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tv   KTVU Channel 2 News at 5  FOX  February 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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it's the largest chinese new year parade outside of asia and it's about to get underway in san francisco in less than an hour. we will show you the finishing touches live along the parade route. and the numbers from the nevada caucuses and the south carolina primary. good evening, i am heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. we are one hour away from the start of the annual new year's parade -- chinese new year's parade. >> reporter: things are
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building up here in terms of excitement and preparation whitney give you a look at all the activity. we help folks lined up 10 deep to get a look. you can see a dragon coming through right now. and all along, as you pin through the crowd, you can see just how many people come. this is what it looks like every year. this is a parade that does not disappoint. one of the only nighttime parades left in the country. we have folks from utah over here. folks from germany and hayward. let me ask you quickly, have you ever seen a parade before? >> no, i haven't. >>reporter: not anywhere? not on tv? >> no. >> bucket list. >>reporter: it's a good one. >> reporter: first time here? >> first time and i'm so happy to be here. >> reporter: all the way from germany, what are you hoping to
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see? >> all. >> reporter: you will see the best ever. let's look down here. this is where our grandstands are. these are some of the best seats in the house and this is one of the beginning acts of the parade already getting into place. the folks at here have got a chance to watch all the prep work and things getting ready and i want to take you over here quickly because we will give you a behind the scenes look just because we can of where this parade is going to be televised from. the really cool thing about watching it on ktvu is you get to know so much about the acts and the history. this parade dates back to the mid-1800s. we are going to show you where julie haener and ben fong- torres will be hosting the parade. these are their chairs. they are not here yet but you can see what an amazing view they have out here. just fantastic. we will stick around here along this parade route, check in with you in just a little bit
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but couldn't ask for better weather although we know folks are here come rain or shine. >> looks like a lot of fun. you have a good see your self. the chinese community street fair kicked off into san francisco. thousands of people came out to celebrate the year of the monkey featuring the zeke and games. more than 80 booths and concessions lined the streets of chinatown. contestants in the miss chinatown usa pageant were also there. this is the 27th year the street fair has been held. claudine mentioned the spectacular weather. let's look at what is temperatures will be like later tonight once the parade kicks off. >> clear and cool will be the theme for this evening but no rain put out there. of course we have rainfall yesterday but you see that system moving out. if you high clouds across the bay area. those clouds have been moving out of town. with that, clouds continuing to move out to the east, we are going to clear out the skies
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and have fair skies for most of the evening. closer to san francisco, current numbers scattered throughout the city mainly in the 50s. 56-570. already a cool start to the evening hours and here is a live look outside looking toward san francisco across the bay from our emeryville camera. it looks very nice for this evening. here is the forecast if you're heading into san francisco. if you want to bring a sweater or jacket, the readings back down into the mid-50s eventually and ntu -- into the lower 50s this evening. you can see the chinese new year parade right here starting right after this newscast so be sure to stick around. our live coverage begins at 6 pm right here on ktvu fox 2 a man who was hit by a tow truck last night has died. richmond police say 61-year-old leonard lula was attempting to
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cross the street when he was struck by the truck. he was taken to the hospital where he died early this morning. the driver did stop and cooperated with the investigation. police do not believe alcohol or drugs were factors in the crash. law enforcement agencies in the bay area are searching for a gun belonging to a federal officer. the weapon was reported missing in san francisco by an immigration and customs enforcement special agent. authorities are offering few details about what happened but reports indicated the officer may have left the weapon on the roof of his car. local and federal law enforcement agencies are now searching for that gun. one man killed and another injured inside a bar in san jose. this photo posted to social media shows the scene at the elgin pub around 12:30 am. police have not made any arrests and have not released details about a possible motive. but this is san jose's seventh murder in a row.
