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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  December 9, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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so. >> i would for later today -- >> the rain is on the way. >> it's coming. >> cloudy skies -- patchy fog -- mild in the low 50s -- light rain north -- pretty light. later tonight into tomorrow and it may be here for a while. . >> cloudy skies -- the system is on the way -- they are moaning about the lack of cold air back east -- it's about time things were active on the west coast -- take your medicine -- seriously. we have had dry weather for three or four years. >> there will be heavy rain -- can't find it yet -- 50s in the
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temperatures -- low to mid 50s -- 57 settles a 49 gilroy 56 morgan hill 45 scotts valley mid-50s serotonin and cupertino. first of many systems that will move in later today and tomorrow and the cold air. one of the forecast runs a says it will be active into christmas. >> cauti skies and patchy fog. upper 50s and low 60s -- a few mid-60s. 6:01 -- we have been talking about this for a while, steve. people with leaking roofs tomorrow will realize -- oh, no. >> to get somebody out there -- they are pinched -- it will take a month before they can work on your house. >> when i was younger i got up on the roof myself -- i was in the rain putting up the tar. >> what i do now?
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>> hire somebody. >> that's what will happen -- we will be busy tomorrow -- >> steve is the guy i go to because of his knowledge -- he is a walking knowledge person. >> let's take a look at the commute -- i will find a way to say that. >> here's a look at westbound 80 -- the problem is this crash was in the lanes for a while. the traffic is backed up on the freeway -- you can see it here -- unfortunately it looks like someone was injured. the fire department and medics are there with the crews and of the traffic is backed up -- is also backed up on 80 out of richmond to the spot around the berkeley curve. patrol pleasant -- the traffic will be backed up -- not a huge backup -- just normal. the traffic will be slow still getting into san francisco.
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580 westbound as you drive from the board to have word the traffic is doing well. if you wanted to help out -- go to my facebook page -- >> a walking is cycle. -- thank you. >> let's go back to the desk. developing news about yahoo -- they announced it is scrapping plans to spin off its stake in china's ali baba -- they will break off its other assets into a new company -- this comes amid concerns that the spinoff of ali baba worth more than $30 billion would result in a substantial tax bill. as we speak now yahoo is giving the details about what they are doing in a conference call with investors. we'll have more about the announcement coming up at 7 o'clock. >> the winning streak has been
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extended -- they picked up political support for the plan to build a new arena in san francisco's mission bay neighborhood. >> alex savage is in san francisco -- the fight could be coming to a close. >> the golden state warriors move across the bay is looking like a reality this morning as the san francisco board of supervisors gave a green light for the team to build a new arena in the city. this vote took place last night during the meeting of the board of supervisors -- it went for several hours. in the end they approved the environmental impact report for the $1 billion arena set to go up in the mission bay neighborhood. the board dismissed an appeal by a group called the mission they alliance trying to block the arena over concerns about increased traffic and the impact on the nearby hospital.
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those backing the arena rallied outside of city hall ahead of the board meeting and they believe the project will have a positive impact on that part of the city. >> we will have a excitement for the first time ever. currently the office buildings and apartment and now we will have the plaza where the community can enjoy it. >> whether there is a game going on or not. >> the fight appears to be heading for the course -- the mission bay alliance -- a group 8 above ucsf donors is promising to file a lawsuit to block construction of the arena in separate cisco. it appears it will take one last shot but city leaders here are confident this project will move up forward and in fact they are optimistic about breaking ground on the new arena sometime early next year. >> back to you. >> that was alex savage. in the meantime the warriors have tied the second longest winning streak ever. they are now 23-0 so far after
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beating the pacers 131 -- 123. >> clay thompson was on fire with 39 points including 10 three-pointers. the warriors held on for the win despite losing in the fourth quarter -- check out this player -- he sprained his ankle. he had to leave the game -- x- rays on the ankle were negative. that's the good news -- a couple of days off before they play the celtics friday. >> 606 -- in other news a san leandro school board approved a plan to let police officers come into the classrooms and teach students about gang prevention. allie rasmus is live -- there's a debate now -- >> good morning -- the program stands for gang resistance education and training --
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great. depending on who you talk to the program has offered roles in different outcomes. the unified school the strict voted last night unanimously to implement this program in 2 of the elementary schools. some parents were not happy about the plan and some gathered outside ahead of the meeting to protest -- some parents say it's great is too young to have students talking about gangs. other parents worry that the course would take away from their kids learning traditional subject and skills. the police say the program takes a well-rounded approach and is and just focus on gang prevention. they say it teaches kids sick life skills. >> it teaches decision-making and communication skills. recognizing and how to control anger. how to prevent bullying behavior. >> it has removed time from our children's education -- replacing it with something that we don't know will have benefit other than pr for the
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police. i think that's inappropriate. >> police say the goal of the program isn't about good pr -- it is to become role models for the kids they interact with and to be an extra adult for the kids to go to. the program comes at no cost to the school district -- the board will up lament the program at garfield and mckinley elementary schools -- it will decide whether expanded to other schools in the district. >> thank you. >> 6:08 -- details about the math shooting in san bernardino the left 14 dead and 21 her. investigators say 3 pipe bombs left behind were likely meant to go off -- detonated as first responders arrived. >> the pipe arms were wrapped together -- they were hidden in a canvas bag with remote control parts. they did not go off. possibly because of damage when the fires burglars when often the conference room.
