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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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neighborhood. this is where off duty richmond police officer gus vegas was shot and killed by the father of his grandson. throughout the day we ever seen many officers as well as community members gathered here at the police tape, the yellow police tape wondering what happened. starting about 9:00 a.m., 911 calls from this home from family members saying a shooting occurred and the officer had been killed. very tragic scene. as we take a look here members of the police department have been here throughout the day. here is what we have happening today. >> reporter: mese spent hours combing this home belonging to -- police spent hours combing this home belonging to richmond police officer augustine vegas shot this morning by his grandson's father. it began with 911 calls at 4:39
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a.m. officers aarrived and found augustine vegas dead at the scene. >> officers arrived to find off- duty officer gus vegas, 58- years-old, salt multiple times. . >> reporter: police -- shot multiple times. >> reporter: police identified the shooter, the father of his grandson. the boy was found unharmed and is now in protective custody. police have not released a motive in the case. they haven't said where the gun came from. but officials confirm that both the officer and the suspect are graduates of the police academy. augustine vegas finished in 1990 and the suspect graduated in 2011. the shooter is not a police officer. we spoke to a neighbor who heard gunfire this morning. >> earlier i thought i heard a
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shot. but my wife thought it was the television. and i just layed back down. once i went to take her to work this morning i have seen all the police and the yellow tape. >> reporter: this afternoon police officers stood at attention and saluted as the officer's flagged drape casket was taken to the coroner's office. . >> it was great they showed such respect for him. for the whole process for his life or -- that -- i didn't know they did that. i think it is great. >> reporter: we have seen officers joined in mourning here throughout the day. assisted by california highway patrol. funeral arrangements are pending and a court date for the suspect hasn't been set. >> do we know who else was in the home at the time?
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you mentioned the granddaughter. what about the wife of the suspect? do we know? >> reporter: the grandson was taken from the home by his father. other family members were inside the home but we don't know the relationship to the officer. >> henry lee, thank you. >> more now on the 15 year veteran gus vegas. ktvu's john sasaki is live from richmond police headquarters where co-workers are in shock tonight. >> reporter: flags are flying at half-staff and everyone inside is stunned. >> the procession of police vehicles was a somber sight. cars and motorcycles escorted the body of augustine vegas. >> we need pull together at a time like this. >> the police captain was in the procession. he knew augustine vegas well
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for the 15 years he wore the badge. >> of all the times i saw him interacting with family members, and his presence of his willingness to put his hand on somebody and connect to them. 4507wy ozfamily -- >> reporter: he was a family man who also raised foster kids. >> he did impact. i can't believe i am speaking about him in the past tense. >> reporter: in the neighborhood we caught up with a woman who knew him for 20 years. >> he always worked very hard to support his family. he was a defense. he took that position to be safe. and -- detective. he took that position to be safe. it is horrific. >> reporter: neighbors were stunned by the shooting. >> he took care of people. just -- i don't know why
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somebody would want to kill someone or -- i don't know, an argument or something. >> i am surprised. it is a quiet neighborhood. they are nice people. >> reporter: at the news conference, the police chief said augustine vegas was always in a good mood. >> never saw him have a bad day or be in a bad mood. this is a huge blow for us. >> reporter: there are no plans yet for a funeral but police say they will honor him and they will help his family in any way they can. >> is there any word on how they plan to honor him? >> reporter: as you saw earlier the officers escorted his body and once it is released it will go to a funeral home. officers here will be going to the funeral home and standing watch over the body for 24 hours a day till the funeral. >> all right. john sasaki reporting tonight in richmond.
