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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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we begin with john sasaki live in super bowl city. john, it's going to be a big night out there. >> reporter: julie, tonight this place will be rocking. there's the one republic concert, followed by the macy's fireworks show. you can imagine why all that's happening tonight, because this place is crazy. this is the busiest night of the week, without a doubt. and tens of thousands of people are here. we're going to show video from earlier, many rocking their favorite football team's colors. everyone appearing to have a good time. now, this afternoon there was a popular show on that same stage where one republic is going to be. that show was the actor who played frankie valli on jersey boys broadway. then there was an appearance of oakland raider tight end lee smith. people got to go up, shake his hand, after few words and get a picture with that star.
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ironically, we have four from denver going to the game on sunday sporting their broncos gear pose with a picture -- pose for a picture with a player from the rival team. >> he's a good guy. he was very humble. he said, if anybody wins it, i hope the broncos do. >> we did stand in line before we knew who was coming. >> that's true. >> we didn't expect a denver bronco to be up there. >> we were hoping for a raider. that's okay, though, he was nice. >> reporter: one of the neat local things here is the super bowl high school honor roll which shows men who played in the super bowl which got their start in the bay area. we talked with one man who played here for the colts. he told me that seeing kyle's name on that board gave him chills. julie, back to you. >> hey john, i'm curious, i know they're expecting a lot of people tonight. is there any possibility that
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they might have to turn people away, or is that area big enough to handle the expected crowd? >> reporter: well, certainly not all these people are going to deputy into that area where the concer this is a spread out area. the concert area is at city stage. certainly not everybody is going to want to necessarily go over and see one republic play anyway, but certainly there's also going to be a pretty big crowd there. so not everybody will get really close enough to get a good look at the stage because it is kind of closed off a little bit, but i think that if you're anywhere in justin herman plaza you are going to be able to hear the concert. >> how late are they open tonight? until 11:00? >> reporter: that sounds about right. i think right after that concert there's the fireworks, and they're not going to be kicking people out anytime soon. there's so many people here having so much fun, and certainly spending money at the
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venues downtown. >> john sasaki at super bowl city, thank you. turning to the weather and chief meteorologist bill martin it looks like a beautiful evening perfect for fireworks. >> i was thinking, oh my gosh, if this was last week, can you imagine? i mean, you've got hundreds of thousands of people wandering around the city, outdoor concerts. >> i really thought it was going to rain. >> i did, too. it's an el niño year. the weather gods, the football gods, everybody is smiling down on the city right now. a beautiful night. temperatures drop quick because the days are short, the sun angle is low, and, heck, it's february. but you definitely want to take in your jacket, because it will be down in the low 50s after midnight if you're in the city that late. definitely it's jacket time right now. tomorrow morning if you're going into super bowl city, 57. by lunchtime 65 degrees.
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you're wearing t-shirts and flip-flops. then by 5:00 it starts to cool quick. grab a jacket. how about the big game? wow, it doesn't happen in february. 70-some degrees. at least 73 for the kick-off in the first quarter. a beautiful day sunday for the football game. as i keep saying it's going to be time for san francisco to shine. the weather is cooperating. when i come back i'll tell you if it's going to be warm enough to barbecue in the backyard. >> the stars are aligning. a live look at the nfl experience, moscone center, this is where fans are lining up for a chance to play like a pro. at 6:15 cristina rendon will give us a look around, and she says she will try to redeem herself on those exercises out there. >> she's got a lot of redeeming to do. the anticipation is growing in santa clara where city leaders hope the super bowl is going to put them on the map. ann rubin is live at leaf vice
