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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  February 22, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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welcome to "the 9". starting off with a gorgeous look outside our own back window. taking a live look at the oakland estuary, the sun is back. we still can't find the rain. we're gonna talk about possible sprinkles later into the week. but this weather, you guys, feels like where we were maybe two years ago. remember dry, warm, sunny? >> at least we have had some rain. >> a little. >> the back end of last week was not. 24 hours. >> i don't think the panic is set in so much. but, yeah, so we're going to
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talk to -- we are gonna get the weather in a little bit. san francisco, we are going to start off with the chinese new year parade where i got to hang out with mike and gasia without the suits and without the fancy clothes, right? >> always a good time. >> it went through the city in chinatown this weekend. fire crack, drums, dancing lions and dragons were among the highlights. the parade traces its roots to 1860s. this year they marked the year of monkey, one of the 12 signs of the chinese zodiac. >> here is a picture i took of the three of us. nothing like a selfie. so the three of us hung out. we were on the morning cable car. it was so great to see all of you who came up to tell us we start our mornings with you every day. it's the greatest honor to meet you in person and i appreciate it and thank all of those who came. >> it was fun. wonderful experience. all right. from parade to politics. republicans gearing up for tomorrow's caucuses in nevada
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where polls show presidential frontrunner donald trump holding a double-digit lead following his victory in south carolina. senators marco rubio and ted cruz both hit the campaign trail in nevada yesterday. the pressure really on both men who finished in second and third place. very close together in south carolina to try to make an impression on voters and stop trump's momentum. trump was in georgia where his rally took a lighter turn as trump was calling for the deportation of undocumented immigrants. >> to put them in our jails, they didn't pay the electric bill. i like that much better. >> trump won in south carolina by ten percentage points and all the delegates go in his column. many say this has solidified his position as the candidate to beat in the gop primary. a day after her win in nevada, hillary clinton brought her campaign to the bay area. yesterday she made stops in atherton, menlo park and
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immediate month. her fundraising trip tonight today in southern california. >> bernie sanders supporters hosted a $2,700 a pop fundraiser highlighting the importance of small contributions to the sanders campaign. sanders backers were upbeat despite the loss in nevada saying they are already looking forward. >> joining us this morning is david latter man, principal of fall line analytics. and so what did you think? i mean, all the experts said there is no way trump would keep going all the way here, and yet here we are. >> yeah. it makes you sort of question the term expert, doesn't it? >> right, right. >> pundits have gotten this wrong every step of the way when it comes to trump. everybody top to bottom has been stunned at the staying power that he has had. they have underestimated this feeling of the outsider. people on both sides, both for trump and for sanders, they want something different. a lot of voters are tired of politics as usual. they are tired of the dynasties. they are tired of the same
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candidates we have been talking about for five or six years. people knew years ago cruz was going to run for president and rubio and clinton. and while clinton is still holding her lead, there is just the sense across the country that they want something different. and republicans, especially these mainstream republican candidates like cruz and rubio and all of the rest of them, really have underestimated how badly people want something different. and trump, for better or worse, is different. >> so how do cruz and rubio change their game and react, especially now that jeb bush is no longer in the game? >> they have different calculuses. they are fighting for the guy who is going to take on trump. there can only be one. trump and the republican establishment, what passes for moderates. they are desperate to get -- it find anybody who can take out trump. i think most of them would like to rally around rubio. i feel there is this sense that they are willing rubio to do better. they are trying to will him to
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be the guy to take trump. a lot of the establishment has no more use for cruz than it does for trump. he doesn't have a lot of support internally among his own party. they want rubio. so the two of them, rubio and cruz, are doing their own thing to fight for who can be the guy to take on trump. >> you said something there. is trump's success due in part that people just don't like ted cruz and they say, well, you know, out of the two i'm holding my nose and going with trump and not cruz? >> cruz appeals to a very narrow con stitch amount. tea party and evangelicals. he has a narrow base. everybody else withhold their nose. >> how did jeb bush get so crushed? where did he go wrong? did he not know the electorate?
