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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  November 30, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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castro is out on bail this morning. arrested yesterday for felony hit and run in a car crash that injured two people. officer chris kohrs' dodge charger was found at the scene in north beach. we'll have more coming up in two minutes. a man accused of killing his girlfriend is still at large this morning. 22-year-old anthony kirincic stabbed 34-year-old colleen. at her home -- colleen straw. a president obama is joining 150 other world leaders for the united nations climate summit in paris. the u.n. says it is the largest gathering of world leaders in the same place on the same day ever. the goal of the two weeks of talks is an ambitious agreement to curb greenhouse gases. 4:30. as i was driving up from southern california, back up to northern california, noticed
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quite a bit of cold. >> did it get colder and colder? >> i go out to pump gas and i'm like, oh, boy. >> yesterday morning. >> it was cold. >> very cold. still cold out there. we do have clouds coming in. that should moderate temps a little bit. some of this cold air will get trapped in the north bay. it may be a day where upper 40s will be hi. so far, to the east and south and probably on the peninsula as well, clear to mostly clear. still a few 20s out there. our system is still moving in. light rain and snow, lake county, sunny, mostly sunny morning. we still have freeze warning out. this may get moderated a little bit depending on the cloud cover, but some areas not going to better. san jose starts off 35 downtown. freeze warning there. by noon, 55 degrees. then clouds start to roll in a
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little later. farther south, more sunshine. farther north where things are going to stay out of to mostly cloudy. 29 santa rosa, 30 fairfield. a few 20s popping up. woodside and palo alto at 29. some to the east bay and south as well. cloud cover on the move as well. it will start to roll in and that will keep temperatures on the cool side. to the south, more mostly sunny. to the north, mostly sunny. light rain, 40s for some, mid- 50s for others. here is sal now. good morning to you, steve. we have a decent morning out there. traffic is moving along very nicely, almost everywhere you look. let's start off with a look at some of the east bay commute. the traffic is moving along very nicely at the bay bridge toll plaza. no problems getting into san francisco. when you get into san francisco, it is a nice-looking drive on northbound 101. you can see traffic is nice and easy approaching the 80 split.
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i always go here to look for slow traffic. see if we have any. that would be livermore and the altima to pass. we see a little bit of heavy traffic on westbound 580 after 205, but not a lot of stop and go traffic just yet. still have an opportunity. let's go back to the desk. high-profile police officer in san francisco was arrested. off duty at the time when investigators say he hit two people crossing the street that left the scene. ktvu fox 2's debora villalon has the latest on the investigation. >> i saw the charger come to a stop. >> reporter: kevin cochran is the doorman at the penthouse club. he called 911 when two men were hit. >> they were thrown to about there, like 20 yards down that way. they were lying within 5 feet of each other. >> reporter: here is where they landed. neither man moving. one face down the other face up
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and bleeding heavily from a head injury. the driver jumped out and ran. >> pretty disturbing to begin with. i was disturbed to hear it was an off-duty cop. must have been going really fast for how bad the impact was. >> reporter: he has seven years on the force and works out of the city park station. while patrolling the castro district, he gained celebrity status for his good looks. fans even dedicated a facebook page to him. hot cop of the castro. full of comments and pictures reflecting his popularity in the community. but now out on bail, chris kohrs' door stayed shut. >> debora villalon from channel 2.ktvu. >> no one is here. >> we're trying to find chris kohrs. >> not here. no comment. >> probably the worst thing he could have done.
