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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  February 8, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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the record books. we'll have more on the fan celebrations and what's next as people get ready to head out of town. mornings on two starts now. good morning. thank you for waking up with us. monday morning, february 8th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm brian flores. an investigation into a highway shooting in pinole. shut down several lanes of traffic. happened around 9:30 last night. chp says people in two cars started shooting at each other and at least one person was shot. both victims left the scene, but one of the victims showed up later at the hospital and was treated. lanes are now back open. police haven't made arrests and so far no word on a motive. this is the latest in a series of shootings on that stretch of i-80 that started back in
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november. previously the chp has said gang activity was expected in these shootings. we'll continue with that story, but first at 4:00 we want to check in on the weather. >> good morning. >> you all called it yesterday. enjoyed the bay area weather. >> talking about a lot of folks heading out today, i wonder if they'll stick around because the weather is that nice. >> especially going to denver. >> near record warmth continuing as we get back to work on this monday. san francisco, oakland, san jose just three of the areas that may tie or break a record this afternoon. temperatures this morning in the 40s and 50s. even 63 degrees at half moon bay where we continue with that offshore breeze and continuing to keep the number up there. 57 san francisco. low 50s in oakland. as we shift our eyes into the inner east bay 49 degrees.
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47 liver more. mid-40s in san jose. temperatures will begin to rebound early on like yesterday. napa up by 13 degrees this morning. up by 5 in oakland. san jose a tad cooler. already by 9:00, 10:00 in the mid- to upper 50s. we get into the upper 60s by lunchtime and then we're in the 70s for the second part of the afternoon when sun sets about 5:40 these days, 70 degrees still in the forecast. when i come back i'll have a detailed look for the afternoon highs in your area, that coming up in a little bit. let's check out the roadways. good morning, sal. >> good morning. windy when i came in today, i have to tell you. >> that offshore breeze. >> that's right. right now the traffic looks good. good morning to you and to you at home watching as well. if you're trying to get to the
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airport no major problems on any of the freeways getting to the three major bay airports. san jose, oakland or san francisco. bay bridge looks good getting into the city. still light. windy as rosemary mentioned. let's go to interstate 880 oakland, north and southbound, the traffic here is looking good. as we put up our maps, still the logo from last night is on there, the 50. but there are no major problems on 237 or 101 near levi stadium. it's finally over. back to the desk. thank you. super bowl l in the books. it was the denver broncos' defense shutting down cam newton to win 24-10. after weeks of concern about possible rain it was a warm and sunny day. game got off to a little bumpy start for carolina. already down 3-0 when von
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miller sacked newton. rolled into the end zone and recovered by denver for the touchdown. panthers got on the board in the second. carolina had a chance to get within three, but missed that field goal. another striped sack by von miller late in the fourth and the broncos score another touchdown. denver's head coach getting a gatorade bath. manning got his 200th career win and second super bowl ring. he was not ready after the game to say if he would retire or not. he said he'll take time to think about it. >> i think i'll make a good decision and i think i'll be at peace with it whichever way it goes. like i said, i'm looking forward to tonight being with my family and my friends and
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teammates and celebrating this special victory and this special win. >> the 39-year-old manning is the first quarterback to win two super bowls with different teams. broncos' fans in denver celebrated late into the night. [ singing ] ♪ we are the champions, we are the champions ♪ >> enjoy it. fans spilled out into the streets of downtown denver dancing and singing as you see there. but some of the crowd did get unruly. police had to use pepper spray in some instances. they also arrested at least 12 people. the city will hold a parade and rally tomorrow for the champs. [ cheering ] after the game wrapped up, didn't take long for tens of thousands of people to empty out levi stadium. panthers fans feeling defeated and elateed broncos fans. >> my boys never showed up and
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mine did, like i said they would. right now i'm not liking it very much. >> we're life long broncos fans and seen them lose a few, it's the first we've seen them to win it and fantastic to share it with my boy. >> this was the first super bowl win for the broncos since 1998. if you don't know who von miller is, you do now. he forced two fumbles, got two and a half sacks. miller was drafted number two behind cam newton five years ago. he was second defensive player to be named super bowl mvp in past three years. the league mvp cam newton didn't have much to say in his postgame news conference. the panthers committed four turnovers, 12 penalties. newton was visibly upset, he only answered a handful of questions. >> they just played better than us. i don't know what you want me
