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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. >> we learned about this early this morning. and we are stunned. we are saddened. >> a veteran of the richmond police department shot and killed in his own home. >> we've just learned new information about what led up to the deadly shooting of the off-duty richmond police officer killed in vallejo. >> henry lee was at the news conference and the joining us with the latest. henry-- >> reporter: mike, neighbors
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and friends of richmond police officer gus vegas are stunned with the word that someone he knows shot and killed him this morning. neighbors reported shots fired in the glenn cove neighborhood of vallejo. the officer was off-duty. and the suspect robert vega -- fired the shots that killed the 15-year veteran. we spoke to the vallejo place and here's what they said happened. >> shots fired at 4:39 this morning in the city of vallejo in the glenn cove subdivision of vallejo. a member of the residence reported a deadly shooting and that the suspect had fled the area. officers arrived to find an off- duty officer, 58 years old.
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down, having been shot multiple times. >> the suspect again, robert vega -- is in custody. his son who he allegedly kidnapped is safe. the officer has fostered many children and we spoke to the interim chief as he remembered the officer. >> gus was a very likable, always pleasant, always in a good mood, just really related to other people in a natural way. he was a beloved member of our team in richmond and across the city and the community. this is a huge blow for us. >> reporter: back out here you can see it's an active crime scene. richmond police and vallejo police and chaplains are here
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on scene. and everyone is in mourning. and vallejo has lost two officers in recent years. memorial services are pending. in the south bay today. investigators announced that they believe human remains outside gilroy are not that of sierra lamar. >> janine de la vega was at the scene as sheriff's deputies made the announcement. she explains why they don't believe the case is related to sierra lamar's disappearance. >> reporter: a sergeant said based on dental records they do not believe the remains are that of sierra lamar. a gold cap was found on one of the teeth. the scene is just off highway 101, a mile away from gavalin
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college. >> they called authorities to tell them about the remains. deputies returned this morning to conduct more of the investigation. it's too early to tell if the remains are of a male or a female. >> we'll have dna tests run to determine the sex, the age, and a possible match in the system. >> reporter: sierra lamar's body has never been found. and volunteers were wondering if they could help. >> it's a little bit of a relief but then, you know, yet again -- we still have hope and we're never going to give up looking for sierra until we bring her home. >> reporter: officials will be looking at missing persons cases to see if there's any
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connection to the remains. it could take weeks to determine the identity and the cause of death. they are not sure if it was a suicide or a homicide. reporting from just outside gilroy, janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2 news. alameda police are looking for a 73-year-old man, john beck, who was dropped off at the oakland city center for an appointment. he never made it to the appointment. he has never disappeared before and has no medical problems. concord police are investigating a deadly crash involving a car that ran off a roadway. it happened not far from ignacio valley and ayers road. investigators have not
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determined what caused the crash or who was at fault. less than 24 hours, we're hearing from the organizers of the titans of surf competition. >> we are less than 24 hours away from the kickoff of mavericks. and we just had a press conference at oceana. and we've seen the surfers come in with the boards. they are flying in from all over the world. we have someone from south africa, someone from brazil. and joining me is ken collins. and he told me he's going to win this year. maybe all your other surfers, just hang up your boards. >> all 24 think they're going to win. >> reporter: what made you decide tomorrow would be it? >> we've been tracing it for the five days and it's all
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coming together. we have killer weather. the high pressure is above us. and we have swelling coming in 40 to 50. and it's going to be one of the best contests we've ever had. >> there was an epic day during the super bowl but you were not able to go that day. >> that's a letdown but sometimes it's nice to get a day like that under your belt. that way the engine is revved up and you're ready to go. and everybody got a big warmup before the big game. >> and you've done this before. >> yes. >> tell me what it's like. it's such an adrenaline rush. >> it's an all day iron man adrenaline rush. you're surfing heat, getting waves, getting beat up. and taking a break and then going back again. 45 minutes is a long time. it's like a sprint. you're going 110 miles per hour inside your body. and by the final you're so
