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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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marijuana operations and arrested two people. ktvu fox news at five starts now. good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. federal and local authorities served search warrants in east oakland. henry lee is in the newsroom and with a story you will see only on two. >> this was not your ordinary drug raid targeting a bunch of suspects. trying to find a single fugitive wanted on narcotic charges. they got their man and a whole bunch more. >> our cameras were rolling as drug agencies seized 200 plants and indoor equipment on 78th avenue and lockwood street. >> they seized a fully all rifle and handgun. >> and pot and guns were not all. a drug suspect was arrested on the run for two years wanted on
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a drug indictment in sacramento. >> he was moving around around a bit. we were able to get him into custody. >> the fugitive is known as shop mechanic. agencies car parts as part of the investigation that included deputy u.s. marshalls and d. e. a. agents. >> drug people do not be long where people play. we spoke to lamont that didn't want to go on camera for fear of retaliation. >> it is good thing they are trying to clean up the neighborhood. >> agents are grateful for the community support. >> these types of fugitives nestle in the neighborhoods that do have a lot of hard working folks and law-abiding citizens within them and they
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try to hide in main sight and with the indoor grows they have a lot of power that can be a hazard to the neighborhood and with the amount of drug distribution that goes with the grow house there is a lot of people that are not from here and don't care about the neighborhood and the people within it and so we are trying to get rid of those people. now the suspect's names have not been released. if convicted of federal drug charges they could face more time behind bars in prison miles away from their families and their support network. henry, thank you you. the big wave contest is scheduled for friday. sky fox 2 flew over the surf site and the water was calm and we could not see any surfers but as the week goes on the waves will get bigger and bigger. right now here is where the front page of the web site
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looks like. the page is colored green and that announcement was put on the web site early this afternoon and the invites started to go out to the world- class surfers. paul chambers is live at mavericks that he talked with the founder of the competition. paul. julie i will tell you what, the best day to come to the beach and have a great time and that's where we were when we found out that it was official that mavericks is happening this weekend and an event that has not happened in two years. >> the mavericks competition will take place on friday. an event that has not happened in two years. that's why organizers and down to the fans is keep going a watchful eye on the weather. >> looking the reports and the swells and sounds like the stuff will come in thursday. >> the swells were not that big this afternoon. in fact a perfect day to bring the family to enjoy the weather. but the conditions later in the
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week that has people pumped about the mavericks event. the one day invitational competition will take place on friday with 24 of the world's best surfers to be on hand. >> the big wave guys are so tuned up and ready and chomping at the bit. they will be going hard. >> of course since the road wave washed a shore in 2010. spectators captain watch from the beach but can watch it online. competitors will have more cameras than in the years past. >> will you see drone angles and cliff angles. we will vit all covered. >> the waves were from last week when the competition would have taken place. however it was overshadowed by that other event. >> the conditions were right but the super bowl was in town. hopefully conditions will be ripe because i love the contest. >> it will be good. maybe not as big but how big is big when you are talking 30 or
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40 feet of water? what are you really looking for here? >> and i tell you what we will be looking for. a lot of the surfers taking part in an event in hawaii and hop on a plane to be out here julie for friday's mavericks event. paul, thank you. chief meteorologist bill martin picks up the team coverage with details about what the surf conditions will look like at the end of the week, bill. that surf contest that we are talking about a moment ago in hawaii. it is called the biggest big wave contest in the world. mavericks is the second but eddy is the big one. they call it for wednesday. it is the first time they had it in 6 years and they haven't had surf big enough. the thing you know about hawaii is due west of us or southwest, it is about what, 2000 miles
