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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  February 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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the boom about the bust? we ask our experts. >> raiders reached an agreement, but for how long? the four on 2 starts now. [ music ] >> welcome to the four on 2. i am mike mibach. >> i am keba arnold. a richmond police department police officer was shot. the gunman was arrested soon after. augustine vegas was a 15 year veteran. ktvu's henry lee has been working the story and he is live now with more. >> reporter: you can see it is still very much an active crime scene here. this is where the off duty richmond police department police officer augustine vegas was shot and killed by the father of his grandson.
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the call came from this home. the family members identified the suspect, 30-year-old robert vega of fairfield. we spoke to police about the suspect, here is what they had to say. >> fairfield police department was contacted. they were able to locate the suspect and the child in front of a resident inside a vehicle. they were arrested without incident. augustine vegas was arrested without -- vega was arrested without incident. >> reporter: it is unclear where the gun came from. the officer and the suspect are graduates of the napa valley college academy but the suspect is not a police officer. ! police are mourning the loss. we spoke to the police chief, here is what he had to say.
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>> gus was -- a very likable, always pleasant, always in a good mood, related to other people in a natural way. i never saw him have a bad day, be in a bad mood. >> reporter: earlier this afternoon the officer's flag draped casket was removed from his home as officers saluted. police cars and motorcycles escorted the body to the coroner's office. it was a sad scene out here to see officers joined in mourning. both departments lost officers in recent years and funeral services services for the officer are pending. >> what else do we know about the officer and the man accused of shooting him. >> reporter: we don't have reports. there are reports of a dispute
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involving extended family members occurred here in the home. a motive is unclear. we don't know what led it suspect to shoot and kill the officer. >> what about any other individuals inside the home that the police department are saying who was there when the crime occurred? >> reporter: they are not saying who was at the home other than other family members were home when the tragedy struck. >> all right. henry lee, thank you. following breaking news now. the autopsy report on mario woods has been reloosed. he was shot and killed by police on december 2. in san francisco's hunter's point neighborhood. the shooting was caught on video. up to this point we didn't have specifics on how many times woods was shot by officers. according it the san francisco coroner's office. woods was shot 20 times and grazed by another bullet and
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woods had drugs in his system when he was killed. the report is 31 pages long. ktvu's tara moriarty is reviewing it right now, page by page. she will join us live for the 5:00 p.m. hour to walk us through the new details on this controversial police shooting. to gilroy, investigators do not know the identity of human remains found yesterday but it is not sierra lamar. the sheriff's department says pg&e employees were working on power lines yesterday afternoon when they saw a skull down in the brush. they called the sheriff's department and deputies roped off the area around santa teresa boulevard and castro valley road. right now it is just too early to tell too much about the remains. >> we will collect the remains. we will have a crimlab run dna test to determine the sex, the
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age . >> a gold cap tooth was found and that eliminated sierra lamar, she didn't have a gold tooth. they will determine who the skull belonged to. sierra lamar was the teenager who was last seen in march of 2012. her body was never found but antolin garcia-torres has been charged in her murder and kidnapping. an agreement reached about the raiders future in oakland for now. the announcement was made within the last hour. ktvu's scott reiss is live. you were inside the pres conference. what was said? >> reporter: it -- press conference. what was said? >> reporter: three weeks agrow mark davis proclaimed the world was a possible for raider nation. good news today, the team will play at the coliseum in 2016. you mentioned it. an extension reached with the