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thank you, john. to breaking news. this afternoon the deputies report on mario woods was released -- the autopsy report on mario woods was leased. tonight we know how many times he was shot. ktvu's tara moriarty has been going over the report. what diz it say? >> the -- did it say? >> reporter: the report says he was shot 20 times. six in the back. i have seen the autopsy photos. there is nothing in this report that surprises me. no major surprises here. the family attorney for mario woods revealed the photographs to the media a few weeks back and they were disturbing. you could hear a gasp in the room when you saw the damage done to his hand, head and back. it was gruesome. and it is exactly what the family says it wanted to show. the amount of shots here was excessive. according to the medical examiner the 20 gun shot wounds
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were to the back and thighs. one bullet grazed his cheek and five injuries caused by the less than lethal round. woods had meth in his system, marijuana, two antidepress want. the family is -- antedepressants. the family is suing after the shooting. he was suspected of stabbing a man and still carrying the knife when police came across him. officers asked him to drop the knife, when he didn't they shot him. 27 shell casings were found. 5 officers were involved in the shooting. 4 investigations are currently under way. including one by the department of justice. back to you. >> i am curious on the methamphetamine. do we know at all based on how much was in his system how long
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before he was shot he took the methamphetamine? >> reporter: it does not indicate that. the medical examiner's office is closed now. hopefully we can find out exactly if this was a recreational thing or if this was a habitual user. >> you have been covering the story for a while now, i don't know if there is a answer to this, five of the orphoverstains officers shot -- officers shot, the others didn't. >> reporter: they have been keeping everything under tight wraps. as soon as this happened and because there salawsuit pend -- is a lawsuit pending there is not much being said. from what we learned is what we see in the videos. first time we saw the video and the second video was presented by the woods attorney who found a woman who had another perspective there from the gun
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shot wound he sustained. it showed if you listen to the audio closely, they had fancy machines, they were able to show that the timing wasn't the way they say the police chief described it. been a very controversial shooting and we are still waiting for more answers. >> mario woods shot 20 times and drugs in his system. tara moriarty, appreciate it. investigators announced today they don't believe remains found are those of missing teenager sierra lamar. pg&e found a human skull in brush yesterday as they worked on over head power lines. investigators used dental records to rule out sierra lamar. they a gold cap on a tooth helped them make the determination. they roped off the area and returned this morning. >> we will collect the remains. we will have our crime lab run dna tests to determine the sex,
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the age and if there is a dna match. >> sierra lamar disappeared in 2012. her body has never been found. police groidentified the -- identified the driver who crashed into dozens of cars yesterday and waving a gun at people. the man arrested, you see him here is 37-years-old. right now he is held on a number of charges. including adult on a police officer and hit and run. investigators are searching for the gun. so far police say they counted six cars hit but there may be more. president obama is in los angeles this evening after a fundraiser to the bay area. he took off in mountain view about 2:30 p.m. this afternoon as he made his way towards air force one he held two more babies. he will do more fundraisers in los angeles and scheduled for a taping on the ellen degeneres show.
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after that he heads to palm springs where he will host a summit next week. the housing market in the bay area is near levels seen just before the bust in 2000. the factors that could contribute to the market leveling off. >> an agreement reached today. how long the raiders will be staying in oakland and what that means for the future of the franchise. >> scary as scary can be when things go wrong. >> some of the best surfers in the world talking to us today about the mavericks competition tomorrow. you will hear what else they are saying when we come back. >> tracking the warm weather that is sticking around. we have rain down the road to talk about.
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good news for oakland raider fans an agreement has been reached to keep the raiders in oakland for one more year. they held a evening for announce the deal. ktvu's scott reiss was there and joins us with details. >> reporter: tomorrow will be one month since mark davis proclaimed the world is a possibility for raider nation. that didn't sit too well in these parts but today word from the team they will play at the coliseum for 2016. a tentative extension on the lease agreement between the team and the facility. that extension also includes a pair of one year options for 2017 and 2018. as for beyond that, well, it is anybody's guess as to whether the team stays or goes but for now davis is claiming victory.
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>> a win-win situation. for the city of oakland, the player when she -- mayor when she presented in front of the national football league she had they needed time. if they had more time they could get something done with the raiders in oakland. for the raiders it gives us certainty for this season and flexibility for the following two seasons. >> i think to thank them for working with us. we will get this right. we know how important the oakland raiders are to oakland and the county. they are an asset. they are a sense of pride to the community. >> i don't think i have ever once said that i wasn't interested in staying in oakland. i will continue to say that. but at the same time if people are going to call you and offer you things to look at, you ever to look at them. you have to do that as a business person and everything else. my heart is here in oakland. if we could get something done, that is what i am trying to do.