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out there. those waves that are going to hit hawaii and oahu, it will be big. the swell moves across the open pacific and brings us our as well as on friday. you pull up the pictures from the eddy, you will see the same waves that are pushing their way out here. looking for big surf along the coast and right now it is not big. the swell will click up and a lot of energy in the water. a lot of swell in the water but not very big. but as that swell starts to push through the hawaiian island on thursday. we will see that pushing the swell ahead and by friday, as jeff points out, it is 35-foot wave faces perhaps, 20-foot hawaiian swale and it will be big and a great contest. what they did, they nailed the weather conditions. last week was perfect and a bigger swell but you got
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perfect weather conditions. record heat around here and the offshore winds and the tide are perfect perfect and ask for better weather. be sure to download the ktvu weather app. take the meteorologists forecast everywhere you go and you can have a live look at the radar and hourly temperatures. a homeless man accused of stabbing a chp officer entered a not guilty plea in san francisco today. 44-year-old noel corpus was in court for arraignment on charges of attempted murder and assault on a police officer and resisting arrest and other felony charges. officer serranko was slashed in the next twice and hospitalized in critical condition but was discharged yesterday and recovering. the incident happened last tuesday near the essex street onramp to interstate 80. a a home camp is there. turning now to the new
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hampshire primary and voters are having their turn today. even though the polls closed republican donald trump and democrat bernie sanders have been declared the winners. take a look at the cars and the line of cars waiting to vote in meramec. new hampshire expect add -- expected a record turnout. here are the numbers. donald trump with 34%. john kaisch has moved into second place with 15% and jeb bush in 3rd with 11% and ted cruz and marco rubio have 10%. with three percent of the precincts reporting. but donald trump declared the winner for the republicans. moving to the democrats, democrat bernie sanders has a ten-point lead over hillary clinton and 54% to to four percent precincts reporting. relief is on the way for a fisherman suffered financial losses from the crab season.
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tara moriarty tells us about a plan hatched by mayor ed lee and the port of san francisco that would help crab fisherman weather the season. >> reporter: along the docks in san francisco it is a ghost town. the crab season has been a bust. >> it didn't hit us like a ton of bricks we saw the writing on the wall. >> this man is a fisherman from half-moon bay and forced to take an office job in san francisco to make ends meet. >> it has been difficult. i had to move out of my rental and on to my boat because i didn't have money to pay rest. >> unable to afford auto insurance he had to sell his car. >> the crab industry is going through this unprecedented natural disaster. >> because the algae was everywhere the crab season was put on hold and now there is emergency assistance and
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offering employment services to help fishermen get through the rough patch. >> the salmon season opens up in late spring, early summer. >> the relief plan would suspend port charges starting through april and relieve birthing fees that total $28,000. any small amount of relief that we can get would be great. >> the port of san francisco says 20 million pounds come across the docks each year and helping the fishermen will keep the the million dollars industry a float. >> these are mom and pop operations and deckhands. >> ben is not hospital for san francisco's aid but san mateo will be offering disaster loans at the end of the month in half- moon bay. >> it is hard. this is the life of the fisherman. >> in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. a two-alarm house fire
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called a square in berkeley. sky fox was near hey street and shad dock avenue. it happened this morning. no one was hurt but the nearby dog and cat hospital was briefly evacuated as a precaution. no word on what sparked the fire. new lanes added to get people through one of the bay area's worse rush hour shots. how much will you have to pay. the warriors keep finding new all time records to go after. what they are inching closer to tonight and what it has to do with the team's home court at oracle. forced to move because of the super bowl. now there may be help coming for street vendors in san francisco. the dollar amount that is being
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proposed. there is quarterback peyton manning down there waving to the huge crowd in denver today during their super bowl victory parade broncos owner's wife anabel is holding the trophy. you got a look at the crowds some of the die hards arriving before dawn to get a good spot and some estimates put the crowd at 650,000 people. >> a great finish day. we got great teammates and a great vibe. von was talking about. we have a great culture in the locker room and guys fight for each other and want to win. demarcus and i are fortunate to be just a part of this journey