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the fbi is looking at a recent $28,000 deposit into the bank account of the shooters. farook and malik -- some of the money may have been used to pay for the assault rifles used in the attacks. >> some of the money was giving to farook 's mother. >> feinstein introduced a bill to alert the authorities about terrorism related posts. requiring a warning if companies like facebook or twitter come across a threatening post. it would force them to actively search for the post. >> this comes after authorities said one of the shooters in the san bernardino case posted support for isis just before she and her husband launched the attack. >> feinstein insists her bill would not limit freedom of speech. she wrote that the bill does not criminalize free speech -- requires warning of potential
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terrorist behavior. >> meanwhile the house of representatives approved restrictions on who can come into the country without a visa. if signed into law this would alter the waiver program -- this allows citizens to travel to the us for up to 90 days without getting a visa. the measure was prompted by the terrorist attacks in california in paris. a few lawmakers a prose change saying it could be discriminatory but it passed with only 19 no votes. >> it will require that the nationals and those traveling to those countries since 2011 undergo an in person interview with an official and more rigorous security screening processes the fire traveling to the us. >> a different version of the bill is pending in the senate. >> 6:10 -- no sign that trump is backing down from his
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suggestion to temporarily and muslims from the us -- this is causing a rift. >> plus -- >> someone was standing at my front door. >> face to face with an armed robber. some people are on edge. >> looking at traffic hitting the around the area. they are still clearing an accident but at this point it doesn't matter because the damage is done -- we have slow traffic through the east shore three >> cloudy skies -- patchy fog -- the rain is starting to work its way to the mounds -- the rain is picking up in fort bragg -- on the way coming up. >>
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will come back to warnings on two -- new this morning word from friends that the third person that attacked the bataclan concert hall has been identified as a french citizen -- this information means that all of the attackers identified were either french or belgian. they joined islamic state extremists in syria. 130 people died in the paris attacks. 90 in the concert hall. all three of the attackers were killed -- 2 by suicide vest and 1 shot by police. >> 6:14 -- trump is drawing fire is republican leaders
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lasted him for suggesting that all muslims should be banned from the us. he is not want to back down and there's no indication he will do so by facing attacks from both democrats and republicans -- they blessed back at their own parties front-runner. >> what was proposed yesterday is not but the party stands for. more importantly, is not what the country stands for. >> while trump issued a veiled threat noting that a clear majority would back him if he ran as an independent -- most analysts believe this would ensure a democratic victory next year -- the area muslims are speaking out about the common senate about the attacked as we caught up with san francisco police officer who is a muslim american -- what happened in san bernardino is a setback. >> one step forward, 4 a step back -- anytime you are trying
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to show somebody that we are good people doing everything -- you will see something happen in the media -- it crumbles what you're working on. >> terrorist groups are out there. we serve people. >> a muslim american mother of two described the hate speech -- she is sad and angry because we are moving toward one community -- washington state has developed a way to digitally we create the face of anyone -- from a photo or video. >> according to the seattle post computer scientists at the university of washington took images and videos of celebrities and created an algorithm. they say you could use footage of your grandmother to make a three-dimensional rendering. in the future person might be able to use this program to interact with famous people from the past or your own relatives who have passed away. >> this would take some getting used to.