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stadium. >> reporter: city officials say this is a chance to show off what santa clara has to offer. and the final preparations are underway. in fact, we actually saw them practicing the pyrotechnics out here a short time ago. it appears the stadium and the city are ready. inside bennigan's, you will find plenty of football fans, some of whom came straight from the airport. the restaurant is expecting 400 people a night on friday, saturday, and sunday. inpreparation, they've ordered 300% more beer, hired more staff, and constructed a tent. >> it's taken two-and-a-half months to get this going to the point where i am right now. >> reporter: now is when the preparation pays off. for the restaurants, the hotels, and for santa clara itself. levi's stadium is ready. the final rehearsals are underway. and the convention and visitors bureau know the eyes of the world will be watching. >> super bowl 50 is putting santa clara on our map. people are calling our office,
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finding out where santa clara is. >> you will find when you get here that it really has a small town vibe even though it's a growing city and has a lot of big city attributes. >> reporter: they're planning a super community celebration saturday. it features a huey lewis and the news concert at night and during the day a pep rally, autograph signing, and something called celebrity sweat, a flag football game featuring everyone from doug flutie and michael irvin. >> we're pretty excited. it's incredible because it's not only a community event but a nationwide event. >> reporter: santa clara officials say this is their time to shine. fans say the weather certainly is. >> beautiful. we just left a foot of snow in denver. it's beautiful here. i like it here a lot. >> reporter: they're expecting 10,000 people for the super community celebration tomorrow. another 12 to 15,000 for the huey lewis and the news concert at night. they still have a few hundred
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tickets available. even though it is free you do need a ticket for both events. those will be available on a first come/first served basis. >> ann, i'm curious, even if someone doesn't have a ticket, if they want to come down and see what levi's stadium looks like, can they get anywhere near the stadium to take pictures? >> reporter: i think there is probably a vantage point where you can take some pictures, but there is a secure perimeter, so you can't get that close. that said, there are plenty of parties, basically everywhere you look down here somebody's got a tent set up. certainly if you want to come down there will be a lot to do. and that super community celebration will have tickets available if you show up at the right time. >> ann rubin in santa clara, thank you. the super bowl half-time show may have just added another superstar. [ music ] oh yeah, blood pressure no mars posted on instagram today he's joining
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the half-time show on sunday. the star-studded show now includes coldplay, beyonce, and bruno mars. bruno mars performed at halftime two years ago when the broncos were blown out by those seattle seahawks. so again bruno mars now coming to super bowl sunday's half- time show. and as a reminder you can download the ktvu news app for all things super bowl like traffic backups, the weather at levi's stadium or super bowl stadium and all of the super bowl events around the bay area. let's look now at the oakland raiders. love those raiders fans. rumors are the team could be headed south of the border to play again. >> joe fonzi is here with a special game that's sparking rumors and what the nfl commissioner had to say. >> don't panic. it's nothing permanent. it's just one game. seems like every time there's a collective nfl meeting the raiders are in the story line. that was the case again today. friday before the super bowl is the day the commissioner holds
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a press conference. one of the announcements today was that the raiders will play a regular season game in mexico city. oakland will be the home team against the houston texans on monday night, november 21st. the 49ers and cardinals played in 2005. the city they will call home was a topic of conversation. the commissioner repeated his sentiment he's consistently expressed. >> we want to work to try to keep our teams where they are. as i said earlier this year, relocation is a difficult process. but it's something that from a business standpoint becomes a reality. my pledge to dean spanos, to mark davis and the mayors is to do everything we possibly can to support them. mark davis has a lot of options. the league supports both these teams. but we're working very hard with not only the teams but the communities to try to find a solution that works for
