bit less than a half hour until the official sunrise. mostly clear skies in store for today. the winds are blowing over portions of the north bay. gusting at times to 25 miles per hour reported right now, santa rosa, napa reporting 20. and fairfield reporting a gust to about 24 miles per hour. before we leave this graphic, i want to show you in and around oakland as well as berkeley where the fire is burning, winds generally light. very calm in some cases and again generally light. that's good news for firefighters out there. when we get back to the wind blowing over portions of the north bay, you can see how it's impacted the temperatures this morning. really helping to stir the atmosphere. it won't allow the cold air to sink and stick. and that's why we're 15 degrees warmer in santa rosa by 5:00 in napa. around the bay, temperatures within a few degrees of where we started yesterday.
6:33 am
slightly up at sfo. livermore, a calm start to your day. and you're chillier. santa clara valley and the santa cruz mountains there's a freeze warning until 9:00 this  morning. that means 36 in san jose but some valley locations could sink into the upper 20s and be there. but now that we get closer to sunrise, hopefully we're bottoming out right now and temperatures will rebound as we get into 9:00 or 10:00 or so. 38 degrees in concord. 35 in livermore. upper 30s in walnut creek. a cold start if you're stepping out to do some black friday shopping. 32 degrees in redwood city. freezing outside your door as well. for the east bay shore line, upper 30s. we'll begin to thaw out a bit. but we'll remain cool into the afternoon. temperatures will be a lot like what we had yesterday. by noontime, we'll be in the 40s and 50s. for the second half of the day, a lot of 50s in store. here we are with oakland,
6:34 am
downtown, mostly clear skies, and 54 degrees at lunch time. get into the upper 50s at about 3:00. but then as we settle into dinner time. all ready back into the upper 40s. so we're looking at 50s for the afternoon highs but not the case for the entire day. we'll be chilly to start off and chilly to end. i'll have a broader view of what you can expect for the afternoon today. take a look at highs and into the weekend in a bit. good morning. good morning. we do have a look at, in fact, i think that the chopper has moved off. so we're going to have the control room skip that and go right to the toll plaza for you please. because we're having some issues there with the chopper. it's moved off to something else. we'll go to the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic is moving along relatively well. the police chase that i have just found out about is on westbound 580. let me put it on the map here for you. i'm just finding out about this. this is not the police chase though. i don't want to mislead you. this is something else going on here on westbound 580 on
6:35 am
westbound 24. the police chase is on 580 coming toward castro valley. they're looking for the chp officers to be in position here. we'll send the chopper and see if we can find it. obviously super dangerous to have a car driving that fast on the freeway. so we're a little worried about it. we'll let you know. let's go out and take a look -- let's go back to the desk at this point. we continue to follow developing news of a car crash and fire early this morning on 680 near livorna road. the driver was killed. paul chambers tells us what the chp has to say about the investigation. >> good morning. chp wrapped up their investigation about 45 minutes ago. cal trans crews are behind us cleaning up the exit. now, we can go to the video here. they say the accident happened here on interstate 680 southbound at livorna road exit. officers got the call around 2:45 this morning of a single car accident.