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>> i think so, too. >> both of us are thinking -- what is she talking about? >> remember the hologram? >> i don't remember the year. >> if someone can tell me -- that's when i started to trip out a little. >> yes, it's unique. >> think they also used out with michael jackson. >> yes. >> good morning -- the east shore freeway is not in good shape -- we had an accident -- we will go to the spot where was -- it's gone -- the crash is clear but the traffic is slow from the macarthur maze to the bay bridge toll plaza. it is taking more than half an hour to drive between the bridges -- at the bay bridge plaza we have a thick delay getting into san francisco. it wasn't a delay for too long but we have slow traffic -- let's talk about contra account
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to -- costa contract -- as i move it to 580 -- it's slow coming in -- livermore to dublin is okay -- 680 toward the valley looks good. speaking of the silicon valley commute 880 southbound is okay. 101 is heading to palo alto. >> 6:18 -- let's go to stephen the weather center. >> 2012 coachella. >> thank you. >> the system moving in -- light rain to the north. once we get going this may last a while. all signs point to the west saying active and warm in the ease. it's about time. one half inch maybe 4 inches from south to north -- the gusts will crank up -- one- 1-2 feet of the passes -- the snow level will be high but eventually get to 4000 by friday afternoon. they be lower by sunday.
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>> rain will stack up -- crescent city -- a seven-day production of about 16 inches of rain east of crescent city. >> the rain is on the move and starting to pick up at fort bragg and the line is moving south. we will keep an eye on that for cloverdale and santa rosa. we can't find anything yet. there could be some light rain but it is below the being. >> the system will to drive south and more cold air will come in -- it will stay active. rainfall through -- remember, friday by 10 am we could double this as the cold air comes in -- it could be more of a rain date been tomorrow. 1/4-3/4 inches for the next 24 hours. 50s on the temps -- patchy fog -- south breeze is not showing up yet -- i expect san jose to get more of a southeast wind.
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>> 56 in ukiah -- the winter storm warning starts at 4 am tomorrow. the wind will be an issue but mainly rain below 8000 feet. this is the system that will dr., south and carveout over the west. plenty to look forward to upstream. lightweight to the north otherwise cloudy off and on rain starts tonight thursday into friday and turn colder friday possible thunderstorms as well. this looks like a good snow producer and eventually the sierra -- 8000 feet down to 4000 -- 1-2 feet of the passes. 6-12 inches at lake level -- by sunday a colder system will come in. >> cloudy skies and patchy fog working its way, south -- the breeze will start to pick up later this afternoon into tonight. 50s and 60s -- a high wind warning for the mountains -- it has been dropped -- the wouldn't be surprised if the picked up again later on. thursday is a rain day and cold air arrives to break saturday
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-- sunday a cold system with rain returning. >> a lot of rain? >> yes -- north bay to-4 inches. >> south bay -- >> sierra could get feet of snow. that's the key. >> yes, that's money in the bank. >> yes. >> a college degree and pizza -- the new partnership. >> this allow students to learn skills like making the pie and analyzing restaurant finances. >> a new list of the top places to work -- google is slipping. why that could be happening. it went from number 1 to number 8. >>
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the cofounder of north face has died. authorities say douglas tompkins died after capsizing in a kayak on a lake in patagonia. he was rushed to the hospital for he was suffering from severe hypothermia. north face has a presence in alameda but it is now part of a company called bf outdoor -- time can help started the company in the 1950s -- he sold his interstate. later. >> rescue operations are underway now after heavy rain caused major flooding and more
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that weather is on the way. the heavy rain has caused the sewers to back up and sinkholes like this one in several major roads. a lot of the drivers are ignoring the signs stating that the road is closed and this creates waves that push water into businesses is homes. not only is a dangerous but it is expensive, too. >> i see pictures of people driving through the water -- it is not one weeks pay they will lose -- it is the whole car. >> more rain is expected this week. officials are warning people to stay away from the beaches -- high winds are expected to reach 70 miles an hour and the waves could reach 40 feet when they break on sure. >> the annual survey is out in five of the top 10 are based here in the bay area. as usual a local company is number one in the survey -- this year it is airb&b on top.
