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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  January 27, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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the countdown continues, super bowl 50, and flocking to the bay area, looking for a place to stay. >> we are live with the ceo of the largest searches for rentals. and super bowl commercials, talking about the tone they are expected to take. and the trail heats up as donald trump says he is bowing out of the
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debate. . here on the 9, taking a look at the prettiest city in the world. a beautiful voice, adele. we are talking about super bowl 50, and alicia keys, the free concert coming february 6, the day before the big game, and if you are a fan, mark this date on your calendar. >> it will be very crowded down there, and i will go down there anyway because we are doing a show down there. some people could be afraid, the transportation system is a little bit strange.>> i will be writing the ferry on monday, and i enjoy a nice very bright, a quick 30 minutes and a nice way to go. -- fairy -- ferry ride, and a
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quick 30 minutes in a nice way to go. and people are renting out their homes, and if you want to do that, or be smart about booking a place to stay, we want to help you do that. we start this morning with an update on the california drought, the snow back in the sierra, the best it has been in five years. 118% of normal for the date, and the officials say needs to be 150% by april to make a significant dent in the drought, and another survey scheduled for next week. the sierra snowpack counts for one third of the california water supply. we have more rain on the way, and we will take a look at the extended forecast.
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the people living in the western ring community are reporting something strange, a coyote has started to attack cars as they pass through on highway one, and then running off. the attacks are becoming so frequent, and they now believe there may be two cody's with this unusual habit. they say there could be several reasons for this behavior, and the first is a rare, but it could be rabies, but they say that a coyote with rabies would die within a few weeks, the second is that it could have eaten some mushrooms. and the third reason could be being read by people, and no longer afraid of people.>> i like the mushrooms option the best. a group of teenage girls in minnesota have created an act to help the fellow student's combat the bullying.
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they have won the verizon innovative app challenge, requiring students to solve real-world problems, and this will allow the students that are being bullied are suffering from depression, they can call someone on the other end anonymously for help and guidance.>> there is no judging for someone that you do not know on the app, and in a small school, you would be afraid that someone would tell somebody.>> the girls will now face students across the country, and the winner will work on the app with the text experts at mit, and the school gets $5000. the city council has approved the plan in san jose to build the new apple plant.>> what this will mean for the city. >> reporter: this is been the goal of the city to grow in san
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jose, and they have been wanting to bring in companies to this area, and this is the undeveloped land, a huge area, 86 acres. this is north of highway 101 near the 87 interchange along the orchard park way. this is an industrial area, and for the most part, a lot of vacant land. they have approved the development plan, allowing apple to build more than 4 million 4,000,000 ft.2 of office space, and the size could exceed the new apple spaceship under construction in cupertino. initially, 1000 employees will move into the existing building, but this will create new jobs, between 16,000 and 20,000 employees could be housed. we asked the mayor about the transit. >> bart is under construction in san jose, open in 2017,
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updating the light rail line in front of the new apple campus on first street, and we will be going to the voters in november to ask them to continue to support the development of the train infrastructure. >> apple is staying quiet on the plans for the campus, but city leaders tell us it will be used for research and development, and this could be the site of the new apple products ideas. samsung has opened a new campus in north san jose, and google moved into the area, and this new apple project remains, and this will increase the tax revenues. the militia member is dead, and another was wounded in the gunfight between the government protesters and fbi. >> a month-long standoff that is still happening at the wildlife refuge in eastern oregon.>> we are covering the
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story, and the conference station -- confrontation started over a dispute on land.>> reporter: a lot happening on social media about what has happened. one person killed, one injured, and eight people arrested, all part of the group that is occupying this wildlife refuge in oregon for a month. this 55-year-old lavoy finicum was the unofficial spokesperson for the "citizens for constitutional freedom." there is conflicting information on how been a come -- lavoy finicum was killed. they were on their way to meet some members of the community in a nearby town, and they were stopped by law enforcement, and they were going to be arrested. some of the friends and supporters of lavoy finicum say
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he had his hands up when he was shot, but others say that he may have charged one of the officers when he was shot. we will show you the booking photos, including the leaders of the militia group, ayman bundy and his brother pictured on the top left, and one person that is not pictured, turned himself into the police yesterday evening. all of these people are facing federal conspiracy charges for impeding the officers of the united states by the use of force, intimidation and threats. we are looking at some of the reports from the militia members that are still at the refuge center, and there are still people there, but a lot of the women and children have left, and some members are commenting on how they are running out of supplies, so the situation could be winding down. technically, the standoff continues. >> so the fbi is not come out is said that lavoy finicum fired upon them?>> in the
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latest information, they do not even identify who was killed. we know that because his family members have confirmed to the media and other reporters that he was the person that was killed. the fbi is supposed to have a press conference at 10:30 am this morning, and i'm sure we will hear their version.>> over the past week, i heard the community meetings where the sheriff's mincing no words, telling them to get out. and even the locals are saying you are holding our town hostage, what are they doing and very emotional. back they were about to meet the community members to address some of the concerns and explain why they were still there at the wildlife refuge center, but they never made it. >> the fbi may have intervened just in time. >> you said that the people that are held up in the center are running out of supplies.
