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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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year-old was shot in the cheek and has now been taken to the hospital. another person was shot and killed. two others were injured. all of this happened in the past hour on porter street and magazine street in vallejo. we do after crew on the way. we will bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. you can also get more information on-line at and on our mobile app. now back to the funeral for officer augustine "gus" vegas. he didn't officially die in the line of duty. he was shot to death inside his own home, allegedly by the father of one of his grandchildren. but his family says it was in the line of duty beck died protecting them. >> today more than 1,000 people, family, friends, and police officers from across the region came together to celebrate his life and say good- bye. ktvu's john sasaki attended the service and says there were plenty of tears but also a lot of laughter. >> reporter: the respect for
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richmond police officer gus vegas was obvious and heartfelt as his casket passed his saluting brothers and sisters in blue. despite his not dying in the line of duty but rather in a domestic dispute at his home the auditorium was filled as if vegas had died saving the lives of city residents. >> but such a danger is never expected to be lurking within the walls of your personal sanctuary. there are some things in life that are just beyond our ability to comprehend. >> reporter: his family says did he die in the line of duty. >> dad's final breath came doing exactly what he always taught us, and that was to protect our family at all costs. take care of the pride. he felt did he fall in the line of duty, and that was the line of duty as a father and a husband, protecting his pride like a king lion. >> one after another most of
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vegas' ten children and stepchildren spoke of the man who was obviously larger than life. >> on our way over here i was like, wow, i can't believe on a weekday they shut down one of the -- probably the busiest highways to honor him. and i could just see him, like, that's right. >> he always did some crazy things that i didn't understand when i was little, like put me on the top of a roof and tell me to jump. but i did it every time because i trusted him so much. and i knew he would catch me. ♪ since avenue been away i've been down and lonelily ♪ >> one song chosen by the family was by diana ross. ♪ thinking of you >> i was so honored to be protected by him. i'm honored to be his daughter.
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i am honored for them to be my family. >> the love and encouragement you showed all of us kids is the same love and encouragement we will show our kids. and for that reason, will you live on, and will you forever be in our hearts. >> joe vegas gave the eulogy and made a powerful statement about his father's impact on the world. >> if he's taught you something, if he's trained you, if he's touched your life or somebody you know, can you just raise your hand? i'm just curious. >> half the huge crowd raised their hands. afterwards, it was tame for the ride to the cemetery in of lay home. vegas add huge contingent of police officers to ensure he arrived at his final resting place safely. >> and john is here with us now. we just that had funeral for officer scott lunger a couple of months ago. now this funeral. you were inside watching.
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what was it like being there? >> it's really tough to be there. i never met the guy. i admit, i know a lot of richmond police officers. i never met him. but it was still is very easy to be overcome by the emotion buck ear hearing by so many people, police officers, his pastor, and certainly all of his kids. you really understand how he touched their lives and how he impacted them as a police officer, as a father, as a friend in both richmond and in vallejo where he lived. it's just very powerful. >> you've been to so many of these types of services for police officers, for firefighters, for chp officers. how did this one differ? i know he had a huge family. ten children. a lot of those kids spoke. >> most of his kids spoke. that's one of the things that's maybe a little unusual. you do hear from kids, from loved ones, but not in such a highly concentrated way. i actually afterwards talked to his wife sandra, and she said that she thought about getting up there and helping out, but
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then she realized they were going to do it on their own, and she was very happy with the way they did it. to get such a highly concentrated sense of him from all these kids, it makes you wonder, i'm going to have a funeral some day, and nobody is going to say anything, and it would be just such an honor. it just makes you feel humble because you realize that the impact that he had on those kids, they talked about they want to be the kind of parent that he was to then. they want to be the kind of person that he was in their community and in the city of richmond. sought really shows you what's important in life. >> also, when asked that question about raise your hand if you've been touched by officer vegas, as you said half the people inside raised their happened. >> very clear that there were so many people. lots of people there who never met him. but it was even still, just knowing him posthumously, very touching. >> very touching to see so many people turn out. it was open to the public. so many people to speak to show
