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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  February 4, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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but it might be a good time to get out of dodge and head around the bay area. it will be beautiful anywhere you go. weekend looks sunny and warmer and no change there. super bowl city not as cold as a couple of days ago. by noon and 4:00, 50s and 60s under lots of sunshine. good thursday morning. 48degrees in windsor. have a great day at channel 2. tom, you two as well and everybody in windsor. we have high clouds in the morning and then they'll be gone. 40s on the temps. find any 30s? wood side at 39. 42 atherton. high pressure is on the way. morning clouds and mostly sunny and near normal temps, tomorrow we go above and that means upper 50s to 60s. it's 5:00 in the morning and i
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believe sal castaneda is in the big chair. >> good morning, let's take a look at the bay bridge. and traffic is going to be okay. that's a nice looking shot of the embarcadero towers in the background. and traffic is looking good. in marin county approaching from the richmond bridge toll plaza, traffic is going to be okay. and i'll just tell you it's okay. apparently, we don't have that shot. let's move on to 280 northbound getting up to highway 17. and that commute looks good. 5:01 and let's go back to the desk. a major section of the bay bridge is scheduled to come down this morning. caltrans will start lowering
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one of five trusses. the horizontal supports of the span -- caltrans released animation. with the trusses lowered on barges and transported to the port of oakland to be taken apart. a top administrator at a san jose high school has been arrested accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old student. janine de la vega joins us with more on the investigation. >> reporter: this has got to be shocking for students at james lick high school in san jose. the man arrested was the acting vice principal. and staff learned about a relationship between him and a girl and alerted police. here's what we know. a special task force that handles internet crime against children took 35-year-old jose gonzalez into custody.
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he was arrested for annoying or molesting a child under 18 years old. the 17-year-old claims she had an inappropriate relationship with him last summer in july or august. they investigated and found enough evidence for an arrest warned. and the district hired him in 2008. he was a campus adviser before becoming interim vice principal. has now been placed on administrative leave. a letter was sent to parents. there's going to be counselors and social workers available for students and staff if they need them. we'll be reaching out to the district later on this morning to get more reaction from them. pam-- >> thank you, janine. 5:03 is the time. a 19-year-old robbery suspect was arrested in solano county, accused of two attacks using a
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hammer. vallejo police say he beat a woman over the head with a hammer after she walked out of a wells fargo bank. and he stole a purse from a woman at the solano town center mall in fairfield. >> i think it's crazy. i don't see why anybody would want to mug an old lady or anybody. it makes a bad reputation for the city. >> reporter: king was arrested during a traffic stop. and they recovered the woman's purse and say he has confessed. students at santa clara university will be able to get free vaccines against mean united states -- meningitis. both students live in the same dorm, swigg hall and they are
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associated with the same fraternity. >> certainly a cluster of ma nennigai cookal infections is a concern. . the health officials say meningitis is spread by close contact and in 10% of cases it can be deadly. this comes as 10,000 people are expected on the campus saturday for a day long pre-super bowl event still scheduled. in alameda, argosy university has a case of meningitis that turned deadly. an employee died on january 25th and tested positive for bacterial meningitis. the health department has been checking people who had close contact with that employee. for now it appears there's no major health risk to the community. as the zika virus outbreak
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spreads, an u.s. state has declared an emergency. the governor of florida declared an emergency after 89 cases of the -- nine cases of the virus were confirmed. officials are being told to educate the public. the zika virus can cause birth defects in babies and severe brain disorders. president obama will host the warriors to honor the first nba championship in 40 years. and he'll make note of their efforts to give back to the community. and we'll be streaming it on at 10:55 this morning. the warriors are coming off an 8th straight win. steph curry tied a career high.