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coliseum. a one year extension with a pair of one year options, 2017 and 2018. as for beyond that, well, it is still anybody's guess as to whether the team stays or goes but for now davis is claiming victory. >> this is a win-win situation for the city of oakland, the mayor, which she presented in front of the national football league owners, she said the one thing they needed was time. if they had more time they believe they could get something done with the raiders in oakland and for the raidters gives us certainty for this -- raiders it gives us certainty for this season. . >> reporter: davis did not go into the terms of the agreement but he said there are similar to the previous agreement with the coliseum. it has to go through channels and approved by the nfl. but it looks like for one year
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and maybe two or three the raiders will be here in oakland. >> is it a win-win? a couple weeks ago davis wanted to be anywhere but in oakland. >> reporter: he was asked about the long term future and he said that at no time did he state he does not want to be in oakland. he said there are road blocks. he was asked what are you looking for in the next couple years to make you believe this could be an option. he said i don't want to go into that right now. these guys next to me, he said they know what i am looking for. we will see if that comes out over time. still sketchy on what needs to happen for the long term future but for now they are here for a year. >> and any talk about ticket prices? stay the same? drop. go up? >> reporter: ticket prices, season ticket prices will not
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change. he said that was one thing he was proud to announce. even though there are new costs, he didn't specify what they are, he said season ticket prices will remain in tact. they will not cover the two pre- season games but the regular season won't change. >> scott reiss live in oakland. thank you. a bay area think tank released recommendations for the building of a second transbay b.a.r.t. tube. if a second crossing is not built b.a.r.t. may exceed capacity by 2024. systems handle 27,000 riders a day. that number will hit 51,000 in 10 years. a second tunnel will provide service when renovations are done on the original and a back up if one tunnel were damaged and b.a.r.t. would be able to run all night. >> small disruption, big disruption, we don't have 24 hour rail service because we
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just have one lane that needs daily repair. so people can't live a 24 hour life which is required. >> some experts said if leaders acted aggressively now with funding the job could be done in 10 years. otherwise it could take 30 years. president obama is in los angeles after a day of fundraisers in the bay area. the president took off in mountain view at 2:30 p.m. this afternoon. now he lived up to his nickname as the baby whisper, holding two babies. in addition to more fundraiser in los angeles the president is set for a taping on the ellen degeneres show. he heads to palm springs after that and will host a summit there on monday and also on tuesday. hot off the new hampshire primary, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will debate each other tonight in milwaukee. this as the campaigns shifted to south carolina which will
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hold the next primary. the gop hopefuls are beeping uftheir attack -- up their attack. >> reporter: a post new hampshire hillary clinton getting relief today after losing to bernie sanders by 20 points. the black caucus endorsing the frontrunner. >> one single candidate, one, possessions the qualifications, the experience and temperament to be the next president of the united states. and that person is none other than secretary hillary clinton. >> reporter: despite 10 fewer candidates, the half dozen remaining gop opponents are slinging mud. ohio governor john kasich snagging a second place finish in new hampshire, telling south carolina voters he is more focused on policy than put downs. >> i want to talk about the
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horizon. i want to talk about the sun coming up. >> reporter: justin bieber on the receiving -- jeb bush on the receiving end of the negativity. >> he spent $20 million on negative advertising against donald trump. i didn't know this guy. 20million dollars. remember i called him a low energy person? >> reporter: marco rubio is going on offense after falling to the middle of the pack in new hampshire. >> donald trump has zero foreign policy experience. >> this circle of insults don't stop there. an aid to ted cruz calling donald trump's run is all about nothing. in washington, fox news. going to the movies, what about the previews before the movie? still to come, the disconnect at movie theaters and why you
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might see a preview for a "r" rated movie before a lower rated film. >> tracking this warm, mild weather around here. rain coming back into the 5 day. you will like that. i will see you back here after the break. >> and a quick look outside. 880 by the coliseum. scott reiss says the raiders are hanging out for another year. traffic looking great on this afternoon. the four on 2 will be right back.