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did he not do his research? >> he hadn't run a race in 14 years. he is dated. >> he is dated. >> he represents sort of the last of the old guard republican party where it still had northeast moderates. and although a lot of people like to call the bushes incredibly conservative, in a sense they're not. you know, maybe w was more to the right. but certainly husband father and barbara bush, they represent an older style of republican politics, which time has passed them by. and that's the point. all these people who want an outsider and are tired of politics of usual, there is nothing more politics as usual than the bushes. >> not that he ran a bad campaign? >> he didn't hit trump early enough. he thought he could rise above it. it with someone like trump u can't let him go. trump knows what he is doing. he is incredibly smart. those media savvy guys that we
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have seen in decades, he played -- i mean, bush played into trump's hand. >> bernie sanders basically said in his speech, i think, over the weekend, he didn't even mention south carolina. he says, all right, we'll see you on big tuesday. super tuesday. >> yeah. >> so is he conceding south carolina? and with that hillary clinton has momentum into -- >> i think he never calculated on south carolina. the southern electorate with the african-american voters, they have been clinton supporters for a long time. when the team is doing their math, i don't think the deep south was ever really in their calculus. they can pick and choose their counties and put the delegates that they can get, maybe convince some super delegates go their way. the south was never -- >> so why waste the time and money? >> yeah. as long as you are respectful. that's the difference. you cannot focus too heavily on one state, but you better be respectful of the process. there is talk that sanders and
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supporters haven't paid attention to that southern minority vote as much as they should have. >> thank you for joining us today. we going to continue to follow this obviously. to the baseball field. the a's pitchers and catchers are in their second day of spring workouts. ktvu's joe fonzi is in arizona with more. joe. >> reporter: good morning, guys. talked about what a beautiful morning it is in the bay area. it's that type of day here in mesa, arizona, as well. listen to that sound behind me. hear that? that tells you that baseball season starting. the a's are taking batting practice right now. this is the second day of pitchers and catchers here. just a few moments ago bob melvin was throwing batting practices, the a's manager a former major league catcher and coached before he became a manager. he knows about coming here early. one of the things melvin is gonna have to decide this year arizona many as ten or 12 roster openings on this a's team. but one position he will not
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have to worry about is who his ace of his starting pitching staff is gonna be. that spot obviously held down by sonny gray, who is one of the bright young stars in the game. not just a member of the oakland a's, but a bright young pitcher in all of major league baseball. he was part of workouts yesterday as we did see pitchers and catchers for the first time yesterday. we caught up with grey at his locker yesterday. he is a slight guy by major league baseball standards. it's a stereotype he has had to live down his entire professional career. >> i hear it all the time. i took it too the field this morning. you know, the guy was -- he dropped me off. the uber guy. he said i thought pitchers were taller. i mean, he had no clue who i was or anything. it was funny. so he asked me -- he is like asking me, you know, if camp is starting today. i am like, yeah. >> he is like, pitcher? i said, yeah. he said, okay, okay. i thought pitchers were bigger?
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i said normally they are i guess. i didn't know what to say. >> yeah. sonny gray may be small in stature in terms of physical stature of what major league pitchers look like, but he is not in terms of his performance on the mound. we're gonna have lots more later on today in both the four and five shows. but until then we are going to enjoy this batting practice and the field of spring and the sound of spring in mesa, arizona. reporting live, joe fonzi, back you to in the studio. >> joe, real quick, any sightings of steven vote? i know he had off-season surgery. was wondering he is catching, swinging at the ball? >> reporter: we spoke with him this morning and he is going through all of the catchers drills but they don't want him swinging the bat yet. he expects to be 100% when the season starts. those obviously a plus for the a's because he's one of their experienced scratches along with josh phegley.
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we talked to him as well. you know, like sonny gray, he was an all-star last year. on a team that doesn't have a lot of established star players, he is a key guy and he expects to be 100% when the season starts. >> that's what we like to hear. joe fonzi live in arizona this morning. have a great day. thank you. after two years ter -- a big re-opening. this morning a question on twitter is this. what is your favorite oldle school bay area restaurant? someplace that has a lot of memories. the menu hasn't changed. prices are reasonable. something that doesn't jump on every trend. let us know. use the hashtag tvuthe9blue. wehavesomegoodones . >> we all have some great ones. >> hughes of prime -- house of prime rib. >> menu hasn't changed forever. >> let us know.