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everybody. this has to work for the communities, and it has to work for the teams long term. >> while that sentiment applies to the people of st. louis who lost their team, it's not really explained. the thing you can count on is that the raiders' soap opera will continue for months. as we've said before, many moving parts. >> in your heart of hearts do you think the raiders are going to stay in oakland? >> i think at least one more year because they have nowhere else to go. i think mark davis is trying to bay some leverage, trying to shop himself around and see if he can get some leverage. i know where the raiders belong. they belong right here. >> no question. >> they have to get that lease extension first. >> exactly. >> a lot of stuff to be worked out. joe, thank you. coming up here, a deadly confrontation between a parolee and bay area police. what we're learning from residents. plus, if you're looking for a little help predicting the outcome of the big game the san francisco zoo has got you covered. find out which team was chosen
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a confrontation between antioch police and a wanted parolee ended with the parolee's death. our crime reporter henry lee has our report. >> i saw maybe three or four police officers. >> reporter: this is the buick where 37-year-old wanted parolee wendell celestine junior had been sleeping before he scuffled with antioch police early this morning in a confrontation that ended in his death. one resident who didn't want to be identified -- >> it's scary, way too close to home. >> reporter: police say celestine was a convicted felon who fought violently with officers. authorities have launched an vehicles but neighbors are upset that he died while in police custody. >> the car that was in front of
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the white car didn't have his red and blues on. it had the bright lights on. so i mean, if you're getting bone up to bright lights in your face, i mean, you are going to be startled. but i don't know if he gave up a fate or what, because i didn't see that. but the passenger, he watched it all. he watched his friend get beat. >> reporter: the story actually begins 8:20 wednesday night when celestine walked out of a local hospital against doctors' orders. authorities wouldn't say what he was being treated for. antioch police searched for celestine who they say has a long history of violent crimes and drug offenses, but they couldn't find him. but just before 3:15 this morning officers found celestine and a second man sitting in this buick parked at the dead-end of east sixth street. antioch police wouldn't go on camera but said while officers tried to arrest celestine he fought with them and got hurt. as an ambulance arrived he began having medical issues.
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>> 91, respond for medical, mcilhaney road and east sixth street. cpr is in progress. >> next thing i know, i looked down, and, like, oh my god, tyler, they're doing cpr on this dude. >> reporter: police say the officer suffered minor injuries. the second man in the car wasn't involved in the cooperation and has cooperated with police. antioch police, the contra costa county sheriffs lab and the d.a.'s office are investigating. in antioch, ktvu fox 2 news, henry lee. san francisco's reputation for openness may have gone a little too far for some people. that is the city's first and only outdoor urinal. it's part of the recent renovations at dolores park. a few object, calling it
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obscene and an invasion of privacy. >> we don't want to see people urinating in public. this represents a major regression of our society. >> a spokesman for the rec and parks department called this an alternative to people relieving themselves in the bushes and in people's front yards but many dolores park neighbors agreed. some say they've seen far worse things. all right, back now to super bowl 50. at san francisco's moscone center the nfl experience is one crowded place. >> one of those fans is ktvu's cristina rendon. she says she wants to try to redeem herself. >> let's see you go. >> reporter: well, i'm going to do the touch passing a gain. frank, i heard you say before that i needed a lot of redemption. i mean, come on, give me some credit here. >> i love how you've been trying. let's see what you got. >> reporter: i know, i'm all banged up, bruised up.
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these are my life savers, because we've done so much walking. here we go. >> you can do it. >> we're cheering you on. >> oh yes! one down. >> she's got chills. >> reporter: one down. >> oh! >> looked like it went through. >> reporter: let's try it again. oh! i'm going to keep trying. >> lucky this isn't live tv and everyone's watching. >> reporter: i don't know why i have no -- >> a little to the left. >> nice lift on that ball. rotate and spiral. you get an a for effort, though. >> reporter: i tried. oh well. >> you have fans down there. >> reporter: you know what, it's been so fun. >> that's what it's all about. >> reporter: if you guys have a chance, i hope you guys can get down here this weekend.
