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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  February 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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public safety.>> the heat is gone and rain returns to the bay area. we are tracking its path. baseball is back. pitchers and catchers report to giants camp and the a's are coming soon. welcome to the 4 on 2. >> apple ceo tim. is taking on the federal government. the fbi wants apple to help it unlock the iphone's used by one of the san bernardino shooters. >> a us district court in california issued an order directing apple to assist the fbi in its investigation but the court order doesn't just say apple should help. it lays off a specific requests including the creation of software to be handed over to the fbi that cameron be downloaded on the phone. that software must allow investigators to get around the encryption security feature that erases data from an iphone after too many attempts to
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unlock it. that means the fbi can keep trying until they get it. >> with the latest move, law enforcement and intelligence community to gain access to encrypted technology, to aid in their criminal investigations. while they have publicly complained about the stumbling block before, this is an unprecedented move to try to compel a company to help them, essentially hack their way in. at issue is the iphone used by syed farook. he is one of the shooters in the san bernardino attack that killed 14 people. the fbi has his fund that have not been able to gain access in the two months since the mass shooting. >> i understand privacy issues. i get that. 99.9% of the public will never have their phone seized by law enforcement and have a search warrant written for it. people have to realize that. >> assemblyman jim cooper is a seven kills and a democrat from elk grove who has authorities bill to require manufacturers included encryption method in
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their smart phones. a similar bill is being put forward in new york and on the national level, senator dianne feinstein is working on legislation with the senate intelligence committee chairman richard heard -- richard berg which could require encrypted data under a court order. there's also opposing legislation like the encrypt act, federal bill introduced by congressman ted lieu to protect encryption technology and block state bans and mandates for decryption methods. apple ceo tim cook says apple wilmot helps the fbi because he issue is bigger than this. he wrote an open letter to the public explaining why, saying the first problem of the court order would require apple to build a new version of the apple operating system that, once installed would allow them to recover data on the phone. >> cook writes the fbi may use different words to describe this tool but make no mistake, building a version of ios that
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bypasses security in this way would undeniably create a backdoor. while the government may argue that its use would be limited to this case, there's no way to guarantee such control. >> cook says there is no precedent for this kind of request. it would ultimately weaken security. he adds the government is asking apple to pack our own users and undermine decades of security advancements to protect our customers including tens of millions of american citizens from sophisticated hackers and cyber criminals. he continues, doing so would hurt only the well-meaning and law-abiding citizens who rely on companies like apple to protect their data. criminals and bad actors will still encrypt using tools that are readily available to them.>> cook@opposing the court order isn't something he takes lightly, writing while we believe the fbi's intentions are good, it would be wrong for the government to force us to
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build a backdoor into our products and ultimately we fear that this demand would undermine the very freedoms and liberty our government is meant to protect. >> today in the 4x4 we are taking four minutes during the 4 to examine this legal battle now shaping up between apple and the fbi. >> jeffrey blatt joins us via skype. he has a business and technology law expert. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> we just saw mr. cook use the term backdoor a couple times. isn't it really the court asking apple to create not a backdoor but a custom code that allows the fbi to get into that iphone without triggering the 10 strikes and the phone is what protection mechanism?>> it's a matter of semantics. certainly, the reader -- order attempts to be as narrow as you would expect. the orders directed to the suspect's specific phone and trying to require apple to provide reasonable inference to bypass or disable the auto erase function.
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of course, if you read tim cook's open letter, he characterizes it as a backdoor. because his position, and i think there is some merit to this, is that if you try to define any type of code for one iphone, it will work on all the other iphones as well. once you put that wedge in, effectively you have compromised security. >> so jeffrey, there is already a court order out there now and apple and tim cook have said no, we're not going to follow which. so the next step is another court. they are going to appeal it. can you see as a local expert here, a law expert, can you see the defense on both sides of the argument with the government trying to access would could be crucial information? and then also what apple is saying, trying to protect everyone else out there? >> sure. if you look at both sides, both sides have merit in their arguments but i think what's important to consider here is there is no specific federal
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legislation that requires tech companies in the united states to build in backdoors. the government is attempting to use what is called the all writs act and although it's been tried in the past, the bottom line is absent specific legislation, really there's not any real way to compel companies to build these backdoors in. >> i'm sorry to interrupt, but would it be different if that backdoor already existed? as opposed to them having to build one? would that be different? >> it could be different. the reason is because if there is already a backdoor in the software or in the device, then the court -- and there is lots of precedence in the telecommunications area for this, by the way, that the court could order that a company provide information that is on a device or as part of an electronic communications system and to utilize that backdoor but that's not the case.