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coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", it is the first morning commute with the new toll lanes. westbound 580. how drivers this morning did with the changes. a dramatic shooting at a mcdonald's drive-thru sends people running for cover. details what happened feet way from a san francisco police station in broad daylight.
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corrosion caused by leaking water may be taking a toll on the bay bridge tunnel. >> there was an incident last month where a piece of concrete fell on to the roadway and damaged a car. >> ktvu fox 2's brian flores is live to tell us more. >> reporter: can you imagine, guys? you're driving on the freeway or roadway and you're going through a tunnel and all of a sudden a piece of concrete falls down? it has to be absolutely terrifying. yeah. this really happened last
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month. in fact, the driver was going through the eastbound tunnel, the lower deck of the bay bridge. she had some damage to her car. the dern is this could -- the concern is this could happen against. they have done desting of the lower deck tunnel and found 12 spots where concrete could break off. the paper reports years and years of rain, newly discovered leaks and corrosion contributed to this chunk that fell off in late january. apparently there are possible lines links in more than 250 drain openings in the upper deck and that is seeping through and corroding some of the steel rebar on the lower deck. in the incident on january 30th the driver was eastbound when a two foot chunk of concrete fell on to the roadway. the driver tried to maneuver away from the piece but couldn't. she ran over it. it caused $3,000 worth of damage to her car. again this is according to "the chronicle." and the paper reports that caltrans crews visually the inside the bridge recently and found no problems. after they did what's called a
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hammer test, they found these vulnerable spots. taking it back out live, caltrans says they will continue to inspect the lower deck tunnel. they are going to do things like bring in x-ray machines, do more tests as we mentioned before. there is no timeline on when these fixes will particular place. back to you. >> brian, someone just tweeted me that they were very concerned about this development. they said this is not gonna happen again? not at all, right? >> reporter: no. i mean, they say it's a possibility that it could happen again. if you want to -- they say there is really no concern, is what caltrans told "the chronicle" this morning. but again they are gonna continue with these tests. again, there is no timeline when the tests will happen. they will bring in x-ray equipment and figure out where the cracks are. they found 12 spots where there is possible places where this concrete could fall. if you drive this route every single day, that's going to be concerning. hopefully, they figure out a fix. >> brian flores in san
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francisco. thank you. commuters on the westbound side of interstate 580 in the livermore valley are using the new express lanes for the first time. it hoped at 5:00 this morning. on friday two eastbound express lanes opened. the 14-mile stretch of toll lanes runs from dublin to livermore and is expected to ease congestion in the tri-valley area. the lanes are free for carpoolers, buses, motorcycles and those with clean air vehicles, but they will need a new adjustable fast track flex. the cost varies depending how heavy traffic is. starting today on mission street people will see changes aimed at improving traffic and traffic safety. transit crews are transforming a two and a half mile stretch of mission street between 11th randall street. the biggest difference will be drivers heading southbound on mission. one of those two lanes has turned into a bus-only lane. today crews will start painting those lanes red. there are right and left turn
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restrictions in both directions. off the grid, the company bringing food trucks to the city, is closing down locations at the north berkeley bart station. off the grid says business is slow there because there is not enough foot traffic in the area. they say that another reason for moving the trucks, the high cost of health permits in berkeley. the last day for the food trucks is february 28. high school students are being asked to get creative about the pis falls social media. the district attorney's office announced a poster contest. all the posters will be displayed in the county government center and the rin winner 70s $1,000. the contest deadline is may 67. coming up here on "mornings on 2: the 9", san francisco's police chief is going in front of a blue-ribbon panel today. the questions he is expected to face and the reason the panel was created. lyft put another surprise guest in the driver's seat.
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how passengers reacted when they discovered danica patrick was behind the wheel.
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9:20, checking stocks. this is what i like to see. lots of green. the dow, the nasdaq, and the s&p all up at least 1.25%. they started strong and they are still going strong. lets go to dave clark for more of today's headlines. >> here are some of the top stories we will following right now. san francisco police searching for a gunman who shot and killed a man yesterday afternoon in the mcdonald's drive-thru right across the street from a police station. happened just before 3:00. a car was pulling out of the mcdonald's drive-thru on fillmore streets. the gunman walked up to the car, started shooting, hitting the passenger. the driver was not hurt, but the passenger died at the hospital. the western edition police station is right across the street. the police will be checking surveillance video from several businesses in that area.