6:36 am
once first responders arrived they found a car on its side engulfed in flames. >> unfortunately the occupant of the vehicle was deceased. the contents of the vehicle was fully destroyed by fire. and at this point in time, our preliminary investigation indicates that a solo vehicle, possibly speed is a factor. >> reporter: officers say it's too soon to say if drugs or alcohol were involved. investigators searched to see if there were additional passengers. they don't believe that was the case at this time. they have a license plate to work off to find the registered owner of the car. however investigators say the body was burned beyond recognition. we'll have to use dental records to positively identify the deceased. in alamo, paul chambers, ktvu, fox news. police in san francisco are investigating strange finds this morning. they say several baseball bats were found chained to telephone poems around the city yesterday. there were as many as 15 bats and some of them had nails sticking out of them. officers are calling it a very strange incident and say
6:37 am
they're looking into put the altered bats around the city and why. the time is 6:26. video of a brawl thanksgiving night at a kentucky shopping mall is going viral. now this is cell phone video, this happened last night at saint matthews mall in louisville kentucky. it was posted to twitter. eventually bystanders, even a sheriff's deputy broke up these two men. the cause of the fight, we don't know. we don't know if anyone was arrested. somebody in the crowd yelled the name of a website known for posting fight videos. in chicago protesters are planning a march through the city later this morning over the shooting of a black teen by a white police officer. graphic video of that shooting was released just this past week and shocked many in the city and the country. reporter elizabeth matthews explains how police and protesters are preparing. >> we're just getting warmed up. we have a flight plan. >> game plans are being set for black friday sales and black
6:38 am
friday protests. >> i want to interrupt shopping on michigan avenue tomorrow. and i want great dollars to be lost tomorrow. >> father michael and other religious leaders and organizations say their goal, stop shoppers. >> people say why do you want that in the city of chicago? would you rather have violence? let's hit the pocketbook rather than breaking a window and turning over cars. >> also joining in the march, chicago teachers union president karen lewis. she's encouraging her members to participate saying quote, it's time to turn our pain into power. automated phone messages going out tonight. >> this is reverend jesse jackson, join us friday, the day after thanksgiving at 11:00 a.m.
6:39 am
>> chicago police are expected to have a large presence friday. they would not comment on specific security plans but did say in a statement they'll have police officers available throughout the city to ensure public safety, address traffic considerations, and support any peaceful demonstrations. they add the protests have been mainly peaceful and this should not stop visitors from enjoying the city. out of towner lindsay says she's noticed an increase in police patrols and isn't worried based on a few protests. >> with regards to last evening, it was peaceful and i respect that it was peaceful. >> the plans won't stop them. specky wouldn't >> it hasn't stopped me. everyone has things they believe in. it was an interesting thing to watch. >> they have a right to protest. we don't want it to become out of control. we'll continue to shop as long as we feel safe. >> we want to keep it peaceful. you don't want to make a bad example. >> the magnificent mile association says they respect
6:40 am
the american freedom to assemble and the process in pursuit of social justice adding they hope the friday gathering will continue to be peaceful. and that was a report on that. and coming up at 6:39, an airport in europe with their tired of travelers missing flights they're using a robot to help. how spencer the robot helps travelers and where it's going to be launched. plus the countdown continues for star wars fans, next we're getting a new look at that upcoming film. good morning, we're looking at a commute here where traffic is going to be okay on most roads. the roads aren't the ones that are crowded it's the malls. but we'll tell you more about that, coming up. dry, cold weather in place for your black friday shopping and into the bay area weekend, i'll have a look at what you can expect this morning and for your afternoon, coming up. narrator: when you see this truck,
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us know. i'll play your request every friday morning. today it's a free for all #ktvu on twitter, facebook, or instagram. >> 6:44 now a lot of people choosing to skip the store this is black friday. in favor of enjoying the great outdoors instead. the idea of offering free admission to 49 state parks on this black friday. the group budgeted $50,000 to promote the idea. it looks popular. all of the free day passes were snatched up. there are no more free day passes there are redwood barks in the bay area without admission fees. including in oakland and open space preserves on the penninsula. we have a full list of participating state parks at the penninsula humane society and spca celebrating black friday by waving adoption fees but only for black or mostly black cats or kittens through december 3rd. to help kick off the event, dusty the father or motherrer
6:45 am
shelter cat that's become a worldwide sensation is making an appearance at 2:00 p.m. if you're looking to join, the center for compassion is right along rollins road. the time is 67:45 the snow piling up in the sierra. almost five feet for the month of november. a lot from the recent storm, the same one that brought rain for us here in the bay area. squa valley, alpine meadows sent us these photos of skiers and snowboarders loving the snow. almost a foot and a half of snow fell there over the last week which allows it to open up more runs this weekend. >> the new snow made it a busy thanksgiving on the slopes at sugar bowl in tahoe. resort owners saw more people they say than they've ever seen in the past. 1/3 of the lifts are operating. and 1/3 of the terrain is open. they're getting ready for more people to head to the mountain this weekend. >> usually get the christmas holidays, mlk, and presidents as your big holidays.
