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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 30, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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good afternoon, enough sprinkles throughout the bay area. the freeze warning expired a few hours ago but it is still chilly outside, a live look from you from san francisco, let's go to rose mary for what we should expect for this day. yes, cloudy, cool and spotty showers are going to continue as well, how about we get a look at where showers are falling, we had a band move through earlier and it brought widespread light showers across the area, this is where we stand in the moment. along the peninsula, we have in here a little around san francisco, stretches on the
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east side of san mateo and crossing the bay area. so you might have a little bit of light rain, as we shift to the east bay we have a few light sprinkles, perhaps areas like san pablo, berkeley, oakland and areas around heyward, union city, heyward may have light rainfall, shift a little bit farther into the east bay we have light bay falling over pleasanton around the spotty light showers through the entire day. portions we've got american canyon in our view as well as the north bay, some light rain falling over nevada and san rafael and san rafael richmond bridge. this is going to continue and into the evening hours not a lot of accumulation expected, damp weather in the forecast and cool weather. colder than we were yesterday. it is going to feel chilly out there. have a look at temperatures for you and what you can expect for
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the week ahead coming up. a san francisco known as the hot cop of the castro is on the other side of the law. facing charges of felony hit- and-run. as ktvu fox 2 brian flores found his distinctive car at the scene of a hit-and-run crash that left two people seriously hurt. >> reporter: the police officer who is charged for allegedly running away from a hit and run crash early sunday morning was identified by police add christopher coors, many people know him as hot cop of the castro, he is out on bail but faces felony hit-and-run charges. police say this happened just about 2:20 on sunday morning near the corner of broadway and montgomery here in san francisco. they say two men were crossing broadway when they were hit by the driver of an orange dodge charger. the driver ran away from the scene after the crash. after police investigated to try to determine the owner of the car that is when they
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arrested christopher coors much witnesses near the incident say the men were thrown about 20 feet from impact. >> pretty disturbing to begin with, so i was really disturbed to hear it was an off duty cop. he must have been going really fast for how bad the impact was. >> reporter: coors is a well known officer, he recently finished a calendar shoot for the 2016 fit cop calendar, he's done several fundraisers for charity including an eyes bucket fundraiser for families of fallen officers. we tried reaching out to san francisco police this morning, no official comment for them, as for the victims they do have serious injuries but they are expected to be okay. back to you. the search is on for a man accused stabbing his girlfriend to death over the weekend, on saturday 22-year-old anthony corinsick stabbed his 34-year- old girlfriend on south b
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street. police searched several addresses, police say he has a criminal past and they've been called to the house before. >> we definitely had prior calls for service at this residence. again, san mateo police department takes domestic violence very seriously and we will actively work this case until justice is brought to light here. >> showing he has been arrested before on assault and attempted murder charges on a could habitant. authorities say he should be considered armed and dangerous. it is cyber monday and retail experts say some of the best deals online fall into two categories. >> the strongest deals i am seeing are in the electronics and apparel categories that is where you are seeing big door buster deals online today. for instance, target, amazon, best buy, especially on flat screen tv's, seeing savings
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between 300-$400. seeing discounts on i devices like ipads especially at best buy, those are the electronics fields you want to be looking at. >> the deals are out there, target's website experienced intermittent problems due to high traffic. the website now appears to be back up and running but there are delays. trying to buy a pair of snow boots on my lunch break and got a window said there is a line for this item, after 20 minutes of trying and trying again i gave up. of course online shopping means a big day for amazon. ktvu fox 2 scott savage takes us inside the distribution center in tracy. >> a lot of people ordering gifts online today on cyber monday, and many people going to to find what they need and a lot of those orders they will be processed here at this distribution passity.
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we are on the hath floor of this warehouse here in tracy, this vanessa, now what you do, you are a stower. >> yes i am. >> what does that mean. >> what it means i'm a busy worker bee, i'm filling in orders for these customers to give away for christmas. >> you are going to open this box up. >> make sure it's all opened. here we go. >> we'll get out of your way. now obviously this is a busy day for you, cyber monday, the busiest. >> the busiest. it feels like when you drink a big cup of coffee and and you get jittery. >> you have that look like why don't we get out of your face and let you work. >> kind of, a little bit. >> when you are working during the holidays like this, are you thinking about the fact that a lot of these are gifts going off to people. >> it's amazing having a little girl of my own, i'm filling in
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orders for all of these kids on christmas, i can't wait until when these customers get these orders and they open these up on christmas and be happy. >> you take a lot of pride. >> it's a lot of hard work here. >> thank you, vanessa. >> it's fun, too. >> we work hard, we play hard and make millions happy. >> and this is what the whole distribution center looks like, as big as 28 football fields, is 1.2 million square feet of space, you can see miles of conveyer belts as well. amazon just for the holiday season for the busy cyber monday they bring on an additional 100,000 employees. analysts are predicting a 12 percent surge in sales on cyber monday this year for amazon and other retailers. most of what people are buying on this cyber monday? electronics. they want those fancy gadgets.