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>> reviewing all the video footage of not only the shooting scene, but the escape path that the suspect took. >> now, police say it appears a suspect ran around the mcdonald's to gold gate avenue and got into a car with four other men inside. pope francis wants a one-year moratorium on the death penalty. he is proposing the atlantic leaders suspend the practice during the holy year of mercy. the year of marcy started december 8th. it continues through november 20. during that time, there is a push for forgiveness. the pope is also supporting a conference that starts today in rome that he hopes will lead to an end to capital punishment. back here at homed today police in hayward are expected to tell us about more about the weekend discovery of the body of a missing woman from san jose. the body of stacey aguilar was found on saturday afternoon. she was last seen february 14 leaving a party in hayward with her boyfriend. her family reported her missing
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the next day. now, police haven't said where they found her body, but they've said they believe her death is a homicide. there will be an autopsy to determine the cause of death. news conference is scheduled for this afternoon. those are a few of your morning headlines. mike, gasia, sal barks to you. a 45-year-old father of two is accused of going on a shooting rampage in kalamazoo, michigan. >> police say jason dalton who worked as an uber driver killed six people and injured two others. >> adds kelly wright explains, authorities ait appears the gunman chose his victims at random. >> reporter: a michigan community grieving over a gunman geez on a shooting spree killing at least six and injuring two others. violence breaking out saturday night in the city of kalamazoo. >> there is no connection that we're aware of between the three different sets of victims to each other or any of the victims to mr. dalton. >> reporter: according to officials, 45-year-old jason dalton shot five people outside
9:24 am
a cracker barrel restaurant, including a 14-year-old girl, before killing a father and son outside a kia dealership. a woman was also shot outside of an apartment complex. >> a bunch of people just like came out and started like helping her and i was like, oh geez, like this lady got shot. >> reporter: dalton was taken into custody sunday morning. he had no criminal record and worked as an youtube driver. a man who had been a passenger in dalton's vehicle hours before the shooting says he could tell something was wrong. >> we got a mile from my house. goat the a telephone call. after that telephone call he started driving really erratically. we were running stop signs. >> reporter: people in kalamazoo coming together for a prayer vigil sunday night. those at the event pausing to remember the victims while others saying the incident has left them shaken. >> there is an underlying fear,
9:25 am
feeling of fear, and there is kids who don't want to go outside and are fearful. >> reporter: jason daled is expected to be arraigned monday on multiple counts of first-degree murder and attempted murder. in new york, kelly wright, fox news. coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", apple's ceo keeps fighting back against the government's request to get into a terrorist's cell phone. what tim cook said to employees this morning and reaction from the group planning to show support for the company. and we're on board the lady washington. it's an 18th century replica ship. the point here is educational. a bunch of kids today are getting a lesson in maritime history. how you can check out the ship yourself coming up.
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they say denny's 7-pepper sbut how crazy could it be... denny's new crazy spicy skillet. denny's. welcome to america's diner.
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above that time of the morning we are checking the twitter feed. gasia, you put out the question
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at the top of the show. restaurants in the bay area, your go to. sometimes the menu doesn't change. i says house of prime rib. >> yes. a lot of people weighing in with that. mike says the iron gate. i had a couple of others. one out in anitoch. oh, la mexican a in oakland. food is the same for 50 years. toto's pizzeria and max's old house in anitoch. >> toto's has been closed. that used to be one of my favorites. >> oh. >> it's been closed for years. they have toto's in san bruno. josh says tomasos in north beach. katie says nick's rockaway beach. >> that's a good one. if you haven't been in cattich grill, that's a nice place to take your out of town guests.