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the case of a missing hayward woman has now turned into a murder investigation. it has been one week. live in hayward where the woman was last seen. >> reporter:, jackson street and silva avenue and this is the area where 22-year-old stacy a regular was last seen attending a party with friends and now police are interviewing people at this party and they are following up on all leads. we want to show you pictures of stacy aguilera. police tell us, family members reported her missing back on monday after she didn't come home from a party saturday night. she was reportedly last seen leaving the party with her boyfriend around 1:00 in the morning. in the last week, police say they have developed information and evidence to lead them to believe she is the victim of a homicide. they are not saying what that evidence is. >> nobody located and there is no suspects in custody at this
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point. we are developing a plan to start a search and rescue -- recovery operations at -- a search and recovery operation at this point. >> reporter: exactly when and where they are searching the haven't told us. they have told us the family is cooperating. they are hoping to find more information about her and bring you that information later tonight.>> reporter: definitely a disturbing case. new information tonight in the search for a permanent sonoma county attorney who disappeared one week ago. investigators say they found a note left behind by 56-year-old stephen mitchell that made it clear he wanted to take his own life. authorities spotted mitchell's car near jenner last week. mitchell defended the county in a civil lawsuit filed by the parents of andy lopez took the- year-old lopez was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy who mistook his gun for real one -- miss top -- mistook his replica gun for a real one. last night, a shotspotter
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system recorded 17 gunshots in the 300 block of west main street investigators believe shots were fired from a black chevrolet camaro. when officers arrived at the scene, victims had already been taken to the hospital. the victim who was injured is expected to survive. in vallejo, police are still searching for some who shot and killed a man yesterday and injured three others including a child's. investigators say someone in a maroon sedan drove up to a halt in self vallejo and opened fire. two of the victims were working on their cars outside. the other two victims, a woman and a nine-year-old child were inside the house. the polls closed just about an hour ago in south carolina where republicans held their state primary today. the associated press has named donald trump as the winner. senator ted cruz of texas and florida senator marco rubio are in a close race for second. earlier today, trump urged his supporters to get out the vote. the more we can do it and
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the more we can win by, the bigger the mandates, the better it is and these your job we're going to have. >> if today's win aikins official it will be the second primary victim -- victory for trump. the south carolina primary has traditionally been the republican's first test of southern voters. south carolina gop leaders say they expected almost 650,000 voters to turn out. democrats will go to the polls in that state a week from today. democratics held their state caucus in nevada and hillary clinton came out the winner. the state parties said more than 31,000 people registered to vote online to participate. in the end, it appears clinton will get at least 18 of the state's delegates while bernie sanders will pick up at least 14. three other delegates remain to be allocated. in addition to today's win, clinton had a narrow victory in iowa while sanders won new hampshire by a wide margin.
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hillary clinton is said to be in the bay area tomorrow for three fundraisers. the first is a $2700 per ticket event in piedmont billed as a conversation with her. clinton is offering tickets to events scheduled later in the day. coming up, star power on the football team. we'll tell you why actor hugh jackman was helping oakland teenagers with their football drills today. details on a major nationwide protest in front of apple stores coming up next week.
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one from the big screen inspired young athletes. >> remember to keep your technique, get your knees high. >> reporter: saturday practice started out with a little star power with recently retired marshawn lynch. if you would think he would ease up on leading matthew jackson, -- hugh jackman, think again. >> this is a little different than rugby, mate. >> reporter: jackman got to work on the field alongside the players, and even through a few passes. >> we almost had one completion. it was pretty good. >> reporter: the actor invited the team to a screening of his new movie, eddie the eagle about a british skier who overcame odds to compete in the 1988 winter olympics. >> he did it his way with a lot of people against him. >> reporter: marshawn lynch and
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hugh jackman came together to inspire these athletes, notoriously media shy marshawn lynch is raising awareness about the community group. cofounder josh johnson says the aim is to reach out to kids. >> pretty much provide free things for the community, opportunities as well. we take kids to local career workshops. >> reporter: for the team on the field, meeting a hollywood star was great but meeting an nfl star meant a tough practice. >> he was no joke. it was fun. >> reporter: christian toft and, fox 2 news . a nice day to be outside. i'm sure you would like to hang out with hugh jackson. >> i wouldn't mind hanging out with either of them. >> things are drying out outside. let's start off with the weather pattern. >> we have to be thankful for
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every drop we have because we are heading into another dry warm pattern. it's going to seems strange again across parts of the bay area. more 70s eventually. as you can see right now, with the satellite and upper winds, if you follow the wind, you can get the clouds heading north to the bay area and energy will head to the north as well. no rainfall chance over the next few days. we were tracking the chance for saturday. let's keep an eye on that but the latest model is backing off on that. right now, a few high clouds moving across the bay area but those clouds now focused to our north and east plus into sacramento approaching the sierra as well. current numbers in the 50s to right around 600. off to a cool start for the morning hours in the afternoon temperatures not recovering too much but that will change over the next three to five days. outside right now, looking out towards san francisco. a little bit of a chop on the bay waters.
