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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  February 18, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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reportedly getting high speed rail tracks before l.a. does. we'll tell you about the plan and how it's supposed to save money. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome back. it's thursday, february 18th. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark and we have breaking news from vallejo. a baby has been killed in an overnight apartment fire. look at the pictures. fire started about 11:30 last night. and spread through apartment complex. a viewer sent us this photo of the fire. it took fire crews almost two hours to bring the three-alarm fire under control. alex savidge is out there trying to get more details about the young victim, the age of the child, whatever we can find out. alex will have a live report coming up at 5:30. the other story is the weather. much of the bay area has seen
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steady rain since 6:00 last night. drivers have encountered pools of standing water on the roads. be careful out there. along with the rain we had strong winds and gusts were reported at 40 miles per hour. at sfo they had to change the landing pattern so that planes could come in from the north. this does happen occasionally. dozens of flights were delayed. some up to 2 1/2 hours. and a winter storm warning is now in effect in the sierra. the snow started coming down overnight. several inches are expected to fall throughout the day. and chains are required on i-80 and highway 50. we want to check in now with steve to see how long the rain system will last. >> morning and then we get a break this evening. and one more system friday but not as strong. >> all day tomorrow? >> no, evening. >> thank you. >> any time. some of the rain totals were
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pretty good for the first system of a ridge of high pressure. record highs were off the chart. this system had a pretty good punch. st. helena over an inch. and gilroy, an inch. novato had over an inch of rain. castro valley was in there. brentwood, just over a quarter inch of rain. there are parts of system that have to go through in the morning. decent rain in northern napa county and marin county. right over san rafael. that cell is heading own san pablo bay. and the possibility of hail on the back side of that. and that will move over to richmond and el sew brawn today and el cerrito. 40s and 50s, much, much cooler air mass in place. and the breeze will be blustery today but it's more westerly than it was south, southeast.
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looks like by this afternoon, things will be much calmer. we keep thunderstorms in the mix here and a lot of instability. and 60s for highs. temperatures will rebound and not until the weekend. morning rain off and on and some could be heavy. and that will cause problems based on my experience. correlated with a bunch of crashes. let's take a look at one of them. northbound 680 at ignacio valley road. and northbound 680 is not that slow yet. southbound 680 is not slow. it's somewhat early but they're working on the problem and hopefully, it will be gone soon. i moved the maps to the livermore valley. and eastbound 580 near north flynn they're clearing an accident. out to live pictures. this is a look at the commute at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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and not too bad here. and if you're driving to the san mateo bridge westbound 92 traffic is looking okay so far. at 5:03 let's go back to the desk. a new report on california's rail project is expected to have a change of plans. janine de la vega joins us live in san jose, the plan is not due to be announced until tomorrow. but the bay area will score a big win sounds like. >> yes, it does sound like that. we are here at the main transit hub in the san jose area. and bullet trains would definitely improve the transportation infrastructure here. the california high speed rail authority originally planned to build the first segment of tracks from the central valley to burbank. and several reports say officials have changed that plan and instead the first bullet train tracks will be built from san jose to bakers
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field. the mercury news reports that the -- it's more cost effective because there are no tunnels as in southern california. the bullet train would open a lot of opportunities for the silicon valley. it would make it easier to electrify caltrain because the bullet train and caltrain run on the same tracks. it would improve the commute and attract workers. right now the projected date that high speed rail would be in san jose is 2025. and while bonds are paying for part of the project, there's more funding needed. time is 5:05. she's been arrested again. the woman known as the serial stowaway has been arrested at a chicago airport. marilyn hartman was arrested at
