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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  February 4, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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"mornings on 2: the 9" starts now. live from super bowl city in san francisco. and the sun is shining down on the city by the bay. the great city of san francisco. it is a very good looking thursday out there alongside sal castaneda, gasia mikaelian, i
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am mike mibach. also good looking, not to get away from football, the golden state warriors, steph curry put up 51, but this morning their visit to the white house. >> yep. >> as president obama honors their championship from last year. we will have more on that story a little bit later in the newscast. >> yeah. steph curry and obama, i guess they are tight. they have played golf before. >> maybe a little one on one today? >> you never know. >> first we want to pose your question to you as we do every morning at this time on "the 9". you are lucky enough to go, we will be watching from home with our families, if you don't have tickets but wish you did, what would you do for super bowl tickets? how much would you pay? what would you be willing to do? >> i am almost afraid of that answer. >> keep it clean. let us know what you would do for super bowl tickets. use that hashtag #ktvuthe9. >> especially if it's your favorite team in the super bowl. if your favorite team was in it, what would you do? run across the country?
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we will see. fan of the day. we have got one today. it's brian sams. him and his son were up there in the marin headwinds overlooking the golden gate bridge, the city of san francisco. it's a great spot up there. he's got his denver bronco gear on. you can reach out to us on instagram, twitter. just make sure you use the hashtag #ktvu. the bay area host committee has put together super bowl 50. san francisco and santa clara events. joining us is the chairman of the super bowl committee. how is it going so far? >> we are off to a great start. we had a great opening weekend. about 150,000 people poured through super bowl city. we wanted that to be about our community, our local community. and now, as we head into the weekend, now is when the outside fans start pouring in. we are expecting this to ramp up as we get the weekend.
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>> you wanted to reinvent the super bowl? >> why he. >> and the way people approached it and looked at it. why did you want to do that? >> well, listen. we are the bay area. we have our unique values. i come from the philanthropic side of the house. i really wanted to put community first. i wanted this to be about more than just a game. i wanted this to be about our community. and so when we put the bid in to two and a half years ago, we said it was going to be the most philanthropic super bowl ever. we gave 25% of corporate funds to the 50 funds. we are hopefully going to reach over $13 million raised to go back to our community. this week we get to show off to the world how great the bay area is. it is great. we also know we have our issues. and so let's use this platform to do good for everyone here in the bay area. >> danielle, how do you respond
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to concerns from local restaurant owners who have a restaurant right down here next to super bowl city. she says this is the worst it's ever been since september 11. she is losing a lot of business. how do you respond to her and all the others who say, you know what? you are really hurting my pocketbook. >> listen, i definitely think there has been inconveniences for people. we understand that. we have been working on it. i would point people to our friends at peterson's at -- pete's at the ferry building who said it was the largest grossing business day in the history of the state of california for pete's. i think there is a lot of benefit going on. i know there are some people that are having some inconveniences. and so we're trying to address those as we go along this week. >> did some of the issues that you planned for, has it worked out the way you planned it? you have been planning this two and a half years. now that you are actually here, any surprises? >> there is a surprise every
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day. you have been talking to keith. keith bruce has done a great job. we have a great ops team. the one thing about large global sporting events the like this where you have hundreds of thousands of people coming in, things happen and you have to be ready to adapt on the fly. our team has been doing that. we have morning operations calls. it's changed every day. but it's running smoothly and we just have a great team in place. so we have people that have done the olympics, world cups. we know what we're doing. and i think you can tell that things are running as smoothly as you could ever hope for. >> i know you do a lot of work trying to help the homeless. last night on my way to the ferry building there was a protest. people who were disappointed that the city, they feel they are mistreating the homeless during this event. how do you react to protests when you see he that? >> we embrace the culture of protests and speaking up. we knew we would see a lot of protests this week. we are embracing that. and listen, like i said, my day
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job is a tipping point. i am working on tackling poverty every day. this is a bay area problem. this is a san francisco problem. before the super bowl, during the sun break, and it will be a problem afterwards if we don't get our act together. so i actually like that we have highlighted some of our issues, and let's keep addressing them. i am going to be working hard on these issues starting on monday again, like i have been doing every day during the super bowl and for the last ten and a half years. >> are you going to put another bid in for a super bowl? do you plan on doing that? >> that's the plan. >> so that's a yes? >> listen, what we want to do is show off. >> i just want you to say yes, because i am enjoying it. >> i heard about these tricks. so i think if we can pull this off, if it continues to go as well as it's gone and which see the benefits -- we see the benefits, we never did an economic impact study. we never wanted to say it's going to do this much money for the bay area. we know it's going it be
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positive and beneficial. you just showed a picture of a guy up in the headwinds with his son. i mean, the images to the world of san francisco and of the bay area are priceless, i think, for our economy. this is an economy that depends on tourism, depends on -- i mean, you brought up a restaurant. we need people coming to our city not for five days. we need them coming 365 days a year. and what better way than 140 million people watching us on sunday? we have multiple networks broadcasting live from right here where you guys are here in the ferry building at marina green. that is priceless. so i think when all is said and done, i think it's a huge win for the san francisco bay area. >> who do you have for the game? >> two great defenses. who is the better offense? i think that's the panthers. so i'm going panthers. >> another quick one. did you debate taking this job when jed york and the mayor talked to you and said we want to you make this happen?