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>> what about the phone? it belonged to someone who is now dead, who the fbi says was a terrorist practice that come into play at all? there is all this talk about creating this backdoor, however you want to call it, would be disastrous for privacy but aren't we essentially talking about one particular some belonging to one particular individual?>> actually, my understanding is that the phone is owned by the county of san bernardino and if you really look at it, there's really no expectation of privacy in the data on that phone. because it was owned by the county and the county give consent for the search of the phone. >> got it. >> what's next? are we going to see this go to the supreme court? how long of a battle could this be and what does this mean for the next case? the next attack? the next murder investigation? does this now set the precedent for this kind of request? >> what's going to happen is under the order, apple has five
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days to reply. and i'm assuming apple will request that the order either be withdrawn or significantly curtailed. now, if the court decides not to withdraw the order or does not curtail it in a matter -- manner satisfaction to apple some of the and the department of justice could seek a motion for contempt and if apple is found to be in contempt, apple would have the ability to appeal the order to the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco. >> how long of a time when here do you think until we get to that point? if we even do get to that point. >> hard to say but i would imagine the most likely scenario is that once apple is found in contempt, they will do an immediate appeal to the ninth circuit. how long the ninth circuit will take to hear the case and make a decision is anybody's guess.>> it could be a while. >> jeffrey blatt business and
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technology law expert. thank you so much for your time. >> you are very welcome. >> we have also posted a link to tim cook's letters. it's on you can read it for yourself right now. just click on the web link on the homepage. let's send it over to urologist mike milo. >> just yesterday we had record heat across parts of the bay area but the first organized storm system dish storm system is making its way to northern california right now. reports of some showers in parts of the region. so far, the focus has been to our north and you probably noticed gusty winds, especially near the bay and near the shoreline. winds averaging around 25-35 miles per hour. here's a closer look at the radar coverage here. nothing too extreme yet but the timing with the afternoon and evening commute could come the case things. we have gusty winds out there and also water on the roadways. reports of summer and fall back in santa rosa off and on all
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day long. here's the coverage for santa rosa, how toward napa. all of this will be increasing i should say over the next 3-5 hours over the region and out ports and degrees in parts of the san mateo county coastline. even if you're not covered, there is still a lot of low- level moisture in place, enough to produce some causal or some missed and trigger the windshield wipers. in fact, here is our golden gate bridge camera. i've been watching this over the last our seeing some moisture out there in a few cars with windshield wipers going. in the short-term, look what happened between 8:00 and now -- and overnight. talking about some thunderstorms. we will have more details on the storm and possibly another one showing up in your five day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. taking a look at other headlines we're following for you. robert vega made his first court appearance today in fairfield to be charged in the shooting death of off-duty richmond police officer gus vegas. this happened thursday, last
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thursday, at the officer's vallejo home. the defendant was also charged with kidnapping his own six year-old son after the shooting. that six-year-old is the officer's grandson. video cameras weren't allowed in court but these are still photos you can see. you can see vega in that striped jumpsuit. vega did not enter a plea today. richmond police were on hand for the proceedings. >> it's extremely difficult right now. there trying to process everything that's going on. does has not been sent off yet and yet the justice system is working, which is fantastic. the family just wants the justice system to go through. >> prosecutors have been -- haven't disclosed a motive yet in this case but this appears to have been some sort of domestic dispute. funeral services for officer vegas are set for the richmond memorial auditorium friday morning. a 12-year-old boys in the hospital after being hit by a
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vehicle right in front of dublin high school. that crash happened just before 8:00 this morning. a 72-year-old driver says he was dropping his granddaughter off at school. the driver spoke to ktvu and said he was exiting the school grounds when the trash happen. he says he looked to his left but didn't see the 12-year-old boy riding his bike in the other direction. the boy was hit and then pin on -- pinned under the vehicle. the boy was on his way to go wells middle school. he was airlifted to oakland children's hospital with a broken arm, scrapes and bruises. police say they are not planning to arrest the driver because no criminal action occurred. video of a growth -- video of a girl attacking a boy at sonoma high school has been viewed more than 13 million times online. friends of the girl say she was provoked by comments des moines made on facebook and they say when she confronted him, he threw food at her, sparking the attack. school district officials say the girl attends a neighboring continuation school. the video went viral after it
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was posted on the facebook page of a mixed martial arts fighter. the district asked facebook to remove the video because of the violent content that according to the district, facebook declined. a friend of the girl seen on the video tells ktvu she has been suspended for five days for the assault. tension is increasing between the top republican contenders for president. why a legal letter was sent from one campaign to another. we will have the very latest from the campaign trail. on our facebook page, a would-be thief gets taken down by a brave customer. see this video and share it right now on our facebook page. a live look outside. westbound across the san mateo bridge looking good. eastbound getting a little busy.