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>> reporter: perhaps davis never said he wants to leave oakland but he made it clear he is amenable to leaving oakland if that should become the best way to go for the team. remains to be seen if this time is used to negotiate a deal here or used to negotiate a better deal elsewhere. >> i heard davis saying he wanted the a's to make a decision and possibly building two stadiums at the same time. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: wouldn't that be great? tear all this up. basketball here, baseball, football, we are set. right? we have an interesting cat-and- mouse game between had raiders and the a's but it put it on the baseball team. he wouldn't agree to begin construction on a new football only facility here and then find out after the fact the a's are going to blow up the coliseum and rebuild it which would be a mess for parking and infrastructure and tailgating
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that the raiders have. it sounds like he is waiting for the a's to make a decision but the a's said they are waiting for the raiders to make a decision. perhaps they could meet and figure it out. >> hopefully we could get a decision. scott reiss that coliseum, thank you. we are 15 hours away from one of the most famous big wave surfing competitions in the world. surfers have been arriving all day long. there is a buzz in the air. ktvu's tara moriarty talked to the surfers today as excitement builds for tomorrow's competition. >> reporter: local surfers near half moon bay have been catching waves all day. these waves will pale in comparison to the 40-foot ones expected at maverick. >> it is as scary as scary can be when things are going wrong. you will fear for your life. >> reporter: tomorrow is the 10
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10th time he will compete in mavericks. >> it is largely life and death but you could manage the risk. >> reporter: today 24 surfers flew in after getting 48 hours notice. the competition kicks off at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> it is such a rush. sometimes you need to breathe and make sure you are soaking it up. >> reporter: this year there will be no jumbo tron to watch but surf allergy sufferers are okay with that because -- surfers are okay with that because it is about surfing. . >> when we get the green light it is all hands on deck. >> reporter: the bar will open at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. after the $30,000 purse is awarded most will come here where many store their boards. >> especially with the big wave surfers, they are personable, a lot of them have normal jobs.
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so they are blue collar working people and they do something that could end their lives. >> reporter: the youngest is 22- years-old. the oldest 49. no woman has ever competed in mavericks but she is an alternate this year. what is the key to winning? >> the guy that gets the opportunities. and doesn't make the mistake of falling. >> reporter: tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. >> all right. let's get a check of the weather. chief meteorologist bill martin in the weather center. >> you will be out there tomorrow? >> yeah. yeah. we will go out. 6:00 a.m. in the morning. be out there all day. >> what time will they start? >> great question. i don't know. 8:30 a.m., 9:00 a.m. >> how fast do the wavers build up? >> swells just arriving. it will be good size. what ken said, he said, we asked who is going to win, he said whoever gets the
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opportunity. every wave is different. that is what is weird. the best surfer may not win that contest. it is if mother nature dishes you one up and you are in the right spot. >> are these the best surfers in the world or most daring -- >> most daring. i wouldn't say the best surfers in the world. these guys are a category unto themselves. it is not surfing. it is something different. a whole another deal. we will talk about that tomorrow. we will be here live. the clouds out there now, you can see in oakland. a beautiful day. and it really is kind of nice. we had some cloud cover. we have a little bit of cloud cover lingering now. but tomorrow will be like today. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. back and forth as the clouds
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filter in and try to slowly break down the ridge of high pressure. 70 in santa rosa. 60s out there. over night lows tonight, just like last night. over night lows in the upper 40s -- or mid-40s, low 40s. this is san francisco's forecast. cloud cover now. noon tomorrow. same as today. temperatures right there in san francisco into the upper 60s. evening, the clouds, just like tonight. bay area friday a lot like what we are seeing right now. and the forecast model brings in the yellows, which are 70s. they pop in with 60s along the coast. and a slightly different day than today with a little more cloud cover perhaps. 71 napa. 72 fairfield. forecast highs. the change comes, i will show you this in the next weather hit, change comes next tuesday, there is a weather system that wants to come in here. you see the clouds increasing. the flow changes. the shift changes. what we will see is an
5:22 pm
opportunity for showers. the reason they are running the mavericks contest is because they know that this thing is coming tuesday and the weather conditions, the swell will be big what the weather conditions won't promote good surf. we ever the perfect storm of conditions for their contest. everybody is stoked. >> i still just can't imagine -- >> i can't either. >> 40-foot wave. how big do you think they will be? >> i think -- i was looking at hawaii, 25-foot, it will hit us more directly. it will be big enough here. 30-foot, big. >> did we miss it last year -- >> they canceled it last year. >> two years? >> yeah. last year we didn't have it. the eddy, that is the main event. big wave event. they haven't had that in six years and they canctled again this year. six year -- canceled it again this year. six years. our conditions come together
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tomorrow. >> looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow. >> yeah. it will be fun. [ talking at the same time ] >> excited. >> thank you. a stand off in oregon has come to an end more than a month after it started. the resolution between officials and ranchers who many refer to as vigilantes and a church vandalized twice and then robbed. the investigation now under way and what authorities are saying about a possible link between the crimes. >> we are trying to figure out what will be the reason and who will do something like that.
