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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  February 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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peaks. >> today the reason why experts should not be given access to your data. another warm day but did we break any records, the 4 on 2 starts now. >> welcome. i'm mike mibach. there is a connection with a man that killed two people and injured a third. >> henry lee is looking into the suspect's background and joins with more. >> reporter: keba the suspect 26-year-old richard contrearas is booked on serious charges after being arrested last night. a long list of charges here is
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what san francisco police said about that. >> was arrested under the following charges, attempted murder, two counts of murder, one count of carjacking, one count of possession of a firearm and one count of an aggravated assault with a gun. >> reporter: now he could be formally charged with murder as early as tomorrow after the d.a. reviews the case. if there are special circumstances such as multiple murder he could face life in prison without parole or the death penalty. police say contrearas opened fire at the twin peaks at 2:00 a.m. sunday killing 21-year-old julio parozza and wounded another man.
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the suspect took a yukon denali. >> contrearas has a history of auto theft and weapons violations. he was accused in 2014 of a very unfortunate incident. he was driving a stolen honda that crashed into a bus in richmond causing the bus to slam into a house and injuring 11 people. now as we come back here contrearas' legal trouble are clearly mounting and could be in court tomorrow in the twin peaks case. we asked for an interview and the public defender is denying the interviews. >> they are working on a motive. but the relationship, did contrearas know the victims he shot prior to the early morning shooting. >> reporter: police say that the victims did not know their
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attacker. we will hear later from cristina rendon that spoke to some of the families. they say that their loved ones did not know hot suspect was. >> all right. very interesting. henry lee in san francisco thank you very much. a former san francisco political consultant pleaded guilty to possessing an unregistered biological or toxic agent and possession after firearm with the removed serial number. the f.b.i. launched a manhunt for 44-year- old ryan chamberlain after explosives were found in his apartment. on the run for several days and posting an apparent suicide letter online describing his deep depression. chamberlain faces up to ten years in prison and plus supervised release. his sentencing is set for april
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12th. attorney general kam mala harris is putting rest to rumors. i want to be in the senate. we can move on. >> harris was said to be on the president's short list of replacements to the u.s. supreme court following the sudden death of antonin scalia. let's talk weather. just another beautiful day around the bay. let's look outside the ktvu studios here in oakland. that doesn't look real. it looks like a painting. >> picture perfect and the clouds moving in means else is moving in. yes, the serous clouds but let's look at the temperature change. very warm and santa rosa and
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concord and livermore from 5 to 9 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. in any event we are looking at the possibility of breaking records once again for today. these are the spots like san francisco, areas right around oakland, san jose, perhaps tying or breaking a record. those official numbers not here yet. we will have those through the second half of the afternoon and sunset. that's had the national weather service will release those. again, we have a system right off shore and not only going to bring us wet weather but windy weather. when i come back a wind advisory for the sierra and rain moving in. i will show you when coming up. >> that was rosemary. one of the more dramatic parts of the chinese new year celebration, the traditional lion dance that is a significant part of the new year's celebration and the parade because of wait represents. >> and the chinese new year parade is saturday and covering
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it live on ktvu. all week ktvu claudine wong has been giving us an inside look at the festivities. >> today she shows us the traditional lion dance is a family affair. >> reporter: they move to the rhythm of the drum. >> follow the music of the drum. they guide them what to do. [ playing music ] >> reporter: as part of chinese tradition lions welcome the new '. >> the lion dance is bringing the good spirit every year. everybody will have good health and good prosperity and you know make a lot of money. >> reporter: but beneath the
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color and the magic it is family. >> this is life, my second family. my second home. >> i got laos family, we family, wong family. i used to have ten families and now a thousand people. >> i do it because it is really fun and i get to hang out with all of these cool people and they are basically my second family. >> reporter: it is a craft that takes years to learn. >> i learn this in china and then come to united states and follow my master wong. >> reporter: what he learned he passes down to the next generation. >> they come here and i teach them what is right and what is wrong. >> yes, respect to elders mainly and mannerisms. >> reporter: a lesson that
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michael and susan lao are teaching their daughters. the two postal workers spend their time here with their daughter nicole. >> my mom is conducting everything telling us what to do and making the routine and my dad will be like helping us and making us look better. then i will be doing maybe a tail. >> reporter: together they train and practice special arts and the lion dance and those that watch, every experience is different. >> pretty important to a lot of older folks, they believe in this superstition. >> reporter: but it all has meaning, every drum beat and every interaction. >> the lion is like human. they have all of this love, hate, mean. >> reporter: and as they welcome in the new year, it is a welcoming in the family and a wish of hope for a prosperous
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new year. >> the head means you are good. the tail, that means when the end of the year or the day then you get good luck. from head to toe. the best. >> the chinese new year parade a wonderful traditional. keba i know you have never been there and this time will you and i'm excited for to you see the action and the floats and especially when there's no rain and so it looks like for now, cross our fingers, they are ten and 15 deep along the parade route. and a great tradition. >> a form of art, right? >> yes. the entire parade. we will bring you the parade live right here on ktvu fox 2:, the coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. on sunday. and some need to get in our smart phones but silicon valley people say not so much.