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>> i thought they were joking when they first asked me. so i took the weekend, thought about it and realized we could have a unbelievably positive impact using this global sporting event not only for sport, but for good. >> all right. daniel, thank you very much. have a great rest of your super bowl week. >> enjoy the rest of the weekend. >> all right. well, one thing we have seen around here is just hundreds of volunteers walking around with signs saying, hey, if you need anything, if you have a question, folks walk up, talk to us. volunteers opening the door at the ferry building every morning when i get off the ferry. they are decked out in the uniforms. there is a bay area company across the bay in hayward that is responsible for this uniform. claudia wong has the story. >> everything for the volunteers are actually fit inside the backpack. >> you hand them the backpack? rich yes. you can't experience the super bowl without seeing the work of the hayward-based company called way to be. >> it's the waterproof and you can see -- you can see inside
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here the seams are taped. you tape up the seams so the water can't come through the seams. it has a waterproof finish on it. a lot of logoing on it saying that they are volunteers. >> reporter: the 25-year-old company had the job of outfitting the 6,000 volunteers for the host committee, and also designed 1,500 uniforms for the nfl. >> every volunteer gets all of this? >> yes. so it would be, again, it's a polo shirt, a quarter zip, a cap, a jacket, a backpack, and a land yard. >> reporter: alan mcintosh and his partners started this process nine months ago when business connect gave them a call. >> i was really excited to hear what they are trying to do. leave money locally. do and make an impact locally. i was so excited. and i got to tell you, everything they said they would do, they have done. >> reporter: this company isn't a stranger to big orders. it already serves huge corporate clients like mcdonald's. but what this has done for way to be is put them in the
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spotlight. >> i think by doing a good job and coming out with an exciting uniform, we are starting to see more and more people put an eye onto us and see the type of work that we're doing. >> reporter: the type of work they do is custom right down to the fibers. >> we got recycled polyester fibers. dyed them, knitted them and got them ready to go. we made the polo shirts and quarter zips out of recycled polyester. it's very exciting. >> reporter: when it comes to the bay area experience, mcintosh says they made sure everyone was taken care of, especially in this el nino year. >> we called the super bowl committee probably in november and said, you know, in addition to your uniform, we are going to throw in a rain poncho. >> reporter: don't forget that. you probably need it. it's a company that's come a long way. 25 years since two local guys decided to take a chance. >> we were both working as
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accountants and we wanted to book the entreprenures. so we started selling t-shirts and stuff out of our car. >> reporter: and 25 years later evidence of how far they've come sits literally everywhere you look in their hayward office. and as the super bowl takes the spotlight, they do , too. >> it had to be exact and it was such -- it was so high profile. >> reporter: everyone's going to be looking at in. >> yes. we are following top stories of the news today. right back to our ktvu studios. let's go to pam cook. >> thanks, sal. here are some of the top stories we are following for you this morning. caltrans is beginning the process of taking down a major section of the old eastern span of the bay bridge. now, caltrans will lower the first of five trusses. those are the horizontal supports of the old span. crews will detach the truss from the towers and lower it onto two barges, which will then take it to the port of oakland to be
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disassembled. a top administrator at a san jose high school has been arrested accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old student. 35-year-old jose gonzalez is the interim vice principal at james lick high school. a teenage girl told them about an alleged relationship. today health officials will provide students at santa clara university with free vaccines in hopes of stopping the spread of meningitis. health officials have already confirmed one student has meningitis. another has a blood infection related to the same bacteria. both students live in the same campus dorm, swig hall, and they are associated with the same fraternity. >> certainly a cluster of meningococcal infections is a public health concern, and that's why we have been working almost around the clock for the
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last 72 hours to put protections in place. >> health officials say the bacteria is spread by close contact, and it is deadly in 10% of the cases. now, 10,000 people are expected on the campus this saturday for an all-day pre-super bowl event. that event right now is expected to go on as scheduled. those are your morning headlines here from the ktvu studio. back to gasia, mike, and sal in san francisco. >> pam, thank you very much. much more to come right here on "the 9" live from super bowl city. i ran into my first big protest last night. i also ran into a wall of police officers. we got the commanding officer of super bowl city live with us when we return. wh