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o'hare airport. police were alerted by her ankle bracelet. she was ordered to stay away from chicago's airports after repeatedly trying to speak past security. she's been captured in the past sneaking on the planes in san francisco and san jose. apple computer users all over the world from regular people and all the way to the white house are talking about the hot issue or whether apple should unlock the iphone of a terrorist. ktvu's allie rasmus is live in the newsroom to tell us how this controversy could lead to congressional action. >> reporter: apple will fight a court order to create software that would allow the fbi to access the iphone of syed farook. here in the bay area, apple and privacy rights advocacy rallied
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in support of the tech company's decision. apple phones have a security feature that disables the iphone. if the government doesn't get to conscript you into building tools or technology or basically becoming a mini fbi agent working for them. >> they are not asking apple to redesign its product or to create a new back door to one of the products. they are simply asking for something that would have an impact on one device. >> engineers and privacy advocacy say it doesn't work that way. once the software is created and available. theoretically, anyone's phone could be hacked by anyone who gets ahold of the software. they are considering drafting a
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measure to force the companies to decode the encrypted data. and google has come to their defense. we'll talk more later this hour but the bottom line is this debate is not going to end any time soon. >> allie rasmus in the newsroom, thank you. a new chp report says surveillance cameras on the golden gate bridge did not get pictures of whoever fired blow darts that injured two pedestrians on the bridge. the chp checked surveillance video and neither of the incidents were captured on the cameras. both victims say the blow darts hit them as they were walking across the bridge. they were treated at the scene. the darts by the way are being analyzed at a state crime lab. two sexual assaults near the campus of uc berkeley in less than a week. a woman was assaulted by a stranger just ant a block from people's park. that attack followed another
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assault in the same area last thursday. the proximity and timing of the nighttime attacks are raising concerns and questions about a possible connection. >> i live in unit 2 and it's very, very close to where i live. and it's scary to walk around alone at night. last thursday, a man grabbed a student from behind, pushed her to the ground and sexually assaulted her on hay street and telegraph avenue. he's described as 5'9", curly hair and a beard. no description of tuesday's attacker. a safety alert is going out at san francisco state university. a woman was walking through the garden of remembrance and saw a man standing at a 3rd floor window of a nearby building exposing himself. he's described as white, approximately 20 years old. 6feet tall, blond hair. administrators are encouraging students and faculty to use the
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free escort program. new reports, yahoo will lay off 300 workers at the media division. yahoo is shutting down seven of the digital magazines. 128 employees were let go at yahoo's sunnyvale headquarters. 46 in san francisco. and 150 in southern california. yahoo will cut its global work force by 1600 people by the end of the year as it struggles financially. panasonic, a major japanese manufacturer will recognize same-sex marriages among its employees. it will offer some of the benefits to same-sex couples. the details are being worked out. panasonic says the change is after they studies lgbt issues
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for 10 years. japan's government does not recognize same-sex marriage but a few local governments do allow them to register their unions. the search continue for a driver who hit and killed a cyclist in san jose. things are shifting in the race for the white house. voters get ready to head to the polls in south carolina and nevada. up next, the new front-runner for the republicans be the reason things are getting tighter on the democratic side. we are looking at a morning commute that is going to be wet. some of the rain is moving through. this is 880 and traffic is doing okay. we have a couple of issues on the commute. we'll be right back with more traffic and weather when we return.
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new this morning, the turkish government says a man from syria linked to kurdish rebels carried out the suicide bombing that killed 28 people yesterday. the car bomb in the capital city of an car rain chances -- ankara. the pkk has been fighting for kurdish independence since 1984. turning to the republican presidential race. there's a new national poll
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out. and someone other than donald trump is on top. a wall street journal poll taken after the last debate shows senator ted cruz up by 2 points over trump. both men accused each other of being dishonest. donald trump has threatened to sue. some questioning how deep the support is. >> if you talk to people who have been doing private polls associated with campaigns and the super pacs the belief is that trump's lead is not as commanding as the public polls suggest. >> florida senator marco rubio picked up a big endorsement yesterday. south carolina governor nikki haley said marco rubio is the best candidate in the crowded republican field. republican voters go to the polls on saturday.