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a 41 day stand off by militia in oregon come to an end. today the last four protesters surrendered their hold on malheur national wildlife refuge in burns oregon. it was almost live streamed -- or also live streamed on the internet as they coax the supporters out by phone. he could be heard stalling past the surrender of the other three. he said the government hasn't addressed his concerns and he railed against other things as well from the use of taxpayer dollars pabortion to -- for acoercion but he final -- abortion but he final turned himself in. >> very relieved. glad everyone is safe. >> agents arrested him yesterday as he stepped off the plane in portland. he is the father of the leader of the stand off ammon bundy.
5:27 pm
he was already in custody with one other protester. he faces charges for a 2014 stand off in nevada. he also owns -- owes the government 1 million dollars in unpaid grazing fees and penalties. the washington post reported investigators with the state department subpoenaed document last fall from the clinton foundation, the trust set up by bill clinton and hillary clinton. there is no indication that hillary clinton herself is the target of the investigation. now this comes as hillary clinton and bernie sanders are set to debate again tonight. fox reporter tells us it comes after hillary clinton got a major endorsement today. >> reporter: a post new hampshire hillary clinton getting much needed relief today after losing to bernie sanders by 20 points. the black coccis endorsing the frontrunner. >> one candidate, one possesses
5:28 pm
the qualifications, the experience and temperament to be the next president of the united states and that person is none other than secretary hillary clinton. >> reporter: despite 10 fewer candidates the half dozen remaining gop opponents are slinging mud. john kasich snagging a second place finish in new hampshire telling south carolina voters he is more focused on policy than put downs. >> i want to talk about the horizon, about the sun coming up. >> reporter: jeb bush on the receiving end of the negativity, from opponents who want to ensure he wilts in the state. >> he spent $20 million on negative advertising against donald trump. i didn't know this guy. 20million dollars. i called him a low energy person, he is a low energy person. >> p marco rubio -- >> reporter: marco rubio making no bones he is going on offense
5:29 pm
after falling in new hampshire. >> donald trump has zero foreign policy experience. >> reporter: and this circle of insults don't stop there. an aid to ted cruz calling calling donald trump, saying it is all about nothing. thousands forced to flee from their homes and now peace talks are underway hoping to bring an end to the syrian civil war and ridership is increasing. see the proposal that could bring another transbay b.a.r.t. tube to the bay area and berkeley sends out thousands of notices for balconies that need to be repaired. how many are still in poor condition.