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spring training is alive and well. this weekend, the oakland a's start reporting to camp in mesa arizona but the field in scottsdale are already seeing a little action. >> sports anchor joe fonzi has touched down in the desert and has more from the spring home of the san francisco giants. >>reporter: just a little more than a week ago, the bay area was focused on super bowl 50. the attention now shifts to arizona where the giants are now getting a jump on the a's for spring training. a whole bunch of position players joined pitchers and catchers who have their first official workout tomorrow.
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you would expect to see a couple pitchers loosening up. matt cain thrown to george condos but many of the other players are also here will before they are required to report. after an all-star season was cut short by injury, second baseman joe panic is happy to be 100% again and getting some really reps with shortstop brandon crawford. >> for me, working with him and vice versa definitely gives me a sense of confidence, a sense of comfort. i know where he is going to be. he knows where i'm going to be. >>reporter: bruce -- is still recovering from shoulder surgery two days ago. he will be happy if he's the only guy on the team doing any rehab this year. >> he needs to stay healthy. you'd like to take your chances. hope you get to post season. for us to have some guys that
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were out last year, we really couldn't afford to have out, to have them back and healthy is pretty nice. >> took the appeal of spring training will only be magnified this week. not only has no when you lost again, it's february and is already perfect weather. temperatures in the 80s. i think it's great when you have pitchers and catchers reporting but then all of a sudden you see your second baseman, your shortstop and others starting to filter in as joe said before they are actually required to report. >> they are eager, they're ready. >> that means they are in the right mindset. >> already though? >> baseball is great. >> but it's basketball still. in about two weeks, no rain -- about two weeks now with no rain. >> the best couple days we have been talking about record he was temperatures in the 80s. not too much happening in the south bay just yet although we have some gusty winds. some clouds right now starting
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off the evening hours. here is our roof camera. the clouds have been pushing in with some gusty winds as well. satellite perspective, still some rain showers over parts of the area. the focus has been appear to our north. that is the associated frontal band that will definitely bring in some more organized rainfall for this evening. as you can see parts of the north bay has been increasing over the past hour or so. san rafael approaching richmond, parts of santa rosa and sonoma county close to router park and the lima pushing the maps to the south still some coverage in san mateo county. even if you're not covered, say over san francisco, there is still a lot of moisture tucked right under the radar mean. as a result, you could still have enough moisture to trigger the windshield wipers with the umbrella. current numbers, 560 santa rosa, walmart creek 66, san jose mid-sixties -- walnut
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creek 66, san jose mid-sixties. some gusty winds, take a look at the when reports. here is not a. in fact, you see winds sustained gusting at 66. concorde hit 30 miles per hour. must wins -- most winds coming out of the south. that will happen tonight. look at that as of observation gusting at 35 miles per hour. we do have a wind advisory in place until 7 pm but that could be extended until about midnight so we will have to keep an eye on that. rainfall for the sky tonight into a thursday. a quarter inch to possibly 1 inch. winds and the possibility of some thunderstorms. san francisco, mostly cloudy skies with scattered showers in the area. more organized rainfall picks up this evening around 7:00. showers likely later on this evening. the main band will push to the
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south. first thing tomorrow morning, the chance of showers, temperatures in the 40s and 50s. it's not going to be widespread but scattered showers for your thursday forecast. here we go tonight. the first system, another winding up. that could be up for friday so we watch that guy the cold front is across the bay area over the next few hours and with that, scattered showers for tomorrow with a son cloud mix in the main event happening tonight. 9:00, these yellows and reds indicate some thunderstorms extending across the bay area. here we are at 9:00 moving quickly to the south. tomorrow morning, the clouds have a possibility of some scattered showers threat the day rotating to the bay area at 10 am and throughout the afternoon, 5:00. look what happens on friday. that second system is on sure. we could be taking -- talking more rainfall by saturday afternoon. temperatures tomorrow in the 50s and 60s with a son cloud mix and the possibility of showers. here's a look at your for -- five day forecast. the weekend will be partly dry
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between now and then, just be extra careful we have some downpours and possibly thunder too. >> wild night. the year of the monkey has arrived and now the chinese new year parade is just days away. still to come, we are sitting down with our own julie haener to see where she is most excited about as she prepares to host the big parade.