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the research out of harvard university that sheds new light on why government access may not keep us safer from terrorists. on facebook pages, i am not the only one suffering, allergy meds and many have home remedies but all i have is a sore throat but i don't want it to get worse. go to my facebook page and tell me what you do to get rid of the sore throat. >> i go to the beach. >> you go to the beach? >> yes. and on the san mateo bridge, looking good. and from the four on 2. we
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will be right back.
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welcome back. beautiful day outside. standing with rosemary orozco. we have been talking about it. >> right. >> just unusual temperatures. >> yes. just gorgeous for some. others suffering from allergies like keba. because it feels like spring and everything starting to bloom. but we got rain. that's good news keba because that will clear out the air. giving you a live look at beautiful clouds. serous clouds all over the place and beautiful patterns and this ahead of the storm. not only going to bring us rain but wind. we have a wind advisory to talk about. so i will detail that in a moment. the numbers end seasonably
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warm. san jose at 78 and 73 in concord and 69 for nevada and half moon bay 64. i showed you at the top of the hour, most of us slightly cooler than 24 hours ago. in any case a warm one. 78 palo alto and 78 foster city and upper 70s in wood side and 79 outside of the door morgan hill and 75 for antioch. we are thickening up with the clouds and we will see them and as they do that, they will bring us rain. here is a look at the system on the back side. tomorrow morning, we are going to wake up with the wind already but it takes most of the day before the rain moves in. take a look here. getting into the evening hours again. tomorrow morning mostly cloudy skies and maybe a few showers for portions of the bay area. the front is still offshore.
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we are here at 4:00 in the afternoon and still scattered showers but you can see increasing for the second part of the day, there is the front begins to sweep through by 6:00 and we are seeing pretty steady rain. it sweeps through and scattered showers in the forecast for thursday. as we get into the impacts of this system. we already know we will have wind. we are going to have some snow. starting at the top with the rainfall amounts from a quarter inch to a half-inch. the hills could pick up an inch of new rainfall and that's good news. the winds and the advisory is for the bay area hills. northeast and santa cruz mountains we could see gusts to 50 miles per hour and it looks like in the afternoon ride ahead of the front. we will see the gustier winds and snow dropping down to 5,000 feet tomorrow knight and 18- inches by the pass and 18- inches for those higher peaks. tomorrowmor tomorrow morning
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temperatures in the 40s and the winds turning on and in the afternoon notice the difference in the temperatures, not seeing the 70s, low 80s and low 60s in pacifica and 69 for oakland and concord. the extended forecast, rain tomorrow, by tomorrow night scattered showers in the forecast on thursday. we will leave in a chance for more rain on friday. again, it could be on and off the spotty type stuff. saturday looking dry for the client need parade. i like the snow levels at 5000. >> that's the canyon up there. right. >> tech tuesday and talking about the home of the future. it's energy efficient and it keeps you and your family safe and it talks to you when you are away and it makes your home smarter. recently ryan eldridge, nerds on call stopped by to show us some of the best options. ryan eldridge cofounder of nerds on call back with us.
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you brought us easy upgrades. >> yes, this is something anybody can install. a lot of the systems come with multiple products so start easy by buying one or two and integrate them. this is the smart lock, one of the cool things it is 200 bucks and this is blue tooth. it will unlock or lock the doors and you can give out codes to your family. >> you don't need duplicate keys. >> no and you compare it with the august connect so you can monitor online and enable it from your computer and say let this person in or not. >> you can see who's coming and going and at what time. >> exactly. it has an activity log when did somebody come in. >> how much. >> 200 bucks. >> next. >> the thermostat. the famous smart product. it will pay for itself in under two years in energy savings.