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the latest national poll shows former secretary of state hillary clinton leading vermont senator bernie sanders by just 2 points. hillary clinton, a native of chicago, held a get out the vote rally stressing her close ties to president obama. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are running neck and neck in nevada. and the polls have been few. crude oil prices are up after iran agreed to a production freeze. that's sending many of the european stock markets up now. and most asian markets showed gains. japan and south korea were up 2% each. india and singapore had 1% gains for day. china's shanghai index dropped just slightly. checking in on our markets, the futures indicate a third to a half of a percent up for the -- across the board for the
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dow, s&p 500 and nasdaq. the dow and s&p 500 were up 1.5% each yesterday. and the nasdaq finished up 2% in trading. let's go to sal because the roads are wet. and you ran into rain. and it could get tricky. >> it could be getting tricky. we have minor accidents and not so minor ones. let's take a look at the commute into san francisco. right now westbound bay bridge is not really crowded and more people are showing up. and we tend to have earlier commutes when it does rain. we have a look at interstate 880 and the traffic here is going to be okay if you're driving in the area. this is 880 north and southbound traffic. and it continues to be okay. this is an accident. i'm going to put it on the map. northbound 680 at 24. ignacio valley -- and traffic
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is slow approaching the scene. they're still working on it. and southbound 680 is okay. 5:17 and let's go to steve in the weather center. >> we have thunderstorms in progress. and we'll get to that and there's one approaching the coast, right off the marin coast. the rainfall was pretty impressive after a strong high pressure system. we had record highs monday and tuesday. and then the wind and then the rain. lexington reservoir close. novato, over an inch of rain. sfo a half inch. brentwood, .28. the system is swinging in and there's cold, unstable air with that. towards vallejo, maybe american canyon, and right off the marin coast lightning is showing up. if you're there by the golden gate you may see lightning. and some areas no rain at all. and others could get brief, heavy downpours. some of this is lighting up
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pretty well. in the mendocino county, there's areas that are clear. and heading to vacaville and eastern solano county some can produce hail. the sierra has snow. and winter storm warnings are out. that's going to be a dicey ride. 40s and 50s for temps, much, much cooler than earlier this week. and the wind is more westerly for most or west, southwest. and still blustery and not as strong as yesterday. and you can see the colder air swinging through for the morning. and by the afternoon we get sun breaks and that will juice up the atmosphere. we'll seep the isolated showers in the mix. sun, clouds, rain, cooler, some of the rain will be brief but heavy. we've come way, way down and the cold air continues to filledder in. look for off and on rain today for some. as i said, it's a lather, rinse, repeat. [ laughter ] >> one more system on friday
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and then the weekend looks better. >> kind of nice. >> pam approved. >> it is nice. we need it. >> yes, we do. it's 19 minutes after 5:00. and she's winning new fans in her new home. >> it's pretty hard not to swoon and just fall in love with her. >> pretty hard not to fall in love with that little one. a baby otter from monterey is adapting to her new home in chicago after being rescued last month.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 5:22. and new this morning, federal regulators know the cause of a crude oil spill near santa barbara. corrosion on a pipe was the cause. the pipe failed when it was pumping at only 50% of maximum pressure. and they also say the leak was a lot bigger than they first thought. they thought 100,000 gallons of crude oil spilled and now they say it was more than 140,000 gallons. there will be more details when they release the final report later this year. cute story of the day. i have been following her progress on instagram. a 10 week old sea otter found stranded on a beach has a new home in chicago. right now the pup does not have a name. it's only known as 719. that's the tag number given by
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the monterey bay aquarium. and she was taken in by trainers where they are watching her around the clock to make sure she's making a full recovery. she was only four weeks old when she was separated from her mother. >> it was a day of large storms and the swells separated her from her mother i'm guessing. >> she seems to be learning skills quickly. and she also likes to cuddle. and after a couple of months she'll be on display and get a permanent name. >> and no, you can't have her. there's an employee at a hotel getting a lot of attention. it's wally the robot. he works at the marriott at l.a.x. he's making room service deliveries. when a guest asking for a delivery, the employees program
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him with the room number, the floor, and a message. he can't talk but it's programmed to make a phone call when he gets to the room. >> hello. your delivery has arrived. wally is waiting outside your door for you to pick it up. >> i loved it. it was like being in star wars. it was like r2-d2 coming to your do. >> the event in manager says they've had a spike in room service deliveries because people want to check out wally. giants pitchers and catchers will have the first workout today. fans are hoping for a repeat of the even year magic when the giants have won all the most recent world series championships. position players don't have to report for a couple more days and a lot of them are already in camp, including second baseman joe panik. he was sidelined for much of the last two months of the season with a back injury.
