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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 18, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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boy, it's been a rough morning for people trying to head into san francisco. the latest accidents there is the right, a box truck that flipped onto a red pickup. earlier, what you see on the left, a paint spill that shut down lanes of the bay bridge for hours. earlier today. traffic is still covering from interstate 80 from the paint spill when another accident snarled the community into san francisco. fire crews and paramedics rushed from north 880 to west interstate 80 heading to the bay bridge where a pickup was crushed by a box truck.
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the driver was moving his arms when he was taken out. and in the latest update, we were told there were only minor injuries. and earlier accident traffic was at a standstill due to the paint still. about 40 five-gallon drums of paint spilled off a flatbed truck about 4:00 this morning. a few cars spun out after the spill, but there were no crashes, and caltrans cleaned up the mess. there was a heavy backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. and lanes were re-opened by 7:00. the driver was cited for having an unsecured load. even without an accident,
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the metropolitan transportation commission released their report of the most congested freeways. atop of the list, the morning drive on westbound 880 between hercules and the maze. bay area commutes were 3% slower last year compared to 2013. number 2 and 3, interstate 880 from san leandro to milpitas and southbound highway 101 in the afternoon from sunnyvale to san jose. and calls for san francisco's police chief to be fired approximatelying the shooting death for mario woods. there was a justice for mario woods rally starting about an hour ago. police say that woods had stabbed someone and was moving toward them with a knife when they confronted and shot him on december 2. but his family and others say that cell phone video shows that woods was not
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threatening officers. >> we are demanding the firing of the chief and the officers who shot mario woods be put up murder charges. >> the chief said his department is reviewing use of force policies. at woods' funeral yesterday, the mother said that her 26- year-old son was turning his life around and had just landed a job at u.p.s. an suv sprayed with bullets on interstate 80, the 5th shooting along that stretch of freeway in the past two months. alex savidge has an update. >> reporter: a man shot and wounded last night as he drove along the freeway and now, the chp is saying that this victim was likely targeted, and it's possible this was all gang related. but, still, this is a dangerous situation for a lot of drivers because the gunfire happened in the middle of lanes on westbound interstate 80 near san pablo dam road.
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the shooting was at 3:30 in the afternoon and snarled the afternoon commute. the freeway had to be shut down for a time. the victims' black suv was filled with bullet hole that is came to rest along the side of the road. investigators believe what happened is a sedan pulled alongside the suv and then someone inside that car opened fire. the 30-year-old man behind the wheel of the suv was hit. that caused them to lose control and sideswipe another car. and then the victim ran to a nearby denny's restaurant to get help. a waitress called 911 and a dispatcher instructed her to use a cloth to apply pressure to the bullet wound. >> i asked, and it was like well, you know i'm okay. and i'm like really? >> reporter: the chp believes there was a second person inside the victim's suv yesterday. but that passenger was gone by
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the time officers arrived here. this shooting is the fifth in the past two months on or near interstate 80 in the richland- san pablo area. a number of people wounded and two people have been killed. the chp is trying to figure out if there is a connection between the shootings and what the motive may have been but, again, they do not believe that these are random attacks. still, you have a lot of innocent drivers put in the line of fire. i'll extend back to you. an oakland airport security officer was in federal court after being charged in connection with smuggling marijuana. according to the chronicle, prosecutors say that the 28- year-old helped smugglers get carry on bags filled with marijuana past x-ray machines at security checkpoints. the indictment said that it went on for two years and involved more than 200 pounds of marijuana. two suspects in salinas could face the death penalty in
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what investigators are calling one of the worst cases of child abuse ever seen. a 3-year-old girl and 6-year- old boy found dead, their bodies found stuffed in a plastic barrel at a storage unit in redding. police think it start inside a home in salinas, dead because of ongoing physical abuse. a 9-year-old girl was found alive with very serious injuries. authorities are looking to charge the suspect, tami huntsman, and a 17-year-old with first-degree murder. >> certainly in my 32-year career, this is the most agregious child abuse homicide case i've ever seen. >> those were the most precious babies in the world. that's all i can tell you. they doesn't deserve it. >> as many as six children were living in the home in salinas and are trying to determine the relationship between the which were and suspects. a young man from fremont
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accused of trying to join an al qaeda affiliate officially charged with supporting a terrorist organization. 22-year-old adam saffi was stopped at sfo as he was about to board a plane to turkey. according to the documents, he had phone conversations expressing his support for an al qaeda affiliate in syria. >> it's shocking. i thought he was one of the nicest people i had ever met. >> his families lawyers released a statement saying that adam was innocent and was planning to do nothing but fly to istanbul or join any terrorist group. president obama held his traditional year-end news conference before leaving for san bernardino today. he said that detecting lone wolf terrorists is very difficult. >> you don't always see it.