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spent. the whole goal is to have the endurance to make it to the last heat. >> is there ever a moment where you're like this is scary. >> every time i'm out there. it's one of the scariest places on earth. >> reporter: the waves come straight in on the coast. >> reporter: mavericks is special because the topography is set up with the deep water and a shallow reef. open ocean hitting the reef and some places are 10 feet. but here it magnifies the swell and makes them bigger and heavier. >> good luck to you. hope your win the $30,000 grand prize. >> i just want the trophy, money is 2nd dare. the camaraderie and having that
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trophy is like -- >> pretty good. we have to say we have a female alternate. her name is is savanna sean see. this year they're not going to have the super big party that they normally have. and the surfers say it's not about the beers and the parties. it's about the surfing. and this will be live streamed on red bull. >> red bull tv/titans of mavericks. >> coming out here can be tricky. >> the live broadcast will give you the best view of the event. you can't get in the arena. it's a mile offshore. so you're walking around partying. i suggest you find yourself a great place and get your drinks
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and food and friends. >> reporter: you sold me. i'm there. thank you so much, ken. >> i'm curious, guys that are there, do they practice today or just charge tomorrow? >> reporter: they do not practice. they have to conserve their energy. this takes so much out of you. and the next day is like the biggest hangover of your life without the alcohol. the adrenaline crash from the day before is so intense. they are pretty much resting like tom brady would be resting before the super bowl. the answer to that is no. but they are pretty fired up. and at 7:00 the boats will go out and we'll see exciting surfing. >> i'm excited too. thank you for the report. president obama is attending a couple of fundraisers, and then he'll head to southern california. >> the president stayed in
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milpitas. this morning, the president spoke at a fundraiser in palo alto. and in just an hour, he is scheduled to speak at a democratic fundraiser at the atherton home of steve wesley. the president will head to los angeles this afternoon, leaving san jose for additional fundraisers. and he'll appear on the ellen degeneres show for a taping. and monday and tuesday he'll host a summit of southeast asian leaders in rancho mirage. that's the opening bell and stocks are down. the dow, 268 points, the nasdaq 19. it has been a rough week. analysts say the decline comes amid concerns of global economic weakness. dog owners are on alert after thousands of thumb tacks
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were found scattered in a bay area dog park. >> we'll have the latest on the investigation and what police believe may have been the motivation. a warm, sunny day on tap. is there any rain in sight? and professional golfers and celebrities convening at pebble beach. alex savidge caught up with some of them. we'll have that straight ahead.
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a nearly six week long standoff at an oregon wildlife refugee has come to an end. the final protesters surrendered peacefully. they've been holed up since january 22nd protesting federal land policies. bundy was arrested yesterday and faces charges stemming from an armed standoff at his ranch in nevada in 2014. an american airlines flight made an emergency landing in los angeles this morning. it took off for phoenix at 9 a.m. with 137 people on board and there was a report of smoke in the cabin. the decision was made to land in los angeles. the plane landed safely. and two people on board asked
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for paramedics for respiratory irritation. thumb tacks were found at a dog park in hercules. >> police are concern that had whoever is leaving the thumb tacks may escalate to using poison. larry brings his dogs to the park. and so far two of them have been taken to the vet to remove tacks they've eaten. >> 500 of them were found in a stream next to the dog park where the dogs rinse off when they're done running. >> reporter: as many as 5000 thumb tacks have been found. police have a person of interest in this case and it all may have stemmed from a disagreement between two people. golf pros and celebrities are teeing off today for the at&t pro am. >> alex savidge caught up with the famous nameless. >> reporter: the pebble beach pro am is about the golf but
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it's about star gazing. there's huey lewis getting warmed up. and we have jim harbaugh practicing his putts. and early this morning, bill murray at the first tee. >> at&t pebble beach pro am cochampions. [ applause ] [ laughter ] >> i got a crystal trophy. he got $1.5 million. >> some of the other famous faces teeing off today at the tournament, green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers, and star wide receiver larry fitzgerald. we also saw mark wahlberg at spy glass hill golf course. and we talked with everybody about being paired up with the pros to raise money for charity. >> such a great cause and clint
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calls and you show up. >> you going to carry the load? >> i know my today job and i don't have the pressure that a lot of these guys have. >> good causes, good guys, golf, what's not to like. >> reporter: how do you feel you'll do? >> i'll have fun. maybe get some good shots and some bad ones. >> we raise a lot of money for charity. and couldn't have better weather. and hit and giggle and move out of the way and let the pros make money. we saw wayne gretzky. and a big hit at the tournament is larry the cable guy who was signing autographs too. and these celebrities are paired up with some of the best golfers in the world. the teams will be playing today, tomorrow, and saturday. and of course, hoping to make the cut and play for the championship on sunday here at