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and draymond green had another triple double. homeless advocates protested just outside the gates of super bowl city last night. a few hundred people marched the perimeter of super bowl city. the city is sweeping the homeless off the streets and subsidizing the needy. the homeless are being hit with citations for sitting on sidewalks. >> the encampments have been displaced. people have been getting ticketed and arrested and having their property confiscated. >> san francisco officials have begun ramping up the winter shelter program by building a shelter on pier 80. the shelter could open today. with days to go before the super bowl, out of town
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football fans are arriving in san francisco. a family from rhode island booked their trip to san francisco when they thought their team, the new england patriots, was going to the super bowl. but the super bowl is a great experience. >> we went last year and had a great time in arizona. >> san francisco hotels are having a good week. the general manager of the hotel vitale says a special $10,000 package for three nights and two tickets to saturday's rolling stone magazine party sold out. and a handful of rooms starting at $1200 are still available. ♪ [ music ] pam cook is already rocking to the music. the free concerts have been a big draw for fans, last night
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the headliner was mat nathanson. and tonight the band perry. and friday night, one republic, and saturday night, the great alicia keys. when the broncos and panthers take the field, they'll be playing with 120 official game balls. did you know how much work goes into creating them? >> reporter: making an official wilson football for the super bowl is all in the details. >> just knowing you're making a super bowl ball. it's such a different feeling. >> reporter: this seasoned pro sews the leather inside out. >> this is very tough. >> yes. >> does that hurt your hands? >> yes, yes. >> reporter: he operates the steam box and turns the back right side out. once the laces are down he irons out the seams, a process he's been doing for 40 years.
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>> it's hard for me to estimate but they say over 4 million balls. >> lacing in about a minute. >> the next machine is molding. >> this machine applies 120 pounds of air pressure to give the ball its shape. >> and i decide if it's a game ball. >> a final scrub brings out the color and it's tossed in the bin. >> 108 balls on the field. and 12 for the kickers. the reason they do that is because they want to authenticate the balls after the game. and the -- they give them to charity and the value is very high. >> to me it's the best ball in the world. >> that was christina revenue done reporting. and wilson will customize a ball for the you. you can have your name or
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favorite team logo. i should take a picture. i have a ucla. the coach sent it to me when we were talking about ucla and he found out i was a fan. it's enough trash and debris to fill four 50-gallon trash cans. coming up in 20 minutes, the impact that last week's fireworks show is having on a beach in san francisco. and two more candidates have dropped out of the race for the white house. we'll have the latest on the campaign trail coming up. we're looking at the east bay commute which looks good so far. and a lot of room on the east shore. our pattern is changing and it's drier and warmer as we look ahead to the weekend and the super bowl. sunshine and 70 degrees at kickoff.
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two more republican presidential candidates have dropped out of the race as the two remaining democrats are just pounding away at each other in the leadup to new hampshire. doug luzader has the latest on the race for the white house. [ cheering ] >> reporter: while hillary clinton and bernie sanders made separate appearances at this town hall show in new hampshire they clearly had their sights set on one another. >> good ideas are paper are important but you've got to be able to translate them to action to get results for people. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. that's just not -- >> and sanders stinging from iowa even though he came in a strong second and questioning how delegates were chosen.
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donald trump accusing iowa gop winner ted cruz of cheating by sending out official looking mailers urging wayward voters to caucus. >> what he did is a disgrace and it's a disgrace to the electoral process. >> and two have given up. rand paul's messaging never really caught traction. and rick santorum is also out. throwing his support behind rubio. >> he's the new generation and someone that can bring the country together not just moderates and conservatives but young and old. >> and that was doug luzader reporting. president barack obama plans to call for more programs to help young people get more jobs. some of the ideas have been proposed before.