6:46 am
thanksgiving and tahoe is not always a given. boy did we get it this year. >> the crowd is mainly from truckee, sacramento, and here in the bay area, not a lot of people coming from out of state just yet. if you plan to head to tahoe this weekend, prepare for delays and don't forget chains for your tires. spoors at 6:46, it's cold right here in the bay area. rosemary, this is something we've been talking about for at least a week here. we should be prepared. >> outside the doors this morning, another cold start. we'll get to numbers on the back end. let's first touch base and update areas south of the border. we have an update on hurricane sandra. continuing to weaken this morning. and the good news is as it makes tracks toward northern mexico it's expected to continue to weaken. 100 miles per hour winds right now all the way down to 35 miles per hour right now. and right now the path takes it
6:47 am
near -- when it makes land fall tomorrow morning. here at home we continue with this system that brought us rain and snow. now into the great basin. now into portions of nevada. so scattered showers and snow showers will remain in the forecast for the sierra. we'll have a look at that in a moment. but for us, we have a dry cold pattern and that northerly northeasterly breeze will keep temperatures up this morning in and around portions of the north bay and continue a light breeze into the afternoon. as far as tahoe, it's going to be a cold one. we're talking into the teens this morning. and even into the afternoon, getting to 22 degrees for the second half of the day. it's going to be a little breezy at times as well. and into the weekend, we're looking at temperatures reaching to about 24 degrees in the afternoon on saturday. and 31 degrees on sunday. and sunday looks to be the dry day with the possibility of snow showers in the forecast for today as well as tomorrow for the sierra. here at home, taking a look at our numbers here. upper 30s in and around the oakland airport this morning.
6:48 am
37 san francisco. need to catch a flight at sfo ,39 degrees. 39 mountain view. san jose checking in at 36. santa clara valley and the santa cruz mountains with a freeze warning that will last until 9:00 unless it's canceled sooner. up in areas like napa, nevada, santa rosa, fairfield, we have 40s. we have the wind. it's going to feel brisk out there. temperatures will feel like you're in the 30s. we have to consider the windchill factor when we're just that cool. 56 grandsons for the afternoon in sonoma. 56 in salsalito. low 50s for livermore. 55 degrees expected at antioch. 54 morgan hill. mid 50s for santa clara. the penninsula, 54 in redwood city and san mateo. 55 for san francisco. low to mid 50s, pacifica stretching down through half- moon bay, the extended forecast
6:49 am
here, temperatures, only subtle changes expected as we get through saturday and sunday, over night lows just as cold. we had frost and freeze advisories and warnings to start the day. because of the winds the national weather service canceled most of those. could wake up tomorrow morning with the frost advisory as well as the freeze warning. we'll be tracking that for you by monday we do have a chance for some rain. it looks like a slight chance and a weak system. but we'll be tracking that null well. let's check on the roadways with sal. good morning. good morning rosemary. we want to go right to sky fox over a crash eastbound 580 into oakland near highway 24. several lanes are blocked. it looks like this vehicle was flipped over on 580 right before the 980 interchange. as we pull back a little bit. i want to show you and i want statue ask if -- this is a firefighters here looking at the car. the paramedic vehicle took off. i have a feeling that the person who was injured is gone.
