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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  January 21, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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rain is holding off. tomorrow morning we'll probably -- >> tomorrow morning will be rough. >> we're waiting for system and it's bringing in cloud cover but no rain yet. on the north bay it will develop a little later and most of us tonight and tomorrow. and another piece of energy friday to saturday. and after that we get a break. the system is aligning itself north to south. and there are multiple lows forming which will slow it down. and ahead of it it's very mild. we'll pick up a southeast breeze and dare i say a tropical feel to the santa clara valley where mid- to upper 60s are possible. patchy fog and a lot of high and mid-level clouds. you can see there's a little bit of a break. and kind of deceiving. it's going to be cloudy to mostly cloudy. there's the system. and the cooler air -- there's some behind the system. and that won't make it until late friday, saturday. mild afternoon temps and rain to the north. it will be warm in the south
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bay with mid-60s. a lot of 60s. and mid- to upper 60s. 66, 67. and sal, what do you have? >> we do have that problem we talked about in oakland. a stretch of macarthur boulevard near high and mabel is closed. we received information about the victim. the impact of the crash split the car in half. police say it was going at a high rate of speed when the driver lost control at 11:00 last night. alex savidge spoke with the passenger in the car. and he says the man who died was his relative. the passenger walked away from the crash without injuries. investigators will ask neighboring business owners if they have surveillance video that might reveal what happened. alex savidge will have a live
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report at 5:30. this is a super busy intersection and close to i-580 which as you look down the street, 580 is on the left from where you're looking. and it's one of those busy intersectionings. and the bus rolls by. so this is going to reroute the buses that run through the area. alex will have another report at 5:30. let's take a look at 580 westbound. looks okay. westbound 205 there's a crash. and if you're on 205 from the tracy area. there's a crash. there's slow traffic on the altamont pass. out to the bay bridge toll plaza we go. and the traffic is backed up here not really at all. the traffic is moving along okay getting into san francisco. and in san jose northbound 280 looks good getting up to highway 17. 5:02 and let's go back to the desk. bart will now install real
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cameras on all bart trains. this after a deadly shooting in oakland and there was no on board video to track down the shooter. janine de la vega has the report. >> reporter: good morning. dave. bart is going to put working cameras on every single train and they'll do it as soon as possible. right now they are trying to secure funding. and this change in the transit system comes 10 days after a man was shot and killed at the west oakland bart station. the suspect was captured on camera but not recorded while riding the train because the cameras inside were decoys. riders were upset and demanded changes. bart has not revealed how many fake cameras they have in the system and now they plan to have real cameras on every car. >> we've heard loud and clear from the riders and the public, the bay area, that they want a
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camera that's working in every single train car. >> reporter: bart still needs to figure out where the money for the cameras will come from and a system for how to monitor them. there are cameras on platforms. officers also wear cameras. we'll be talking to riders in the next hour or so to see what they think about this new plan. dave-- >> all right, janine de la vega in fremont, thank you. a deadly shooting continues to put the spotlight on officers use of force. brian flores is in the newsroom. two events are happening that will bring attention to this. >> reporter: and definitely a hot button topic. there are two separate hearings looking into the use of force policy which is 20 years old. at 10:00 this morning. a board of supervisors committee is holding a special
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meeting to evaluate police shootings and discuss alternatives to the use of deadly force. and at 6:00 tonight, the police commission holds the first in a series of hearings seeking public input on a new policy. they are looking at ways officers can deescalate a tense confrontation without using force. 70 police officers attended the regular meeting of the police commission and rallied behind the officers involved in the deadly shooting of mario woods last month. the controversial case prompted the investigation. five police officers shot woods after he refused to drop a knife. and several officers spoke at the meeting. >> i'm here to support on my day off, i'm not getting paid for this so i'm here to support my fellow officers. by me showing up.