9:29 am
very old san francisco. >> take the children. >> no. not my -- >> snuggle up to the bar. >> your children. not my children. >> one more is in cortland, that place hasn't changed. great salvadoran group. >> say cheese. >> a north beach restaurant, right? >> oh, yeah. we have been there. very good fish. >> are you hungry? >> not yet. i am looking at the ships behind us. not the greatest sailing weather, but still. >> to of them. the lady washington, maybe? >> is that? >> reveal yourself. allie is on one of them. there is the students, too. clearly, not using the sails, right? >> no, they are motoring. there is no breeze. >> these ships docked at the port of oakland in the oakland estuary. nothing like a little early morning cruise, i'd say. beautiful weather. >> it is beautiful weather. quiet and dry. that's what we have. not much in the way of any
9:30 am
breeze. temperatures sunny and mild and warm again, outside guys. looks like a dry week. >> you have sadness in your voice. >> we can see the finish line. >> we were doing so good a month ago. >> all right. bring it back. thank you. sounds like a nice day for a sail, especially behind us in the oakland estuary. we have been seeing historic tall ships cruising around. allie rasmus is on board the lady washington right now. >> reporter: beautiful day to be out here on the water in the oakland estuary. we are sitting on the lady washington. this is an 18th century replica ship. the non-profit that organizes this and gets the ships out on the water, across the way is another ship called the hawaiian chieftan. the organization behind this does this for educational purposes. you see those lovely students here, they are from terrace elementary in vallejo. they are getting an education on maritime history and history in
9:31 am
general. over here this group of kids is learning about navigation. you have maps out here to teach them about that. but i have johan, he is the captain of the lady washington. how many kids do you have on board today and what do you hope to teach them? >> 27 elementary school students on board. we are teaching them about nautical history and state history and just all about what it was like to be a sailor 200 years ago. >> reporter: this is a good ship to teach them how to do that. this ships was used to film part of pirates of the caribbean? >> yes. johnny depp was on board. it was a very neat time. but, yeah, so with the students this isn't like disney. this is a real sailing vessel. we will have them setting sail later. they will pull on ropes. they will set the sails that are up there. and in the process we are also going to be teaching them about teamwork and history and appreciating the things that they take for granted in their everyday life. >> reporter: we are right across
9:32 am
from the studios for "the 9". i don't know if you can see us. kids, do you want to wave to the anchors on "the 9"? >> we can see you. z. >> reporter: right there to the left. do you see it? >> yes, we do see you. >> lovely excuse to be out there. >> reporter: now, something to keep in mind. it's a great opportunity for kids going on these field trips. but anyone, you guys are going to be docked in oakland at jack london square for a week. anyone who wants to check out the ship can do that? >> absolutely. four to five on weekdays and 10 to -- [ technical difficulties ] by donation. so it's a great outing for families. show the kids something unique and special. and then we also do a battle sail. two to five on saturdays. we take paying passengers out and head out into the bay. we set the says. cut the engines. we do real sail adventures
9:33 am
while shooting each other with guns. >> reporter: not real guns. >> that is true. we are just making a lot of noise. it's as close as you can get to a historical naval battle without getting anybody hurt. >> reporter: so something to check out. beautiful weather this weekend just like it is today. and i got to hand it to the kids. they have been so well behaved. they are really enthusiastic. you can tell they are interested in what's going on here. what a cool idea for a field trip, right, guys? >> absolutely. any field trip is a good one. this is spectacular. we saw you waving out there. thank the kids for us as well. well, it is known as the super bowl of racing and there were some exciting moments during this year's daytona 500. >> here they come to the line. the daytona 500. come on! bouncing off of each other. unbelievable! >> i think it was denny hamlin. >> what a finish. denny hamlin was crowned this year's winner in an extremely
9:34 am
close infish. it was the first daytona win for hamlin in 11 tries. he says he has been dreaming of this since the second grade when he wrote a letter to himself wishing one day for a daytona victory. >> it's the pinnacle of my career for sure. i haven't got a championship yet. this is obviously the biggest win for myself. >> martin truex jr. was second in the race followed by kyle busch. even though bay area native jeff gordon wasn't in the car at the 500, since he retired last season, he was there in a different role. making the calls on tv during the race. lyft fooled many passengers when they had jerry rice pretend to be a lyft driver. this time they brought in nascar driver danica patrick. >> sometimes when i come around the corner i pretend i'm crossing the finish line. >> i know, right? >> that's your speed monitor. >> i am closing in on a car in front of me too fast.