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are they not getting supplies in and out? they have to come out eventually. >> they said that the federal agents have come by to visit and to tell them that it is time to leave, but there are still some holdouts. the unsanctioned democratic debate scheduled in new hampshire next week, but not known who will show up. martin o'malley has agreed to attend, and the hillary clinton campaign says that clinton will be happy to participate if the other candidates agree. the democratic national committee says it has no plans to sanction the debate, and the bernie sanders campaign says he will not want to jeopardize his ability to participate in future debates, and the next official debate is scheduled for february 11 after the new hampshire primary. donald trump not going to the debate.>> reporter: this is
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the theoretical lineup for tomorrow night's debate in iowa, donald trump is supposed to be in the middle of this. but will they show up? he is saying no.>> we will do something simultaneously with the debate, but most likely i will not do the debate.>> reporter: the spokesperson for trump says that he is out, and that is how it stands at the moment, upset by the fox press release that poked fun at him, and that megyn kelly is the moderator after they tangled in an earlier debate. trump has started with skipping a debate before, but this comes dust days before the iowa caucus, and he is neck and neck in the polls with senator ted cruz. >> and she asked him mean questions, is here could stand on end.>> reporter: and crews -- ted cruz says that i was not the be all to his campaign. >> if donald wins iowa, he will
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have a substantial lead. if he goes on to win new hampshire, there is a good chance he could be unstoppable and be our nominee. >> reporter: and the big question now, will the debate absence hurt or help donald trump? >> he has succeeded in doing what he wants, to make himself the center of all of the attention, all the time.>> reporter: this could have an impact on the ratings, donald trump has been the big driving reason for the ratings. he could decide to show up.>> you can watch the debate coverage on the fox news channel at 6 pm our time, and ross palombo will be in des moines for the debate, and will stay in iowa to report on the caucuses for us.>> it does appear that sarcasm from the fox news may have been the last
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straw for donald trump. and they have learned from a secret that the ayatollah and putin will treat donald trump unfairly when they meet with them if he becomes president. he goes on to say that the nefarious source tells us that donald trump has his own secret plan to replace the cabinet with his twitter followers to see if they should even go to the meetings. this comes after donald trump asked his twitter followers whether he should skip the debate or not.>> our question to you, our twitter followers, what do you think? if donald trump's gives the debate, would you still watch, and tell us a you feel about donald trump skipping the debate. some say he is in control, and let us know. use the # ktvuthe9. coming up the unusual housing options for people heading to the super
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bowl. some people in the bay area are cashing in or renting out their homes, up next, live with the ceo of the search engine for the rentals.
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taking a look, the dow jones up by 60 points, better than it was this morning. the s&p is also of about one half of 1%, nasdaq is flat. estimated 1 million people heading to the bay area for super bowl 50, and they need a place to stay. here are a few unusual options, here is a treehouse, being offered for $496 a night, two people and no children allowed.