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their love, how much they're going to miss him. >> john, thank you. in other news now a tourist attacked in san francisco. investigators say the injury is life threatening. investigators say the tourist was walking with a family member around 8:30 last night near post and franklin streets when they were attacked by a man and a woman. ktvu's rob roth is near the scene with the latest on this investigation. rob. >> reporter: julie, those injuries are described as very serious. we're on post street near goff, normally a qoi ut neighborhood. but police say they want to get the two responsible off the street. >> this is a very disgutting act that occurred. >> reporter: that's how police describe what happened about 8:30 last night here on post street between goff and franklin streets just a block away from st. mary's cathedral. they say an uncle visiting from the united kingdom was walking with his niece up from southern
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california. that's when police say a man and a woman confronted them. >> the male suspect approached the male victim, chased him down the block and essential was able to take his property. there was some kind of a brief struggle, and during the commission of the robbery there was a snack the suspect stabbed the victim in the head. we believe to be a knife or a sharp object. >> reporter: the 44-year-old man was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. police say the female attacker apparently tried unsuccessfully to grab the niece's backpack. the 23-year-old niece was not injured. the attackers ran off with the man's cash, credit card, cell phone and passport. >> is our investigators are canvassing the neighborhood to see if we can locate any type of video surveillance to see if the captured the images of the. >> reporter: police have released vague description. they say the man they're looking for is african- american, 5' 10" with a muscular build wearing dark hooded sweat shirt. they say the woman is african-
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american, 5' 4" tall with dreadlocks. those who live in this neighborhood describe it as pretty safe. >> i think it's awful that it happens, he is special in this neighborhood. you don't really see things like that. >> reporter: police say they did find a scarf they believe was left behind by the female attacker. they will be checking it out for any dna evidence. but a very sad story here on post street. julie. >> very, very sad. rob, thanks very much. plans are in place to tear down a second apartment complex that's teetering on the edge of an eroding cliff side in pacific could. yesterday excavators and bulldozers demolished a building that was red tagged in 2010 when a clunk of the cliff side gave way. the building has been empty ever since. north of that now demolished building is 320 esplanade which has also been red-tagged since 2010. officials say the demolition of that building could happen any day now. a third building sitting on the
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edge of the cliff is 310 esplanade. that's the complex that was yellow tagged in john and is still being watched closely. some parts of the bay area saw more rain today. it's still sprinkling. let's go to chief meteorologist bill martin. >> some light showers out there. in the north bay pretty much all morning we've seen light sprinkles, but for the rest of us it started about lunch time, then lingered into think's commute. but look at hillsburg. coming up on a half inch of rain. we're seeing a lot of light showers adding up in the headlands. novato 2. 10, then it guess down dramatically from there, the rainfall act excuse me i laitionz. so this system is very weak. you see it fall apart. it hasn't been a big rain producer, but in the north bay it started sprinkling and showering this morning. outside now you've got some
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breaks, but the roadways for the most part are wet out there. what we're tracking, the tail end of this system as it moves through, it looks as though we're going to see a little bit of a break. as we move into the weekend we will be seeing some changes. but in the meantime the next hour or two, especially from free mounted south into san jose, look for some light sprinkles, a glaze on the roadway, perhaps slowing the afternoon commute. >> all right, bill, thank you. new details involving that deadly apartment fire in vallejo that killed a seven- month-old baby. the vallejo fire department has collected samples of materials from inside that burned out structure. they're being sent off now for analysis. investigators are hoping they will help determine the cause of that fire. the fire started late wednesday night at a fourplex on kathie ellen drive. coming up, a man involved in a deadly dui appeared in court today.
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tonight at 5:3w450rbgs witnesses saw -- say they saw moments before the fatal crash. and the legal battle between appear approximately and the u.s. government rages on. the move taken today bithe justice department to try to force apple to obey.
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back now to that breaking news from vallejo where four people were shot including a nine-year-old boy. >> cristina rendon is there. what can you tell us? >> reporter: julie, frank, we just got to the scene within the last five minutes. right now we're trying to get a better sense of what happened but behind this crime scene tape you can see where a detective was standing here in the middle of the street.