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is that wrong? that's not wrong. that's saying okay. i'm going to support you until i find out what's going on and know the whole truth. >> supporters of mario woods called for the firing of police chief greg suhr. the five officers involved in the mario woods shooting are back on the job and assigned to desk duty. pam, back to you. >> we'll check back with you throughout the morning. a federal judge says a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the parents of andy lopez can go to trial. he was shot and killed while carrying a toy rifle. the deputy thought it was a real assault rifle. and he also said lopez refused orders to put down the gun. the deputy was later cleared in the case and a federal judge in a 19 page ruling questioned
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whether deadly force was justified and said a jury should decide the case. the trial is set to begin in april. two elderly women are in santa rosa hospital in critical condition after being hit by a car as they walked on a sidewalk. they were hit by a suspected drunk driver. it happened in oakmont. an 85-year-old woman suffered life-threatening injuries when she and her friend were hit by a car as they walked out of a dry cleaning store. a 77-year-old woman had her dog sitting in her lap and the dog distracted her. and she also said she meant to hit the brakes and hit the gas pedal instead. >> one looked like she had her head cracked open. and the other like she had been run over. >> ran into both and carried them for a distance on the hood. >> police say the driver failed
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a sobriety test and was booked into the county jail. and also had a prior dui conviction in 2002. we are getting to know the 49ers new head coach. how chip kelly plans to turn the team around in the coming season. and you might want to look at your 401k. we'll take a look at the factors threatening our economy. we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. and right now traffic does look pretty good. actually looking at the bridge itself, it looks pretty good in san francisco. nice looking picture as you drive into the city, no traffic issues. information you probably know off the top of your head. enroll by january 31st to avoid the irs tax penalty. if you haven't checked out covered california in a while, we've got some new options that might interest you.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 5:11. see this picture. this is back east. not much calm before the storm back there. the washington, d.c. area was almost paralyzed by snow and there's more on the way. our reporter doug luzader is in washington this morning out there. so how are you guys preparing for this, doug? >> reporter: well, dave, we're not apparently doing too well. you see the snow behind me. this was the result of a storm that came through yesterday. and it's not the storm that we're expecting tomorrow, the big one. so if this was a test for our region, we failed miserably. you know the snow is bad when
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the president gets stuck in traffic. this is a look at president obama's motorcade last night mired in crawling bumper-to- bumper traffic. the result of a storm before the storm that really wasn't all that big as the region braces for more. >> i want to go outside and play in the snow. >> for those who have to drive this is just the start and the inability to deal with a little more than a dusting does not bode well for what's ahead. >> this is the latest snow accumulation graphic. we've upped this a little bit. >> reporter: the storm could bring snowfall amounts this part of the country has not seen in years. neighboring maryland is also preparing. public officials have to thread a needle with these things, wary of doing too much or too little. >> we're watching carefully. we don't want to overreact but it looks like a significant storm event. >> reporter: the president made it home to the white house but hardly at a presidential pace.
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the federal government at the moment is open for business today. that may change tomorrow. the next storm -- and it's expected to be a big one -- is expected to roll in around noon, something like that, tomorrow. if rush hour yesterday was bad. we haven't seen anything yet. >> doug, how cold is it? i'm looking at the picture. >> reporter: yeah, you know, it's not quite as bad as you think. it's just below freezing. i think we're in the high 20s or so. so it could be worse. and some of the snow will no doubt begin to melt if the temperatures get much higher. the snow is going to come down at such a rate in the days ahead that it's going to keep piling and piling. that's what the forecasters are telling us. we'll check back. doug luzader in washington. economists, investors, and governments and most of us with a 401k are keeping an eye on wall street today.
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it was a wild day yesterday. the dow jones was on track for the worst january in history. it finished the day with a loss of 250 points. that was a big recovery from earlier when it was down twice that much. analysts say there are two factors driving the market down. slumping oil prices and the slowing chinese economy. it means lower sales for products coming from around the world. >> they're not going to consume as much products, as much oil, as much materials. >> most asian markets had a positive start today and that quickly changed. china's shanghai and south korea's fell. most analysts blame the oil glut which is keeping crude oil lower than $28 a barrel.