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so far in the 2016 race for the white house, we have heard from candidates. we've heard from past presidents and even celebrities. let's go ahead and add lawyers to the list. >> donald trump and ted cruz now waging a legal battle over a campaign ad. joe weltman is live in washington with the latest. >> when president trump band -- >> i'm very pro-choice. >> reporter: ted cruz defending his campaign's new 32nd spot highlighting donald trump's latest comments on abortion. the commercial, airing in south carolina in the wake of supreme court justice in terms kylie's kids stresses the importance of the president's next appointee to the high court. the ad ends with a narrator saying trump cannot he trusted with the series decisions. >> i have to say to mr. trump, you have been threatening frivolous lawsuits for your
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entire adult life. even into the annals of the frivolous lawsuits, this takes the cake. >> reporter: trump campaign attorney sent the ted cruz campaign a cease and desist letter threatening a potential lawsuit citing defamation. >> senator ted cruz will say anything. he will say donald trump doesn't like the second amendment, wants to do away with it. i would say where does he come up with this stuff?>> reporter: while jeb bush engaged in a celebratory chest bump with older brother george w. bush, the former florida governor continues to lag far behind in the palmettos -- palm meadows polls but a different story on the democratic side where bernie sanders has closed the gap on hillary clinton in nevada. >> i'm going to work on this every single day. >> reporter: there is good news for hillary clinton in many of the so-called secretary states
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holding primaries in my chore she continues to lead sanders by a wide margin. in washington, joe waldman. >> in good news late this afternoon for marco rubio who now has the endorsement of the governor of south carolina, nikki haley making the announcement evening on the east coast. a big boost for him going into the primary for the weekend. >> will have to see how he fares between trump, crews and now marco rubio. she is very popular. in recent days, it's been easy to forget we have been in the middle of an el niño weather system that we are and still to come, we hear from federal officials meeting right here in the bay area today as we look ahead at what el niño has to offer. coming up in our out of the week, a new way to make birth control more affordable and accessible to women.
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this week as looked nothing like the el niño winter we've been monitoring and tracking heading into the season and without some record-breaking temperatures but keep this in mind. winter isn't over. the rain isn't gone for good. at least not yet. in the weather center, mark milo. i know there was fear the last two weeks or so bad we are still and mentor. >> we still have a lot of winter. i've been hearing conversations of people going to the beach
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with temperatures in the 70s and 80s i will say this el niño so far has been the opposite of what has been advertised with a typical el niño set up. southern california was supposed to pick up the brunt of rainfall this season. this is the seasonal rainfall since july. just approaching 7 inches in kiva. is there one number that jumps out at you? it's been the opposite. northern parts of the state have picked up the most significant rainfall so somewhat of a reversal with the typical el niño pattern. it's hard to say long-term but in terms of average rainfall for the month of march, santa rosa typically picks up over 4 inches of rain and just about 3 inches for san francisco and oakland. we will see how that verifies. we could have above average rainfall and as we mentioned the want to have still very young. >> we still have march and april. >> the two-month march and april, in terms of forecasting can be the most challenging because that's when you get those very cold storms, and possibly strong thunderstorms.
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>> just hold tight. officials from fema and the national weather service have been meeting here in oakland to discuss the state's preparation for the el niño commissions. let's get more from tom vacar. >> reporter: i want to show you something. this is pretty amazing. this is what i front really looks like. you see the gray clouds but then you go over here and this front just passed over as. the winds are very high and they've been able blustery and this front is definitely moving in. in january, we were of 114% of normal for precipitation but then came this month's dry spell. that's not best back into the high 90s. so, sensing that the public may be wondering, the federal emergency management agency and the national weather service called the media in to say
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february dramas is normal for strong el niño's and we can expect more rain, especially in march. >> as we head into early march, it does look like the stormtrac sort of goes back to more of a common el niño pattern where we have improved chances for storm systems to move into more of california. that's going to help us improve this snowpack. we do still have the potential to see improvements through precipitation, through storm system tracking more across the state during the month of march. >>reporter: that's the reason to consider flood insurance. in seconds, flash flood can do massive damage. and that would be uninsurable without flood insurance. reporting live, tom vacar. >> a question for you. did fema seem a bit surprised with the current el niño because of why this is a typical compared to the one in the 80s and 90s.