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so once you set it up it will automatically determine what your temperature preferences are. and so it will turn the temperature down or up as you want it. >> it will notice if i like it at 71. >> yes. and here is one of the coolest things. if have you a fit bit on your wrist it will adjust it. if you are working out it will turn the temperature down for. >> how much? >> $249 and older ones for 200 bucks. >> and where do we get it. >> or amazon. this is a my favorite place. >> next. >> the sky drop and this is a is smart irrigation system. it monitors the local weather patterns and determines how much water to give to your lawn and turn it off and on. >> like if it is raining out. >> downtown -- you don't have to remember to turn it off. this is a ridiculous to see
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when sprinklers are going when it is raining. >> $200. >> what's next. >> the nest protect. this you can get for about $99 and this is the cool part. it tells where you the alert is instead of just beeping at you. >> thumbs up there, is smoke in the living room. the alarm may sound. >> if you have liberty home mutual insurance or some of the other insurances you can get it for free or a discount our insurance by having one and it monitors co 2 in your home. which insurance companies. >> liberty home mutual or there's another one. you have to look it up. they have it on the website. >> nest is the key. >> yes. >> and this attaches to your
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garage door opener and you can use your phone as a remote. and 200 bucks and saves you a hassle thinking did i close the garage, i don't remember and the alert will say you did not close it and it will do it for. >> $200. >> the garaga and gets it at amazon. there you go. you didn't know you would get the invite but travis payne, in his performance and what he told sal castaneda and i this morning about the competition, the four on two will go right
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travis payne is a san francisco paramedic and listed as an alternate for the mavericks and a nice before he got the call, you are in. >> and he just didn't show up, he placed second in the big wave contest and this morning travis stopped on the 9 with sal castaneda and and i to talk about his life long experience in surfing. >> i know you grew up in pacifica but when is the first time you saw the break and got in the water and surfed it. >> probably when my uncle steve
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surfed it as young kids, me and my cousin and brother. we used to think it was crazy that there was no way in hell we would surf out there. >> but then ... you said ... >> i figured i would paddle out and give it a look in the channel and watch it. i was 16 when i did that. and then through progression i moved highway closer and closer to where it breaks and probably 18 when i started to get good waves out here. my dad was a firefighter and i was like the schedule he was able to surf with a lot of days off so i started to go to school to do that and follow in his foot steps and started working on an ambulance and enjoyed it and i like the medical aspect and kind of a progressing thing. there's new medicine and you are always constantly learning because stuff is always changing. there is days out there that are scarier than others. when it gets big it will break
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on the outer part of the reef and yeah, it can be terrifying. when you wipe out, out there, a lot of people are relate it to a car wreck. you kind of try to hold your limbs in and they are getting kicked by your feet and then, there is the being held deep under water. the swell before it i wiped out pretty bad and felt like my ears would pop and i had to clear them under water. you get pushed and the water comes over top of you and it is tough. >> proud member there of sf fire as a paramedic and proud participant in the mavericks competition. what is so cool, laid back and as a teenager in high school, he studied on his board. you got to sit there and study the waves and really understand
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that exact point where it is. >> i like that. good for him. alternate came in and came in second. flood insurance and what you need to know about protecting your property as we get deeper in the el nino season. your smart phone is more likely than encrypted to protected your data but the threat of terrorism has lawmakers saying they need a way around that. what you need to know about the encryption debate when the four
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on two returns.