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they are not always communicating publically, and if you are not much can aing what they are saying publically, it's a challenge. >> he will head to hawaii for crist pass vacation with his family. and bail set for a friend of the san bernardino shooters. 24-year-old enrique marquez was in court for the first time yesterday. he is charged with providing material support for terrorists. during the hearing, federal prosecutors said that marquez actually called 911 hours after the attack saying that a gun he had given his neighbor, sye d farook was used in the shooting. they allegedly tried to smuggle pipe bombs on the freeway during rush hour, but the two shooting suspects never carried
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out those attacks. ucsf has suspended the living donor program for kidney transplants after a don'tar died after an operation. doctors still don't know exactly what went wrong but the person who received the kidney is fine. now, a 20-year-old's life- saving procedure has been put on hold. he was diagnosed with n-stage rena will disease last year causing his kidneys to fail. his family started a facebook page for a donor and they found a match, a former teacher from sacred heart cathedral in san francisco. >> she gave me the best christmas gift i could ask for. >> i am glad he could use my gently used kidney. >> they were set to donate today but the surgery has been rescheduled at separate
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hospitals. an expert has an explanation as why hoverboards are too hot to handle. >> this is a big battery that you run into stuff. >> what you need to know to avoid the hottest gift of the season from going up in flames. and coming up next, rosemary oro sco will tell us when the rain will hit. alaska. finally. the search for brown bears begins. denali highway. low on gas. pit stop. fill up. double points. yep, that's cold.
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a more than $1 trillion spending plan for the government next year is on the way to the president's desk. >> on this vote, the ayes, 116 and nays, 113. >> reporter: the white house of representatives passed a billion to keep the government running through september of next year and includes increases in funding for the national defense and compensation for 911 first responders. the budget's passage capped off a language list of accomplishments for house speaker paul ryan with a pledge of bipartisanship. >> this has been a busy month for all of us with more ledge -- legislation in a few weeks
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than in a few years. >> reporter: it includes tax cuts for many companies and home builders. republicans want an end to a 40- year-old ban on oil exportation. but the measure fell short of defunding planned parenthood and tightening syrian refugee screening, a win for democrats. >> they wanted to dismantle women's health and power plants and sabotage campaign finance reform and devastate labor in the country. >> reporter: meanwhile, conservative watchdogs are blasting it saying it grows the government and deficit. doug mckelway, fox news. the pg and e has been grand the a rise in the exit fee for
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$13 a month. that starts january 1. pg&e and said it covers the customer who is have left the utility. beginning today, pontiff will be flying non-stop between san francisco and sydney. we were at the airport this morning when the first flight arrived. they cut flights four years ago from sfo as a cost-saving move. >> we do have a long history in san francisco and it's great to be back. it was a tough decision when we moved out of here a few years ago. >> tonight, sfo will light up the international terminal in pontiff red. they off non-stop flights in 40 cities. hoverboards are a very popular gift this year but
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battery fires have a lot of people concerned about safety. a hoverboard explode inside a home in brented -- brentwood. >> if you are going to get one, definitely charge it outside and away from things that burn easily. it sounds scary, but it's true, and be present when you're charging it. >> in other words, don't plug it in and forget about it and don't leave the house while it's charging, and we got a chance to try it out on the set. pam said they are a lot of fun. over to weather, and meteorologist rosemary orozco is prepping for the rain. that's right. by the afternoon and evening hours, all of us will be there to see the rain. we're giving you a live look at the cloudy skies over the golden gate bridge and most of
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us, partly sunny to mostly cloudy. over to stormtracker 2. we are in the afternoon and we'll move in closer and stop the radar and take a look at where the rain is falling, ukiah and off the coastline of bo dega bay. most of us will stay mainly dry. the radar will continue to track this over the course of the next day or so with two storms we're watching. here is the first system for you, picking it up at this hour, and notice all the rain to the north of us. by 4:00 or so, it's widespread over the north bay to sausalito and the golden gate bridge. so just the start of the evening drive, we could see some of this over the north bay. at 5:00, 6:00, it will shift into the very bay, and if you have evening plans, you will need the umbrella the rain will
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go through the evening hours into tomorrow morning and stopping tomorrow morning, saturday at 8:00 a.m., we have a few scattered showers that will remain in the forecast and tapers off as we get into the second part of the morning and afternoon, so the second half of saturday, the first part of sunday will be mainly dry, and this is the next system moving in for sunday afternoon. as far as rainfall amounts with the first round, anywhere from a .25" to .50", maybe an inch for parts of the north bay, so, again, in a nutshell, we will see the rain develop later today and last into the morning. here's a look at some of the rainfall amounts expected, areas like san jose and fremont, picking up perhaps .50". .92 the possibility for santa rosa. obviously, this could change but looking at a good amount and here is a look at what you can expect for the sierra.