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>> reporter: strip clubs were all that was open past 2:00 a.m. there are surveillance images have gone to police. the witnesses are still marveling about a cop arrested for felony hit and run. >> probably thinking -- thinking he was drunk and ran to buy some time, but i don't know. he is an officer. he knows the law better than anyone else. >> that was debora villalon reporting. both victims in their 40s were rushed to san francisco general. they did suffer serious but not life-threatening injuries. a high-speed chase in the east bay, the 19-year-old driver dead and two others in critical condition. early yesterday morning in danville, hit speeds of up to 90 miles an hour on interstate 680. it ended with a crash in san ramon. police say initially they were trying to stop the car from driving recklessly but later found out the car was stolen. the pursuit continued for 15 miles on 680 until the crash on
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canyon road near canyon lakes golf course. the police chief says the time of day was a factor in continuing the high-speed chase. >> 2:00 in the afternoon instead, had this been, this would have been discontinued by the supervisor. on behalf of the danville police department, our thoughts are with the family. >> police say the driver, 19- year-old hannah meecham of livermore, died and her two passengers also from livermore, were seriously injured. another hearing is scheduled for the man accused of shooting and killing an oakland muralist. marquise holloway will be back in court, since he lashed out at a judge last week. holloway is being charged with murder and robbery in the death of antonio ramos. ramos was working on a piece mural when he was shot and killed. investigators say the gun was stolen from a federal agent's car two weeks before. at this point police are not
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saying how holloway got his hands on the gun. the search continues for the person who abandoned and buried a newborn baby along a bite -- a bike path. pictures show the baby was wrapped in the hospital blanket when she was found on friday afternoon. deputies say the newborn had been placed in a hole in the pavement and then deliberately covered in rubble about a foot deep. a woman and her sister were walking nearby and heard the baby crying and called the sheriff's department. >> we know that if the child had spent the night there, in those conditions, the baby wouldn't have survived. >> officials say the baby was less than 36 hours old when she was found. she is now reportedly in good condition at the hospital. a suspected burglar died after he got stuck in a chimney and the homeowner and knowingly lit a fire in the fireplace. in fresno county saturday afternoon, sheriff's deputies think the 19-year-old tried to break into the home and got stuck. next day, homeowner lit a fire
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and heard screams. firefighters smashed the chimney to get the man out but he later died. lock up your vehicles. that is the warning being sent. park officials say there's been a rash of car burglaries recently especially in the marin had lands. the thieves are targeting tourists traveling with luggage. rangers say everyone should lock up their cars and leave valuables at home. the park service says it will increase police patrols throughout the holiday season. it was a busy night at bay area airports as a big rush of holiday travelers returned from the long holiday weekend. the sunday after thanksgiving is typically a busy one for airlines. aaa estimates 3.6 million americans took to the skies over the holiday. many travelers at sfo say they took early morning flights from the east coast in hopes of beating the rush. >> we took a 7:30 a.m. flight. new york was really orderly. it was a long line, but we
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didn't get to the airport particularly early and it was just like any normal day, other than waking up before dawn. >> most people traveled by car this holiday. including myself. aaa estimates more than 40 million. analysts say cheap gas is likely the reason. gas prices are at their lowest levels since 2008. police have arrested two men on suspicion of stealing mail. a neighbor called police after he noticed suspicious behavior early yesterday morning. fairfield police say two men were caught with male from five different house. neighbors are surprised by this but police say package that often spikes during the holidays. >> i think we're going to go to one of the locked mailboxes now. and have the mail man drop it off. use a key to pick it up. >> the two men arrested, michael anderson charged with criminal conspiracy and 30-year- old corey smith, accused of
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possessing stolen property. medical marijuana dispensaries in san jose face a deadline to meet city regulations. pushing for more time to either meet or change the rules. a new report says the city has 19 pot clubs working to meet the requirements by december 18. those include limitations on where dispensaries can do business and where there products come from. the san jose mercury news reports their biggest concern is a rule that requires pot used to be locally grown. tomorrow the city council will hear a request to extend the deadline until next spring. the fda is cracking down on breweries when it comes to nutrition. right next to december the fda will mandate restaurant chains offer full nutritional info for beers on tap. it will affect the more than 4000 craft breweries across the country. the ceo of a new york a craft brewery finding out the calorie counts is not the hard part. >> the bigger issue is that they start requiring the
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nutritional panel on the back of all beers, most breweries are not set up with that kind of equipment to produce a back label. >> he says the equipment to produce labels costs around $100,000. he also says the cost will hit craft breweries hard. bay area researchers found surprising ways to keep people alert while behind the wheel in self driving cars. a new stanford study shows the cars that steer and stopped by themselves can love old drivers into a false sense of security. that feeling is so strong more than 25% of the people tested actually fell asleep while in the driver seat in simulators. only 6% did when they were told to read or watch a movie while behind the wheel. that's kind of weird to say. watch a movie behind the wheel. so far there's no agreement on the best way to keep off-duty drivers alert. >> my point of having a self driving car is so that i can sleep on the way to work. that's the whole point. i guess you can't sleep.