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and congress has not provided any money for the ideas. the white house is not saying how the president plans to pay for the programs expected to cost $6 billion. and a presidential spokesman says more details will be released as part of the president's budget request. president obama's plan to cut the number of american troops to 5500 by the end of this year would have a negative impact on training afghan security forces. general john campbell is scheduled to testify before the senate armed services committee. he told the house that 5500 troops would not be enough to continue to train afghan security forces. there are currently 9800 troops in afghanistan. everybody behaving at the toll plaza, sal? >> so far dave and pam. good morning to you. it's not a bad commute. we're looking at it here. and if you're trying to get
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into san francisco, it's been nice. the toll plaza is nice and empty so far. and westbound traffic doesn't look bad getting into the city. let's move to 880 north and southbound. and traffic here is moving along well. this is the window of opportunity in the next hour or so to get on the road and you can see -- if i can get my maps to work, the traffic has been okay. in san francisco one of the only places to cross market in the financial district is battery. you probably already know that if you've been down there. or you can go to new montgomery and cross that way. but traffic has been very congested for people in the detours. at 5:17, let's go to steve. we have a lot of cloud cover but it will clear and not give us rain. and mostly sunny conditions and temperatures warming up.
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and we take that to the weekend when it could be warm sunday to monday. i know it's early. you may not have had your coffee. >> that's not real. >> yes, it is. calvin-- there won't be a quiz. these are wave clouds in central nevada. >> what you need is a sheer and continuous fluid. you have moisture and steep mountains and strong wind curls them like waves. >> that's very cool. >> never have seen that before. >> thank you, beverly. >> wow. >> i take that back. there'll be a quiz. put your books down. >> uh-oh. >> and after i sent that out -- i love mother nature. the headlines today. 40s on the temps, and the
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weekend looks sunny and warmer. you remember them. not so much today. but by tomorrow and into the weekend. 50 if you're heading to super bowl city and clouds in the morning and sunny in the afternoon. and 60 degrees. and everything now is going north. and we'll deal with mostly cloudy skies in the morning. 40s on most of the temps. a couple of 30s. woodside at 39 and gilroy is in there swell with boulder creek and scotts valley. 18 in truckee. and 40s ukiah. santa barbara a cool 41. and truckee is 18. and south lake tahoe at 21. and you can see where the storm track is going way north and will continue to over the next few days. morning clouds and mostly sunny skies. and a little warmer today. near normal on the temps.
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we should be 57, 62. so we're pretty close to that and tomorrow we go above. and that will go right into the weekend and early next week. sunny and warm. and record highs possible on monday. >> my good friends are sunny and warm and they need to take another vacation. >> they are just stopping by briefly for about a week. >> nice to see them but we need rainy. >> rainy and breezy. >> come on back. time is 5:20. next week san francisco will reconsider. the controversial issue of where to give police officers stun guns. police chief greg suhr will renew his call for stun guns. tasers will be part of the new proposed use of force policy. both the chief and the mayor support that as a less lethal option. and critics on to the cost and
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say officers should be better trained rather than be given yet another weapon. 5:20 is the time now. getting your daily dose of cuteness. coming up in 20 minutes, where you can interact with some of the stars of the puppy bowl and help to find local animals some loving homes. could el niño be helping with the fight against the flu? what doctors are saying.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we're talking about el niño conditions this went. they are expected to do damage to the uss hornet museum in alameda. the flight deck is being refinished and if hornet supporters can raise $100,000. they'll get matched by a quarter million dollars grant to help finish the work. that money would also help the hornet open two more areas of the ship now closed to the public. el niño may actually be helping to fight the flu. three people in california have died from the flu since the beginning of the flu season in october compared to 15 beths this time last year. medical experts think the drop is linked to warmer outdoor temperatures. and people are spending less time in small enclosed spaces
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with other people because it's been warmer. >> any time your put a population of people in an enclosed space, there's transmission of the virus. we've had one of the warmest winters on record. >> reporter: the low number of serious flu cases may also be due to the flu vaccine. the current vaccine is more effective than last year's version. don't try to file your federal taxes electronically -- at least right now. the irs is having a problem with the hardware that processes tax forms. the irs is making repairs. several tools used by tax processers and payers are unavailable. the irs says taxpayers can continue to prepare tax returns, but you should hold onto the information until the irs website is accepting
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electronic returns again. honda is expanding the recall of the takata air bags. honda is recalling another 2.2 million hondas and acuras to be repaired for air bag problems. the driver's air bag can shoot shrapnel into the passenger compartment. this includes model years dating back to 2005. and also newer vehicles from as recently as 2015 and 2016. honda will be notifies customers. if you want to see a list of the cars affected. go to our ktvu website and click on the mornings on 2 tab. time is 5:26. big plans for old eastern span of the bay bridge during the morning commute. up next, what caltrans plans to take down this morning. plus just days away from the big game. and of course we're seeing more and more people from out of
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town pouring into the bay area for super bowl festivities. a lot of hotels and restaurants are filling up. why some are not seeing a super bowl bump.
