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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  December 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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crowd at the police commission meeting agent city hall. on december 2nd, they caught up to mario woods after he stabbed someone. they surrounded him and used pepper stray and beanbag rounds to subdue him. he kept walking while armed with a knife. videos by witnesses have fueled anger at the police. woods death has led to vigils and protests. the mayor wants police in use leet al force as the last resort. >> i have directed the chief to take specific immediate steps to ensure they have more options to resolve situations with the minimum use of force. reporter: woods mother said her son should not have been killed. >> he shouldn't have been shot up 25 times. 25 times. the cop jumped in front of him. my baby was trying to cover and hover for his own life. reporter: the chief has resisted calls to resign and defended his officers actions. >> they have to arrest people that attempt to kill or stab
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other people. so i think the officers did their best to not have to do how this story eventually ended. but unfor the nearly t did. reporter: about he -- we caught up with the chief, he's going to ask the commission to arm his officers with tazers. his previous push in 2013 failed. >> it wasn't turned down. it was just there were so many conditions that the officers wouldn't have been able to use it. reporter: earlier this week, it was announced that officers would have access shields which could be used to fend off a knife attack. >> there's several different things you can do with a shield, but the goal is to stop the assailant, have them drop the knife so they're no longer a danger to themselves or our officers or anyone out on the streets. reporter: protesters are here at city hall. the issue is not much about tazers or shields. they say officers need to do a
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better job with sensitivity screening, diversity recruitment. we'll bring you more later this evening. henry lee. >> what would have to happen before tazers could be implemented? reporter: it's unclear whether or not any steps will be taken tonight. it takes a lot to get this into policy. there's a lot of issues. two years ago as far as these restrictions that were placed on the officers. whether or not they'll take initial steps or direct the don't take action remains to be seen. >> we're following the meet. we'll have more at 10:00. new at 6:00, san francisco's city leaders, police, and community laters say they're joining together to end gun violence. they announced a gun vie back program for this saturday. several mother's who lost children to gun violence were on hand to show support. one man spoke about his own experience with guns and the need to get them off the streets. >> i've been on both sides. i've been shot five times, and
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i've also pulled that tricker in anger. i did ten years in prison. i changed my life. >> police say 950 guns have been surrendered during the buy backs over the past four years. they hope for more. police are offering $100 for hand guns, $200 for assault- style weapons. it is scheduled tor held at the offices of the community group at 1038 howard street it goes until noon with no questions asked. new information about the suspects in the deadly mass shooting in san bernardino. fbi director testified today before the senate committee. he said they were radicalized before they met each other online. he also said the couple may have been plotting an attack two years ago before isis became a terrorist group. malik only declared allegiance before the attack last week.
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>> they were actually radicalized before they started courting or dating each other online. online, as late as -- as early as the end of 2013, they were talking to each other about jihad before they became engaged. >> today, malik's father spoke out by telephone condemning the deadly attack by husband daughter and her husband. he said he regrets his daughter's actions and that he is in such pain, he cannot describe it. she was talking about my god. she was saying -- >> get out. get out. >> do not touch me. >> a hate crime investigation under way after this confrontation at a park in the east bay between a woman and a group of muslims out praying. the district attorney says it's looking into this incident which happened at lake chabot park. know a walker spoke with the woman in that video and that
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woman says she ment everything she said. reporter: the park is a place where people come to find peace and free their neighborhood and see how peaceful it is out here. reporter: a sanctuary from the noise in the world by not on sunday. >> you have nothing but hate. reporter: this video posted to a facebook page has gone viral. >> she was saying -- do not touch me. reporter: it was taken as a group of muslim men prayed in the park sunday and this woman. >> you are very -- reporter: confronted them. >> brainwashed. reporter: this is the woman in the video. >> i was telling them about christ. reporter: her name is den ice slader. she told us she was in the park, saw the group praying and got into a discussion with them about her faith and theirs. >> i wanted to tell them about christ and that what they were doing, what they believe in, he was praying openly in the park is not of god. it's of the devil.