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>> it was tough mentally. you want to be out there as a competitor and teammate. you want to be out there and battling. and i kind of learned how to deal with it and just kind of learned how to take it day by day and take care of my rehab. >> ktvu's joe -- is in scottsdale with the giants. joe will have a live report coming up later on the nine. time is 5:26. and a new ban on the san francisco state university campus. why students are being told to leave their hoverboards home. and we're following breaking news from vallejo. there was an overnight fire that turned deadly. we will have the latest on the investigation. good morning, we are looking at a commute where traffic is still doing pretty cancel. if you're on the sunol grade, we'll tell you more about the wet morning commute.
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and a thunderstorm is in process over san francisco. the storm track takes it over the golden gate and towards berkeley in the next 15 minutes, i can see the lightning from here.
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>> 36 welcome back to mornings on 2 on thursday, february 18th. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. >> i guess we're talking about thunder and lightning. >> right over san francisco
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right now. that's what is going to happen. it's lit up. and coming in right over the golden gate to be honest with you. we'll take a closer look. and i'll put the storm track in right there. and that's the cone on it. zoom in a little bit here and see if we can get a better idea where it's going, and right about over the golden gate. in between tiburon and the marina district. and the radar sweep from light there. when you see the pink, that's the possibility of hail. so that's coming in right now. i'll put it in motion and take a look at what's going on. this is the cold unstable air. and there's the cell there. and what we're looking at is that moving in over the golden gate. and there's another one over
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hercules. crockett, el sobrante. from parts of northern lake county, wrapping balk to solano county. it will be breezy to windy, not as bad as yesterday but more of a west, southwest wind. and that's swinging in right now. instability, thunderstorms, sun, clouds, rain, cooler, and some of this looks like as i mentioned going right over the golden gate. we could have issues here briefly until the cell goes through. >> i've been looking at the traffic pictures just looking around to see if i see anything. and all i see is rain. it's hard to stare as a picture and wait for lightning. let's take a look at the commute now. traffic is moving along slowly still because they're clearing an accident northbound 680 at ignacio. traffic is still light in the area and not as bad as it could
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be. eastbound 580 to north flynn they are clearing an accident here. and westbound 580 is going to be slow as you drive from the altamont pass. bay bridge toll plaza is not a big delay. it's backed up for a little bit at the toll plaza. and nothing major. the metering lights have been switched on. and you can see the traffic on 280 in san jose. let's go back to the desk. we continue to follow that breaking news. a baby trapped and killed in an overnight fire at a vallejo apartment complex. ktvu fox reporter alex savidge is on the scene with more on how the investigation is going. alex-- >> reporter: pam, good morning to you. we're waiting to find out more information from authorities about how the fire started. we do have confirmation from a first responder that a baby was
5:33 am
killed in the large apartment fire. when crews showed up last night they got reports about a child trapped inside one of the second story units. and once they got the fire knocked down, they found the baby still inside the unit. this fire started around 11:30 last night. here's a picture tweeted out by one of the viewers. the fire spread through the complex in vallejo. the large fire grew to three alarms meaning quite a few extra crews were called in. it took almost two hours to knock down the flames. we don't have the information from firefighters on how many units were damaged but 11 people were forced out. and they'll be getting help from the red cross. and there'll be a joint investigation between the vallejo police department and the fire department to figure out exactly how this fire
5:34 am
started here in vallejo. we're hoping to get more information from authorities at some point later on this morning. >> have you heard if they've been able to talk to the parents or any adults inside that apartment? >> reporter: yeah, we have very, very little information from the fire department and the police department. there were police officers at the scene and firefighters and they wouldn't give us any information at all. we were told to call spokespeople. we don't know how many people were inside unit where the baby was found dead. >> or if the baby was alone in the apartment? i'm sure as the investigation continues they'll be able to give you more information. >> reporter: yeah, hopefully so. sure, sure. santa rosa police want your help this morning in a homicide investigation. police responded last night about 7:45 to reports of shots fired in the area of town view