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and nice. and it's a good day to ski if you're not interested in watching. is it going to be nice in tahoe? >> oh, yeah. southern california all the way to northern. >> you might have the slopes to yourself. >> maybe. >> it will be sunny and mild to warm. and could be warm by the coast as we get an offshore breeze as well. some people will be out on the bay or the -- super bowl city, clouds and mostly cloudy in the morning. and 50 degrees. 56 at noon. and looks like throughout the day, less clouds and more sunshine. a few bands of high clouds over us and all signs are pointing to high pressure sending everything way to the north.
5:31 am
even north of california. 40s on the temps currently. north bay temps in the mid- to upper 40s. and there's a breeze kicking up slightly. i know sal noticed that as well. a north wind at fairfield. and we have a slight offshore breeze. and that will allow temperatures to warm up a little bit. morning clouds, mostly sunny, slightly warmer. tomorrow we go above with a lot of upper 50s to low 60s today. 5:31. what do you have for us, sir? >> >> we're looking at a decent commute. we like a boring commute. we don't want surprises when you're trying to get to work. let's start with the east shore freeway and the commute is not bad if you're driving to the macarthur maze. a 19-minute drive as you drive there. in vallejo they're clearing an accident. a couple of vehicles in the
5:32 am
center divide. you might see emergency vehicles at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is backed up and the metering lights have been turned on. and traffic is okay once you get on the bridge. speaks of the east bay, highway 4 still looks good. a little bit of slow traffic at antioch. we don't have a lot of slow traffic. on 680 from concord. let's go back to brian florida who is talking about caltrans beginning to take down a major part of the old eastern span of the bay bridge. brian is in the newsroom with more on how complicated the process will be. >> it's going to be interesting. it's not going to have the wow factor like they used to take down one of the peers. and people on the new eastern span will see the truss eventually get lowered.
5:33 am
caltrans plans to begin lowering. and they stretch for a half mile. caltrans released animation of what the dismantling process will look like. it's going to take a couple of days as the trusses will be lowered onto barges and taken to pier seven at oakland to be dismantled. each of the trusses is equivalent -- get this -- to 2500 tons. that's according to caltrans. take the bay bridge and you can see the work happening. but it won't be immediate. for the next two days, the work will last one to 14 hours -- 12 to 14 hours. and we'll see how the work is progressing in my next report. time is 5:33. and as we get closer to super bowl l, more and more visitors are arriving in the bay area. this should be a big week for many businesses but that's not
5:34 am
the case for all. alex savidge is live near super bowl city in san francisco. what's that other part of the story? >> reporter: well, dave, mixed reviews so far from businesses. some say they are benefits with the big game here in town. others say they're not really seeing a boost from the super bowl. and we should point out we've reached out to the host committee to try to get a sense of what they are seeing. and we'll let you know when we hear back from them and their reaction to all of this. this is of course super bowl city. lots of road isolated showers in this area and a big impact on the surrounding community. fans coming here from around the bay area and across the country to see everything that's going on and check out the festivities here. at the nearby hotel vitale a couple blocks away. the general manager says the proximity to super bowl city in
5:35 am
downtown san francisco is a huge deal. they were offers a three night stay with tickets to the rolling stones magazine party. the tickets have sold out fast and there are a handful of rooms available. >> we have had a lot of early arrivals and they are all dressed up. and going over to super bowl city. and we're real excited to make them have a fabulous stay while they are in our hotel. >> however, it is a much different story at the nearby boulevard restaurant. the owner says that business at her place has not been this bad since just after 9/11. oak says all the street closures have kept her regular customers away. and everyone though boulevard is fully booked for this friday and saturday night. she does not believe that will be enough to recoup the losses she has experienced so far during super bowl week.