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it might mean more money in your pocket at the gas bump. but the dramatic drop is having an impact. chevron saw a 3% drop. chevron announced the drop in oil prices is prompting thousands of layoffs. the price of crude oil has dropped 70% since the peak in june 2014. and it's not just the energy companies that are hurting. >> a lot of these energy companies are going to have real trouble paying back all of those loans, and the banks know it. >> the banks, wells fargo, also based in the bay area. citibank have provided millions of dollars in loans for oil exploration and new technologies. increased regulation following the mortgage meltdown does require banks to have larger cushions to protect against bad
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loans and that does reduce the impact a bit on the larger economy. our local economy is definitely going to be impacted by this and we'll have a financial adviser coming in an hour. let's talk to sal and check on the commute, including the horrifying crash in oakland during the night. this crash in oakland that happened 11:30 last night on macarthur near high which is a super busy intersection very close do interstate 580 still has a street closed there. and alex savidge has been there since the beginning of the show at 4:00. he has more information. he actually spoke with someone who was in the car when it happened, the person who survived. and we'll find out more about that coming up. this is a look at the commute 80 westbound at the toll plaza. and you can see traffic continues to move very well
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coming up to the pay gates and no major problems there. 580 is a little bit slow on the altamont pass. it's actually okay in livermore as you drive through the dublin area and no major problems, and i mentioned the crash on macarthur was close to 580 but it's not affecting 580 traffic. and let's move along to the commute in san jose. northbound 280 looks good getting up to highway 17. at 5:17, let's go to steve. we have a lot of cloud cover over us. we're waiting on the system. and it will be here in the north bay later on. first of all, the historic, the epic snowstorm they're talking about. that's what they're saying. no doubt about it. it's going to be a significant system. you can see the low in the middle of the country. and it's tapping into gulf moisture. and a path will take it to the mid-atlantic by tomorrow.
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they get a dusting of snow and they're already having problems, as doug luzader said. tomorrow i don't think you're going anywhere back east to be honest. for us, we're waiting on the front. it's two speeds, slow and stop. when they align themselves parallel to us, that usually takes a lot of energy out. and there's multiple lows forming on the system. and that will slow it down. looking for a half inch to an inch and a half and maybe 2 inches. today just a lot of closure. upper 40s for most. santa rosa is 45. 50 in san jose. on the peninsula, 47. atherton, menlo park, and palo alto: 49 half moon bay. there's a breeze that's all
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over the place showing mainly an east or northeast direction and i expect that to turn more south, southeast. no advisories in truckee today. look at arcata, a balmy 58 degrees. southeast direction getting them very mild directions. the warm sector will generate light rain in the north bay. the front will come in tonight and tomorrow. and there's a little bit of cool air. that's not something we've had with the last few systems. three pieces or two and a half. what's coming in today is the warm sector. cloudy to mostly cloudy. mild temps. rain in the north bay later. if there's breaks in the clouds and suns mid-60 t. just put an umbrella in your drink if you're heading to the gilroy outlet malls. >> wouldn't that be lovely. >> rain tomorrow and another piece late friday, saturday.
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and sunday, monday and most of next week are dry. >> some ladies are probably thinking about the shopping. >> and guys too. >> yeah, some guys. more safety concerns surrounding the hover boards. up next what officials are saying you need to do if you own one. and the firefighters tool you should have on hand.
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♪ as long as you love me, it's alright ♪ ♪ bend me shape me, any way you want me ♪ shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepia technology adjust any way you want it the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. welcome back. talking about el niño. san francisco's homeless
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getting more shelter as the string of winter storms continues. city leaders are adding as many as 500 extra beds per night around san francisco. the san francisco chronicle reports the city could soon open the biggest shelter in years. the building on pier 80 is where oracle housed its racing yachts during the american cup. and that shelter could open all day during bad weather. it's only a coincidence it comes as san francisco prepares to host events related to the super bowl. farmers are worried about new water rules. the rules require anyone diverting water from rivers or lakes to report their actions to the state every year. large diversions must be measured and reported. any business or farm that takes the water equivalent of what 15 householdses would use in a year is a large diverter.