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avenue. moments later someone reported seeing a body on the street. the victim was shot at least one time and pronounced dead at the scene. we don't know his name. if you have any information, get in contact with santa rosa police. workers at a san jose restaurant are raising money to help with the burial expenses for a coworker killed in a deadly crash. teodoro arredondo was hit by a driver who fled the scene. a red honda was recovered a couple of blocks away from the crash scene and the driver is still on the loose. arredondo's correspond workers at left bank restaurant are raising money to pay for his funeral. they want to raise $2500 so he can be buried in mexico. >> every time i talk about it,
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it hurts because i don't think that it was the time for him to go. >> the general manager of the left bank restaurant says he will match whatever is donated. again, no arrests have been made in this case. if you have information, call san jose police. a jury ended up deadlocked in the rape trial of a former san jose police officer. the jurors voted 9-3 in favor of acquitting jeffrey graves. he was accused of raping an illegal immigrant in 2013. he believed the sex was consensual. and he was facing a maximum of eight years in prison. we want to go back to steve paulson for the latest on the system. lightning over the golden gate bridge? wow! >> it's coming down big time. >> that's unusual. >> there's the golden gate. we had a lot of reports of
5:37 am
thunder and lightning. and i think it's heading -- right near the marina district heading to alcatraz. >> wow! right there! >> and i'll show you what's going on. and we'll take a look at the storm track. watch here right there. that's the cell. that's the lightning we just saw. let me show you right now. and that's what is going over by the marina district. and where did you go? where did you go? watch, warning, storm track -- i can't find you. anyway, it's taking us right over towards kentuckyington, berkeley, and emeryville. and you can see why that just went right over the golden gate bridge. right there. and that's what is heading own alcatraz and berkeley and kensington. there's the storm track.
5:38 am
if you're in kensington, berkeley, emeryville, get ready for a thunderstorm. >> we saw it as it happened. a san francisco man is recovering after being pistol whipped and robbed in his apartment. it happened near mason and chestnut in north beach. the 26-year-old was inside and two men walked in through an open door. and it happened so quick. >> turned and looked around to the right around the corner and a guy had a gun pointed to my head. and i was like oh, i guess i'm getting robbed right now. >> three of his roommates came running, not knowing there were intruders in the apartment. the two men got away with $100 cash, a laptop, and a tv. police are checking surveillance video from nearby buildings hoping to get a
5:39 am
description of the getaway car. a los angeles hospital paid $17,000 to hackers who disabled its computer network. hollywood presbyterian medical center says hackers infiltrated and disabled the computer network on february 5th. the hackers demanded 40 bit coins in ran some which is $17,000. the hospital says it was in its best interest to pay. the fbi is investigating. cal osha is holding a hearing on whether to require adult movie actors to wear condoms. they are already required for films made in los angeles county. the new regulations would be statewide. the proposed regulations go too far, the porn industry says. testing every 14 days is sufficient. several actors are expected to testify. the manteca unified school district agreed to settle a
5:40 am
lawsuit over a t-shirt. the t-shirt read nobody knows i'm a lesbian. taylor victor wore it to school last year. and administrators told her she had to change it or go home because it violated dress code policy. >> i was sent to the office and they told me i couldn't display my sexuality on a t-shirt. >> the law is clear. public students cannot prohibit students from expressing their beliefs. >> with the help of the aclu, they sued the school district. the school agreed to provide training for the staff and upgrade the dress code. and they'll pay $36,000 to the aclu. san francisco university students can no longer ride hoverboards to class. according to the school paper, the new restrictions are meant
5:41 am
to keep students safe. the main concerns are falls and fires. the chinese new year parade is saturday and there's a flurry of activity to get the colorful floats finished on time. for the first time in the 29- year history, a woman is in charge. stephanie munson has been helped to build the floats for 10 years. >> i have a perfectionist permit. when i see things that could be fixed i'm inclined to go and tweak it. >> they have been working on the floats for three months. and you can watch the chinese new year parade live right here on ktvu, fox channel 2, and our coverage starts at 6:00 saturday evening. it's going to be great weather for the parade. giant tumble weeds taking
5:42 am
over. in the next half hour, the hairy panic engulfing a town in australia. pam-- one of apple's rivals in the tech world comes to the defense and weighs in on the debate over whether apple should create software to unlock a terrorist's iphone. interesting weather makes for an interesting commute. but right now on the sunol grade, not bad as you head south on mission boulevard. and a thunderstorm at the golden gate bridge and it's heading to emeryville and berkeley. we can see it from here.