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if you are traveling, a winter storm warning is in play and lasting until tomorrow morning. a foot of snow expected down to the pass. so you will need your chains and snow tires. be prepared for the wintery weather lasting until tomorrow morning and back again on sunday for the drive home. the temperatures right now under mostly cloudy skies and breezy, 51 in san francisco and 57 in oakland and 59 in san jose, and in the afternoon, not a lot of change, 50s and low 60s for the afternoon, and the extended, with the bay area weekend always in view, two systems and rain moving in later today and lasting until saturday. so if you have places to be outdoors and you are trying to avoid the rain, the second part of saturday will be the best, and sunday, we pay start out dry but more rain on sunday afternoon and lasting into monday. some of the models wants to bring us rain off and on for christmas.
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>> thankful for the breaks. >> yeah. we need them. >> yes. >> thank you, see you on the 4. we have video of mother teresa with pope john paul ii. pope francis has signed off on the miracle needed to grant her sainthood. a man with multiple brain tumors said he was healed after loved ones prayed for mother teresa. the ceremony to make mother teresa a saint will take place on the anniversary of her death. next, a daybreaker dance party.
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tracking a pretty big slide on the dow jones. you can see it's down 340-plus points right now. a similar story on the s&p 500 and the nasdaq. each of those indices losing 1.5% only about 37 minutes left in the trading session. last night, the first fans in the bay area got to see the new star wars movie, the force awakens in theaters. it was quite the atmosphere with people in costume all dressed up as their favorite characters and so many light sabres we couldn't count. for many fan who is got in, seeing the new movie was an e motional experience.
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>> since i was 9 years old, i fell in love with it. the first time i saw it, the first movie that my mother let me see by myself. i loved it all my life. >> fans said they do not leave disappointed and that the new movie brought the fun and magic of the original series back to life. and warriors will face the milwaukee bucks, the team that snapped their 28-game regular season winning streak last saturday. they were not too happy with the bucks' celebration. klay thompson said they should have handle today with more class and steph curry said they don't forget these things and tonight is a big game with the tip off at 7:30. and steph curry and his wife ayesha went to in-n-out
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with drake. they were hungry ordering double doubles animal style, and drake took care of the tab for the nba champ and his wife. the salvation army opened the toy and joy shop to kickoff the holiday gifts food give away. they have transformed their center into a giant shop for families who are able to shop free today and tomorrow and selecting age-appropriate gifts for new borns up to teenagers. >> the salvation army is here to support the generosity of the community and make christmas very merry for so people here. >> in addition to all the toys, the salvation army is offering each family a large grocery bag
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of food. daybreaker dance early in the morning. dozens showed up to an ugly sweater dance party at macy's in san francisco this morning. they have been bringing early on morning sober dance events to many places across the country, crediting new york and chicago. >> they both thought, why not take the fun saturday night, friday night theme and give them a natural way to start the morning. >> and there were calorie burning games including a life- sized favorite of hungry, hungry hippos. you can expect more of these pop-up parties in the future. bernie sanders' campaign says that the democratic national committee is trying to undermine his bid for the white house. party officials say that sanders' campaign improperly searched and saved information from hillary clinton's campaign. we'll break it down and tell you when it means on the 4 at
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2:00 with mike mibach and keba arnold. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. have a great afternoon and see you back here for the 4. 4.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> we are officially on alert for the greatest mugshot ever. bar refaeli. >> the israeli attack authority is saying she failed to file taxes on tens of millions of shekels. about $10.5 million. >> just pay it, man. >> she committed tax evasion. can't just pay. it's a crime. >> how long could she go to prison for? >> about ten years. >> chris brown just released a music video. scott disick makes an appearance. >> i really can't [bleep] these bitches without you. >> if you're kourtney, that's embarrassing. >> she's banging justin bieber, he should be able to do whatever he wants. >> do we know she's actually


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