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guide wire ranks third. facebook is number five with linkedin at 6 and google which topped the list last year fell to number 8. >> as google grows we saw more employees talking about less personal impact on the business -- summer not feeling like their work mattered as much is it used to. >> google is one of four companies that have been on the list all years of the survey -- other companies in the top 50 include apple, twitter, salesforce, chevron. >> 6:26 -- where were they? if you are a big man of pizza hut you can get a degree with the restaurant change -- they plan to create his -- 1500 apprenticeships. this is in the united kingdom. they will study everything from the financial side to aching pizza. >> the program is expected to be offered for the next five
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years. >> affordable housing in south they -- the school district plans to use his own land to build homes for teachers. >> we are live in los gatos -- you will start to see yellow flags along the street if you are walking or driving. we will tell you about this concept and what people think of coming up. >> the east bay commute has been tough on the east freeway where we had earlier problems. you can see how big it is through berkeley. >> no pie in the sky forecast here -- plenty of rain. we will tell you about it. >>
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good morning -- welcome back. they queue for joining us is wednesday, december 9 and i'm dave clark and i'm malik in for him cook -- we will check the
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weather -- >> why don't i have one of those? >> i want one of those coffee mugs. >> do you want one, too? >> everyone wants one. >> i am taking my. >> -- is caffeinated crystal light. [laughter] >> audi skies with patchy fog -- lows in the 50s -- slowly i turned -- it is heading in our direction later this afternoon. tonight and tomorrow for everyone. rain, rain, rain on the north coast -- torrential rain over the next 5-7 days. we can't cup anything on the radar -- what is there is below the being -- 50s and the
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temperatures -- cloud cover on the way and rain is on the way. this system will move up in south and it is tapping into the moisture -- it has colder air as well. things will pick up by tonight and they will continue all the way into the weekend. south breeze will start to show itself a little later -- 60s or a few 50s if you are stuck in the fog. >> still at the macarthur maze? >> it is clear but the traffic is still slow. the drive from the bridge to the maze is taking 37 minutes. you will see the traffic will be busy the whole time from about richmond on down. again the crash is done and the traffic at the toll plaza is pretty slow this morning getting into separate cisco. nothing unusual but you'll see slow traffic. let's stick to the east bay and show you that 680 is slow -- highway 4 is slow in pittsburgh
6:32 am
and bay point. >> 580 not too bad but 680 is slow to pleasanton. done martin and san mateo are about the same -- a delay getting onto the span but it's okay after you get onto the span. the peninsula -- it looks good in both directions. >> 6:52. >> new this morning the weather says the el niño will bring severe weather early next year and that is why emergency responders are getting ready now. >> brian florez is live in san francisco -- tell us about a drill scheduled for today be >> the drill is being coordinated by fema -- also with local and state and federal agencies. not the thing california but in nevada and arizona as well. here in san francisco we are in front of the public works yard -- if you are someone that
6:33 am
plans to get prepared it might be a good idea to get the sandbags sooner rather than later. going to video -- representatives will meet in a run through exercise and they will manage emergencies and particularly el niño. the idea is to make everyone understand the potential threat and coordinate response and develop efficient ways to provide care to flood and other disaster victims. fema has created an el niño task force. they have a plan. during the drill they will discuss many topics including flooding and mudslides. in san francisco the crews are getting ready for the rain tomorrow. el niño in the coming weeks. >> with service the basin -- i have crews this week and last week and extra crews picked sure that we are clearing and cleaning the basis. also street and so were to make sure that we get to the hotspots.