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it appears to be the 500 block of porter in vallejo. on the left side you can see where neighbors are standing outside of their porch. they described hearing loud gunshots an hour ago when this shooting took place. all we pretty much know now is that the shooters are still on the run and there's an active search for those men. we're not sure if it's one shooter or multiple shooters but we do know that four people were shot. we're told one of those injured was a nine-year-old boy. we're not sure who else was shot, if it were women or men, but we do know one person is dead out of that group of four so a lot of unanswered questions. taking another live look out here it's very chaotic for neighbors trying to figure out what happened. there's a woman running up the sidewalk trying to get more information. we're not sure if that's family members or relatives but clearly a lot of people trying to figure out what happened. they're obviously very scared by what happened, hearing those gunshots. but as soon as we get more information from police we'll of course bring it to you. we're trying to get
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confirmation from authorities about what happened, what led up to the shooting and the latest on the search for those suspected gunmen. back to you. as soon as we get another update we'll let you know. >> cristina, a quick question. you may or may not know the answer to this based on the information that you the eve been given. but the nine-year-old who was shot, was the nine-year-old shot with a stray bullet, or was the nine-year-old with this group of three other people? do we have any other indication about that? >> reporter: we're waiting for confirmation but it appears it could have been a stray bullet. the boy may have been inside a house and he was hit by a stray bullet. those are unconfirmed reports. as soon as we get word from police we'll bring that to you but it appears he was hit by a stray bullet. >> christine, i know you're out there working to get more information. we will check back with you in a little bit. thanks very much four that update. in other news, a sad day for a bay area baseball team.
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the oakland a's are mourning the death of tony phillips. he played 1 years including nine with the a's. he was a member of oakland's 1989 world championship team. he was oakland's utility man. he died wednesday in arizona. he was 56 years old. the a's aren't the only ones mourn ago former player today. >> the giants also learned today that a well-known former third baseman for the team has passed away. ktvu's joe fonzi is in scottsdale, arizona. joe, you spoke to several people about jim davenport's death. >> reporter: yes, i did, frank. i guess it's one of those days for reflection all the way around. it was a day in which the giants took the field for day two of pitchers and catchers with a heavy heart after they had learned that jim davenport, when we all came to the ballpark today, we learned that jim davenport had died last night. davenport at the age of 82 was a long time giant associated with the giants throughout his
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entire professional career. he was there from day one when the giants and dodgers played the very first major league game on the west coast against each or in 1958 at seal stadium. he was the starting third baseman during his career in which he played only for the giants until 1970. he was an all-star, gold glove winner, then he went on to be part of the organization during his professional life as a scout, other things within the organization, a coach and manager, but it was one of his teammates, felipe alou who remembered him for something even more significant. >> he was the best friend that the latinos and blacks had on the team. it was a tremendous group, but he was always worried about how we were doing. >> he was a guy from the south where the south was still segregated. >> i could not believe, from alabama. but he was like one of us.