9:35 am
>> and it beeps? >> yeah, it has reds lights that show up. my normal car does not have that. i try to get like 500 miles in on sunday. and try to do it in like under four hours. >> everyone is like, okay. cool. let me walk. this is video of lyft you posted on youtube. pat trick tried to hide behind aviator sunglasses and a her passengers liked it all, especially when they found out in the end, oh, that's who you are. >> she was trying to give it away big time, right? >> right. the warriors have a new center. 6'7" anderson varejao has spend 12 nba seasons with the cleveland cavaliers until he was traded to portland last weekend. then waived. the warriors need help at center. he wrote on instagram he is excited for the opportunity and promises to do his best to contribute in any way he can.
9:36 am
the warriors say they waived jason thompson to make room on the roster. happening today san francisco police chief greg suhr is set to answer questions about racial bias and misconduct within his department. he will testify in front of a blue-ribbon panel put together by the district attorney's office. that panel was established last year in response to a series of scandals, including the alleged exchange of racist text messages by a group of police officers. today's meeting begins at 2:30 at the main public library. leland yee is set to be sentenced this week. he pled guilty to racketeering, money laundering and bribery last year after being caught up in an undercover fbi sting. prosecutor are seeking a eight year sentence. the defense attorneys are asking for the judge to take into account yee's wife is ill with lymphoma. the eight remaining members of the u.s. supreme court are back at work for the first time
9:37 am
their colleague justice antonin scalia died. justice scalia now laid to rest. the focus shifts to the contentious battle over who should replace him. president obama is whittling down a number of potential nominees to a short list. on friday the president was photographed at the white house carrying a thick binder with the resumes of people who the white house says may be worthy of consideration. >> i suspect the president will be dedicating a significant portion of his weekend digging into that information. >> president obama promises he will nominate someone who is so qualified that his political opponents will support him or her. the president has not said when he will reveal his nomination. some california wineries say a decision made by justice antonin scalia is something they will never forget because of the tremendous impact it had on their business. he played a key role in allowing wineries to sell their products outside of california. one plaintiff in that case back
9:38 am
in 2004 is the winery owner in lodi. >> it's really different when you're in court because you broke as you law versus if you're in court because you're trying to change the law. >> justice scalia served as a swing vote in the 5-4 decision. a victory that now allows california wineries to pack and ship wine to other states. apple versus the fbi. or the fbi versus apple. people and companies are taking sides. this morning apple's ceo is explaining the decision to employees. pam cook joining us now with the latest on apple's role in the investigation. and that mass shooting in santa barbara? >> yeah, very interesting. you think most people agree it is a matter of national security. however, there are two sides to the argument. in his e-mail to apple employees ceo tim cook says this is about much more than a single phone or a single investigation. privacy advocates agree. they say allowing the fbi to break into the santa barbara shooter's phone puts our
9:39 am
privacy at risk. the group's fight for the future is organizing what it calls a show of support for apple's stand begins the u.s. government. >> endescription and security technology protects our hospital, our airports, our water treatment facilities, our power plants. approximate if we set a precedent that -- if we set a precedent that the government with force companies to make their products less safe, we will make ourselves more vulnerable to the types of attacks the government says they are trying to stop here. >> demonstrations are planned in 30 apple stores outside, around the world, including san francisco and palo alto. the other side of the argument, the fbi says the agency owes it to the victims of the santa barbara attacks to follow up on every president obama possible lead. 14 people died if that shooting last december, and the fbi believes critical information about the shooter and the events leading up to that massacre may be on that cell phone. now, the phone was issued by the county as the shooter was a
9:40 am
county employee, but reportedly the justice department did not pay for the software that would have given it or the fbi access to that phone. officials in santa barbara say there is no county policy. this could change though. in case you're wondering, the phone did not have the thumbprint technology. i thought that about that right away. if the suspect is dead they could have put his or her thumb on the phone. it did not have that cape the. that technology. that could come into question in the future. >> you know this is probably going to change the way people do business? >> absolutely. >> people will have phones that are company owned are you can get in no matter what remotely. >> and most of us know if we have a company owned phone or a county, a government owned phone, you do figure that some of that privacy you give up, right? you figure that your company or the county or government has access to all the information on that phone. >> right. >> it's gonna be interesting.