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welcome back. deadly storm system that caused flooding in parts of the southern plains is dumping more rain on swollen rivers in parts of texas and arkansas. that storm has been blamed for at least 14 deaths. in oklahoma, roads are slick after slow-moving storm dropped ice and freezing rain. ice storms also caused power outages for more than 78,000 homes. >> day before thanksgiving one year, we've experienced three floods now, a tornado, a hurricane and a terrible ice storm. >> the national weather service said heavy rain could lead to flash flooding and several other states, including tennessee and kentucky. two lifeguards saved a woman who was swept off a sonoma county beach. the press democrat says the state park lifeguards noticed the woman walking at goat rock beach near jenner. they were concerned because of the strong waves where she was walking. by the time they got to hurt --
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she had been swept out into the ocean. the woman from novato was 50 yards offshore when rescuers reached her. she was conscious when she was taken to a santa rosa hospital. the search continues for the person who placed dozens of spiked bats around san francisco last week. police say since friday, no more pets have been found, but they have collected about 27 of them. the bats were found attached to poles and parking meters around the city on thanksgiving. police are trying to determine if they are a piece of art or something more. anyone with information is asked to call police. 4:46. let's check back and -- in with sal. >> traffic doing very well around the bay area as we look at other roads. trying to scare up a little bit of slow traffic. not trying too hard. i hope i don't find any slow traffic. all morning long. that's much to ask for, but this is a look from the argues
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bridge to the macarthur maze. that's as good as it gets. so we haven't had any real slow traffic just yet. a bridge toll plaza, still looks good. if we go to the toll plaza, traffic is moving along very well. beginning to see signs of things going on here at the toll plaza. traffic is going to be busy. and driving 880 southbound between heyward and fremont, looks good. 580 is good through the dublin interchange. let's go to steve. another cold one out there. although a little different twist from sunday when it was clear. there wasn't a breeze and we have lots of 20s and even a few record lows. this morning, clouds on the move. especially for the north bay. that's probably already stopping some of the additional cooling. however, that's going to make for a very chilly day. that's going to trap some of that cold air. freeze warning still in place. 20s around, palo alto, menlo
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park, danville and alamo. freeze warning until 9:00. 20s for some, santa rosa at 29. napa airport has a hint of a breeze, fairfield update from yesterday. they dropped to 22 on sunday. one observation in palo alto at 31. i've seen also 29. morgan hill, there's a few more 20s, boulder creek, scotts valley scotts valley, 37 for santa cruz and cupertino at 32. a hint of a breeze northeast at the napa airport. a little westerly at novato, northeast at fairfield, 8 miles per hour. no doubt about it holding the temp up compared to sunday morning. 18 in reno, one in truckee. 48 arcata, ukiah 48 for our high today, cloud cover coming in, the system has a little bit of energy. towards the south, not to the north. that will keep cloud cover in there. this is a week system, much stronger on its way, but more
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likely to thursday. light rain to the north today, otherwise just a lot of mid- level clouds. cold air this morning, thursday looking is -- is looking like a rather strong cold front. thursday is looking like a rainy day. timing, deal with that a little bit later. cloudy to the north, very light rain, 50s or 40s, santa rosa, nappy -- napa. even out towards parts of the east bay as well. because of mostly sunny skies, upper 50s to low 60s towards the south bay. sun and clouds, light showers, looks okay tuesday, wednesday. clouding up on thursday. a little wind producer, looks okay into the weekend there, pam. >> thank you, steve. the competition at the movies over the holiday weekend. in the end, it was katniss everdeen who dominated at the box office. >> that's a short honeymoon. >> well, i guess we're going to have to have one in the capital. after we take it. >> gather around.