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and i repeat, you know, there was not a trace of racism. >> reporter: and it's been said that baseball is a generational sport. it was interesting to listen to not just felipe alou but willie mays reflecting. it's also a sport where the baton gets passed. jim davenport was a fixture. we also got a chance to talk with another guy on the flynners and the giants. we also got a chance to talk to another guy who the giants hope will be a fixture fore a long time at third base during his era. >> it's a signature moment in what could very well be a career full of them. on the giants playoff roster in 2014, matt duffy came all the way around to score from second on a wild pitch walk to joe panik. that tied a game the giants would go on to lose but it established an early impression of duffy's style of play. >> i saw the catcher look the wrong way that the ball went. that's when i started clicking
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in my mind. i was thinking, i better be safe because there's two outside. if i end the game on this i'm never going to see the field again with buster posey up next. >> reporter: duffy has a way of making an impact when he's on the field. he was set to be a utility player but casey mcgehee struggled, and the think thing did you ever fee knew, he had earned a regular spot. >> for me at the end of spring it was being the best i could at third base trying to provide depth along with the rest of tin feed, too, but especially once casey started to struggle and we designated him, that was my way of helping the team be better, provide depth and stability at third base. >> reporter: did you have fee's season not only made giant fans forget about mcgee, he made them forget about pablo sandoval. duffy hit .295 with 12 home runs and 77 rbis, finishing second in the voting for national league rookie of the year. he heads into this season as the giants' starter at third
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base. >> i've never been one to be complacent so i'm always going to have that kind of, what can i do to get better mentality. at the same time, i'm not going to put too much pressure on myself to kind of i guess, live up to what i did last year. i think about how i did what i did last year, and it was -- i focus on everything that i can control personally. >> reporter: so, guys, kind of a day of reflection in major league baseball as well. an example of how it's a generational sport. you had a longtime third baseman passing today, then the current third baseman in the giants' thoughts and plans for the future. i think that's baseball, as we've seed, sport that is passed down from generation to general ray, and maybe today no better example. joe fonzi, live from scottsdale. >> i remember seeing jimmy davenport play when i was a kid. i just loved matt duffy's story. it's neat to see him come into his own. joe fonzi in arizona, thank you. time for another check of
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the weather. gray and rainy outside this afternoon. back to bill for the latest on how long this rain is going to last. >> well, most of the showers are kind of moving through the area. they're now just sort of moving into the san jose area so i avenue got the live camera behind me. you are looking in san jose towards the northwest. and you can see the breaks up here but you also see the clouds, the low clouds and that weak system kind of pushing south towards san jose it is a pushes south and out of the area. basically gone. it was a non event as we suspected, which is a shame because we could have used more rain, except we did see up to a half inch of rain in the coastal hills from bo day ga bay south towards marin county. that's a significant amount of rain for a very weak system so that's good. but for most of us we're talking about trace amounts of rain at best. some areas, i think i saw a couple of, pardon me, a couple of .06s and .07s, but that's
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it. so there's the showers sliding through. at the tail vend that system it starts to pull apart. as it gets further south, it's really fractured. clayton, a little shower activity. alamo, concord, lafayette. so the afternoon commute, i'm finding on friday, sal will verify this, but on friday people bail early. some people leave at noon or what have you. so perhaps the commute isn't that bad and hasn't been that bad because i think people leave between 1:00 and 5:00 on fridays. so with the wet roads it may not be as bad. it doesn't lack as bad it is a could be if the were a tuesday night. the rain has helped. yesterday's event, or the other day we got a nice amount of rain. this is not hurting but it's not helping as much as we need. february really, i talked about this last night, february for basically the month of february has -- or, pardon me, the el niño for the month of february has been a bust quite frankly. 30% of rain at best in many
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places, where as normally we would expect on a big el niño year to be something like 200 or 350% of rainfall average. forecast highs tomorrow, partly cloudy, partly sunny. highs will be in the low 60s. the five-day forecast, there it is. look at this sunday. it's real nice. here's the other thing, the reason i call it a bust, too. out past wednesday, there's something out there, but this should be filled up. we're working on three weeks now, or two and a half weeks without real rain. so, yeah, it's still an el niño, it's just not act like the previous two months. >> it started out so promising, then it stopped. >> october, november, december all well above average. january was powerful. and february, the month that we should have -- we were actually concerned about february because that's when we were worried about big flooding events, and boy that's not the case. >> but you say we still could see some in march and april. >> march can be very productive as well. but like you know, julie, every
5:24 pm
month we need to be like. that this five day is not what we need. we need rain, real rain. >> bill, thanks. the justice department is take action against apple involving the case of a terrorist's iphone. up next, we speak with a legal analyst about what the latest motion means as politicians begin to speak out about the issue. later, new at 6:00, trading marijuana for signatures. the unique and controversial push in the south bay to legalize marijuana. >> i think it's just terrible that it's like letting kids know that it's okay, and i think it's really wrong.
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the battle between apple and the fbi is heating up. the justice department filed a new motion accusing apple of repudiating rather than following an order from a judge to create a back door so the fbi can hack in to syed farook's iphone. there's been strong reaction from both sides including senator diane einstein who said apple is not above the laws of the united states. >> donald trump called for a boycott of apple until they comply with the order. joining us is legal analyst michael cardoza. what does this mean for apple.