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10-20 miles per hour and looking toward the city. a few high clouds popping into the picture first thing tomorrow morning, starting at your sunday morning. some patchy fog with some moisture especially for some of the inland valleys towards fairfield, santa rosa and napa but off to a cool start in the 30s and 40s. san jose 430 work san francisco 480. to start at the day, 30s and 40s and into the afternoon hours, the green expanding over the bay area. that means widespread 60s for your sunday. here is what's happening for today. fairly quiet weather pattern with the front moving across the region yesterday. high pressure in charge flexing its muscles over the next couple days. not too much change today but sunday warms back up. monday, readings back up into the upper 70s. flirting with the 800 mark.
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not as warm as last week but still pretty warm. here's our forecast model. you will notice some rain in the north bay area but the day mostly sunny skies with very warm temperatures. same deal tuesday as well. tomorrow, temperatures warm 3-60 translating to lots of 60s out there for san jose. san mateo 650, half moon bay 640. here's a look ahead. as you can see here, temperatures back into the 70s for monday and tuesday with partly sunny skies. no raindrops. we will look at those in our full forecast in a few minutes. the chinese new year parade, just about ready to start. we are along the parade route with the finishing touches. also, the reason activists are staging a protest in front of apple stores nationwide.
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him him him him him him him him him him him him
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thousands in the nation's capital paid their respects to the late supreme court justice antonin scalia who died at 79 last week. shannon breen has more the funeral mass in washington. >> reporter: thousands gather today at washington's basilica of the national shrine, the largest roman catholic church in north america. they bid farewell to antonin gregory scalia, the 103rd justice to sit on the supreme court. mass was celebrated by his son, father polska lee -- father paul scalia. >> we are here to celebrate a man scorned by some and loved by others. a man known for controversy and
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for compassion. that man of course is jesus of nazareth.>> reporter: justice scalia made it clear that he believed funerals should honor god more than the deceased. his son honored that today. justice clarence thomas joined the remaining colleagues among those who gathered to grievance celebrate the life of a jurist both critics and -- agree was a powerhouse whose impact will be felt for generations. >> hope does not disappoint. because the love of god hasn't poured out into our hearts through the holy spirit -- because the love of god has poured out into our hearts through the holy spirit. >> reporter: the obama student attend the funeral but join the thousands who paid respects on friday at the supreme court but with other lawmakers in attendance, the younger scalia
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reinforced that justice scalia never felt the need to distinguish been his catholic beliefs and his duty as a justice. >> he understood there is no conflict between one's-one's public service. >> reporter: it's back to work for the justices who will begin hearing cases again on monday. abortion, and the president's use of executive power are up for discussion. harper lee was laid to rest today in her hometown of monroeville alabama. the famed author of to kill a mockingbird died friday at the age of 89. she was eulogized at a church used as a model for the setting of her pulitzer prize-winning novel. it was a private ceremony attended by only her closest friends and family. privacy advocates plan to gather at apple stores across the country to support the tech giant in its battle with the
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fbi. federal authorities want the company to unlock the iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters. the internet rights group fight for the future is organizing the protest tuesday at apple stores in more than 20 states. apple is fighting the court order. ceo tim cook says he special software the fbi wants could also be used to break into millions of others of iphones. fears over the zika outbreak are growing after an olympic athlete claims she was stricken with the athlete -- the disease -- a virus. marina -- says she contracted bidwell training in brazil last summer. the world health organization has now deemed a zika an international health emergency. she is now competing at a world championship event in israel and says her symptoms were right in line with those suffering from the illness. >> they say when the mosquito bite you, it takes two weeks to have the symptoms -- bites you, it takes two weeks to have the symptoms so i think it was a
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mosquito that gave me the symptoms. >> she says she had a fever for about one day and was sick for about five days. the mosquito borne disease is linked to a rear -- a rare birth defects. the scare could affect the olympic games taking place this year in rio de janeiro. continued tensions in syria after france rejected a proposed un resolution that demanded the immediate halls of cross-border shelling by the turkish army. as john hedy reports, syria is now accusing turkey of committing crimes against its citizens. >> reporter: is the fighting continues in syria, so do diplomatic talks aimed at stopping the violence. there has been some progress. today's hostilities group. the -- committee says it's ready in principle to agree on a temporary truce with conditions but with one step forward, two steps continued to be taken back in the cease-fire negotiations.