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the mass shooting in san bernardino ignite add debate about encryption technology. many manufacturers include the technology to protect user's data but law enforcement argues that it blocks them from accessing critical pieces of evidence. the san bernardino killers use smart phones and try to destroy them during the time between their attack and when they die in a shoot out. trying to access the data more than two months later. police enforcement look can
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at the technology and the big issue whether law enforcement and community should be given a back door to encrypt the cell phone after a court subpoena. the director of the f.b.i. told the senate intelligence committee law enforcement simply needs this access. it was part of the intelligence center and the cia and to work on a mandate to access this information. >> but many tech experts say it is not a good idea including apple ceo tim cook that says it is a people's right to privacy. and we shouldn't give into this. >> a study by harvard
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university says that giving police access won't keep the public safe. in the harvard study it says "any national law mandating inscription back doors will affect the users. smart criminals and terrorists will be able to switch to more secure alternatives." >> we are taking a deeper look at this. >> with us the attorney for the electronic frontier foundation nate fondoza. what are we talking about a code to open your phone, is it more than that and when did this need for inscription come about. >> it is impossible to get the
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data stored on the phone right now and we are talking about messages. they are secure from the time they leave to the time they arrive at the other person's phone and not the f.b.i. or apple or phone companies can decode them. >> and do you know who tim cooper is? >> yes. >> he has introduced a measure for all cell phones to have the capacity to talk about unlock data. and with a court order impacting it on users. he says it is not the boogey man or edward snowden. 9 nine percent of the public will not have their phone
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searched. what is your response. >> if it is 99% of us, 33 million californians, one percent will? that is insane rate. we are not worried about f.b.i. access or nsa access. we are worried about criminals. we are worried about organized crime. we are worried about foreign government and identity thieves. inscription keeps us safe. >> does it make us more vulnerable to hacking? >> yes. the scientists are unanimous. not a single voice in dissent that if you put in a back door will you make all of the devices less secure for all of us. >> so hackers can get it and get my email address and my passwords and whatever i have
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that could affect my bank accounts and just open them up? >> that's right or your competitor could steal a story our laptop. if you are boeing shall the chinese could get there in and steal plans for the latest spy plans. we need inscription. >> is there an answer or compromise? seems like there would be a compromise. san bernardino terrorist phone trying to figure out information. i would think a majority of people would say great, what can we learn from the terrorists? >> especially when the subjects are dead and you can see what they were communicating and is there anything wrong with getting that information. >> san bernardino is perfect. it doesn't hide who they were
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talking with but what they were saying. we know who they were communicating and for how long and how soon before the attack. you know as the former director of the cia said we kill people based on data and all of that is meta data and inscription does not hide. >> it so what is inscription hiding? >> fit is technically possible we believe that should be turned over to law enforcement. >> so f.b.i. director james comby cited the san bernardino case. he said it is not just about that particular case. it is on the state and local level. here is what he had to say. >> a woman was murdered in louisiana last summer, 8 months pregnant killed and no clue as to who did it except her phone is when she is found and killed and couldn't open it and the case is unsolved and i hear
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about all over the country from my local law enforcement. but what is confusing is when folks say we want access to company servers and their codes and what we would like is people to comply with court orders. lots of people do and people that make phones are unable to unlock it when judges order it. what do you think? >> we want to have a world where law enforcement gets what it needs. unfortunately right now it is not possible to keep us secure while giving law enforcement everything that they need. in the san bernardino example it is perfect. we know who did it and have the phones and who they are communicating with and law enforcement gets the job done. sometimes inscription may have an unsolved case same thing with the locks and doors on your window. >> maybe it is like san bernardino it is not unsolved yet. sure two people dead but maybe
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there's people in the united states that are part of the plot that we don't know about. >> the interesting thing in what comby said, he didn't say that inscription was hindering the investigation. >> more on that harvard study which explains that even if the u.s. came down with the encryption law, talk about foreign inscription. can they go outside of the united states. >> yes. the bad guys are going to use inscription from abroad and we live in a world with inscription and with secured communications and devices and there is nothing that congress do? >> math doesn't compromise. the engineers and the
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scientists that have looked at it have told us unanimously that no it is not possible what james comby wants would be great. if we could give it to him, that would be awesome. and he is living in a fantasy world. >> we could go on for another 20 minutes. we have to wrap it up. nate cardoza. thank you for coming in. coming up, the threat of a devastating winter storm system thanks to el nino has californians taking action to protect their property. the trend that has fema taking notice. outside our doors. another round of unseasonable mild temperatures around the bay. this will be the final day. big changes coming as early as tomorrow morning. i will show what you you can expect and the change to wet weather coming up. >> one more live look outside. a gray northbound 680, a slow start. the four on 2. we will be right
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a black drape hangs where u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia used to sit. his section is draped in black wool in the memory of the late justice. it has been three days since he was found dead in texas. there for a hunting trip. he died from natural causes. president obama met with leaders from southeast asia. the gathering continues a two