5:28 pm
>> apple is going to be able to, for the first time, air in front of the judge what they think about her particular order. so people understand this, what the court is ordered is that apple go into that particular phone. but in order to do that they have to create a back door. that's tantamount to asking them to create a master key for one hotel room. but, in fact, that master key is going to open every room in that hotel and every room in that hotel's klain. and that's what apple is worried about. they're saying, if we do that then the federal government can go into other phones. and that's a surveillance issue. we learned about surveillance when snowden released that information of how the federal government was surveilling certain people. >> michael, it's interesting you brought that up because this week's apple's ceo tim cook sent out a letter to customers and said among other
5:29 pm
things, the fbi wants us to make a new version of the iphone operating system which would crier come vent several -- circumvent several important security features to unlock any iphone. this is such an interesting case because on one hand it pits the right to brave see. on the other hand national security. >> no question about it. what strikes me and what might be a good solution, you tell apple to open this particular phone, don't give that master key to the federal government. you come in, you take that phone, you open it. the government then comes in and they can extract the information from that particular phone, but you don't give them that master key. here is your information. go about your business. now, federal government, and remember what apple did early on in this, they allowed the federal government to get the information from what was in the i cloud. i don't think there was much there. but at least apple cooperated
5:30 pm
that way. so i don't know who should win or lose this battle, because all the facts haven't been vetted yet. and i think they're going to have to bring a lot of experts into that judge magistrate's courtroom to vet the situation, find out exactly what apple can and can't do to keep that master key out of the federal government's hands, because i don't think many of us want that. once they have that master key, they can do what they want with it. >> but michael, tim cook said opposing this order is something they're not taking lightly but he said we feel we must speak up in what they feel san everyreach by the u.s. government. does apple have the legal right to say no, to refuse? >> do they have the legal right to say no? it depends on what the order said. it depends on what that federal magistrate or later a federal judge might say about that. they could sanction them. they could even put the president cook in jail if they see fit to do that. so there's all sorts of things
5:31 pm
at risk. but ace say there are a lot of fact that have yet to be vetted to see the pros and cons of this. it's going to be a balancing of surveillance against our privacy, and our security. so how do you make that balance? that's up to the federal court to do that. and for apple to argue their side in the federal government to argue their side. i know a lot of people just viscerally say, just give it to them. cook has answered that question. some say he's doing it that way as a business decision because a lot of people out there say, in what, good for you, because i don't want them opening my phone up and seeing my texts, my e-mails, the things i use my phone for. so there are a lot of -- there's a lot of balancing that has to be done in this particular case, and it's not done at this time. >> there's obviously a lot at stake, and it's going to be fascinating to watch all of this unfold. michael car to zach, we appreciate you taking the time
5:32 pm
to talk with us. >> not a problem. >> thank you, michael. remembering justice an to nine scalia -- antonin scalia. thousands paid their respects. >> ferret lovers calling for ferret rights. what they're asking from lawmakers j. a preliminary hearing is underway involving a man who sack cuffed of a deadly -- who is accused of a deadly dui accident. what witnesses sudden court today.