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on friday, france shut down a russian cease-fire proposal that would have halted turkey's military operations in syria. the was called the proposal a distraction. turkey stepped up its attacks against kurdish rebels along the syrian border. >> we have been facing national security threats emanating from syria since the start of the conflict including from terrorist organizations which are operating there. >> reporter: one of the groups considered a terrorist organization by syria and russia has also become a major stumbling block in the cease- fire negotiations. the al qaeda linked --. syria's main opposition group, one syria and -- want syrian and russian forces to stop attacking the front as part of its conditions for a truce but russia says it will continue to those it considers terrorists. there's another major player in the syrian crisis who could ultimately destroy any cease- fire if it happens.
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syrian president bashar al- assad said earlier this week no one would be able to stop the fighting and he will retake all of syria. into jerusalem, john hedy. a possible link between preterm birth and depression in a baby's parent. researchers analyzed 350,000 births in sweden and determined parents who had a first.or recurring depression had a 30- 40% higher risk of delivering a baby a few weeks early. authors note they only found an association and did not prove parental depression can in fact affect a child's birth outcome. drinking more coffee might help reduce the liver damage that results in overindulging in alcohol and food coffee was drink to eighth -- was linked to a 44% less chance of developing cirrhosis of the liver. it's unclear why or if the type
5:27 pm
of beans or brewing methods matter. the findings are in the journal -- and pharmaceutics. we had back live along the parade route and wish a last- minute preparations underway right now. these are the hands that plow the data, dig up clues, create opportunity, and weave messages that lead to sales. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. these are the hands, the hands that drive commerce, that build business across borders. these are the hands of pitney bowes, e craftsmen of commerce.
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the chinese new year parade in san francisco about to get started as hundreds of thousands of people are already lined up along the parade route ready to take in the largest parade route of its kind. claudine wong is one of them and she joins us live. >> reporter: yes, we are taking
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you behind the scenes right now. we are in union square. this place has been basically shut down for the parade so ktvu can broadcast. this parade started in the 1800s. during the gold rush era. but during the 1950s, the chinese chamber of commerce took over and it grew. in 1987 ktvu started broadcasting the parade and it has been a part of our tradition ever since. this is the brains behind everything you see on the broadcast. say hello, everyone. they are busy and i'm kind of ambushing them but this setup took all day yesterday. >> 5:30 am. >> reporter: 5:30 am yesterday morning. you can see all these cameras, all these the views of the crowds and folks gathering for the chinese new year parade. i'm standing behind scott who is one of our directors. he directs weekend mornings on 2 so i'm partial but it's been
5:31 pm
a long setup, right? >> it's awesome. we are really busy. a lot of fun and a lot of testing going around. >> reporter: you guys have this rain gear set up out there but no rain? >> no, no rain luckily. good weather. >> reporter: feeling nervous? >> feeling nervous for two days straight and now really good. it's going to be an awesome parade. i hope everybody watches and watches the replay again at 9:00. >> reporter: see what a good group this is? that's your inside look at the folks that are working behind the scenes when you see this broadcast starting right after the 6:00 news but really just a tremendous group and as we come back out here, i can tell you the streets are getting packed with the folks that are coming to see the parade. as you saw when we last visited, they are international visitors. their local visitors, people who have watched for years on ktvu and say this is the time to see it in person and we couldn't have a better night
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for it. >> looking forward to it. should be great this year. be sure to keep tuned right here to ktvu for live coverage of the chinese new year parade work again, it starts right after this newscast at 6:00. the port of oakland is losing an important tenets, the outer harbor turner company. officials have approved ending their 50 year lease just seven years after it was signed. the company claims it's been operating at a loss for years in oakland. port officials say they're trying to send ships but for other terminals into oakland. plans call for the terminal's close on april 29 subject to approval by a bankruptcy court. the company has agreed to clean up the site and remove all its equipment. in the u.s., cole is cheap and abundant and many other countries would like to purchase it but there is serious opposition to exporting coal to a facility currently being built near the port of oakland.