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all right. welcome back. joining us now is captain david lazar of the san francisco
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police officer. also supervising officer at super bowl city. thank you for coming. i mentioned before going to commercial that i ran into this protest at the ferry building last night. how did that all go down? how was the response? were you happy with it? >> yes. protesters gathered. our department is good in facilitating and working with demonstrators to make sure that everyone is safe. last night i had the opportunity to meet with the organizer and figure out some ground rules and how long they wanted to demonstrate. we then talked about a march. everything went well. there was no arrests. they were allowed to have their message and we were allowed to keep super bowl city and our community safe. >> is that usually, besides super bowl week, how you handle things like this? you sit down with the organizers? >> sometimes they don't want to talk with us. in had case early on in yesterday's demonstration we
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had dialogue. we talked about some of the ground rules and facilitated and stayed with them. >> captain, i know we have been focusing on protests the and maybe even the fear of terrorism. but what about crime? what about pickpockets and routine things like traffic violations? how is that going? >> we have police officers assigned to the venue. you see them wherever you walking around. we are keeping things safe here. we are looking at the exterior of our venue, the surrounding areas. we have teams of officers that are looking out for auto burglaries and pickpocketters and folks that may want to commit you robberies. we have deployed loot of resources to super bowl city to make sure this is a safe event. we have done so without taking resources away from the neighborhoods and city services and police services through the city. we are covering it all. >> every time i walk through super bowl city i say every police officer i come in contact with friendly, smiling. is there a community relations aspect of this? how important is that smile or
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that nod in helping a tense situation not even develop? >> it's very essential. we tell our officers engage the community. you know, we talk about safety and security and the things that we need to do as police officers, but we also say smile. take pictures with the guests that come down here. give stickers to children. be friendly. being a cool cop. that's what we want to do in san francisco. that's the message that we portray. >> with the federal inquiry that into the mario woods shooting death by san francisco police, is the police department doing anything differently in regard to its contact when things do get very heated? are you pulling back at all, or is it the same policies you have always employed? >> as you know, there is a lot of discussions about what our policies are going to be moving forward. really community engagement is what we pride ourselves on. in san francisco, there is a whole list of things we do to stay connected with the community, to work with community groups, to meet with them, to have the dialogue,
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just like the example about yesterday's protest. in other cities, i don't know if they do that. we like to do that. we like to be friendly with organizers and make sure there is a safe event. the same thing in san francisco right now. our officers are engaging the community. working very well. we have a lot of support. we are going to continue to do that. >> when you go back to regular staffing levels right after the game, or a week after the game, you know, when you can have -- allow your officers to take time off again, because i know time off has been canceled? >> yes. well, we thank our officers every day. this has been a tremendous sacrifice for the officers, for their families. officers having to pick their kids up from school and those types of things. we have all made the sacrifice to be here for all of the super bowl activities. at some point we are getting back to regular a services. next week officers will be able to take days off. but we will also ensure that we have the staff that we need to do what we need to do next week in terms of policing.
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>> since saturday are crimes being committed around the financial district? is there an influx compared to would weeks ago? >> file that because of our presence down here, we have deterred a lot of crime. i am the captain of this station here, central station. once in a while we see a robbery or auto break-in. we have prevented a lot of crime down here. that's the great news about having the police here. it's really making for a safe environment. >> you haven't had any specific calls of someone getting beaten up or robbed? >> we have had a few things happen. we have made eight or nine arrests since we started on saturday. >> in super bowl city? >> in and around super bowl city. mainly public intoxication. people having too much to drink. there was an assault on one of the days outside the venue. we captured those suspects. it's a large city. it's still a city where people commit crimes. so we have been able to address that right away. >> all right. ahead of what you see behind us here at super bowl city, thank you for joining us again.