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>>reporter: one of the things they said if they measure water temperatures back in the equatorial pacific every three months and they say the last three months, their latest measurement shows el niño is actually declining. that doesn't mean we are going to have rain and all that stuff but they say that the temperatures are on the decline and they do expect that could possibly move storms out of the pacific northwest in extreme northern california, eureka -- and all that down to where it more likely should be over as into the sierras themselves. that's what they are saying. we will see what goes on but as you know better than anybody, this is a very tough thing to predict. >> yeah, especially immediately a front approaching. the one has been increasing as well. can kind of security nor microphone. >> reporter: it's blowing out here real well. >> we will talk about that system in a few minutes. thank you for your update. make sure you are following our weather team on and twitter and facebook for the
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very latest. the chinese new year parade is saturday into san francisco and this year, we are celebrating the year of the monkey. we are always a proud sponsor and we will breed -- be bringing it to you live like we do every year. julie haener and ben fong torres will be hosting the event . >> this is my 16th year and his 20th year. >> we are family. >> we go way back. >> i will ask this of both of you. what is it like to be able to attach to such a tradition here in san francisco for so long? what is that like? >> it's a special moment. is a special and proud moment for san francisco. there so much history attached to it. ktvu has been broadcasting this event since 1987 and this goes way back to almost the gold rush times.
4:36 pm
>> i was there for that one to. that's how far back i go. >> do you look for to this every year? >> oh yeah. it's never the same. for me, it's a reattachment to chinese culture. i was born chinese-american but i slid toward the american side of things. in 1997 when ktvu invited me to do this, it was a way for me to get engaged with a lot of things i have forgotten or never knew. >> and by being able to broadcasted like you do, do you see it from a different angle? do you learn something new every year? >> not so much anymore. i know pretty much all of the traditions and i know the answers to the questions but every year, there's always a surprise. it's a live two-hour parade with 100 contingents. what could go wrong? >> and there are marching bands and colors. this year, some of the best
4:37 pm
floods we have seen in a long time. it's for people of all ages. kids get so excited because they do their numbers, practice and get ready months ahead of time just to be able to be in this parade in its attempt largest parade of its kind in the world. and it's a nighttime parade. it's all at night as you are seeing the pictures. it's one of the only parade that might be you can watch. it's something gorgeous to see and it's really loud. there's tens of thousands of firecrackers that go off at various points during the parade. >> you guys do such a great job broadcasting it. it looks so great on television. what would you say to people who have never been out -- down to union square or along the parade route were thinking about watching it on tv are going down there. sometimes it's 10-15 rows deep. >> it's a get there early. it starts at second and market and ends in chinatown. it's a little different because of the construction.
4:38 pm
it's beautiful. if you haven't seen it in san francisco, go down and see it but if you can't watch it in person, we will broadcast live beginning at 6:00 on saturday night. >> bring our family, bring your earplugs and have a blast. we are going to have 20,000 blasts to start the parade. >> your favorite float is the ktvu cable car? >> of course. i would say from being a child always from an oakland to watch the parade -- from oakland to watch the parade, the drill team and they are a delight with their mandarin opera outfits. >> my favorite part is the golden dragon. 268 feet long with a grand finale. that's something to see. >> perfect. have a great broadcast on saturday. i will 00 by in the fox 2 cable cars -- ktvu cable cars. turn on saturday for the southwest chinese new year parade in san francisco.
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coming up, the private information on 10 million california students is about to be collected and shared with a california court. that includes names and social security numbers. we will explain why it's all happening and how you can if your child out. let's take a live look outside of traffic. i 80 through berkeley, you will have some company today.