6:34 am
cleaning out and vacuuming the problem spots. >> she is talking about the crews preparing in san francisco. possible flooding with el niño. >> sandbags are available in san francisco -- the crews are working to clear the drains and remove fallen branches. as we take it back out live, what other cities are doing -- getting ready for el niño. coming up, will talk more about the plan that fema has released -- how to prepare. we will talk about that coming up. >> good information -- brian flores in separate cisco. >> we may have a wet commute tonight and tomorrow morning. me sure to stay with us as we track the rain. you can download the weather app and get information on the go. >> a spike in poverty crimes has some residents in danville
6:35 am
on edge. >> these crimes are up 25% over one year ago. in a recent robbery the home was ransacked and things were stolen. no one has been hurt but in recent cases the homeowners came face-to-face with a armed robbers. >> this is a game changer for me -- my lifestyle -- i've lived here 10 years. i have an open door policy with friends and family -- everyone just kind of came in. it's not that way anymore. >> no arrests have been made in these robberies and police have yet to link the suspects to any of the crime. >> 6:35 -- berkeley high school is holding events to examine racism after threats were found on a library computer. the students that posted this mentioned today december 9 as a day of violence against african americans. the student has been identified
6:36 am
and the school says there is no threat to other students. it was decided to use this day to have a discussion about racism. when the message on the computer was discovered almost half the students walked out of class. they were protesting. >> starting today you may see something new -- a new tool designed to make it safe for pedestrians to cross the street. we will show you how simple the process is. hello, jeanine. >> hello. it is simple -- have buckets here -- there are flags -- yellow flags with reflective tape -- i will demonstrate -- is not too much traffic now but basically what you are supposed to do is pick it up and waited to -- hold it highs of the cars can see a -- this is to get them to stop and you can make it across the street. i'm across the street now. we haven't seen many people using these -- we will have to
6:37 am
see how it goes. these buckets are at 15 different crosswalks in the downtown area. mainly they are on the main strip on santa cruz avenue. because of a high traffic area. it gets congested. the chamber of commerce wanted to make sure that holiday shoppers stayed safe. we talked to some locals and here is what they had to say. >> what do you think? would you use them? >> yes, i think it's a good idea. >> people don't pay attention -- they are on their phones -- they are watching for pedestrians. the flag would be a little more obvious at some of the crossings. >> think it's a little overboard but if it helps one person or prevents one from getting injured, i think it's worth it. >> there are other cities that use the flag -- it is been done in berkeley in menlo park and they have been in the willow glen area of san jose. had problems of people stealing them. >> the flags are also listed
6:38 am
other high traffic areas -- los gatos -- you can find them at the high school as well as the civic center -- something for people to get used to around the town. we spoke with someone minutes before we were about to go live in they told us they feel a little bit silly holding them but they think maybe it's a good idea for children. they picked up a flag -- we think they did it for the camera -- we will have to see if the morning goes along hominy people are taking them up and went across the street. >> as you said if it makes one person saver -- one driver -- it's working. >> thanks, jannne absolutely. >> the city council voted to declare an emergency housing crisis. that will open up more buildings to the homeless december 15 until march 31.
6:39 am
the city plans to use for buildings is overnight shelters including community centers and a library. >> churches will open their doors. >> san jose estimates it has more than 4000 homeless and there are only about 1500 beds available. >> the emergency facilities will only be open when the forecast calls for temperatures 380 or lower or when a lot of rain is expected. >> police in fremont said it was a close call for a homeless man sleeping in a dumpster and got tossed into the garbage truck. the spokesperson said the man went through 2 cycles in the truck before he was able to climb out on monday morning. he was taken to the hospital. he was checked out -- they say he had several outstanding warrants against him. he is now being checked for mental health stability. >> a new plan to provide affordable housing to teachers -- the cupertino district
6:40 am
announced the project of taking a 10 acre plot and building 200 announced the project of taking a 10 acre plot and building 201- 3 bedroom housing units for educators at the low market rent. the district says doing this it would help stop a shortage of teachers to the high cost of living. >> when you lose seasoned teachers and teachers that have been there for five 1110 years -- you lose experience. >> according to the teachers association the median price of a home is $970,000. median monthly rent is $2700. the plan is to not use taxpayer money but to work with the developer to finance it. the district hopes to have a developer by next year. >> 6:40 -- time magazine announced its person of the year -- it is -- why the magazine said that person provide steadfast moral readership in the world -- short supply of it. >> some parents in santa clara
6:41 am
so they are being kept in the dark -- the reason they are angry over a temporary plan to take over a soccer part for super bowl l. >> good morning -- looking at a commute that will be a little bit slow on some of the bridges. the san mateo bridge is getting a little bit crowded heading over the peninsula. >> some rain in the north bay around the river and northward light but on its way for heavy rain -- we will have the forecast coming up. >>
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welcome back to mornings on two -- 6:43 -- chicago mayor from a manual called a special eating this morning to talk about the controversy surrounding the police department. he is trying to restore the trust after videos were released of a deadly incidents involving police. the latest shows this incident where police officers used a taser on a man in a jail cell. he later died at a hospital. >> another video shows a killing of ronald johnson and african-american man shot by a white police officer. the third video shows 17-year- old look want mcdonald shot to death by a police officer now charged with first-degree murder. >> in santa clara parents confronted the comes the members over concerns over the fate of a youth soccer part. parents say they've been kept in the dark about plans for the field next to levi stadium.