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day summit in southern california. first meeting there on u.s. soil. 10 southeast asian leaders are discussing economic trade and security issues. leaders today discussed maritime issues and where china and several other southeast asian steps have claims. >> i reiterated that united states will operate wherever international law allows and we will support the rights of other other countries the same. the meeting comes on the heels of china's presence in the region with conflicting territorial claims over the south china seas. beijing claims that other countries have rival claims. more and more californians purchase flood insurance. the number of flood insurance policies taken out by homeowners and it's latest numbers show a 25% spike in
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california. the largest increase since the national flood insurance program began in 1968. we are joined in the studio now with fema spokeswoman mary sims. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> are you baking in this weather? we do have unseasonable cold temperatures and despite that people are buying flood insurance. war the numbers. >> as rosemary says the rain is on the way. so we have seen a huge increase now up to more than 285,000 people in california who have purchased flood insurance and just in that four month span we saw an increase of 55,000 policies being purchased and credit that to the media and the increased awareness of the risk of flooding. >> go ahead. >> in nonel nino 'flood insurance is the most costly and fatal insurance we purchase. >> and what else about the fact
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that there's 25% uptake. >> people didn't realize the standard homeowner's policies didn't cover flood insurance and people are taking steps and concrete steps to prepare themselves by purchases flood insurance but we have heard anecdotally that they are making communication plans and creating emergency kids and we at fema like that because we want the nation to be more resilient when we are recovering and what people do in advance makes a huge difference after how they recover. >> i have been on stories where fema has arrived and when there's not a disaster that is when you are working hardest. >> absolutely. and one of the things we say about this, flooding, and at el nino events, flood insurance is driven and not disaster driven. to get fema assistance requires a presidential declaration and entire county but you as a
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member of whatever street or town you live in, you can have 6-inches of water and you would not have fema insurance but with flood insurance would you have coverage. >> can't wait for a presidential declaration and doesn't happen often. we don't get inundated with flooding that often. >> absolutely. >> what about this steering committee? >> we will be having a steering committee meeting and many of the federal partners at the federal and in the state and local levels and also fema likes to call it the whole community. it brings in the partners from voluntary organizations like the red cross to get together and advance on a catastrophic eat vent and serious planning
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and they will look at the operational plan from events like the super bowl where fema was involved in supporting the plans and severe response plan and that task force is looking at the plan to improve it and mitigate. >> one thing i learned last tight and i want to tell my viewers when you buy the flood insurance, usually you are not covered. it takes awhile, if we get hit with a storm say march 5th maybe you won't be covered if you bought the insurance tomorrow. >> absolutely. it takes 30 day force the policy to go in effect. super important for people to take that action and like last time. flood insurance starts at $129 a year that live in low to moderate flood areas. mary sims, thanks for coming in. as keba said, rain is on the way or rosemary told us. >> yes. maybe you can tell us, how many
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string of days with the sun, at least a week or two? >> yes. the last rain event on the 3rd. >> i knew would you know. the 3rd so it is hard to believe but it is cooling down. >> yes. snow for the sierra. it is all good. giving a look at the numbers. we have outside our door right now, san francisco, oakland, mountain view, san jose all looking at breaking records this afternoon. we will have the final tally as we get in the 5:00 hour and santa rosa 75. san jose 78 outside your door. the numbers definitely on the warm side for this time of year. but you know what? most of us cooler than yesterday. in any event this will be the warmest day of the next several. we have big changes coming as early as tomorrow. the temperatures will cool back quite a bit. the afternoon highs in the 60s
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for wednesday. rainfall amounts anywhere from a quarter inch to an inch expected and we are looking at winds. unfortunately in a wind advisory for our hills. northeast as well as south and it santa cruz mountains. we will take a look at that advisory. satellite view, the serous clouds ahead of the system and beautiful. the sky is just lit up with all of those clouds and different shapes and patterns. giving you look at the futurecast. we wake up tomorrow morning and we will be dry and cloudy. as we get in the first part of the afternoon, we could see the isolated showers but the front and the steady rain looks like it will move in. the second part of the afternoon maybe in time for the evening drive. we will be fine tuning it but here is a look at the rainfall amounts, a quarter inch to an inch like in the santa cruz mountains. the winds advisory for the north bay and east bay hills
4:49 pm
and santa cruz monday 1000 feet and 30 miles per hour winds. a winter weather advisory for wednesday afternoon and will last until thursday afternoon. the levels will start high and drop to 5000 feet and then we could see 4 to 8-inches of new snow and 18-inches possible for the higher peaks. tomorrow breezy through the course of the day and the hills where we have the advisory in place. 56 in oakland and 56 san francisco and 54 for redwood city and upper 40s for santa rosa and low 50s in napa. afternoon highs, what a difference. you are looking at 62 for pacifica and 65 in oakland and 65 in livermore and 64 in napa. the extended forecast here. scattered showers will linger as we get to thursday and maybe
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friday and the far bay area, drying out and going to be dry for the chinese new year parade. perfect. let's check in with julie for fox 2 news at five. the odd scene at ocean beach. >> that's right. imbalance caused by mother nature. too much side on one side of ocean beach and too little on the other side. the concern it is causing and the tedious task that crews face to fix it. and update where a valentine was rescued. >> it looks like the baby horse would need surgery but the vets say the ultrasound was wrong. what they are saying about valentine's prognosis and wait means for his recovery. this story and much more at five. thanks julie and we will be
4:51 pm
right back.