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>> thanks, captain. appreciate it. taking a short break. when we come back we will bring you the latest from the campaign trail as two republican candidates have dropped out and everyone is eying new hampshire.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2: the 9". the raises for the white house 2016 continues. doug luzader has more. >> reporter: rand paul and rick santorum are out. one offered a big endorsement. and hillary clinton and bernie sanders are playing the expectations game in new hampshire. while hillary clinton and bernie sanders made separate appearances at this town hall show last night in new hampshire, they clearly had their sights set on one another. >> good ideas on paper are important, but you've got to be able to translate them into action to get results for people. >> i do not know any
9:24 am
progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. > [ applause ] >> that's not progressive. >> reporter: and sander stinging a bit from iowa, even though he came in a strong second and questioning how some delegates were selected. republican donald trump going a step further accusing iowa gop winner ted cruz of cheating by sending out official looking mailers urging wayward voters to caucus. >> what he did is a disgrace, and it's a disgrace to the electoral process. >> reporter: and while cruz and marco rubio, who came in a strong third in iowa, try to build on their momentum heading into new hampshire, two others have given up. rand paul, libertarian and isolationist messaging, never really caught traction as national security became a focus, and rick santorum, who won iowa in 2012, is also out throwing his support behind rubio. >> he is the new generation, and someone that can bring this
9:25 am
country together not just moderates and conservatives, but young and old. >> reporter: and that embrace of rubio and stressing his youth, that's the sort of thing that we may see more and more from establishment republicans as rubio rides that big wave from iowa. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. in just a moment we will show you some of the cool free things to do here in super bowl city, which is our backyard. i will leave you with this. after decades of looking for it, i finally found a personalized key chain on it with my actual name on it. straight ahead, also a live interview with former 49er delaney walker playing with the titans now. had a good year last year. thousand plus yards. six touchdowns. he is teaming up with mothers against drunk driving. he joins us next to share his personal story.
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coming up on 9:30, we are at super bowl city and we have been seeing a lot of excited locals down here to check things out. today i think we will see a lot of out of towners coming in for the game. our question is what would you do for super bowl tickets? >> courtney robinson tweets us, i am a 49ers fan but i would give up a kidney to go to the super bowl. i only need one. she is rooting for cam this year. >> and the gift dope ent says for super bowl ticket i would eat 12 of the hottest hot wings in the world without anything to drink. >> la la la. >> so if you want to reach us on our twitter question or whenever, just hashtag us at ktvu the 9. >> steve paulson, your thoughts on what you would do to get a ticket to the super bowl? >> as long as somebody drove me, as long as i had a ride there.
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a limo would be nice. >> and back? >> and back. thank you. yes. all right. the weather is getting much, much better. a few high clouds. not as cold this morning. temperatures are beginning to rebound. they will continue to rebound on the high side here. so if you are heading out, just some pacs, partly sunnies. temperatures will be warming up near 60 in san francisco today. warmer weather on the way. our system not much left of it. higher clouds. that's going to be the theme for a while. the lows will be colder because we will clear out the clouds. the afternoon highs are going to bumpum. already some 50s here. there is a decent easterly breeze especially off the caldecott. there is a little easterly breeze. that will translate into nice weather by the coast and everything as far as any rain or clouds are heading way to the north. so the super bowl forecast, i mean it's going to be sunny side and warm. it looks like 70 degrees at kickoff, and maybe even around 71 or 72 if everything came together. if you are just in up to and
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you want to keep updated on events as you are traveling about the bay area, don't forget the ktvu app. it has everything you need to know. probably warm sun and warm temps for the weekend. i don't think we could ask for anything better. >> thank you. a few days to the super bowl. i am sure both the panthers and broncos kind of wrapping up maybe those final pad practices, if they are even putting the pads on at this point. >> yeah, two weeks of super bowl hype and we are getting closer to the actual game. >> just two weeks, did you say? by my count it's like two and a half years. >> two weeks since the playoffs, right? and we are going to scott reiss, who is in santa clara. you are talking football. did you talk to peyton manning recently? what did he have to say? >> reporter: i didn't personally talk to peyton manning. today is the final day of player availability before they go into hibernation for the pregame on sunday. they do continue practicing for