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all right, we have a thunderstorm that just went over parts of san francisco.
5:45 am
the golden gate, the marina. and it was right over alcatraz heading to emeryville. and there it is. i'll show it to you there and we'll slide over. berkeley, oakland, kentuckyington, you're in line for a thunderstorm. how far should apple have to go to help the fbi unlock a terrorist's iphone. that's the debate from here in the bay area. and it's being discussed all the way to washington, d.c. >> allie rasmus is here to explain the arguments on both sides, and why some other tech companies are defending apple. >> reporter: people, politicians, and tech executives are weighing in on the debate. should apple or any tech company be forced to create software to allow the government to hack into phones? democrats and republicans in congress have come together to say yes, it's important to have
5:46 am
a tool like this when fighting terrorism. but others say the u.s. government would not only have access but so would the governments of other countries. and eventually, all users' data and privacy would be at risk. apple will fight a court order to create software to allow the fbi to access data on a terrorist's iphone. the information on that phone and the investigation into the terrorist shooting is how this debate got started. >> we still have one of those killer's phones that we have not been able to open. and it's been two months and we're still working on it. >> google has spoken out in the company'defense saying apple is right to challenge the judge's order. yesterday the company's ceo took to twitter to explain their position.
5:47 am
he says quote we build secure products to keep your information safe. and we give access to data but that's different than requiring companies to unable hacking. it could be a troubling precedent. congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle say they would consider drafting legislation to force not just apple but all companies to decode data. that's probably why google made a statement. >> a very interesting debate. time is 5:47 and let's quickly go to sal and watch the commute. the weather is a part of the commute. >> and it's unusual being over the golden gate bridge. >> it was caught while we were talking about it. i'm glad we're here. steve says the rain cell that's moving out to the east shore and to the bay bridge toll
5:48 am
plaza area to oakland and that means your driving may be just a little bit hazardous. especially if you're driving right here. it's going to be okay so far on the east shore freeway. no major problems. and wet weather does not make for a good commute. out to the bay bridge toll plaza you'll see the traffic is going to be okay. no major problems. it is going to be backed up though as it normally is. it's not unusual but it is going to be slow. and if you're driving on 580 westbound through livermore we had earlier problems and that traffic is okay. we're still okay on 680 through walnut creek despite earlier problems. mother nature putting on quite a show if you're driving over the bridges. and heading right into berkeley and emeryville right now. there's still plenty offshore. and we are not done yet.
5:49 am
come on, lightning. enlighten us so to speak. >> yeah, right. >> we were there -- timing was everything for the one on the golden gate. here's what is going on. cold or unstable air is coming in. we've had many reports from san francisco. lightning, thunder, and brief heavy rains. it was coming down big time on the golden gate. it just passed the marina district and tiburon. and it's moving in to emeryville. and maybe parts of oakland. right there in line for thunderstorm activity. another cell to crockett and martinez. looks like it's moved off, heading out into the delta. and daly city and south portfolio towards pacifica. and maybe the southern end of half moon bay. to the north over glenn ellen i have reports there. and heading to st. helena.