5:36 am
and we should point out that according to the san francisco examiner there have been a number of street vendors who got the boot. they were forced to leave because of super bowl city. and later on this morning we'll try to reach out to the business owners and see how they are faring with the big game in town. there's a lot of super bowl activity going on at levi's stadium in santa clara. a massive vip tent has been set up in the parking lot. and there's a perimeter around the super bowl venue. tasman drive is closed. most people who live in work in the area appear to be taking it in stride despite
5:37 am
inconveniences. >> mostly traffic closures. this whole week the normal route is closed. so traffic detours, lots of loud noise and helicopters hovering overhead. >> law enforcement officials say there are no known threats. but thousands are on hand to keep a watchful eye. there are flight restrictions in place around levi's stadium. the department of homeland security is making sure unauthorized aircraft stay away from the super bowl. ken wayne was part of a test of the no fly zone. he and a member of the civil air patrol tried to get close to the stadium. a citation jet approached and radioed them to turn away. >> our instructions were to ignore it as somebody just flying along and seeing a business jet. it's much different seeing an air force fighter, so we paid
5:38 am
attention to that a. >> the air national guard jet was the leading fighter during the vietnam war. and can fly at supersonic speeds. and was designed for air to air combat. homeland security hopes the only problems are those who intentionally stray into the no fly zone. >> leave your drone at home. >> leave your drone at home. the faa is using a public service announcement on social media to remind people the no fly zone is a no drone zone. drones are banned from getting any closer than 32 miles from the stadium. individuals who violate could be ordered to pay a $1000 fine. and businesses could pay $27,000. k-9 units from the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives are on hand.
5:39 am
they showed off the capabilities in san francisco. the agent told us bomb sniffing dogs are being used near moscone center. the fireworks show last week left behind a big mess. this photo from the national parks service shows debris that washed ashore the next day. the fireworks show was sponsored by macy's and macy's says the fireworks were self- consuming. for many visitors, super bowl week is a time to celebrate with lots of big celebrity events between now and the game. two of the biggest annual kickoff parties joined forces and it was for a good cause.