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an update now on the breaking news we've been covering since just after 4:00. four people were shot in vallejo. here's a better look at where it happened at mclean and porter streets. we just got an update from police. all this happened about 4:00 when someone shot at a blackmon at the carlo. two men -- a blackmon tee carlo -- a black monte carlo. a nine-year-old child and a woman were also hit. we do know the child is expected to survive. cristina rendon is at the scene. we will hear from her at 6:00. we heard detailed testimony today during a hearing for a man accused of being drunk when he crashed his car into a building in livermore. that incident killed a mother
5:36 pm
and her 14-month-old baby girl. ktvu crime reporter henry lee attended the hearing and joins us with what he learned. >> reporter: julie, brian jones is accused of visiting a livermore wine festival before he got into his corvette, allegedly drunk, causing a crash that killed a mother and her young daughter. we heard from witnesses what say they saw the same corvette being driven recklessly before the crash. brian jones was in a pleasanton courtroom as a judge began hearing evidence as to whether he will stand trial for murder. he was subdued and appeared much skinnier than he was at the time of the crash. police say jones add blood alcohol level of .14%, more than the legal limb whit he lost control of his corvettes at speeds up of to 99 miles per hour and smashed into a livermore apartment building, killing esperanza morales and her 14-month-old daughter. two other kids were hurt in the crash in may of last year. cameras weren't allowed in court as two men testified that
5:37 pm
they saw swain corvette driving recklessly minute before the crash. one man told the court he thought the driver was going to end up killing himself or others. a relative of the victim said he was disturbed by what he heard. >> the guy was driving so fast, you know, he could have killed himself or somebody else. i can't imagine, you know. >> reporter: the testimony also brought back sad memories for carol from mothers against drunk drivers. she lost her son to a drunk driver. >> if only someone could have stopped him. if only he had made a different choice. if only he had made two different choices, not to drink or not to drive, then these lives could have been saved. it's so preventible, and that's what is so heartbreaking. >> reporter: prosecutors say jones who has a previous conviction for reckless driving with cholt, had visited the livermore wine country festival before he got into his corvette. days after the crash, relatives of the victims angrilily
5:38 pm
confronted jones at his first court appearance when he was free on bail. now because of the murder charges, no bail is allowed. now, this hearing continues in april after which a judge will determine whether jones will stand trial. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you henry. the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia lay in repose today inside the great hall of the u.s. supreme court. matt fin tells us that people waited in line to file past his flag-draped casket and pay their respects. >> reporter: president obama joining thousands of mourners paying time respects to an to anyone scalia. his un-- antonin scalia. >> he will no doubt be remembered as one of the most consequential judges and thinkers to serve on the supreme court. >> reporter: appointed in 1986 by president ronald reagan, scalia became known for his brilliant legal mind and sharp
5:39 pm
tongue. he was a strong opponent of abortion and affirmative action what asked pointed hypothetical questions from the bench and was a strong advocate of federalism and separation of powers. >> i'm quite confident that lay students will be reading justice scalia opinions a century from now. >> reporter: scalia's own soon, catholic priest, said a brief prayer as the eight justices looked on. it's unclear how long the court will continue with an even number of members, but it's possible that some future decisions could include opinions voted on or written by justice scalia. >> we must replace scalia with another rock solid conservative. i cannot imagine that happening under this president. >> reporter: the white house has been tight lipped. meanwhile republicans vow to block any nominee from getting to the senate floor for a vote until after the general election in november. in washington, matt fin, fox
5:40 pm
news. >> people who love ferrets and want to keep them as pets are pushing to make them legal in california. ♪ which side are you on which side are you on ♪ >> ferret fans rallied in san rafael. it's been illegal to have pet ferrets in california since 1933. some people want to be able to own them openly. they say they are a small group and can't get the 365,000 signatures needed to put legalization on the ballot. so they want the assembly men to take action in the legislature. >> there's a number of us who came out on a rainy day. i would say we are fed up with this stupid law. we demand representation from our elected officials, and we're not going away until this is changed. >> ferrets are related to weevils. the reason they're banned is because they're not native in california and can pose a
5:41 pm
threat to wildlife, especially birds. but advocates say that is not an issue. coming up, a state senator wants to stop a certain commodity from being shipped through california. what she wants to keep out of the bay area and her reasoning on tissue. also, a five-year-old girl being called a hero. see how a field trip at school helped save the life of her blind grandmother. plus, how the presidential candidates are trying to rally some last-minute support ahead of tomorrow's south carolina primary and nevada caucus.