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the private information of 10 million california students including school records is about to be released because of a lawsuit. pam cook has more about how it all started with some bay area parents. >> reporter: parents in the morgan hill unified school district filed a lawsuit arguing that the california department of education doesn't do enough to provide services for special education students. however, to prove or disprove the case, student records will be reviewed. how us district judge has ordered all student records k- 12 since january 2008 will be reviewed. the attorneys reviewing the records are required to keep the information confidential and after the case is settled, all the student information has to be destroyed or returned. however, that information could include social security numbers, addresses, test scores,
4:43 pm
disciplinary records, and even medical and mental health records. the fear is over how that information will be transmitted. opening of the possibility for a data breach or leak. the parents organization has asked for the student's identifying information left out of data given to attorneys to analyze but so far no response from court. >> reporter: the state education department has posted links for parents but there's a call for every school district and county office of education in california to let parents know about the case and how to opt out. we have a link on our website,, to the identity theft resource center where you can read more about what's at stake and also get the documents you need to fill out if you want your child's records to be excluded. it's not time for our app of the week. today, it's a san francisco startup trying to make birth- control affordable and more accessible to women. it's called more asked and their web-based apps -- is
4:44 pm
called norex and the web best -- web-based app allows limit order birth-control and have it delivered a few hours later. let's talk about accessibility here in the united states versus other countries. here you have to go to the doctor, get a prescription versus other countries free don't necessarily need one. >> exactly. in over half the countries of the world, birth-control is over-the-counter. you can go and pick it up. and a lot of other countries, it's over-the-counter so you can go to the pharmacy and explain why you need birth- control and they will give it to you. that's happening in california to and it's a really great development but basically most women in the us who get birth- control have to go to the doctor, get a prescription, take that to the pharmacy to get the drugs. the process takes a lot of time. >> in the doctors visit could often cost you as well. let's talk about the inspiration for norex.
4:45 pm
>> my cofounder, edward, and i were exploring development in telehealth and all the exciting stuff happening there. you can get a video consultation with a doctor but that still takes the same amount of time for the doctor. it still takes the same amount of time for the user and videoconferencing can be really tough. we were talking and eddie was saying every friday night, i have a number of female friends who call me noi, my last pill in the pharmacy closes in 15 minutes. can you just found in my prescription because i really need this. we started thinking how can we make that experience less stressful? how can we make that better and take all that stress away? >> so how does norex work? >> you go on to our website and choose a pill if you know which one you need to ask our doctors to pick one for you and we ask you a set of questions and fill
4:46 pm
in some health information, take a picture of your id and a picture of your insurance card and you're done. we send all your and shut -- input one of our doctors. it's a real doctor looking through your information and if you have any questions, they will respond to questions. if you want them to call you, they will call you but most of the time they write the script straightaway we ship it out from a partner pharmacy. >> what if you don't have insurance? >> if you don't have insurance, you have to pay for the pills but you don't pay anything more than with the birth control costs of the cheapest birth- control we offer without insurance costs $14 a month. >> what about the delivery fees? >> we don't charge that. if you choose usps for shipping, it's totally free. you can get it same day through were and we charge what they charge -- through uber and we charge with a charge for delivery. >> what you say to those who
4:47 pm
say you need to see the doctor first? >> we think this is a better experience. i got an email from a user yesterday that that this is so amazing because i felt that i could ask so many questions of the doctors through norex that i would never have been able to ask face-to-face to a doctor. that's really where we think this is so helpful. a lot of young women are scared when they come into the doctor's office or their mom is sitting out in the hallway waiting and this gives you that much more comfort and you can choose this while you are in a safe space, be that at home or your friend's house or your favorite coffee shop and a lot of these interactions are very stressful when you're sitting face-to-face with a stranger and for birth-control, it's completely safe to deliver it this way. all interactions are based on the cdc guidelines and we collect all the information the cdc says you need to have. >> you have doctors there as well to provide the prescriptions. , so it's
4:48 pm
>> correct. >> that information is also on for people who need a link to get to that. the radar has green. something we haven't seen in quite some time. >> yesterday it look like waikiki here. >> this is nice. i like the change. >> it's a nice change. we have clouds over the south they right now. not too many showers but that will change over the next few hours between now and to 9:00. here is the radar perspective. here is the cold front watching closer to the bay area shoreline. in fact, we will trace that area for you. that area, that front will be the source of some tense rain this evening. the rainfall coverage has been increasing over the past few hours. here is the north bay near santa rosa and napa. the coverage increasing to petaluma as well. then, back to the maps to the