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going to the movies could be a fun family activity but sometimes the tailors before the films could make parents feel uncomfortable. in november some viewers were presented with trailers for "r" movies before a pg13 movie. they focused on media in children's life. today appropriate movie trailers. thank you for being here. i never gave it much thought. i am not taking children to the movies but when i go i expect to see the previews to be similar to the movie i am about to see. that is not happening. tell me why. >> that is exactly -- a lot of families are experiencing right now, they pick out the right movie, find out the right age, the right rating, all that stuff, they go to the movie and
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what happens is, you get sucker punched. you are a captive audience and you are being marketed all age inappropriate movies. it is happening because the movie theaters can. >> the movie theaters -- [ talking at the same time ] >> you have your kids, your popcorn and then this preview. specific examples. in the movie -- part 2 -- >> part 3. >> a pg13 movie. what is that about? >> this is the final episode when she realizes, you know, her triumph. a lot of kids read this -- >> books. they are into this. before you see the movie that you are waiting to see there were two trailers. one for the movie called the forecast which is right here a horror film. >> a great example of what is
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happening with the marketing of this movie. pg13 movies could be rated pg13 for a variety of reasons. mocking jay has mature content but the forest got the rating because it has really scary stuff and deals with suicide. [ talking at the same time ] [ talking at the same time ] >> exactly. really, really scary movie -- [ talking at the same time ] >> fine distinction. the audience that this hits the most is teens because they are the ones who are interested in pg13 movies and you can see r rated trailers or unrated railers at pg13 movies. >> what about how to be single? >> that is the thing. you don't know what you are going to see. this is decided by the movie
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theater association -- [ talking at the same time ] >> advertising. >> advertising to you. they are showing you clips for things that are in protection now. [ talking at the same time ] >> you are telling me the movies choose this. the specific movie theater company. what can i do, if i am going to see kung fu panda, what do i do? >> a pg movie. you will get advertising for pg13 movies. what we say to parents is, you can't cover your kids' eyes forever but you can teach them to see. so what you need to do, teach them about what is going on. you are being marketed to by the movie theaters. that is what this is. if they are scared, which happens a lot -- >> right. >> freaked out by the sounds, the booms, all this stuff, you have to get to the movie
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theater early to get your seat -- [ talking at the same time ] >> go on a saturday morning. some movie theaters have family days. it is really hard to tell. you got to talk about -- [ talking at the same time ] >> before you go or after? when do you talk to your child about -- >> great point. you know, i mean, there is no rules exactly but you want to prep them. say you may see stuff that is inappropriate and a lot of kids will say, you know, mom and dad, this is too much for me and so you get somebody to save your seat and go outside. >> that is what my producer told me. her daughter was scared during the preview. >> tell your kid, you are not feeling okay, let me know, we will walk out of here. >> all right. thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. over to bill martin, mike mibach. >> all right. thank you very much. bill martin, getting excited about tomorrow --
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>> i am. [ talking at the same time ] >> we are watching -- i was watching -- the bay, the swell is big there. watching mavericks. behind us here. the swell is starting to pick up. it will be fun. >> tomorrow. >> tomorrow. tomorrow morning. 6:00 a.m. it will be a good day for it. have you seen kung fu panda? >> no. i don't know -- yeah -- [ talking at the same time ] >> mike? you saw it? >> yeah. good. >> i hate when they do the previews. >> i never thought about that -- [ talking at the same time ] >> when you have kids it is big. the satellite depicts the weather system, a big one. not bringing us rain but it has a lot of sizes, a large system. so you take this complex, a couple thousand miles across and it is going to cut away at the jet stream, dip south. into your bay area next wednesday, next wednesday, we have a shot at rain and that the what we want to hear.