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the treehouse is securely nestled just 15 minutes from san francisco, and a beautiful view of the bay.>> we had the oscar meyer "weinie-bago" and it is being auctioned off in parked at an unnamed hotel, super bowl tickets not included, but plenty of hot dogs available, and the driver will take you on a tour of the bay area in the world-famous weenie mobile. the treehouse may not be for you, the when he mobile, no thank you. if you're looking for great place to stay during the super bowl, or maybe you want to rent out your home or part of it and make some money, we had the ceo of the world largest search engine. in regard to the super bowl
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listing, we see listings for well over $1000 per night. >> the average price in san francisco is $1000, $1200 close to santa clara, a 40% increase from the start of january. a lot of people are coming to the bay area to book a place, and as a result, a lot of the people are booking their homes. >> i found a nice three bedroom, four bath in santa clara, about one quarter of a mile from levi's stadium, and what is the average price, and are using more rentals down by the stadium or in san francisco? >> we are seeing more in san francisco, but higher near the stadium, but some places come with a lot of amenities that do not come in a hotel, and people are willing to pay a premium for a nice place. >> what do you do if you have a room or your house available? what do you have to do to make
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your house prepared for renting?>> the first thing is to list it. look in your area, and see the comparative price points. the next thing, you want a snappy title, and mention super bowl in the title so that you get the attention. you want super high resolution photos of your property of the outside and inside. write a full description. once you have the listing online, prepare the house. you want it to be nice and clean by the time the guests arrive, have toward trees in the bathroom, things like that. >> i could list a home for $3000 a night, but if no one reads it, i have not made any money. the timing and how are they fluctuating? >> the prices are going up, but we do not know yet whether they are being booked. people are putting up a high price and hoping to get it.
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we recommend that you be realistic. see with the neighbors are listing their places for, and pricer home competitively. if you are in santa clara, think about $1200 on average. >> the most people searching are the people that live in the carolinas and people that live in denver or the state of colorado. is this at the point where people are still going into the hotel rooms more?>> a lot of the hotels are sold out, and home rentals are getting more popular, and the market is exploding. vacation rentals in general, people want to rent the place is out, and the market has more properties than ever before. >> assuming we have a lot of first-time renters and people putting up there houses for rent, what are some of the cautionary tales you would like to share?>> the percentage of things that go wrong is very small, but do your research. talk to the host before you
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arrive, make sure you are in a neighborhood that is good, and that you like the area. most importantly, make sure you can get to the levi's stadium in time for the game. make sure that the rental is in a place that you can easily get to the venue. >> and make sure they leave the chocolates on the pillows.>> the little touches go a long way.>> jen o'neil, thank you. and the people living in the yellow tag apartment building continuing to pack up their things, and some folks are having a problem finding a new place to live. the new recommendations her firm -- reform for the berkeley police department, and some say the changes are not enough.
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we are following some of the top stories around the bay
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area. some of the top stories, the san francisco board of supervisors has approved making july 22 the marta woods remembrance day despite the objection of the police officers -- mario woods remembrance day despite the objection of the police officers. july 22 is the birthday of mario woods, and they say it honors mario woods, but is also a symbol of reform, and the mother describes this emotional moment. >> i have to live my life without him and all of the hopes that i had for him, and all of my dreams. they can have a date for my baby.>> the police say that marta woods had just's -- mario
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woods had just stab somebody would not put down the knife when they stabbed him. and they say their attempts to stop them had no effect, and some say this is offensive to the police officers that have been killed in the line of duty, and they did not have a day set aside to honor them. and a hearing about the tour bus safety rules after the recent tour bus crashes in san francisco, and on january 16, the tour bus hit and killed and 82-year-old man, and the driver was cited for vehicular manslaughter. in november, the runaway tour bus injured 20 people, and they want the emta, police and the police to come up with ways to make the tour buses safer. and those are just a few of your headlights. in about one hour, the federal, state and local officials will discuss how to deal with the crumbling cliffside in pacifica.>> one building has
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been yellow tagged as unsafe to live in. this means that the people living in the 20 apartments on the esplanade avenue will only be allowed in their home long enough to move out their belongings. many get housing assistance from the government, and they say they cannot start looking for a new place until they get the paperwork from that county. >> even if the housing authority comes down here to give us the paperwork we have been screaming for for two weeks, i am starting a search all over again with no resources or help. there are a lot of people that are being displaced and the coming homeless for reasons that are not their fault, and this is not fair. >> other people living in the building say they will the five the -- defy the yellow tape on their apartment, and one has filed an appeal of the evacuation order. coming up, super bowl 50 around the corner, and watching the big game without those
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treatment for radiant skin.