6:45 am
there are rumors it could be turned into a giant media park for the game. there is want to know where the kids will play while the nfl is in control of the field and whether or not the field is going to be damaged and if it is how long will take to repair it. >> council members say the park will be returned in good shape. >> nobody said the super bowl could come in and destroy the world-class soccer park for the kids. there's no agreement that says that. they can use it but not destroy it. >> community members the same negotiations for the use of the park and held behind closed doors they are demanding a more open transparent decision- making process. >> 6:45 -- let's check in with what's coming up next. >> i will join you for the next hour -- we will talk about it sure drop in snail rail and how it causes the postal service to remove 80 collection boxes from
6:46 am
palo alto st. corners -- why the postal service says fewer letters are driving this change but there is another kind of mail on the increase -- also we will talk about a political analyst about trump call for a temporary ban on muslims entering the country. what that means for the presidential run and the effect of the republican party. also a florida mayor is fighting back with a band -- we will tell you about that in a few minutes. i will join you then. >> all right, gasia new this morning although the us will not elect a president until next year it looks like the field of candidates to is the hottest topic on facebook -- the ranking came out today -- the presidential elections topped the list over deadly attacks, social issues and disasters. the annual list is compiled from post from more than 1.5 billion users. among the other top five listed were the deadly terror attacks in paris, the refugee crisis, the earthquake, and the greek
6:47 am
debt crisis. >> let's go to sal castaneda for this problem -- >> it morning -- southbound 101 -- a crash that was in the right lanes has been moved to the shoulder but the traffic is slow coming out of san rafael -- coming out of the corte madera area if you drive on southbound 101 -- it is usually not this bad but this morning it is -- you need extra time at this is your commute -- if you are getting on the freeway in mill valley don't worry -- you are getting on after the slow traffic and the accident is holding people back and it might make it better for you heading down to the bridge -- that is what is happening. >> moving along -- taking a look at the toll plaza westbound coming to the they ridge toll plaza backed up to the macarthur maze -- it is especially shlomo the east sure. stick a live look at 280 northbound after highway 17 --
6:48 am
it is 80 on the bottom -- i want to bring you to the sky -- it looks great. easy transition to steve -- steve? >> not an angry sky but it's going to get that way. >> we've been talking about rain -- i hope the trees and roofs and gutters can handle it. >> i would agree -- there's rain right now.>> this is the start of what it looks to be all the way into christmas. >> some of the projections i've seen. >> the first system coming will be the front and then we will get the cold air behind it. it's supposed to say -- wait and see. in truck he and tom who -- how much we will see. the seven-day forecast -- a lot of liquid forecast for the sierra -- i would think feet -- leaning on the heavier estimates -- especially sunday into money -- cold air coming
6:49 am
in -- the system is producing light rain northward -- cloverdale has rain -- occidental with .05 and rohner to park is hard-pressed to show what -- i'm trying to tweak the radar -- it is below the being but it is there. 50s in the temperatures -- awoke it cooler than that. the breeze is starting to turn east south -- southeast southerly in advance of the front -- it is showing that in the oakland airport and the santa clara valley -- the heavy is rain will be to the north but the system sweeping in is tapping into a lot of moisture as cold air support -- that will carve itself out over the west -- light rain in the north splitting throughout the day -- off and on rain -- picking up they do today into friday -- late thursday into friday will be colder -- that is when the thunderstorms command -- we could get more rain friday -- the winter storm warning starts at 4 am -- lake level 6-12 --
6:50 am