9:31 am
the remainder of the week, getting set for the super bowl here at levi stadium. now, the broncos home away from home here in the bay area is stanford stadium, and they went through their workout yesterday. about an hour and a half. they did their usual wednesday routine. 15 minutes of walk through. 15 for special teams. the coach said they did most of mayor work last week in denver. this is just to stay sharp. this morning kubiak and manning talk about why the broncos will be ready come sunday. >> we have a lot of experience on this football team. we have been able to handle some tough environments, tough situations in the fourth quarter. and, yes, i think we have a lot of confidence. when we play in games like that. >> a chance to play in this game, super bowl 50, i certainly think our players understand the significance of that and we are grateful for the opportunity and looking forward to finishing the week with hopefully a couple of
9:32 am
good practices and we can translate that onto the field sunday. >> reporter: still the possibility peyton manning rides off into the sunset and retires after sunday's game. obviously, a win by the broncos would be a storybook finish to that if, in fact, this is his final nfl go round. as for the carolina panthers, they will have their final media availability coming up within the hour and we will have much more on that. we will hear from cam newton and coach ron rivera on fox 2 news at noon. >> yesterday i saw you at radio row and i saw your report. how do you think the professional sports media, espn, cbs, fox, sports radio how do you think they like being in san francisco and what kind of a job is san francisco doing hosting those people? >> reporter: they love it. unconditional love it. everybody raved about what a great venue this is. not just levi stadium, but what we have going on in san
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francisco. people made specific references repeatedly to certain super bowls that weren't as much fun, jacksonville, as they are here in san francisco. so, obviously, there are venues that the media like a little better than others, and this is certainly at the top of people's lists. >> all right. scott, thanks very much for that report. valid point. >> i was down here in super bowl city yesterday on the second floor of the building at one market in the footprint of super bowl city. it is an oasis of calm in the middle of all the craziness super bowl city can develop into later in the day. it's open for public tours. i will say because i went over there, i got to see what 3d printing does in real life and for the first time i have a key chain with my name on it. this is something i have been waiting for for decades. let me show you where it is and how you can get one, too. let's highlight the fact that i have my very own personalized key chain. >> with a football on it. >> with a football helmet on it. here's how you can get one,
9:34 am
too. >> otter desk is a technology company. we make software that helps people imagine design and create a better world. 3d printing is something that's been around for a couple decades now, but really coming into its own within the last five to seven years. we are starting to see a mass proliferation of new machines that are available to consumers, and also new machines that are available to people in industry. where 3d printing in the past was really focused on manufacturing, we are now seeing it explode into fields like fashion and sports and buildings and almost everything else you can think of. one of the most common 3d printers is afdm printer, which is starting with a blank plate and having material deposited onto that plate layer by layer. so a very thin layer at a time,
9:35 am
and that object basically grows from scratch from one small layer into many, many layers. yeah, 3d printing is used in the medical industry pretty extensively with selective laser centering out of titanium. you can do things like hip cups for hip implants, facial reconstruction or spinal implants. >> i heard so much about 3d printing. i had no idea it could be used from key chains to hip implants, facial reconstruction. they he made this for me on the spot. you get the ktvu one. you also get, mike, a lolipop that was made in a 3d printed mold. if you want to check it out, it is beautiful. they have the best view of the ferry building. 2 to 4, tomorrow and tomorrow in the afternoon, at one market, right inside super bowl city. >> thank you, gasia. >> yeah. i want to send it out to
9:36 am