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farmers say it will be costly and difficult to meet the new requirements. our time is 5:23. at daybreak, the search for a missing surfer in marin county will resume. the coast guard received a call before 5:30 last night. two other surfers were trying to bring the man to the beach when they were hit by a wave and lost contact with the man. the coast guard, the national guard parks service and marin county firefighters will resume the search but it will likely turn into a recovery effort. there's a new warning about the hoverboards. if you see a safety certification on packaging, it's probably a fake. the issue is with ul marks. ul is a company that provides safety certifications for protects sold in the united states. typically, a ul certification would indicate the product has been tested and it's safe to
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use. but ul says it hasn't yet tested any hoverboards. one of the brands being singled out for featuring a fake ul mark is swagway. it's one of the biggest hoverboard manufacturers. amazon is offering free refunds for any hoverboards sold on its site. hundreds caught on fire and people have taken bad falls. there are 40 reports of hoverboards smoking or bursting into flames. the fires may be related to lithium batteries overheating. if you own a lover board they recommend -- a hoverboard they recommend keeping a fire extinguisher nearby while charging it. a hoverboard is being blamed for a house fire in santa rosa that killed two dogs in a family. the family escaped the flames
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and two dogs, a golden doodle and a boston terrier, did not make it out. the homeowner blames a hoverboard he purchased for his daughter for christmas. >> it's like selling kids bombs. it's going off and you never know when. >> in that area was a bookshelf and a hoverboard. and the burn patterns were around the hoverboard. >> the family says they followed all the instructions for the hoverboard. the fire caused a quarter million dollars of damage. star wars fans will have to wait. disney announced star wars episode eight will be released in december 2017, 7 months later than first expected. there are reports the director is rewriting the script. shooting is expected to begin next month. we're days away from the events leading up to the by
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super bowl. we'll give you a look at how super bowl city in san francisco is starting to take shape. >> reporter: plus a young man is dead after a violent high speed crash in oakland that split his car into two pieces. we'll tell you how the crash happened and what we're learning about the victim coming up.
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good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2, thursday, january 21st. i'm dave clark.
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>> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. almost 5:30. we're talking about all kinds of things. there's a lot of news. >> oil and the price of oil. i saw $2.19 near me. and a lot of people say why do we care. there are a lot of things to consider. >> i'm not going anywhere. >> good. >> thank you, pam and dave. good morning, everybody. clouds continue to roll in. a cloudy, mostly cloudy morning. and maybe a little on the cool side. by this afternoon it's going to be very mild. and the system will be here late tonight and into tomorrow. and still another piece of energy on saturday. here we go. paul-- martinez 51 cloudy and calm. i would agree with that. lawns are waiting for more water. mother nature says you be patient for a day. there's the system. it has a ways to go.
5:31 am
mendocino county could get light rain. and there's cooler air with the system and that doesn't show up until late friday, saturday. in the meantime, a lot of clouds, upper 40s, and 50s. and mainly 47 to 51. cloudy to mostly cloudy with sun breaks. and you could get mid-60s in the santa clara valley. and a little bit of cool air. we'll take that into early saturday. cloudy, mostly cloudy. and mild afternoon temps. mild in the south bay. mid-60s and low 60s to the north. >> sal, do you want to continue with oakland. >> we're looking at a commute that's not too bad getting into oakland and berkeley on 80 westbound. we're starting on the east shore freeway. and you can see that the drive between the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze is 15 minutes. no major problems at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic continues to look good as you get up
5:32 am
here. but it's going to be a little bit slow just for about -- it looks worse than it is. it's a five to seven-minute delay before you make it to the bridge. no major problems. we're right on time if you will. traffic is moving along okay on all the santa clara valley freeways and that includes 17 getting down to the valley. we've been follow thanksgiving story since we went on the air. an area of macarthur is still closed after a horrendous car crash. parts of the car are littered across the road. alex savidge spoke to a passenger who survived the wreck amazingly. >> reporter: the driver was killed instantly in this accident and the passenger walked away from this high speed crash last night. it happened about 11:00 as this car was coming eastbound on
5:33 am
macarthur to high street. what you see there is the front half of the car that's about 200 feet down the road from the back half of the car. that's where the two pieces came to rest. police say the driver simply lost control of the car and slammed into a tree on the side of the road. and that split the car to two pieces. the driver was killed and the passenger survived and it was at the scene and was in a complete state of shock. the passenger tells me the young man who lost his life was his close friend, jameel brown. and he lived in oakland. the passenger told me what happened was another car clipped their car last night and that caused the driver to veer off the road. that caused brown to veer off the road and hit that tree. police say they are still investigating whether there were in fact any other cars
5:34 am