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we are checking your responses on twitter after we asked you at the beginning of the 9 about donald trump saying he will not join the next republican debate.>> one thought, donald trump is all talk and no action, and he should throw in the towel and miss all of the debates from now on. another person writes that if he gets its gives the debate, the candidates can actually talk about the issues and not each other.>> and one tweet, nobody really cares what the other candidates have to say, he should throw a victory celebration, and talk about the real donald trump.>> and they
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say that they are using megyn kelly in an attempt to get back at donald trump, and they will lose millions of dollars. >> thank you for sending us your thoughts, and remember to use the #katvthe9. and how is the weather?>> not too bad. much better than that fog yesterday. we still have some of it around, but nothing compared to yesterday. mostly sunny with high clouds, increasing clouds tomorrow, and it looks like the rain will be coming back in on friday. again on sunday, turning colder. after that, we will say hello to february, and a very all- important forecast around the seventh. >> the day of super bowl and a lot of stress.>> it is a big
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deal.>> it is what happens before that is the bigger deal, super bowl city.>> people will think, i will not go.>> $50,000, i will stay home. handling the changes in the way it handles the public protest. >> this comes after the protests in 2014. >> the recommendations that will be put into place.>> reporter: good morning. following the demonstration at the end of 2014, a number of protesters claimed that the officers are using excessive force, and upset by the use of the tear gas. the berkeley police department later admitted that some mistakes were made. the police review commission came up with ways to better handle the large demonstrations. the city council approved the changes last night.
9:32 am
>> reporter: the protest that prompted this review was on december 6, 2014, people taking to the streets to demonstrate against the various killings across the country of the unarmed black men by the police. stores in berkeley were looted, and officers clashing with the protesters, and some protesters and officers were injured, and eventually the police dispersed teargas. and some said this was deeply troubling that night. the commission will be recommending or has recommended improving methods of clouds control -- crowd control, and looking for additional ways to get the aid here in berkeley, and looking at less lethal weapons. the berkeley police chief disagrees with some of the
9:33 am
recommendations being put forth, in particular, he takes issue with the discouragement of the issue of helicopters. that monitors the large crowd to figure out which way the people are moving. on the flip side, those that are pushing for accountability believe that some of the recommendations do not go far enough. they believe this is common sense. we reached out to the group called the "berkeley cop watch" and we have not heard back from them. we also reached out to members of the cities, a representative from the city and also to the police department, and we are waiting to hear back from these folks. super bowl city continues to take shape in front of the san francisco ferry building. there are several detours in place around the area, but the commuters tell us that it has
9:34 am
been rough on bart as well as the ferries.>> reporter: get ready san francisco, super bowl traffic and transit troubles are already beginning. the commuters did heed the warnings about the embarcadero shut down with the traffic much lighter than the monday gridlock. driving to the detours is still not easy. >> it has been brutal actually. i will not come down, i will take the public transportation if i come down.>> reporter: the bart option is just ask injected -- just as congested. the ridership went up by 6000 tuesday morning, and signs about the downton detours posted on the platforms, and they will expand the format cars to 10 cars. -- four cars has been increased
9:35 am
to 10 cars. but some writers -- riders say that their strategy is to stay home.>> last night, i made the 5:20 pm ferry, and it has gotten busy.>> the congestion, people and roadblocks, a little bit of anxiety.>> the honeymoon is over. the ferry ridership is up as much as 40% this week, and they plan to add extra votes if the -- boaters if the tickets are all selling out. crews are concerned as we all are about the possibility of rain on the new turf, but it also has to be able to withstand the rehearsals, and
9:36 am
the extensive pregame and halftime shows. >> we grow this grass for short- term use, and it is usable right when it is put on the ground, and groomed specifically for this game and it will play well. >> the guru of ground keepers is there to help the 49ers, well he helped the 49ers help the field get prepped, and now he will help us. budweiser has a new member of the clydesdale family, this is max, and he was born yesterday, and the brewery sets -- says that the clydesdale, the babies weigh more than 110 pounds at birth, and he will spend the next few months with the heard at the ranch in missouri, and he will be taught
