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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  November 29, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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a san francisco officer facing felony charges tonight after allegedly hitting two pedestrians. >> and a teenager is dead tonight. two others seriously hurt, after a high speed police chase comes to a crashing end. good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> good evening, everyone, i'm russ palumbo. police say christopher kohrs hit two in north beach. investigators say kohrs fled
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the scene, then ditched his car. but police found it, tracked him down, and arrested him. kohrs became famous on social media because of his good looks, and is nope as the hot cop of the castro. those two victims have serious injuries and are referring tonight at sf general. they're both in their 40s. we'll have the very latest for you coming up tonight at 10:00. a high speed police chase ends in a deadly crash. now a teenager is dead. it started in danville, with speeds up to 90 miles per hour. the pursuit went onto the 680 freeway, and then onto side streets, ending in san ramon. noel walker has the story. >> driver may have been ejected. >> reporter: high speed police pursuits rarely end well for the one being chased. >> i went through the red light. >> reporter: best case, the driver is caught, and arrested.
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worst case, they end like this. a tc. traffic collision here in san ramon, just before 1:30 in the morning. the play-by-play captured in police scanner traffic. >> we need code 3 medical to repeat. >> our thoughts are with the family of this young woman. >> reporter: today the danville police chief talked about the police pursuit that ended with the driver dead. her two passengers, a 19-year- old woman, and 37-year-old man, both from livermore, critically injured. police say a small amount of an illegal drug was found in the car, but that wasn't the reason for the chase. >> at the time of the pursuit, they were trying to stop the vehicle for reckless driving. what they found out recently was that the car had been stolen. >> reporter: here in the southbound onramp of 680 is where the police officer first
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noticed that white honda, driving erratically. >> 90 southbound. >> reporter: the chief said the time of day was a factor in continuing the high speed chase from danville, to its deadly end in san ramon. by day, there is steady traffic near the crash site at bollinger canyon, and bishop ranch. >> had this been 2:00 in the afternoon, instead, with a lot of cross traffic. this pursuit would have been discontinued by the supervisor. >> reporter: the normal sunday traffic was blocked from entering the business park, where this pursuit ended, so cleanup crews could work. the investigation into the crash will take much longer. in san ramon, noel walker. the temperature is right now dropping with the sun. now another freeze warning is about to go into effect. how low it's going to go, mark. >> reporter: ross, we've been
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talking about this cold weather pattern, saturday night, and now sunday night the very cool temperature is in place. first, we talk about the lows from this morning. you can't pick out mountain view, that was a record, checking in 31 degrees. a couple of records toward gilroy. napa 28 degrees. look at that santa rosa temperature down to 23 once again. here is the overall weather pattern. the main cause of all of this cold weather pat herb. a big area of low pressure out to our east. it is kind of stalled out here, but it is finally on the move. tomorrow morning, not as cold as this morning, but it will still be pretty cold out there with 20s and 30s. here is our live camera, still partly cloudy skies. a few high clouds in fact have been increasing. the thinking is they will create an insulating blanket. temperatures tomorrow morning may be up 2 to 3 degrees. still very cold out there, already dropping into the upper
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30s, 39 degrees in fairfield. lots of 40s out toward walnut creek, livermore. san francisco, 52-degree. we do not have a frost advisory in place near the bay, but a freeze area still in place for the same areas. up in the north bay, out in the east bay as well, and the santa clara valley, that freeze warning begins 11:00 tonight, lasting until monday, 9:00 a.m. we could be talking about rain chances as well. coming up, it will be in the 20s, first thing tomorrow morning and we'll break down a chance of a few showers, even a stronger storm, later in the week. >> thank you, mark. the coroner today identified a san mateo woman, allegedly stabbed to death by her boyfriend. police found colleen strove stabbed several times. she was able to call for help before she died at the scene. police tonight continue to look
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for this man, her boyfriend. 22-year-old anthony corencheck. records show that he has been arrested previously on drug and assault charges. a deadly crash near orinda last night. police say a 40-year-old man crashed his pickup truck into an embankment, entailing it onto a tree. the chp still trying to figure out how all of it happened just west of camino pablo. his identity has not yet been released. in berkely, big flames coming from another car. it happened on bancroft way. the flames eventually spread to the nearby grass. even after the fire was out, crews stayed to make sure there weren't any flare ups. >> reporter: travelers are headed back to the bay area tonight. the sunday after thanksgiving typically one of the busiest. aaa estimates the 3.6 million people took to the skies over the holiday. today at sfo, there was a steady flow of people.