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>> reporter: coal miners would like to export coal mining utah through this commodity's import export terminal. the senator proposed for deals with coal coming to california from coming anywhere from out- of-state. >> we don't allow energy from coal-fired power plants to come into california we have developed it from coal. >> reporter: number one, require an approved environmental impact report. number two, then monies for facilities. three, avoid toll facilities near any disadvantaged communities. and finally, require coal shippers to mitigate any pollution effects. >> so why would we ship this toxic product to another country where it will blowback on us from the skies? >> even if it's shipped out, we are adding to the whole concern of global warming. >> reporter: there's plenty of opposition to call.
5:34 pm
>> we should have zero emission planning going to our ports, logistic centers, rail lines -- >> it was in the ground and it belongs in the ground. it's not meant to be burned and it's not meant to travel through our communities that are already affected by pollution. >> reporter: will companies and proponents say it would create good paying jobs and bring money to the u.s. a critical union that would benefit is still flatly opposed to coal. >> longs charmin house consistently dealt with toxic and hazardous material. we have a history of workers being exposed to asbestos and coming down with cancer. >> reporter: though the oil and gas industry like to talk about energy voters, the coal industry may find when it comes to californians, those energy voters could be there nightmare. tom vacar ktvu news. mayor ed lee has announced affordable housing to be bills on the side of the former
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stadium. 290 units range from size -- in size from one to five units. funding for the new housing comes from a half billion dollars in state funds earmarked for affordable housing . demolition on the stadium started back in 2014. a fundraiser was held in venetia honoring an eight-year- old boy who was killed along with his parents september of last year. devin buchanan had a passion for police canines. today, the venetian police department k-9 unit held a special fundraiser in honor of the little boy. his 16-year-old brother noland is accused of killing his family while they were at their el dorado county cavan. organizers of the fundraiser say today's event was a huge success and that's something gavin would have truly enjoyed. coming up, a san francisco event not for the faint of heart. why dozens of people willingly jumped into the chilly waters of san francisco bay.
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hundreds of swimmers took the plunge today in san francisco. they were screaming even before they got wet. this was the scene at aquatic park. many groups took a dip for the annual polar plunge including members of the san francisco police department. some members even dressed up in calm -- in costumes to help raise awareness for their causes. >> why did you come out here? >> it's for the special olympics athletes. of our eighth year doing it. it's always worth it. -- it's our eighth year doing it. it's always worth it. >> i know john has been doing that even for several years. i keep telling him i'm going to be there but a chicken house. it's just too cold. >> it's too cold.
5:39 pm
you usually wear a wetsuit when you go out surfing. >> going out in that water without protection wakes you up. i think they do it in tahoe as well. a little colder. the temperatures were around 560 today. >> no thanks. the air temperature was nicer. get ready for warmer temperatures. might want to swim the bay the next few days. on the satellite right now, an organized storm system out here but no luck for us. no raindrops expected without as all the energy heads to our north. in fact, more 70s eventually over the next 2-3 days. not tomorrow but monday. if you high clouds moving into parts of northern california and current numbers, lots of 50s. if you 60s in fairfield, concorde, fremont.
5:40 pm
san francisco is checking in at 550. looking outside, saturday evening. across the bay toward the bay bridge, some shop on the bay waters. high clouds are paying us a visit as well. those high clouds will stick around for tonight. for a raincheck, still above average but a healthy start to the winter. december and january were healthy but this month has been fairly quiet so numbers are still below average. santa rosa over 20 inches of rain. that's 81% of average. san francisco 88% and san jose 90%. overnight lows, definitely bundle up tomorrow morning. the coolest spots start near freezing. santa rosa, napa in fairfield, livermore 390. san francisco 7 am, temperatures right around 500, partly cloudy skies and lots of sunshine for the afternoon hours by lunchtime. 640 and our sky cast bringing a few high clouds late in the evening. no big changes with the overall
5:41 pm
weather pattern for tomorrow and monday and tuesday as high pressure rebuilds. this will be the source of some warming. monday will be the warmest day of the week. still warm on tuesday. lots of 70s across the bay area. not as hot as last week but still for this time of year pretty warm. tuesday, some scattered high clouds. this next system remains offshore. friday, some more clouds in the and possibly some rainfall a week from today. this could be saturday morning. some rain chances but that is a way out. -- a ways out. a lot could change between now and then between coverage and intensity. temperatures for sunday, lots of 60s out there. mid-to upper 60s in a few neighborhoods. they look ahead, still pretty warm for monday. the warmest locations on monday could be flirting with 800.