involved in this crash. all they found was the one car split into two pieces. obviously, you can see a very wide crime scene has been set up here. we have macarthur blocked off from mabel to high street. it's unclear how long investigators will be out here. they have to document and it could take some time. and in the meantime, this is an area to avoid this morning. >> alex savidge, we'll talk to you later. federal investigators from the national transportation safety board have recovered a surveillance camera from the greyhound bus that crashed tuesday morning in south san jose killing two people. it's a dash mounted camera and records the front view of the bus and a view of the bus driver. eight investigators are here in the bay area, examining and trying to figure out if it was driver fatigue or something
5:35 am
else that caused that bus to crash on highway 101 tuesday morning. investigators moved the bus from a tow yard to a location in hollister. that gives them more room to inspect the wreckage. >> the vehicle itself and its mechanical condition, human performance -- we'll look at the driver and the actions leading up to the crash. >> in the crash, two women were killed and 10 other people hurt. most of them have since been released from the hospital. the road crews have put up yellow bins at the crash site, a temporary safety barrier. and permanent guardrails will be installed later. federal transportation officials say nationwide greyhound buses have been involved in six fatal crashes over the past two years. that resulted in seven deaths, not including this week's crash. federal information show that is officials inspected 1900 buses over the same two-year
5:36 am
period. they vetted more than 3000 bus drivers. a state lawmaker from san francisco wants more inspections of tour buses. phil-- is authoring a bill to allow inspection problems in conjunction with the chp. a bus driver lost control and crashed in union square in november and 20 people were hurt. the chp cited the company for mechanical problems and found the bus was not properly registered. the state's inspection of buses is not making the grade. for way too long, they've killed too many residents and shown inability to self- regulate. >> reporter: he says 30% of vehicles belonging to tour bus companies are inspected. under the proposed legislation, cities could develop their own
5:37 am
inspection programs. >> oakland high school is reportedly looking into another incident between a school security guard and a student. according to the chronicle. a 16-year-old suffered bruises and injuries when a guard pushed him to the ground on january 8th. that student had reportedly been sent to the officer and the guard was trying to keep the student from leaving the school. this is the same school where many may of 2014 a school security guard was seen on video knocking over a student's wheelchair and kicking that student who has cerebral palsy. more video surfaced showing mitchell hitting the student in the head while they were in the hallway. he was convicted on assault and battery charges. a spokesperson said the guard snapped when the student spit in his face. a hiker spotted a body
5:38 am
about 150 feet down a cliff south of the devil's slide tunnel on highway 1. crews hiked down and found the body of a white male. a san mateo county detective says there were no immediate signs of foul play. police in pleasanton are looking for four men who grabbed 10 iphones and ran off last thursday. you can see the men wearing hoodies. they yanked the phones from the tethers and ran out of the store. the stolen phones are worth more than $7000. pretty clear pictures of them. anyone with information is asked to call pleasanton police. if you use the tiburon ferry, you'll have to find a new way to get around for about two weeks. the blue and gold ferry service will be suspended because of maintenance on the floating
5:39 am
dock. the repairs will take two weeks beginning february 16th. the buses will have the same daily commute schedule from downtown tiburon to the ferry building in san francisco. the cost of a bus ride is $5. ferry tickets will be accepted. this morning, governor jerry brown will deliver his state of the state address. he's going to lay out his agenda for the coming year. it's possible he's focus on issues he brought up last year including reducing greenhouse gas emissions and transportation funding. >> he was criticized for not being engaged enough in two previous sessions. the address will be at 10:00 in sacramento. at market street and the embarcadero, the area is being transformed for concerts,
5:40 am
interactive games and places to get food and drinks. we'll be there all week. the free super bowl city opens on saturday, january 30th. and a new era of san francisco 49ers football officially underway. chip kelly was introduced as the team's new head coach. the first order of business will be to hire the coking staff and then evaluate players such as colin kaepernick and blaine gabbert. he was fired from the eagles and coached at the university of oregon before that. he's excited to embrace the history of one of the nfl's marquee franchises. >> i talked to joe montana, ronnie lot. roger craig, dwight clark, and to really kind of pick their brains in terms of why you were so successful and how do we replicate that. >> kelly is the 20th head coach
5:41 am
in 49ers history. and he's replacing jim tomsula who was fired at the end of the regular season. and buffalo has made history by hiring the first full-time female member of the coaching staff. she was the administrative assistant to the bills last year. and spent the previous 12 seasons working for the new york jets. some of her duties will include helping run the scout team at practice, breaking down film and assisting the special teams coordinator on game day. the golden state warriors are coming home. they had a big win over the chicago bulls, 125-97. steph curry, just ridiculous. he led the way with 25 points. a nice assist there. andre iguodala, sean livingston, and barbosa came
5:42 am
off the bench. >> how many teams have a bench like that? double digits just like that. >> just like that. a push to improve parking lots in california is coming up. the proposal a state lawmaker says will make your life easier. >> reporter: bart riders are upset about the fake cameras on some of the trains. we'll tell you about the change the transit agency is making. good morning. we are looking at the bridge commute. and so far, so good getting into san francisco. there is a delay at the toll plaza. and we'll talk that and the other commutes coming up. a lot of cloud cover and we're waiting on the rain. if you have travel plans back east, well, good luck. it's okay today. but tomorrow a big snowstorm. more on that.