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we have more nice weather coming. the swells in the pacific are an indication of the storminess out there. the windier, the stormier the bigger the surf. hawaii is big. we will be big tomorrow. huge surf off the coast. that system is still out there. when you see big waves, behind it you have a big weather system or a significant weather system along the western part of the united states. mavericks, a good day for surf tomorrow. winds are good. swell direction is good. tide is good. everything lines up. sun is out. organizers couldn't ask for a better day. we will be out there talking about that. cloud cover tomorrow morning. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. like today. hazy sunshine. highs like these. temperatures, lots of them, upper 60s 60s and low 70s. rain stays to the north. the low pressure, the big system out here is going to
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slowly chisel away at the high and as it does, starting to do that now, more on friday, more on saturday and then by monday, tuesday, you will notice more clouds and then by wednesday we have showers in here. i rolled you into next wednesday morning. here is the system. it rushes through. there is more behind that. that is good. last thing you want like last year, two weeks of dry. we will get some. highs tomorrow, back into the low 70s. maybe a record tomorrow. 74 morgan hill. 74 gilroy. we tied a record yesterday. the seven-day forecast, look at the numbers. -- the five-day forecast, look at the numbers. nice looking five-day forecast. yeah. i hate that when -- i took my daughter to see ice age. a long time ago. she was two. we get in the seats, and so i don't know if you remember, there was a preview, in the movie theater, a little girl, a
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lion -- wasn't scary other than it was startling. we have to go. [ talking at the same time ] >> killed me. i am out 4 bucks. no way she is going to make it. >> i time it when they start the movie. >> do you do that? >> previews are 30 minutes -- [ talking at the same time ] >> finding your seat -- [ talking at the same time ] >> children's movies are not packed. >> yeah. >> i eat my candy before the movie starts. off subject. >> thanks. germs in public spaces. especially when it comes to commercial flights. the one spot on an airplane that has more germs than anywhere else. that story when the four on 2 returns.
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well, some people are afraid of flying not just because of safety concerns, the sneezing sneezing and the coughing. they don't want to get sick. ktvu's pam cook on things we should know and do to avoid the germs on board. >> reporter: by now most of us know we should bring antibacterial whys but there are -- wipes but there are some things that should surprise you. the part of the plane that has the most germs. >> we found the head rest was the dirtiest part. >> reporter: yes. why, because according to airline safety experts people pert their dirty heads on it,
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they drool on it, they sneeze on it. the head rest does not get cleaned. there are some things you can do to keep the germs at a minimum. >> get the air vent above your head and while you are cleaning it, aim it at your chest. you don't want someone coughing and have their sneeze come towards you. if you blow air towards your chest it will keep your face clear. >> reporter: he had an insider on the show who had the truth on what happens on boards the planes. these planes are moved in and out so quickly there isn't time to properly clean them. >> they are not defrauding you. it is just busy. if they have a pillow, they toss it up above. no one is going to check to see if it is clean. >> reporter: if it is not wrapped in plastic, they are
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not clean. you should not use them. >> head rests, surprising there. especially when someone drools on the head rest. >> you know about the pillows and the blankets. your tray in front of you. what are you going to do -- >> who drools on a head rest? >> i don't know. moving on. stocks taking a hit and big names are announcing layoffs. still to come, is there a correction coming, is the burble bursing or is this business as usual. and later a dream with deep pockets. a tycoon promises to recreate the titanic. that is coming up when the four on 2 returns.
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all right. wall street taking a dip again today as it has every day this week. a familiar pattern. losses early and then recovery but still a loss in the loss culm. some say -- column. some say investors are worried about the global economy and they fell today to their lowest level in 13 years. the dow is down 254 points. now at a two year low. the nasdaq is down 16 points.
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the s&p is down 22 points. financial stocks were hit the hardest. investor concern is growing over tech stock. the biggest names have seen their stock price drop. twitter lost 4% this year and the s&p is down 9.4% for the year and add to this the layoffs, in the four by four we are taking a closer -- we are taking a closer look. thank you for coming in. appreciate it. if i am an investor in tech, i start to see this starting to flatten, i am out of mere, do you think that will -- here, do you think that will happen? >> depends on the investment. i don't think this is an over all situation. but the tech companies are caught up here -- like that -- that cruise ship caught up in
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the storm. what are we doing here? because, you know, we are watching the rest of the country try to talk its way into a recession. they don't feel how good the economy is but there is repricing going on as people fear the economy is slowing down. >> the recession, if the market drops 20%, jannal yellen was asked -- janet yellen was asked about this, all is always a chance of a recession, now we are talking about that again. that is a possibility. >> right. that is sort of a problem in two ways. one is the big short effect. we think about what is the next big thing. right now we have a financial market that is thinking about what is the next big short. >> right. >> what is really going on under the surface here. the other part is a negative feet back loop in the market.