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>> i hear you say you're brainwashed. >> definitely. definitely they're brainwashed. reporter: regional parks police forward the the day to the district attorney for hate crime charges. >> completely unacceptable that something like this happened anywhere really, but special knee a public park. >> i got a camera in my face. reporter: she is the victim. >> the self defense part of me as a human being kicked in, and i hit the camera with my umbrella. i did not hit him. then he got -- he was saying all these words in his language to me, very hateful. that's when a ranger came in. i think if she didn't come n he would have hit me. i threw my calf knee his-could be coffee in his face. free speech is no longer free. >> i think they would say what about their freedom to practice the religion they choose. >> they ever and they're doing it openly in the park. reporter: we showed video in the park. >> it's upsetting to see stuff like that. it happens every day. reporter: at this time of year, mike says what we need is
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more love. >> because my wife passed, and i just -- looking at life through different eyes. the biggest message is to forgive. if you can do that, you're half bay there -- halfway there. reporter: slader works for the department of corrections which released this statement saying they expects its employees to abide by a code of conduct that includes respecting the rights of others. in addition to the investigation investigation -- republican presidential candidate donald trump is drawing more criticism for his comments about muslims, but donald trump is standing by hi sometimes statement that they should be kept out of the u.s. temporarily. he may consider a third party
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run. in london, more than 325,000 people have signed a petition demanding he be barred from the uk. now to the weather and you can see here that the clouds have moved in and rain is on the way with a first round of wet weight coming in a matter of hours. >> our chief meteorologist is tracking the storm. how much rain are we expecting? >> half inch to 1.5 inches. that's the real deal. it's going to hit in the morning commute. we talked about it in the 5:00 news. it's going to be wet. be ready for a slow go. most the rain is about 4:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. there will be showers on and off all day. so here's the current satellite. no rain showing up now. activity around eureka. most of the rain has been up in
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seattle and portland where they have had record rainfall and they continue to see flooding. winds will blowup to 40 miles per hour. we have a wind advisory. the winter storm warning will be in effect. they can see three feet of snow. by monday or tuesday, they could have another four feet of. reporter: it's going to be a significant snow producer, even more than rain. that's the layout. when i come back, we'll time out the morning commute for you because i know you're thinking about that and the afternoon commute and then again the friday morning commute where there could be showers. you can track the storm for yourself with the weather app vate for apple and android devices. it has live and future radar plus the forecast where you live. you can see snow coverage in the sierra and get live earthquake updates and it is all free to download. this coming storm is the first of several on the bay and there's concern this could be a
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very wet winter. that's why today fema hosted an exercise near sacramento. we were there as officials tested the state's disaster response plans. reporter: the models, graphs, and charts predict the same thing. a strong el nino sis them this year. >> we are approaching this event being as strong or stronger than 1997. reporter: the 1997 and 1982 systems are the strongest on record and by looking at history, fema wants to be ready. >> this is the first time since the '97, '98 el ninos that we built a plan of this magnitude. reporter: a response plan was put into practice inside california's office of emergency services headquarters. it's a way to get the conference going about the best ways tor everyone to prepare and respond to flooding, landslides, and mud slides. >> the land is very hard and so
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we're very concerned about flash flooding and localized flooding in our communities and in the burn areas. we had fires this summer. >> it -- reporter: it means you should know your risk. >> you should know if you live in a flood zone f your area is at risk for flooding. reporter: and take action like getting flood insurance to protect yourself from what could be a hiss he tore i can system. >> we want to make sure we are as ready and as prepared as possible. reporter: you splay heard this before, but even if it does bring us a lot of rain, it won't cure the brought. aisle i'm told we need two of these years to get relief. ktvu fox 2 news. sports and technology teaming up. >> from aspirer spective, we're 10 times as strong as any other state. >> how sill could not val see playing a role in the player and fan experience at levi stadium. >> a major credit card breech at a well-known chain restaurant. what customers need to know to
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keep their information safe. time to check the wednesday night commute. the tough one right now. here's a live picture of the toll plaza. now lets look at 80 in the east bay up at the top of the screen. there's the university avenue overpass. boy, it is jammed up in both directions. the taillights there are heading up north toward richmond. slow going on 80 tonight.
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technology and sports, silicon valley playing a new role in the player and fan experience at levi stadium. super bowl 50 just 59 days away. >> we got a look at the
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technology that is changing how football is being watched and played. reporter: this video shows our receivers at stadiums read sensors on players equipment to track their movement, distance, and speed. it's developed by the sports division in san jose. >> our technology is used by the nfl today in every game and on every player. reporter: it's one of the technologies eye lighted at this tech conference at san jose state where the focus is super bowl 50 at heavy stadium. 49ers chief operating officer says technology has now become a huge part of the sport enhancing fan experience, training s scouting. >> a guy in real life footage if you know how fast he's running, you see this on the espn network. you start to gauge what their game speed is verses what their combine speed is when they're running in shorts. >> the world's attention will be focused on san jose and silicon valley. that's cool.