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about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles. the next test of the 2016 presidential race comes tomorrow when south carolina holds its republican primary and democrats caucus in nevada. fox news reporter caroline shively tells us the polls are suggesting that one of those races is very tight. >> reporter: with the republican primary tomorrow a final campaign push is underway here in south carolina. a similar scene in nevada where the democrats are also getting ready to caucus. in nevada, the democratic race appears tight between hillary clinton and bernie sanders this as new polling suggests sanders has cut clinton's national lead in half. >> we've got to push open the doors not just by talking about diversity but by increptivizing it, making it clear as president i'm going to look at diversity in federal contracts. >> clinton now is trying to
5:45 pm
embrace the president as closely as she possibly can. we know what that's about, trying to win support from the african-american communities. >> reporter: while in south carolina it appears donald trump is far out front. >> i will do more for the african-american people than barack obama has ever done. >> reporter: yet the entire gop field is keeping up the fight today. >> well, i instead of looking at ending it am looking at continuing to make progress. >> just this week donald trump said in a tv program that he would be neutral between israel and the palestinians. as president, i will be unapologetically alongside the nation of israel. >> i don't know if you knew why you were here, but i'm running for president, and, you know what, i could win. >> thible election is truly referendum on our identity. the question will you begin to answer tomorrow here in south carolina is what kind of country will america be in the 21st century. >> this is not a rubio town
5:46 pm
hall. we actually answer questions here. >> if history is any guide, south carolina has a near perfect record of picking the eventual gop nominee. caroline shively, fox news. a five-year-old louisiana girl is being hailed a hero after saving her grandmother's life this week. khloe woods led her blind grand mother to safety by following a fire safety lesson that she learned in school. the rescue happened when her grandmother's stove caught fire on wednesday night. little khloe sprang into action when the fair alarm wept off. she jumped out of her bed, ran into her grandmother's room where she told her to get out of the house. once they were outside, the five-year-old made sure her grandmother and their dog were okay. >> she told my mom to hold on her shoulder, and they got to get out of the house. >> it could have been tragic. she saved the grandmother's life, she saved her own life. >> khloe attends pre-k in
5:47 pm
kenner, louisiana. last month her class went on a field trip to a fire department where they learned about fire safety. >> reporter: the state senate has drawn a line in the coal as to what will and will not be exported from california. and final preparations underway for the chinese new year parade. i'm tracking lingering showers in the bay area and getting ready to talk about the bay area weekend.
5:48 pm
5:49 pm
5:50 pm
final preparations are underway for san francisco's chinese new year parade. teams are putting the finishing touches on the floats for taupe's festive event. at pier 54 this group has been work to build and decorate 20 floats. tens of thousands of people are expected to line the streets. there will be a heavy police presence along the route. >> anytime there is a large gathering of any even there's potential for someone to try to plan something, so we always take that in consideration. in this day and age we have to take precautions and make sure that public safety is a number one priority for our agency. therefore, we will have the extra officers. along with all those floats there will be marching bands, of course a lot of firecrackers and lions and dragons. you can watch the chinese new year parade right here on ktvu fox 2. our coverage begins with the 5:00 news tomorrow night and our live parade broadcast
5:51 pm
follows at 6:00. >> will you be broadcasting it, and a lot of us are going to be in two motorized cable cars. you see the wall of people at the parade. what can folks expect? >> how many years have we done this parade? >> almost 30 years. since 1987. >> and we've all been doing it -- i've been doing it 25 years. >> this is my 16th year co- hosting. >> we've seen it all. i remember some stormy nights. what we got this weekend is going to be literally perfect. we need the rain, but we are going to have great weather for the chinese new year parade. definitely watch it on channel 2 or head on out there. does it draw a big crowd and it will be a beautiful night. we'll get to that but right now a live camera sho.d you see how the clouds -- you can barely see this area of clouds bleeding down. you know this. this is typically a little bit of sprinkle activity when the cloud trickles down. you get these kind of
5:52 pm
wispiness. that definitely is most likely light showers, much of it coming down as drizzle. the pacific is active would you say expect in an el niño season. it's not active for us. in terms of producing rain it's producing swell. we talked about that. but it's really been light on the rain. february has been a bust for an el niño year certainly. it's not over yet, but it's over. march hopefully it will come on. scattered showers, up to a half inch of rain north up around occidental, up around bo day ga bay, which was great, but san francisco got .15679 as you work your way south down towards fremont and areas south of san jose you basically got zero, trace amounts. if you are traveling across the country they're having a heck of a setup with this warm weather. we've had our run of warm weather. now this area down here is getting ready for some heat. maybe some record heat for this time of year.