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when oil goes down, what happens is the rate of inflation goes down. and so the central banks around the world reacted very aggressively and many of them gone to a negative interest rates on bank deposits. and so this -- even janet yellen spoke about that today, we are not going to do that but that puts the fear of god into the credit markets and the credit markets freeze up and ceos say we are not going to spend money, maybe we won't buy so much tech. >> when you hear the numbers, it is alarming. you have facebook, amazon, falling 17% on average. this year. after an 83% rise last year. you hear the numbers. china, oil, the layoffs that are happening, how concerned should we be right now and the people that work in the industry, when you hear of layoffs. where should we be on the
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concern meter? >> i would get concerned if we see a slow down in the housing market, in the bay area, in particular. let's go deeper on to that. in terms of the negative feed back loop that we are getting, that is driving down tech. they have been caught up in the storm and repriced because the multiples that the market is willing to put on earnings and all these companies are doing well in that respect is sort of shrinking and that repricing is going on because of fear. [ talking at the same time ] >> in two ways. one is they had such a great year last year that a lot of folks -- people think sell and take -- sell at the end of the year and take your winnings. not really. sell at the start of the year -- there was a lot of selling
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in january for that reason. what is going on now, they have been caught up in this -- in this -- in this route, something has to break this feed back loop. we had a report today that maybe one of the countries in the mideast, the emirates are willing to talk about able toizing oil -- stabilizing oil price. that might break the feed back loop of negative interest rates. [ talking at the same time ] >> i remember a few years ago my mom got her gold and sold it, i checked today, it is the highest it is been, are we at the point where people will dump their money in gold again and it will go back up? >> i think we have already seen that. investors are likely to say
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let's not jump in now. too late to chase that. you always get a bump in goal when you get fear and confusion and uncertainty. it heard the biotechs. >> should all the other tech companies be worried? >> i think -- i think that there is some concern about whether the someof those -- some of those that had great growth, if you are growing 30 that is terrific but it might not be trifphic the pe -- terrific if it pe is 140. there will be repricing but i don't think we are looking at 2001 here. >> thank you. appreciate it. coming up, einstein predicted it and now it is confirmed, gravitational waves do exist and they have seen them. >> checking back in with weather. we have mild and warm weather
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to talk about with a change coming in the long arrange. >> 680, north bound, bummer to bummer. prized by that? >> not at all. >> okay. the four on 2 will be right back.
