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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 9, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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good afternoon, see some light rain and sprinkles drought part of the bear -- bay area let's get to meteorologist mark and where the rain is falling and when it will help -- hit part of the baker expects the shower activity focused in the north bay, but if you drizzle in springfield in san francisco. beginning of the season, the next step, talking about several storms pushing across northern california impacting the bay. looking toward san francisco, cloudy skies, fog in place, you might encounter some drizzle, and what will trickle --
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trigger the windshield wipers. not a lot of cloud coverage but light rain reports in the north bay, especially santa rosa, light rain reported in rain showers towards lake county as well. activity developing a shortcut main system developing a short. circulation out here, this is arnuk storm, tuning up in the pacific and this will be the court -- source of moderate to heavy rain. you can see, storm track, jet stream been directed towards the west coast, this will go to the south, producing several days of rain. this first system rainfall about a quarter of an inch to an inch and a half, wins 40 to 45 miles per hour, wind advisory in significant snow expected in the sierra. alacha about, full forecast, more storms lining up in your five day forecast. >> thank you mark.
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spark the potential be days the strongest el niño, now discussing a pair. talking about whether related, christina is live with what they talked about. >> the planning is happening right now inside the gov.'s office, emergency services outside sacramento and as you said this el niño system has the potential to be the strongest and reported history. big operation going on right here inside this office. talking about local, state federal agencies and representatives from the private sector, fema want to make sure everyone is on the same page. in terms of planning ahead and asking the right questions in advance of this el niño season. california's office of emergency services says the drought has made the ground hard. the rain will necessarily absorb and the soil but to
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treat flashfloods. something to be aware about. there is also concern about mudslides and landslides, that is why these agencies are getting together, they've a tentative plan in place, that they will look at this afternoon. >> we look at the plan and use data in the plant to model what the response would be in a catastrophic events that would need in bring the resources of fema and the federal government. nowhere risk, figure out if you are in a flood zone or flood prone area, even if it is low to moderate risk, things you can do in advance of this predicted el niño season. also we want to mention the national weather service is telling us this drought won't be cured by all the rain we are predicted to get. it will take several years of the same type of rain to make sure the drought is over. it doesn't look like it will happen just yet, but better to
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be prepared and ready in case it comes increased a bad situation for everyone. not only in the bay area but across the state, into our neighboring states. >> thank you cristina rendon. in san francisco people getting ready for the rain like picking up sandbags at the public works yard, officials tell us san francisco residents who bring their ideas can pick up as many as 10 sandbags. also busy making sure the storm drains are clear and trees are trimmed. at a news conference the mayor said preparations include more winter shelters for the homeless. we have at least 1100 more beds, more than the regular shelter beds and in addition, to the winter shelter beds, interfaith councils are helping us identify. >> the mayor said they will have outreach teams on the street letting people know there are extra shelter beds available. if you would like to track the
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select download the weather authority, it will have the forecasting neighborhood and you can even see snow coverage in the sierra and get live earthquake updates as well. you can don't -- dominated just searched -- downloaded to search for ktvu. a man that stole the family's car cut yesterday afternoon at a home on else still court, the court take -- caretaker told investigators i approach to try to talk to her but she only speaks cantonese. 30 minutes later he returned, kicked open the front door and threatened her with a gun. police say the suspect went through my room taking money and ipads and pistol whipping the nanny. police officers don't have a description, we know he got away and -- in the 2012 black force command. the license plate is on your screen, six b m k 320. protesters expected tonight at the police commission meeting, expected to focus on
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the use of force policy after an officer shot and killed a stabbing suspect last week. the shooting sparks community outcry and prompt the mayor to ask permission to review police policies and whether to armed officers with less lethal weapon such as time runs. gamble police are investigating a spike in property crimes up 20% over last year. police say a recent robbery a home was ransacked and computer, jewelry and gun stolen. known as her 22 other recent cases homeowners came face-to- face with armed robbers. >> someone standing at my front door with a gun pointed at me. i immediately ran down the street, jumped into my neighbor's bushes. >> no arrests have been made, police have yet to link the suspect to any other crime. a new crime prevention program for elementary school children in san leandro popeye police officers. is k tv explains the gang
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resistance program, is meeting resistance from some teachers and parents. the program at the center of the controversy, gang resistance and education training, depending on who you talk to the program has different goals and different outcomes. ann landers school board voted 10 to not to implement the program into the district elementary schools. some parents were happy about the idea. a group gathered outside ahead of the meeting and protest last night, some apparent six this grade is too young to have students talking with police on the subject of gangs. other parents were the six week long course would take away from the kids learning more traditional subjects and skills. the police say it takes a well- rounded approach it doesn't just focus on gang prevention that teaches young kids recycled skills. >> they teach decision-making, communication skills, recognizing how to control