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time now to get social and look at the stories that you are talking about online. >> and social media popping about kendrick lamar's performance last night. >> my community making the killing. emancipation real. >> rapper won 5 grammys including best rap album to pimp a butterfly and he thinked his family and colleagues and dedicated the award to hiphop. >> twitter went crazy after that and you wonder what happened to one sir paul mccartney after the big show. >> what vip will we get. they won't love you. >> we need the love of him.
4:54 pm
>> you can see mccartney and the drummer here and taylor hawkins getting turned away from an after party hosted by tyya. according to tmz after a second failed attempt the three made their way to another club for the republic records party where they were seen enjoying themselves. >> you got to believe a sad case but they didn't realize. no one turns away paul mccartney. >> how do you not realize. >> maybe from a younger generation. >> he is 26. the bouncer, the guy at the door, i don't know. on facebook on my page we are talking about sore throat remedies. i know something is going on, allergies or cold or flu. we asked what do you do and we have rafael says get fresh ginger and lemon and honey and get better. i am trying. i don't know.
4:55 pm
this is a a great combination. >> yes. >> and edward wesley says a cure from florida try from gray goose and oj and honey and peppermint and then you will be on your way. with that i don't know if i would make it to work. >> it is happy hour somewhere. there you go, keba. >> take a look temperature tornadoes through southern florida tearing roofs off of the buildings and homes. the incredible damage that considers today when the four on
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2 returns. florida residents spent the day shifting through debris after three tornadoes swept through. >> the roof there torn off this storage unit in the panhandle area. mobile homes were damaged. it appears that ten homes were destroyed on sunday. luckily there were no reports that people were seriously hurt or killed. the national weather service confirmed the tornado did touch near century florida and one in mobile alabama. >> the tornadoes gone but the intense weather continued strong winds up to 65 miles per hour. this big rig was blown over on its side by the winds and blocked the entire freeways for hours. the winds took out power to 55,000 customers in the area.
4:59 pm
meanwhile snow, sleet and freezing rain are taking aim at the northeast after the east coast dealt with record low temperatures. that's all for us on the four. let's go to julie and frank. we are learning more about what happened when two people were killed in a well-known tourist area in san francisco. new information about the man arrested in connection with killing two people on twin peaks in san francisco. >> we dug up the lengthy criminal history of the suspect and the father of one of the victims tells us about the plans his son will never get to fulfill. ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. want to show you picture of the suspect. 26-year-old richard contrearas. this picture was released minutes ago. contrearas is suspect of killing two people on twin peaks and seriously injuring a 3rd. henry lee is looking into his
5:00 pm
background outside of the jail now. >> reporter: that's right. richard contrearas is behind me in the san francisco jail accused of deadly triple shooting valentine's day on twin peaks one of san francisco's most scenic spots. 26-year-old richard contrearas facing a number of felony charges after being arrested at a richmond home last night. >> he was arrested on attempted murder and two counts of murder and one count of carjacking and one count of felon possession of firearm and one count of an aggravated assault with a gun. >> contrearas could be charged with murder as early as tomorrow. after d.a. reviews the case. if prosecutors allege special circumstances such as multiple murder he could potentially face life in prison without parole. contrearas opened fire at the twin peaks look out at 2:00 a.m. sunday killing 21-year-old julio paareza and 19-year-old rene mora


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