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and in the weather center
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now with our chief meteorologist bill martin. the sun has been nice. it is been warm. >> a good run. >> but we need the rain. >> we need the rain. it is not coming back for a while. we will be above average for the next 3 or 4 days. it is okay. there is something showing up in the long range. san jose cloud cover outlet the. partly cloudy. -- out there. partly cloudy. mostly cloudy skies. 70s and 60s again tomorrow. so above average temperatures continue. and just a really nice weather pattern. a lot going on in the pacific. where is el nino? right there. not focused on us but there is activity in the pacific. talking about the big waves. the big surf that is hitting hawaii right here. getting here now, that is from the storms in the pacific. el nino driven storms. that is a good indication that there is storminess out there, there is weather heating our -- heading our way and gets here
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next week. enjoy what you got. noon time tomorrow, san jose 70 degrees. 69 degrees. plenty of sunshine. very, very similar to today which is similar to yesterday. 65 degrees. tomorrow as the sun sets in san jose. and the forecast model, a few lingering clouds moving around and high temperatures tomorrow, yellows the 70s. you will see lots of 70s. and then a bunch of 60s. a very pleasant pattern that hangs on right through this week into next week. we have been dry for a few days. when you go dry for a few days the percents of average drop. we are expecting more rain, higher amounts of rain in january and february than october and september. when we miss a few we drop down. santa rosa 66% for -- 86%. san jose 99%. we should be fine. you see how quickly when we don't get rain the numbers
4:43 pm
fall. we were 125% a week and a half ago. 71 in mountain view tomorrow. 70 fremont. 71 pleasanton. the five-day forecast dry, dry, dry, dry. temperatures stay in the mid- 70s on valentine's day. and into monday. 76 degrees. couple days ago we had numbers in the mid-80s. so yeah. a beautiful, beautiful weather pattern we are under. the east coast is getting nasty weather. always happens. they are cooler and wetter than normal. >> tomorrow mavericks -- >> it will be good -- [ talking at the same time ] >> not like hawaii -- >> no. the swells will hit us more directly. hawaii got hit -- came in from the northwest for them. ours is coming west, northwest. it will be 25-foot easy. >> wow! thank you. mike? >> thank you. tom minds in technology --
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top minds in technology are about to gather for a conference. they are gathering in oakland as part of a push to reshape the tech sector by supporting companies run by under represented groups. it will be held in two week. includes a pitch session that will grant one entrepreneur $10,000 in investment in their company. joined by executive director for community development and jason, founder of the towns group and an angel investor. thank you for coming in. techworld, business world is a white world? . >> loaded question. false. the are businesses that may be sectors in business that may be under represented but there are all type of folks solving problems all over the world. >> your goal, explain, to create capital and give capital
4:45 pm
access to minorities that maybe don't have access to it? >> yes. >> thants. >> absolutely. -- entrepreneurs. >> absolutely. for myself, moving on to the rangal and adviser side -- angel anded avertiser side. -- and advertiser side. so doing a lot of work in oakland, in washington, d.c., south africa. i am looking to make sure that we are supporting entrepreneurs who may be under represented all over the world. >> would you agree and in regards to minorities, are they not getting tech degrees and not going in the field or studying it and not getting hired as soon as they get the degree? >> sure. two questions. who are the teched and founders
4:46 pm
and what -- tech founders and what is the standpoint. there are people from all walks of life starting companies but they are not getting the meetings. >> why? >> for one, it is less than 8% of women who are are getting capital. less than 1% african american and less than 1% hispanic. the resume, they might not have a resume to get a meeting. >> unconscious bias. the association just made a pledge that white house in to go commit more towards -- to -- to commit more towards diversity. >> i grew up in the bay area, it is nice to hear when a new
4:47 pm
company comes in, to oakland especially. >> absolutely. >> is that one of your priorities to get tech companies to invest in the city? >> absolutely. i want the -- i want the world to see that oakland is doing things and doing things differently. there is a -- there is an energy that exists here that you don't see in too many places. before i moved to the bay area i was based in washington, d.c., there is similarities between d.c. and oakland that really makes oakland -- makes me fond of being able to work and build here. >> mentorship is important. at your conference will that be addressed? we will get you money but you need a mentor to guide you on how to spend the money. >> absolutely. one thing that we are excited about is we want to start that pipeline as early as possible. we are offering scholarships to high school students, we
4:48 pm
partnered with the computer science program, we are working with the east oakland youth development center to bring their students in. i think just seeing the speakers on stage and all the great work they are doing will be inspirational -- [ talking at the same time ] >> at the conference. really inspirational. >> i mentioned, the $10,000 -- >> yes. >> explain that. >> absolutely. i just came from interviewing the semi finalists. it is very exciting. and the 10k prize is sponsored by facebook. we partnered with rainbow who pushed to bring in the funds. they will present and we will have a great line up of judges. and we will select one top contestant. >> viewers at home will be a able to participate -- [ talking at the same time ] >> at the kaiser center in oakland. in the auditorium.