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saturday they're open until 10:00. sunday they're going to be open until 2:00 because they have to close since the super bowl is going to take place at 3:30. tickets are $35, $25 for kids 12 and under. we have had so much fun covering this event. please, please, please come out and check it. it's amazing. >> what's been your favorite part? >> reporter: probably this, even though i can't make it, this has been my favorite because i love interacting. i love trying the physical activities. when i went home i talked to my dad. he's like loosen up on the ball, put your pinky on the laces. still didn't work. but everything. you can't choose just one item or one exhibit, because there's so many different interactive things. it's really a true nfl experience. >> a great place for families. you can come down there and spend the whole afternoon there, it seems like. >> it's been fun watching you. i like your dad giving his
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daughter the pointers there. let's turn to weather. we've had rain in the bay area leading up to this for like weeks now. >> since october, julie. >> it's going to be fabulous. >> here's the thing with cristina. she totally sandbags. she is working that thing. i was watching on the in-house feed. she worked at it. gotta love that. she went for it. >> she did great. she put a lot of effort into it. the first day she did that same one, i think she put two or three in the basket. here we are live outside the ballpark. i talked about that sunday for the game. it is going to be warm with temperatures in the mid-70s. we're talking about in the seats it's going to feel like 80 degrees in the first quarter. it's going to be hot on that east side of the ballpark. if you're lucky enough to have tickets, be ready, because after the third quarter, temperatures are going to drop very quickly. it's going to be one of those,
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boy, it's really warm, to, boy, it's really cold in the fourth quarter. i'm not going. i bet you're not going, either. but if you are lucky enough to be going to that game, a t- shirt and jacket, maybe a hoodie for the fourth quarter. those weather systems are basically dropping rain and snow in the cascades, but we are on the south end. i've talked about that for awhile that this is our first break in a long time, in the five-day forecast, just in time, because we've had rain in the five-day a couple of days every day, every five days since october. and here we are in february, the height of el niño, and basically the height of when el niño does its most aggressive rain activity, and we're getting a heck of a period of dryness here. the model just keeps clouds away. high pressure is subsiding, thinking, that's what warms us up. when the air sinks, it warms. the swell has dropped. it was pretty big yesterday. the high surf advisory goes
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away. oakland tomorrow will be a warm one with temperatures into the mid-60s, low 70s as far south as morgan hill. in the five-day forecast, look at that. just a perfect five-day forecast with plenty of sunshine and temperatures into the mid 70s, maybe upper 70s in morgan hill on sunday. >> bill, thank you. beer lovers' annual two- week pilgrimage to santa rosa started today. the russian river brewing company released its famous ipa. it is only available until february 18th. you can't buy bottles of this barry. there was a huge line of fans camped out. they say that the beer is worth the wait. >> i wonder how long those people waited? that's a long line. coming up, the nfl commissioner weighs in on the league's advancement on
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concussion research. also, days away until the hall of fame class will be announced. could this be the year former 49ers owner eddie debartolo makes the cut? his thoughts next in sports.
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a super bowl prediction at the san francisco zoo. boone, the black rhino, went head to head with a lion cub. the rhino represented the denver broncos, the lion the carolina panthers. the zoo says the lion got into its treat first, therefore predicting a panthers' win on sunday. what do you think? >> he's related to the panther, and we should probably mention that the boone rhino is named
6:25 pm
after alex boone of the 49ers. so things that you didn't know and maybe didn't care. super bowl 50 would feel even more san francisco if a certain former owner of the 49ers gets a special phone call tomorrow. edward debartolo junior met with the nfl today. he is a finalist to be inducted into the nfl hall of fame. >> there's nothing i can do. everything speaks for itself over those many years with bill and with all these great players. and everybody that played for me was a great player. but you have 46 gentlemen, and they have a job to do, and i can't do anything more or anything less than i've done. you know, it lies in their hands. if they feel as though i belong, then i'll get elected. and if they don't, i won't.
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>> friday of super bowl week has become the day the nfl commissioner addresses the media. commissioner roger goodell did say it's a league priority to do everything possible to keep teams in their current location. hello raiders. if del also addressed one of the cutting edge issues, the health of its players and the continued legislation against hits that could cause concussion. among the improvements on the horizon according to the commissioner, a new and improved helmet and new artificial turf that is more absorbent. >> so we're seeing a lot of great changes that are making the game safer. we also are investing aggressively in research so that we can get the answers to perplexing problems, that we don't all have, including science. but we're not going to wait for science. we're going to get out and make changes in our game, and we've seen the positive changes. >> i have an idea about artificial turf. get rid of it. >> i think it causes most of the injuries, or many of them.
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let's go grass. tonight on the 10:00 news, super bowl excitement at a fever pitch. we're going to take you to some of the biggest parties tonight on the 10:00 news. see you later, everyone. >> good night.
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