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beautiful pebble beach where we have perfect weather to play golf. alex savidge, ktvu fox news. and whether you're golfing or surfing or strolling in the park, we do not need an umbrella for any of those activities. >> great weather for the entire area from monterey bay to the mavericks. >> a few extra clouds will continue to be a factor in the forecast. here is our live camera looking towards san francisco and the estuary in the foreground. and you'll probably notice clouds in the bay area. and we've been hearing about mavericks with the contest set for tomorrow. and you can see the reason why. we have high seas and this is approaching the bay area coastline. the swells will be picking up later today. and on the increase for tomorrow. and peaking friday afternoon. you can see the wave heights and they'll continue to bump up
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in size. on the satellite, high clouds in northern california and we showed you the camera with the high clouds. and here's the bay area satellite with the high clouds from san francisco to napa and santa rosa as well. current numbers, we have 60s out there. and a few 70s around free month. santa rosa 65. and napa 68 degrees. it has been a relatively quiet month for february so far in terms of rainfall. next week possibly on the 17th we could be talking about rain in the bay area forecast. between now and then, here's the headline. the rainfall stays up to the north following the upper level winds and the jet stream. it was warm on monday and tuesday and we'll cool things off a little bit. but still mild for this time of year. and scattered high clouds and the high builds back in for the weekend and we warm things up
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by sunday and monday. here's the forecast model this afternoon. partly cloudy skies and we'll have to keep an eye on fog or clouds throughout the day on friday. and saturday we bump up the sunshine. partly to mostly sunny skies. temperatures this afternoon mainly in the 60s and the 70s out there. so pretty mild. we've cooled off a little bit. and still warm for this time of year. santa rosa 73. and gilroy, 74 degrees. here's the look ahead at the 5- day forecast. fair skies through saturday and we continue to warm up for sunday and into monday of next week. the warmest locations could be back up in the mid- to upper 70s. also for that sunday forecast of course valentine's day, so if you have any outdoor plans it looks great for a hike or a picnic. i can fully endorse that. >> a hike and a picnic. the bart board of directors is considering a plan to increase parking fees on event
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days. >> it only costs $3 to park during peak hours. and bart is considering charging up to $30 when events are held at the coliseum. it could generate $150,000 a year in extra revenue. a big announcement from the san jose earthquakes about the soccer all star game. and the golden state warriors head into the all star break with the best record in nba history through the first 52 games.
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taking a look at the big board now. the dow is down 273 points. the nasdaq down about 17 points. >> today we're getting more information about planned layoffs at yahoo. yahoo filed papers indicating it plans to lay off 107 workers, including some engineers at the sunnyvale headquarters. by the end of the year yahoo will cut its work force by 15%. >> three members of the warriors are in canada for the all star game. they have the best record in nba history at this stage of the season. >> we just landed in the sticks, toronto, i think it's like a negative 20 degrees fahrenheit. but we're going to make it.
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>> he wrote it's 5:40 a.m. eastern time and i'm on team no sleep. curry, clay thompson. and draymond green will play for the western conference. green will participate in the skills challenge. the all star game is set for sunday. it's official. one of the u.k. east best soccer teams will be the opponent for the 2016 mls all star game. the all stars announced that -- they'll play arsenal on july 28th. the gunners have won 13 league titles in england. and these games will be arsenal's only matches outside of europe this summer. we're expected to get big news on the future of the oakland raiders. >> the coliseum authority and the owner are set to announce
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what's being called an important development at 3:00 today. and of course, ktvu will be there. and we'll have that coming up on the four on two. thanks for choosing ktvu. we're always here at, facebook, and twitter. we'll see you tomorrow.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: so in this o.j. simpson show, the kardashians are the stars, not surprisingly. and the scene everybody's talking about -- [chanting] >> they all started chanting that this is the beginning of them realizing they could be famous and apparently that never happened. >> don't you want your factual history exaggerated just so you can look back and laugh even more. >> gwyneth paltrow in her underwear. quite the ass gwyneth paltrow has. harvey: it will be interesting to see whether gwyneth paltrow has the same traction as blac chyna and amber rose >> you click through the amber rose gallery, you may see a vagina. >> you're going to a butt gallery for vaginas? >> i have gone through 150


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