4:49 pm
february 25, from 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. >> exciting. i love it. congratulations to you both. what you do is being mentors in the tech world. appreciate it. [ talking at the same time ] thank you. julie now live in the news room, stories for ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. julie, we will have more on the breaking news we have been following, involving mario woods' autopsy? >> right. he refused to drop his knife, ktvu's tara moriarty is pouring how it the report, what it reveals about how many times mario woods was shot and the drugs that were in his system. >> and trouble for a church in the east bay. >> targeted again. last night it was robbed. hit by vandals. not once but twice. now police want to know if the
4:50 pm
incidents are connected. we are working on these stories and much more. we will have them at 5:00 p.m. we will see you then. >> thank you. we will be right back.
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time now to get social. we are looking at stories that you are talking about online. a photo of an intern who fell asleep touring his first day is going viral. the intern posted the photo to reddit saying one of the associates sleeping at work. all down hill from there. they snapped a group photo. when he woke up he thought it was so funny he posted it online. users tried to top each other by photoshoping the picture.
4:53 pm
these are the results there. poor guy. >> first day? >> first day. come on. perhaps he needed coffee. >> maybe so. selling coffee for $15 a cup. it is grown in panama and this is the first harvest. >> so much talk about this coffee, you had a chance to taste it this morning on the 9:00 a.m. i see you there with your cup. and? >> i didn't like it. >> no. >> at all? >> could you tell which one is the $15 -- >> it could, because i knew the one from our news room. yeah. i didn't like it. >> funny. >> our pewter likes it -- our
4:54 pm
producer likes it. >> gasia didn't want to throw it away. [ talking at the same time ] >> i wouldn't pay $15 for it. >> for a small cup. a reb lucuof the titansic expected to set sail in a couple years from now. his new blue star line says the ship will feature lavish interiors modeled after the original ship but it will have modern navigation, radar and evacuation procedures. relatives of those who passed away say it is insensitive. but the builders have been inundated with ticket requests for the maiden voyage from china set for 2018. >> did you see the movie? >> love it. >> love it. i cry every time. rose and jack.
4:55 pm
love it. coming up, the huge step forward in research that will change the way we investigate the united states. the four on 2 will be right back.
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. being called a game changing break through in science and it was first predicted by albert einstein a
4:58 pm
century ago. a team said today they have for the first time measured gravitational waves. the scientists measured the gravitational waves from two black holes that collided and merged. they used the used the observatory. >> gravitational waves carry information about where they came from and the ability to detect them. it will allow researchers to study the universe. >> exactly what you would expect, what albert einstein theory of relativity. >> i think we are doing something equally important here today. >> there are two detectors, one
4:59 pm
in louisiana and one in washington state. all right. now to frank and julie. a sad day for one police department in the east bay. >> yeah. very sad day. a richland police officer was killed this morning in a domestic dispute. we are working to learn what led to the killing in his home. those close to the officer gus vegas are remembering the 15 year veteran of the department. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news. >> good evening. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. the police officer was off duty when he was shot and killed this morning. ktvu's john sasaki is at the richmond police department who knew and worked with augustine vegas but we begin with ktvu's henry lee, he is learning what happened this morning. >> reporter: julie, you can see it is still very much an active crime scene behind me in the
5:00 pm
neighborhood. this is where off duty richmond police officer gus vegas was shot and killed by the father of his grandson. throughout the day we ever seen many officers as well as community members gathered here at the police tape, the yellow police tape wondering what happened. starting about 9:00 a.m., 911 calls from this home from family members saying a shooting occurred and the officer had been killed. very tragic scene. as we take a look here members of the police department have been here throughout the day. here is what we have happening today. >> reporter: mese spent hours combing this home belonging to -- police spent hours combing this home belonging to richmond police officer augustine vegas shot this morning by his grandson's father.


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