5:40 am
jay glazer's glazer palooza. there's charles wood shelter on pier who posed for cameras. >> it's a great week representing the nfl. super bowl week. two teams have a chance to make history. so really i'm just here to celebrate and be a part of the festivities. >> part of the proceeds benefited the charitable organization called merging vets and players, mvp. it connects former nfl players with combat veterans to help them get through challenges in coming back to normal life. >> and download the news app for all things super bowl like traffic backups, the weather at levi's stadium, and all of the local events. the 49ers will pay for a girl scouts sleepover at levi's
5:41 am
stadium. the team canceled an event for about a thousand girls to rebook for a concert. and that left the girls disappointed and the parents mad. they announced it will be may 21st and it won't be moved and they're paying for it. time is 5:41. a sad story. an analyst for apple who was stabbed last month has died. coming up next, the mob attack in san francisco that police need help solving. >> >> and a southern california cab driver is speaking out after being kidnapped by the three escaped inmates in southern california. he's actually crediting one of the inmates with saving his life. at the bay bridge, we're seeing a little bit of a crowd getting into the city. morning clouds and sunshine in the afternoon firefighter. and that will carry into the weekend. we'll have warm temperatures,
5:42 am
especially on sunday for the super bowl.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a fire in san jose damaged four houses last night. the fire started at a house under construction on ellis avenue in the willow glenn avenue. and two adjacent homes caught fire. the embers likely flew onto the roofs of the fourth building. only the house under construction sustained heavy damage. there are no reports of any injuries, and investigators say it's too early to determine what sparked the fire. a vallejo man is recovering after 2nd degree burns after an apparent hash explosion at a mobile home park. the 34-year-old map was trying to make hash oil inside a shed when the explosion happened. he was rushed to the hospital with burns to his hands and
5:45 am
face. the shed was completely destroyed and three nearby homes were damaged. >> and a homeless man accused of stabbing a police officer in the neck is facing a judge today. the officer underwent surgery and is still in the hospital this morning. he faces charges of attempted murder. the southern california cab driver held hostage by three escaped inmates is thankful that one of the men had a change of heart. he was kidnapped at gunpoint almost two weeks ago and forced to drive the men to san jose and stay with them in motels. the three men drank heavily and fought over whether or not they should kill him. the situation ended when one of the inmates decided to return
5:46 am
back to orange county and took the cab driver with him. >> he saved my life. and i owe him and i'm so grateful to him. >> the two other inmates were captured in san francisco last weekend. all three now face charges relating to the escape and the kidnapping. >> it's 5:46 and we want to check with sal for a look at traffic. and i'm sure it's getting busier around the stadium. >> every day i've seen more people show up. and just some tips for you. obviously, the trains are getting more and more packed with regular commuters and people coming in. and the and everything -- it's getting more packed and it's a gradual increase. if you're going to the city, the best way to get there is public transportation. driving is not recommended. you have to do what you have to do but it's going to be tough driving.
5:47 am
>> let's take a look at the commute. if you're driving at the macarthur maze. you'll see the traffic is going to be not that bad. in fact, we still have a little bit of a window to get to the bay bridge. 15 minutes until we get on the actual span. and the san mateo bridge looks good getting to highway 101. sometimes what happens after covering so many events, is people who don't have to go will not and that will make it easier for those who have to be on the road. traffic looks good on 680 from the benicia bridge. and in oakland right now the freeway system looks good. if you have a window of opportunity right now. easterly breeze, sal. maybe 15 to 20 for some. not for everybody. if you want to keep up to date
5:48 am
with your tablet or phone. it's all about mobile now. all about mobile. ktvu weather app has updates for everything you might need. and if you're looking to sunday, sunny and warm, about 70 degrees. and we have a lot of people in eureka and crescent city. and the rain gauge has a quarter of an inch from yesterday. wig waves from the mendocino coast. the national weather service in eureka has issued a coastal watch. we can't find much as far as the rain goes. it's quiet. and for the headlines, morning clouds, maybe a mist to the north. and overall, partly to mostly cloudy. and the weekend looks sunny and warmer. if you're heading to super bowl city. morning clouds and clearing. upper 50s to near 60, especially later this
5:49 am
afternoon. a few clouds drifting over the north and the trend is to take the clouds north. 40s on the temps and a few 30s popping up. gilroy, santa cruz mountains, and some in lake county. and alamo 42. and danville is in there. 43, it's close for everyone. and lafayette at 44. northeast at oakland. and east at napa. north at santa rosa. and most everyone has an easterly breeze. and 40s for many. fresno says we're in the 30s t and teens. 24 for tahoe city. warmer than a couple days ago. a lot of cloud cover is on the way to the pacific northwest. stretching across us and mostly sunny and warmer this afternoon. and near normal on the temps. 68, 52 is where we should be
5:50 am
this time of year. by tomorrow, we'll have fewer clouds and lows will be colder. afternoon highs will start to warm up. 70 sunday. >> feels like spring. >> definitely. 73 on monday. monday looks to be the warmest day. >> wow, wow, wow. well, animal planet puppy bowl -- doesn't get much cuter than this. it's arrived in san francisco. and it's a football field at the ferry building. >> stop it, pam. stop it, pam. >> the adoptable puppies and the animal care and control will battle it out in a playful scrimmage. fans can experience getting up close and personal with them. the puppies will hit the field. and he got a touchdown. 11a.m. today through sunday.