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we'll send it back to you. and we move to developing news out of afghanistan where the u.s. embassy in kabul has issued an emergency message for credible reports of an eminent attack within the next 48 hours, the statement says there are no details available regarding the attacks, time, target or message but it does urge americans in kabul to ex are exercise in supreme caution,. meanwhile near paris president obama and world leaders are gathering at the global climate change summit, the largest gathering of world leaders on the same day. . climate change, an issue with the power to unite, 1951 heads of state. four leaders gathering in paris on a summit on global warming, 1780 counties putting -- 180 counties putting on plans,. >> we have never faced such a
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pest, a political momentum like this may not come again. >> president obama taking part in a bilateral meeting with chinese president ping at the summit. it's their responsibility to take action even as heavy smog hung over many places in china today. >> united states and china come here with a competition, let's meet in paris agreement including moving toward a low carbon global economy of this century. >> paris hosting the summit two weeks after islamic extremists staged a series of coordinated attacks across the city. president obama says parisian commitment to the gathering is a rejection to those who tear down our world. >> we salute the people of paris for insisting this crucial conference go on. an act of defiance that proves nothing will deter us from
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building the future we want for our children. >> the goal here is to come up with a collective agreement by december 11th. traveling with the president in paris, france, kevin cork fox news. president obama is also scheduled to meet with russian president putin on the sideline of the summit. expecting to discuss the unrest in syria and unrest in ukraine. william porter is the first of six officers to go to trial. porter at the bottom right of the screen facing several charges including involuntary manslaughter, all potential jurors said they had heard of the freddie gray case. jury selection was under way inside. gray suffered a fatal spinal injury while being transported
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in a van in april. jury selection is expected to take several days. in just a few mines the men accused of shooting and killing three people at a colorado planned parenthood clinic will be in court for the first time as two more victims from the shooting have been identified. family members confirmed jennifer markovsky was killed, a i a iraq war hero question area stewart, garrett swasey. >> he was literally like a little brother to me. always, you know, putting someone else first. yeah. not surprised that that's the career path he took. >> the suspected gun man 57- year-old robert lewis dear, he is expected to face multiple
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counts of murder and potential murder. reports that he told investigators no more baby parts after his arrest showed he had an antiabortion agenda. a warning issued for tour i remembered, the in creed crime park rangers are reporting and what they plan on doing about it. what kobe bryant says is behind his decision to retire after 20 years. ♪ cyber sales are storming in with ultra hdtv deals. ultra hd huh? i'll look good enough to eat. [ gasps ] oh no... samsung ultra hdtv on sale at
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cyber monday only. a 19-year-old driver who died after a high speed choice has been identified as hannah mechum. moving on to interstate 680 before ending with a crash in san ramon. they tried to stop the car, but later found out the car had been stolen from dublin. the chase trapped 15 miles before the deadly crash right near the canyon lakes golf course. the time of day was a fact why are in continuing the high speed chase. >> had this been 2:00 in the afternoon instead with a lot of cross traffic this pursuit would have been discontinued, on behalf of the danville police department, our thoughts are with the family of this young woman. >> the two other passengers 19- year-old woman and 37-year-old man were taken to the hospital with serious injuries, the car
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was stolen from dublin. people who visit is a's golden gate recreational areas are being warned to lock their cars as rangers say there have been a string of car burglaries. the thieves appear to be targeting tourists traveling with luggage, but everyone should lock up their cars and leave their valuable as home. the park service will increase police patrol throughout the holiday season. san francisco police are continuing to investigate baseball bats found around the city, they collected about 27 of the bats which were found attached to poles and parking meters, but since friday no more have been found. anyone with information is asked to call police. fairfield police are accrediting an alert neighbor. a neighbor called police after seeing suspicious behavior early yesterday, turns out mail was taken from five different homes over the weekend, some of the mail was found scattered on the grown and owners were able to get it back much the man who
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called police said he saw two men wearing black hoodies. >> every night i see people walking up and down this street, i know they don't live in this neighborhood. >> the two men arrested are 34- year-old michael anderson who was charged with criminal con spear and corey smith charged with possession of stolen property, mail and package thefts often spike during the holidays. not much relief expected in the southern plains, it's a slow moving storm in texas and kansas that is causing flooding and blamed for at least 14 death the over the weekend, oklahoma some roads are slick after the storm dropped ice and freezing rain there. ice storms also caused power outages for 78,000 homes. >> day before thanksgiving this one year, in that one year we experienced three floods now, a tornado, a hurricane and