5:53 pm
this is tomorrow. dallas, downtown dallas, 76 degrees. you see those oranges? those are 80s in parts of texas and oklahoma. not a bad day. even warm in new york, 5 2. if you're traveling tomorrow that's what you can expect in terms of temperature spread. sunday will be a little bit different but not much. this system that's moving through now moves through, the high pressure builds back in and temperatures go back up. so this pattern of warmth will continue as we head into the bay area next week and beyond. as we go into -- deep into next week, into friday and saturday, we've got a chance for more rain. that's great, but it's so far o. we really should be lacking at something in the next couple of days. there's the chinese new year parade. take a look. we've had some good ones but that's a good one. up to 58 degrees. >> we will take it. >> then the five-day forecast, you've got a good look five-day forecast, which is great, but it's not great. >> you said maybe possibly next week we could see a little
5:54 pm
rain? >> friday, a week from now. february is going to be a bust, let's just say. hopefully march lights up. >> thanks bill. coming up the debate over moving coal through the port of oakland. after the break we will hear what a state senator did today to try to keep the coal out of the area. and in minutes, new at 6:00, caught in the act. a robber targets a bay area pharmacy and gets away with powerful drugs. if he did it for this, he is going to do it again.
5:55 pm
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here in the united states coal is a cheap and abundant energy source that many other countries would like to buy. but there is some serious opposition to exporting coal from a facility currently being built right next to the port of oakland. ktvu's tom vacar explains why. >> reporter: coal miners would like to export coal mined in utah through this commodity's import/export facility next to the port of oakland, but today a senator proposed four bills. >> we don't allow energy from coal-fired power plants to come into california. we're divested from coal. >> reporter: number one, require an approved environmental impact report. two, ban use of public money for such facilities. three, forbid coal facilities near any disadvantaged community such as west oakland which already has northern california's highest asthma
5:58 pm
rate. and finally, require coal shippers to mitigate any pollution effects. >> so why would we ship this toxic product to another country where it will blow back to us from the skies? >> even if it is shipped out we're still adding to the whole concern of global warming and the climate change. >> reporter: there's plenty of opposition to coal. >> we should be -- have zero emissions planet going through any of our ports, logistic center, rail lines. >> it was in the ground, and it belongs in the ground and needs to stay in the ground. it's not meant to be burned, and it's not meant to travel through our communities that are already affected by pollution. >> reporter: coal companies and proponents say exports will create good paying jobs and bring money into the u.s. a critical union that would benefit is still flatly opposed to coal. >> the long shore men have historically dealt with all kinds of toxic and hazardous tears. we have a history of workers
5:59 pm
being exposed to these materials and coming down with cancer. >> reporter: the coal industry may find out when it comes to californians, energy voters could be their nightmare. tom vacar, ktvu phos two news. we are following breaking news. four people shot in vallejo. tonight authorities are confirming one has been killed, three others were injured, and we've learned that one of those was a nine-year-old child. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. that breaking news happened about two hours ago shortly before 4:00 this afternoon at the intersection of porter and mclean streets. ktvu's cristina rendon joins us at the scene. what have you learned? >> reporter: well, julie, we can tell you the search continues for these shooters, what they believe are two men in a maroon car. that's all that we're getting from authorities at this point. you can see right behind thus active crime scene.
6:00 pm
the majority of the detectives are focusing under that blue tent. we're told around 4:00 the shooting broke out in which a blackmon at the carlo -- a black monte carlo was riddled by bullets. all we know at this point is there were two men inside that black monte carlo. one was killed, the other was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. it appears that other bullets, possibly stray bullets, hit another child and another woman, according to police. >> a nine-year-old child was transported to the hospital, as well as another adult female who was shot in the hand. they're both expected to survive, although the nine-year- old had a head injury, head wound from we believe a bullet. >> condolences to the family. that's it. very good people. i don't know why out of


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