4:49 pm
south, west more and county and -- moran and output hercules as well, back to the south, not as much coverage except as you can see here come out for the coastal hills. santa cruz county, parts of the san mateo county coast as well and that coverage as i mentioned will be expanding over the next few hours. a wind advisory in place until 7:00 tonight. some gusty conditions out there. winds out of the south gusting to around 25-30 miles per hour across parts of the area. heads-up if you are crossing the bay bridge or san mateo bridge, those winds physically moving across the bridge. here is that sfo wind gust of up to 35 miles per hour. speaking of wind, our camera looking toward jack london square. the flag getting a bit of a workout. when still a factor out there. system one moves in this evening and then another friday. without thursday? we are still going to tracking some showers out there but lots of rakes in the activity. into the short-term, definitely
4:50 pm
going to notice the presence tonight. 5:00, mostly cloudy skies into san francisco with a chance of scattered rain showers. i've already noticed some rain showers in san francisco. look what happened at 7:00. rainfall develops and intensifies and we could have a few thunderstorms across parts of the bay area. that wouldn't surprise me at all. 10 pm, showers likely. the main event tonight and then friday we will be talking about that other system moving in. once this front moves through for tomorrow, we are going to have lots of breaks in the action. a cold pattern that cool air moving in from the pacific with a mixture of sun and clouds and the possibility of some off and on showers throughout the day. this will definitely be a snow producer up in the sierra. it's really warm right now. isil light rains toward south lake tahoe. but up above, the higher terrain, talking amounts of 10- 20 inches of snowfall and snow levels eventually coming down to around 4000-5000 feet later tomorrow.
4:51 pm
here is our forecast model between now and 10:00. the yellow and red is heavy rainfall with the possibility of thunderstorms. morning commute thursday, still some scattered showers throughout the day thursday morning. 11:00, the coverage may back off later in the day on thursday and then another round of some rain showers for friday. temperatures for tomorrow, mainly in the upper 50s to low 60s. most areas right around 600 with the possibility of a few pop-up showers. get ready for tonight. the rainfall will pick up and redevelop into friday. it will be dry for the weekend. so for the chinese new year parade in san francisco, no rain threat. i know we have lots of crews spending weeks and even months getting ready. they are always asking me two months out what it's going to be like and i was a we will see. frank somerville live with a look at some of the stories we're working on for ktvu at 5:00. a bit of a scare for one man. >> a different story from north beach.
4:52 pm
we hear from a man who say he -- says he heard someone walking up the stairs in his apartment. and he turned around, there was a gun pointed at his head. what happened next and also the lesson he said he learned that night. what's the story about this california high school student and her shirt? >> this is an interesting case involving a student in the central valley. she was actually sent home from school because she refused to change her shirt. her shirt said quote nobody knows i'm a lesbian. the girl and her mom both sued the school district last night. a deal was reached. we will tell you what they decided and what it means going forward. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. these are the hands, the hands that drive commerce, that build business across borders. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce.
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
a vet tearian in an animal
4:55 pm
shelter is gaining attention on social media. and this facebook video, this is posted by granite hims animal care in georgia. he gets inside the cage to comfort the dog. this has been viewed 6.4 million times. he brings a bowl for gracie, until she feels comfortable. >> by the end she's eating with gusto! [ laughter ] >> gracie was malnourished and dumped in the middle of nowhere. you can see when she was first found compared to now. but the center says after breakfast with the vet and treatment, she's doing well. pope francis conditioned his 5-day visit to the country after being forced to to be an
4:56 pm
exuberant fan. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> the crowd seemed to get overeeler, nearly -- overeager. the pope told people, don't be selfish. >> they got excited there.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
the chinese navy has placed a missile system on a disputed island chain. >> diplomatic tensions there rise. stage 9 missiles can shoot down aircraft from 25 miles away. the system was deployed to an island chain claimed by six nations! the john kerry says it corrects the crinies president's promise. >> a ruling in china's claims on the area is expected sometime in the next year. >> over to frank and julie for
5:00 pm
the 5:00. >> don't get too used to the dry weather! a wig change is moving into the bay area right now. >> strong winds have caused delays with local airports and knocked trees over in the sierra. now we're waiting for the rain. rain is heading our way after an extended warm, dry spell. this is a view toward san francisco from our emeryville camera. you can see the raindrops on the camera. the clouds have been moving in throughout the day. dark clouds mixing with the sunshine. the rain is here! >> ahead of the rain, we have wind. it was so strong that sfo had to change the landing pattern so planes could come in from the north. the winds have caused dozens of sdlas up to two -- delays. and there have been a number of cancellations.


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