high snow level at first but dropping to about 4000 feet by friday. also windy as well. be advised. cloudy skies with patchy fog and light rain -- the south breezes picking up -- it will get rather water it and maybe intense later tonight -- 60s or 50s on the temperatures and mid- 60s toward the center klara valley. cloudy and rain in the north and spreading over the area for thursday and colder friday. >> we could get some good rain friday. saturday looks like a break and another system sunday -- this will, to the mounds for snow. >> friday all day? >> most of the morning three >> enough to make it messy coming in? >> correct. >> here on mornings on 2 -- everyone is dressed up. two legs, forelegs -- everyone has a sweater. >> share your photos -- these are the once we have received so far. post yours on instagram -- use
6:51 am
the hashtag ktvu holiday and each day we will choose our favorites to showcase on the instagram page. a lot of pets -->> look at the baby on the bottom -- >> the bottom left. >> the cheeks in the nose. >> the time is 6:51 -- a bizarre case -- coming up -- a mystery in malaysia -- 3 large passenger jets found abandoned. >> first, a police chief stepped in -- his christmas gift to the couple and their children. >>
6:52 am
that. was. epic! [ bark ]
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welcome back to mornings on 2 -- a popular walking trail along the shoreline is a crime scene after a body was found there. east bay regional park police said the body was found at the martin king junior on the west side of interstate 880 to the coliseum about 9 pm -- 9 am yesterday. >> the man had been shot one time -- probably in the park and not too long before his body was found. >> it is a huge shocker, obviously. and murder in the park district is rare. this is a shock to everybody.
6:55 am
because of great concern, obviously. >> while the rest of the park estate open the pay trail was closed for hours is investigators were there looking for evidence. >> a berkeley pretty owner said special paint is helping to stop people from using an alley of the bathroom. he said he has painted the area with the paint that makes your and spray back on a person. similar paint is being used in a number of areas in san francisco. the berkeley property owner told berkeley he has put up a warning sign to let people know about the paint and the location of the nearest restroom. >> a landmark is getting a new lease on life after being picked for many years. heather holmes got a look at the look inside the hibernia bank at johnson mcallister -- one of the early examples of the style. san francisco developer bought the 40,000 square-foot building in 2008 for a reported three
6:56 am
point might $9 million. it is taken years to restore the interior -- from the floors to the ceiling. >> the building is flexible in the zoning and its use due to the natural -- it can be office -- entertainment, retail. >> it is possible. >> we are told several potential tenants have you'd the space and that includes the people that could be interested in turning it into a nightclub. >> here is a nice story -- homeless emily see generally christmas present. from the marysville police chief -- a couple of days ago the chief saw an internet post from of the family of tim connor -- he was laid off and he is having a hard time finding a job. >> someone offered to sell them a used car but he couldn't afford it. >> with the blessing of his children chief easton used the money he had saved for his own family to buy this family a
6:57 am
used car. >> i started this and i remain in this career to have those moments to help somebody out. >> my kids are my life -- erin helped me to provide for my kids. >> that's it -- my kids are everything. >> there are no words -- he invited he and his daughters to walk in the christmas parade. >> little did they know they were also helping chief easton -- his wife died a couple of months ago. now he says it is his mission to show kindness to others just like she did. >> a major development involving the future of yahoo -- they decided to spin off the core business -- up next, what this may mean to silicon valley. >> a win for the warriors -- a decision made about a new arena and the hurdle the team has to get past. >>
6:58 am
6:59 am
a major development involving yahoo. we'll talk about what it means for the future of the internet
7:00 am
giant. >> reporter: bright yellow signs are popping up in one bay city. where it's happening and the plan behind it, coming up. 7:00 this wednesday, december 9th. let's check weather and traffic because we have a lot. >> we have a light rain in the north bay right now. it will be with us tonight, tomorrow, friday, sunday probably and turning much colder by friday. we'll see a huge drop in temps. right now mainly cloudy unless you're about santa rosa or north, then you have light rain. otherwise cloudy skies and southerly breeze starting to pick up. they have had heavy rain


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