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many people said they took early morning flights from the east coast, hoping to beat the rush. >> we took a 7:30 a.m. flight, and new york was really orderly. it was a long security line, but we didn't get to the airport particularly early, and it was just like normal flying day, other than waking up before dawn. >> reporter: the faa says most airports across the country are running smoothly with delays of just 15 minutes or less. the vast majority of people traveled by car or bus this weekend. i want to give you now a live look at a very busy interstate 80 in emeryville. headlights toward us on the left side of your screen. and brake lights on the right. aaa estimates were there 40 million people on the road this weekend. gas prices are at their lowest levels since 2008. protests today at a whole foods in san francisco after
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allegations of inhumane conditions at a turkey farm. the group direct action everywhere, protested inside the whole foods in the castro on market and delores. they released a video claiming that turkeys live in deplorable condition, and say whole foods is misleading customers showing fake pictures of a front farm. >> this is what whole foods shows you. and this is the truth they don't want you to know. >> the group claims they investigated that truth all over a 9 month period. >> we're here today to tell whole foods, they have to stop lying to the public about these animals being treated in a humane way, and stop selling the idea that it is possible to kill an animal in a way that is
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compassionate. the water is finally back on for people in a lafayette neighborhood. the water started pouring down the street on friday afternoon, after the 16-inch pipe broke. about 35 homes were without water. crews got a closer look at the pipe, and they found the damage was more extensive than they thought. crews were still there today, repairing the road. new allegations tonight that the cal fire cheating scandal didn't just involve trainees, but included the instructors themselves. the instructors tossed out test results that some cadets couldn't answer. a chp investigator told the bee, that scores had been manipulated on probably half of
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the tests in recent years. an iraq war veteran, and recent married mother of two were identified today in the planned parenthood shootings in colorado springs last week. we get the latest tonight. >> reporter: investigators still looking into the motive for robert lewis dear. the man who carried out this deadly shooting rampage. dear is accused of killing three, including 44-year-old police officer garrett swayze. >> this tragedy won't define our community. the heroism is what defining our community. >> reporter: as many gathered to more than officer swayze, moore is learning more about dear. many say he had past arrest for animal crewty, pushing his wife
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out of a window, and for being a peeping tom, a charge he later dismissed. a comment rei think nying the debate. >> i cabinet believe that this isn't contributing to some folks mentally, unwell, or not, thinking that it's okay to target planned parenthood. >> reporter: others criticize any link to the shooting and on opposition to abortion. >> would i would say is to anyone who tries to link this terrible tragedy to anyone who opposing abortion, or opposes the sale of body parts, is this is typical left wing tactics. >> reporter: in colorado
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springs, will carr, fox news. coming up, president obama pays tribute to the victims of the paris terror attacks, and his late night visit to the growing memorial outside the bataclan music hall. >> and forget about black friday. why all the attention is now focused on cyber monday.
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president obama arrived in paris just a few hours ago, ahead of the u.n. climate conference that's set to take place sometime tomorrow. he traveled directly to the bataclan concert hall. that's where he and francois hollande placed flowers for the
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victims of the paris attacks. former microsoft ceo bill gates is expected to make the announcement tomorrow, to pool vast forces together with the goal of helping people most at risk from climate change. they hope the researched commitment will lead to developing critically needed technologies to shift the world away from fossil fuels. new allegations in the wake of a chicago police shooting. the fast food restaurant is near where an officer shot 17- year-old laquan mcdonald. the city released the dramatic dash cam video last week. chicago's police chief denies that his officers altered
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anything. tourists appear to be the target in a rash of burglaries. they appear to be going after their luggage left in cars, especially in the marin headlands. the park is now increasing patrols, and is reminding everyone to keep cars locked, and valuables at home. black friday store sales are now slipping as more and more people shop online. research firm shopper track says that black friday sales fell to $10.4 billion this year, compared to $11.6 billion last year. thanksgiving day store sales also dropped this year compared to last. cyber monday is tomorrow. analysts are forecasting an overall growth in sales, due to strong online sales. heavy rain, and flash flooding killed now at least 14 people. all of this since thursday, in both texas and kansas. several people were swept away in their cars or trucks, and their body found hours later down stream. an elderly woman who called 911 for help is still missing
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tonight. authorities presume she too was swept away and drowned. another 33-year-old woman called for help. by the time help arrived it was too late to save her. >> she was panicked, and basically, wanting him to come get her. she was only about 5 minutes from home. by the time he got there, the car was gone. >> just a sad situation there. freezing temperatures, and ice storms have already brought down power lines, and cut power to tens of thousands of customers all throughout that region. obviously, nothing like that here, but with are dealing with pretty although temperatures. >> it is cold, cold, cold. the question is, how cold will it get tonight? >> typically, we think our cold is mid- to low 30s out there. we've been talking about some 20s. up with more morning, i promise, then we're going to gradually warm up. the weather service could bring showers to the area. today, we just had mostly clear skies. you can see on the satellite, high clouds just offshore.