9:37 am
all he needs to know about becoming an official budweiser clydesdale, and he will be taught how to behave during his public appearances.>> one day that new clydesdale may make an appearance in one of the super bowl ads. until then, what can we expect from the super bowl ads this year.>> when my producer said that mike mccarthy was coming on, i thought he was talking about the head coach of the green bay packers, but this is just as entertaining. >> i am happy to be here.>> tell us, nationwide, with a tone it down? last year the ads brought us down, and are you expecting more nationwide?>> i think we can thank the advertising god's that the comedy role will be back, after the depression bowl
9:38 am
last year, about that poor kid that never grew up, people were freaked out and depressed during what is supposed to be a happy event. they are doing a deterrent, going back toward the comedy and feel good spots. >> what are some of the ads that have stuck out to you? the budweiser frogs, the bud light bold, or darth brader -- darth vader, what ads have resonated?>> the classic ads are usually the budweiser ads, a warm puppy, but dalmatian. budweiser knows how to tug at the heartstrings. the problem is does it sell beer, and that is the question since the budweiser sales have gone down. the granddaddy ad was the 1984
9:39 am
computer. the most popular ad i've seen is the volkswagen for sought -- passat, where the little kid pretended he had the force, and the father played along, everybody loved it. >> i wanted to see the commercials in the super bowl, and now with the internet in the top five lists out as soon as the game is over, how has the internet changed how the people that make the commercials do their job? >> the inner net has changed everything -- the internet has changed everything, and they used it treated with secrecy, but now they send out the teaser videos, or they will air the entire slot online before you even see the game, and this is a smart move. by the time the spot comes onto the tv, your friend next you can say they saw the spot
9:40 am
online already, a great spot.>> just this morning i saw dan marino and alec baldwin dallying and in the amazon commercial. you expect more from companies like that? >> i expect more, and i don't know if you remember where the dot com took over the super bowl, and within a year, most of them are out of business. but google, amazon, they can be on the big game, and it is the single biggest american media stage, 150 million people watch it every year. >> how much is the network asking for 32nd -- 30 -- 32nd spot -- 30 second spot, probably 4.5 million, but if you're buying a single spot,
9:41 am
only $30,000. how do you know who is the winner after, is there consensus on the internet, the amount of tweets, how do we know? or how do you know? >> i look at two things, sales and longevity. the brady bunch takeoff was a great commercial, and it is still running. that tells me that that ad is selling the products and is still popular. thank you for joining us, talking about commercials airing on the super bowl. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, two years and $20 million later, the grand reopening of the dolores park, and we will tell you about the new features, coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 the 9. following the top stories coming out of san francisco, and we are at the hall of justice. this is a big week for san francisco. how are the first responders preparing for the big events.>> reporter: they have had quite a few drills in the weeks leading up to the super bowl. today, they will be having a briefing which includes the police department, our department and the head of the department of emergency management. with the super bowl, we are expecting 1 million visitors, and obviously a lot of safety
9:45 am
concerns. this saturday, they will activate the emergency operation center, and it will coordinate with the other bay area agencies and get the word out to the public. that if you go down to the justin herman plaza, there is usually a large homeless contingent, and they are gone. are they moving to other parts of the city?>> reporter: we have noticed a proliferation of tents underneath the freeways, and of course when it rains, the homeless seek shelter. the people that live and work around the area in soma say they have noticed an uptick in the amount of homeless due to being pushed out of the justin herman plaza. at noon today, the protesters with the government access project will visit a homeless tent city calling for a toilet project, and the one -- they want to let the home is no
9:46 am
about the fire station that is nearby where they can use the toilet. they will talk about the availability of the toilets.>> a lot's been said about the buses in a controversy on whether to use the san francisco bus stops. what is happening with the google buses in the legislation in the city?>> reporter: the board of supervisors was supposed to tackle this problem yesterday, but there was a lot of the agenda, and it has been continued to february 9. the issue is controversial, whether to make the google shutter -- shuttle program permanent, and it is currently an 18 month pilot, and some say it makes more policing could impact the city drivers and workers, and it will come up again on february night. -- february night -- 9th.