5:42 pm
then, we cool things off are tuesday through thursday but i get a little nervous this time of year with the completely dry five day forecast. hopefully, a week from today we will watch out for that rain. >> you can't count on those long-term forecasts but any sign on the horizon of something? >> i think the forecast will switch up early march but february this month, no forks -- no forecast model anticipated this much dry and warmth. is little -- a little medical history floated into the bay area. photojournalist rick dupont shows us what it's like to be on board one of these ships. >> my name is megan allison. i am the purser, i'm in charge of the purse. the lady washington is a replica of the first boat. she was on a mission to get tease, spices, and porcelain
5:43 pm
from china. the chinese wanted sea otter pelts. they realize they could trade with native americans and head to china to pick up spices. it took almost 3 years for them to get all the way back to boston and that's the history of the lady washington. the hawaiian chieftain was built with the purpose of taking her out around the hawaiian islands. the fellow that owned the boat built a relationship with a nonprofit organization that owned the lady washington and they would go out for battle sales. this is how you would have traditionally raised and lowered the anchor. depending on how it deep the anchor is -- on how deep the anchor is, it could take a long time. this is our teller, -- tiller and this is how we steer the boat. this is the ship's l. the bill would have been used to tell time. every half hour it would have been wrong until the end of
5:44 pm
every watch where eight bells would have been wrong and that would signify the end of your watch. our hope for these ships is they will touch many more people with their stories. >> pretty cool. you still have some time to take in the tall shops. they will be docked at jack london square until february 29 and then they will move on to antioch and redwood city. does he or doesn't he belong in the hall of fame? barry bonds answer that question today.
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
before we get to the sports, we want to mention breaking news. jeb bush has just announced he is suspending his race for president so that means there's one less republican candidate after he did not do well in the
5:47 pm
south carolina primaries. again, jeb bush has suspended his campaign for the white house. and now, sports. a rough night for the warriors. hoping they can bounce back today. >> reporter: a very surprising loss but not much time for them to lick their wounds following the loss yesterday in portland. they are right back at it against the clippers. we have highlights coming up at 10:00. as her last night, oakland high 51 points, nine three-pointers tying up the portland franchise high. it wasn't just lillard though, they were downright sloppy. 13 turnovers in the third quarter alone. 137-105 is the final. draymond green spotted laughing on the bench in the fourth quarter. maybe because the warriors are still 40th-5 but the blazers -- 48-5 but the blazers sure sucked it up. shrugging their
5:48 pm
shoulders with the caption blazers win. lillard by the way said the 51 points was the most he has scored since the ninth grade. after last night's loss, the war years exact same record as the 95-96 bulls. of course, the chicago bulls won the most games in nba history. the warriors are chasing that number. exactly on pace if you compare them to the 95-96 bowls -- bowls -- bowls -- bulls. reporter: the mouse, -- the mavericks, 32-year-old david lee is in good shape. a's pitchers and catchers reported to spring training today. the first workout is tomorrow. our joe fonzi will be there
5:49 pm
when it happens back into the meantime, day four for the giants in scottsdale. only pitchers and catchers are required to be in camp. plenty of position players showed up early to work though. no drama, everyone healthy. reportedly, looking good. big things expected from rookie of the year runner-up matt duffy . he burst on the scene last year and as joe fonzi reports, he made everybody forget all about pablo sandoval. on the giants playoff roster in 2014, matt duffy came all the way around to score from second on a wild pitch walk to joe panic. that tied a game. the giants went on to lose but it's -- but it established an early impression of his style of play. >> i saw the catcher look the wrong way and that's when it started clicking in my mind.