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today.@@how many are still in poor condition. burgly says thousands of balconies, decks and stairs have been inspected since a deadly collapse but hundreds still need repairs. 400 buildings are in bad shape. ktvu's cristina rendon is live now with more. >> reporter: the city tells me of the 400 buildings many have already been repaired and the others are still getting fixed to make sure another collapse doesn't happen again. >> reporter: there are thousands of buildings in
5:33 pm
berkeley with balconies, decks or stairs. >> i think it is important that they are up to code. >> i think that, you know, they should go after them because, you know, when they are that old they need to be inspected. >> reporter: over the past six months the city sent out 6,000 notices for inspection. seventy% responded. 402 buildings had significant damage requiring repairs. >> it was a successful program. >> reporter: the planning director says the program got people's attention. >> a lot of the people that were leery of the program, thought it was an over reaction thanked us and said i am glad. >> reporter: it was launched after the collapse of a balcony in june 2015 that killed six people. it was caused by dry rot. new properties must now be built with water proof
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materials and owners are required to have the building inspected every three years. >> i think it is a good thing. hope they get it in time to prevent the next disaster. >> people took this seriously. i am glad they did. i think it is a safer place now. >> reporter: officials will be reviewing the report at the next city counsel meeting and they will determine how they will follow up with the 30% of property owners who did not respond to a notice for an inspection. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. a company that provides treatment to patrolled sex offenders is bang plans to open up a facility in san francisco. the company was ready to move in to this building on church street but residents didn't want the rehab fifth amendment there. they said it was too -- facility there, they said it was too close to schools. now they decided to look for another location. a spokesperson for the
5:35 pm
operators issued a statement saying out of respect for the community and the very critical work that we do, we have elected to seek an alternative location. police are asking for help in finding a missing man. the 73-year-old john beck, here is a picture of him, was dropped off at the city center tuesday morning but he never made it there. he has no medical problems and never disappeared before. he was wearing blue pants and a plaid shirt. his daughter said his phone is turned off-and he was last seen getting on to a b.a.r.t. train after 9:00 a.m. tuesday morning and he has not checked his e-mail or withdrawn mun afrom the bank -- money from the bank. call for a second transbay b.a.r.t. tube. b.a.r.t. agrees it is needed but they say it won't happen for years. ktvu's rob roth looks at the
5:36 pm
proposal and the stumbling blocks. >> reporter: if communitying by b.a.r.t. between oakland and san francisco is tough enough now -- >> very, very crowded. >> reporter: it figures to get tougher as the bay area continues growing. >> we skipped a generation in building the transit network and now we are trying to catch up. >> reporter: he is the transportation specialist for san francisco planning and urban research. a report says a second tennessee transbay b.a.r.t. tube -- a second transbay b.a.r.t. tube is a necessity. the current tube was built between 1966 and 1969. one of the world's long and say deepest underwater tunnels. >> we are focusing our attention on finding the money to repair our existing
5:37 pm
infrastructure. and then we can focus on long term needs. right now there is no funding for a tube. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. says it is focusing on shorter term improvements, although a second tube would be vital in an emergency. >> depends on what the bay area needs and what the policy makers say. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. isn't the only rail system that could build it. >> we have other transit systems, cal train, and rail, this next crossing doesn't have to be b.a.r.t. >> reporter: commuters like it idea. >> i imagine that will be nightmare to put together but yes, it is what we need at this point. >> reporter: a second tube wouldn't happen for a decade or more. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. no secret housing prices in
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the bay area are sky high but is there a bubble and is it about to burst? the signs that suggest prices may soon level off. >> valentine's day is big business. the staggering amount of money spent for that holiday. >> and world powers hold a meeting in europe. the talks that began today to end the civil war in syria that effects hundreds of thousands of people.
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there is late word of a potential cease fire agreement in syria. secretary of state john kerry says it could take place in a week but all parties first need agree. the cease fire does not include isis and russia and the united states are blaming each other for bombing a major city. more now from the pentagon. >> reporter: tension between the u.s. and russia over syria remains high. washington and moscow conducting separate campaigns in the country and the two sides are accusing each other of bombing hospitals in enlargest city -- in the largest city. [ indiscernible ] >> russian planes didn't perform yesterday. >> reporter: efforts to end fighting in syria underway amid
5:42 pm
the back and forth. secretary of defense ash carter participating in talks. the secretary says he has support for an accelerated campaign plan and received new commitments to intensify the fight against isis. >> 90% of the country's participating in the military campaign has stepped up to do more in the last month and days. >> the u.s. led coalition is made up of 60 countries. secretary of defense ash carter said russia is making a mistake in syria by bombing the wrong targets. fox news. south korea shut down one of the last symbols of cooperation with north korea. it pulled all of the south korean working at a factory in the north. they made the decision after the rocket launch sunday. it is seen as a missile test.