ktvu's alex savidge. you have one of the best wide receivers in the game standing by with you, alex? >> reporter: yeah, i'd say one of the toughest wide receivers to tackle in all of football. that's what they say about brandon marshall here. new york jets wide receiver. are you the toughest guy to tackle in football? >> man, i wish. but, man, there is some great receivers out there. >> reporter: giving love to all of them? >> back in my heyday, probably. >> reporter: you losing a little something? >> no, no. >> reporter: all right. so brandon marshall is here because he is the social media correspondent for -- >> right? >> reporter: is that right? >> i am the ceo. >> reporter: the ceo. right. social media ceo. i just downgraded you. >> i am the ceo of at&t's audience sports network. what i like to tell people, because i am supposed to be a field correspondent, but i'm trying to play myself up a little bit. so i'm 'going to say i am the ceo of the twitter, instagram,
9:37 am
and facebook handles. so follow us. we just interviewed joe montana, we interviewed j.j. watt. drew brees. >> reporter: the dan patrick show. by the way, we will pan over here and show you the scene because we are here in the presidio. right now rich ison is on the air. he is talking to jerome bettis a while ago. all these guests on today. you are doing this correspondent gig. how is it working out? don't take my job, man. >> i won't take your job. you're too good at it. >> reporter: talk to me about being here. we got a picture perfect backdrop. >> it's beautiful. i mean, it's the bay. look at it. this is awesome. it this is beautiful. >> reporter: all right. favorite moment so far from super bowl week? >> i would have to say my interview withdrew brees. it was awesome. usually, you see drew so buttoned up and on point. he is always in two-minute mode. and we got a chance to see drew
9:38 am
just really sit back and he laughed a little bit. that was a great interview, man. i saw another side of him that i have never seen before. i have been in pro bowls withdrew. we exchanged jerseys and helmets before. it was awesome to get an opportunity to hear his insight on certain things. >> reporter: let's talk about the big game. that's why we're here. we have that high powered panthers offense. cam newton is speaking of difficult to tackle, he is a tough guy to take down. then you have the denver d. which one of them is going to dominate? >> wow, man. so, i mean, you really have two defensive segments or groups that really can argue their place in the defensive history in our league. you look at carolina, and they think that they can get pressure with their front four. so they don't have to be exotic and throw different blitzes at you. their secondary, they are all attached on one string and they believe that, you know, if they
9:39 am
make you go the distance, you are eventually going to mess it up. on the other side it's different. they have talent, and it's about -- i mean, they play as a group, but it's about individual match-ups. they play man to man. you have von miller and demarcus ware coming off the edge and they are getting to the quarterback faster than anyone. this is going to be a defensive battle. the key to the game is special team and the hitting yardage and the mvp may be brenton colquitt of the denver broncos. >> reporter: who wins? >> a couple weeks ago i picked denver to win over the arizona cardinals. my head says that the panthers will win, but i'm going to stick with my bet and i'm going to pit denver. >> reporter: like that. mike in the studio has a question. >> he is pretty good at picks. i want him to pick something right here. all this chatter about 49ers and colin kaepernick going off
9:40 am
to play for the jets. >> reporter: yep. >> does brandon want to catch passes from colin kaepernick or from his current quarterback ryan fitzpatrick. >> reporter: i am sure he knew we were going to ask him about cap. you want to catch passes from cap? >> i think cap's, he is super talented. i would love to see him stay with chip kelly because i think that offense fits him. now, i know there is a lot of tension between players and maybe management. i would like to see them work through it. i mean, that's just life, man. we are going to have problems. you don't always have to runway from the problem. fix it. face it head on and deal with it. for me, the reason why i don't want to have kaepernick is not because he is not talented. i think he is. i have a great quarterback in ryan fits patrick. and then geno smith and bryce behind us. >> reporter: you have a good situation. you like where you guys are at. you like your chances. you don't want to upset the
9:41 am
apple cart. >> we're good. >> reporter: cap, obviously, a talented quarterback. brandon marshall, new york jets, wide receiver. and social media ceo. >> ceo! brandon has not been demoted. i promise. appreciate the time this morning. enjoy the big game. >> he actually answered your question. >> thank you, alex. tell brandon thank you. >> yeah. i thought he was going to kind of evade it. >> he doesn't want to catch passes from cap. on the topic of football but also talking about the very important topic of driving under the influence, let's go to tara moriarty, who is with delaney walker and people with mothers against drunk driving. >> reporter: in this day and age it doesn't make any sense not to grab uber or a taxi or something when you plan on drinking. and obviously, with the super bowl just around the corner, a lot of folks will be drinking. so i am joined live by delaney walker, former san francisco 49er. i won't mention the other team.