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it's neat to be a company right next to it. reporter: dvr taker tivo is hoping to score big as the source for advertisers second by second super bowl viewer ship. the host committee says tech giants played a pivotal role. >> the essence of our sandwich if you're thinking about 50 years of super bowls and all the history and tradition, but more importantly you're looking forward to the next 50 years, should you do it here in the center of invention and innovation. reporter: this conference was at san jose state. joe is a alum and played in the nfl for 15 years, six of them with the 49ers. >> the fact we're now hosting a super bowl out here is something that i never thought would occur especially in the south bay. reporter: while you can't see all of those technologies being talked about today, they will be used in play during the big
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game on february 7th. ktvu fox 2 news. the owner of the elephant bar restaurant chain is warning customers that hackers splay accessed personal credit card information. his credit card processor alerted him about the breech due to a legal software on payment processing systems. it has been disabled. they say that they've taken steps to upgrade security. they are urging customers to review their card statement for suspicious activity. there are nine in the bay area that could be affected. they're located in concord, emeryville, daily city, free mont, cupertino and campbell. they vary from restaurant to rain rest but range from mid to go earl thee month. we have getting ready for rain here. in san francisco, crews were out this morning at the public
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works yard outing ---outing out sandbags. they have to bring their id cards and can pick up as many as ten. the crews are also busy making sure storm drains with clear and trees are trimmed. let's go to bill in the weather center now because it's going to be rainy tomorrow. >> definitely rain on the drive. the thursday morning commute, something to think about if you can carpool or maybe go in later. this rain is going to be in the early morning portion ever your commute. maybe you can live in at 9:30 or 10:00 as posed to going in at 6:00 or 7:00. there's the system now. just above us is mostly cloudy. the real system is dark white clouds. that's where the weather. is it's nothing of -- north of here. a wet commute starts to spread south around 7:00 a.m. gusty winds at this time. this is 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. the chance of thundershowers in there and that winter storm warning in the mountains. it's a one and done in that it
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slides through. it's all about rain on and off tomorrow and then again tomorrow night. it might linger into your friday morning. so there we are at 4:00 a.m. you can see the activity in the north bay. the roads will be wet if you get going around 5:00 or 6:00. that's the front. that's where the wind is going to be. that's where the heaviest rain is going to be across oakland. then it pushes through san jose about 8:00 a.m. now, it's cloudy, pink lee, sun comes out around noon and then another wave moves through tomorrow afternoon. so we're going to see scattered showers most of the day tomorrow, but the sun will come out. this area moves in. these are significant. this could bring a thundershower and heavy rain as well to a secondary wave, not the main front but cold unstable air with energy. so here we go into thursday night. see t continues. so that's the kind of day we're going to have tomorrow.
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the main event is in the morning and then scattered showers. by the evening hours, maybe a thundershower possible. more goes through thursday into friday morning and then your commute maybe wet. you get the picture? it's not the end of the world. it's just going to keep going for a little bit longer. in the mountains it's going to stay going. they have 48 hours of snow to look forward to san francisco is a wet morning commute. maybe a thunderstorm in the morning hours. i suspect the defendant chance for a thunderstorm will be around -- best chance for a thunderstorm will be in the morning. the air will start to surprise we'll get instability late in the day. san francisco calling for rain around 6:00. showers likely. lets look at the five day forecast. you can see just a wet one. that is how it's supposed to look in december. we went through five days for so many years, four years it
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didn't look like this. this is the next five day. you come back next week and it will look like this one. >> finally some activity. >> stuff going on now. >> thanks, bill. browns quarterback johnny manziel talked about his start against the 49ers this sunday and the warriors are in boston with an update on the injured ankle of all-star guard. we have sports next. time check in with when we're looking for at 7:00. hundreds of people take to the streets in chicago to protest police brew cality. how the city's mayer is responding to their demands he resign and what he's promising to the residents of chicago. he created a national uproar after jacking up the price of an aids and cancer drug. now he owns the most exclusive
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rap album of all-time. i'll explain. these are coming you up at 7:00 -- coming up at 7:00.
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holiday grists rolled out for unprivileged children. they assembled 175 blocks. they were donated by presentation high alumni. they will go to sacred heart community services to be distributed to those in need. students are collecting bike helmets and locks. those can be donated to presentation high school or sacred heart. joe is here with sports. we saw clay thompson injure his ankle. what are we learning about him? >> have you heard about the warriors? the next stop on the warriors run is friday night in boston.
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today they were just about the biggest thing to ever happen in the bobby brown and steven gym at emerson college. that college -- the warriors held a workout there. clay was there but did not practice. he's being called questionable for friday's game after turning his ankle in last night's win over the pacers. golden state's 23rd straight to start the season. they are playing without two others, but luke walton says they'll adjust. >> it will just be more minutes for different guys. we're going to prepare the same and we'll be confident that we can still compete and win games. >> i think the hunger comes from us fighting for each other. i can't go out there lacking. i'll let him down. we're playing for each other and for our coaching staff. i think that comes withability
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ability. reporter: the 49ers will try make it two in a row. the browns starting quarterback will be someone who looked like he was burr yesterday on the -- buried on the bench. johnny manziel was demosted to third string. since then, josh has suffered a broken collarbone and austin davis looked terrible. re-enter manziel. >> obviously there's a way to conduct yourself that 31 other guys in the league do each and every week. you have to follow that example and realize this is a -- this is a very prestigious situation i'm in being the starter quarterback in the nfl. i have to take pride in that and act accordingly. >> one other note tonight. the raiders have signed crabtree to a four year $35 million contract extension. he had a lets see what you can do here this year. apparently they liked what they saw. >> thank you.
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tonight on 10:00 news, gusty winds and heavy rain as a powerful storm moves in. bill will have an updated forecast so you can help plan your day. that's coming up tonight at 10:00. you have a great night. we'll see you again. good night.
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