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to say. >> [inaudible] >> they made more plays than us, and that's what it come down to. i mean, we had our opportunities. want nothing special they did. we dropped balls, turned the ball over, gave up sacks, threw errant passes. >> that's not a fun news conference. shortly after he said, i'm done and abruptly left the room. despite weeks of preparations, the turf at levi stadium did not seem to hold up, even before the game started grounds keepers were seen picking up chunks of loose grass. players were reportedly switching up their cleats because they said they were slipping. usually they use grass from alabama, but they decided to go with a company from southern california instead. the faa says it intercepted three planes that flew over the
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stadium during the super bowl. air space within 30 miles were suspended from 2:00 yesterday afternoon until midnight. the faa isn't releasing details or said if it will impose sanctions on pilots involved. bay area airports expected to be jam packed today. airport officials expect up to 50% more passengers than usual. they are advising people to arrive at the airport at least three hours before their plane is scheduled to take off. sfo some ticket counters and restaurants are open all night. the remaining airline counters opened at 3:30 this morning, an hour earlier than normal. super bowl l in the books, the venues that attracted thousands of football fans are being taken apart. it started even before the game was over. big loading trucks moved into super bowl city and nfl experience in san francisco. many people who live and work in the area say they enjoyed the party, but are ready to get
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back to their routine. if you heard what he was saying, probably ready to get back to my routine. the breakdown will take about four days. many detours are expected to remain in place until friday. chipotle will open their doors late today so workers can attend a meeting. the restaurants will open at 3:00 instead of 11:00. it comes after the restaurant saw its sales slammed by food scares. the company plans to go over its food safety program and talk about paid sick leave for employees. their sales plungeed 36%. the cause of the outbreak never quite determined. there could be a long line outside of peet's coffee shop
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on shadock because draymond green will be a barista. >> do you think there will be a big line of people there? >> big line. today is the start of the lunar new year, and san francisco's mayor will kick off the celebration this china town this morning. it kicks off the year of the monkey. it runs for 15 days. the highlight will be a parade february 20th a week from saturday. people in china already taking part in events. that includes touching carvings of monkeys and throwing money into a pit and burning incense. in china the celebration is known as the spring festival lasts for a week, focuses on family reunions and is the most important holiday of the year. ten minutes after 4:00.
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the presidential candidates making a last ditch effort to sway voters in new hampshire. up next, what tomorrow's primary could mean in the race for the white house. >> it was a brawl involving bats, knives and guns. coming up we'll have the latest on the chaotic scene in marin city over the weekend that now has turned into a homicide investigation. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute here where traffic is doing very well in most areas, especially the bay bridge getting into the city. we'll tell you more about that coming up. >> as we get back to work on this monday, dry weather will remain in the forecast. we'll talk about how high the temperatures will go for today and how long this trend will last coming up.
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welcome back. rescue crews in taiwan are racing against the clock to find survivors after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake that hit saturday. two people were actually pulled out alive today from a collapsed 17 story apartment building. more than 100 people are believed to be still trapped in the rubble of that building alone. the government has ordered an investigation into the building's collapse after images emerged showing tin cans apparently used as filler inside some of the beams. at least 37 people were killed. this is the final full day of campaigning before voters head to the polls in new hampshire, the nation's first primary could help narrow the
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field. it comes after a republican debate over the weekend may have given undecided voters something else to think about. >> reporter: the block of undecided voters in new hampshire is sizable and that gives heart burn to the front- runners of both parties. for those who aren't polling so well, it's reason for hope. this is retail politics in new hampshire. door to door. >> we're volunteers with donald trump's campaign. >> reporter: this is also the case of donald trump volunteers in the granite state trying to succeed where their iowa counterparts came up short. getting out the vote for their candidate who is the clear front-runner here. >> a lot of these politicians say it's not important who you vote for, but you have to go through the process. i feel differently. if you're not going to vote for me, do not vote, okay. >> reporter: it comes after saturday's debate. >> this motion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing is just not true. >> there it is.
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there it is. the memorized 25-second speech. >> reporter: that left marco rubio reeling. if you don't think there's a pileup for second place in new hampshire, look at this. the two democrats meantime left new hampshire over the weekend. >> democratic socialism. >> reporter: bernie sanders appeared on "saturday night live." while hillary clinton traveled to flint, michigan to address the watercress there. that was after she called out her rival's foreign policy credentials. >> there really isn't any kind of foreign policy network that is supporting and advising senator sanders. >> if you go back to 2008, this is exactly what the clinton people were doing to senator barack obama. they were attacking him. he didn't have the experience, et cetera, et cetera. >> reporter: hillary clinton meantime knows what it takes to win new hampshire. she's done it before.