9:42 am
but have such an interesting tragic story that happened to you after you were playing in super bowl xlvii, was it? >> um-hmm. yes, i did. my and and uncle, adds you can see in this picture, they got to spend a week with me in new orleans for the super bowl. something that they always wanted to do. after the super bowl, as they were driving back to their hotel, they were killed by a drunk driver. and this happened at the super bowl. i am just happy i am here. i am supporting the super bowl, trying to stop that from happening to anyone that's here that's having a great time at the super bowl. >> reporter: and you were saying just a little bit earlier, i was touched by your story about your aunt and uncle. first of all, they look so young. your aunt was so excited for you. what was she telling you leading up to the game. >> every year she was like, we're going to the super bowl. i can feel it this year. that year, 2012, she knew it was happening and i remember her just calling me non-stop like, i got one more game ad and you're
9:43 am
going -- and you're going to the super bowl. she was first in line. i got her the two best tickets. she got to see the game and had a blast. >> reporter: now all the work you're doing is in their memory. you are doing something special this evening, is? >> i am. so i am partnering with uber and madd. we have a contest. you be a designated driver. we got two winners. we get to go bowling. hopefully, i can beat them and they don't make me look bad. >> reporter: all right. thank you so much for joining us. who are you rooting for? i have to know for the super bowl. >> carolina panthers. >> reporter: okay. there you have it. so delaine i didn't walker, he has gone on the record for the panthers. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you to you both. still to come right here on "the 9", live from super bowl city she is one of the happiest cats in the world. i mean, i can say grumpiest cats in the world. grumpy cat with us live in
9:44 am
studio. all right. look you guys, a crowd is getting larger and larger and it's because of these little athletes taking part of puppy bowl. everyone out here, do you guys want a puppy? >> yeah! >> reporter: puppy bowl coming up in just a minute.
9:45 am
9:46 am
it's the face that launched a thousand internet memes. today grumpy cat is bringing her trademark look to the bay area on behalf of friskies. and this morning she is here on "the 9". welcome grumpy cat. wow. >> wow. she is grumpy on this super bowl week. but let me ask you real quick. why the grumpy face? >> that's just her look. >> that's just her look? there is no physical reason behind it? >> well, she has define dwarfism. >> got it. take me back to the moment how grumpy cat became so popular in the social media world. >> my brother posted the first picture on red it and the youtube video went viral. >> people were putting quotes? >> the memes, yeah. >> and when grumpy cat actually
9:47 am
saw her wax figure here in san francisco, grumpy cat not very impressed with herself? >> oh, she loved it. come on. >> but she was grumpy. >> absolutely. >> is shenerrous right now in i mean, i wish -- >> i am more nervous than she is. >> how many handlers does grumpy cat have? we have a crowd in this studio like i have never seen. >> i am her handler. this is her entourage. >> if you were to take a stroll down super bowl city without our entourage, would people recognize grumpy cat? >> oh, yeah. we would get mobbed. that's why we need the entourage. >> it is a cat. so does she get nervous when a lot of people want to take pictures with her? >> i get more nervous than her. she could care less. >> so let's talk about the super bowl. grumpy cat coming out this week. the celebration. the parties. is there a particular team that maybe grumpy cat is pulling
9:48 am
for? >> grumpy cat and are friskies to cheer on the panthers. no cat has ever won a big game. >> when you are traffic like for super bowl 50, tell me about theoy commodations -- the adom occasions. >> she is very well taking care of. >> more so than you? >> of course. >> it's not her first time to san francisco? >> no. >> the windows thing? grumpy cat came out during the holidays? >> yeah, at macy's with the berkeley humane, i believe. >> that's correct. san francisco humane society. what is the next stop for grumpy cat in the next couple of days? >> home under the bed in the cat bed. that's about it. >> super bowl tickets are hot right now. can grumpy cat go to the game? >> i think she is going to watch from home. >> what is a treat for grumpy
9:49 am
cat? like something from the fridge? a little piece of bacon? >> she loves her party mix. absolutely. her friskies party mix. her favorite is red with gravy. >> grumpy cat, thank you so much for coming on ktvu "the 9" and thank you for bringing her and thank you to the entourage. >> i will take a picture and tweet it. >> best of luck to the panthers. >> absolutely. >> cheer on the panthers. >> from grumpy cat to dogs, i guess you could say. paul chambers joining us live now near the puppy bowl. i guess you're right there, paul? >> reporter: it's all about puppy bowl 12 right here. we are outside super bowl city. this is a beautiful puppy. he is up for adoption. look at that face. you gotta love it. and of course we have tommy, the referee here, of puppy bowl. >> it's in honor of the greatest television event of allman kind, puppy bowl 12 which airs this sunday. it's the puppy bowl cafe at
9:50 am
gots road sane. we are raise ag wareness for pet adoption. >> we get all these people out here to see the puppies, right? >> reporter: all about be the puppy bowl. these puppies will be available starting sunday, right? >> yes. there is two different shelters we are working with. we are working with the san fran a. those will be available on monday, first come, first serve as long as you meet the adoption requirements. sunday at the east bay spca. that's when these puppies will be available at 11:00 a.m. animal planet is making a donation to take care of some of the adoption fees. if you come down to gots roadside and buy a tailwagger burger, one dollar will be donated towards the adoption fees as well. >> reporter: this is the pregame. the real game starts at 11:00. here all weekend long, right?