9:41 am
>> a lot of people have a personal phone. texting on a personal phone. >> you want text on a work fien. exactly. >> that's low level stuff compared to what you are talking about. coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", kiefer sutherland has a new movie in theaters co-starring his father. coming up in ten minutes, what he told me about the two of them working together and rumors about a 24 movie. i think this is perhaps one of the most anticipated openings for a restaurant in daly city i have ever seen. we are in original joe's in westlake where the grand opening is happening in just hours. we are gonna take you --
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welcome back to "the 9". (technical difficulty). >> reporter: hey, we are here at original joe's westlake. it used to be called westlake joe's. now it is original joe's westlake. that's because there are brand new owners. this is the most highly anticipated restaurant opening i have ever been to. people have been waiting two years. they have been undergoing extensive renovations. i want to show you this is the bar. if you had been here before this was dark and dingy and there was a piano in the corner. now this is blown out. there are windows that open up to lake merced boulevard. over here we have the owner, one of the owners, elaina duggan. nice to be with you this morning. you are opening in a couple of hours? >> we are very lucky.
9:45 am
let me show people -- come on in here. i don't know if you have ever been here before. look at all the changes. elaina managed to keep a lot of the old and authentic things that you had with the old place so people wouldn't feel like they are coming to a completely new place? >> exactly. when you think of original joe's and joe's of westlake, you think of food, family, memories. we tried to be careful and not rob anyone of their memories when they walked in. >> reporter: you have three fireplaces here. >> yes. the original fireplace in the bar. we added two more. >> reporter: and then the seats are incredible. it's like the big vinyl booths, you know. >> yes. the classic vinyl booths that original joey's is known for. >> reporter: these are some of the dishes you are known for. what am i looking at here? the scramble, right? >> this is vote eights special with mushrooms. veal parmesan, ravioli house made here and steak al bruno that was on the menu for 58 years at joe's at westlake.
9:46 am
and everyone is asking about the steakle olive bruno and veal parm. we have our famous burger that will be here and taking center stage, hopefully. >> a lot of cops and firefighters come here, you know, after work to enjoy a brew. we are going to see the cascade room next. and they said, are the portions still going to be big? what's the cost like? >> absolutely. portions are big and cost, you are going to get a good value for your meal no doubt. >> reporter: this is the cascade room. this is completely different. it used to have fish, right? >> it had fish. we raise the ceiling about two feet and opened the windows up a little bit to allow a little more natural light and have it feel a little more open. >> reporter: this is really incredible. i think i am gonna be here quite a bit. >> we're counting on it . >> reporter: this is on the corner of john daly boulevard and playing mer sid boulevard. if you have ever gone by.
9:47 am
>> this was kind of iconic in westlake. this is the wall of fame here that you see. we try to just kind of accumulate a collection of historical westlake photos and photos that were very special to joe's of westlake themselves. so you see the original renderings of joe's of westlake, which is one of my personal favorites. the ravioli making. there you go. >> reporter: wow. well, you guys did an amazing job and i know, like, the mayor of daly city was saying, when is it gonna open because i want to come out and see. i had to go to the bathroom earlier. the bathrooms are amazing. we are not going to show you those. you have to see for yourself. original joes' of westlake opens today at 11:00. for all of those asking me on facebook and twitter and everything else, come on down and because they are officially opening in just a couple of hours. back to you guys. >> there is a meeting in the ladies room.