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with some great teammates. >> if you don't recognize the person that was peyton manning. the broncos have won three super bowls including back-to- back wins in 98 and 99 when john elway was the quarterback. >> a nationwide crack down on sex trafficking during the super bowl lead to 552 arrests. law enforcement agencies participated in the sting. it began january 17th and ended on super bowl sunday. the f.b.i. joined 30 local agencies and recovered 7 juveniles during enforcement action in santa clara county where the big game was held. deputies arrested 30 people on soliciting charges and one of those people cited was the brother of a denver broncos player. hayward police made four arrests including one alleged trafficker. help for street artists and vendors forced to move because super bowl city could be on the way. maybe setting aside one hundred
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thousand dollars. the latest on this proposal. cristina. well, julie as super bowl city is deconstructed there is talk that street vendors could get reimbursed if the businesses have suffered in the past three weeks. >> location is everything for famous wayne. >> the long time san francisco shoo shiner the only vendor that kept his spot in the hyatt hotel. >> i made less money but it was fun. you know, i liked it. women helped me out. >> the other artists and vendors displaced and vied for places on 3rd and 4th like this merchant. instead of selling fork jewelry during super bowl week he chose to find temporary work else. >> it is hard when when don't
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have your place to work. >> i think we should show that we take care of our street artistists our shoe shine guy. >> there is two ordinances being introduced. an impact fun and the other appropriates one hundred thousand dollars for reimbursements to street artists and vendors that can show that they were adversely impacted. >> to be clear the money that is being introduced today comes from the city of san francisco's general fund reserve. >> depending on how much money the city made, that could supplement the fund for strong merchants. >> it is worry that they do that. everybody has bills. i got to pay my little bills, you know. and like i appreciate they can cut me a check. and i would be happy. >> these vendors are looking
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forward to the transformation. >> i will be back here next week gloopskin would like to be fully reimbursed that he says are 5.3 million and running and maybe the super bowl committee could make additional contributions and the board of supervisorrers would be voting on those two ordinances next month. cristina thank you. >> let's talk about the weather and bring in our chief meteorologist, going back to the mavericks we have been talking about this, how scary would would be to surf a 30- foot wave. >> how scary it would be. i have been out there but never on a 30-foot day. i am excited to see what that is like. to look at that, you can see the ceiling but that is 30 feet. >> crazy. >> i know. >> it is -- i know a bunch of the guys that do it and they
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are a different group of guys. a number of women that surf it and i can't hold my breath that long because when you go down you are under for a long time. >> really? >> yes and the scary part is you are getting rolled around. >> is there inflatables to carry with them. >> yes jeff clark considered a vest. and if you down long enough you pull a cord and co2 will inflate and you will cork up and another way of coming you can dive under it so you take it on the head. >> do you get dis oriented under there. >> yes. sometimes when i have been thunder you don't know which way is up and you can swim in the foam. >> amazing. >> just thinking about it. >> it will be fun fun friday should be a big day and around here of course we had another great one, temperatures that were up there and records the last couple of days and may be
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a record in the next few minutes. you get the idea it is warm. the cloud cover basically temperatures down 3 or 4 degrees and rosemary pointed that out. a little bit of cloud cover from the systems and these systems, where is el nino. i have been hearing about it. there it is. just not pulling it our way. an atmosphere river and pointed to the north of us moving to the northern reaches country and miss us completely. hopefully rewill get back next week. nice temperatures outside and you got lots of mid and upper 60s. cooler than last night this time and the forecast for tomorrow, a little cooler than today. cloud cover like
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a good-looking day tomorrow. the clouds come in but not enough to deliver rain but trending temperatures down but friday it looks like the mavericks contest will happen. some races being held for the first time in six years. waiting for the waves to be like and that swell will come in here on friday. the huge waves will translate to huge wave on the weekend. >> do they happen back to back? >> they kind of can can i was surprised they did this. the men and women will get on the plane from hawaii and they will fly here and get up really early. >> when you go out there how close will be you to the west? >> close. the thing about the mavericks there is a deep channel and you can sit in the boat. >> i can't wait to talk to you about that and the sound. >> yes, the sound is amazing.