5:51 am
what's that? >> excuse me? >> paul chambers will be live with the behind the scenes look. cannot wait for that. and two of san francisco's zoo stars will take part. boone and a 5-month-old lion cub will compete to predict the winner of the big game. the competition is part of the zooper bowl. get it? that kicks off friday at the san francisco zoo. anyone wearing their favorite athletic gear will get 1 dollar off admission. >> and that cutie pie -- another broncos fan. even his hair matches. >> omaha. >> are you a super fan? this is a photo from sammy sands of her little super fan.
5:52 am
keep the pictures coming. we love them. post them on facebook, twitter, and instagram. and we'll reveal the super fan of the day later this morning. that's pretty darn cute. >> pretty good. potholes so bad they make the car just shudder. up next -- a fix is coming but not soon enough for some drivers.
5:53 am
5:54 am
time is -- an unsolved murder case from 2014. raising it from 25,000 to $50,000. the 21-year-old joel ramirez was shot and killed inside his car in his driveway december 14, 2014. police don't think he was the target. they think the shooter was targeting a marijuana grower who lived in the same building
5:55 am
as ramirez. the city homes they increase the reward -- according to the examiner, an autopsy released on tuesday suggests that 23-year-old audrey carey may have been beaten before she was shot. three drifters are charged with her murder and the killing of steve carter in marin county two days later. police found her camping gear inside carter's stolen car. some commuters call a section of 580 east of livermore one of the worst roads in the entire bay area. that 5 1/2 mile stretch of 580 over altamont pass is riddled
5:56 am
with potholes. and there were four deadly accidents last year, and one in 2014. the chp has not directly tied the crashes to potholes but has listed the cause as unsafe speeds for seasons. >> in the mornings you can't see the holes and people slam on the brakes or swerve or move in and out of a lane to avoid a pothole. >> caltrans knows the section of road is a problem. and it's one of the agency's top priorities. they plan to start repaving in august or september. if you see potholes, we want to hear from you. go to facebook and tell us about them. >> do we know about that? >> we know about them on our way to work. a really heated protest outside super bowl city.
5:57 am
[yelling] >> up next, the accusations against san francisco mayor ed lee about his treatment of the homeless in san francisco. two confirmed cases of meningitis at santa clara university. and up next, the steps the school is taking to prevent the illness from spreading further.
5:58 am
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a vice principal of a san jose high school arrested. the accusations against him involving a 17-year-old student. and with all the people in the bay area for super bowl l. you would think the impact on local business would be pretty good. the reason it's getting mixed reviews. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> thank you for joining us, good morning. february4th, thursday morning. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check the weather. and i know it's chilly in the morning. but steve paulson says get ready for a nice day. >> it will be nicer and the weekend looks warm. >> slowly getting warmer then. >> that is correct. you two have been listening.
6:00 am
looking ahead to the super bowl. maybe you'll want to head to the mountains. it looks like a fabulous weekend statewide. and for santa clara and san jose, 70 degrees at super bowl kickoff. sunshine a plenty. and mostly cloudy in the morning. and we'll go mostly sunny in the afternoon. mainly 40s, a few 30s. near 60 on the temps and the weekend more sunshine and less clouds and warmer temperatures. and a few clouds statewide. 40s to near 50s. sfo is 50 degrees. a couple of 30s. atherton at 42. and hillsboro and san mateo at 44. a northeast breeze at hayward and livermore. and if sal is listening, there's a pretty good breeze off the oakland, berkeley


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