9:48 am
thank you. another reason to celebrate today. national margarita day. tommy's of san francisco celebrated their 50th anniversary. they are still celebrating. let's go, of course, mike and sal who are getting a taste of some of that success. guys. >> of course. thank you, gasia. we are here with julio, co- owner of tommy's restaurant. look at this table, salge this is awesome. >> right? >> thanks for having me. >> not bad for national margarita day. >> you make one of the best margaritas i have tasted. >> there is no secret. we were the first restaurant in the united states to use a fructose as a sweetner in the margarita. the margarita is a variation. it has three ingredients and it's really simple. it's 100% agave tequila, lime juice and agave fructose that we have cut one to one with
9:49 am
purified water. >> we are going to start with two ounces of -- >> want me to squeeze? >> please. 100% agave. >> mike, as hard as you can. >> got it. >> you know, julio, one of the reasons that some of the margaritas and some of the lesser establishments don't taste good is that really terrible sweet and sour sauce. >> we are in the bay area. we have a bounty of fresh ingredients. there is no substitute for fresh juice. >> all right. so that's the first one. we will shake them up together. give me two more. >> no more. >> and now we're gonna use two ounces of 100% [ spoken in spanish ]. they perceive the fact that you won't be able to taste the difference in the tequila. you absolutely can. you need to be serving your
9:50 am
guests and yourself the best products you can afford. make sure they are 100% agave and juice. >> more? >> that's instead of like the triple sec. >> the traditional margarita recipe calls for a triple sec. we don't need that. now be get a little bit of ice. >> how important is to get it -- i was telling you during the break my wife is in the business and she went to guadalajara to do tequila tasting. do you do that? >> i go every three weeks for the last 30 years. >> wow. >> someone has to do it. but we need to be informed as to the products that we're selling our guests. right? so it's not just enough to have the salesperson come in and tell that to us. we really want to find out. >> want to do a shot while we wait here? >> help yourself. >> a little volatile. a little loose. >> we are going to see this.
9:51 am
>> all right. what's the preference? up or on the rocks or blended? >> i think on the rocks is more popular now. >> okay. >> certainly, if you have your margarita straight up it won't wilt at all, right? but i think on the rocks is beautiful. >> and salt or no salt? >> i don't think you need the salt. >> i don't do salt. >> do you? >> salt makes a poorly made margarita more palpable because we all love salt. >> what's it like being 50 years in the biz in san francisco? >> yeah, the family has been coming in 25 years. >> you take time. you go table by table when you have the opportunity to check in and make sure everyone is having a good time? >> yeah. >> little things like that make me want to come back. >> it's a family place. it's very homie.
9:52 am
cheers, gentlemen. unique tasting margaritas. >> fantastic. >> may i keep it? >> absolutely. >> don't worry, i will make more for the staff. >> julio from tommy's restaurant in san francisco. thank you for coming by. we will be right back with more of "mornings on 2: the 9" coming back. >> happy national margarita day! >> cheers!
9:53 am
9:54 am
after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
9:55 am
over the weekend kiefer sutherland's new movie hit the theater. he stars with his father. on friday i had a chance to talk to him about the movie and asked him if he was nervous about working with his dad. >> it's funny. i didn't think i would be. i have wanted to work with my father my entire career. he is an actor's actor. he is an actor that i certainly would aspire to want to be like. i spent so much energy getting the project together and trying to make this opportunity happen. it wasn't until the night before we started working that i went into full panic and stated thinking, well, what if you doesn't like working with me? what if he doesn't like my work? a funny moment happened on the first day of shooting. i said if this morning is a little rocky, i apologize. i got very nervous last night and i didn't sleep at all. he smiled and looked at me. he said last night? i havet slept for a week. >> of course, since i was
9:56 am
talking to him, i had to ask him if there will an "24" movie. >> it's something we wanted to do. early on when we were making the show from season 3, 4, and 5 we were hoping to make a film. for a variety of reasons that didn't happen. i've kind of learned with "24" to not say never, but there is -- i'm not being coy. there is no plan in the works right now. >> bad news for fans of "24 " things could change. >> never say never. this next story shows that never too late to fulfill your dreams. >> hey! >> how are you? >> i am fine. >> so nice to see you. >> i am just so happy. >> you want to say hi to michelle? >> yes!
9:57 am
>> slow touchdown! >> i want to be like you. >> 106-year-old virginia mclauren obviously thrilled to be invited to the white house for black history month. mclauren said she never thought she would ever live to see a black president. >> unbridled joy. >> great video. >> i love it. absolutely. thanks for joining us on this national margarita day. i know what you're doing now. and i know that you and i are together at noon. you and keba together 44. see you back here tomorrow for the 9. >> oh, my goodness! you have one, too. cheers, gentlemen.
9:58 am
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supports the vaseline healing project. join us to help millions in crisis heal their skin. live from new york city, it's show. >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to actual. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chaser. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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