5:50 am
40s, 50s, much, much cooler, much, much cooler. the breeze yesterday was just crazy, nutty, all over the place. and occasional blustery and within some of the cells, we can easily get hail and again, you can see some of these rotating in. some areas it's clear. and others it's pouring. so that old midwest weather. sun, clouds, rain, cooler. and thunderstorms in the mix here. and highs in the 60s. and not the 70s. not near 80. we've come way down and will continue. this looks like more of a morning event. and there'll be a system friday afternoon and then we clear it out for the weekend and warmer sunday and monday. >> that's amazing. usually the thunder and lightning is in the east bay. we don't usually get it over the golden gate area. >> especially with the camera on it. >> that was exciting. >> thank you, steve. >> 5:50 is the time. and toyota announced a major
5:51 am
recall. the issue with seat belts that could put drivers and their passengers at risk.
5:52 am
5:53 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 5:53. and toyota announced a huge recall that affects 3 million vehicles. there's a problem with seat belts that may fail in a crash in the 2005 through 2014 rav4
5:54 am
suvs and the vanguard suvs made between 2005 and 2016. more than a million of those vehicles are in north america. the seat belt failures reportedly may be linked to a death in a crash in canada. a lake county man convicted of child molestation has been released from prison after 18 years because his accuser recanted her story. luther jones was serving out his 27-year sentence at the california healthcare facility in stockton. his accuser re-captained her story last week. she says her matter was battling jones over custody of another child and told her to lie. he told investigators she was molested by another of her mother's boyfriends. the district attorney plans to investigate the case. the white house is expected to announce that president obama will make a historic visit to cuba next month,
5:55 am
marking the first visit to cuba by a sitting president since calvin coolidge in 1948. the work comes after -- the president should demand more reforms, critics say. pope francis ended his five day trip to mexico by celebrating mass for hundreds of thousands of >>ers at the u.s -- thousands of worshipers at the border. in his mass in the city of juarez, the city asked governments to open their hearts to people forced to leave their homes. >> >> translator: they are our brothers and sisters being expelled by poverty, violence, drug trafficking, and organized crime. >> an estimated 300,000 people attended the open air mass. and many walked across the border from texas to be there.
5:56 am
thousands filled the sun bowl stadium in el paso to watch a live broadcast of the mass. >> it's that time of year when you can see a light show at yosemite national park. every year for two weeks in the month of february, horse tail falls lights up. because the sun sets at a certain angle and it makes the waterfall shine orange and red. the pictures are unbelievable. photographers from around the world go to yosemite this time of year to try to get the shot. and we've posted some of the photos on our website, and i'm pretty sure -- they used to push burning coals over the side to simulate that. but that's a bit of a fire danger and they don't do that any more. we're following a challengic destroyer in
5:57 am
vallejo. a baby was killed overnight in a fire. investigators are trying to figure out the cause. plus the woman known as the serial stowaway -- remember her? she was arrested again but not inside an airport. good morning. we are looking at a freeway here, 237. you can see the traffic is going to be a little bit busy as we head to the valley. we have thunderstorms. and a couple up in the north bay. russian river and one over the golden gate in san francisco and heading to emeryville and berkeley. and more on this coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> >> a major investigation in vallejo after a baby is killed in an overnight apartment fire. what we're just learning about the other people inside the unit who escaped the flames. >> reporter: san jose is reportedly getting high speed rail tracks before l.a. does. we'll tell you about this new plan and how it's supposed to save money. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> we are also taking a look and keeping an eye on the rain
6:00 am
this morning. this is a live picture in oakland from the camera, what it looks like from our rooftop at ktvu. the rain has been coming down on and off really since last night. so the rains are pretty slick in some parts. and we are seeing lightning in some areas. look at that. we caught that live about 15 minutes ago or so. >> golden gate bridge. >> lightning about 25 minutes ago right over the golden gate bridge. and i bet that startled a few people and a busy thursday morning. let's go right to steve paulson. you are extra busy. >> i think a squall line went over emeryville with hail. looks like piedmont right now. and we'll get right to it.


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