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>> the hunger games mockingjay part 2 held onto its first- place spot. it took in $51.6 billion, out earning the good dinosaur and the latest rocky film creed. rounding out the top five, james bond's specter. a futuristic delivery service coming up in 20 minutes, a sneak peek into amazon's proposed new drone delivery service. and a festive drink is in jeopardy.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." 4:53. pope francis is calling for peace and forgiveness between christians and muslims as he wraps up his tour of africa. he celebrated mass and visited visited several sites in the central african republic. for the past two and half years, the nation has been embroiled in a civil war between a muslim minority and the christian majority. nearly 1 million people have been forced out of their homes. this is the final leg of the pope's six-day tour of three african nations. for the second weekend in a row, paramedics treated people sickened by a synthetic marijuana drug. 16 people in downtown san diego reported overdosing on spice on
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saturday. last sunday, eight people fell ill. paramedics say symptoms ranged from nausea to fast heartbeat and difficulty breathing. >> doesn't even take a little spice to get someone to fall. i've seen people where they take one hit or whatever, they do with it, they just hit the floor. >> police are working to find the source of the drug. they did make two arrests in connection with selling spice. people all around the globe will come together to observe world a.i.d.s. day. the annual event aims to raise awareness of hiv and a.i.d.s. epidemic. this year the theme is the time to act is now. remembrances are planned around the bay area including the a.i.d.s. memorial grove at san francisco's golden gate park. if one of your traditions is drinking eggnog, you could have a hard time finding some this year. the avian flu is causing an a shortage causing problems for eggnog producers. some companies are not letting the shortage ruin the holiday tradition.
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instead producers are reworking their recipes. it's going to cost you about $0.50 more a gallon for eggnog because of the shortage. some people say they felt deceived after opening up one holiday candy. take a look. it is the rhesus peanut butter cup christmas tree edition. several people have been tweeting that the candy looks nothing like a tree at all. greases tweeted some of the customers back saying this is not a perfect experience we're going for. -- reese's. they could send a note to the company about the complaint. the cost to give your true love all the gifts mentioned in 12 days of christmas is up again this year, but only slightly. a little more than $34,000 to buy all the items mentioned in the final verse of the song, up 0.6%. the price for nine of the gifts held steady but the cost of partridges and pear trees is up $7. the cost of 10 lords a leaping is up $16 per lord.
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the gingerbread house is officially open for business. the two-story structure stands at more than 22 feet high, 23 feet wide, includes thousands of home-based gingerbread bricks and more than a ton of icing and candy decor. even a pet friendly gingerbread dog house located next door. hundreds of people from near and far, how to see that holiday display at the fairmont every few. very fun to walk through that. 4:56. coming up, it is a jail that is sparking controversy in san francisco. up next, more on the vote this week that is coming a lot earlier than expected. and concern over climate change is taking precedence over fear of terrorism as world leaders gather in paris. we'll have the latest on the summit that is now underway. northbay commute looking good so far. the traffic is light. changing over the median. shouldn't be a big problem for
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good morning. a high-profile san francisco police officer finds himself in trouble with the law. what led to the arrest of the officer dubbed the "hot cop of the castro." live in san mateo where a homicide suspect is on the loose. we'll tell you who he is accused of killing over the weekend and what we know about his past. good morning. welcome back. it is monday, november 30. i'm pam cook. >> welcome back to you. i'm dave clark. let's talk about the weather and traffic. it is cold. not my imagination? >> it's freezing. 35 degrees. when i got to my car. >> steve paulson agrees. >> very cold although changing to the north. not as bad as sunday morning. that was record-setting. >> sunday morning we got to sleep in a bit. >> i know. >> more concerned today. >> especially when i went out to get the paper paper. we did have a lot of 20s yesterday. record shattering for some.
5:00 am
officially there were about about three or four. santa rosa was in there, fairfield, napa but this morning still cold. there are 20s, yet running a little bit warmer because there's a system coming in. as weak as it may be, that doesn't matter. cloud cover to northbay, toward san francisco, east bay, somewhat to the south bay. since we have a freeze warning up. there are some 20s popping up until 9:00, marginal now, to northbay, speaking of, good morning, steve. it's just darn cold here in windsor. please tell me it's going to warm up some. it will warm up some but i went about 49-50 degrees. too much cold air up there. santa rosa has gone up from 29 to 31. napa airport 33. cloud cover will do that. may be light rain or snow. higher elevations, mendocino county into lake county, increasing clouds. not a lot to this system but there will be a lot coming in


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