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>> thank you. a developing story from pacifica where the coast guard had to rescue man in a pacifica pier. amberly is there. what happened? >> reporter: the fire officials are telling me they received the call for help shortly after 2:00 this this after and witnesses say it took place by the coast and an elderly couple fell in the water and the woman scrammed back to shore and the man struggled in the water and the coast guard launched a helicopter to rescue the man and a witness saw the helicopter lower the rescuer and and the basket in the water. >> it took them awhile because the waves were hitting them. he hooked himself back up and went back up and he jumped back in the water and picked something up, a person. and really quickly i saw the
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firefighters and on the beach went to get him or her and surrounded that person and they squirreled them away to an ambulance. >> the woman was taken to the hospital i'm told and she will be okay. witnesses tell me that the man did not survive but no official confirmation from the coast guard or the fire department or the coroner's office. that is the latest from here. coming up northern california bounces from one big event to the next. this week the activity is down at pebble beach. coming up next. our joe fonzi is there and the team of 49ers and giants battle on the golf course. keeping young patients learning how teachers and technology are coming together to the bay area hospital. it helps us to teach kids that can't come to the classroom so that they get some
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sort of full enriching
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experience. the warriors magic season closing in on an all-time record. involving the consecutive number of home wins. >> the team can move closer to that record. scott. julie chasing history is a regular thing for this group. the latest quest 44 consecutive home wins.
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they may make it look easy but i assure you it is not coming off a win from oklahoma city. you get the rockets and a good hocks team and the thunder to tie the record and we will get to that. the team went through the customary game shoot around at the practice facility and no question this opponent has their attention. they beat the rockets in five games and last year's playoffs and jason thompson was not around and still in awe that this team carries itself the way it does day in and day out. >> i never seen the team be so hungry to get another one and the team has championship lay overs. >> seth curry hoop team has not lost but his football team did. the world's biggest panther fan should have tried beating the
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drum longer sunday but no worries seth will bounce back. >> he will be all right. >> he will bounce back. >> he will be fine. >> getting back to the record. 44 in a row and number number 4 will be the oklahoma city thunder and unbelievable rematch. guys we would have to wait until march the 3rd for that to happen because we football coaches the all-star break and a long road trip and close to the record but still weeks away. it has not been close enough. scott will wait longer. thank you. back now to the new hampshire primary as we reported a few minutes ago. the associated press has called bernie sanders and donald trump the winners of the primaries. senator sander has 56% to hillary clinton's 42%.
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she has just conceded. 13% of the precincts reporting. on the republican side donald trump 35% and john kaisch is in second place with 17%. he is followed by jeb bush that has 12%. ted cruz follows with with 11 and marco rubio is at 10%. this is with 7% of the precincts reporting. very rare that the 49ers get to battle the giants in a competition. today just happened to be one of them. we will come down to pebble beach where the players turned in the regular equipment for golf clubs. called express lanes and you can get into the ho v lanes even if you are not an hov but
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for a price. new express lanes that will allow drivers to use. interstate interstate 580 to the river valley. tom vacar found out how it works and how much it will cost. >> express lanes can increase the efficiency of ho v lanes if drivers pay for it. i-80 east and westbound will have 14 miles through dublin and livermore. >> if you are a single driver you can see a price on the signs and you can have a choice if you want to get in the lanes and pay a toll.