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she won it in 2008, but based on the polls out of that state now, it's not likely to be a repeat performance tomorrow. president obama returning to the bay area later this week. the president will be in san jose wednesday to help raise money for democratic candidates and then on thursday he's scheduled to attend a fund raising event held by the democratic national committee. following his visit, the president will then head to southern california. he'll spend the weekend in palm springs where he's hosting a summit with leaders from the association of southeastern asian nations. it's 4:17. we want to check in with sal. we have sal back all morning. was a busy week for you at super bowl city. >> it sure was. but it's nice to be here. we had our fun, but now it's time to get down to business. >> yes, exactly. party is over. >> fortunately we don't have a lot going on. though i think the commute
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pattern maybe altered. south in san francisco closed at washington, and they'll open as soon as they can. they didn't say it would open today. they said it would open friday. i have a feeling if they get done early they'll go ahead and open up the road, but we'll see. let's take a look at the bay bridge, or east shore freeway westbound. traffic here is moving along pretty well. you can see bay bridge toll plaza delay isn't a big one. no major problems getting into san francisco right now. been a nice commute. out to the east bay and traffic is continuing to look good. throughout the east bay traffic on 580 is looking good. road sensors aren't showing a lot. silicon valley off to a nice start. it's nice and early, if you're trying to get to one of the bay area airports you should have no trouble on the freeways. 4:18, let's go to rosemary
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filling in for steve. >> continuing with this warm weather and this morning we're starting out relatively mild in many areas. a few of us in the 40s, inland valley locations a cool start. for some around the bay, 50s, even low 60s reported at half moon bay where that breeze continues to blow. here's a look at the numbers, 44 santa rosa. san francisco at 58. oakland 53 this morning. upper 40s in liver more. we are watching this ridge of high pressure that continues to strengthen over the bay area today and pushing that storm track well to the north. if you focus in a little bit you can see the formation, clouds up and over that ridge. temperatures continuing to climb for some today. looking at san francisco, oakland, san jose and a few other communities maybe tying or breaking records for the afternoon. could be more. those are just the areas we keep track of because we have airports and monitoring systems in those areas. take a look at the extended
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forecast. sad to see. looks like we may be dry through the weekend, maybe beyond. this could change. now the models aren't bringing us much rain between now and then. afternoon highs today under partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. if we can't have the rain, mostly sunny and 70s not bad. 75 oakland. 73 danville. 72 for pleasanton. along the peninsula, 74 san matey o. san francisco 72 your afternoon high and along the coast low 70s for half moon bay as well as pacifica. the extended forecast, by the way, along the coast we still continue to deal with rip currents and those large breaks off the shore. for those visiting the bay area, maybe not very familiar
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with our coastline, definitely something to consider if you're going to be out there for the afternoon today. please be careful. never turn your back to the water. giving you a look at the extended forecast, temperatures do start to drop off wednesday, thursday. the clouds move back in. unfortunately doesn't look like we're going to see much rain. >> okay. thank you, rosemary. >> you're welcome. it's 4:21. a bus explosion in london caused fears of a terror attack over the weekend. however, it was just part of a scene for the movie "the foreigner." the iconic red double decker bus was traveling over a bridge when it burst into flames. there were signs warning people about the filming but not everyone got the message and some people called police to report the explosion. many people took to twitter saying the public wasn't properly warned in advance. >> it's hard to get the word
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out to everyone. time is 4:21. when it comes to the super bowl, most people were excited about the game. but others couldn't wait for the half time show. we'll have the highlights from coldplay, bruno mars and beyonce.
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and the rockets glare, bursting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof ♪ that was lady gaga. many people say she brought down the house singing the national anthem at the super bowl. she got cheers from the crowd singing with nothing but a piano. it was also a hit on social media with mostly good comments from fans. the half time show also has people talking this morning. ♪ [ singing ] >> very colorful. >> yeah. >> super fun. coldplay opened their show with their hit viva la viva and paradise. some people say beyonce and bruno mars also stole the show. ♪ >> i was wondering if this was
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a tribute to mc hammer because he's from the bay area. the crowd loved it when beyonce hits the stage. ♪ >> her outfit compared to michael jackson, right, crisscross. beyonce performed her new song "formation" for the first time. she released the song a day before the super bowl. another highlight of the show, i loved it when bruno mars, beyonce and chris martin performed together. >> looks like a lot of fun there. beyonce has announced she's returning to the bay area. ♪ if you like it you should have put a ring on it ♪ >> her new tour was announced in an ad in the super bowl. it will kick off april 27th. it's tough to read when you see that on the bottom of the screen there. and will be her first headlining stadium tour this
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summer, returning to levi stadium may 16th. get your tickets. they'll go on sale this morning. >> good morning. >> if your kids are watching, hopefully they're still sleeping. denver broncos of course super bowl champs. up next, the highlights from yesterday's big victory over the carolina panthers. >> reporter: plus, this morning the chp investigating another shooting along this stretch of interstate 80 in the east bay. we'll tell you what we know about the victim in last night's case and the information investigators have to go on coming up.
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morning jams for you this morning. taking a live look at san francisco. beautiful skyline on this monday. hopefully you had a good weekend, watching the super bowl. all the festivities are down. things are getting back to
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normal. slowly but surely. good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. monday, february 8th. i'm brian flores. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. i saw you were up skiing. >> i was. >> and it wasn't crowded i bet. >> it wasn't. i've done this three times where i've gone skiing during the super bowl. i go for the morning, try to make it back for the game, fantastic. >> no one is up there. >> no one is up there. >> let's check in with rosemary. don't let out the secret. so many people don't want to miss the game. >> i know. starts in the afternoon, so you have that morning to go up. >> you have time. we didn't have our local teams playing in the super bowl, but bragging rights when it comes to the weather. some folks coming in perhaps the first time to the bay area, mostly sunny and 70, 75 in the south bay where the super bowl was held. pretty fabulous. we are looking at another dry and unseasonably dry day


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