5:43 pm
intelligence calls the activities a threat to national security. >> continues to produce material and develop a missile. committed to developing a nuclear arm missile that poses a threat to the united states. >> the u.s. senate and house passed added sanks against north korea. -- sanctions against north korea. wall street today. [ bell ] >> as the closing bell rang they had recovered from their deepest drops but they were still, excuse me, lower. the dow is down 254 points. now at a two year low. the nasdaq is down 16 points. the s&p is down 22 points. financial stocks were hit hard. oil also fell to its lowest
5:44 pm
level in 13 years. valentine's day spending could top 20 billion dollars this year. 90% of americans plan to mark the day one way or another. the average consumer spend $150. card, candy and flowers. among the newer trends are cooking classes, movie theater tickets and rock climbing lessons. >> this year 4-10 americansed they would like to receive a gift -- americansed they would like to receive a -- marijuanas said -- americansed they would like to receive a gift of experience. . >> pet owners could spend 700 million dollars this year. students at a school had a big secret to keep, how the kids and their teachers practiced for the super bowl halftime show while keeping it quiet from the public and housing prices near all time highs. we examine if there is a bubble
5:45 pm
that may be getting ready to burst. >> tracking the warmth. temperatures above average. how long it will last and when the rain arrives.
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
a huge finance rating agency says san francisco's housing prices rose so much they are no longer financially sustainable and bay area prices are reaching bubble territory. ktvu's tom vacar tells us the last time we experienced this
5:48 pm
spike in prices was three years before the bust of 2000. >> reporter: bay area housing prices are 62% higher than the recession low but since 2005 bay area incomes have increased only 44%. this price versus income spread is what is making bay area affordability unsustainable. >> we don't think we are in a bubble. >> reporter: he says we may be nearing a peak in prices. >> 90% of what they were prerecession. right now prices are 9 times annual income. 2006 they were 11 times. >> reporter: she says what is happening is the prices are no longer soaring. >> steady appreciation in the
5:49 pm
single digits. not a bubble bursting or prices going down year over year. >> the prices are going to level off. they expect this year there might be 3%, maybe 5% appreciation. over the next couple years 2%, 3%. >> reporter: the loans that led to the last recession, no down payment, buyers must now have some of their own money in the property. interest rates remain low. >> the interest rates helped the market. >> reporter: banks face restrictions against making irrepossible loans. bay area job growth is very strong. double of the rest of the nation. we have less space to build here and more building
5:50 pm
restrictions. even in 2000, hissing prices stayed -- housing prices stayed strong and this is one of the most desirable places to live on earth. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> look at that picture. >> beautiful. >> it is. another beautiful day in the bay area. i am enjoying it but -- >> get back to business -- [ talking at the same time ] >> nice to get rain and we will. it is not till early, middle of next week when things will change around. in the meantime we are stuck with perfect weather. beautiful. sun. cloud cover. 72 napa today. a tied record at the oakland airport. 74. 72 fremont. 71 morgan hill. a beautiful day. beautiful sunset this evening. it will be a repeat tomorrow. pretty much the same thing. maybe a few more clouds. a very active pacific. there will be rain coming in off the pacific next week. but between now and then it is
5:51 pm
more of the same. which means mild over night lows and day time highs into the upper 60s, low 70s. right now santa rosa 70 degrees. 68 san jose. mavericks tomorrow, the swell is coming up. right now, it is 11 feet. it is getting bigger. probably going to be -- probably 15, 18 feet now in some places along the coast. tomorrow morning they expect the swell to get up into the 25 to 30-foot range by the afternoon hours. we will keep you posted on that. big day at pillar point tomorrow. big day in san jose. temperatures mostly sunny. temperatures into the 70s again. 69 degrees at lunchtime. touching 70 trees in san jose. -- degrees in san jose. cooling off quick, too, right? still february. 70 degrees during the day, the sun is low on the horizon all day. as soon as the sun drops it
5:52 pm
gets chilly fast. high pressure is starting to shift. the high was here. now it is shifting and it will allow a couple systems to come in. keeps shifting it. as it shifts more jet stream opportunity will slide south. that is the plan. not thursday and friday. just more of the same. saturday and sunday, more of the same. into tuesday and wednesday significant changes. hopefully a return to the wet. it will be fairly productivesults coming in toward the middle of next week -- product results coming in toward the middle of the next week. partly sunny on sunday. partly sunny on saturday. sunday warmer, 70 degrees numbers. we have nothing at the end of the 5 day that indicates a change. i would hate to start another week this dry. >> thank you.