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>> car pools and van pools and motorcycles will have free access to the express lanes provided they have transbonders. solo drivers can use the existing ones and no cheaters will be tolerated. >> these toll tagtags to communicate to make sure we don't have cheaters. >> type in the number and it will tell us what it was set to. >> the solo drivers pay on how crowded the corridor is. >> when these lanes operate it makes improvements on the general purpose lanes so everyone benefits. >> during the peak times it will not be cheap. if you go the entire distance it will cost you nine bucks and the other way it could cost as much as 13. meaning you could wrap up 22 bucks a day just using the express lanes. >> express lanes operate
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between five a.m. and 8:00 p.m. during slack periods the total toll will be at little as 4.50 a round trip but you can pay less if you don't drive all of the way or nothing if you stay in the regular lanes. more express lanes are coming. over the course of the next 20 years going to be building a 550-mile network of express lanes. >> another improvement a dedicated three mile even five mile truck climbing lane. >> once the slow moving trucks have their own lanes to pull over, the other cars can get around them, that will make a huge difference when that opens up. >> weather permitting look for operating express lanes this month. tom vacar ktvu fox 2 news. now to san francisco where housing activists staged a protest in the mission district. about a dozen people blocked buses from leaving 24th and valencia. they blamed the tech workers
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from moving in the neighborhood and driving up rents. this comes as san francisco supervisors last night came to an agreement with the shuttle company that extends the contract for another year. the at&t proam tees off this thursday. but it was the 49ers charity shootout to get it started and joe fonzi is at pebble beach. it looks like a postcard. nice weather. >> yes. how tough do we have it super bowl week and the at&t proam. perfect skies. i'm at one of my favorite places. you see the pacific ocean and i'm i'm look at cypress golf course and tuesdays used to be a nothing day and they started a tradition, the giants 49ers shootout held today. with all of the amateurs
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and the celebrities. the 49ers shootout. >> baseball players and basketball players are here but the baseball players usually win. >> i am not very good. >> you say that and then you make chips like you did last year. >> i'm afraid. >> we will see. we will see how it goes with situations like this you know that giants want want to take down. but we got our secret weapon dwight clark. >> a competitive spirit is the best thing the guys have going for them with the exception of matt cane. >> i started to play in the teenager years when baseball season was not going on and i fell in love with it. >> describing the play by both teams would be most accurately called a grind. a putt on the second hole and
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randy wins gave them a shot and then another shot that would make a proproud. , won two holes for the 49ers. and then thanks to a a 30-yard drive by cane on 18, the giants won the shootout 3 holes to two. >> nice omen to win this thing. >> that is what we are thinking. we had a lot of fun with it. >> i think what is fun, people see another side of you guys relaxed and having a good time. >> and we realize how bad we are. >> and bragging rights. >> yes, we are gloating about it. >> the giants may have the bragging rights but again the big winners with the charities that will receive $100,000 as the result of this event. you see the baseball players out here today and it reminds you that spring training, pitchers and catchers start about a week from now but until then, beautiful weather
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for golf here tomorrow is the celebrity shootout. they call it the whiskkey run and the real golf on thursday. it is like no other tournament and perfect weather. reporting live from pebble beach joe fonzi. back to you in the studio. >> one hundred thousand dollars that is great. >> the celebrities will be here. >> and what a million dollar view. >> yes. i think it costs more than that for some of the houses. >> vandals expected to have started a fire. the same field that vandals hit in the last month. investigators are studying the black boxes of two trains that crashed head on in germany today. the early thought about what may have caused the crash.