6:50 am
but the firefighters are there putting the car on the tow truck here. and some barrels have been taken away. eastbound 580 at highway 24. you can see the traffic is very, very slow. it looks like right now, are they holding all the traffic back there? they have to be. there you go. there's a round robin coming here on 580 trying to slow traffic down approaching this interchange. so again, avoid eastbound 580 at 24. several lanes are blocked. and they're trying to get this car out of the way. and put it up on to a tow truck. and a lot of people are out there shopping. so that's what's going on. let's quickly go to some other things. the bay bridge is clear for you. getting into san francisco. i told you earlier about a police chase in castro valley. they stopped that and they've taken one person into custody. 6:50. back to the desk. there's a new star wars trailer for you to enjoy before
6:51 am
the movie next month. >> there's been an awakening. >> wow. this preview is action packed. battles between the forces of darkness and light. also a look at new characters including the heroic sven and old favorites like hans solo and chewy. the force awakened comes to theaters on december 18th. huge crowds and long lines associated with black friday, if that doesn't give you the shopping bug, there's another option. today is plaid friday. the initiative is designed to promote local and independent businesses instead of malls and big chains. oakland's mayor libby will be participating in plaid friday visiting the oaklandish store in the diamond district. the shopping event started in 2009 and it's now recognized in cities across the country. and the city of oakland is giving shoppers another incentive to buy local in
6:52 am
addition to that plaid friday at independent stores the city is giving free parking to people who are stopping in shopping areas today and every saturday until new year's eve and that should make it easier and less expensive to shop local. but time limits will still be enforced at meters, parking lots and garages. >> one man says an app helped him save his house from being burned. how he was able to do that plus rescue animals, that's coming up at 7:00. could the president's older daughter be headed to college in the bay area? next the two colleges she's considering. through thanksgiving weekend at sleep train
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get three free gifts with selected mattress sets! save up to $300 on beautyrest, posturepedic,
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even tempur-pedic! plus get up to four years interest-free financing! sleep train's thanksgifting sale ends sunday.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time 6:55. nine people recovering today in georgia. a really scary accident at a thanksgiving day get together. a deck suddenly collapsed while a family was celebrating thanksgiving critically injuring one person. authorities say it looks like the deck was not properly secured. and was missing bolts to connect the deck to the house. also the wooden legs, they were in dirt instead of concrete. moments before that deck collapsed, 15 people were out there on that deck. >> i wouldn't say that it was over exceeding the limits of the personnel that should be on the deck. but i think due to the construction type that had a big effect and factor on that.
6:56 am
>> the homeowner trusted the realestate agent who sold her the house site unseen more than a decade ago. the family will be meeting with a lawyer because they are saying possible shotty dangerous construction took place there. well there are new concerns about security at the white house. a man jumped over the white house fence yesterday. officials say joseph caputo is facing criminal charges. they say he was draped in an american flag, clenching a binder in his teeth when he hopped over the fence. here's the picture. president obama and his family, they were inside the white house at the time. several high profile security breeches have led to the resignation of the former head of the secret service last year and those fences around the white house, they were enforced with new and even taller spikes. republican presidential candidate donald trump defending himself after being accused of mocking a reporter with a disability. at a campaign rally on tuesday, donald trump referred to new
6:57 am
york time's reporter serge kovaleski who has a condition that effects joint movements. trump started flailing his arms. on twitter yesterday, donald trump posted that he didn't know what kovaleski looked like. kovaleski says they've met at least a dozen times while he covered trump between 1987 and 93. speculation growing about where president obama's oldest daughter malia will go to college. malia that's her on the right and her younger sister sasha made an appearance at the traditional pardoning of the thanksgiving turkey on wednesday. malia is in her senior year at a private school in washington. at least two other bay area universities are said to be in the running to be her college of choice. she's 17 years old. she's toured colleges including stanford, uc berkeley, yale, and columbia. but there's no word yet on where she is applying.
6:58 am
time is 6:57, we're still following breaking news we've been telling you coming out of berkeley this morning, firefighters out there trying to contain a major restaurant fire. the restaurant was engulfed in flames just about an hour and a half ago there on shattuck. we'll have a live report next. sales, sales, and more sales, we are live in san jose at the valley fair mall with black friday shoppers. we'll show you what it looks like and tell you about the deals, coming up.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> for nearly two hours, firefighters in berkeley have been battling flames at this restaurant. a deadly early morning crash shut down an off-ramp in the east bay. details coming up. but first we're starting with breaking news. these are live pictures from berg leech a huge


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