5:50 pm
i was thinking better be safe because there's two outs. if i miss, i will never see the field again. >> reporter: duffy just has a way of making an impact whatever he is on the field. he was set to be a utility player when the giants broke camp last year but stacy mcgee struggle to third base and the next thing duffy knew, he had earned a regular spot. >> for me, that was being the best i could at third base, trying to provide depth along with the rest but especially once casey started to struggle. that was my way of helping the team be better. provide depth instability at third base. >> reporter: duffy's season not only may join fans forget about mcgee back he also made them forgive a longtime fan favorite pablo sandoval. duffy hit 295 with 12 home runs and had 77 rbis. he finished second in the voting for national league rookie of the year. he has into the season of the giants starter at third base. >> i've never been complacent
5:51 pm
with where i'm at. i always want to get better. at the same time, i'm not going to put too much pressure on myself to live up to what i did last year. i think about how i did what i did last year and a focus on everything i can control personally.>> reporter: barry bonds back in a baseball uniform for the first time. you see him with the florida marlins. there he is. he is their new hitting coach after his guest appearance with the giants at spring training a few seasons ago. if the first time we have seen him in a major-league uniform in nine years. he spoke at a news conference today and delivered what appeared to be his strongest comments to date on whether he did -- on whether he deserves to be in the hall of fame. >> i don't really have an opinion about it. i know i'm a hall of fame player. i don't really need to get into that. i will leave that to you guys to make that determination.
5:52 pm
but in my fraternity, major- league baseball, there's not one player that could say i'm not one. there's not a coach that has ever coached me that said i'm not one. until you guys decide to make the final decision on your terms, but my heart and soul and god knows i may hall of famer. >> reporter: bonds was 31% shy in the last round of voting for the hall of fame with 44% of the vote. 75% is needed for induction. reporter: coming up, a dramatic crash on the last lap of the daytona world truck racing. we will tell you what went wrong and update you on the driver's condition.
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all our handcrafted february is huge for us. classic footlongs are just $6 each, even our subway club and chicken & bacon ranch melt. $6 footlongs are a big deal. but the media is going a little crazy. i am in the heart of what is now being called "sub-mageddon." with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems to be spilling out on the streets. i have never seen anything like this before. enjoy all our delicious classic footlongs for just $6 each... all february, at subway. reporter: stanford at washington, against only 1st
5:55 pm
half. mla taking on loyola as well with 8.3 seconds left in the second half. 82-80 with a missed shot by devon wasson. there's the tie game going into overtime. it was all loyola. inc. overtime, brown to haney and the final score 100-87. reporter: daytona international speedway, truck race crash. christopher bell will get pushed into timothy peterson and watch as his truck flips over 10 times. the race would finish under caution. luckily, bell would walk away under his own power, taken to the hospital as a precaution but then he later tweeted out that he is okay. johnny sutter won the race. reporter: daytona 500 coming up right here on fox to tomorrow. we are giving one lucky viewer a chance to win a commemorative
5:56 pm
driver helmet autographed by legend jeff gordon. to enter, go to the -- ktvu facebook page. like the entry form and applications -- entries will be accepted until 11:59 pm tomorrow. all the rules are on their. >> i'm sure we are excluded but why that would be cool to have. >> orden is a local guy too. -- gordon is a local guy too. let's head out to the chinese new year parade. claudine wong is there now. >> reporter: we have the first entries in this parade making their way down the street here at union square. really just a tremendous night. this is actually our favorite part when the sun starts to go down and the lights in the colors of the parade really start taking off. it's really just a magical night. you can see the line dancers
5:57 pm
coming down. when you talk about the history of the parade and what it means to san francisco, it's a proud moment for the chinese community as they sure chinese culture with the viewers at home and all the people on the route. visitors are 10-15 people deep from all over the world. it's certainly not a night to forget. we couldn't ask for better weather. this is what's happening right now and of course we will see all the rest as it comes your way took >> we look forward to it. should be a lot of fun. you can see the parade starting just after this newscast. keep it tuned right here. our live coverage starts at 6:00. >> be sure to stick around to catch all the action. see you later at 10:00.
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