5:43 am
5:44 am
good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2.
5:45 am
bart is taking action, reacting to concerns about security systems on bart trains after they admitted that some of the cameras on the trains don't actually work. >> bart plans to replace the decoys with the real things and people are not happy. >> reporter: riders do not like hearing that some of the cameras were decoys. a lot of them were shocked and now the transit agency says they plan on replacing them with real cameras on every train. the public has been very critical of bart security. ten days ago, a man was shot and killed at the west bart station. he is still on the loose. riders are upset about the level of security and many say they felt tricked. bart has not revealed how many cameras are real and how many are fake.
5:46 am
here's what one rider said. >> i had no idea they were fake. sometimes you see the green and red buttons, and some are on, some are off. i had no idea that they were fake. >> reporter: and now that they are saying they'll replace them. >> it's a good step. but just because we found out. >> reporter: bart is trying to work quickly to get a real camera on every train. the transit agency is also trying to secure funding for the new cameras and how police will go about monitoring them. we spoke with a rider who is not happy with the change. we'll tell you what he wants coming up at 6:30. pam-- >> we are likely to hear more about this for a while. thank you, janine. time is 5:46. can we go to sal right now. it's a busy morning in our commute. >> and it's getting besidier
5:47 am
around the accident. >> on macarthur one of the major streets in oakland at high street. two major streets coming together. and traffic is going to start getting busy and we'll go back to that coming up. macarthur at high is a good area to avoid because of a major incident, including a deadly car crash. let's look at the freeway commutes. traffic is going to be slow at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is a 15 minute delay before you make it to the span. nothing major on the bridge. it looks good. speaking of oakland, the freeways are okay. and i mentioned 580 near macarthur. the 580 is not affected and macarthur is at high street. this is a look at 880 oakland. traffic is moving along very well. and 101 in san jose, we have slow traffic after 280 getting up to the 880 interchange. the rest of the silicon valley looks good including 17.