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a pretty weak cold front, that will send in clouds on the monday forecast. especially bid morning to a portion of the afternoon. you've been hearing a lot about the cold numbers. right now, we do have 46 in is a basta. sam more neighborhoods toward alamo, 40. danville. 42. pushing us to the south, san francisco, right around 50 degrees. but towards san mateo 46. we've been talking about frigid readings in the bay area. meyers 5 below, and truckee, through the 8:00 hour, they had a temperature of 8 below. the cool weather not only in the bay area, but also parts of the west. a cold start tomorrow morning. scattered high clouds. then we're tracking the chance
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of some rain. we could be talking about significant rainfall this week. a freeze warning in place for san jose. 6:00, 35 degrees. throughout the afternoon hours, temperatures will be in the mid- 50s. partly cloudy skies by the evening hours. it's basically trying to bring in the clouds from the weak cold front. this is the rainfall up to our north. that's when we bring in a chance of the shower. the highest chance will be in the north bay. that's after that recold start. santa rosa, 29 degrees. fairfield, 28. right around the bay, oakland 40. livermore in the upper 20s. areas not toward the santa clara valley, in the 40s as well. a string of lower 40s near the immediate coastline. this is the cold system we have been dealing with all week
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long. it will finally be on the move tomorrow. tomorrow, we're going to have that cold start, and more high clouds expected throughout the afternoon hours. a changing weather pattern finally this week, with a chance of a light sprinkle. on thursday, at least a quarter inch to a half inch. the clouds and a chance of a few pop up showers out there. tuesday, we'll thicken up the clouds throughout the day, wednesday, same story. that will be a factor by thursday. forecast highs for tomorrow, lots of 50s out there. so not a big change in the afternoon highs. san jose, 58. a look ahead, your five-day forecast, you can see those overnight lows, those temperatures begin to trend upward over the next few days, as we do bring in more clouds. a chance of a shower. a slight chance of a shower into sunday. finally, it has been a long
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stretch of this frigid weather pattern across the bay area. finally an end in sight. tomorrow morning, just one more day, it will probably be a little bit bathroomer than this one. >> the storm, we're trying to welcome to the bay area, could be a factor out there. >> the end is in sight. thanks a lot, mark. well the newest royal caught on camera, by her own patients. these photos just released of princess charlotte. the palace says william and kate hope everyone enjoys the photos as much as they do. she was born last may, and it now 6 months odd. william and kate are also parents to 2-year-old prince george. the 49ers and the cardinals played down to the wire at levi
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stadium. >> the raiders look to break a three game losing streak in tennessee.
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the battle of the losing
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streaks. the raiders break theirs, but tennessee can't seem to break theirs, huh? >> the raiders take on a titans team that lost 10 straight at homecoming in. the raiders had lost 10 straight of their open. it came down to the wire. as close as you can get for a must win game. it rained pretty much throughout the game, it was soggy, it was slushy, and marcus mariota finds his tight end, 6-0. carr, to crabtree for the touchdown. a big day for carr. 330yards, 3 touchdowns. the raiders up 10-6, when carr finds seth roberts who die dives into the end zone. 17-6, it's looking good. the raiders up 17-14 now. you see the play fake. finding just p fowler for the 1 yard touchdown. the raiders are down.
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here's the key play. raiders last gasp, 4th down, 4th and 8. 1:50 to go, but a holding call on tennessee, gives the raiders another chance. two minutes later, carr to roberts, huge day. a big win for the raiders. signed, sealed, and delivered when this interception happens by nate allen. the raiders win 24-21. titans, as we said, have lost 11 straight home games. the niners showed up against division leading arizona, but still not good enough to get the w today. a disgruntled 49ers fan paid to have this banner. not going to happen, he's the owner. david johnson, the one yard run. cardinals up 10. looks like it could be a blowout, but the niners come
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back. touchdown gabbert. the niners are hanging tough with the division leaders when carson palmer, not known for his running, but just enough speed to go get into the corner of the end zone. the 49ers drop to 3-8. we've got to tell you, not a huge surprise, lakers guard kobe bryant says this season, his 20th, will be his last. it's been a rough year for kobe. nowhere close to being the player he once was, which was the nba's third time leaving scorer of all-time. five nba championships. this year, kobe is averaging career lows in just about every category. and his lakers, when they played the warriors the other day, they are just 2-13.
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kobe bryant, hanging it up after 20 years. he will finish the season, and that's it for kobe bryant. >> we find that banner, really indicates what fans are feeling right now, the frustration. >> the other thing that indicates what they're feeling is there's a lot of empty seats. it was a good game today. niner fans were fired up for the game, but yeah, i think that sentiment, echoed by many niner fans. >> i read somewhere that a parking pass is more expensive than some of the seats now. online shoppers eagerly awaiting cyber monday, but so are hackers. >> police give you tips on how to keep your information safe from criminals during the holiday season.
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all right, i'm ready for my next question. in a world where rhinoceroses are domesticated pets, who wins the second world war? uganda. defend. kenya rises to power on the export of rhinoceroses. a central african power block is formed, colonizing north africa and europe. when war breaks out, no one can afford the luxury of a rhino. kenya withers, uganda triumphs. correct. my turn. in a world where a piano is a weapon, not a musical instrument, on what does scott joplin play "the maple leaf rag"? tuned bayonets. defend. isn't it obvious? you're right. my apologies.


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