9:51 am
>> this is bonus. see, right there -- >> a flag. >> i understand it's sweeps weeks. come on. >> reporter: there was a flag on that play. a little bit of unnecessary ruff, ruff, ruff-ness going on. it's all for a good cause, you guys. check him out. we say this is actually -- you can check them out in advance? >> this is like the scouting report. you come down and say that's the one i want. then you head down to the spca on sunday at 11:00 a.m. first come, first serve as long as you meet the adoption requirements. might want to bring both of these home. >> reporter: i don't know. sal, if you are there, you are going to be coming down later on about 12:30 because they are going to have torrey smith, 49ers are going to be out here to talk to you. there is going to be different football players out here from hall of famers to current players talking about the puppy bowl, because it's a very
9:52 am
important thing. it goes for a good cause. once again all these puppies are available for adoption. i know you want to take one home, two of them home, three of them home. they all want to go home to a forever home. >> that's right. i am making them jealous because they will be sit hearing in the studio. but i am actually going to be at puppy bowl for the noon. you guys, i know you're jealous. >> you didn't tell me that. >> see. look at this. >> he doesn't want you to grab his assignment. >> all right. puppies, kittens, what else could we need? let's turn back to the news of the day. pam cook is at home in oakland with what's happening around the bay area today. >> yes. new this morning the nfl summit is underway. it's right now in downtown san francisco. there are reports that the nfl commissioner roger goodell is expanding the rooney rule to include women in executive positions. that would require the league
9:53 am
to interview one woman for every office position. it was initially established for them to interview one minority. the golden state warriors are at the white house visiting with president obama. these are some of the pictures steph curry and the other players are snapping around the white house. they arrived just a short time ago, and they were shown around the white house before seeing the president. former warrior and now boston celtic david lee is also there, and president obama is hosting the team to honor their nba championship. he is also making note of their efforts to give back to the community. the warriors have gift for the president as well, including that number 44 team jersey that we just saw because he the 44th president of the united states. we are streaming it online and
9:54 am
our mobilea.m. app -- mobile app. two parties joined forces last night and for a good cause. for the first time fox sports analyst jay glazer's glazer palooza and suits and sneakers field up for the big event this year. many celebrity athletes such as retired oakland raiders cornerback charles woodson hit the red carpet. >> it's a great week representing the nfl. super bowl week. two teams have a chance to make history. so really i'm just over here to celebrate and be a part of all the festivities. >> part of the event's proceeds benefit a charitable organization that jay glazer founded called mvp, as in merging vets and players. it connects former nfl players with combat veterans to help them get through the challenges that they sometimes face returning to normal life. those are some of the stories we are following for you here at ktvu. let's the go back out to super bowl city with gasia, mike, and sam. >> pam, thank you very much. with that, we will be right
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2: the 9". by the way, the warriors are going to the white house today. will be streaming that later today. at 10:00. go to our website. you can watch it live. even though you are not supposed to watch the internet at work, go ahead and do it. >> i am not going home tonight. i am going to spend the night in san francisco. i don't know what i am going to do. i don't know where the night is going to take me. we will find out tomorrow. i feel like we need to dive into super bowl city. why not spend the night in the city by the bay? should be a good one. full highlights tomorrow at nine. >> i don't want to hear it. i don't want to know.
9:58 am
9:59 am
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>> announcer: live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> with all due respect, my girls have always turned out. i give it to you straight. now, here's wendy! >> wendy: ta-da! [ cheers and applause ]


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