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anger, bullying behaviors. >> roof time from her children's education which will have a positive influence and replaced with something we do not know will have any benefit except pr for the place. i think it is an appropriate. >> lycie in their view the goal of the program has become role models for the kids they interact with, and an extra adult they can turn to kiss her problems. the problem -- program is no financial costs, the school board will implement the program field and mckinley elementary schools and decide whether to expanded to other schools. allie rasmus for ktvu . discussing racism in the wake of other threats on a library computer, posted last month mentioned today december 9 as a day of life -- violence against african americans. since then the student behind the threats has been identified in school leaders say there is
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no threat to students. the threatening message was found on a computer and prompted have the student body to walk out of class in protest. pictures of developing use it to talk thousand people that have taken to the streets protesting the cities recent handling of deadly police shooting of which the mayor rahm emanuel issued an apology this morning. all happening not far from chicago city hall, here's a picture from high above showing crowds marching down the street in the middle of traffic. today's march is the latest in several weeks of protests following the release of video showing a white police officer shooting a black teenager, laquan mcdonald. 16 times in 2014. his death led to the forced resignation of the city's police chief and multiple investigations, so far as we have watched for the past several minutes in our newsroom, it has been peaceful, but they are in great. you may remember protesters try to shut down chicago's magnificent mile, a black
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friday, upset over the recent police shooting death. >> the father of one of the suspects and last week's mass shooting in san bernardino speaking out, oshtemo leaks father says he condemns and regret his daughter's action, this comes as the fbi director announced molly and her father -- husband had been radicalized at least two years before they began dating. investigators are trying to determine whether their online relationship was arranged by a terror organization or developed on its own. >> bay area muslims are speaking out about their concern of the attack in san bernardino and the controversial comments made by republican presidential candidate donald trump who proposed banning muslims temporarily from entering the us. we met with san francisco police officer josef a team, a muslim american, up does he said what happened in san
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bernardino is a step back. >> once ford, forsett >>, every time you do something good and you show it, we're good people and doing everything, and that something happens in the media that crumbles what you're working on. >> the terrorist groups that are out there, the complete opposite. islam is serving people. >> muslim american mother of two who described what trump said is hate speech, she said she is sad and angry, and we should move towards being one community. president. obama commemorative the 150th anniversary of the end of slavery in the us same progress towards equality can and will continue. our freedom is bound up with the freedom of others. regardless of what they look like or they come from or what their last name is or what religion they practice. >> president. obama says the long struggle for equality , former slaves in the decade since the civil war has led to equal rights for many others. protecting fans
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it mlb baseball games, what should help do that. a little dog in oakland is recovering after quick acting firefighters, details coming up.
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changes coming to some major league ballparks to help protect fans during games.
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major league baseball issued a recommendation that there be netting between the dugout and fans, to protect fans were bats and foul balls could go. several fans were injured last season by foul balls cut the netting would be along the wall in front of any field level seats within 70 in front of any field level seats within 78 of home plate. the guidelines issued at the mlb winter meetings following a study on fancy to. >> a new arena for the golden state warriors is one step closer to reality, last week the supervisors voted and unanimously in support of the proposed billion-dollar arena, during the five on -- five hours hearing opponents said it would create traffic problems and disrupt operations at the new medical center but it mean supervisors decided the arena will not cause massive congestion but should help revitalize the waterfront area. >> the warriors coming to san francisco is fantastic and it brings a lot of life, we have seen with the giants down the street.>> the arena held a
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rally outside city hall, breaking ground on the 18,500 feet arena early next year, opponents could file a lawsuit to block construction, they say environmental impact is flawed. firefighters been credited for saving the life of a dog that lost consciousness during the fire, these photos were posted online, rescue of a home and 85th avenue, as crews put out the flames take spotted the dog, they provided oxygen through a mask and provided chest compressions. went paramedics arrived they put a tiny mask over the docs now. the dog remain conscious and is doing well. the cause of the fire under investigation. and josi firefighters put out a two alarm restaurant fire, union chinese restaurant on unit avenue about 10 am, the fire was under control in about
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30 minutes in known as hurt, but the fire caused significant damage to the kitchen as well smoke damage throughout the building. >> in santa clara there's a plan to provide affordable housing for teachers. the school district is planning to convert a 10 acre plot of district owned land in santa clara to housing. the plan would create 200 units ranging from 1 to 3 bedroom and be available to educators at below market rent. >> there are fewer teachers coming out of our universities, we know that since the recession has ended, the economy is on an uptick we are fighting for support for the staff. >> according to the california teachers association, santa clara county the median price of a home is $970,000, the median monthly rent is $2700. the district plan is to not use taxpayer money but work with developers to finance it. the school district hopes to have a developer might next year. a new paint job, berkeley,
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they want to keep people from using it as a bathroom. according the site the property owner is painted allie -- and alley with a special paint the propels water cut designed to make your and spray back. a similar paint being used in a number of areas in san francisco. the property owner said he put up a warning sign to let people know about the special paint and also the location of the nearest public restroom. back to whether caseen sprinkles up north, but it is coming here is in it. >> reporter: tracking the system over the next few days, the pattern seems like forever, developing out there, you expect this time of year, el niño, you expect rainfall will be the case. on live stormtracker, lots of storms, rain reports in the north bay, right around the county is well, santa rosa. a few showers throughout the afternoon hours.