5:48 am
all getting into the west valley are no major problems. let's go to steve in the weather center. well, a little quiet and clouds are moving in. and the raven still about 12 -- the rain is still about 12 hours away. many people may be heading back east and you could be in for tough travel by tonight and tomorrow. the low that's expected to -- i tell you, this could be all go and not much or really, really devastating. what's lost in all of this is that there's probably going -- not lost. i shouldn't say that. northern georgia and carolinas, possibility of freezing rain. you can get snapped trees and power lines and they don't have the equipment to remove that. and the mid-atlantic is looking for a significant snowstorm. more likely friday into the weekend. if you have travel plans, tomorrow will be a little
5:49 am
tough. we have solid cloud cover and 51 degrees. there's a puff of a breeze for a few. we're waiting on the system and it will crank up the breeze. we're getting a lot of high and mid-level clouds. and more cool air behind this. the system has a ways to go. it's aligning itself north and south. before that gets here, it's going to be a cloudy, mostly cloudy day. low 50s in the mix. and south to morgan hill and gilroy. 50 in santa cruz and everyone is pretty close. saratoga 47. and 58 mild degrees in arcata in advance of the system, getting a southeast breeze. and 21 in truckee. the system will be arriving by this time tomorrow. and a secondary piece will give us a shot of cool air and more rain friday to saturday. rain to the north bay could
5:50 am
start sooner and for most, later tonight. we already have mild conditions for a few. and it would not take much to get in the mid-60s for those in the santa clara valley. rain for friday and then early saturday and then it clears out sunday to next thursday looks dry. and stormy pattern end of january to early february. >> golf and hiking should be done on sunday. >> correct. it does look like super bowl sunday will be okay. rain is day before. >> i've been wondering about that. >> rain is day before. >> and wet turf. >> they'll cover it. >> people come to california hoping to have our weather. >> that could change. this is pretty exciting. the solar system may be bigger than we thought. two researchers in pasadena have evidence there's planet nine. they haven't actually seen it yet. but something is circling the
5:51 am
sun past neptune and it's influencing six objects on the outer reaches of the solar system. they believe it's a planet about 10 times the size of earth. it may have rings and moons. one astronomer hopes that everyone will start looking for it. it will be a big moment when it goes from theory to reality. the last planet discovered was neptune, 170 years ago. and of course, we had pluto what was demoted. >> planet nine sounds like a b movie, a saturday afternoon movie. >> planet nine. >> they came from planet nine. something very unusual found in an east bay business park. up next why marine mammal experts say this little seal may haven wandered far away from the water.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. new this morning, a british judge says there's a strong possibility that russian president vladimir putin gave the orders for the poison death killing of ex-spy alexander -- the order was carried out by russian's security service. he died 10 years ago in london after drinking tea laced with a deadly dose of a radioactive isotope. he fled to the u.k.
5:55 am
in 2000 and was a vocal critic of the sfb and putin. moscow has always strongly denied any involvement in his killing. people in pakistan are marking a day of mourning following the terrorist attack on the university there yesterday. 21 people were killed when four taliban gunmen stormed the university shooting teachers, students, and security guards. the attackers were killed by security forces. an earthquake rattled parts of northwest china. you're looking at video from chinese tv of things shaken. there's no immediate reports of serious injuries, but people could be seen running out of their homes and they stayed outside during the night despite cold temperatures. the department of homeland security may announce new visa requirements for european travelers who are dual citizens
5:56 am
of iran, iraq, sudan, or syria. the law is intended to make it harder for europeans who have fought for the islamic terror group to enter the united states. immigration advocates are accusing san francisco police of inviting the city's sanctuary policy. that could lead to the deportation of a crime system. pedro figueroa went to the station to recover a car. officers found a failure to appear warrant. his attorney did not know that a judge had ordered him deported for a conviction in texas. immigration agents have arrested figueroa and they are looking at whether he can remain or be deported. police in hayward are trying to figure out how a hungry baby seal ended up in a
5:57 am
business park. they think it crossed i-880 looking for food. testifies wearing an i.d. tag with the name pipester. they plan to release him once he's gained more weight. >> looking for food. coming up in the 6:00 hour. one of the big stories today. a horrific crash. a car split in half. a deadly crash in oakland and the street is still closed. we have new information we're learning about the victim. and bracing for a -- ooh, see that fog there? bracing for a blizzard back east. parts of the coast preparing for heavy or crippling snow back there.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> reporter: good morning. a young man is dead after a violent high speed crash in oakland last night. we'll tell you how the car was split into two pieces and how the passenger here survived the crash coming up. a new warning about hoverboards, the safety certification you may find on
6:00 am
the package that's probably fake. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. and thank you for joining us thursday morning, january 21st. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. last check weather and traffic steve paulson says you don't need an umbrella this morning but later. >> tomorrow for sure. >> north bay evening commute affected? >> i think later but it's possible. it's possible. but for everybody tomorrow. we have a break before the next system moves in and that will be more likely tomorrow. santa rosa 98% of normal for the year. san francisco, 110, and san jose, 120%. yes, sir, not bad. but there's more on the way and that will be for the north bay a little later. the system will show up and there's plenty to go. but it's creepy crawling along. there's multiple waves slowing it down. a half inch to 2


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