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investigators in germany are examining the black boxes of two commuters planes that collided head on leaving ten people dead. the violent collision happened in southern germany southeast of munich. authorities say that trains were traveling up to 60 miles per hour when they slammed into each other. the accident happened on a curb and it is possible that train operators never saw each they were both killed. >> it is a terrifying picture
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and shocking how the two trains are wedged into each other. one tore apart the cabin of the other train. >> the big question is why were both trains on the same track heading towards one another. at least 80 people injured and 17 critically. the remote location of the crash site complicated the rescue effort. the list is long and alarming. today the director of national intelligence delivered his annual briefing on terrorism to the u.s. senate. he says violent extremists on one major concern. >> doved the litany of doom by the national intelligence james clapper the and briefer of worldwide threats declare isis on the top of the list. and spreading to africa and libyan al qaeda is growing. >> al qaeda has proven resilient despite the efforts
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in pakistan. al qaeda is positioned to make gains in 2016. >> but not just moslem extremists groups that have people concerned. north korea launched a missile over the weekend and the communist nation has expanded its nuclear efforts. >> there is a long range nuclear missile that is a threat to the united states although it is not flight tested. >> estimated to have ten nuclear bombs it is believed that number could grow between 20 and 100 four years from now and espionage is a concern as russia and china continue to target the united states. president obama's budget for 2017 addresses this and proposes $11 billion to battle isis and another 19 for the nation's cyber security. more and and bay area gas
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stations are offering gas cheaper. we will tell you where the cheapest station is is the bay area. vandals target this youth baseball field for a second time in the month. tracking the warmth. a couple of record days. more forecast here for the bay.
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>> bart hosted a lunar celebration to welcome in the
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year of the monkey. hundreds of kids from the county came to the neighborhood in oakland to see the chinese dancing and a magic show. this is the theth annual show hosted by bart and the asian community. san francisco's chinese new year's parade is set for saturday february 20th and you can watch it live live right on ktvu 2 news. in the east bay we found 15 stations selling gas to 1.99 and the south bay has two stations under under with many more below that price and the bay's area lowest 1.79 in mill valley. experts say it appears this trend will continue. we have a least of the
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least expensive prices on our web site. click on web links at wall street closed down for a 3rd day in a row. but the losses were relatively small. another drop in crude oil prices fueled the decline. here is a look. the dow lost 12 points and nasdaq was down 14 and the s&p dropped one point. and the problems with european and japanese markets weighed on investors. americans have a shorter life expectancy than other countries. men and women in the united states died 2.2 years sooner and drug poisoning and gun deaths and auto accidents are mostly to blame. the men in the u.s. have a life expectancy of 76.4 and women a life expectancy of 81.2 years. in southern california a
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second straight day of record- breaking heat. you would think it was july and not february judging by the temperatures. lax recorded a high of 98 and pasadena 96 and there was over one hundred service calls for air conditioners during the past two days. that's hot. >> crazy. >> 85 in santa cruz and that was a record. 85. >> carmel. >> that was up in the 80s. 85 degrees and not a record but we had more records around here as well. temperatures turning down a little bit but not rapidly. we may see temperatures in the low love and 70s. a slightly cooler day tomorrow and through friday and saturday. enjoy it because it will rain and it will rain again and when it starts it will rain significantly and that is what
5:50 pm
we are hoping and based on the pacific, all of that moisture and that well, you talk about mavericks and the big contest in hawaii. that well, the waves are generated by storms. by energy energy these el ninos. the water increases the rainfall that is what we talk about and the winds blow over the ocean that creates the waves. we will see some of that product here on friday. they are seeing it in hawaii. the swells showing up. the forecast highs on friday 70s and slightly cooler and seeing greens. mid 60s. the beaches 67 and 66. there is a high pressure center that will stay in charge. right through tomorrow. and into the weekend. a few clouds will slip in here and for the most part everything to the north of us. the forecast highs tomorrow. fairfield 70. and 70 in brentwood and 70 in
5:51 pm
concord and 68 in hay ward 69. we had weather like this all last winter, not this warm but very warm days. this is a brief spell of dry warm weather that is very typical for january or february. so not to freak out and just know that as we go through time the plan is for the rain to light up again. but in the mean time enjoy what you got. i will enjoy it. i was freaked out yesterday. we need rain. >> let's enjoy it because it will light up. we will get back in the rainy season. >> it has been just magnificent especially after january. i thought february would be like january with rain every day. >> i was getting used to it and we were driving better because we were getting used to it and i gave my son some clariton medicine because some of the
5:52 pm
plants are beginning to be fueled by the spring like conditions. >> we have had the super bowl and the mavericks and the proam and we got the chinese new year's parade. they could have been potentially rained out. >> you schedule something in february in california you are counting on rain. >> on friday we are looking at sunny weather. >> there will be partly cloudy and perfect weather and perfect winds and swells and tides and days. >> for the second time in a month, vandals hit the same used baseball field. coming up next, a look at the damage caused by a fire that was deliberately set. >> in minutes, new at six, a reminder of the dangers of road rage. from a bay area family that knows the pain first hand.