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terrible terrible ice storm. >> the national weather service says heavy rain could lead to flash flooding including alabama, georgia, tennessee and kentucky. here in the bay area more cold area shelters are hing as temperatures drop. more beds are available tonight through march. accord to go this year's homeless census 6500 people are homeless, south bay shelters opened their doors ahead of of schedule because of the cold temperature. now to meteorologist rose mary, it's cold and wet out there. >> you're right a little damp and cold, definitely two big story. let's take a look at what is happening, showers rolled through the bare area earlier. they had dropped off activity winding down, but a live look out across the bay into san francisco, can you see all that cloud cover with that cloud cover overhead. temperatures are even cooler than where we were yesterday and it's going to feel like it out there, here is a look at
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storm tracker 2, we had this go through, before we get to the bay area i want to shift north into areas of lake county, snow levels dropped down to 15700 feet this morning, so a cold storm as well, rain, scattered showers over portions of the east bay and here in the central bay, south bay looks dry. and over portions of the north bay mainly dry at this time as well, shifting closer, take a look at where we could have a few light scattered showers between heyward and freemont, in around 880, 580, shifting along closer to 6880 where we had a little bit of light rain over portions of inner east bay, pleasant on, across 580, liver moore. a few sprinkles reported in areas around concord, walnut creek looks dry at the moment. a few scattered showers. moving back towards the american canyon area. a few light showers reported
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here. you can see vallejo, hercules and east bay shoreline areas right around richmond. we are going to be mostly cloudy, we are going to be cool. we do have a few scattered showers that will remain in the forecast. and that will be about it. as far as accumulation, not a lot expected much we do have a stronger storm coming in on thursday bringing us rain, sierra snow and wind, so we will be watching that for you. meanwhile these numbers, not going to warm much as we get into the second part of your day. 48 degrees right now in santa rosa, upper whos for napa, 50 degrees san francisco, upper whos along the peninsula, san jose, mid 40s in livermore, notice not a lot of change, we are looking at upper 40s, low to mid-50s for the entire day, under mostly cloudy skies and a few spotty shower that will continue through afternoon and early evening. as we get into
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tuesday/wednesday we dry off some. thursday more rain. and snow for the sierra, maybe even a foot for the higher elevations, we will be tracking that. and then as we get into your bay area weekend we will be drying out once again. mid to upper 50s, 60 at best. >> we were running around the park yesterday afternoon, i had car day began and jacket and scarf and boots and i was still cold. >> yes, need it today, tomorrow. >> fall almost winter. after 20 years in a lakers uniform kobe bryant has announced he will retire after the season. my heart can take the pounding, my win -- my mind can handle the grind but my body knows it's time to say good-bye helping the lakers to win championships, he is excited for what the future has in store for him. >> i don't want to do this anymore. you know, i am okay with that.
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you know, once i accepted that then it became to let everything know. >> the 37-year-old bryant began nba career in 196 straight out of high school. he has won two olympic medals, five championship games and 81 point games behind wilt chamberlain who scored 100 points, scored more than 32000 points in his career. the statue of the patron saturday of san francisco is now going into storage temporarily. the statue is about officials try to find it a new home, there is talk it could be placed at a hunters point ship yard, but that project isn't expected to be complete until 2018. coming up, the avian flu could be taking a toll on a holiday treat, how consumers can feel the impact. i am totally blind.
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and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit taking a live look at the new york stock exchange, you see the do you dropping just a bit, losing about one-third of 1%, s&p, dow and nasdaq,. it may be more difficult to get egg nog, bird flu is causing a shortage, reworking their egg nog recipes, but if you do get your hands on the holiday drink it is going to
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cost you .507 more a gallon --. getting a helping hand in the sierra foothills, rockland firefighters busy decorating an engine for christmas gift deliveries. >> we have to make sure it's decorated properly, it's fitting for the occasion. certainly santa is a big celebrity, you should see it, people come out of their houses, kids run out of the houses in their pajamas, they can't believe santa is in there on their street. >> this year time lapse video from the rockland fire facebook page, santa has been making an appearance for 35 years now. a new research center is opening up in san francisco and its goal is to find a cure for aides, today on the 49 on 2, we are talking about the ceo of the hiv cure research center at
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ucf mission bay talking about the funding it received and how far away we are from finding a cure. thanks so much for joining us this noontime in making ktvu your choice of news, always on web web, always follow us on facebook and twitter see you back here at 49:00.
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