9:47 am
the dolores park is officially reopening tonight. >> live at the part that i grew up going to, and it looked really nice in the pictures.>> reporter: this is the first time i have been here, and i've been at the station for four years. this is breathtaking in terms of the view, and the gates came down earlier this morning, and the people are walking the dog, and enjoying the new renovations at the park. this is beautiful, and a beautiful day for the grand reopening. the south side of the dolores park is officially open today, and the north side opened last year. new benches, new grass, a new off leash dog area. one gripe from before the
9:48 am
renovation was the bathroom situation, so they have added 27 new toilets. the other was the amount of trash you would see, especially on the weekend. but they have a plan for that.>> you will not see trash cans in the park. we want people to pack it in, and then pack it out. you will see trash cans and recycling cans all around the park, and we have this echo pop up. we will sort it for you.>> you could almost wahkon bottle caps that were in the lawn, so i know, and hope that people are more respectful. the trash cans are far away, but maybe there is some psychology behind that.>> reporter: the park officials are hoping that people will take pride in keeping the dolores park cleaner, longer.
9:49 am
the opening was scheduled for last week, but you remember all the rain that came to the area, so they pushed it back to today. come out here, see one of the best views in san francisco, or in the entire city area, take this in. people are encouraged to bring glow-in-the-dark clothing or a flashlight, and the theme is "light up the new dolores park." it is a beautiful park.>> so many good memories of having my dad take me out there, and my dog running around. a lot of history and great view. the neighborhood behind it was not fancy, but it is now.>> i think back to 2015 when the vandals got a hold of the construction vehicle, and drove through the grass with wet cement, and the glass in the sandbox, that calls thousands
9:50 am
of dollars, money that cannot go to the other park services, and they hope that people will take care of the gift. >> we hope that people will take care of this. >> a new generation rolling in. to the far east bay, specifically antioch, people are dealing with a strange problem. dozens of chickens running wild. this is in an area that was recently annexed by the city, 60 chickens and roosters are running wild. and they say that the man that kept the chickens as pet, he left them behind when he moved. and they say the problem is out of control. >> they are roosting in these trees. a lot of chickens.>> they are everywhere, and you can see them into the buying. -- vine.>> some people want them to remove the birds, but the antioch city council is not expected to make a decision for
9:51 am
another month. a workout off of the course, and some students will never forget this.
9:52 am
brandois heaven in a jar. ?q that's because our ingredients come from...
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farmers committed to responsibly sourced oils... blended with ingredients like cage-free eggs. mmm. heaven. real ingredients. that's how we're working to bring out the best. american idol is promising drama, disappointment and a lot of surprises, and hollywood week begins tonight.>> [ music
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playing ].>> four hollywood contestants coming up and singing solos, and then they can wait to see if they make it through the next round. >> hollywood week is nerve- racking for the contestants. it is surprising how many people go down. people that we thought would be amazing.>> the judges say that hollywood week is like boot camp for the contestants, they have to toughen up for a possible career. >> you can watch american idol on wednesday and thursday night, and it starts at 8 pm. the warriors played the dallas mavericks at oracle, and they took time out of their busy schedules to get out and get involved in the community.>> steph curry showing off his dance moves with the students at the oakland school, part of the nba
9:55 am
fit program, encouraging students to stay active and to keep a healthy lifestyle. he says that the students are great role model for the other children.>> they are pretty impressive, able to rally at the school. and to have this day as a reward, and to continue to raise awareness on having an interactive lifestyle, especially starting the kids are early. >> the kids took part in several health and wellness workouts, and basketball is a must. but other activities included nutrition, coaching and yoga. celebrating the upcoming lunar new year by visiting the them just old chinatown. and we had the fortune cookie factory, and they unveiled the warriors chinese new year uniform for the season, and the picking of the monkey, the
9:56 am
character of the month. lunar new year starts february 8. oprah putting their magic touch on weight watchers, and the posting on twitter gives the company a big boost. >> this is a joy for me. i love bread.>> i am with you on the bread, and she says she has lost 26 pounds on weight watchers, but she eats bread every day, and her stock rose 20% yesterday for weight watchers, and weight watchers over all is up more than 90% since oprah took a stake of the company in october. this next story, a lizard. a lizard in the lunch. >> a kindergartner found a type
9:57 am
of lizard in her salad, and she decided she would adopt it. she found it in her salad, but it quickly became the new class of pet, and they named it "green fruit loop." and they say that it must've been tucked away inside of a leaf.>> that is part of nature, and that is where the food comes from.>> lizards, you never know. that is your show for this morning, and thank you for joining us. we will be back are your noon hour. american idol tonight, 8 pm.
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> with all due respect, have several. >> my girls have always turned out. >> i give it to you straight. no chasers. >> now, here's wendy! >> wendy:


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