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one more look at the new hampshire primary. donald trump declared the winner on the republican side. 35% of the vote. john kaisch with 16% and jeb bush and ted cruz with 12% and marco rubio at 10%. this is with 22% of the precincts reporting. now for the democrats, vermont senator bernie sanders is the winner, 58 to 41% and hillary
5:56 pm
clinton has conceded this primary to sanders. the nasa research center opened its doors to the media to show off technology. there is a request for 19 billion dollars for the space agency. nasa showed off the hyper wall where researchers can see data in very high resolution. bay area researchers at natsa aims are working with students to bring micro satellites to the international space station. it is going to allow researchers to look more into that human automation interact where robots can be utilized by the crew to do things that the crew doesn't have to do. with the private company space p taking over trips to the international space station. the head of nasa said that the agency has its sites on mars with the goal of sending humans there sometime in the 2030s.
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well unfortunately it has happened again. last month we told you about vandalism in fremont and how the community responded by raising money. >> and now there is a fire that appears to be deliberately set. >> the baseball field sits on the grounds of the holy spirit church on fremont boulevard. this photo shows a plastic table and other items and there is belief that it was set on fire last afternoon. well the damage was minor. the second act of vandalism at the field in the last month. parents including the mother of this t ballplayer says it is upsetting. >> it is getting furious having to clean up after it. it wasn't as bad as the first time and seeing repairs of the damage and the cost of the damage. it is getting to be a headache.
5:58 pm
>> last week vandals broke through padlocks and broke a hammer to the equipment. and police won't say if there's connection between that and the recent fire. the league raised more than $16,000 to repair the damage dozens of volunteers came to repair the snack bar that that is it financially. >> i wonder whether the field is safe and i do lose sleep over it because i'm a worried mom and i want to drive there in the middle of the night to go check and make sure. >> the church denied us permission to videotape the field and has asked police not to talk publicly about the vandalism and the arson there. the church says it wants to avoid publicity to those defacing the field. >> the baseball field is looking to upgrading security. everything from adding surveillance cameras to asking
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police for more patrols. in fremont. rob roth. fox tv news. fox news at 6 starts now. developing news. an ocean rescue off of the bay area coast. a man rushed to the hospital after a diver found him floating in the water and we are learn that a second person. a woman was taken to the hospital. good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. that started around two and it is happening in pacifica south of of the pacifica pier where the coast guard and the fire department responded to reports of an elderly couple in the water. when the fire officials arrived they found the woman on shore and taken to the hospital by ambulance and a short time later the coast guard found the man in the water. >> it took him awhile because the waves were hitting him. he hooked himself back up to the harness and went up. >> we are waiting for word to the conditions of the man and woman and how that couple ended
6:00 pm
up in the water. let's bring in our meteorologist bill martin. how dangerous are the conditions? >> deceptively dangerous. not very big right now as you look. and you saw that picture from the story. the waves look flat. what is happening the swells from the el nino conditions out in the pacific, the bigger storms coming from the west, the swells are pushing ahead of them and a lot of water movement. so what i am getting at the hawaii swell is getting there now. the big west swell. there is hawaii. so that swell as it moves through. it takes the waves out in front of it. even though they are not big waves and it bunches them up and pushes them together. even though the big swell is a couple days away, by the time it gets to the coast it has set us up with a very turk lent ocean and i was in the water yesterday. and


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