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even for the central portion of the day, also drizzle as well. weather system here, the main energy right now you can see over 400 miles, tour northwest, gradually approach they, as a result rainfall rates will go up. look at the overall pattern in the pacific, typically, point of the circulation of high pressure that keeps us dry but pushing to the south and with that, seeing almost a conveyor belt of storms towards the west coast. eventually towards the bay area. current numbers on the warm side, you can see san jose 57 degrees. evermore 64 in santa rosa 60 degrees. if the front approaches winds will crank up in a wind advisory in place for north bay hills. 10:00 tonight we could have winds at 45 miles per hour. rest of the bay area winds around 25 to 30 miles per hour near the immediate coast line and around the bay as well. here's the act of ringing pattern in the pacific, today more clouds and a possibility
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of showers or drizzle, was this moves to the south we'll see a front develops, that will be the source of rainfall. first thing thursday morning, count on rainfall in the thursday morning commute. when the front passes through a chance of thunderstorms as well, and this will be a snow producer. a significant snow producer in the sierra. lake tahoe, you can see the camera, club cover, the snow cover will push back into the picture, winter storm warning begins at 4 am thursday for the higher elevations. we talked about 1 to 2 feet cut closer to lake level around 5 to 10 inches that is significant storm for the sierra as well. lots of clouds drove the day in a chance of showers, rainfall for the thursday morning commute pushing to the south 6 am and throughout the afternoon, brakes and the clouds, and especially with the pattern cost thunderstorms as well and possibly by thursday night another round of showers and storms. hold off for the chance of
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showers friday and into the weekend we could talk about more rainfall. temperatures for the afternoon mild out there in the 60s, look ahead of the five day forecast, used to be sunny and now multiple storms. first one thursday, a few showers into friday, brakes and the action friday in into the weekend a chance of a sprinkle on saturday in the north bay and saturday night and sunday another round pushes. a lot to talk about the next few days. hoping to get brakes and the action as well. >> and we haven't even had wintry it. >> december we identified with winter with the various storms, and like i said el niño are not visible would -- what we would expect. >> we will see what for. a shopping spree for the holidays, show you how police officers in the south bay held children pick out the perfect gift.
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stuck in yahoo down to have percent by now, this comes after a crafter's plan to spin off its stake in the ali baba company. this morning the company now plans to break off its other assets into a new company. comes amid concerns the proposed spinoff of the ali baba stake, worth more than $30 billion would result in a substantial tax bill. the bill still needs approval from shareholders and could take more than a year to complete. time in using announced its
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2015 person of the year, and that is german chancellor angola merkel. it shows the 61-year-old world leader because of the way she managed the eurozone economic crisis over the summer and the way she is currently handling the refugee crisis in terrorism threat in europe. the magazine says her management of the refugee crisis has people calling her europe's contest because she opened germany stores one other nations refuse. tynes managing editor says merkel asked more a country than most politicians would darren to provide steadfast more leadership and world where it is in short supply. >> 100 children from san jose, holiday shopping spree this morning during the eighth annual shop with a cop event. he child was paired up with the law enforcement office at the target store on holden avenue. 75 students from santa fe
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elementary school in the top -- shopping spree by participating in reading and literacy campaigns. children who experience a loss of a parent were also invited, told him received $125 target gift card and with that, they could buy whatever they wanted.>> i want to get my mom a coat, my dad a toolkit because he doesn't have that many tools, and my brother a shirt. >> it is so nice, anything for yourself? >> i wanted him. >> you have to get something for yourself. look who else showed up, santorum made a special experience -- appearance. the team was to foster strong relationships between children and please. as will report in the beginning of the newscast federal state and local agencies are spending the day working through plans for an el
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niño's -- fueled winter, part of the tabletop drill in sacramento. we touch base with fema on how it went, what the miller and how ready we are for what could be a stormy winter. coming up on the 4, we'll see you then, have a great rest of your day, state rate -- stay dry tonight, we will see you back here.
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are those... you there... stormtroopers! halt! turn here. go go! follow them! bb-8! beep, bp! this way! where'd they go? they went that way! that way, they went that way! i can't believe that worked! of course it worked! beep, beep, beep!
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> if kanye west goes on the "maury show" he may dance because this kid could be daymond john's. >> a forensic artist did a rendering what he believes saint west is going to look like. the same artist did north west a couple years back. >> what do you mean, that's salma hayek! >> here's what he's going to look like at 16. >> nicky hilton, she showed up to a night honoring valentino wearing this dress. tommy hilfiger's wife showed up in the same dress. >> i think hilfiger's wife looks better than nicky. >> there you go. >> yeah, it's a muumuu dress and it's age appropriate.


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