5:53 pm
coming up in minute. new at 6:00 p.m. a push to put the breaks on high-speed rail. the argument presented that could bring the project off track. plus -- >> honoring homicide victims, crosses being stolen from this church. this is just one of the crimes happening.
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5:55 pm
more than 100 students at a bay area high school kept one of the biggest secrets of their
5:56 pm
lives for a month. they were rehearsing to be part of the super bowl halftime show. ktvu's ann rubin was able to sit down with the teenagers to talk about their once in a life time experience. >> the music was blaring. and in the thick of the super bowl halftime show 130 dancers, actors and musicians. >> i could say hand down it was one of the most amazing experiences i have ever had. >> reporter: an unexpected a call a month ago, the organizers were looking for performers. the catch, they had to keep their role a secret. >> just like we are the only ones who know this right now. no one else knew. >> reporter: the students weren't told who the headliners would be. >> we practiced when to jump, not jump, when to raise our hand. when to screen. >> reporter: on the day of the
5:57 pm
super bowl it took 60 buses and a police escort to get all the performers to the stadium. >> it was almost impossible to find buses. some of our bus drivers volunteered to work on super bowl sunday. >> reporter: the students say the atmosphere was electric. they were allowed to bring cell phones and most troyed to document the -- tried to document the field as best they could. >> we are trying to remember to clap on time. we are still just in awe of how many people are there. >> reporter: the would be controversy about the politics of united -- the beyonce's performance. >> if you have the power to speak out for something that you believe in then do it. otherwise you are not standing up for yourself. >> reporter: mostly they were excited to have a brush with fame. >> one of my favorite moments
5:58 pm
was when beyonce walked past me. it was a shock factor. >> reporter: they call this a once in a life time experience. >> i am just like yeah, i was there. it was amazing. >> reporter: students say they are relieved to be able to share their experiences and photos orphkeeping -- after keeping it a secret. up next a school rally tomorrow. ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. . complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >> a police officer shot and killedind his home own. now family, friend -- killedind his own home. now family and friend are now remembering richmond police officer augustine vegas. >> it is surreal. >> we are learning more about the moments leading up to his death and the man accused of
5:59 pm
killing him. good evening. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> they called him gus. 58-year-old gus vegas was a 15- year veteran of the richmond police department. he is a devoted and family caring man. he leaves behind 10 children and 20 grandchildren. he was shot and killedind his home -- killed inside his home this morning. the suspect is the father of his grandson. we have team coverage tonight. ktvu's henry lee will bring us the latest on the investigation but we begin with john sasaki and how augustine vegas is being remembered. john? >> reporter: yeah this police department continues to protect the people of the city but they do so while in mourning. >> reporter: the procession of police vehicles was a somber sight. cars and motorcycles escorted the body of augustine vegas.
6:00 pm
>> i can say that i had such a positive impression of him. a really nice person. >> reporter: the police captain was in the procession. he knew archbishop avwell for the 15 year -- augustine vegas well for the 15 years he wore the badge. >> we were just talking about the warriors and his desk is 10 feet from my office. so -- >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> big sports fan. >> reporter: he was a devoted family man who had children and grandchildren and raised foster kids. >> he did impact. i can't believe i am speaking of him in the past tense. it is surreal. >> reporter: in the neighborhood we caught up with a woman who knew him for 20 years. >> gus always worked very hard to support his family. he is a detective. he took that position to get off the streets. you know, to be safe. for this to happen in his own home it


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